Portal Crazy
by Black_TurboRanger

It has been almost a year now since the museum incident. The bloody aftermath of the trip is still in some of the kids minds. Jenna's secret is still safely guarded by the kids and no one is saying anything. They are back in Cunden, Vermont but their in High School now. Its lunch time and Jenna is eating with her friends. Or at least whats left of them anyway.

"Man I'm starving!" Jenna cried out acting like she hadn't eaten in months.

Everybody just laughed and agreed that they too were really hungry and then dug in.

"Hey Jenna! Look at me! Pretty cool huh?" Alex said walking along the railing and balancing himself perfectly.

"Show off!" Jenna yelled teasingly, "Now come over here and sit down before you get hurt,"

"Yeah, yeah I'm coming, I'm coming," Alex cried out shuffling his feet along.

"Guys, I'll see ya'll later ok? I have to go to math class,"

"I'll walk ya to your class," Alex said sounding hopeful.

"Ok, bye guys,"

Alex walked Jenna to her class. She really liked him, in fact she loved him. Sometimes she used to wonder if he felt the same way, but not anymore. She was sure that he liked her and maybe if she was lucky, love. Jenna was just afraid to ask him out unless this was all a big joke. Then something strange happened. They started walking down the hallway that her class was in and he held her hand! Jenna tried to act cool and calm but she just couldn't believe that after three years her crush held her hand, and on his own too.

"Well, thanks for walking me to class,"

"Your welcome," Alex said smiling and opened the door for her.

"Well ummm....uhhhhhh bye,"

Jenna walked over to her desk and sat down.

"Hi Jenna!" her friend Christine called to her as she sat down.

"Oh, hi Christine," Jenna replied still in a trance.

"So who was the cutey who opened the door for you? Hmmmm?"

"Huh, what? Oh nobody special,"

"Uh-huh whatever you say," she said mockingly.

Math class seemed to go by fast that day. Before Jenna knew it school was over and it was time to go home. Although she did have to wake up Christine first who had fallen asleep at her desk, like usual.

When Jenna got home she turned on cd player and listened to some music while she did her homework for the weekend. She wondered with Alex had made such a bold move and then didn't even bother to ask her out or anything. Boys she thought to herself, who can understand them.

"What the heck?" Jenna cried out loud.

The floor started shaking and a big gust of cold wind almost knocked her over onto her backside. Suddenly a circle rainbow colors and lights with weird noises coming from in it appeared.

"What is that?"

The object started moving towards Jenna chasing after her if you will. Where ever she went it followed. The strange object became tired of playing games and sucked her up. She fell and fell and just kept right on falling. "Whoa!!!!!!!!!!"

Jenna thought she was never going to stop falling and that it was endless pit of nothingness that went on and on. She couldn't have been more wrong.

"Woah!!!!Oooooof!" Smack right on a concrete surface is where she landed.

"Ouch! that hurt!" she exclaimed rubbing her back, "Where am I?"

Jenna looked up at the sign on the building and read what it said. Benedict High!'

"Benedict High? How the hell did I get here?" she said rubbing her head sounding confused. That thing that sucked me up brought me here, but why? Just then she heard the sound of a bell ringing and a stampede of students raced out the school. Hmmmm....school must be over she thought to herself.

All of a sudden she saw the hottest guy she had ever seen and just stared at him as he walked out of the school with some of his friends. His guy friends weren't that bad either. Then it hit her. That guy whoever he was . . . Was cuter than Alex.

"But who am I kidding? He would never go out with I mean look at me," and she did, "I've changed!"

Jenna ran into the school and found the bathroom. She looked in the mirror and smiled with joy.

"I look like a model with glasses! My hair is lighter to, cool, my clothes have even changed too. I'm wearing a pair of high cut, but not too high cut, black shorts and a green tank top baby-t. I like this place! Where ever it is,"

Jenna decided to go exploring so naturally she did. She found a really beautiful place in the shade of a willow tree in the park by the pond. She needed a rest so she sat down and watched the ducks swim, the seagulls scavenge for food and the people walk by. It was perfect.

"This is so nice," she thought outloud.

Jenna was getting thirsty and hungry so she left the shade and walked around to find someplace to eat. Soon she came across a little place called the Juice Bar. She decided to go in and stop there. Inside it was nice and cool, which felt good because she had been walking around outside where it was around 90 degrees.

"I'll have a glass of water and a salad, please,"

"Coming right up," said the funny little man behind the counter.

Jenna hoped she had money to pay for it with. Fortunately she did. She reached into her pockets and pulled out a ten dollar bill.

"Here ya go, keep the change,"

"Thanks. Are you new around here? I haven't seen you here before," he asked her.

"Yeah, we just moved here," she replied.

