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Suggested reading: This is the seventh fanfic in the Protectors of Space Series so you have to read the other six. I especially recommend reading Lightning Crashes so you know whom Sora and Mr. & Mrs. Meyerson is.

Time frame: Right after Lightning Crashes.

The Ties That Bind
By Dana

Well, here we are again
I guess it must be fate
We've tried it on our own
But deep inside we've known
We'd be back to set things straight
"After All"--Cher and Peter Cetera

Dallas sat in her room on the Talorn thinking. She could hear the others talking in the hallway. They were all so happy Tommy was back but worried because Roland was on Astronema's ship. However, that was not what was on Dallas's mind at the time being. She was still thinking about the family who she thought was dead. The day before Jason ran to find her and tell her Sora was on Earth. Then Sora took Dallas to her house and she saw her mother.

Mrs. Denise Meyerson, better known on KO-35 as Desana, looked at her oldest daughter and almost fainted. The young girl who had disappeared so many years ago was standing there in her kitchen. "Dallas I cannot believe it's you!" Denise broke down into tears and embraced her daughter. "Where have you been all these years?" She gazed at the woman in front of her. 'Is this the same girl who would run around on KO-35 in pigtails, standing in front of me? The one who played with Zhane, Roland and Alexis all the time? It has been nine years!'

"I've been with Alexis, Roland, and Zhane. I thought you were all dead." Dallas said taking the Kleenex Sora gave her.

"We all got off of KO-35. We were looking for you until the very last minute. How are Zhane, Roland, and Alexis?"

"They are all great. Roland and Alexis have started dating."

Sora stood up from her seat. "I should head back to school."

"Just one minute. I'm going to call the school and tell them a family matter has come up and you won't be back for the rest of the day. You," Denise said pointing at Dallas, "Don't go anywhere. I will be right back." She hurried over to the telephone that was hanging on the wall to make the call to Angel Grove High School. She came back and sat down in her chair. "Now that that's done, please sit down. Would you like some lunch?" Dallas nodded. "I'll make the soup and chat with you at the same time. I should call your father and tell him you're here."

"I'll do that mom." Sora offered and jumped up and ran to the telephone.

"So you said Roland and Alexis have been dating? What about you and Zhane dating? Have you two been dating?" Denise asked.

"Sort of. Not steady but we go out on dates."

Sora came back into the room. "Dad says he's on his way and that Dallas can't go anywhere until he sees her."

They chatted away happily before they heard someone call, "Dallas?"

"We're in here Geff!" Denise called.

Geff, better known on KO-35 as Giovanni, Meyerson entered the room. Dallas jumped to her feet. "Dad!" She said and hugged him.

Geff stepped back to get a better look at his eldest daughter. She was no longer the same thirteen- year-old that had disappeared. No now he was looking at a young woman. 'Nine years.' Geff thought shaking his head. "You look great Dal. You really do. You've turned into a very beautiful woman."

Dallas blushed. "Thanks dad. I can't believe you guys have been on Earth all this time! Alexis, Roland, Zhane and I came to Earth about two years ago and we had no clue you were here. Imagine my surprise when I'm told Sora's in Angel Grove Park." Dallas looked up at her father and smiled. "I missed you guys a lot." Just then, she heard the familiar tone of her communicator. 'Astronema picks the worst times to attack us.' "I'm really sorry. I have to go. I forgot I had something to do."

"But you just got here." Denise said. "Can't you stay a little bit longer?" She asked in a pleading voice.

"I'm sorry but I have to go." Dallas said shooting Sora a look that said 'Help me.'

"She will be back later right Dallas?" Sora asked. Dallas nodded.

"Okay but I insist that you, Roland, Alexis, and Zhane come over here for dinner tomorrow night. Or rather we'll all go out to dinner." Geff said.

"That sounds great." Dallas said and gave them each another hug. "I will be back. I promise."

Dallas came back to the present and inspected a purple flowered dress that was hanging on a hanger. They all agreed to go to the dinner. Well, Zhane and Alexis did. Roland's not here so of course he will not be attending. She slipped the dress over her head. She was brushing her hair when she heard someone enter the room. She turned around. "Oh hey Lex. We need to go down in an hour. How's your ankle?"

"It hurts but I'll be all right. I was checking on Tommy earlier, and he was sleeping. I guess using that power exhausted him." Petra said playing dumb in the guise of Alexis. "But Jimanya doesn't think he'll slip back in the coma. He's just resting and it takes awhile I guess. Jimanya's the expert on this."

