Time After Time
Chapter Two: The Wrath of Solar
by Rachel D Dawson

In an interdimensional pocket in the Multiverse, a shimmering onyx castle floats proudly in the middle of the vast emptiness. The castle is an exact replica of the mythical palace in Otherworld, home of the guardian of the Multiverse, Roma. This castle is the sanctuary for the being called Solar, which is the body of the human Trevor Monroe controlled by the ambitions and memory of the tyrant Onslaught. Nearly a year ago, Solar made his first appearance, trying to conquer the Multiverse by destroying the defenders of three of the Multiverse's most powerful timestreams, the Power Rangers, the Spectrum Force, and the Sailor Scouts. These three universes have one thing in common-- magic. Onslaught has faced both technology and mutant powers, but magic is unfamiliar to him, and is therefore dangerous. So, Solar underestimated the three teams of teenaged heroes, and lost a great deal of energy in the last battle. Now he has recuperated, and had time to think. What Onslaught, the being whose ambitions and memories control of Solar, doesn't know is that during his convalescence, the consciousness of the host body, Trevor Monroe, has started to surface. Now, Solar is a true blend of the ambitions and powers of Onslaught and the feelings and concerns of Trevor Monroe.

"It is time," Solar says aloud, standing up from the throne in the middle of the otherwise empty room. He walks to the balcony, staring out at the Multiverse, which looks like a patch of blackness with streaks of colored light, each representing a different universe. Solar created a magical portal, and through it stepped one of Onslaught's most faithful and powerful followers--Holocaust. Holocaust is truly an intimidating sight-- a blood red skeleton inside a yellow-orange transluscent body armor, making him stand at a height of nearly eight feet. He was super-strong, extremely fast, cunning, and cruel, with a mighty arm cannon with enough fire power to slice through steel like a hot knife through butter.

"You summoned me, Onslaught?" asked Holocaust, the red skull on his shoulders glowing.

"Remember, from now on I am Solar!" hollered Solar angrily, "I am neither Onslaught or Monroe, I am my own being."

"So, what is your plan, and how do I fit into it?" asked Holocaust, starting to get impatient. As far as he was concerned, he was Onslaught's ally, not servant.

"My plan is to conquer Otherworld," said Solar, continuing to gaze out into the sky. He turned around when he heard a stifled chuckle.

"How do you plan do defeat Roma?" asked Holocaust, fighting back laughter. He immediately shut up when he saw Solar's fists glow a vibrant gold.

"All I require is the infinite power of the M'Kraan Crystal."

"You mean the gem that transported me to this universe?" asked Holocaust.

"Precisely. The M'Kraan Crystal is the nexus of reality. Within it is the power of the universe! The only thing is, we must unite the entire M'Kraan Crystal, or else its powers will be quite difficult to control."

"How do you plan on getting the Crystal? I thought it was lost for eternity."

"It is indeed lost, but it can be found. If we recover the missing fragment of the M'Kraan Crystal, we will be able to track down the larger piece. And, I believe I have located the crystal's shard. It is on Earth."

"Really?" asked Holocaust in surprise, "Where?"

"It is in the possession of the Power Rangers. Recently, they have been granted direct access to the shard of the crystal, which they refer to as the Zeo Crystal. If we find the Zeo Crystal in its entirety, we will be able to locate the remainder, and finally oust Roma from her throne. I will begin my attack now."

Solar created another interdimensional portal, and immediately stepped through. Holocaust hesitated for a moment, and then followed Solar through the hole. They both rematerialized in a tacky stone castle on the dark side of Earth's moon. The being sitting on the throne stared at the visitors, glowing an enraged scarlet.

"Who dares enter the palace of Lord Zedd unannounced?" asked Zedd angrily, standing up from his throne and grabbing his "Z" staff.

"I am Solar, soon to be the absolute ruler of the Multiverse. I will be staying in this dimension for a while, and I am in the need of accommodations. Your castle will have to do."

"Excuse me?" asked Zedd in a rage, pointing his staff at Solar, "No one barges into my castle and orders me around!"

With that, Lord Zedd fires a massive bolt of white lightning at Solar, who absorbs it without even flinching.

"I survived the energy blasts of Cyclops, Storm, and even the mighty Thor's hammer! Do you think your petty static electricity can harm me?!"

"What's all that racket?" came a shrill voice from the hallway, "I have a headache!"

"Rita, get in here!" said Zedd furiously. Rita Repulsa stepped into the throne room. Her eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets when she saw Solar and Holocaust.

"Eww," she croaked, "That one with the skull is even uglier than my brother!"

Holocaust snarled at the witch, powering up his arm cannon. Solar put his hand on Holocaust's shoulder. He then turned to Zedd and Rita with a smirk on his face and a golden glow in his eyes.

