Time After Time
Chapter One: "Something Borrowed, Something New..."
by Rachel D Dawson

Katherine Hillard is sitting patiently in the luxurious 80th floor office of the CEO of the Hart Fashion Industry, which specializes in men's and women's evening wear. Katherine feels uncomfortable sitting on the plush chair in the spacious room. Even though Kimberly has been her close friend for over a decade, she has always felt a little jealous of Kim, mostly due to Kat's own loneliness. Now, one week before her wedding, she begins to wonder if the tables had turned. For the past two years, Kimberly has been suffering horribly at the disappearance of her husband, Trevor Monroe. Even though Kim doesn't show her pain, her friends can still tell how lonely she is. Meanwhile, Katherine has finally won the heart of the man she has loved dearly for over a decade, who just happens to be Kimberly's first true love. Now, Kat feels especially uncomfortable with Kim, even though Kimberly has taken the news quite well.

"Okay, Kat," said Kimberly, pushing through the door with a huge box in her arms, "here's my wedding present! I hope you like it!"

Kat smiled at Kimberly's enthusiasm. Even though Kimberly was just over thirty, she still had the energy and spirit of a teenager. Kat knelt on the floor and opened the box. She shrieked when she saw the magnificent wedding gown Kimberly had given her.

"My goodness, Kim!" she sighed, holding up the dress and looking into Kimberly's wall-sized mirror, "It's the most exquisite dress I've ever seen! You shouldn't have!"

"Why not, Kat," said Kim, shrugging, "After all you and Tommy have done for me the past two years, it's nothing. I hope you have a happy and long life together. Now quick, try it on!"

Katherine grinned at her friend, and carried the dress to the adjacent bathroom. In a few minutes, she stepped out, her blue business suit replaced by the pearly white French silk gown. It was sleeveless, with a low back that clung to Kat's body. It was silk with delicate lace embroidery, with shimmering blue sapphires scattered in intricate patterns throughout the lace. At the hips, the gown spread loosely, with layers of delicate silk down to the ground. At her hips was a row of pink silken roses, connecting the flowing skirt to the rest of the gown. Snowy white opera gloves with pink roses at the trim complemented the gown perfectly. The gown fit Katherine like a glove, and Kat stared at herself in the mirror, absolutely taken aback by the beauty of the gown.

"You look spectacular, Kat," said Kim quietly, taking pride in her latest creation. Kimberly could design any kind of outfit imaginable, and could make anyone look good.

"Kim, this is way more elegant than the gown you designed for Trini last year."

"Yeah, well Trini is very reserved, and they wanted to keep the wedding simple. You, on the other hand, like to make a scene, so I thought this was more your style. Anyway," said Kimberly, walking to her wall and taking a French painting off, revealing a safe, "I have another gift for you."

"You can't be serious!" cried Kat, walking to Kimberly, "You designed my gown, the bridesmaids' dresses, and even Tom's tuxedo, and you probably won't take a penny for them--"

"I don't want your money, Katherine," said Kim, working on the lock.

Kim pulled out a modest wooden jewelry box. She opened it to reveal a beautiful gold necklace with a large diamond at the bottom and smaller sapphires on the whole chain. There was also a pair of matching earrings, and a glittering tiara with a rather large diamond on the top.

"NO WAY!!" cried Kat.

"You know how they say 'something borrowed... something blue', right?"


"So this is 'something borrowed' and 'something blue' at the same time! Seriously, Kat, I'd really like you to wear these jewels when you walk down that aisle. I had them in mind when I designed your dress. They'll match perfectly!"

Kat peered into the box and took a closer look at the gems. Her jaw dropped.

"Kim, that's the jewelry you wore at your wedding!" she gasped.

"Yes," said Kim wistfully, turning away from Kat's gaze to look at the view of 5th Avenue from her window. Kat sighed and gently took the box from Kimberly. She placed it on Kim's desk and gave her friend a warm hug.

"I'd be honored to wear the gems at my wedding," said Kat quietly, "and I really appreciate all you've done for me. Frankly, I didn't think you'd be happy for us--"

"What do you mean?" asked Kimberly, pulling out of Kat's embrace and staring her friend in the eye. Katherine fidgetted under the piercing stare of Kimberly's doe brown eyes.