"Yeah I guess."

Petra slipped on a black dress and put on a topaz necklace with an orange tint in the middle. There was a knock on the door. "Come in." Dallas called. Zhane walked in and whistled.

Zhane was wearing gray slacks and a black sports jacket with a black tie. "You look really pretty Dallas. So, do you Alexis. I'm going to be sitting with the two most beautiful women tonight. Too bad Roland is not here. Your parents were always so nice to us on KO-35. I'm sorry we cut your visit short yesterday."

"Speaking of which we should probably be going." Dallas said looking down at her watch.

"I think all this time with Tommy and Jason has made us pick up Tommy's old habit of being late." Zhane joked. They teleported off the ship and in a dark alley next to a French restaurant. "After you." Zhane said holding the door open for Alexis and Dallas.

"May I help you?" The Maitre D asked.

"Yes. We're in the Meyerson party." Dallas told him.

"Yes I see your name. Party of seven." He said reading his book.

"It'll be party of six. One of us won't be here. Have the others arrived yet?" Dallas asked.

"Yes they have. Follow me." He said and led them to a table next to a window. The Maitre D took the crutches from Petra and put them against the wall. He left.

"Wow look at you guys. You don't even resemble the thirteen-year-olds I remember. You're all grown up." Geff said. "Roland couldn't make it?"

"No Mr. Meyerson." Zhane said remembering to call him by his new last name. "But he sends his apologies." Zhane said. "You three look great."

"Zhane please call me Geff and my wife Denise. I've known you since you were six years old. It seems more appropriate."

"Hello my name is Pierre I will be your waiter tonight. May I get you something to drink or are you ready to order?"

"I think we will order." Denise said. The waiter took their orders and left. They continued talking and before long, it was time for them to leave.

"Thanks for the dinner Denise and Geff." Petra said.

"Sure Alexis. It was our treat. Don't be strangers." Geff told them and they left in different directions.


Petra, Zhane, and Dallas landed on the ship. "That was fun. I forgot how great your parents are Dallas." Zhane said.

"I've really missed them. I can't believe they've been on Earth all this time." Dallas said.

"Dallas we haven't exactly been on Earth for all that time either you know. We were in those tube's for two years." Zhane said.

They paused when they heard noises inside of the infirmary. They walked into the room and saw Andros sitting on the edge of his monitoring table arguing with Jimanya. "You mean I can't get up yet?"

"Of course not. You are still very weak. Just lay back down. You are showing improvement but not enough for me to let you get up and go to your room. Andros if you stay resting you will get better faster." Jimanya tried to assure him. "Oh hi guys." She said when she saw Petra, Zhane, and Dallas standing in the doorway.

"Hi Jimanya and Andros." Zhane said. He looked around. He saw that Tommy wasn't in the room. "Tommy's awake?"

"Yeah. He woke up about a half-hour ago and went to his own room to rest. I guess he's tired of laying in this room." She said with a smile. Then she turned her attention back to Andros. "Unfortunately it gave Andros some ideas and now he thinks he's ready to get up and go to his room."

"You really can't blame him Jimanya. He does sound like he's doing better. At least his voice doesn't break." Dallas said.

Jimanya sighed. "Not as much anyway." She saw the hopeful look on Andros's face. "Andros the answer is still no. Lay back down before I give you something to knock you out."

Andros sighed and lay back down. 'I hate this. I really do. It's just Jimanya in here now with me. Tommy's tired but at least he gets to go back to his room. Ow my ribs hurt.'

"I read that Andros." Jimanya said with a smile. "I'm going to give you some pain killers. See I told you. You aren't ready to get up yet." She injected it into him. He fell back into unconsciousness. "Can I get you guys anything?" She asked the others. They shook their heads, walked, and hobbled, in Petra's case, out of the room.


Jason walked back to his room after his date with Emily. He had a wonderful time. Knowing Tommy was out of the coma made it easier to enjoy. He wondered if Tommy was awake yet.

Jason walked into the room and flicked on the switch. "Bro did you have to turn the light on?" He heard his best friend murmur.

"Well what did you expect. You've been in a coma for so long I forget." Jason said walking over to where Tommy was laying on his bunk. Tommy sat up. 'God he looks terrible.'

"I know what you're thinking. I look like crap. You try laying down that long and not have messy hair. Oh wait you were lying in a cryogenic tube for the past two years. I guess you would know. Better then I would. Funny isn't it? You wake up and I go into a coma."

