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Evil Returns
Part 3
by Melissa Ishak

"I don't like the idea of having to go up against Tommy again, and face the prospect of having to destroy him. He's my boyfriend and I love him dearly. I couldn't bare to destroy him." Kim begins to cry.

Jason walks over to her and puts a comforting arm around her and lets Kim cry on his shoulder for a while. "Kim, you know we have to do this. If we don't the Tommy will be lost to the dark side forever. You know as well as the rest of us that he doesn't want to be there. We have to be strong and do this. For him." Jase tells Kim gently. "We're his only hope."

"I know. It's just so hard."

"We're doing this for him Kim. Just remember that." Zack assures her.


Alpha teleports the Sword of Light into Billy's hands. Rocky, Aisha, Adam and Kat morph and stand to one side of the Command Centre while the others stand on the other side. Billy stands at the front and raises the sword above his head. Zordon infuses the sword with his power and the beams hit the Rangers, new and old. In a matter of seconds the original Rangers are back.

Just as the Rangers are taking their helmets off, the alarm sounds.


"Right, We're outta here!" Jason states, slipping back into his old role as leader. "Guys, It's morphin time!!"

"Mastodon!!" Zack looks down at himself and finds that he is still in his street clothes. "Huh?! What gives?!"

Billy lets out a stifled giggle. "Uh, guys, we forgot to tell you, When you Morph you have to say..'Blue Ranger Power!!' and so forth."

"Oh" The Rangers chorus and the new Rangers start to giggle.

Jason takes the stance once again and the others follow suit. "It's morphin Time!!"

"Black Ranger Power!!"

"Pink Ranger Power!!"

"Blue Ranger Power!!"

"Yellow Ranger Power!!"

"Red Ranger Power!!"

The Rangers teleport to the Park. "MAY THE POWER PROTECT YOU ALL!"


The Rangers teleport in. Red Ranger leads them behind White Ranger.

"TOMMY!!!! Don't do this bro!" Red Ranger yells out to his friend.

"What the?!" White Ranger turns around to see the Rangers standing behind him and realises who each of them are. "Well, Well, Well. This is a pleasant surprise indeed. Jason, how nice to see you again. And dressed in your best red suit, I see. Now I can finish what I started in the Dark Dimension." White Ranger laughs evilly and charges toward Red Ranger.

Red Ranger stands his ground and the other Rangers take on a defensive stance. White Ranger leaps into the air and comes down toward Red Ranger positioned in a Flying side-kick. Red Ranger dodges the kick and White Ranger lands on his feet in the middle of the Rangers.

Yellow Ranger tries a round house kick on White Ranger, White Ranger blocks the kick and counters with a powerful punch to Yellow Ranger's mid-section. Yellow Ranger falls to the ground then rolls away to let the others in.

Black Ranger comes in toward White Ranger and does a spinning back heel kick toward White Ranger. The kick looks like it is going to connect with White Ranger's head when he does a sudden and quick block with Saba, effectively rendering Black Ranger's leg useless for a while.

It is at this point that the Rangers realise that they are in serious trouble. White Ranger is aiming to kill, he is not just messing around with them like the usual monsters do.

"Oh man!!! We're in trouble!!!" Jason confirms each of their thoughts.

"I agree, but we must continue." Billy reply's as he steps up toward White Ranger. Blue Ranger begins a quick number of punches and kicks that White Ranger easily blocks. Spotting an opening in Blue Rangers attack, White Ranger delivers a powerful blow to Blue Rangers head.

Blue Ranger slumps to the ground unconscious. "Alpha, teleport Billy out of here now!!" Jason commands the little robot through his communicator.

"Teleporting now" Came the reply through the communicator. A moment later Billy is teleported from a close call. White Ranger is about to run him through with Saba. "NO!!! You will pay for that Jason. I am going to run you through once and for all!" White Ranger threatens.

"I'd like to see you try!" At that moment, a horde of Putty Patrollers along with Goldar and Scorpina appear infront of the White Ranger.

