DISCLAIMER: In the USA, the Power Rangers are owned and operated by Saban, while Voltron is owned and operated by World Events Productions. HOWEVER, in Japan, Toei Productions owns the original rights to these shows. Let us imagine what would happen if two legends met... When I took a look at the first Power Rangers Voltron and Power Rangers Voltron: the Third Dimension, I decided to go back and do another story. A Part II, if you will. (Notice how the titles correspond to the Voltron TV series.) How and why did the Voltron Rangers change colors? What was Justin doing on Arus? RATED TV-PG DLV for some suggestive scenes, mild language and rampant violence, I'm leading up to the events in Power Rangers Voltron: The Third Dimension with...

The New Adventures of Power Rangers Voltron
by : Duke Brown

From days of long ago... from the unchartered regions of the universe... comes two legends: The legend of VOLTRON, and the legend of the POWER RANGERS. The Mighty Robot. The Universe's Greatest Heroes. Both Loved by Good. Both Feared by Evil.

As their respective legends grew, peace settled across the universe. On Planet Earth, a Galaxy Alliance was formed. Together with the good planets of many solar systems, they maintained peace throughout the universe...

Until a new horrible menace-- a terrible union-- threatened the galaxy.

Voltron and the Power Rangers were needed once more.

This is the story of the super force assembled by Zordon and his allies. Specially trained, and sent by the Alliance to bring back... Voltron.


Planet Doom. A planet of turmoil and catastrophe, and home to King Zarkon, and his house of Doom. His son, Prince Lotor. Lotor's consort, Space Piratess Divatox. Her unsightly nephew, Elgar. Zarkon's chief of the Doom Army, Cossack. And finally, the royal advisor, witch Haggar.

"Lotor my son," Zarkon hissed, "you are a fool! Your failure on Terra distresses me!"

"Bah!" Lotor hissed. "The incident on Earth was a minor setback. The Voltron Rangers will be ours!"

"May your deeds match your words, sire!" Haggar cackled.

"I am perfectly capable of chastising my son myself, old witch!" Zarkon growled.

Dark Spectre appeared out of nowhere. "Old friend," Dark Spectre said, "I am taking Elgar with me. Astronema is in trouble."

"So," Lotor snarled, "the space 'goddess' is in trouble? Then again, I would be, if I was related to a Power Ranger."

"SHUT UP, LOTOR!" Zarkon growled.

"Actually," Dark Spectre said, "your son does make a valid point."

"Well, sire," Haggar cackled, "you'd better hope that she doesn't have her twin brother's conscience!"

"And you'd better hope that you live past five seconds, old witch!" Zarkon growled.

Dark Spectre pondered this as he teleported Elgar with him. Some part of the girl known as Karone exists within his heir apparent. He must make her subdue it, or it would be their undoing...

Meanwhile on Planet Arus, something was wrong with the Voltron Lions. Something wasn't clicking right. Commander Keith Wilkins, one-time commander of the Voltron Force went through his files. Keith looked at a certain file marked "POWER RANGERS VOLTRON".

Power Rangers Voltron was formed about six months ago. These five "Space Explorers", all former members of Earth's Power Rangers, were recruited (in some cases, drafted) when the entire Voltron Force-- sans Keith and his wife Princess Allura-- were killed in battle against the union of King Zarkon and Dark Spectre's armies. Spectre himself killed the Voltron Force. Quickly dubbed "The Voltron Rangers", the team used the combined power of Zordon's morphing grid and the mystical power of the Lions to defend the galaxy.

The team leader was Tommy Oliver, the Red Voltron Ranger and pilot of Black Lion, Keith's old Lion. Next up was Tanya Sloan-Park, the Yellow Voltron Ranger and Pilot of Yellow Lion. Her husband Adam Park was the Black Voltron Ranger and flew the Green Lion. Then there was Katherine "Kat" Hilliard, the Pink Voltron Ranger and pilot of Blue Lion. And finally, there was Rocky DeSantos, the Blue Voltron Ranger and pilot of Red Lion.

At first, Tommy was infuriated that he would not be flying the Red Lion-- his late uncle Lance was the Lion's original pilot-- but overcame his anger to be in charge of the team once again. Tanya and Adam were extremely reluctant-- they had just gotten married when the LightStar Rangers had dragged them off Earth-- and Tanya's reluctance was kicking up again. And rightfully so, because she recently found out that she was six weeks pregnant. Kat and Rocky were glad to be back in action.

Keith read these files over and over until one fact remained... he still didn't know why the Lions weren't responding to their pilots properly. Finally, he knew. The Commander called in the Voltron Rangers.

