Deadly Secrets
by Black_TurboRanger


It's been four months since Rocky and the others had their first encounter with Ashley, Billy's sister. They've pretty much been able to figure out what Ashley is thinking, feeling or trying to tell them. However one mystery still remains. What's her dark secret? Why did Billy call her a freak? Little do they know that their about to find out.

Chapter 1

It was Saturday morning and Ashley was just finishing up breakfast when there was a knock at the door. She walked to the door and opened it to see Kat and Tanya standing there.

"Hey Ash," Kat said.

"Hi Ashley," Tanya greeted.

"Tanya and I are going shopping. You want to come?" Kat offered.

Ashley excitedly nodded her head and smiled. She loved going shopping with them. It was so much fun!

"Great!" she exclaimed, "are you ready to go?"

Ashley pointed down at her feet. Tanya and Kat looked at her feet.

"Your right Ash, shoes might help," Tanya laughed.

Ashley signaled that she would be right back and went to put her shoes on. She ran into the living room and got them on.

"You ready now?" Kat asked her.

Ashley nodded yes, and then left her house in Tanya's yellow car. "You guys I have to pick up Adam. He has to buy some new shoes," Tanya explained as she was pulling into his driveway.

Adam came running out of his with his gym bag in hand. "What's the bag for?" Tanya asked him as he got in the front seat next to her.

"I hope you don't mind hon, but could you drop me off at the Youth Center on our way back? I have a karate class I have to teach,"

Ashley thought Adam was pretty cute, but he was going out with Tanya. Rocky was cute in a dorky sorta way. Adam interuppted her thoughts.

"Hi, Ashley. How are you?" he turned around and asked her. She mouthed the words hi and good to him. He understood, "that's good to hear,"

About 15 minutes or so later they were at the mall shopping like crazy. Kat and Tanya had a blast helping Ashley pick out clothes. Although she had a much different taste, but they changed that. Ashley liked baggy clothes while Kat and Tanya preferred short shorts, skirts, baby-tees and tight shirts.

"Oh come on, you'd look great in that!" Kat exclaimed.

"You've got a better body then me or Kat. And you keep it hidden under all those layers of clothes." Tanya stated.

Ashley looked in the mirror at herself. She didn't know how, but they had somehow persuaded her into trying on a pair of purple short shorts and a black baby-tee. She sighed and just nodded yes. Everything else she got though was her style.


On the way out the malls doors a beeping sound stopped the teens dead in their tracks. Ashley knew what it was but pretended to be confused.

"Oh, that's my beeper. I'll be right back," Kat lied and started walking towards the pay phones.

Ashley let out a frustrated sigh to let Tanya and Adam know she was getting restless.

"I read you Zordon come in," Kat replied.

"I need you rangers to come to the Power Chamber immediately,"

"But what about Ashley? We can't just leave her here,"

"Have Tanya bring her home while you and Adam come here. Then Tanya will meet you there,"


Kat went back over to Tanya, Adam and Ashley. She made some lame excuse like always and Ashley was brought home.

"Bye Ash! See you later!" Tanya yelled from the car.

Ashley just nodded and went inside. The place was a mess! Someone or something was here, she thought. She didn't hear anything so maybe they had left. Suddenly a loud crash came from the kitchen. Or did they?