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Power Rangers Nightfighters.
Part 29
When all have fallen...
By John Chubb

The fleet was still traveling through hyperspace as Kincaid was doing a final check on Defiance's systems. As he finished a teleportation beam appeared on the bridge. Kincaid turned and saw Mackenzie in her White Astro uniform.

"Shouldn't you be getting back to the Astros and your Zord?", Kincaid asked. Mackenzie said nothing as she rushed up and embraced Kincaid. They then brought their mouths together for a soft and lingering kiss.

When their lips finally parted Mackenzie and Kincaid looked into each others eyes longingly. "In case we don't come back. I had to say goodbye."

"I'm glad you did.", Kincaid said as they kissed again. However after a few minutes Cassandra teleported in with Adam.

"Don't let us interupt.", Cassandra said. Adam snickered at the two young loves being interrupted. "Don't laugh Adam.", Kincaid said. "We owe you an interruption later. So what brings you here?"

"We just want to say good luck.", Adam said. "And that it was an honor fighting with you." Adam offered his hand and Kincaid shook it as well as giving a friendly pat on the shoulder. He then shook Cassandra's hand and gave her a friendly hug.

Cassandra then went up to Mackenzie and said, "Don't you let this one get away."

"I won't.", Mackenzie said with a smile.

"Room for two more?", said Ashley as she appeared in the doorway alongside Justin as they too came to pay their respects. The party then rounded up with Bruce appearing.

"So how is it with you and Tanya?", Justin asked.

"Uhmmm, it's not too bad." Bruce then nodded to Ashley, "Thanks for choosing her."

"I thought you'd like her.", Ashley said with a smile.

Kincaid looked around at the team that had fought by his side for so long. Never did he feel as close to a group of people as he did at that moment. They went to hell and back for each other, and they were getting ready to go into a battle which for all intents and purposes could be the final level of hell.

"It was an honor fighting with all of you. I'll never forget any of you.", Kincaid said.

"No Kincaid, the honor is all ours.", Adam said. Just then a signal appeared on the Defiance control board. "We're coming out of hyperspace.", Kincaid said.

"Gentlemen start your engines.", Hardrive said as all the rangers teleported to their zords and their respective teams leaving Kincaid alone and Defiance ready for launch.


The rebel fleet came out of hyperspace close to a desert planetoid that was fairly close to the sun. Not far away was the fleet of Luciferian ships in the distance.

"Computer is estimating count Admiral.", said a computer tech nearby. "Count is at 560."

'Outnumbered at least two to one', Admiral Finn thought. Well let's hope we listened to that teamwork lecture. "Open hailing frequencies.", the Admiral ordered. "And go to red alert."


Lord Savrod looked out at the starry expances of space, and saw what he thought was a pitiful number of ships that couldn't possibly stand against his forces. 'This will be easy.', he thought.

"My lord.", a fleet tech called out. "We are receiving a signal from the approaching convoy.

"Put it through.", said Savrod. The image on the viewscreen was that of an Aquitarian general who looked like he could chew nails. "Enemy convoy. This is Admiral Finn of the United Resistance. We are here to give you this warning. Surrender now or we will regard you as hostile targets and fire."

Savrod looked at the screen and just laughed at the message. "Weapons tech. Stand ready to fire. Signal all ships to stand ready as well."


"Any weapons spikes?", Finn asked.

"Not yet sir.", said Finn's weapon's tech. "Wait, energy spikes on all ships. They're getting ready to fire."

Finn was not about to let them get in the first shot. He had been diplomatic, he would not be a fool. "ALL SHIPS FIRE!!!!"


Rebel ships soon lit up the expances of space with laser fire from their cannon batteries. Main guns, defence cannons, all were directed at the Luciferian fleet. A few Luciferian ships were damaged trimming down the odds. But not by much.

Savrod was floored for a few seconds, but he quickly shook off his surprise and ordered the ships in the fleet to fire. Soon Savrod's ships started firing.