"Well," said Kat uncomfortably, "you and Tom were an... item for years, and I know you still have, well, feelings for him..."

"Kat, don't be ridiculous! Tommy and I are friends! You know we were friends before we became an 'item' anyway. I don't live in the past."

"If you don't live in the past," said Kat, her voice growing colder, "why do you still call him 'Tommy'? After all, no one else has called him that since high school! Admit it, you look into his hazel eyes and you see the young man you fell in love with fifteen years ago!"

Kimberly looked at Kat for a minute, her expression of hurt cutting deeper into Kat than any words ever could. Kat turned away and picked up the box which previously carried the wedding gown.

"I'd, uh, better get changed," said Kat, hurrying into the bathroom once again. Kimberly let out a sigh and sat at her huge desk. She swiveled her chair around, to look out the wall-sized window and stared blankly at New York City.

She's right, Kim thought to herself, I do still love Tommy, er Tom. I think I always will. I hated myself for dumping him the way I did, but things just didn't work out between us. I am in love with Trevor, but I can't deny that Tommy will always have a special place in my heart.

Kim sighed again and leaned back into her chair. A beep from her phone brought her out of her reverie. She put the on the speakerphone.

"What is it, Mae?" Kim asked her secretary.

^A Mister... Thomas Oliver is here to see you, Ms Hart. Shall I send him up?^

"Uh, yes, Mae, thanks," said Kim, standing up. She walked over to the other side of her office, where the mirror wall is, and immediately started fixing up her eye make-up. She looked like she was crying, and the last thing she wanted was for super-sensitive Tommy to pick up on her sadness. She had just finished when there was a knock at the double mahogany doors.

"Come in," she called, taking her seat once again. A handsome man with short, dark brown hair, soulful hazel eyes, and a charming smile walked into the room. He was wearing black khakis, white dress shirt, and a deep green blazer.

"Are you two ladies ready for dinner?" he asked with a smile. He then looked around the room, "Uh, where's Katherine?"

"Right here, Luv," called Kat, stepping out of the bathroom and running to give her fiance a kiss. She had changed back into her blue suit. Kimberly looked away as the two kissed, staring at the jewelry box with her wedding gems inside. When the couple parted, she shut the box and rose to her feet to greet the former love of her life.

"Everything's set here," she said, giving Tom a quick hug, "but we still have to stop by at the house and pick up Anthony."

Kat went back into the bathroom and brought out the box with the wedding gown.

"You have to see this gown, Luv," she said placing the box on the carpet, "It's an absolute dream! Kimberly really has outdone herself."

"Wait!" Kim objected, "The groom isn't supposed to see the dress until the wedding. That way, he'll be totally taken aback when he sees you walk down the aisle!"

"How about my tux, then?" asked Tom, "When do I get to see it?"

"Oh, we can see it now if you like, but the same rules apply. Kat, you'll have to stay here when I show Tommy the tux."

"No problem," she said with a sweet smile, making herself comfortable on Kim's couch again. Kimberly took Tom's arm and lead him down the hall. Tom had to laugh.

"What's so funny?" asked Kim, letting go of his arm.

"You still love to drag me around by the arm, don't you?" he asked with a smile.

"Well, how else am I gonna get you to follow me?" Kim asked, looking up at his eyes. She quickly turned away and continued into her personal designing room-- which was a mess, with fabric, photographs, colored pencils, sewing materials, and fashion books littering the floor. In the back of the room was a tall male mannequin standing on a podium, wearing a beautiful white tuxedo, complete with dress shirt, vest, and shoes. The buttons on the jacket as well as the cufflinks were white diamonds, and the bow tie was the only non white part of the ensemble, contrasting the pure white with the blackest of black silk. There was also a delicate red rose in the pocket of the jacket, but it was an unearthly blossom, perfect and thornless, emitting a subtle reddish gold aura.

"Wow," said Tom, looking at the tuxedo, "Impressive job, Kim. I don't think I've never seen a suit quite like it before! I think I've seen that rose before, though. It's extraordinary..."