"You wanted to see me try so here goes Jason. Goldar, Scorpina and Putties, I want you to keep Jason, Zack and Trini busy while I take care of the left over." White Ranger commands the goons.

The Rangers gather together. "What are we going to do, Jase? I can't fight Tommy alone and you know it. He'll destroy me for sure." Pink Ranger asks in fright.

"Don't worry Kim. The second one of us is free from the goons we will come and help you, until then just hold on!" Red Ranger re-assures his friend. Pink Ranger nods nervously and the goon squad, 16 in number, come charging for the Rangers. White Ranger stands of to the side for a moment before silently heading toward Pink Ranger. Black Ranger notices White Ranger's movements and alerts Pink Ranger.

Pink Ranger spins around and is met with a reverse back slash from Saba. She staggers back, then regains her balance only to be met by a powerful ridge hand to her side. Pink Ranger feels 3 of her right ribs crack and falls to the ground in pain and gasping for air. White Ranger advances toward her. Pink Ranger slowly gets back to her feet and prepares herself for battle. White Ranger leaps up and does a back spinning kick toward Pink Ranger. Pink Ranger backflips out of the way.

White Ranger walks toward her laughing cruelly. "Give it up Kimberly.

You know you can't beat me. If you surrender to me now I will make it a quick end for you." He throws his head back, as he continues to advance toward her, and laughs evilly.

"Tommy, please. You have to snap out of it!! Remember our first kiss?!

What about all the dates we had together! Tommy please! You loved me and you still do." Pink Ranger takes her helmet off. "I loved you Tommy. I still do and I always will love you."

White Ranger sees the fear in Kim's eyes and laughs at her. "I never loved you. You were weak and always depended on myself or the others to get you out of trouble!! It was always about you and you needing to be rescued. Give it up Kimberly. I don't, never have and never will love you."

A tear runs down Kim's cheek and she quickly wipes it away. She the replaces her helmet and prepares herself for a tough battle for her life. White Ranger charges toward her with Saba in his hand. Pink Ranger is paralysed and screams. The scream is cut short...

Red Ranger finds himself surrounded by Putties along with Goldar.

"Fitting isn't it Red Ranger." Goldar growls. "I once again fight you with the powerful Tommy alongside me."

"It isn't over yet Goldar! We're going to get him back, even if it's the last thing we do!" Jason shoot's back. He calls on his Power Sword and the two go at each other filling the air with the sounds of their swords clashing together.

Black Ranger is finding it tough with Scorpina and his batch of Putties. With his leg still aching he has slowed down considerably and is getting hit more than he likes. He calls on his Power Axe and begins to swipe at the Putties. Scorpina interacts every so often only to get beaten back by Black Ranger and his Axe. "Give up?" Black Ranger asks cockily. A blast from Scorpina's sword tells him otherwise and the pair become locked into a tight battle.

Yellow Ranger is handling eight Putties for herself. She finds it quite easy but everytime she destroys one Putty another comes in to replace it so she finds that she is constantly out-numbered 1 - 8.

While the three are battling their enemies Kim's scream cut's through them and they each look toward Pink Rangers direction to find her slumped onto the ground and White Ranger bending over her and removing her helmet.

The Rangers fall silent.

"Get away from her!!!!!" Red Ranger cries out. Goldar takes the opportunity to get in a powerful swing of his sword but Red Ranger sees it coming and ducks it sending the over-grown monkey tumbling off balance. Red Ranger charges toward White Ranger only to be stopped by 8 Putties that appear out of no where. The Putties catch him and hold him down firmly. Red Ranger is immobilised.

White Ranger stands up satisfied with what he has done and advances toward the sobbing Yellow Ranger. The Putties disappear. Yellow Ranger looks up confused as to why the Putties left her then sees the advancing figure. She swallows hard knowing what is to come.

"Please, Tommy. snap out of it." She begs him but White Ranger just laughs at her.

White Ranger begins to taunt Yellow Ranger. "What's the matter Trini?

Afraid that you're next. Well guess what. You will soon join Kimberly. Your pain will be short-lived depending on you."

"Get away from her Tommy!!" Black Ranger yells out. White Ranger ignores him.

