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Power Rangers Nightfighters.
Part 27
Final Preparations
By John Chubb

The Ranger Girls left the stage to a standing ovation. Bruce was there to congratulate them. "Wow, you girls rocked.", he said.

"Yeah we had fun.", Cassie said. "I haven't sung in a long time. I miss it."

"Okay Bruce, now we sang for you and the audience out there. Now you know what you have to do.", Ashley said.

"No problem.", Bruce said. "Let me go talk to Kincaid.", then Bruce walked away.

"Are you sure about this Ashley?", Karone asked.

"Hey, I know Kincaid can pull it off. Cassandra and Mackenzie can back me up. They were there too.", Ashley said.

"Besides, it's only fair the girls in the audience be as entertained as the guys were.", Cassandra said.

"You said it girl friend.", Aisha said, as the girls high-fived each other.


Bruce saw Kincaid standing out by the loading dock looking out at the ships in the fleet that was being assembled. More new ships arrived everyday. More ships that would help liberate the universe from the Luciferian empire.

Kincaid appeared to be deep in thought about something. "Hey Jeff how's it going?"

Kincaid appeared startled when he saw Bruce stand behind him. "Sorry, I was just thinking."

"What about?", Bruce asked.

"Do you know what a moment of transition is?", Kincaid asked.

Bruce thought about it for a moment. "Isn't that something that guy G'Kar said on that show Babylon 5 or something?"

Kincaid nodded. "Yeah, it deals with moments of change that have a definite impact on a group of people, or the cosmos as a whole. Such moments can have profound impacts on the universe."

"You think we're coming up on one of these 'moments of transition'?", Bruce asked.

Kincaid sighed. "We'll we're definitely coming up on something. I looked in the book of Zordon earlier."

"And?", Bruce asked.

Kincaid paused for a moment and said, "I think the prophesy is going to come to a head in the final battle."

Bruce paused for a moment then said, "So I take it it's a bad time to ask you to sing tonight."

"I don't know. How's the party?", Kincaid asked.

"Not too bad, but I don't want to get to Rhinox the flaming j'ba'bua's act if I can help it.", Bruce said. "How much fun is a fire eater who's already on fire?"

Kincaid let out a small laugh then said. "Let me think on it for a minute. Ask me in an hour."

"Okay I'll be back by then.", Bruce said. As he walked to the door he looked back at his friend and wondered if he was all right.


Bruce walked down the hall when he ran into Mackenzie and Tanya. "And where do you think you're going?", Mackenzie asked.

"Hey Mackenzie.", Bruce said. "Hey Tanya.", he said while flirting. Tanya smiled at Bruce's attempt to act suave and smooth.

"Knock it off you old smoothie. What did Kincaid say?", Mackenzie asked.

"He said ask again in an hour.", Bruce said. He then went up to her and said. "He's got a lot on his mind. Maybe you can talk to him.."

"What's wrong?", Mackenzie asked showing her concern.

"He's got this feeling that something's going to happen in the battle. It's something he read in Zordon's book.", Bruce said.

"Something will happen?", asked Tanya concerned. "What?"

"Well the book had always prophesized the coming of Crucible and the empire. And now it's all coming down to this final battle. It's make or break time, not only for us, but him as well." , Bruce said.

"But we're going to win right?", Tanya said. "We're going to beat the empire right?"

Bruce sighed and said. "The book said 'when all have fallen, one shall rise'. The book never specified as to which 'one' would rise."

Bruce went to Mackenzie and held her arm as he said, "I think he could really use you. He's on the landing bay." Mackenzie then ran down the corridor to try to comfort her boyfriend.

Bruce later went to Tanya and tried to reassure her. "I'm sorry to have scared you like that."

Tanya decided it was her turn to be reassuring and turned to Bruce. "It's probably better this way. If Zordon told us what would happen in detail, we probably would have taken too much faith that we would win because the book said so. Zordon left the book as a guide. He wasn't trying to tell us what the future would be. That's something we have to make for ourselves."

"You're terrific.", Bruce said. "You know, I have a bottle of sparkling non-alcoholic apple cider on my silver firebird."

"Is that an invitation to dinner?", Tanya asked.

Bruce laid off with the smooth attitude and sounded sincere. "It is. If you don't want to say yes I'll understand."

"No, I don't mind.", Tanya said. "But what will we have with the cider? Field rations?"