"My names Ernie and I run the Juice Bar,"

"Nice to meet you, I'm Jewel," Jenna said feeling confused. "Jewel . . . thats not my real name. Then why did I say that? That must be my name here. Where ever here is.

While all of this was going on Jenna, oppps I mean Jewel was being watched from across the room.

"Who's that?" Tommy asked Katherine.

"I don't know, she must be new around here," Katherine answered.

Jewel found a table sat down and chowed down. For some reason she looked up and saw that same guy she saw before along with one of his friends teaching some kids karate. The guy she liked was sparring with a kid. She watched him spar and looked down occasionally so it didn't look so obvious. One time she looked up and he saw her and one of his students punched him by accident. She laughed a little and then quickly looked away. After she was done with her food she left.

"Adam what happened to you man?" Rocky asked him.

"That girl? who is she?" Adam asked Rocky.

"I don't know what girl your talking about,"

"Her, there she goes out the door," he pointed at Jewel right when she was turning around and looking back.

"I don't know here, sorry. She must be new,"

"Do you guys know that girl that was just in here?" Adam asked his friends. They nodded no and said that they'll probably see her at school tomorrow.

Jewel was feeling like she was walking on air when all of a sudden that thing came back snatched her up.

"Oh no! Not again! Woah!!!!!!!"

The next morning Jenna woke up feeling refreshed and energetic.

She went jogging and then swimming. When Jenna got home she was washing her hair when without warning that thing came back and sucked her up again!

This time she landed on her feet in the girls bathroom at the High School in one of the stalls. Fortunately for her no one was in it at the time.

She looked in the mirror and checked herself. She had on a white baby-t with a flannel red shirt tied around her waist with a longer pair of black shorts on. They were only longer by about an inch. Jewel looked at her schedule. It said Jewel Noxenet, grade eleven, on it. Lets see my first class is Biology.

Jewel decided to go searching for her locker and then go to class so she did. After she found her locker and dropped some stuff off she went searching for her class. Jewel finally found the classroom, with difficulty but she did find it.

"Class we have a new student. This is Jewel Noxenet, she just moved here all the way from Cunden,Vermont," the teacher explained, "Jewel will take the seat behind Tommy?" the teacher asked her. Jewel went over and sat down. Suddenly for no reason at all she remembered why her name was Jewel and not Jenna. The thing that had been sucking her up was the portal! Oh no! she thought to herself. If King Mort finds out the portal is open again he will surely try to take over my world, this world and any other worlds that there may be.

"Jewel? are you ok?" asked the teacher looking concerned.

"Yeah, I'm fine," she replied quickly.

"Class is over, you can leave now," the teacher said with a smile on her face. Jewel left the classroom and went to find her next class. She found the gym and followed it down to the girls locker room.

"Ok, class don't misuse the gymnastics equipment," the gym teacher said trying to sound tough. All the students promised they wouldn't and with that scrambled to start working out. Oh great! I can't even do a cartwheel. Jewel frowned on this thought.

"Jewel? Jewel Noxenet?" the gym called out.


"Can you show me your gymnastics skills, please," the gym teacher said with a smile.

"I guess, but I have to warn you I'm not very good,"

"Well do what can. Heres list of stuff, ready?"

The whole class dropped what they were doing and went over to watch Jewel.

"I guess so,"

"Cartwheel, roundoff, front handspring, back handspring, front flip, back flip then finish it off with a split.

Jewel tried them and she did them! Whats going on her she thought to herself.

"Oh my god! I did it! I did them all!" she excited jumping up and down excitedly.

The best part was that the guy she had fallen hard for was in her gym class. She noticed him staring at her when the gym teacher was testing her. Jewel was so happy she flipped out, literally! She ran back and forth doing flip after flip, handspring after handspring until she got too dizzy to stand up.

It was the end of the day and Jewel was on her way to her locker when she ran into someone. Crash! Her books went all over the floor.

"Oh I'm sorry, I should have been watching where I was going," She said frantically as she tried picking up her books, "thanks for helping me with my bo..." Jewel stopped short when she saw who she was talking to. Oh my god! It's him, the guy in my gym class what should I do? what should I say?

"It's ok really, it's no problem, I wasn't really watching where I was going either," the mysterious guy remarked.

"Adam? Adam?! earth to Adam, we have to go to practice remember?" one of his friends said. Jewel recognized him now his name is Rocky. Jewel thought remembering that she sits next to him in Math and Biology.

"Oh sorry, Rocky," Adam replied.

"Well I...I gotta go ummmm uhhhh thanks again for uhhh helping me with my books!" Jewel yelled out as she walked off and then into the portal she went.

"Rocky do you know her?" Adam asked, " Thats the girl who was at the Juice Bar yesterday,"
"Yeah," he replied, "she sits next to me in Biology and Math. She's pretty smart. Why?"