"Okay team," Keith said, "I think I found the answer."

"Dead batteries?" cracked Rocky.

"Oh shut up," Tanya hissed.

"We combined the Voltron technology with Zordon's morphing abilities," Keith said. "Unfortunately, due to the different frequencies of your powers and the Lions technology, they are not meshing as they should. There's only one way to make them operate as a single unit. You must go to Aquitar."

"Aquitar?!" Kat smiled. "Billy's down there!"

"That's right," Keith smiled. "Your old friend Professor Billy Cranston has developed a bonding process. He successfully bonded Voltron Technology with the Morphing Grid for the Vehicle Voltron team."

Suddenly, the alarms went off. The viewer went on. As if announced, Billy's face appeared on the screen.

"Billy!" Tommy cried. "What's wrong?"

"Zedd and Rita are attacking Aquitar!" Billy cried. "Me and the Aquatian Rangers will try to slow them down, but you'd better get here fast because--" And the communications went dead.

"Professor Cranston?" Keith cried. "PROFESSOR?!"

"Billy's in trouble!" Adam said, running down the hall. "Let's go, guys!"

"Adam's right," Tommy said. "No time to waste, team! TO THE LIONS!"

The Voltron Rangers ran towards their pods. Each pod carried a Ranger to their lion. Once secure, Tommy ordered, "Insert keys!"

The others shouted, "Keys ready!"

Ready for battle, the five lions blasted into space, and Power Rangers Voltron once again went off to save the universe.

"Greetings, Astronema." Zarkon strolled down his throne, looking at the evil space piratess on the DoomShip.

"Greetings, King Zarkon." Astronema didn't kneel. Zarkon expected this. Astronema bent the kneel only to Dark Spectre. Lotor looked on her with disdain, as did Divatox.

Bitch, Divatox thought, looking at Astronema.

Bitch, Astronema thought, looking at Divatox.

"So," Lotor sneered, "the Power Ranger has come to play."

"SHUT UP LOTOR!" Astronema shouted.

"My, did I touch a nerve?" Lotor continued. "Maybe you should morph and attack me, just like your twin brother."

Haggar cackled.

"Leave me alone, you blue-skinned creeps!"

Lotor and Haggar howled with laughter.

"Enough," Zarkon snarled. "Lotor my son, she is like her brother as you are like me. Neither you or the LightStar Ranger can compare to us."

"Then she must prove that she is nothing like her brother," Lotor snarled. "A test of loyalty."

"I have nothing to prove to you," Astronema snapped.

Lotor would not back down. "My dear Astronema, the attack on Aquitar by Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa is a distraction by my father's business partner, your employer. The real goal, however, is KO-35. Would you like to help me destroy it?"

"K- K- KO-35?" Astronema thought. My homeworld! You bastard, how could you?

"I knew it," Lotor laughed. "You've proven my point, Karone."

That did it. Astronema lost her temper. "Karone is dead!" she screamed. "KO-35 is Karone's homeworld! I'm Astronema, dammit! ASTRONEMA!!! Let's go to KO-35, and blow it out of the universe!!"

Lotor laughed. "Then let's do it!"

"I have to make a call," Astronema said and walked out. Lotor then waved Haggar over. The old with stroked her cat.

"Send your cat to follow the girl, old witch." Lotor stared at Astronema. "She cannot be trusted." Nice form, but no Divatox. And certainly, no Allura.

"Something's wrong," the Black Voltron Ranger cried. The Green Lion could no longer respond to the controls.

"My controls aren't working!!" The Pink Voltron Ranger screamed. The Blue Lion went haywire.

"The damn thing is screwed!" the Blue Voltron Ranger shouted. The Red Lion was in trouble.

"Even the Black Lion is acting up!" The Red Voltron Ranger shouted.

Those four Lions would have been easy targets if not for the sheer force of the the Yellow Lion. Somehow, the Yellow Voltron Ranger maintained control of her Lion, single-handedly driving off the attackers. "Why is mine the only one working?" she hissed.

On Aquitian soil, Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa laughed in glee. "I don't know what's wrong with those Voltron Fools," Zedd snapped, "but I'm glad it's working!"

"This world will be ours!" Rita crowed.

From the Main Hall of the Aquitian Council, Billy carried two grenades towards the window. "I would like to digress otherwise," he smiled. Billy threw the grenades at Zedd and Rita. The explosion flung the two off the ground, activating Rita's staff, teleporting the duo away. Billy ran outside just as the Lions barely regained their bearings (with the exception of Yellow Lion).