"Let me talk to Hardrive. He can whip up for us a nice Italian Bistro overlooking majestic Rome. And then a ride on a gondala with someone seranading you all night long..."

Bruce led Tanya down the hallway as she got caught up in Bruce's description of a romantic evening."


Mackenzie walked up to where Kincaid stood looking out at the fleet. She walked up to her boyfriend and wrapped her arms around her boyfriend reassuringly. Kincaid turned around and returned the embrace followed by a kiss.

"How're you doing beautiful?", Kincaid asked.

"I'm okay. There's a party going on. One last hurrah before the great battle.", Mackenzie said. "But I think the main question is, 'How are you doing?'"

Kincaid let go of Mackenzie and turned back to the swirling nebula clouds and the ships in front of them. "I take it Bruce told you about our talk?"

"Yeah, the whole 'when all have fallen, one shall rise' thing?", Mackenzie said. Kincaid nodded.

Mackenzie grabbed Kincaid by the shoulders and turned him around to face her. "Look, whatever is going to happen will happen. We might win. We might lose. Crucible might come back. He might not. Hell everyone might die and only...Justin will survive. But whatever will happen will happen. Everyone here is cutting loose before the big bang, because it may be the last time anyone will do so.

"A lot of them realize that they may not come back. You might not come back, I might not come back. But whatever will happen will happen. The prophesy Zordon left doesn't define the future. We do."

Kincaid kissed Mackenzie again and aid, "You better come back."

Mackenzie smiled and said. "Well I'll try if you do one thing tonight."

Kincaid rolled his eyes and said, "Okay, okay I'll do it. I'll sing tonight."

"I thought you'd see it my way.", Mackenzie said as she and Kincaid kissed again passionately. Then they turned and looked at the swirling clouds of color.


Tanya was sitting at a table with Bruce under the tarp in an Italian Bistro enjoying a fine meal topped off with Bruce's sparkling apple cider.

"You are quite the showman Bruce Greene.", Tanya said. "On stage and on a date."

"Well one of the rules of a great showman is to always be able to top yourself.", Bruce said.

"Do you think you can do better than this?", Tanya said.

"Go out with me again and find out.", Bruce said.

After a few moments of dinner and conversation Tanya later asked Bruce, "So where are you from? I heard talk you were from a planet called Iocaste?"

"No Iocaste is where I live. I was born and raised in Port Clinton, Ohio. So was Kincaid for a good part of his life.", Bruce said.

"Ohio? As in on Earth?", Tanya said surprised. Bruce nodded.

"Then how did you get to another planet?", she asked.

"That's a good story.", Bruce said. "It happened shortly after Jeff joined the Night Rangers...

Bruce Greene had been overseeing a lot of the matches at his father's gym. There had been a lot of competitors coming in, and Leroy thought now was a good time to put on the first shootfighting show in Port Clinton. Bruce wanted to ask Jeff and their new fighter Mark to be involved but it seemed that they were preoccupied with something. Bruce didn't know what, but he thought Jeff would tell him when he was ready.

Needless to say there were a few competitors ready for the show. Leroy hoped to get it ready in three weeks time. Especially since talent scouts from the WWF, ECW, and the UFC would hopefully be in town, especially since he sent out the invitations.

Jeff walked in later and Bruce evaluating the fighters. "How's it coming?", Jeff asked.

"Not bad. We have a few good prospects for the show, but I really wish you and Mark would change your mind and compete.", Bruce said.

Jeff sighed and said, "Can't do. My nights have been very busy as of late. So have Mark's."

"What do you two do anyway?", Bruce asked. He had an idea in the back of his mind, but it wasn't something he wanted to think about.

Jeff saw his friend's discomfort and tried to reassure him. "No nothing like that. Mark's part of a certain...club that he's asked me to join. It's kind of a secret club."

"Why didn't you tell me about this?", Bruce asked hurt.

Jeff explained as best he could, "It's a secret. I can't tell anyone about it. And as much as it hurts me, I can't even tell you about it. I wish I could, but I can't."

Bruce was silent for a second then turned to face Jeff. "Fine, go play with your new friends. We've got several new prospects here. We don't need you two." Then he rushed off.

"Bruce!", Jeff shouted, but Bruce wasn't listening.

"That's kind of sad. You and your friend fighting like that.", Tanya said.