"Do you know what her name is?"

"It's Jewel, Jewel Noxenet. Now can we please go we're going to be late," Rocky cried in frustration.

"Ok,ok lets go," Adam said finally giving in.

Thud! Jenna landed on her bed. Jenna was knocked out unconscious for about 10 or 15 minutes. When she got up she went to take some aspirin and then crawled into bed to go to sleep and didn't say a would or the rest of the night. Tomorrow would be another school day. Tomorrow would be Monday, at least in her world anyway.

The next morning when Jenna awoke she got ready for school and then left. On her way to school she wondered if she should tell her friends about the portal being open again, by the time she reached school Jenna decided that she would keep it a secret just for now. But Jenna didn't realize how hard that would be.

Meanwhile back in the other world it's a tuesday and Jenna's or Jewel's friends as they know her, are wondering where she is.

"Hey Adam, have you seen Jewel around today she wasn't in class," Rocky asked.

"No, actually I was going to ask you the same question. She has help me with my math," Adam replied.

"Tommy, have you seen Jewel today?" Rocky asked.

"Nope, sorry,"

"She probably stayed home to pack the rest of stuff," Kat reasoned.

The teens suddenly heard a noise coming from behind them. When they turned around they saw at least ten big, black and green creatures that looked like they were the cross between a bird and rat with armor on.

"Ugh, what are those things," Tanya asked.

"I don't know but something tells me they didn't come here for an education," Rocky said with sarcasm. Then the leader of the awful creatures spoke.

"I'm Rexax the leader of the kilga clan and we want the keeper of the Gold Warrior Powers. So tell us where she is and you will be spared,"

"We don't know of any keeper of any powers. We've never even heard of the person," Tommy replied.

"You know a girl named Jewel do you not?"

"Yes, we do but what does that have do with her?"

"Centuries ago a child was born, but she was not just any child she was born with great powers and as she got older her powers grew and still grow stronger. When she was five she was given a great responsibility. She was given the Gold Warrior Powers. But later on she was sent to earth to grow up seeing as our planet was at war it seemed like the only safe place to send her. When she arrived here her life started all over again. Our evil forces grew strong and decided to separate the child and banish her to another world where she could do no harm to our plans of complete world domination. So one day we attacked her and her older step brother while they were playing in the yard. We hoped to kill her instead but no such luck. Instead of killing her we opened a portal and pulled her through,"

"You took my little sister! You you're the one who stole her away from me!" Jason yelled and then charged at him. Rexax just stood there and let Jason try and hit him but all he hit was a force field that gave him a shock and sent him flying back.

"Jason, are you ok?" Tanya asked sounding frightened.

"So bring me the girl now and when my master takes over you'll be spared and put into slavery instead of being killed," Rexax said with a bone chilling hiss.

Jenna was walking home now that school was over and started feeling a little sick and dizzy. Alex came along and asked her why she seemed so out of it today. But she was too weak to answer, instead she just fainted right then and there.

"Jenna?! Jenna! get up, Alex cried frantically.

As she was sleeping she started dreaming about her friends being in trouble and when she woke up she knew what she had to do. But she wasn't on the sidewalk when she awoke she was at home. Alex must have carried me home she thought and sure enough he was right next to her waiting for her to wake up.

"Stand back, I need to do something," she told Alex. Alex stood back watched her transform into the Gold Warrior, "Gold Warrior Power initiating sequence now! Look out I need to open the portal,"

"But I thought you said we would all be in grave danger if the portal was opened," he recalled.

"The portal is already open, thats why I was distracted today, so stand back," Jenna concentrated on bringing the portal to her and it worked!

A cold gust of wind almost knocked Alex off his feet and the house began to tremble. He looked up and saw a big circle that was like a wavy rainbow.

"If I were you I'd go home and stay there. I don't want you getting hurt," Jenna advised.

"No, I want to go in there with you,"

"Go home, listen to me just go!" And with those words she ran and jumped into the portal. When she landed she hid behind some lockers to see what was going on. She hoped Alex hadn't followed her. But he did. He hid from her sight and watched from there.

"Rexax leave them alone!" she yelled

"Why princess so nice of you to come," he said while bowing to her, "I was hoping you'd show up. It must be my lucky day,"

"You're wrong about one thing,"

"And what is that?"

"This will be a very unlucky day for you I'll make sure of that,"

"I was hoping we could make up and you could join us once again, just like old times,"

"I was under spell back then and I'll never join you bloated sacks of evil! You can count on that!"

"Very well then Gold Warrior have it your way, but don't say I didn't warn you!" Rexax declared, "Kilgas attack!" The creatures attacked Jewel and got a shock of a life time.