"Spread ships.", ordered Finn as the ships in the rebel fleet spread out to avoid the main gun batteries. They were mostly successful but some Luciferian blasts did connect with a few ships. Some ships were merely scratched, while others were damaged more severely.

"Deploy fighter and Zord teams.", ordered Finn.


"All right team there's the call.", said Jason in the cockpit of the red dragonzord.

"Blue Dragon ready.", said Billy.

"Green Dragon ready.", said Zach.

"White Dragon Ready.", said Trini.

The comm-tech appeared on their screens. "Dragon Ranger team one you will join squadrons fourteen, twelve and thirty-seven in the destruction of ship turrets in Northeastern quadrant of fleet. Launch when ready."

And the DragonZords took off from their berths and joined the fighters in the night sky.


"All systems nominal. Explorer Zord Team one ready for launch.", Andros said in his cockpit. He turned to look at Ashley who was in the Zord to his right. She gave the thumbs up sign and Andros could tell that she was smiling beneath her helmet. He looked down to all the members of his team and they gave the thumbs up too.

"Astro Ranger team one.", the comm-tech said again. "You will assist squadrons one, five, seven and nine in Northwest quadrant of fleet. Launch when ready."

And with that the Astro Rangers' new Explorer Zords took to the sky.


For Zhane it was his first command. But having two beautiful girls on his wing somehow suited his style as the Nova Winger and Astro Viper stood ready to launch.

The comm-tech spoke again. "Explorer Zord team two. You will assist squadrons twenty, thirty-three, fourty-seven and three in strafing runs of southwest section of enemy fleet. Launch when ready."

Zhane, Karone and Mackenzie wasted no time taking to the sky.


Rocky, Aisha and Adam waited as their DragonZords awaited battle orders. Then the comm-tech appeared to them.

"You will join squadrons, nineteen, forty-one, fifty-five, and eleven in southeastern fleet corner for strafing run. Launch when ready."

And the night sky lit up with streaks of gold, silver.


Kincaid's Night Rangers of Tommy, Kat, Kim and Jessica was at the ready when the comm tech-called them. They were to do a strafing run with another group of squadrons...down the left center of the fleet.

Cassandra led a team that consisted of Justin in Roadbuster, Bruce and Tanya. They were to take the right center with their squadrons.

Launch when ready.", said the comm tech. And both teams took to the sky.

"Zords and fighters launched sir.", the comm-tech said.

"Excellent.", said Finn.


"All Zord teams take point. Fighter squadrons take the rear and provide cover fire.", Finn ordered.

"Huh?' why does he want us to take point?", Zhane asked.

"Because we make the more visible targets compared to the fighters.", Jason said.

"Well that makes me feel better.", Mackenzie said as they approached the fleet.

"We're approaching the fleet. All ships make ready to break.", Kincaid ordered.

When they were close enough Kincaid ordered "Break!", and the fighter teams went about their runs.

Sure enough the targeting computers on the cruisers were locked on the zords as the most high profile targets allowing the fighters to take out most of the turrets and some gun generators on their run.

Some ships managed to get off some shots at the Zords and fighters, but they were equiped with energy shields and armor as protection. It would take several shots in succession to destroy a ship or zord.

"Good work teams. Fall back and make ready for another pass.", Finn ordered.


"Sir, fleet gun turrets report forty-five percent destroyed.", said Savrod's weapons tech.

Savrod cursed. His fleet may still outnumber the rebels but they are more or less evenly matched in weapons now.

"Get the crews to their fighters.", Savrod ordered. "And prepare the battlezords."


The rebel fleet started moving towards the Luciferian fleet. With their weaponry greatly reduced it was more of an even fight. Cruisers went at each other tooth and nail pounding each other until a vessel would explode in a flash of fire.

"Squad leaders.", said the rebel commtech. "We've picked up a new group of signals. Enemy fighters coming your way."

"I see them.", said Jason. "Squadrons attack."

Soon all the commanders ordered the ships to attack. And rangers and fighter pilots were locked in a dance of death with their aerial enemies.