Bruce sighed for a minute. "Well it wasn't until later that I found out what Jeff's secret really was. That he was Night Ranger."

Tanya looked surprised. "How did you find out that?"

"Through a way that is so completely stupid.", Bruce said.

The scouts were looking at the combatants going at it in the ring. Every shooter in the ring was giving their all. Taking risks to get the win, and all in all trying to impress the scouts.

The audience was wild. They were really getting into the show. And when it was time for the main event. The audience was at it's fever pitch. Bruce looked at the door hoping Jeff would come in through. But he hadn't arrived. Having enough Bruce charged out of the auditorium.

When the show ended Leroy came out to look for his son. When he saw Bruce taking out his frustrations on the auditorium wall, Leroy asked what the problem was. "Jeff's not here. I don't understand him. We went all out for him to keep that crazy family of his from getting their claws into him, and now he tells me he's run off to join some secret club with that new guy Kinega we brought in. I don't get it. He used to tell me everything, why won't he tell me about this?"

Bruce paused for a moment then spoke. "He must have a good reason. If he could have said something he would have. He probably found a unique opportunity but he's not ready to share it yet. Doesn't mean he won't in the future."

"You think he'll talk to me about this pop?", Bruce asked.

Leroy smiled at his son. "When he's ready to talk about it he will. I know he will."

The father and son moment was interrupted by a teleport beam that transported both the father and son away from the stadium. As well as most of the occupants.


"You idiot!", the captain said to his helmsman. "I told you we were on the wrong course. We should be in Topeka, Kansas. Not here."

"Sir...I'm sorry...please don't kill me.", the helmsman said in fright.

"Ohh very well. I guess slaves are slaves I guess.", then he turned to look at the people in his cargo hold.

"Begin the weeding process. Set course for Iocaste.", the Captain said.

"Iocaste Captain?", the navigator asked.

"We have to have someplace to dump the garbage.", the captain said snickering.


Jeff finally made it to the arena as the matches started to end. Several of the combatants were ready to be signed on the spot when the scouts saw them. He tried to find Bruce and Leroy but couldn't find them anywhere.

One of the combatants, Boiling hot Brian Austin, said that Bruce and Leroy went outside an hour or so ago. He hadn't seen them since. Jeff went outside to see if they were anywhere around. He activated his morpher to emit a scanning beam to see if there was any energy out of the ordinary.

When Jeff finished his scan he called Mark. "Mark we've got a problem. Looks like another slave abduction.", then Jeff teleported up to Defiance. After sending a call, the other Night Rangers came up.


Ishalla Na'bri was at the scanners when Jeff, Anna Hawker and Krolos walked in. Mark was going over the scans with Ishalla.

"We've found the trail.", Mark said. "Looks like they're on a run for Iocaste."

"Iocaste?", asked Jeff. "Where's that?"

"It's a place out of the way of the established empires.", Mark said. "It used to be a pleasure spot in the universe until it fell on hard times. Now the only people there are the dregs and scum of the universe."

"Is there an auction going on there?", Anna asked.

"Not likely. I'd say they're looking for a place to dump the garbage."

"The garbage?", Krolos asked.

"Those deemed unfit to serve are left on Iocaste.", Mark said sadly. "They take the fit ones to the slave auctions."

So Iocaste is probably our last place to rescue Bruce and Leroy.", Jeff said.

"Most likely.", Mark confirmed. "But you have to be careful on that planet. It may get a little rough."

"I'm ready for anything.", Jeff said.

"Star Wars the Creature cantina.", said Hardrive.

Ishalla turned to Jeff and said. "I know that movie. Luke Skywalker said that same line. And almost got killed if Obi-Wan Kenobi hadn't cut off that pirate's arm."

Jeff blushed and said. "Right." Then Defiance took off in pursuit of the slave ship.


The Captain was looking over the new batch of slaves that he had taken from earth and had already begun the weeding process. Those that were deemed fit were hearded off to a cargo hold. Those that were considered infirm or diseased were hearded to the escape pods for free fall to Iocaste.

A guardsman went to grab Leroy for depositing to Iocaste but Burce wouldn't have it. He went into the guardsman and executed a move that knocked the arm out of it's socket. Other guardsmen soon joined the fight and soon Bruce was overwhelmed.

The Captain looked at the dark skinned teen and asked, "What is this old nothing over here that he means something to you?"