"Force field power down! Aiiiiiiiyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaa!" Jewel did a flip and then a spinning round house kick that sent the remaining kilgas flying. But when her back was turned Rexax shot a ray at her to try and weaken her. "I won't give in," she yelled battling the powers of the beam.

"Give in!"

"No, never! I'll never give in to the likes of you!" she cried out and broke the beams powerful grip it had on her. Then she kicked Rexax into the portal as he yelled.

"This isn't over yet! I'll be back and stronger than ever then you'll wish you had taken me up on my offer,"

"Yeah right," Jewel went over to see if the teens were ok.

"Thanks, for everything," Tommy said.

"It was my pleasure. But I must be going now before they get back and I suggest you do the same,"

"We will,"

"Wait!" Jason yelled,"who are you?" Jason cried out. It was too late she had already vanished into thin air.

Alex was still there when the group walked by. He tried to hide but they saw him.

"Who are you?" Adam asked.

"I'm Alex,"

"Do you know who the Gold Warrior is?" Jason asked sounding hopeful.

"No, I'm sorry, but I have no idea. I don't even know of anyone called that,"

"Oh ok," Jason uttered.

The portal came and Alex went through. He didn't realize what dangers lay ahead for him in the future. He landed at his own house not Jenna's. Man that was awesome he said to himself. Alex hoped he would be able to do it again.

Jewel was still in the other world. After her battle with the kilgas she went to the Juice Bar to get something to drink and work out for the next time her or someone else got attacked. She got her drink and sat down with the guys.

"Hi guys!" she said.

"Hi Jewel," the group answered.

"Where were you today? We looked for you but couldn't find you," Kat asked with curiosity.

"I had some stuff that I had to do. I had to unpack and wait for the truck to get there," she replied quickly, "I'm going to go work out," Jewel explained when she had finished the rest of her drink, "excuse me,"

"Jewel? do you have a minute?" Adam asked.

"Sure, whats on your mind?"

"You have to tutor me in math, I just got a slip that says it right here today in math, the teacher handed it to me,"

"Ok, where do you want to meet?" Jewel said sounding a little annoyed seeing as she hasn't had time to even rest today.

"How about at the resource room in a half an hour?"

"Ok, see ya there," Jewel cheerfully remarked. She couldn't believe how lucky she was to actually be alone with the guy of her dreams. She couldn't wait, even if it was just to help him with his math.

A half an hour later they were working on the math and making a lot of progress when all of a sudden.

"Kilgas! what are they doing here?" Adam questioned.

"I don't know but I don't think they need help on their homework," Jewel remarked, "Come on under the table quick! Before they see us,"

Jewel and Adam ducked under the table to hide from the intruders. The kilgas just looked around and then left.

"Thats odd, they usually don't do th...." Jewel shut her mouth before she gave away her secret to Adam.

"Do what?"

"Nevermind, the important thing is that their gone... for now. I have to go, it's getting late and a storms coming so I don't want to get caught in it," Jewel explained.

"Can I walk you home?" Adam asked.

"No, thats ok. I'll be fine, really I will,"

"Are sure? I'm mean with those, those things running around who knows what would or could happen,"

"I'll be fine," Jewel explained and then ran off.

"Wait! Jewel! Come back!" Adam yelled after her.

Jewel just kept running and running until she came to the pond and sat to take a breather hoping she had lost him. The portal came just as Adam was running around the bend to catch up with her. He watched as she got up and disappeared into the idle circle of colors. The portal closed up right after she went in and just like that it was gone without a trace.

"What the..." Adam muttered.

Jenna landed on her couch in the living room of her house and bounced up and down a few times before becoming still. The phone rang and it made her jump.

"Hello?" she said, "Helloooo? is this some kind of joke?"

"I know where you are princess and I'm going to get you," Then all she heard was the dial tone. The phone rang again.

"Listen buster, you can't scare me in fact..."

"Jenna! Is that anyway to talk to your friend?"

"Opppsss... sorry Christine," Jenna said starting to giggle.

"Well whats wrong?" Christine asked now sounding concerned.

"Nothing, I'm fine. Someone prank called me thats all. So what did you need?" Jenna asked.

"I just needed to tell you that I'm not feeling well, so I was wondering if you could get my assignments for from my teachers after school,"

"Sure, I'll do that for ya. I hope ya feel better see ya later," Jenna said as she hung up the phone.

Jenna went upstairs in her room to do her homework but was too distracted so she decided to turn on some music to listen to while she did her work.

"What the hell is that noise? and why did get so cold in here all of a sudden," she remarked. Jenna turned just in time to see the portal open up and two claw like hands coming out of it and grabbing her.

"Let me go! Let me go you big turkey!" she yelled as she kicked the kilga.

"I told you I'd be back," Rexax laughing hysterically.

"Let go of me you goon, let me go!" Jenna continued to yell. And then she screamed as she got dragged into the portal.

