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Power Rangers Nightfighters.
Part 28
Where He's Going
By John Chubb

The med bay was prepared for their next patients of the day. The Alien Rangers of Aquitar whose ship had crashed into a landing bay that was having a final party before the great battle, laid on the biobeds. Surgeons attending to their injuries. Not too far away was their sixth patient, Trey of Triforia, the Gold Ranger. Doctors looked over the Triforian's injuries and while his injuries were not at the stage where he'd have to split into his three component parts, they were grave nonetheless.

The carrierzord Pyramidas came into the landing bay hot not long after the Alien Ranger's had. On the Alien Ranger's ship were the BattleBorgs that they used. The fleet had just enough resources to convert them for spaceflight. Repair crews began work on Pyramidas.

Tommy, Kim, Kat, Billy, Rocky, Adam, Aisha, Tanya, and Jason all looked in on their fellow rangers from another planet. The ranger healing from the Aquitarian powers was working overtime as the doctors tried to help it as much as they could. The same with Trey.

Tommy stopped a blue skinned, three eyed doctor named Ibris as she was coming out of med bay. "Are they going to be all right?", he asked.

"They are stable, for the moment.", the doctor said. "But it is still too early to take them off the critical list, even with ranger healing."

"Do you know how long it will take for them to fully recover?", Adam asked.

Dr. Ibris sighed. "They had sustained grave injuries. I don't know what happened to them, but I believe that I can say that if they didn't have their ranger powers on them then they would not have survived this long."

"You mean to say that what happened to them was done when they had their ranger powers?", Rocky said remembering the back injury he had sustained when he had the power of the Zeo Crystal. Even with ranger healing it still took a while for that injury to heal. Dr. Ibris nodded yes.

"You haven't answered my friend's question.", Kat said. "Do you know how long it will take them to fully recover?"

Dr. Ibris sighed before answering. "At best guess, I'd have to say...four to five earth days"

"And the fleet moves out in three.", Jason said.

Kim looked on at the sleeping Aquitarians and Trey. "What happened to them?"

Adam then spoke. "Kincaid and the Nightfighters are going through the flight logs now. With any luck he should be able to tell us what happened."


Kincaid emerged from the Aquitarian ship. In his hand was a data padd with the flight logs converted to English. Cassandra was looking through the logs in Pyramidas, and was coming out with those.

"Does yours read the same as mine?", Cassandra asked.

"Like a what's what of sins and injuries? Yeah.", Kincaid said. "Trey and the Alien Rangers really had it bad."

"Will they be able to join in the battle?", Cassandra asked.

"The council of generals decided it would be a good time to move out soon.", Kincaid said. "They're going to wait for any more ships to come in. But we're going to be moving out in three days time."

Cassandra was surprised. "Did Tommy tell you this?"

"Yeah he did.", Kincaid said. "And Tommy thought that it would be a better idea to wait for more ships but the council thought otherwise. They said 'no matter what would happen we'll still be outmanned and outgunned."

"Well there's one thing that they are that we're not.", Cassandra said. Kincaid wondered what it was.

"Outclassed.", she said with a smile.

Kincaid couldn't help but chuckle, "Let's check out the ships some more."


After the check, the crews found no booby traps of any kind. The ships were clean as were the battle borgs. The Alien Rangers were still being monitored and the final report was still being given. Kincaid took it upon himself to look at the nebula clouds that swirled outside the base where ships were still coming in.

The number had reached two hundred and forty. An intelligence report was supposed to come in soon but regardless of the report, the generals ordered the fleet to move out in three days.

Kincaid looked out amoung the ships and nebula clouded space and wondered how he got to this point. It was only five years ago that the divorce that changed his whole life had happened, and his family came apart. Five years since he was harassed by bullies looking to build up their self worth at the expence of his own. Five years since he looked for a new life in the lakeside town of Port Clinton, Ohio. Two years since Mark Kinega brought him into the team known as the Night Rangers, and one year later Kinega betrayed them. And it was only a few months ago that he was brought into a group of ragtag Power Rangers called the Nightfighters fighting to free their homes from a traitor ranger.

Kincaid also thought about the future, and what the upcoming battle would mean. 'If the prophesy is going to come true, then this battle is where it's going to take place.', he thought. He remembered the time during his hermitage when on a whim he went into the safehouse and saw the book of Zordon. He opened it and saw all of Zordon's prophesies for the future. All the knowledge that was to be learned. The different powers, how the Dragon Ranger powers would be made. The assemblage of the Nightfighters.