"Goldar! Scorpina! Take care of the Black Ranger. I have business with a certain Yellow Ranger here." That said, White Ranger leaps into the air and executes a devastating flying side-kick aimed at Yellow Rangers' head. Yellow Ranger ducks and faces the White Ranger.

"Please Tommy. I can't hurt you. Don't make me fight you."

"You're right Trini. You can't hurt me. I, on the other hand, can do you allot of damage. Wether you fight me or not. It makes no difference. I will destroy you either way." A cruel laugh emits from White Ranger and Yellow Ranger takes a step back cringing underneath her helmet.

The White and Yellow Rangers engage in battle. Yellow Ranger holds her own but she knows that she won't last for much longer. White Ranger is already getting in allot of his attacks. Yellow Ranger slowly weakens.

"Guys I can't hold out much longer!!!" Yellow Ranger yells out in alarm.

"Trini!! Hang on!!!" Red Rangers' desperate call floats back to Yellow Rangers' ears.

Yellow Ranger is starting to get dizzy when she suddenly teleports out of the battle ground. White Ranger looks around and gets angry.

"What?!! No!! Dammit!! You will pay for that Zordon!!! I know you are watching and can hear me!!" White Ranger threatens. He then turns his attention to Black Ranger. He taps his communicator and summons Lord Zedd. "Lord Zedd do you read me?"

"What is it Tommy?" Lord Zedd's voice growls over the communicator.

"I want you to teleport Jason to one of your dimensions and cut off all access to the Command Centre to him. I want to make sure I finish the job on him this time."

Red Ranger suddenly disappears from the battlefield. "NO!!! Jase!!!" Black Ranger falls to his knees. "Oh man! Now what?" He asks no one in particular.

"Now you will fight me Zack man." White Ranger laughs then charges toward Black Ranger who is promptly teleported back to the Command Centre. White Ranger stops short then teleports to the Dark Dimension where Red Ranger is waiting.


Red Ranger quickly gets to his feet as White Ranger teleports in.

Underneath Jason's helmet is pure fear.

"Tommy please. Why are you doing this to us? We're your friends man."

"Friends?! You were never my friends. It's your fault I lost my powers in the first place!! Then when I came back and stepped in as the new leader you never got over your jealousy!! That's why you left!!! The Peace Conference was a perfect excuse!! You have never been one to make peace using words!! It's always action for you! You were pig headed Jason!! You never thought of your team it was always you first then the team!" White Ranger is practically growling with rage and Red Ranger knows that it is only a matter of time before White Ranger decides to finish what he first started.

"No Tommy. You're wrong. You were like a brother to me. You lost your powers because of Rita. She sent down her monster so that we couldn't get the candle. It was either your powers or your life. I wasn't prepared to just stand by and watch you die! When you left I was devastated. I didn't understand why you just left and only wrote that one letter. You didn't even keep in touch with us. When Zordon gave you these new powers I was ecstatic. I couldn't believe it. We were re-united as a team and circle of friends once more Tommy. We were together again. I was never jealous of our new leader. Tommy you are still our leader. I didn't have a choice with the Peace Conference. I was chosen and I couldn't step down from it. I missed wielding the power. I missed my friends. I missed you." Red Ranger recites sadly.

"Well Red Ranger, it was nice to gossip with you but I've had enough talk. It's time to end this. Lord Zedd, now!!" White Ranger commands.

Red Ranger is confused as to Tommy's plan. A few seconds later he realises the plan. He finds himself in his street clothes and his Morpher stripped away from him. He looks at White Ranger in panic. *what the?! no! oh man. I can't fight him without my powers.* Jason thinks in a panic. Then he realises something that Tommy once said to him and he feels renewed strength fill his mind and body. "I may not have my powers, Tommy. But I can still defend myself."

White Ranger laughs. "Your hours are numbered Jason. You will soon be pushing up daisies." Jason goes for White Ranger and the fight is on for Jason's life.

Jason tries a sidekick toward White Rangers mid-section, White Ranger blocks the kick and counters with a spinning kick that finds Jason's back. Jason flies across the room and lands heavily on his front. He gets up and holds his back.