Meanwhile back in the other world. Adam was telling his friends what strange events had occured that night.

"It was so weird you guys, I mean one minute she was there and the other she was gone just like that sucked up into some circle,"

"I hope shes ok," Kat said.

"Yeah, me too," Jason agreed.

"I wonder happened to her?" Adam wondered.

"I'm going to go to start walking home, see you guys later," Jason said as he was leaving. As Jason was walking in the park he started feeling cold air and then the ground started to shake. He heard a noise and ran to see what it was.

"Leave me alone you bloated sack of feathers and flesh," Jenna yelled, "Let go of me! Go away! Get away from me," she continued to yell as she was running. She saw Jason and ran over to him.

"Here take this, don't let anything happen to it," she explained to him as she handed him what looked like an ordinary polished green rock with gold wrapped around it hold it onto a black leather starp a kinda of necklace type thing. Jason took the necklace and ran behind bushes and hid.

"Come on this way I bet you can't catch me!" Jewel teased as she ran the other direction.

Jason could feel some kind of power generating from the odd stone and wondered why those creatures were after it. He decided he better go back to the Juice Bar and tell them what happened but on his way back he ran into some kilgas. He did the best he could fighting them off but was soon surrounded.

"Oh no ya don't!" Jewel yelled, "leave Jason alone, you morons its me you want not him!"

Jason looked up and saw the Gold Warrior leap down from high up in a tree. He still didn't think it was Jewel, he didn't even think it was girl! But whatever he/she was he was glad they were there to help.

"Are you ok?" she cried out running over to Jason.

"Heres your necklace back," Jason said handing it over to her.

"Heres your necklace back," Jason said handing it over to her.

"No," she said shaking her head and pushing it away, "I need you to keep it for me, I've held onto it for far to long. Now its your turn, I'll come back for it when the danger has passed, but you must not let anything happen to it. I'm counting on you Jason," She put it around his neck, gave him a hug for good luck and then left.

Jewel spent her first night in that world, that night. Kat had invited her over to her house for a sleepover party. The guys came too. Her parents said she could have all of us spend the weekend there if we wanted but only us. Unfortunately kat didn't realize a group of party crashers were going to show up.

"Hey Jewel, I've been meaning to ask you something. Where did you go when that thing sucked you up the other day?" Adam asked.

"Yeah, I've been wondering the same thing. So where did you go?" Kat asked.

"To tell you the truth, I have no idea where I went. I mean I completely blacked out and then when woke up I found myself home, it was really weird," Jewel said trying to sound convincing.

"Are you sure you blacked out, or is there something your hiding from us?" Rocky asked skeptically.

"Well, I do remember what it was like before I blacked out,"

"Can you tell us?" Tanya asked.

"Well, I can try," Jewel said, "At first I was falling and falling with all these bright colors around me and the sounds were really weird, then I just blacked out," she said lying through her teeth.

"Woah, sounds pretty weird to me," Kat remarked.

"Kat where's the bathroom?"

"Down the hallway, thrid door on the right,"

"Thanks," Jewel said and then she went to find the bathroom.

"You guys, I'm not sure if I believe what shes saying. You know about blacking out and not remembering everything," Rocky commented.

"As much as I don't want to I'm going to have to agree with Rocky on this one," Adam stated.

"What makes you suspicious of her?" Tommy asked curiously.

"Well, we went into the resource room to work on my math,"

"Yeah so?"

"You didn't let me finish. Well about a half an hour later those creatures showed up. You know the ones that attacked before. Well anyway she said we should get out of their sight so we hid under a table. Minutes later they left, almost like they were looking for something..."

"Or someone," Rocky interrupted.

"Yes, or someone," Adam went on, "After they left we came out from under the table and Jewel made a comment that went something like..

"Thats weird, they usually don't do th..." then after she said that, she said nevermind," Adam said finally finishing, and just in time too. Right after he was done Jewel came back in the room.

"So what or who did we or are we talking about?" she asked.

"Nothing, much," Rocky said abruptly.

"Oh ok,"she said humbly.

Meanwhile in the other world it was spring vacation and Alex was having a party at his house. The only problem was that Jenna wasn't there and everyone was looking for her. Alex was the only one who knew she was in the other world.

"What the hell are those things?!" Christine yelled out suddenly.

"Alex, what are those!?" someone explained.

"I don't know," he answered in a panic.

Everyone was running around the room screaming in horror running away from the repulsive, awful smelling creatures that were terrorizing them.

"She's not here, boss," one of them said.

"Well keep looking, shes got to be around here someplace,"

While all this was happening in the Jewels home world she was having the time of here life in the other world with her friends. When suddenly she had this feeling that something was wrong.