"I wouldn't call it funny. Ironic maybe but not funny. And why were your reading my mind?" Jason asked going back to earlier.

"It wasn't like I meant too." Tommy said.

"I think you're finally adjusting to the Lightning Powers." Jason said with a smile.

"I guess. You look like you've been on a date. With whom?"

"I went out with Emily. I took her to a restaurant tonight. So yes we are back together again." Jason said.

"That's cool. Tomorrow I'm going down to Earth. I might go stir crazy if I stay on this ship any longer. So have you seen your parents at all?"

"Not yet no." Jason answered him. "Though I did get to see Billy and Kimberly. Billy's convinced we had a fight. Are you sure you're up to going to Earth?"

"Yeah. If I can get some sleep tonight, I should be feeling better. Remind me not to fire lightning at someone after I just wake up from a coma. You going to go to sleep now too Bro?"

"I was just going to." Jason said and flicked off the light.


Andros woke up in the middle of the night and saw someone looking at him. He squinted against the darkness of the room thinking it was Jimanya. He saw it was Alexis. "Alexis?" He asked trying to sit up.

"No don't sit up!" Petra said. "Just relax okay?"

"You okay Alexis? Jimanya's just one room over." Andros said.

"I'm fine. I just wanted to make sure you're ok." Petra lied.

"Uh yeah I'm fine. Just occasional pains but I'll be back up on my feet again soon." Andros said and then remembered something. "How's your ankle?"

"That's good to hear. And my ankle is getting better. Hardly hurts at all now." 'Course I can't say the same for Alexis.' She thought. "I'll let you rest. Sorry for disturbing you." Petra said and left the room.


Alexis and Roland sat on the floor of the dungeon talking quietly. Roland was becoming concerned about Alexis. "Alexis your ankle must be killing you. How are you doing?"

"It hurts but I'll be okay. It has to or I'll be no good to you if we ever try to escape. It makes me mad though that there are imposters of us running around on the Talorn. I wish we could let the others know it wasn't us so they can start looking for us."

"I know Lex. We just have to think of a plan to get out of here. I don't know if the others know about the imposters."


The next morning Ashley walked into the infirmary to see how Andros was doing. He was actually sitting up and talking, or rather arguing, with Jimanya. Jimanya was scanning Andros and shaking her head. "You're right. You are heeling nicely. But you aren't ready to get up yet." Jimanya finally noticed Ashley standing in the doorway. "Good morning Ashley." She greeted.

"Good Morning to you too Jimanya. Hi Andros." She said. She turned back to Jimanya. "So how's Andros?"

"Well he's getting restless. This is a sign he is feeling better. However, I refuse to let him get up. He won't admit that he's in pain."

"Hey I am here." Andros reminded them getting tired of hearing them talk about him as if he wasn't there.

Tommy walked into the room. "Hi guys." He greeted them.

"Feeling better Tommy?" Ashley asked.

"Yeah. All of that sleep helped. I feel a hundred percent better. I'm going to go down to Angel Grove and see my parents later. That's all right isn't it Jimanya?"

"Of course. Just be careful. We're already missing one Defender let's not add another one to the list." Jimanya said with a smile.

"Yeah." Tommy said with a smile. "How are you doing Andros?"

"I'm tired of sitting in here all day." Andros answered.

"I bet." Tommy said. "Well I'm going to go. It's a Saturday and my whole family should be home. I'll be back later." Tommy said and left the room.

Tommy changed and teleported off the ship. He landed behind a tree, walked to his door, and knocked on it. Cory Oliver opened the door.

"Hi." He greeted and moved out of the doorway to let his brother in.

"Hey Cory. How are you doing?" Tommy asked.

"Okay I guess. I'll go get mom and dad." Cory said and hurried off.

'He is still uncomfortable around me. Wish I knew how to change that.' Tommy thought.

"Tommy?" Charlotte Oliver called walking into the room. She saw her eldest son and gave him a huge hug. A second later Ryan Oliver came into the room. He also gave Tommy a hug.

Charlotte stood back, looked at her son, and shook her head. "You got thinner. How did you manage to do that? It hasn't been that long since we last saw you."

"Something happened that was beyond my control and well I have been in a coma for the last couple of weeks." Tommy said.

"Ever wonder if it's worth it? All of the injuries, and having villains trying to kill you and the others?" Ryan asked.

"Not once have I ever regretted it. I really missed being a Ranger. First, when I lost the Green Ranger Powers and later when I had to give up the Zeo Ranger Powers." Tommy answered.