Bruce looked directly into the Captain's eye and said, "My father."

The Captain immediately grabbed a rifle and shoved the butt of it into Bruce's gut. "I'm your daddy now."

The Captain was ready to hit Bruce again when an explosion rocked the ship. When he got to the bridge and looked at his attackers he has literally scared spitless.

"Night Rangers!", he cursed through clenched teeth.


Defiance came to bear on the slave transport. The weapons were doing damage to the ships shields. Soon they would have them all down.

"Their shields are down sufficiently for cycled teleportation.", Krolos said.

"Good lets get out as many as we can before he becides to use them as bargaining chips.", Mark ordered.

Krolos locked onto the slaves in the cargo hold and beamed out as many as he could. The cycle came out at twelve at a time. Then a ten second interval to transport again.

"We've almost got them all, just thirty more to go.", Krolos said. Jeff looked at the viewer on the slaves. Bruce and Leroy were not among them.

"Problem.", said Ishalla. "They've boosted shield power."

"Continue firing as much as possible.", Mark ordered as Defiance resumed the weakening of shields.


On board the slave ship the captain looked at his depleated cargo. "Shields back up.", said the navigator.

"Fat lot of good that will do us.", said the captain. He needed to preserve what was left of his cargo. Then the idea hit him.

"Take those two father and son slaves and place them in a life pod." The crew were surprised by the order.

"JUST DO IT!!!", the captain shouted. And the crew obeyed.


"Deploy Zords and form Night Megazord.", Mark ordered. "Defiance transform." Jeff, Anna, Krolos and Ishalla merged their zords together to form the Night Megazord. Defiance transformed to warrior mode to stand with them.

Just then a hatch opened up in the ship and a life pod opened up. A Green WarriorZord later followed with it's weapons drawn on the pod.

"Night Rangers.", said the voice behind the WarriorZord. "Surrender now and we will spare the two slaves onboard this ship." The rangers were stunned by the action but were surprised when the slave ship jumped to hyperspace. Even the pilot of the WarriorZord was surprised.

"Captain, don't leave me!!! Who will navigate your ship for you!!!", shouted the voice of the pilot who apparently was the ship's navigator. The navigator then went after the slave ship with practically no hope of ever catching up to it.

"What a moron.", Anna said.

"You got that right.", Mark said. "Now where's the pod?"

Jeff turned to see the pod head down towards the planet surface. "Let's get down there.", he ordered.

"Not so fast Jeff.", Mark said over the intercom. "We've got a cargo hold load of slaves looking to see their families here."

"Megazord Separate.", Jeff ordered. "You guys go take the slaves back to the nearest friendly planet. I'm going after the pod."

"Why?", asked Ishalla.

"Because I just chacked the scanners. Bruce and Leroy are in that pod heading down towards Iocaste.". Jeff then cut off communications and headed down towards the planet.


Bruce and Leroy then made it out of the pod as it crashed near a run down apartment building. As they got out they noticed that all the planet was run down. "Man I've seen slums worse than this place.", Leroy said. Then the father and son got out to explore the scenery.

Bruce looked around and saw all the drags of the universe. Starving people. Sidewalk salesmen looking to scam money for second rate merchandise that didn't work. A vandal crashed a window in a run down shop.

But what got Bruce completely riled up was seeing a gang crowding around a young Aquitarian girl. "Hey baby, how's about a little sugar." said one of the members. The other members were giving the same statements scaring the young teen who apeared no more than 16. A ponytail of golden hair strung own her back.

"No, No.", the girl said. But the look in the eyes of the gang said "Yes."

"She said no!", said the voice of Bruce standing in the alley entranceway. Leroy next to him. He may have been old, but he would not see a young girl violated.

"Well looka here. Looks like an old fart and a punk want to play hero and save baby's honor.", sad the gang leader. The other four flunkies followed behind as they approached Bruce and Leroy.

"How about an old fart, a punk and a ranger.", said a voice in blue and black. Bruce and Leroy found themselves joined by the blue Night Ranger.

"I don't know how you got here, but I'm glad you're here.", said Bruce. Leroy agreed.

"We got a five on three here.", Leroy said. "Can you handle two on one?", he asked Jeff.

"No Problem.", Jeff said.

"I'll take the two on the left.", Bruce said.

"The leader's mine.", said Leroy. Then the three went into the fight.