"Guys?" Billy asked. "Are you okay?"

"Never better," Adam groaned.

"No way," Kat snapped.

"It's the only way!" Tanya snapped.

"Tanya's right," Billy said. "As Commander Wilkins briefed you on, I've finalized a bonding process initiated by Princess Allura's father, King Alcor. It will stabilize your morphing powers and your ability to control the Lions, forming a mental bond-- a psychic rapport, if you will-- between the pilot and their Lion."

"But the side effect," Kat hissed, "is that our colors will match the Lions. And I like being Pink."

"Just like Kimberly said," Adam giggled, "'pink is out'."

"No fair," snarled Rocky, "I'm supposed to come up with the zingers on this team!"

"For some reason," Billy continued, "Tanya's already bonded with her Lion. Maybe it's due to her kinship with animals or due to the fact that she's the Yellow Voltron Ranger and flies the Yellow Lion. Anyways, we'll use her systematics as a basis."

Meanwhile on Arus, the Astro MegaShip landed across the Castle of Lions. Former Power Ranger Justin Stewart and Zhane, the recently recovered Silver Ranger, ran to the Castle Door. The guards saluted as they ran past. They burst into the Control Room where Allura and Keith were waiting.

"Zhane?!" Allura could not believe her eyes. The boy that the Voltron Force took under their wing was alive. Keith grinned as Allura embraced the teenager.

"You're alive!" Zhane said. "When Andros and the others told me about you, I feared the worst. Now, I'm glad that you have Voltron running again."

"What brings you here?" Keith said.

"Zarkon's preparing to attack KO-35," Justin said.

"Justin, I presume?" Keith asked. After the boy nodded, Keith introduced himself and Allura. Keith couldn't help but smile as Justin bowed. "Stop that," Keith grinned. "Anyways, how did you and Zhane come across this information?"

"We had an informant," Justin hissed.

Keith knew that look on Justin's face. The informant was obviously someone that could not be trusted.

"Who is the informant?" Allura asked.

As if in answer, Andros, the Red LightStar Ranger walked in with Astronema. Keith, Allura, and the guards raised their pistols at the space piratess.

"It is good to see you too," Astronema snapped.

"Drop your weapons," Andros said. Reluctantly, Allura and Keith ordered the guards to stand down.

"But keep your eyes peeled," Justin said.

"You bet," Zhane smiled.

"Look," Andros said, "she's my sister."

"I know about Dark Spectre's plans to attack KO-35," Astronema said.

"Tell us what they are," Keith said. "But if this is a trick, Andros' sister is gonna be lost again."

"The Bonding process is complete," Billy said. Suddenly, they received an incoming transmission from Arus. And just in time.

Billy and the Rangers stared at the Screen. Justin was in the throne room of the Castle of Lions.

"Justin?!" Tanya said. "What are you doing on Arus? What the hell's wrong?"

"Guys," the boy said, "Zarkon's gonna attack KO-35."

"Andros' homeworld," Adam gasped.

"Speaking of Andros," Justin said, "he wants you to go easy on Astronema. That's his sister."

"WHAT?!" The Voltron Rangers gasped.

"And worse off," Justin said, "the LightStar Rangers are flying Astronema to KO-35. You gotta stop them! If you ask me, they're walking into a trap!"

"Thanks, Justin," Tommy smiled. "Good to see you again!"

"You too. Now go get them!" The transmission ended and Billy turned to his friends.

"I guess it's time to put your new powers to the test," Billy said.

"It's a good time as any," Tommy said. "Take out your morphers! It's time to roar! LET'S GO VOLTRON RANGERS!!" In five flashes of light:






The Power Rangers Voltron stood before Billy. "Thank you, old friend." The new Black Voltron Ranger and Billy embraced.

"Go get them," Billy smiled.

The Voltron Lions approached the planet. "I can't get any readings on KO-35," Yellow Voltron Ranger said.

"Damn," the Blue Voltron Ranger snarled, "KO-35 doesn't have any jamming devices!"

"Then how are they jamming us?" Red Voltron Ranger hissed.

"Why?" The Green Voltron Ranger said. "They're not expecting us."

When the Lions landed, they were immediately captured by a tentacled RoBeast.

"It was a set-up," the Black Voltron Ranger yelled. "We've been had! While Zedd and Rita invaded Aquitar, Zarkon and Dark Spectre had a clear shot at KO-35!"

"Ad you fell for it hook, line, and sinker!!" Astronema taunted. The Black Voltron Ranger noticed that the Red LightStar Ranger was pleading with Astronema.