"I'll be right back, I don't know whats wrong with me but I have to go to the bathroom again," Jewel said. She went into the bathroom and transformed.

"Warrior Gold activate!" she said as quietly as possible. Then she opened up the portal and the house began to shake.

"It must be an earthquake, everyone quick get down," Jason instructed.

When the shaking stopped Jason went to see if Jewel was ok., but when he reached the bathrrom he found no one was in there.

"Shes gone!" Jason yelled from the bathroom. The others ran over to the bathroom.

"What do you mean shes gone?" Adam asked.

"I mean shes gone like not here, poof, vanished, disappeared, not on the premises," he explained.

"Where could she have gone?" Tanya wondered,"This is weird you guys," she continued.

"Well maybe she hid someplace else in the house, when the earth started to shake. Lets split up and look for her," Kat suggested.

"Ok," the group agreed.

While the others where looking for Jewel, Alex and his friends were trying their best to fend off the creatures.

"I don't know how much longer we can hold out," Kristen called out across the room to Alex.

All of a sudden everyone was knocked over by a gust of cold wind and then the house began to shake. When it stopped shaking everyone looked up and saw the Gold Warrior standing there. Alex quickly jumped to his feet and went over to greet her.

"Gold Warrior, your finally here! These creatures have been roughing up everyone and ruining the party,"

"Stand back, I'll take care of these creatures for you," she answered, "Rexax, we meet again,"

"Its always a pleasure fighting you princess. Especially when I win," he said confindently.

"How would you know what it's like to beat me?" Jewel viciously remarked.

"She does have a point boss, I mean..." one of the kilgas said timidly.

"Shutup!" Rexax yelled at his henchmen, "You eluted me for several years princess, but now that your here in this world I can finally finish you off!"

Jewel started to back away from Rexax as he came towards her.

"What makes you think you can finish me off in this world if you can't even do it in the other one?" she asked him violently.

"Your powers aren't as strong as they are in other worlds in this world. Which gives me the perfect advantage to take your powers! Kilgas attack!"

The creatures ran towards Jewel and she quickly did her vanishing act and disappeared into thin air and then appeared on the other side of the unruly horde.

"Boo!" she yelled as she kicked them over. One kilga turned around and shot a lazer beam at her but she flipped in the air and kicked the weapon out of his hand. She then used it on him and fried him into ashes. Rexax came up from behind and tackled her, which knocked her over. Jewel was in trouble so she decided to moves this fight to the other world so she called upon the portal to open up and take them away. The portal came alright but unfortunately it sucked up Alex, Kristen and Christine as well.

It seemed like they had been falling forever when they saw a light.

Thank god, I lost Rexax in the portal. Jewel thought to herself. He must have landed in a different world. Crash! right on the floor of Kats' living room is where Jewel, Alex, Christine, and Kristen landed. Alex, Christine, and Kristen sat groaning in discomfort.

"That hurt! Man my back kills," Alex cried out.

"Where are we?" Kristen asked in confusion.

Jason, Kat, Tommy and the rest of the gang ran into the living room to see what the noise was. When they got there they saw Alex rubbing his back, Kristen standing up and Christine sitting there in the middle on the floor in shock.

"Where did you come from?" Kat exclaimed feeling a little confused.

"Well you see, its like this...." Alex started to explain.

"There with me," explained the Gold Warrior, "do you mind if they stay here for a while. I have some unfinished business to attend to,"

"Sure, I guess," Tommy said.

"What the?!" Jewel cried out as the room began to shake, "Oh no!"

"What? Whats wrong?" Jason asked.

"Rexax is here, I'll be right back," Jewel ran into the bathroom and powered down. She staggered out into the living room and hid behind the couch just in time to see Rexax appear out of the portal.

"Wheres the Gold Warrior! I know shes here somewhere," Rexax yelled in frustration.

"She was just here, but she left," Jason told Rexax. Rexax lunged out and pushed Jason down onto the floor and pinned him.

"You tell me where she is or you'll pay,"

"I told you I don't know where she is you goon,"

"Fine then, we'll do this the hard way," Rexax said with an evil grin on his face as he backed up, drew out his ray gun and aimed right at Jason.

"Humans are so difficult to get along with these days. Now one more time. Where is she?"

"I don't know and even if I did, I still wouldn't tell you!" Jason yelled at Rexax.

"Goodbye earthling," he said with a laugh. He shot at Jason but it didn't hit him for Jewel had pushed him out of the way and was hit instead, "I couldn't have planned it better," And with those words Rexax disappeard into the portal.

"Jewel! Are you ok? Jewel can you hear me?" Jason cried out, "Jewel? Billy is she ok?"

"She's still breathing so I think she'll be fine. She took a pretty good blow from that ray,"

"Hey where did the Gold Warrior go?" Rocky asked.