The Luciferian ships were fast and manuverable, in contrast to the rebel fighters that put emphasis on protection. But the rebels and rangers were team players. They never left their wingmen high and dry. If a pack of fighters came upon them(and the Luciferian ships did travel in packs) the fighter pilot and wingman picked them off.

But there was only so much damage that a rebel ship could take despite the armor and shields. And if a ship seemed to be too damaged to continue then that pilot was ordered to set down on the nearest cruiser and set it out until repairs could be made.

Repair crews on the cruisers were at the ready when a ship would set down. They worked at a pace much like a racer on the formula one racing circuit. This system was recommended by Tommy Oliver as a measure for pilots to continue the battle. A system that worked quite well.

Unfortunately there were some hotshot pilots that would think that their damaged ship could go the extra mile and would disobey the return for repair orders and go after 'one more' Luciferian fighter. Those that took this practice soon found their ship destroyed, and the pilot along with it.

But those that focused like a honed team, along with the rangers, found themselves taking out more of the ememy fighters than the enemy fighters took out a rebel ship. When it came to kill ratios, the number of ememy craft eliminated was ten to one.

There were also rangers who got off some of the approaching fighters. One rebel fighter look as Defiance flew by as it picked off a fighter that was on it's tail. The Explorer Zords and Dragon zords also made saves. Cassandra used the element of fire so much that she already made the rank of triple ace. Adam and Justin were no slouches either as they picked off some Luciferian fighters of their own.

The rebels and rangers were a team that fought with unity and initiativ compared to the fighters the guardsmen flew that only responded to what was programmed into them and who their masters were. Savrod realized this and ordered the fighters and ships to attack more aggressively. Soon both sides lit up the sky with explosions in their dance of death.

'And now for the rangers.', he thought.


The comm tech spoke again. "Rangers, new group of signals coming in. BattleZords approaching."

All the rangers looked up to see eight BattleZords approaching. They each represented a color. A blue zord took the lead and was flanked on it's right by a black, green, yellow, and gold zord on it's right and a yellow, pink and silver zord on it's right side.

"Well, well, well, rangers.", said the voice of the blue zord which everyone knew was Savrod. "I see it has come down to this. I trust you remember some of my generals? You've met them before."

"Surrender now Rangers", said the voice of the Green Battlezord pilot that the Nightfighters recognized as Boltax.

"We'll be merciful. To some of you.", said Stylor in the Black Battlezord.

"Miss Hammond. Remember me? Governor Vorath?", said the pilot of the Yellow Battlezord that Ashley remembered as the governor of the prison she was in.

"Kimberly, Katherine I have special plans for you.", said Eros in the Pink Battlezord. "There's a guy who's secure in his man hood.", Jessica said.

"You shall be defeated rangers.", said the pilot of the White Battlezord--Tain.

"That is guaranteed by the dark ones.", said Korus in the Gold BattleZord.

"I shall have you back my big hunk of man.", said Domia in the Silver Battlezord.

"I'm going to defeat the rangers Karone. And then I'm going to safe you for last.", Yareth said in the Purple Battlezord.

Hardrive then gave a line from a popular song that echoed the rangers feelings. "Yeah, That'll be the day, yeah yeah, when I die."

"You said it, Hardrive.", Kincaid said. "All Zord teams that can form megazords form them now. Then pick your targets."

And with that the zord teams joined together. First was the Dragon Megazord 1 where Jason's red Dragon formed the Torso with Trini's white and Zack's Green Dragons forming the feet. Billy's Blue Dragon became the arms. When the megazord was formed they headed straight for Korus's Gold BattleZord.

Rocky and Aisha's megazord had the gold dragon fold it's head forward and it's tail back revealing a knights head. The silver dragon broke apart with the head forming the right arm and the silver tail forming the left arm with spear tip. The mouth of the silver Dragon served as the zord's hand in battle. The silver dragon Torso split apart to form the feet and lower legs. When the transformation was complete Rocky and Aisha went after Yareth in the Purple BattleZord.