"Tommy to Andros!" The Black Voltron Ranger frantically tried to get through to his ally. "That's not your sister!"

"Leave me alone!" The Red Voltron Ranger barked. "You saw the bio-scans!"

"She's gone! When they brainwashed Karone, they destroyed your sister! Do what you have to!"

"NO!!" The Red LightStar Ranger would not be deterred. "I have to save her from the darkness! KARONE!!!"

The Yellow Voltron Ranger noticed Astronema "accidentally" shock the RoBeast, freeing the Lions.

"I guess you were wrong," she scolded.

"Right or wrong," The Black Voltron Ranger said, "we have a galaxy to protect! Okay Rangers, let's do it! Prepare to form Voltron!"

Red Voltron Ranger: "Activating Interlocks!"

Green Voltron Ranger: "Dynotherms Connected!"

Blue Voltron Ranger: "Infracells Up!"

Yellow Voltron Ranger: "MegaThrusters Are Go!"


"Form feet and legs!" The Blue and Yellow Lions formed the feet and legs of Voltron under the Red Voltron Ranger's command.

"Form arms and torso!" The Red and Green Lions formed the arms of Voltron, docking into the Black Lion, as did the Blue and Yellow Lions.

"And I'll form the Head!" The Black Lion's head formed the head of Voltron. Once again, the five lions merged to form Voltron, Defender of the Universe. And the Power Rangers had him.

"Voltron!" Haggar hissed. "I'm out of here!" Haggar disappeared.

"Come back you old witch!!" Lotor hissed. Then he noticed one of his DoomCruisers hurtling towards him.

Oh, no...

"LOTOR!!" Zarkon screamed. He rushed towards his son.

"Let him die," Dark Spectre snarled.

"No, damn you! That is my boy!"

"Then you're welcome to him! Let the Galaxy Alliance deal with you, if they can stand you!" Dark Spectre and his forces disappeared, as did the RoBeast.

The Voltron Rangers rushed towards Zarkon.

"This is what my desire for war has cost me," Zarkon said sadly. "Oh, Voltron Rangers, if you save my son, I'll do anything. ANYTHING!"

"Change your wicked ways," the Red Voltron Ranger sneered.

"But why must you confront this task?" Tommy asked Andros. The Voltron Rangers, Justin, Keith and the LightStar Rangers were sitting in the Astro MegaShip. "Remember, when they brainwashed your sister, they destroyed everything that she was. The girl you knew is gone."

"There's good in her, Tommy!" Andros said. "That's why she couldn't kill us. That's why I have to try and save her. She's still my sister."

Tommy sighed. This wasn't a movie. This was real. And no turning back now.

Andros said, "I'm going to save Karone. I won't force any of you to come with me."

TJ, the Blue LightStar Ranger talked it over with his friends-- Carlos (Black), Cassie (Pink), Ashley (Yellow), and Zhane. Then TJ spoke up for them. "You said this was a family affair. Well, you don't get more family than the Power Rangers. We're with you."

"Let the Power Protect You," Tommy smiled. "And good luck."


Zarkon kept his word. He reformed into an upstanding citizen of the galaxy, eventually joining the Galaxy Alliance. Because he was an active ruler, he had automatic diplomatic immunity. Dimitria, escaping Dark Spectre, assumed control of Galaxy Garrison. It was pretty quiet for about six months-- Tanya and Adam had their baby-- until...

"The Voltron Force has made me a cyborg," Lotor snarled in prison. "My humanity... gone!"

"You never had it to begin with," a female voice hissed, kissing him. Lotor stared straight at Divatox, with Haggar right behind her.

"And that's what we liked about you, sire!" Haggar cackled.

Divatox then spat at the bars. Her acidic spittle dissolved through the bars, enabling Lotor to squeeze through the bars.

"Well done, beloved," Lotor snarled. "How is the girl?"

"Thanks to that little stunt Astronema pulled," Divatox snarled, "Dark Spectre brainwashed her fully."

"He cannot wash what is not there," Lotor roared. "But nevertheless, I will carry on. The destruction of Voltron and the Power Rangers will no longer be delayed! As of right now, the universe is mine!"

"Ours!" Haggar and Divatox hissed in unison.

"Don't correct me," Lotor said as they ran down the halls.

Lotor has been released. And a new evil has been unleashed in the galaxy. However, as long as there is evil, good will never turn away. Soon, the galaxy will witness the return of POWER RANGERS VOLTRON: DEFENDERS OF THE UNIVERSE...