White Ranger advances toward him. "Get up. Fight." White Ranger barks out.

Jason slowly gets up, his back complaining the whole way. "Why are you doing this to us Tommy? You and I both know that you don't really want to be doing this. You have to fight it bro. Don't stop. Please, Tommy, fight it. We can break Lord Zedd's spell."

White Ranger laughs. "You are weak Jason. You know it. You can't beat me so you try to get out of it by your foolish talk. The only fighting I am doing is with you." White Ranger hesitates and Jason notices it.

"Tommy?" White Rangers' head snaps up. "Jase...Help me" White Ranger shakes his head. "No!!! I won't let you betray my lord. I must be victorious for my Lord."

Jason senses that the potions effects on Tommy is beginning to wear off. He takes advantage of it and works harder to break the spell.

"Come back to us Tommy. You know you want to. Fight the spell. You have to!"

"Enough of this foolishness. It's time to end this once and for all." White Ranger takes a flying leap toward Jason and Jason is slow to dodge it and cops the full force of Tommy's kick in the mid-section.

Jason falls back unconscious. White Ranger laughs evilly.

"And now Jason. It is time to put an end to you." White Ranger raises Saba above the un-moving form of Jason and prepares to run him through when Jason is teleported out. White Ranger falls to his knees and is teleported out.


"I got him!!!" Adam exclaims as Jason's still form teleports into the Command Centre. A moment later Tommy is teleported into a force field unconscious.

"Jason!!!" Trini rushes to Jason's side while the others stand back.

Jason begins to moan as he slowly regains consciousness. "Tommy, please don't do this man. I love you bro." He mumbles weakly.

Trini grabs Jason's hand and squeezes tightly. "Jase, you're safe.

You're in the Command Centre. We think you broke Tommy's spell!!"


"It's me."

"Kimberly!!! Where's Kim?!" Jason sits up suddenly and a wave of dizziness crashes over him forcing him down.

Trini looks down. "Jase, Kim didn't make it." Trini begins to cry once more.

Jason remains silent. "How's Tommy?" He finally asks after a few moments.


Jason slowly gets back up. He ignores the dizziness as he gets to his feet. He makes his way over to Tommy's unconscious form. "Why Tommy?

Why do they always have to go after him? Why not me?"

Tommy slowly begins to come around. He looks around in a daze. "Where am I? Oh man, I have got one giant headache."

"Hey bro. Welcome back." Jason greets his friend. "How are you feeling?"

"Jason? Guys? What happened?"

The Rangers look at each other grimly. Silence fills the Command Centre, then Zordon finally speaks up. "YOU WERE INFECTED BY A POWERFUL POTION BY LORD ZEDD..." Anything else that Zordon is about to say is cut off by Tommy's frightened yelp.

"NO!!! Kimberly!!! No, please, please tell me she is alright!" Tommy begins to cry openly.

Alpha deactivates the force field and Jason steps up to Tommy and puts a hand on Tommy's shoulder. "I'm sorry, bro. She didn't make it. She's dead." Tommy begins to cry harder as Jason grabs him into a comforting bear hug. "It wasn't your fault man. It's Lord Zedd's fault. Don't ever forget that."

The Rangers look down to the ground each crying silently at the loss of their friend. "Zordon, why didn't you strip me of my powers?!! Why didn't you take them away?!!" Tommy sobs out.


"NO!!! I told you!!! I would rather have died than to live through this nightmare once again!!! Now I have killed my..." Tommy breaks down completely at that moment and Jason holds him tighter. "It's not your fault man. Please, you've gotta believe that."

Tommy suddenly throws Jason away from him and teleports out of the Command Centre. "No Tommy!!! Dammit!! Zordon where has he gone?"


Jason teleports to the mountains in hopes to catch his friend before he does anything to himself.


Jason teleports close to the mountains when he spots Tommy running toward a cliff. "TOMMY!!!!!!" Jason yells. Tommy doesn't respond. He continues to run. Jason makes chase hoping with everything that he's got that he makes it in time. Tommy stumbles and loses his balance giving Jason the time to catch up to him. He dives ontop of Tommy and Tommy begins to struggle underneath him.