There was a knock on the front door. "Cory that's probably your Math tutor. Go answer the door." Charlotte said. Cory hurried out of the room.

"Math tutor?" Tommy asked.

Cory came back into the room with Sora. "Hi. You must be Sara Meyerson. I'm Charlotte Oliver. This is my husband Ryan Oliver and this is our eldest son Tommy." Charlotte greeted her.

"Hello." She greeted.

"You and Cory can go work in the den. If you need us we will be out on the deck." Ryan told her.

Cory led Sora to the den. Charlotte turned to Tommy. "Do you want something to drink? Iced tea? Milk? Water? Soda?"

"Iced tea would be good."

They walked out onto the deck, sat, and drank iced tea. "So Cory needs a Math tutor?" Tommy asked.

"Unfortunately. His Math grade has fallen drastically. His teacher has called us in for a conference a couple of times. She said he has become very withdrawn and maybe he needs to talk to a psychiatrist. She even had him talk to a psychiatrist without getting permission from us first. We told her thank you but that wasn't necessary. Cory said very little thankfully. Tommy, we would send him to a psychiatrist but how do you explain what happened?"

"I'm sorry. I had no idea he was this troubled. I-I thought it was the best for him if I left." Tommy said looking down.

"I'm sorry to make you feel that way. That wasn't my intention. I don't think it would have mattered. You were doing what you had to do. I'm sure the others are very grateful you were helping them." Charlotte said.

"By the way Tommy, Kat's in town for break." Ryan told his son.

"Break?" Tommy asked.

"Yeah Christmas break. Christmas is just around the corner." Charlotte said with a smile.

"Oh wow. It's been that long huh?" Tommy asked.

"You need to be off that ship more kid." Ryan said with a laugh. "Christmas is ten days away."

"The others never said anything." Tommy said. Then he thought about it. 'I haven't exactly had a chance to talk to anyone but Jason, Jimanya, Andros, and Ashley since I woke up.'

They chatted for about an hour catching up on things that have been happening before Sora and Cory came out onto the deck.

"Finished all ready Sara?" Ryan said. He looked at his watch. "I didn't realize it had been an hour."

"All finished. Cory seems to understand it but he just needed a little help. Right Cory?" Sora asked. Cory nodded shyly.

"Do you need a ride home?" Charlotte asked. "I know it's noon and you probably have some plans but do you need a ride to them?" Charlotte asked digging out her checkbook.

"I was heading over to the Surf Spot to get some lunch." Sora said.

Charlotte had finished writing the check and handed it to Sora. "There you go. Thanks so much Sora. Is next week same time all right with you?"

"That's fine Mrs. Oliver. I have to cheer at the Angel Grove Basketball Holiday Tournament though at three so two hours should be fine if he needs it."

"Tommy was going to go to the Surf Spot so he can drive you." Ryan spoke up suddenly.

"I just got here dad. I'll take her and come back." Tommy said.

"No. No. You go and have a nice time. Just be back for dinner all right?" Charlotte said.

"I really should come back..." Tommy said.

"Tommy get out of here!" Ryan half ordered half laughed.

"Fine. I'll be back in a couple of hours!" Tommy promised. He and Sora got into the car and drove away.

Charlotte turned to Ryan. "You think we should have told him?"

"No. Maybe he and Sara will hit it off and it won't matter." Ryan said and sipped his ice tea.


"So you go to Angel Grove High School?" Tommy asked.

"Yes. I'm a senior. It's definitely a good school." Sora said.

"I enjoyed it." Tommy said hoping she wouldn't ask him about it. He never did graduate from High School. He came very close to it though.

"I do remember seeing you around AGH and Cornwall High School but then you disappeared. Did you even graduate?"

Tommy didn't answer just kept his eyes on the road.

"I'm sorry I shouldn't have asked. My parents always say I was born nosy." Sora said with a laugh.

Tommy laughed also. "That's funny. My parents said I must have been born forgetful." Tommy realized there was probably no reason not to answer her question. "Yeah well something came up and I never finished. I wish I could change that though."

"I don't mean to pry but you said you must have been."

"Yes I was adopted when I was a baby. Cory's their real son though. I have a real brother though. But I love Cory like he was my own brother."

"I have a sister but she disappeared when I was eight. She's got to be twenty-two by now." Sora said leaving out the fact that she saw her sister again.

"They never found her?"

"Not really." Sora said and changed subject. "Oh here we are." Sora said.

"Yeah. Hey there's Jason." He said. "He's my best friend." Tommy told her.