"I don't kn...." Tanya started to answer.

"What, whats wrong?"

"Her bodies healing it self,"


Everyone looked over at Jewel and saw some electricity like current running through her body. The weird thing was they were gold.

"Ohhhh my head!" Jewel cried out in pain as she came too.

"Shes coming too! She'll be ok!" Adam yelled.

"Not so loud. Is everyone ok?"

"Sorry," Adam said looking embarrassed.

"Yeah, we're ok. Thanks to you," Jason replied.

"What did I do?" Jewel asked acting like she didn't know what had happened.

"Only save my life and everyone elses,"

"Its in the job description," she mumbled.

"What did you say?" Rocky asked.

"Nothing, why?"


"I need some fresh air. Will you guys excuse me for a minute? I'm going to go outside,"

Jewel went outside and sat down on the porch swing and swinged back and forth, back and forth. She thought about how nice it would be now that Rexax thought she was dead and wouldn't be bothering her for awhile.

"Now Rexax probably thinks I'm dead so I'll finally be able to rest easy," Jewel said not aware that Adam had come outside.

"What are you talking about?"


Oh my god I actually finished a sentence without studdering.


"Lets go back inside, its getting late and I'm tired," Jewel said yawning a fake yawn, even though she really was tired.

Jewel started to walk back in but Adam stopped her.



"You'd tell us if you were the Gold Warrior wouldn't you?"

"Of course,"

Jewel and Adam went back inside and thats where the real fun began.

Everyone settled down to go to sleep. Alex was on the couch because his back still hurt, Kristen on the recliner, Christine on the chair and everyone else on the floor. In the middle of the night Kristen got up to go to the bathroom. Minutes later Jewel heard an explosion and ran to see what it was. She ran into the bathroom but couldn't see where she was going because there was smoke everywhere. When the smoke cleared there were pieces of Kristen everywhere. The whole bathroom was dripping with blood and guts everywhere you could possibly think of. The only body part of Kristen that was in tact was one of her eyes. Jewel did the only thing she could think of at that moment......scream!

Everyone woke up at the sound of her blood curdling scream and looked up to see her staggering out of the bathroom like a drunk. Adam ran over to her.

"Whats the matter?"

"Kristen is..is,"

"Is what?"

"Dead!" Jewel yelled out and started crying hysterically.

Adam let her cry in his arms while the others went into the bathroom to check out the situation.

"Uh gross," Kat and Tanya remarked at the same time.

"What a mess!" Rocky explained, "body parts and pieces everywhere,"

Tommy, Billy and Jason didn't say a word, and the girls looked like they were about to barf. Alex looked around and then ran out of the room quickly before he too felt sick. In the other room Jewel was still cyring in Adams arms when everyone came out of the room. Kat told Jewel she could lie down in her parents room until she regained her strength.

"How is she?" Jason asked Adam.

"Shes really shook up and weak. She doesn't have a lot of strength left in her and she seems to think it was her fault," Adam concluded.

"I think I know how to help her. I'll be right back," Jason said and then left the room.

Jason opened the door to Kats parents room. It was dark and quiet, very quiet. All he heard was Jewel sniffling up the last of her tears on the other side of the room on the bed. Jason knew he would never find her in the dark so he turned the light on and went over to her side.

"Jewel? Are you ok?" he asked her softly.

"I'm fine," she answered weakly. She tried to stand up but was too weak and couldn't summon up enough strength. Jewel almost fell to the ground but Jason caught her and put her back up on the bed.

"Easy now, thats it," he encourged her, "I have something for you," Jason said and he gave her the strange green stone that she had given to him.

"What's this?"

"Its something the Gold Warrior gave to me. She told me I could use it in an emergency,"

"But this isn't an emergency, I'll be fine,"

"Hold it in your hand maybe it will renew your strength,"

"Well, ok fine," Jewel said finally giving in. She knew Jason would find she was the Gold Warrior if she took it but she was so weak and knew Rexax would be back. She hesitantly took the stone and began to feel herself gaining all her strength back. Unfortunatly when shes at full power she's turned into the Gold Warrior. Jason practically fell over when he saw her change.

"Your the Gold Warrior!" he yelled.

"Shhhhh not so loud, they might hear you, and yes I'm the Gold Warrior. Here take this back and tuck inside your shirt. For if Rexax sees it he'll go after you and thats the last thing I want to happen,"

"Are you going to tell the others?"

"Yes, but brother make sure he doesn't get his hands on it,"

"I will. What a minute did you just call me brother?"

"Thats what I said. Why else would I let you gaurd the stone. I've missed you,"

"I have too,"

Jewel and Jason talked and hugged for a few minutes and then decided it was time to go back out and join the others. Jason walked in front of her while she was still transformed.

"Look who I found," Jason said sounding excited.