"Let me go!!"

"No! Tommy, you are not going to do this! I won't let you!"

"I can't go on knowing I killed her Jase, I just can't.!! Please, let me end this. If I die then Lord Zedd and Rita can't turn me against you again and I can go to Kim. Please..."

"Man listen to yourself! Would Kim want you to do this? What about the team? They need you. Come on man, snap out of it! Killing yourself is not the answer, you don't want to do this."

"Jason, I killed her. I killed her in cold blood. I didn't care. I just grabbed Saba into my hand and ran her through the heart with him.

She didn't even try to move. I keep seeing her there infront of me just standing there stock still and screaming. But I didn't care, I just kept running toward her!"

"Tommy, bro, you were under Lord Zedd's influence. You have to remember that. You care now don't you?"

"Of course I care!! I loved her so much. I wanted to spend the rest of our lives together."

Jason eases off Tommy so that the teen can face him. "Tommy she knows that you loved her and she loved you. What you had with her was special and it still is. She is still with us Tommy. In spirit. She would want you to be happy. What do you think she would say to you if she saw you like this?"

Tommy looks to the ground. "She would tell me that I am being foolish and stupid."

"Take that advice, bro."

"Jase, I...I can't face the others anymore. They hate me. I don't blame them."

"No one hates you bro. We all understand that it wasn't you but the potion at work. You are still the leader of the team and nothing will ever change that. The others need you, bro, like you need them. Don't throw that away."

Tommy looks down. "Promise me one thing bro?"

"Anything, Tommy."

"Promise me that you won't leave me? No matter what?"

"Tommy, I'm with you 100% all the way. You will never be alone as long as I am around. I'm not going anywhere."

Tommy manages a small smile. "Thanks, bro." The pair hug. Then Jason stands up and holds out his hand. Tommy takes it as Jason helps him up. "Come on bro. Let's get back to the others." Tommy and Jason hit the teleportation buttons on their communicators and disappear in a flash of white and red.


Tommy and Jason teleport into the Command Centre. The Rangers gather around Tommy and huddle into a tight group hug. After a few moments the group step back.

"I'm so sorry guys. I wish there were something for me to do..." Tommy starts.

"Tommy don't." Adam assures his friend. "We are going to be with you for a long time."

"Yeah, man. You're our friend." Zack adds

"And leader." Tanya continues

"And we are not going to ever let you forget that." Rocky puts in.

"You will never get rid of us that easily." Kat reassures

"What you did was not you but Lord Zedd. We know that and so do you.

It's going to take us all time to get over what has happened." Billy states sadly.

"So don't go doing anything foolish until we have worked this out. Do you understand me, bro?" Jason finishes.

Tommy lowers his head. "I understand." *none of you know what it's like, you don't know what it's like having Zedd and Rita forever coming after you to turn you to their side and kill your girlfriend and friends. how could you possibly understand what is happening to me? I'm sorry guys but I can't live on like this, knowing I have killed my girlfriend.*

"...do we tell them?" Zack asks sadly, indicating Kimberly's parents.

"And what do we tell them?" Trini adds.

The other Rangers are too busy talking about how to deal with Kim's parent's to notice that Tommy has gone unusually quiet. Lost in his thoughts. Jason turns to look at Tommy and notices the pained expression on Tommy's face. "Um...guys, I'm going to take Tommy to the Youth Centre for a while. I'll see you all later."

"Alright Jase, we'll see you later." Rocky tells his friend.

Kat leans over to Jason and whisper's in his ear "Take care of him and don't take your eyes off him. He might still try to do something to himself."

"Don't worry Kat. We'll be fine. Bye guys. Come on Tommy." Jason grabs Tommy's arm and teleports out in a flash of a white teleportation beam.


*Author's note: Jason, Trini, and Zach have transferred their powers back to Rocky, Aisha and Adam. Kim's powers were transferred back to Kat as soon as Kim's heart was stopped by Saba and Tommy.*