Deadly Secrets
by Black_TurboRanger

Chapter 3

"Aiy yi yi yi!" exclaimed Alpha 5. "A sudden surge of evil energy is overloading our circuits!"

"Whats going on?!" Adam asked confused by all the commotion. Alpha tracked down the the strange force to Ashleys house.

"Ashley is in great danger! And I can't locate Kat or Tanya anywhere. Ohhhh aiy yi yi yi!" Alpha 5 stated starting to pace back and forth, worridly.

Rocky sat up and got off the table rather quickly. "What?! Oh man, we have to go save her, Kat and Tanya!"

"You can't, there is a force field blocking the house from any entry or exit. It may take some time penitrate it," Zordon boomed, "Alpha contact Tommy and tell him to get here right away,"

"Right," the robot responded and pushed a various sequence of buttons on the control board.

"Oh man, we sure could use Billy right about now. I think," Rocky commented but then wasn't sure whether he'd save her or not after reading the letter.

"Of course Rocky your right. We need Billy here to help," Zordon bellowed, "Alpha send a message to Aquitar quickly we may not have much time,"

"But....." Rocky protested.

"He's Ashley, Kats and Tanyas only hope, Rocky. I won't have you....."

"But Zordon Billy hates Ashley remember! He wants her to die, he'll save Kat and Tanya but not Ashley,"

"Yes, I do remember the letter, but we still need his help,"

"Alright, if it'll save Kat and Tanya and maybe Ashley then let's do it," he said giving in reluctantly.

A streak of red light entered the Power Chamber. "What's the emergency?" Tommy asked, sounding out of breath. Adam and Rocky went over and told Tommy everything that had happened and was happening.


The evil laugh that filled the air stopped as fast as it had started and was gone without a trace. Ashley looked around the room, her eyes had once been a bright cheery green color but now they were dark and engrossed in a fearful look, that people had only heard about in horror stories.

"Assssshhhhhlllleeyyyy," whispered a soothing, calm voice.

She jumped startled by the difference in voices. A few bad? One good? Or was it just the evil playing tricks on her?

"Ashley, don't be afraid my child," came the voice again, "I'm not here to hurt you, but to rescue you,"

Yeah right, Ashley thought to herself. Thats what you want me to think. I'm not afraid of you. Ss..s.oo just back off! A relaxing breeze blew her backwards back onto the couch. She tired to get up but it was like she was paralyzed. It's going to get me! I can't move! I can't get up! Oh someone help me please! Someone help me! she thought, her mind racing.


"This is Billy, come in Alpha," a familiar voice said.

"Thank god! Billy we need you to come back to earth for a little bit. We have a problem that only you can fix," Adam explained.

"Alright I'm on my way. Billy out,"

Within seconds a white beam of light appeared and then disappeared leaving Billy in its place. Tommy, Rocky and Adam told Billy what there situation was.

Billy went a rage of fury when he found out that Ashley had made friends with them. "I told that little witch to stay away from you guys! When I get my hands on her I'll........"

"Billy, calm yourself. You must focus on the task at hand," Zordon commanded.

"Please Billy. Kat and Tanya are trapped in there as well!" Tommy pleaded.

Billy sighed at the mention of Kats name. I don't want her or Tanya to get hurt, but I can't risk Ashley getting free. After a moment of hesitation he went over to the control panels and started working.


Ashley struggled to break free from power of the paralyzing spell but got nowhere. This isn't getting me anywhere she thought to herself. She gasped as the most repulsive looking, disgusting smelling creature came out of the shadows and started towards her, it's red eyes glowing with a fury and hatred that only satan could enjoy.

"Welcome my dear girl," he hissed, "yes, welcome to your doom!"

A slow sleepynees steadily drifted over Ashley, her eyes started to close but she fought to keep them open.

"Yes, sleeeep, sleeeep," the hideous creature said soothingly.

Ashley shook her head and continued to try and stay awake. There's noway in hell I'm going to sleep with that, that thing hovering over me. Noway, in............ her eyes gradually started closing and she fell into a deep sleep. Almost a coma like.

"Leave her alone, you goon!" Kat yelled.

Tanya and Kat kicked him out of the way and ran over to Ashley. They shook her trying to wake her up. "Come Ash! Snap out of it!" Tanya urged.

"Ashley come back! Please, wake up!"

"Your tooooo late! She's in my control now, she belongs to me,"

"You bastard!" Kat screamed and then charged at the demon like creature. He simply stood there and annoyingly pushed her away.

"Kat," Tanya ran over to her friend, but there was no response.

"Oh how I tire of these games so," the demon yawned.

"What have you done to Kat!" Tanya cried out.

"She'll be fine, the one you have to worry about is Ashley and of course yourself included," with those words he shot Tanya with a lazer beam sapping all of her strength from her and she collapsed to the ground.

He picked up Ashley off the couch and turned into a handsome looking young man. His plan was to turn her against the rangers and use her powers to defeat them. To his knowledge she liked them as friends, but little did he know how strong her feelings were for Rocky.