The transformation of the Mega Explorer was pretty basic. The yellow and pink zords formed the meagzord's feet as the red became the lower torso. The blue zord took the upper torso as the black zord split apart to form the arms. The Mega Explorer was ready for action.

"Andros may I have the controls for this one? I have some personal business with Vorath.", Ashley said.

Andros knew what Ashley was getting at and allowed her the helm of the Mega Explorer as they headed towards the Yellow BattleZord.

The nose and arms folded down on the Silver Starhunter to form the legs and lower Torso of Explorer Megazord two. Mackenzie transformed the Astro Viper into warrior mode the split the zord apart as the legs folded up and took their place on the left and right rides of Karone's Nova Winger as the Astro Viper became the arms and Karone's Nova Winger formed the head and upper Torso.

There was a slight disagreement on who their target would be, but Zhane decided to pull rank and have Domia be the target. As the Explorer Megazord 2 headed for the silver battlezord Mackenzie heard in her mind. "Don't worry Mackenzie. I'll give Tain one for you."

"Thank's Cassandra.", Mackenzie thought back.

"Don't worry ladies. Tanya and I will handle Eros for you.", Bruce said as he and Tanya joined the Gold Blackhawk and the Silver Firebird to form Janus the Duo Warrior again.

"All right you cad, have at you.", Bruce said as he and Tanya went towards Eros in the flashy BattleZord.

Which left the NightRangers against the bigest and dangerous Battlezord in the group, Savrod's blue battlezord.

"How do we handle this guy?", Jessica asked. "We can't form a megazord can we?"

"Yes we can.", Kincaid said. "Everyone focus your minds on the spirits call and repeat after me." Soon Tommy, Kat, Kim and Jessica opened their minds to the voice of the spirits of the night and Kincaid started the incantation which the Night Rangers repeated.

"Spirits of the night. We call forth your avatars in hopes of assembling the guardian to vanquish this evil foe. Doesan. Avec. neh."

Soon the long destroyed yellow raven, pink bat and black panther joined up with the blue winged wolf, white raptor, green coyote and purple crow. The winged wolf formed the Torso with the raven and bat forming the legs. Kat's green coyote took the place of the head when the winged wolf folded it's own warrior's head down. The white raptor became the back and folded it's wings in to become shoulder cannons like the old Falconzord did with the Shogun Megazord. The Black panther split to become the arms. And the purple crow rested on the right arm much like the firebird did on the old Thunder Megazord.

The Night Ranger Megazord was an impressive fearsome machine in it's own right but it's transformation was not yet done. Defiance transformed into it's warrior mode and opened it's cargo bay allowing the MegaZord to fit inside. Then it closed the doors and brought it's head into place to form the Night Ranger Ultrazord.

Savrod thought for a minute that he was in big trouble.

Adam, Cassandra and Justin were the only ones whose zords didn't join up to form a megazord. But that didn't mean they didn't have powers in their own right. Adam brought his Dragonzord around to face Boltax while Cassandra transformed her Emerald Tigerzord into warrior mode to take on Tain. Justin had unfinished business with Stylor.

And the battles were on.


It started out as a standard fistfight as the Mega Explorer and Vorath's battlezord had at it. Then Vorath brought out his battle saber and sliced into the explorer zord.

"Self-repair routines running.", Carlos said in the engineering chair.

Ashley was not going to lay down for Vorath. "Astro gatlings fire." And two gatling guns rose from the Mega Explorer's back to rest in it's shoulders and they opened fire sending Vorath staggering back.

Ashley then pushed forward the Mega Explorer and knocked it back further with a series of punches before calling out the Astro saber. And with one swipe sliced through Vorath's battlezord until it exploded.

Ashley caught sight of Vorath's escape shuttle and said over the commlink "See? There is a God."


Domia wasn't much of a fighter as her piloting skills had proven. She was more interested in hugging the Explorer Megazord 2 than trash it. But since the Battlezords enhanced the pilots natural abilities when the Explorer 2 was in a bearhug. It was deadly.