For an old guy, Leroy knew how to handle himself. He went for the pressure points of the leader and had him screaming in pain after Leroy put him into a chicken wing until the leader said "I Quit", which he did two minutes later. Bruce handled his two on one pretty well and before long had beaten both men. Then they both turned to see how the mysterious blue ranger was doing.

Jeff tried to go for the quick win as he zeroed in on pressure points, much like Bruce and Leroy had done. And before long there were five gang members lying on the floor uncinscious. Bruce and Leroy looked on in disbelief at the blue ranger, because they recognzed his fighting style.

"So are the Power Rangers this secret club that you were telling me about...Jeff?", Bruce said adding emphasis on Jeff's last name. Jeff went to take off his helmet and revealed his face to his best friend and his father.

"Sorry I couldn't tell you guys about this.", Jeff said. "But it's one of the three rules that one has to follow when you're a ranger."

"What are the other two?", Leroy asked.

"Never use the power for personal gain, and never escalate a battle unless forced to.", Jeff said.

"And never reveal your identity to anyone.", Bruce confirmed. "Is Kinega a ranger too?"

"He's the red one. We're a part of a ranger team called the Night Rangers that fight evil that goes beyond the normal monster atteck. In fact the evils the power rangers face are scared of us.", Jeff said with a smile.

"With the way you fight they'd better be.", Bruce said.

Leroy followed up with, "Well I did teach him." Then they all laughed.

Jeff then activated a signal device on his morpher and said. "Well a ship will be coming to take us back before long."


"YOU'RE NOT COMING?!", Mark shouted not sure he could believe what he had just heard.

"Nope I'm staying here.", Leroy said. "I always wanted to be on top of the world. What better place for that than on another planet?"

"But this planet is a slum. You'll be dead in a month.", Ishalla said.

"No he won't. Because I'll be staying with him.", Bruce said.

"What will you do here?", Krolos asked.

"Well I saw some property that caught my eye. I already had a 'talk' with the leader of the territory. And he's agreed to let me use the space to put a bar and shootfighting rink togehter."

Jeff smiled at the mention of Leroy's "talk". He knew how persuasive Leroy's talks could be. Nevertheless he was still concerned about Bruce and Leroy's safety. "You sure about this? Who's going to run your rink on Earth?"

Leroy went up to Jeff and said. "You can run it for a while. My will leaves you as sole beneficiary in case something happens to Bruce or me."

"But I don't know anything about running a rink.", Jeff said.

"You'll learn on the job.", Leroy said trying to be reassuring. "If you want, you can hire a manager. Brian Austin has a good head on his shoulders for business."

Jeff sighed. "Well if this is your decision."

Bruce and Leroy hugged their friend goodbye. "Don't be a stranger.", Bruce said. And with that Jeff and the Night Rangers went on board Defiance and flew into the stellar sky of space."


And then what happened?", Tanya asked.

"Well dad set up his bar and it really became a big draw for the planet. Dad had no shortage of shooters on Iocaste. Really drew in big crowds.", Bruce smiled.

Tanya continued to be inquisitive. "And the morphers? How did you get them?"

"Would you believe a sidewalk sale?", Bruce went on to explain. "A street vendor was trying to pass them off as novelty items. I managed to by them and found a way to get them working again. I took the silver one for myself, and when Jeff came by for a visit he and I managed to take out someone who was extorting the tenents on the old Dream Street section of town. Jeff then introduced me to the big giant head Zordon and he gave me the two zords that would complement the morphers. Until Ashley arrived however I never found anyone to hold the Gold Blackhawk powers."

"And Ashley gave those powers to me.", Tanya said.

"That about sums it up.", Bruce said.

"What happened to your old rink back home on Earth?", Tanya asked. "Did Kincaid sell it?"

"He left it to Boiling Hot Brian Austin to run until he got back. From what I hear he's done a good job."

"You know that's quite a story.", Tanya said after taking it all in. Then an Italian waiter came by with their meal and Bruce and Tanya enjoyed their dinner.


Jason Lee Scott was in the med bay getting off from another session of rehab. His knee was almost 100% healed and the ranger healing was working overtime to get it all the way healed. Tanya walked in as Jason was putting on his brace.

"Hey Jase, How's the knee?"

"Almost as good as new.", Jason said with a smile on his face. "The ranger healing is helping and I'll be all healed before too long."

