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Author's note: I apologize ahead of time for the shortness of the fanfic. I thought it was needed for this series to clarify the past. Even I am getting confused. Okay not really but this will help clarify everything.

Suggested reading: The above seven.

Timeframe: Immediately following The Ties That Bind.

If That's What it Takes
By Dana

Sometimes you find out what you wanted, isn`t really what you need,
And a dream in all it`s promise was never meant to be,
All your hope and desperation, won`t make it like it was.
And you believe the pain will never pass, but believe me, in time it does
"A Time For Letting Go"-by Michael Bolton

Petra, along with a barely conscious Andros, teleported onto Astronema's ship much to the chagrin of Astronema. "Why did you bring him here?" Astronema asked.

"He's injured." Petra reminded her.

"That was the point mother." Astronema said.

"He's your brother don't forget that." Petra reminded her.

'Did she say brother?' Andros wondered.

"He's still a Defender!" Astronema said. "I've got two Defenders in the dungeon. If I add another they will work together to get off the ship! You just blew a great plan. You dropped the disguise just to save him!" Astronema pointed down at Andros.

"Don't speak to your mother like that!" Jet said teleporting onto the ship.

"A real family reunion. He's not even really my brother. He is mother and Cordon's son. So, that makes us barely brother and sister. That is one claim to fame, I wish not to participate in. Cordon's more trouble then he's worth."

Andros lay there not believing what he was hearing. 'Hold on Astronema's my half-sister? Why didn't Zordon tell me when he told me the truth about Petra?'

Jet looked down at his stepson. "Well now he knows our secret Petra. He's still conscious."

Astronema shot her mother a look. "Now what do we do with him?"

"Well I doubt he'll be able to get up and leave. That blast hit him harder then before. Plus the fact that he still hasn't heeled from the last time. However, I agree with you. We cannot put him with Alexis and Roland. It would be foolish to send him back. So, your father and I will take him to our ship. That way you don' have to worry about him." Petra said.

"That's fine with me. You have more of an interest in him then I do." Astronema said.

Jet picked up Andros and he teleported them off the ship. Petra followed.


"Let me see if I have this right." Ashley said. She, TJ, Carlos, and Cassie were sitting in the Rec. Room discussing what had happened. Jason was on Earth talking to his friends. Zhane and Dallas had gone off to discuss something and Tommy was on the ship somewhere. "Some woman named Petra and a Quanatron took Alexis and Roland's places. Petra's disguise dropped when she went to help Andros for some reason. Now Astronema has three Defenders."

"Sounds about right to me." A voice said from the doorway. Tommy walked in.