"It's crushing us.", said Karone.

Zhane had had enough. He brought the hands of the Explorer 2 on down to the shoulders where the joints were and it weakened Domia's battlezord to where she released it.

Zhane then brought out the razor punch function as the hands formed fists with razor blades on the side that launched from the arms and bored through the Silver Battlezord destroying it.

Zhane breathed a sigh of relief. Karone and Mackenzie giggled.


Korus was a good fighter in the Black Battlezord but Jason was able to match him move for move. They had fought so well they seemed evenly matched. Even weapons came with a countermeasure. When Jason tried to use a fire blast Korus retaliated with a shield.

"We gotta break the deadlock. Any ideas guys?", Jason asked his crew.

"How about a signal flare?", Trini asked.

"A signal flare? Who are we signaling?", Zack asked in a state of disbelief.

"No she has an idea. If we aim the flare to the eyes then it will temporarily blind him and we can cut loose with the Dragon saber.", Billy said.

"And since it's not technically a weapon the Battlezord computer won't see it coming.", Jason confirmed. "Let's try it. Signal flare!"

Sure enough a flare shot out towards Korus's battlezord and blinded the sensors. "Dragon saber!", Jason commanded. And he brought the swipe down across Korus's battlezord.


Rocky and Aisha were locked in battle with Yareth, with Yareth on the losing end of it. The dragon head that served as the zord's right hand had taken several bites out of Yareth's zord, and was ready to deliver the killing blow.

"Power spear now.", said Rocky as the pointed dragon tail that was where the left hand would be slashed across the purple zord.

Another explosion lit up the sky.


Cassandra was also making quick work of her opponent getting in a few licks. Tain's shots were more lucky ones than anything.

Time to finish this., Cassandra thought. "With the element of ICE!!!", she called and the White Battlezord was frozen in a block of ice. The Cassandra called for the element of fire and melted the ice and the zord until it was only a lump of molten metal floating through space.

Tain's escape shuttle was still inside the molten lump unable to launch. He pounded on the window in a 'get me out of here' manner as the Emerald Tigerzord flew away.


Justin was battling Stylor tooth and nail with neither one getting advantage over the other.

'Perhaps I've been going about this all wrong', Justin thought. Then he decided to get some distance from Stylor. Stylor looked at Justin flying away and called "COWARD!!!!" Little did he know that Justin turned Roadbuster around and took the zord to top speed in warrior mode.

Stylor seemed so sure of his superiority that he brought his battlezord into a head-on collision course with Roadbuster. When they impacted Roadbuster kept going forward while the Blue Battlezord had it's arm ripped off as well as dents that were reminiscent of a car collision.

As Stylor and his Zord spun off into space Justin called back. "You zigged when you should have zagged.", then he pulled down the trucker's horn signaling the Justin won his.


Adam and Boltax were having it out. Boltax's new battlezord had a lot more weapons to it but Adam managed to evade them. Adam then swooped down and called for "Dragon flame!", as fire shot out of the DragonZord's mouth.

Boltax's zord lit up like a campfire. "Too bad I don't have marshmallows.", Adam said with a chuckle.


"It's too bad you are not Katherine and Kimberly. I had such fun with them.", Eros said looking down at Janus the duo warrior. He looked ready to deliver the final blow until Bruce brought forth the duo saber through where the Zord's energy processor would be. As it pierced through, both Bruce and Tanya said "Sucker!" Eros realized that he was played for a fool as his zord exploded.

"A gentleman never tells.", Bruce said to the fleeting Eros.

"And you ain't no gentleman.", Tanya finished the phrase.


Savrod was scared spitless. He saw the sight of the Night Ranger Ultrazord bear down on him. He emptied all his weapons into the massive zord hoping to make some damage. He didn't make a dent.