Sora squinted and noticed it was the guy she had met a few days ago. 'This is weird.' She thought. She got out of the car and followed Tommy into the Surf Spot. Sora excused herself when she saw a fellow cheerleader.

"Hey Jason I didn't know you were going to be here." Tommy said.

"My parents insisted I go here." Jason said.

"Mine too. Weird aren't they?" Tommy asked. He saw Jason looking at something behind Tommy not paying attention. "Jase what's the matter?" Tommy started to turn around.

"No wait Tommy..." Jason tried to warn but it was too late. Sitting at a corner table was Katherine Hilliard, who had been dating Tommy before he went to KO-35. She wasn't alone at the table. With her was a young man Tommy didn't know. They were sitting very closely. As Tommy walked closer, he saw that they were holding hands. Tommy fled the room.

Kat looked up. "Tommy!" She called. "I'll be right back." She told her companion. Kat ran out the door. "Tommy wait!"

Tommy turned around.

"Tommy you were gone so long. I didn't think you'd ever be back." Kat said and sat down. "Tommy don't get the wrong idea."

Tommy remained standing. "Wrong idea about what Kat? I saw you and the guy holding hands."

"Tommy, Chet and I only started going out a couple of weeks ago. He goes to the same dance school that I do. It turns out he's from Stone Canyon. We have a lot in common. Tommy I never meant for this to happen. I loved you."

"Loved? Kat are you in love with Chet?"

"Yes." Kat said and ran off crying.

Tommy finally sat down. He could not believe it. 'Come on Tommy you never really expected her to wait for you. She probably thought you were dead.'

Tommy stood up and walked back into the Surf Spot. He saw Chet trying to comfort Kat. He looked at them sadly.

Open the door and come in
I'm so glad to see you my friend
I don't know how long it has been
Having those feelings again
But now I see that you're so happy
And ooh it just sets me free
And I'd like to see us as good of friends
As we used to be
Cause I want you to be happy
You're in love
That's the way it should be
'Cause I want you to be happy

You're In Love
And I know that you're not in love with me
Ooh, it's enough for me to know that You're In Love
I can let you go
'Cause I know that You're In Love...

Sometimes it's hard to believe
That you're never coming back for me
I've had this dream that you'd always be by my side
Oh, I could've died
But now I see that you're so happy
And ooh, it just sets me free
And I'd like to see us as good of friends
As we used to be

I tried to find you but you were so far away
I was praying that fate would bring you back to me
Someday, someday, someday...
Ooh, You're In Love

Ooh, it's enough for me to know that You're In Love
Now I'll let you go
'Cause I know that You're In Love...

Tommy waved to Kat before walking over to where Jason was chatting with Kim. "Hey bro. I saw Kat come in here crying. Are you all right?"

"I guess." Tommy said.

"Sit down." Kim said pointing to a chair. "I asked Kat about it myself a couple of days ago. She said she didn't think you were coming back. I didn't understand that logic but who knows." She had trouble believing the story Adam and Rocky told her about Jason and Tommy going to Los Angeles. Especially after Kat said she didn't think Tommy would be coming back. Kimberly got a better look at Tommy. "Don't you go outside Tommy? You are so white! You've lost your tan."

"I guess I have been too busy lately. Maybe I need to be outside more." Tommy said.

"Hey I've got an idea. Why don't I call Adam, Rocky, and Billy and we can all go relax in the park." Kim suggested and hurried over to the pay phone.

Tommy said in a low voice. "The park and us have never mixed well."

"We'll just have to stay alert." Jason said.

"I'll be right back." Tommy walked over to Sora. "I'm leaving in a few minutes do you have a ride home?"

"I'm fine. My friend Tiff will give me a ride." Sora said.

"Okay. It was nice meeting you Sara." Tommy said and walked back over to Jason.

"You certainly don't waste time bro." Jason said with a smile.

"She's Cory's Math tutor. Her name is Sara Meyerson. She was two years behind us in high school. She's a cheerleader I think she said. I gave her a ride here. I just wanted to make sure she had a ride home. I didn't want to leave her stranded." Tommy informed him.

'Oh yeah that's Dallas's little sister. Almost didn't realize that.' Jason thought. "Oh there's Kim."

"Okay they said they'd meet us there." Kim said and led them out the door.


Astronema watched this from her ship. "So the Thunder and Lightning Rangers are going to the park. I think we should rain on their picnic. Ecliptor get in here!" She called. He came in immediately. "Go down with the Quanatrons and attack those two Defenders."

"Yes my princess."