"Actually, it is," said Kimberly, pulling out the rose from the jacket pocket and placing it in Tom's hand, "Remember when we were both running for presidency in high school, and Rita cast a spell on us, making us super-competitive?"

"Yeah, I remember," said Tom, looking down at the rose.

"Well, the only way to break the spell of hate is with the magic of love, symbolized by the red rose. Zordon gave each of us a magical bouquet of red roses to break the spell on us. I... I kept them."

"Kim, that was ages ago!" said Tom, astounded by Kim's sentimentality.

"I know, but they weren't just any old bunch of flowers. They were, and still are, perfect. No thorns, pure red petals, soft as silk, never wilting, always alive and beautiful. Like true love. They'll probably last forever, just like true love. And I noticed the aura they emit kinda gives one a warm feeling inside, like a summer's day, or the sound of sweet music, or even a warm embrace. I felt it... fitting to give it back to you, since you gave it to me. That's my wedding present. Now, be good to Kat forever, and cherish her, because true love is special and should last forever. I really want you two to be happy."

Tom's eyes misted over, and he smiled at Kimberly.

"Thanks Kim," he said quietly, "I will."

He gave Kim a warm, friendly hug and placed the rose carefully back into the pocket of the white tuxedo. He eyes then widened, and he slapped his forehead.

"Oh, I forgot!" he moaned, digging into his inner coat pocket. Kimberly giggled to herself. Tommy certainly hasn't changed much, she thought, watching him desperately search for something, He still is so forgetful, its a surprise he remembers his own name!

"Here we go!" he exclaimed, taking a small package from his pocket. It was wrapped in pink and white wrapping paper, with a gold bow. "Well, I'd like to say first that I'm sorry we're getting married on your birthday, but February 14th is Valentine's Day, the most romantic day of the year, and Kat insisted. I wanted you to know that I by no means forgot your birthday, but I figured I'd give you your present a little early. Happy Birthday, Beautiful!"

Kimberly shuddered slightly at Tom's use of his old pet-name for her, back when they were in love. Nonetheless, she accepted the package, and opened it to reveal a gold lightning bolt shaped locket, hanging from a delicate gold chain. She opened the locket, revealing two small photographs, one of Trevor, and one of her young son Anthony.

Tom looked down at Kimberly and noticed a single tear streak down her cheek.

"Wanna talk about it?" he asked her gently.

Kimberly quickly composed herself, and put on the necklace.

"Thanks Tommy," she said quietly, smiling up at him, "It's perfect."

She started packing the tuxedo carefully into a cardboard box that was sitting on the floor. She gently placed the rose on top of the neatly folded tuxedo and taped the box shut. She lifted the box and handed it to Tom.

"We'd better get going," she said suddenly, "Katherine is probably wondering where we are."

Tom and Kimberly hurried down the hall, and found Katherine waiting patiently outside Kim's office, standing beside the box with the gown and the smaller jewelry box on top of it. The smile on her face fell as she saw that both Tom's and Kimberly's eyes were slightly red.

"What's wrong?" she asked, worry written all over her face.

"Kimberly just gave me a special wedding present and some good advice about love," he said quietly, taking Katherine's hand with his free one, "Now, shouldn't we get going? The four of us have dinner reservations at six."

Kimberly picked up the jewelry box and Kat lifted the box with the gown in it, and the trio made their way to the elevator.

* * *

The year is 1997, and as the sun slowly rises over the horizon, its gentle rays peek into the open window of the top floor apartment of a rather tall New York City skyscraper. Inside this room, which is supposed to be abandoned, sleeps a young man. But, this is no ordinary young man. In fact, he is a mutant, gifted with the awesome abilities of telepathy and telekinesis. Also, he isn't even from the world he now lives in. He actually was born, or rather created, in an alternate reality.

