Deadly Secrets
by Black_TurboRanger

Chapter 2

A loud smash came from the kitchen. Ashley quietly sneaked over to the kitchen door and peeked around the corner. Nothing. She turned around, a pair of hands clamped over mouth and pulled her into the kitchen. Ashley went into a panic and stomped down on the persons, then she elbowed him in the stomach.

"Ow!" the person whimpered, "What'd you do that for?"

Ashley recognized the voice. She turned around, it was the blue zeo ranger! Rocky she thought, what are you doing here.

Rocky saw the confused look on her face. "We picked up a disturbance at your house, so we decided to make sure you were ok. I didn't mean to scare you like that," Another loud crash came from Ashleys room this time, "Stay here with Ashley," Rocky told Adam.

Ashley didn't realize the green zeo ranger was there until he came out of the shadows. "Right!" he responded, "Oh and be careful,"

The blue zeo ranger just waved his hand at him and left his team mate and Ashley in the kitchen. A wave of nausea swept over Ashley, something was terribly wrong. She started to run after Rocky to warn him not to go up there but Adam grabbed her arm and pulled her back.

Ashley wanted to say something but she couldn't. She still didn't have a good enough reason yet to start talking again or at least she thought she didn't. Ashley tried to tell Adam in sign language that his friend was in trouble.

Suddenly a huge explosion occured and the blue zeo ranger came hurdling down the stairs and landed on the floor with a THUD! She ran towards him in hopes he'd be ok. Oh no Rocky! Ashley thought to herself.

"Oh my god!" Adam exclaimed, "Rocky," he whispered. He ran after Ashley and pulled her away from him. "Ashley stay here with him, I'll be right back," he ordered.

The green zeo ranger went into the kitchen and contacted Zordon. "Zordon come in,"

"I read you Adam go ahead," Zordon answered.

"Rocky's hurt pretty bad, but me and Ashley are ok. Do you want me to bring him to the Power Chamber?"

"I'll send Kat or Tanya to look after Ashley while you bring Rocky back here,"

"Ok, Adam out," he ran back to Ashley and told her to wait there, that he could handle this. He grabbed a hold of his fellow ranger and teleported out. Probably to the Power Chamber Ashley thought to herself.

"Are you ok Ashley?" a voice from out of nowhere asked.

Ashley jumped in suprised. Startled she spun around and breathed a sigh of relief. It's just the girls. Why am I so jumpy? She nodded yes, walked over to the couch and sat down.


At the Power Chamber Rocky lay on the table still out cold from the blast. Machines were hooked up to him to moniter his vital signs.

"Zordon. Ashley tried to stop Rocky from going out there. Do you think she knew what was going to happen?" Adam asked.

"That could be possible Adam. If it is then who knows what else she might know. There is an endless amount of possibilities," Zordon bellowed back.

"Ohhhhh my head," moaned Rocky.

Adam rushed over to his friends side. "Rocky you're okay!" he exclaimed, excitement in his voice.

"Hey not so loud, I'm right here ya know," he complained, shaking his head.

"Oh sorry,"

"Is Ashley okay?! Did she get hurt?! Where is she?!" Rocky said starting to panic.

"Easy there Rock." Adam gently pushed his friend back down, "Yes, Ashleys ok, no she didn't get hurt and she's at home with Kat and Tanya. Of course she doesn't know it's them,"


I hope the blue zeo rangers alright Ashley commented to herself. Ashley put a worried look on her face. She had a feeling he was but she had to act a little upset or else they'd think somethin was going on. Ashley just wasn't ready to tell them about her secrets yet.

"I don't think you should be worryin about him! Your the one that needs the help," came hiss from the darkness.

Ashley jumped up and looked around thinking Kat? Tanya? Where are you guys? Is that you? Who's there?

"They can't help you now," came another voice from the shadows, "no one can help you now!"

An evil laughter filled the living room air. All Ashley could hear was the villanious laugh of something or someone about to strike. What now? She thought.