Tommy, Jason, Kim, Adam, and Rocky were sitting on a blanket chatting when Billy came. "Hi guys. Sorry I am late. I was working on a mechanism for my latest experiment and didn't realize how late I was." Billy said.

"No problem Billy. It's good to see you again." Tommy said standing up and giving Billy a hug.

"You look mighty thin Tommy. Don't you eat?" Billy asked as he looked at Tommy.

"You know what Billy? You and my mother have both asked me that question today." Tommy said with a smile.

"He's just not the big eater that Rocky is, is all." Jason said.

"It's nice to see you both in Angel Grove for once. Are you back for Christmas?" Billy asked.

"Yeah." Tommy said. 'I guess.'

A flash of light interrupted them. 'Shoot it's Ecliptor! Jason and I can't morph in front of Kim and Billy!' Tommy had an idea. 'Jimanya! Jimanya If you can hear me send the others to the park. Ecliptor is attacking Jason and me. We can't morph because there are civilians around.' Tommy jumped up and so did the others.

"What's with us in the park that attracts bad guys?" Kim asked no one in particular as she jumped and kicked a Quanatron.

There was a flash of light and the other Defenders and Rangers appeared. "We'll take it from here." Zhane said to them.

"Come on let's go over here." Tommy said pointing to some trees. They hurried over and were met by Darkonda. 'Okay that wasn't the best idea I've had.' Tommy thought.

Jason turned to look at Tommy. 'Sorry we can't morph bro.' Tommy thought.

"Come on Thunder and Lightning take me on!" Darkonda yelled.

Kim turned around and noticed that the monster was talking to Tommy and Jason. 'No way! They're Defenders? No wonder Kat said she didn't think he'd be back! They weren't in Los Angeles!' She thought.

"Tommy, Jason you guys are Defenders?" Billy asked shocked.

"Yes. Tommy we might as well morph since they know who we are." Tommy nodded. "It's Morphin time!" Jason yelled.

"Lightning Power!" Tommy called.

"Thunder Power!" Jason called.

Darkonda took them on. Elgar teleported down, and separated Tommy and Jason. Kim, Rocky, Adam, and Billy stood at a distance watching.

Tommy was feeling something was wrong and didn't know what. Elgar jumped up and kicked Tommy knocking him to the ground. 'Gotta pay attention!'

Jason and Darkonda were in a sword fight. Neither really has an advantage. Jason thought he heard someone scream. He knew it was Kimberly. He turned around and looked to see if she or the other three were in trouble. What he saw was something he wished he didn't.

What no one, except the three monsters and Quanatrons, noticed was that there were three little kids playing in the playground a few yards away. The monsters distracted the Defenders and Rangers. While another monster teleported down and grabbed one of the children. The monster killed the child immediately.

Tommy felt the lightning surging. 'That monsters going to pay for killing an innocent child. How do I know this isn't something they want me to do? Oh well.' He fired and it hit the monster. However, Tommy didn't notice there was another kid behind the monster. Tommy, before he collapsed, saw the kid fall. "NO!" Tommy screamed and hit the ground.

Jason hurried over and teleported Tommy back up to the ship. Darkonda and Elgar closed in on Jason.


Andros watched as Tommy appeared in the room. "I don't care what you say Jimanya. I have to help Jason!" Andros said. He stood up. "It's Morphin Time!"

"Wind Power!" He called and teleported out.

He landed in the park and saw the monsters closing in on Jason. Andros called his weapon and fired it at Elgar. Elgar fell back into Darkonda. Andros turned around and looked at Jason. "You okay?" He asked.

"Andros look out!" Jason yelled. Andros turned back around. He was hit with a blast that sent him flying.

"No Andros!" Petra yelled running to her son. Her disguise fell as she teleported Andros away.

Zhane looked shocked. However, he dropped the look as he went after Ecliptor. The monsters teleported away realizing they did enough damage.

"Where'd Andros go?" Ashley asked looking around. "I thought I saw him teleport down."

"He was hurt again and Alexis took him. But it wasn't Alexis it was Petra. We have a problem here." Zhane said.

To be continued...

Author's Note: Don't yell at me! I know I did another cliffhanger. I know that I completely destroyed the Kat/Tommy relationship. I know I killed a kid. Well I didn't but a monster did. Yet, I am going to write a part eight. I have no clue what part eight is going to be about. Don't worry Tommy won't be single very long. The song in the fanfic is "You're in Love." by Wilson Phillips. Email me with roses and thorns at Willow@grrtech.com.