"Raiders of the Lost Ark. Harrison Ford.", said Hardrive. Kincaid knew that Hardrive was referring to the scene where Indiana Jones saw a swordsman in the alley pulling off razzledazzle moves and Indy just brought out his gun and shot the guy. All Kincaid needed to do was fire the main weapon and Savrod would be incinerated.

And that's what he did as the eyes on the Night Ranger Ultrazord shot out and blwe away Savrod's battlezord.


As the generals limped, while one was carried, back to their flagships they saw how the battle was progressing. The cruisers and fighters were deadlocked as each was fighting to the last. The rangers went in to join the fighting.

That was when the energy wave hit and knocked out everyone's systems.


All systems were knocked out. Systems in the megazords, fighter planes, cruisers. On both sides all their technology was rendered inert by an EMP wave that passed through everything in it's path. Communications were out. Weapons were down. And spaceships seemed like coffins.

Other than the occasional drifting fighter ship, there was no movement. Then a figure in a sinister shade of red came forward. Any pilot or ranger who could see the figure knew that he had to be the one responsible for the energy wave.

Lord Crucible had returned.

He hovered in his battlezord as he surveyed the damaged and inert ships. In some cases using his power to destroy them as energy blasts shot out from his Red Battlezord's hands picking of fighters and destroying cruisers on both sides. Crucible continued his selective targeting as he made his way to Savrod's, or rather Crucible's former, flagship.

Savrod stood on the bridge as he saw the red battlezord in full view. Guardsmen were slumped down in their control chairs as they were rendered deactivated by the EMP wave. Techs that were trying to get the ship working again looked up from their posts at the fearsome sight in their view.

Crucible then brought back his fist and shattered the glass allowing the vaccume of space into the bridge. He then reached in to grab Savrod as the techs were dying from vaccum exposure. Crucible had managed to generate an oxygen pocket in the battlezord's hand and then looked down at Savrod as he stood outside the battlezord on it's shoulder. Savrod took notice of the insane look in his eyes and the missing implant on his face.

"Ahh...Lord Crucible. It's good to see you back. I've been leading your empire well since your absence." Savrod continued with his groveling which did not sway Crucible in the slightest.

"My loyal general.", Crucible said as if he was spitting on the title. Then he closed the battlezord hand into a fist. Savrod's cries of "No my lord NOO...!!" were silenced as his whole body was crushed and what little power Savrod had Crucible absorbed.

Crucible then had the battlezord open it's hand and the remains of Savrod flew out into the vaccum of space.


On the Night Ranger Ultrazord Kincaid and the rest of his team were trying to get the massive machine up and running. "Self-repair program is running but it will still take some time before everything works.", Kat reported.

"What do we have that does work?", Kincaid asked.

"Main gun is at 25%. Enough for one shot.", Jessica said.

"We also have manuvering thrusters.", Kimberly said.

"All right. It's better than nothing.", Kincaid said. "Bring the zord in as close as you can to Crucible. Then fire."

"Are you crazy?", Tommy said.

"It's either that or wait until Crucible blows us out of the sky. We'll use the ships as cover.", and with that the Night Ultrazord limped towards it's target.


Crucible then turned his attention towards the fleets that float helpless around him. Some ships launched escape pods while others desperately tried to get their ships working again. He looked around and saw a Luciferian ship nearby, and in a fit of rage brought his battlezord's power to bear and destroyed it. He then did the same thing to other ships nearby until his eye caught sight of the Mega Explorer drifting nearby.

Andros and the other rangers looked on helpless as Crucible brought his power to bear. A voice then spoke from behind that said, "Say Goodnight Gracie."

The blast from the Explorer Ultrazord destryoed Crucible's flight pack and power generator on the Battlezord and soon Crucible and the battlezord were falling down towards the night side of the desert planet nearby.

When Crucible and the damaged battlezord entered the planet's atmosphere Kincaid then got out of his chair and asked if he had enough power for teleporters.

"Only for one ranger.", Tommy said. Then the realization hit him. "You're not thinking..."

"Time to end it.", were his last words as Kincaid teleported away leaving the other Night Rangers struggled to repair the ultrazord.