I know what you're thinking. "Oh no, Rachel wrote another fanfic to song lyrics!" Well, fooled ya! This is a Terran Rangers fanfiction with guest appearances of characters from Marvel Comics, and it had nothing to do with Cyndie Lauper's song. I bet you can guess who the Marvel characters are. This fanfiction also includes heavy references to other fics I've written. In order to understand this story, I suggest you read the following stories (if for some odd reason you've been living under a rock, and haven't read them already):
  • "Manipulation"
  • "Flash Forward"
  • "Mutations"
    Enjoy the story!

    Time After Time
    by Rachel D Dawson

    The date is February 7, 2009. It has been over two years since the fateful day when the Temporal Comet flew past Earth, bringing the infamous Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd with it. The re-surfacing of these villains forced the long-retired Terran Power Rangers to retake their awesome powers and Zords to confront the invading monsters. After but one battle, Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa left again, and did not return. But, there is always the possibility that they may. Or perhaps another malevolent alien race may attempt to conquer Earth. After the Power Rangers saved three world-famous NASA astronauts, they announced to the whole world that they would remain active superheroes, and try to protect the Earth from any blight, whether it be war, pestilence, famine, or invasion. They quickly became international heroes, appearing at numerous peace talks, at celebrity gatherings to raise money for the poor and underprivileged, dealing with various terrorists, diffusing numerous hostage situations, and even going on worldwide patrol in their amazing Terrazords, to insure the public that someone was looking out for them. Of course, the identities of these six heroes is still a mystery. The only way for the Power Rangers to be contacted was from the United Nations building in New York City, where a highly advanced computer system is kept, which can contact the heroes via their communicators.

    Since the time the Power Rangers resurfaced, the lives of a select group of men and women, and also their respective families, have gotten incredibly complicated. After their last battle against evil, they decided to remain heroes and do what they could to keep the peace. Trini Kwan and William Mitchell were married only months after the incident, and presently Trini is pregnant with their first child. Zachary Taylor retired from his Olympic career, because it took too much of his time and energy. Now, he is a sports newscaster, who occasionally makes celebrity appearances. He now lives in Los Angeles, a mere hour's drive from Angel Grove, the city that changed his life more than any other. Adam Park is still a major action star, but he has eased up on his schedule. Instead of making three movies a year, which he used to do, he now stars in only one a year, on average. Also, he is engaged to be married to his longtime love Tanya Sloan, who only recently returned to the United States after living in Nairobi. Jason Lee, now the father of a two year old daughter Brittany, is the captain of the Angel Grove Police Force. Kimberly Hart-Monroe, the world-famous fashion designer, is the one charged with communicating with the UN, since she lives in New York City. Kimberly's life took a drastic turn when two years ago, her husband Trevor Monroe disappeared without a trace. She hasn't heard from him since. Thomas Oliver is still a Native American Studies professor at Princeton University in New Jersey, but due to his secret Power Ranger business, he had little time for anything else. His fiance Vanessa Stevens left him because he was spending far too much time with his old friends, and repeatedly left during their dates without a good reason. When Vanessa left Thomas, he realized that he didn't truly love her. Eventually, he fell in love again, this time with his high school friend and now bride-to-be Katherine Hillard. Katherine decided to move back to the States from Australia, and took a job as an Astrophysics professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and she also guest-lectured throughout the country. She spent a lot of time with Kimberly and Thomas since they all lived in the general area, especially once Kim's husband disappeared. Katherine's attraction towards Thomas resurfaced after over a decade of denying it, and this time Thomas felt the same way about her. So Thomas proposed to her four months ago. Now, the couple is in New York to visit an old friend and pick up some necessities for their wedding, which will take place on February 14 in Angel Grove, California.