About two months ago, Nate Grey lived with his friends the Outcasts, and travelled across what was once the United States of America, helping to alleviate the suffering of those oppressed by Apocalypse, the self-proclaimed ruler of that world. One day, though, everything changed. Two young teenagers from an alternate dimension appeared, and first introduced Nate to the possibility of other universes. Together, he, the two teenagers named Zack Taylor and Kimberly Hart, and his allies Magneto, Forge, and the Shadow, attacked Apocalypse's citadel, intending on reuniting the M'Kraan Crystal, the nexus of reality, with its long-missing fragment, dubbed the Zeo Crystal. During that escapade, Forge, the only father and protector Nate ever knew, was killed by the creature Holocaust. This drew Nate into a frenzy, and he telekinetically thrust the Zeo Crystal, which lay on the ground, into Holocaust's armor. This act had unexpected, and unusual affects. The energy released from the crystal threw Nate, Shadow, and Holocaust into the Mutliverse, where they eventually ended up in an alternate reality, the same one Kimberly and Zack came from. Nate himself appeared somewhere in Switzerland, where he recovered from his injuries sustained by interdimensional transport, and basically created a new life for himself. His wanderings came to an end when he came to New York. He encountered many mutants that were called the X-Men, but they were far too different from the X-Men of the Age of Apocalypse for Nate to relate to them. Nate distanced himself from everything and everyone that was familiar to him in his home dimension, and this included Shadow, Zack, and Kimberly. After a few weeks of searching for his best friend, Nate came to the conclusion that he may not have survived the transport. Either that, or he didn't want to be found. And he didn't want to interfere with the lives of the X-Rangers. However, Nate didn't know he didn't have a choice in the matter.

Suddenly, Nate felt a strange tingle, that he was vaguely familiar with. It was Mutliversal transportation.

"What?" he said, sitting up in his bed. He saw the room he was in suddenly bend, and fade into nothingness. He soon found himself lying upon a floor of solid white marble tiles. He rose to his feet, and realized he'd been in this room once before.

"Otherworld?" he muttered to himself.

"Indeed," said a gentle voice. Nate turned around, and saw a woman clad in flowing white robes, with an ebony ponytail, olive skin, and dark, mysterious almondine eyes.

"Roma," he said, "why am I here?"

"As you recall, a few months ago, I requested your aid, to help the Power Rangers save the universe."

"Yeah," he said, "So?"

"So, I ask you again for your aid. The Power Rangers will be facing an enemy, one that they will never be able to defeat alone. Tell me, Nathan, do you recall a being called Onslaught?"

Nate's crystal blue eyes widened in shock, and his jaw dropped. "That monster is dead!"

"No," said Roma, "he is not dead. He has returned, and he now has the potential to be an even greater threat than he was before. He must be stopped now, before he can increase in power."

"Tell me what I need to do."

* * *

A red Jeep Cherokee parked in front of the magnificent home of the Monroe family, called the Angel's Palace. Of course, it wasn't a literal palace, but the half-mile of property had a regal air about it. The immense lawn was perfectly kept, even in the wintertime, with numerous bushes, evergreens, and winter flowers decorating the area. On the side of the mansion was a quaint greenhouse, where Kimberly kept her garden. There was also an outdoor pool, tennis court, and numerous pieces of playground equipment for Anthony and his friends. Kimberly, Thomas, and Katherine exited the car and made their way to the front doors. Kimberly knocked once, and a short middle aged Mexican woman opened the door.

"Senora!" said the woman, "Welcome home!"

She held the door for the trio, who all entered the mansion. Kimberly's head jerked just in time to see a flash of green jump on her and give her a big hug.

"Mammy!" he cried, "you're home!"

"Yes, Pumpkin," she said, returning his hug. She then put him down and ruffled his sandy blonde hair. "So, did you have fun today?"

"Yeah, but I missed ya," the little boy cooed, holding onto his mother's leg, "You're not supposed to work on Saturday! Saturday is our special day!"

"I know Baby, but I had to do a favor for Uncle Tommy and Aunt Kat. Did you say hi to them?"

Anthony immediately ran to his surrogate uncle and aunt, giving them both warm hugs. Kimberly turned to her maid.

"Anita, why isn't he dressed yet? I asked you to have him ready to leave."