Even the great final battle between a dark force of evil, and one who would rise to stand against it. 'Am I the one?', he thought. 'I sure don't feel like it. I never really saw myself as anything special, just the 'little guy' like everyone else.'

'Maybe Tommy's the one.', he continued to think. 'He seems like 'one' material. A good, noble, honorable fighter. Not some brooding loner who ran away from home and talks to ghosts who give him super powers. Or maybe Jason. Cassandra is a great choice. Even Andros and T.J.'

Kincaid sighed and went back into the halls of the base. 'Well, we'll find out soon enough.


Lord Savrod stood atop the command deck of his flagship looking at the fleet he had assembled together. 'Perfect', he thought. 'A general call sent out and a force of 530 battle ready warships stand ready to destroy the rebel bases once and for all.' He couldn't help but admire the sheer force that he had at his command.

"Communications. Put me through to all ships.", Savrod ordered. The comm officer obeyed. And there wasn't a ship in the fleet that didn't have his face plastered on its viewscreen.

"Servants of the Luciferian empire. In four earth days time we shall embark on a historic journey. A journey that will mean the death of the resistance movement that has held back our conquests for so long. In our moment of glory when the planets under the protection of Eltar became ours, challengers arised to devalue our victory. We allowed them to run rampant for the last time. Half our world has been destroyed by these 'Nightfighters' and their rebel friends. Now we assemble our might, and we will soon go out to crush our enemies. Our course is being laid into your nav computers, and we will follow that course which will lead to certain death for rebels who dare oppose us!!!'"

The roar of the crews of the ships was so deafening that it could have transcended the vaccum of space. None of them were aware that as the course was being laid into the fleet computers that there was another ship was getting the information as well.

A rebel ship hovered not far from the fleet, taking in the information. The pilot had a look of fear on his face as he raalized that the rebel fleet probably had no real chance of defeating the Luciferian fleet. Nevertheless, he turned his ship around and made tracks towards the ten nebulas belt as fast as he could.

The pilot didn't notice a figure wearing red armor in a sinister shade and carrying a far away look in his eyes. The armored figure turned his attention to the fleet. They didn't know he was there either.

He would bide his time until it was right.


Five hundred and thirty ships?", said a shocked General Isho of Tau Ceti V.

"How can we win against that?", another general asked.

Murmurs went through the crowd until one voice rose up stronger than the others. "By coming together as a team." All the generals turned to see Tommy, Jason, Andros, T.J., Cassandra, Mackenzie, Kincaid, and Ashley standing in the doorway.

Tommy continued to speak. "Someone once said to me that when a unit comes together as a team then they'll always win no matter what the odds are. When one watches the other's back as well as the back of their other team members they form a unit that can overcome impossible odds."

"But the ships they have...", said one general.

"Will be their undoing.", Andros said. "When a force of evil has so much of a superior force they tend to rely on their raw power instead of unity and skill. They will put their faith in their weapons than in each other. And that will be their undoing."

"But what about our crews? A lot of them won't make it. We're not like Power Rangers where everyone beats the monster and comes out okay. People will die in this battle.", a general from Edenoi said.

"My team didn't come back to a happily ever after.", Kincaid said. "My team is dead, and they are not coming back. Sure, Ranger teams led by Tommy, Jason, and T.J. have had their teams come back in one piece. But I know, and Andros does too, that sometimes a teamate will not make it."

Andros nodded and said. "Kincaid understands the reality of losing a team, just as I do. And even though there are red rangers who haven't lost a teamate. They are aware of the possibility that there is a member, or members, of there team that may not come back."

Jason then spoke up. "There are people who are going to die in this battle. Some of them may just be rangers. That's a possibility that we have to live with. But we're going to do the job anyway. Will you?"

The generals huddled together in conference then they stuck their heads up and faced the rangers. "We move out in two days time. "said General Isho. "All of us."


The day of moving out finally arrived. The Alien Rangers of Aquitar and Trey the Gold Ranger would be sitting the battle out. As would Emily and Mr. Stewart. A skeleton medical and security force was also remaining behind.

The final count was 360 ships. All battle ready. On board different ships were the rangers with their zords standing by.

Defiance sat in a holding bay with Kincaid on board. The fleet was pulling out of the ten nebulas belt and was about to go into hyperspace soon. 'It's all coming down to this.' was the thought running through Kincaid's mind. The course of the ships said that they would intercept the Luciferian fleet around Earth orbit.

'It's all or nothing.', Kincaid said. Then the ship that he was on joined the other ships as they jumped into hyperspace. To a battle with destiny.