"How's Emily holding up?", Tanya later asked. Then Jason's smile faded.

"She's shaken by being forced to take part in that Kamekazi run towards the Nightfighter safehouse. She's also trying to get a grasp on her fiancee' being a Power Ranger." Tanya placed her hand on Jason's shoulder in an attempt to reassure him that everything would be all right.

"You know, I have a great idea.", Tanya said. "Emily's over in the main hanger bay where the party and talent show are taking place. Bruce and I just got finished with our date. So maybe you two could use it for a time."

Jason then looked up. "How is that Greene guy anyway?"

Tanya smiled as she explained how Bruce was. "Well he's the perfect gentleman. Courteous and gratious. And can sure tell a good story."

"All of it true.", said a voice in the hallway. Jason and Tanya turned to see Kincaid standing in the doorway. "That stuff really did happen.?", Tanya asked.

"Not everyone lives a dull life.", Kincaid said. "And I already told Bruce I'd sing tonight so you don't have to worry about that." To Jason, Kincaid said, "You can use the simudeck if you want. I think you and Emily need to talk a few things through."

"Thanks.", Jason said and he walked out of the med bay. Tanya turned to Kincaid and asked. "So, what are you going to sing tonight?"

Kincaid thought for a moment and said. "I'll surprise you."

But even he didn't know what he would sing.


Tommy went into the hangar deck where the party and talent show was still going on. He saw Kat and Kim standing in the corner. The two former pink rangers knew of each other but they didn't really have much time to get to know each other before Kimberly left for Florida. They stayed friendly with the brief visits they had, the last one led to the Muranthius adventure. But since their experiences with Lord Eros and his puppet spell, the girls seemed inseparable.

"Hey girls", Tommy said. Kat and Kim turned around and saw Tommy with two drinks. "Oh thanks.", they both said as they took the two cups leaving Tommy with empty hands.

Tommy couldn't take it anymore. "Uhh...Kat, Kim I think we need to have a little talk." Tommy led the girls to an isolated area and he began to speak. "Look Kat, Kim, you two have gotten close over the last few weeks..."

"And you're not sure what to make of it?", Kat said. She placed her hand on Tommy's shoulder trying to reassure him. "I still love you Tommy and I always will. But what Kim and I went through is something you can't understand."

We had a shared experience together that changed us.", Kim said. "It scarred us being Eros's puppets. We didn't want to do what he made us do for his amusement. And it's not like a magic spell where your' memory and free will shuts down and you don't completely remember it all. Kat and I remember everything that happened and we can't forget it. What happened to me and Kat will bond us forever, but you're the one she loves just as I did when we were together Tommy."

"Like sisters huh?", Tommy said.

Kat and Kim cast a look at each other and said, "Something like that."

Jason walked up to Tommy and the two girls and had two more drinks. "Hey bro I saw Kim and Kat take your drinks so I came to the rescue with one for you."

""Thanks man.", Tommy said. Then they turned to face the stage. Tommy then asked Kat and Kim, "You always said not to ask what happened when you were in Eros's service. What happened to you."

Kat and Kim had a mischevous look in their eyes and Kim said, "Ever listen to Howard Stern?" as Tommy was taking a drink. Tommy spat out the drink in shock.

"Gotcha!", the two girls said. Jason laughed. Just then Bruce came on to the stage.

"All right Ladies and Gentlebeings are you having a good time tonight?!", he said. The audience roared "YEAH!!!"

"All right. Now I got someone here you all are going to love. You've seen him perform at my bar a few times and he's here tonight. Ladies and Gentlebeings friends and neighbors I present to you JEFF KINCAID!!!". With that Bruce walked off the stage and Kincaid walked on.

"You know.", Kincaid said. "I really didn't know what I was going to sing tonight. I didn't even know I was going to sing tonight. But someone very special to me convinced me somehow.", he said casting a glance at Mackenzie who was in the audience. "She has a special gift, as I'm sure many ladies have with their significant others. And that's what I going to sing about tonight." Then the band started to play 'Invisible Touch' by Genesis.

Well I've been waiting. Waiting here so long.
But thinking nothing. Nothing could go wrong.
But now I know.
She has a built in ability. To touch everything she sees.
And now it seems I'm falling, falling for her.

She seems to have an invisible touch yeah.
She reaches in and grabs right hold of your heart.
She seems to have an invisible touch yeah.