"I'm sorry, Senora, but Antonio refused to wear his suit. Only you can get him to wear it."

"C'mere, Tony," said Kimberly, taking her son's hand, "We've got to get ready for dinner."

Kimberly led Anthony to his room and helped him put on his suit. She then proceeded to her own bedroom, and brushed out her hair. She saw a reflection of golden light in her mirror, coming from the crack of her open closet.

"What's that?" she asked out loud, opening the closet. She found the source of the eerie gold light-- her yellow Zeo shard, which grants her the Terra power of lightning. She picked up the shard from its place in the back of her shoe closet, and examined it in her hand.

"I don't understand," she said, staring at the small yellow crystal, "Its never glowed like this before!"

Kimberly hid the crystal in her palm and ran down the stairs. She found Tom and Katherine talking to Anita.

"Anita," she ordered, "fetch me Anthony's dress shoes please. I can't seem to find them."

"Si, Senora" said Anita, hurrying up the stairs.

"What's wrong, Kim?" asked Katherine.

"This!" she cried, opening her palm to reveal the Zeo shard. Both Tom and Kat stared at the strange gold beams of light coming from the yellow shard, befuddled.

"Has this ever happened before?" asked Tom, taking the shard and examining it more closely.

"No. The shard doesn't even glow usually-- unless its power is called upon."

Suddenly, the crystal jumped from Tom's hand to the ground. It touched the floor and emitted a single, wide beam of gold light to the high ceiling above. The three friends stood back and watched as a disk of gold light formed on the ceiling, and jumped in amazement when a young man wearing a blue and silver uniform fell to the ground from the hole. He moaned in pain and held out his hand. Immediately, the Zeo shard leapt into his hand, no longer glowing. The young man stood up and ran his other hand through his brown hair, streaked with white. His crystal blue eyes stared first at Tom, and then Kat. His left eye seemed to glow yellow when his gaze fell on Kimberly, who stared at this strange boy who just appeared in her house. He walked towards Kimberly, but she shrunk back from him. Tom stepped in front of the stranger menacingly.

"Who are you, and what do you want here?" he demanded, folding his arms over his chest.

The boy glared up at Tom, letting his left eye once again glow yellow. But Tom didn't flinch.

"Who are you, and what do you want here?" he repeated. The boy's frown disappeared, and he cracked an amused smile.

"I like him," he said to Kimberly, "He's got courage, even though he doesn't have his Zeo shard with him."

The three adults gaped at this remark. The boy just smirked and held out his hand to Kimberly, offering her the yellow Zeo shard.

"Here," he said, "It won't glow gold again. It only does that when psionic energy is focused through it, Kim."

"Do I know you?" asked Kimberly, taking her shard back.

"Not really, but I know you. At least, I've met you. Another you."

"What?!" asked the three adults in unison.

"I'm the X-Man, but my friends call me Nate. Nate Grey. I come from an alternate universe. A couple months ago, my time, I met a girl named Kimberly Hart and her friend Zack Taylor. They helped me and my allies battle an evil monster from my world. We had to retrieve the Zeo Crystal from the moon, to complete the M'Kraan Crystal, and fix reality, but they couldn't access their Terra powers. So, Kim and Zack's power signatures were altered, when someone created a weird kind of bond between us. Kimberly became a telepath, and her powers were basically a carbon copy of my own. Somehow, by gaining power through me, that created a link between us, and that's basically what caused the dissapearance of your husband."

Kimberly sank to her knees when she heard that. Tom was frozen in shock, and Katherine stood dumfounded. Nate sighed to himself. This is going to take a while.

Nate helped Kim to her feet, and led her to the couch to sit. He then gave Tom and Kat a telekinetic nudge, causing them to also be seated. Nate himself sat on the loveseat across from the other three.

"I... I don't understand," choked Kimberly, "Why would your giving an alternate reality's version of me telepathic power affect me...and Trevor?"