Jewel walked out of the room behind Jason and waved to everyone.

"The Gold Warrior will now reveal her true identity,"

Everyone watched her as she revealed her secret.

"Gold Warrior disengage,"

"I knew it was her!" Rocky shouted.

"It is you," Tommy said.

"How incredible," Tanya remarked.

"Thanks for keeping it a secret Alex," she said and winked at him.

Alex and Jewel started bursting out in laughter, and soon everyone followed.

"I thought you said you'd tell us if you were the Gold Warrior?" Adam recalled sounding a little hurt.

"I just did,didn't I?" Jewel asked with sarcasm.

"Yes, but you know what I mean,"

"Oh Adam, don't feel so bad you have to understand how hard that was for me,"

"I know its just that...."

"Whats that noise?" Kat asked sounding frightened.

"Oh no! Its Rexax he's returned,"

"Your wrong princess! It's not Rexax but I Mortimer the mole monster,"

"Oh great! This just what I need. Gold Warrior belt! Gold Warrior power activate!"
"Come on guys lets get out of her way," Jason yelled to the others and motioned them over behind the couch.

The monster blasted a ray at Jewel and hit her. She fell to the ground but got up quickly and called upon her weapons.

"Transformation gold pheonix!" she yelled and then turned into a pheonix shaped person, "Pheonix fire staff!" All of a sudden out of no where a staff that was on fire was in her hands.

"Fight this!" she yelled and charged the monster with her staff and struck a blow to his stomache and then head, "Phoenix fireball!" Jewel brought her hands up to her chest and then pushed them forward. A big fireball as bright and as hot as the sun went rushing out towards the monster.

"Heeeeya!" the monster yelled and threw the fireball back at her. Jewel collapsed and fell to the ground. She lay there and tried to get up but was too weak to budge. She finally got up enough energy to struggle to her feet.

"Give up princess, and face the facts that have met your match!"

"Never! I'll never give into a foul being like you!"

Jewel got out her raygun and fired. The monster just stood there and laughed, then he said.

"Do you really that that poor excuse for a weapon is going to help you any, ha!" He fired an energy stealing beam at her but she ducked in the nick of time and it hit the wall.

"Blast! I missed, but I won't miss again,"

"Don't be so sure of yourself Mole!"she yelled. The monster turned around just in time to see a bright ball of light coming towards him.

"Huh? Ahhhhhhhhhhh.....I'll be back and then you'll pay! You'll pay!" The monster screamed in pain as he blew up in to itie bitie bits.

The ground started shaking and Jewel could hear a loud noise of terror and pain coming from the portal.

"Uh-oh," she thought outloud, "We're in trouble,"

"Whats wrong?" Jason asked confused, "didn't you destroy the monster?"

"Yes, but King Mort is trying to keep the portal open long enough for the troops to come in and take over. I need to close the portal pronto!"

"I think I have just what you need," Billy declared.


"Here attach this to your raygun and fire, it should close the portal permanently, that way he won't be able to come in,"

"Wait! won't that mean that you won't be able to get back?" Alex asked sounding very concerned.

"Yes, I suppose it would create a problem, but I belong here. I don't belong in your world and I never will. I'm different from you guys, and if you haven't relized that by now then I pity you,"

"Don't stay here! I won't let you!"

"Alex, I told you. I belong here, and besides I have a lot of catching up to do. I just found Jason, a brother I never knew I had and I don't want to lose him again,"

"But, but you can't stay you just can't!"

"And why is that?"

"Because, because,"

"Yes, go on I'm waiting,"

"Because I love you!" Alex blurted out.

"You'll see me again don't worry about it, and if you really loved me you'd only want whats best for me right?"

"I guess," Alex said with a frown on his face, "It just that, all the stuff we've been through together, I'll miss that,"

"I'll miss it too, but your going back,"

Jewel took off her helmet and gave Alex a kiss on the cheek to make him feel better, even though it didn't.

"Bye guys, I'll miss you,"

And like that they we're gone.

"Hurry seal up the portal before its too late," Rocky yelled over the noise of the wind that was being created by the portal.

"Are you sure, you want to stay here sis?" Jason asked sympathetically.

"Yeah, I'm sure,"

Jewel told everybody to stand back and get out of the way. She attached the attachment peice to her ray gun and fired, just in time to see King Morts (mort means death) face crying out in revenge. The portal closed up, the wind stopped and the temperature of the room was restored to normal. Everything was back to normal. Or was it?

Jewels happiness in her new world only last for a year, until theres a freak lightning storm and earthquake which causes the portal to reopen once more. The danger has never been more threatening and deadly to Jewel and her friends, especially to her step brother Jason. Can Jewel and her friends save the world and her brother find out in the next thrilling story Deaths Paradise.