It takes control and soon it tears you apart.

Well I don't really know her. I only know her name.
Oh but she crawls under your skin you're never quite the same.
And now I know.
She's got something you just can't trust. It's something mysterious.
And now it seems I'm falling, falling for her.

She seems to have an invisible touch yeah.
She reaches in, and grabs right hold of your heart.
She seems to have an invisible touch yeah.
It takes control and soon it tears you apart.

And as the instrumental was going on every guy, including some of the rangers, looked at their significant others and realized that they to had the invisible touch. And they couldn't be happier for that touch was part of what made their soulmates what they were.

She seems to have an invisible touch yeah.
She reaches in, and grabs right hold of your heart.
She seems to have an invisible touch yeah.
It takes control, and soon it tears you apart.

Well she don't like losing, to her it's still a game.
And though she will mess up your life, you'll want her just the same.
And now I know.
She has a built in ability. To touch everything she sees.
And now it seems I'm falling, falling for her.

She seems to have an invisible touch yeah.
She reaches in, and grabs right hold of your heart.
She seems to have an invisible touch yeah.
It takes control and soon it tears you apart.

And after he finished the audience stood up and cheered. Kincaid took it in but then decided to get serious.

"I'm glad we're all having fun tonight.", he said. "But let's not forget how we got to this point. Many of us were put to work in work camps rebuilding our fallen civilizations for an evil dictatorship. Many of our friends are still in those work camps. And we will be facing a force soon that will try to stamp us out in a battle that will mean freedom or slavery for the universe. So this next song I would like to dedicate to those who are still in the camps and to those of us here who will never forget where they were, and how they got here and where we hope to go."

And with that Kincaid began to sing Driving the Last Spike.

Leaving my family behind me
Not knowing what lay ahead
Waiving goodbye, as I left them in tears
remembering all we said.

I looked to the sky, I offered my prayers
I asked him for guidance and strength
But the simple beliefs of a simple man
Lay in his hands, and on my head

I gave everything that they wanted
but still they wanted more
We sweat and we toiled
Good men lost their lives
I don't think they knew what for

I sold them my heart
I sold them my soul
I gave everything I had
But they couldn't break my spirit
My dignity fought back,

Can you hear me
Can you see
Don't you hear me
Don't you see
We worked in the gangs for all we were worth
The young boys pulling the wagons
We were digging the tunnel, shifting the earth
It was then that it happened
No one knew how the cracks appeared
But as it fell they all disappeared
Stone fell like rain

Can you hear me
Can you see
Don't you hear me
Can you breathe?

The smoke cleared, the dust it settled
No one knew how many had died
All around there were broken men
They said it was safe, they lied
You could hear the cries, you could smell the fear
But good fortune that day was mine
And it occured to me that the heart of a good man
It seems is hard to find

Can you hear me
Can you see
Don't you hear me
Don't you see.

The audience found itself captivated by the song. A song that told of saying goodbye to families, and going to work that took many lives. And being overseen by those who decided who would take the risks while they sat on high.

We worked, how we worked like the devil for our pay
Through the wind, through the snow, through the rain
Blasting, cutting through God's country like a knife.
Sweat stinging my eyes, there has to be a better life

But I can hear my children cry
I can see the tears in their eyes
Memories of those I left behind
Still ringing in my ears
Will I ever go back again
Will I ever see her face again
I'll never forget the night
As they waved goodbye to their fathers

We came from the south
And we came from the north
With picks and with spades
And a new kind of order
Showing no fear of what lies up ahead
They'll never see the likes of us again

Driving the last spike
Lifting and laying the track
With blistering hands
The sun burning your back

But I can see my children cry,
I can see the tears in their eyes
Memories of those I've left behind
Still ringing in my ears
I'll always remember that night,
As they waved goodbye to their fathers

We followed the rail, we slept under the stars
Digging in darkness, living with danger
Showing no fear of what lies up ahead
They'll never see the likes of us again.

And can you hear me
Can you see
Don't you hear me
Don't you see

And as Kincaid finished his last song, the people in the landing bay were motivated and ready for the coming battle, as the applause became deafening.

The rallying cry was soon broaken by a smoking shuttle that came in to the bay and skidded to a stop. Fire crews attended the smoke and wreckage while medical teams entered the ship and pulled out six Aquitarian teens.

The Alien Rangers of Aquitar had arrived.