"I guess I should start from the beginning. I was born in a horrible world ruled by the tyrant Apocalypse. While I was there, Kimberly and Zack fell through an interdimensional anomaly. Their Terra Powers were blocked because there already was a Zeo Crystal in that dimension, and there can only be one of each Terran Ranger. So, in order to send them home, and repair the damage done to the Multiverse, Kim and Zack travelled to the moon to find the Zeo Crystal. An all-powerful being named Roma created an energy link between us, so as to create new powers for Kim and Zack, so they could morph and help in the final battle. Magneto gave Zack the power of magnetism, and I gave Kim the powers of telepathy and telekinesis. Since telepathy is such a delicate power, Kimberly's power kind of bonded with my own, creating a psionic link called a rapport."

"That still doesn't explain what that has to do with this Kimberly and her husband," said Katherine quietly.

"I'm getting to that. So, during the final fight, the three of us and another friend of mine were sent through the Multiverse by way of the M'Kraan Crystal, the nexus of all reality. We all were teleported away from my home universe, and we were separated. I made a life for myself in New York City, and Kim and Zack returned to Angel Grove with their new powers. While I was in New York, I met up with another team of mutant heroes called the X-Men. But, they weren't the same X-Men I knew from back home. Ever heard of them?"

"They're in the news from time to time," said Tom.

"Right. So, I got involved in this major battle with Onslaught, a monster with unsurpassed psionic abilities. When he was destroyed, his psionic power was released into the Astral Plane. The Astral Plane is constant throughout the Multiverse, so from there Onslaught could go anywhere. The Zeo Crystal, being a fragment of the M'Kraan Crystal, can easily be used as a doorway through the Multiverse, and since the yellow Zeo shard was attuned to psionic energy, it was the perfect escape route for Onslaught. I think Trevor was either touching the Zeo shard or was too close to it, so that the outburst of energy enveloped him."

"You're telling me he's...he's..." Kimberly's words stuck in her throat as she let the tears fall freely from her eyes.

"Let me finish, Kim," said Nate, standing up, "He's not dead."

"Then, what happened to him?" asked Tom.

"The psionic energies pulled him into a temporal hole, like the one I came here through. But that hole wasn't focused, so Trevor fell aimlessly into the Multiverse. He should have died, because no unprotected human can travel safely through the Multiverse, but his body bonded with the psionic energies of Onslaught, creating a new super-villain-- Solar."

"Solar!" said Tom, leaping to his feet, "That's impossible! We battled Solar ages ago, back when I was the White Ranger! He was the one that created those teleportation holes, kidnapping me, Adam, two Sailor Scouts, and two Spectrum Enforcers. We destroyed--"

Realization hit Tom immediately, stopping him in mid sentence. He looked down at Kimberly, who stared up at him in horror.

"He... he had sandy blonde hair and... and aqua eyes, just like Trevor," he said quietly, sinking into his seat, "I... I didn't realize the resemblance before now. He... he must have travelled back in time to destroy us all as teenagers, but he underestimated us." He turned to Kimberly, clutching her trembling hands in his, "Oh, God, Kim... I'm so sorry..."

Nate telekinetically lifted the couch off the carpet, trying to get the attention of the three sobbing Rangers. When they stared down at him in surprise, he lowered them to the ground and let out a huge sigh.

"Didn't you hear what I just said? He's not dead. You and the other five heroes managed to overload his telekinetic powers, but you didn't kill him. Almost a year passed since then before he returned, planning to get his revenge."

"But, I don't remember fighting him again!" said Tom.

"The second battle happened after the critical point."

"The what ?" asked Katherine.

"The critical point! It's kinda like a fork in the road, but in the timestream. You see, the timeline I live in now is much like yours. In fact, it is the exact same as yours, up to the point of December, 1996. In your time, Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa left, and didn't return for ten years. You defeated them, and they left for good. What happened is that they traveled ten years into the future, hoping the Terran Rangers would be out of commission. You guys came out of retirement and defeated them. Zedd and Rita decided to go back to the time they left and continue invading Earth. By altering the timestream, they created a critical point, where two timelines diverge. In the alternate timeline, Zedd and Rita never left in 1996, and so the Terran Rangers never disbanded. That makes drastic changes to your lives. For example: Kimberly, you never went back to Florida. Therefore, although you met Trevor Monroe, you never fell in love with him. That timeline is where Solar exists now. He was severely injured by the Mars Fireball that caused his energies to backlash, and he's been recharging himself for the past year. He's preparing to destroy the Power Rangers, and since they don't know who he is, they'll use lethal force. Either they'll kill Trevor, or Trevor will kill them."

"How do you know so much?" askd Tom skeptically.

"Well, this may be hard for the three of you to swallow, but I was sent here by Roma, the Guardian of the Multiverse. She regulates the interdimensional travel, because it can damage the entire Multiverse. She realized how dangerous Onslaught is, and so she asked me to come here, get you, and stop him. Roma herself has taken a vow not to directly interfere, so she couldn't do it herself, although she is certainly able to. She guided me here."

"What do you need us for?" asked Tom.

"I don't know if I can stop Solar," said Nate, also standing up, "If he's as powerful as Onslaught, he could destroy the Multiverse! Also, my traveling through the timestream severely weakens me. I won't be anywhere near full strength when we get there."

"Okay," said Tom, pulling up his jacket sleeve to reveal his communicator, "Kat and I will teleport to our homes and get our Zeo shards. Kim, contact Jason, Zack, and Adam and tell them to 'port here ASAP. We should be ready to leave in a few minutes."

"No," said Nate, "I don't have enough energy to transport us all. I can barely manage one passenger. Navigating the Multiverse is serious business. Also, there can only be one of each Zeo crystal shard in one dimension at a time. The Kimberly in my dimension is no longer reliant on the power of Lightning, so this Kimberly will be able to morph into the Yellow Terran Ranger."

"No way!" objected Tom, "I'm the leader of the Power Rangers! I take the risks. Kim has never fought Solar before, I have. I know what kind of power he has, and what his limits are. Besides, Trevor and I had become pretty good friends, before he disappeared."

"You may be friends, Tommy," said Nate sternly, "But there is no strong bond of emotion between you. It's more like a mutual acceptance than a friendship, and it's for Kimberly's sake. You both love Kimberly on some level, and so you both decided to accept each other. You had to accept Trevor as Kimberly's husband, and he had to accept you as Kimberly's friend and former love. He may feel nothing but jealousy if he sees you, especially if he recognizes your younger self with the younger Kimberly. I think the teenaged Red Terran Ranger will be his first target. Kimberly is the only one who may be able to reach him."

Katherine stood up and rested her head on her fiance's shoulder. She could feel him tremble under her touch.

"Nate," she asked, "will Kimberly traveling back through time cause another critical point? Will it affect our reality?"

"Your reality has already diverged with the alternate dimension. However, Kimberly's appearance may affect the parallel reality's future, causing a critical point there. The best thing to do is keep Kimberly's identity secret from as many people as possible. We should also refrain from telling them too much about the future."

"What happened in the other reality's future?" asked Tom.

"I don't know, I've never been there. Now, Kimberly, are you ready to go?"

"Should I morph?" she asked, holding her yellow Zeo shard.

"It may give you away. The best thing for you to do is pass through in a disguise. Kimberly, take my hand."

Kimberly reached out and touched Nate's hand. Nate transmitted telekinetic energy through Kimberly, transforming her outfit into a yellow version of his blue-and-silver armor. Her yellow Zeo shard was reabsorbed into her heart, and she wore a yellow mask on her face with a visor over her eyes.

"Ready?" he asked politely.

"Just about," she answered, turning to Tom and Katherine, "Guys, do me a favor and watch Tony 'till I come back? Tell him I had a sudden business trip or something. If I don't get back..."

"Kimberly, don't say that," interrupted Katherine, hugging Kimberly, "You'll be fine. Just hurry! I'd love to see you and Trevor at my wedding."

Kim turned to Tom, who was trying to hide his fear. Kim could see it in his eyes, though.

"Take care, Kim," he whispered, giving her a hug.

"I will," she answered, turning back to Nate, who was creating another portal. Nate reached out and took Kim's hand.

"Time to go!" he called, "Bye guys, I'll take good care of the Yellow Ranger!"

With that, Nate and Kim disappeared in a flash of golden light.