"I think I'll send the two of you into the Multiverse, to float about aimlessly for a century or two," he said, creating another portal. Zedd and Rita were helplessly pulled into the hole.

"Now," said Solar, making himself comfortable on Zedd's throne, "its time to take action."


At the picturesque beach of Angel Grove, California, ten teenagers enjoy a competitive match of beach volleyball. Aisha Campbell, Rocky DeSantos, Adam Park, Alexis Darling, and Katherine Hillard play against Jason Lee, Tommy Oliver, Kimberly Hart, Zack Taylor, and Billy Mitchell. The sun shines brilliantly down on the teenagers, who enjoy the surprising warmth of February in Angel Grove.

"Okay," says Alexis, tossing the ball to Adam, "the serve was out of bounds. We have serve, and the score's 7-11."

"We're gonna change that real quick!" said Aisha, giving Adam a thumbs up. Adam backed up, and launched a perfect overhand serve. Zack returned the serve with a quick spike, which was blocked by Aisha. Kimberly set the ball, and Billy swatted a powerful spike across the court. Katherine dove for it, setting a volley for Alexis. Tommy returned the volley, but his hit was blocked by Rocky. Both Zack and Jason ran for the ball, but collided with each other as the ball hit the sand.

"Watch where you're going, Man!" laughed Zack, standing up and brushing the sand off his white Adidas shirt and matching shorts. Jason laughed uncontrollably, still sitting on the sand. When he stands up, a white envelope falls from his shorts pocket. Tommy picks it up and looks at the return address.

"Whoa," he said, looking up at Jason, "Rice University! Jay, you didn't tell us you applied to Rice. Did ya get in?"

Jason stopped laughing abruptly, and lifted his gaze to Tommy with a small smile on his face.

"Yeah," he said quietly.

"That's fantastic, Jase," said Kimberly, giving him a congratulatory hug, "What's wrong?"

"Guys, I've been thinking, about the future. Y'see, most of us are graduating this June, and from there, we may be going on to college. What'll happen to the Power Rangers? I mean, the Zeo shards supposedly can only be wielded by the person destined to be a Terran Power Ranger. Without Zordon here to guide us, we have to make the decision on our own."

"I've given that problem a lot of thought," said Billy, "Originally, we believed that each Zeo shard can only be wielded by one individual. However, Aisha managed to absorb the essence of the green Zeo shard without any apparent side-effects. I've been studying this phenomenon, and although I haven't reached any concrete conclusions, I know for a fact that anyone who ever wielded a Power Coin has sustained sufficient bio-chemical changes to harbor the Terra power."

"That doesn't help too much, Billy," said Katherine, "Jason, Tommy, Rocky, Kimberly, Alexis, and Zack are graduating this year, and the rest of us will be graduating next year. By the end of next year, we all will have gone our separate ways."

"Well, guys, what plans do you have?" asked Tommy.

"I'm going to Drexel University in September," said Rocky quietly. Adam and Aisha turned to him in shock.

"And you didn't tell us?" asked Adam.

"Well, I was going to," Rocky said meekly.

"Where is Drexel anyway?" asked Zack curiously.

"Philadelphia," he said, glancing at Alexis. She smiled at him.

"Drexel's campus is side by side with the University of Pennsylvania," she said, "I guess we'll be seeing a lot of each other next year." "Wanna be roommates?" he asked with a smirk. Alexis rolled her eyes. "Okay," said Tommy, "I planned on taking a year off before going to college. I wanted to explore my Native American heritage a bit. After all, I still have this arrowhead, and its supposed to lead me to my destiny."

"I enrolled in Angel Grove University," said Zack with a smile, "The Zack-man ain't goin' nowhere!"

"What about you, Kim?" asked Tommy quietly, "Are you going to move to Paris with your mother?"

"Well, I'm staying with my uncle Steve through the summer, until I start attending class at Stone Canyon Fashion Institute. I'll probably live on campus or get an apartment, which means I'll be getting a job come summer."

"And you, Billy?" asked Adam, "You've already graduated! What plans have you made?"

"I've been admitted Early Decision to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, but since I am no longer an active member of the Power Rangers, it shouldn't make any difference."

"Billy, you're an essential member of the team," said Aisha, "After all, you're the behind-the-scenes man who makes sure all the weapons and Zords are in working condition. What would we do without you?"

"Good question," said Tommy, concern etched in his voice and expression.

"I plan to remain in contact with you while I'm in school," started Billy, "and I've been tutoring Adam on the workings of the Zords and the other equipment in the CAC ever since he lost his powers. He should be a excellent replacement, and if you still need my help, just contact me."

"Wow, bud, you really thought this through!" said Zack. Billy just shrugged.

"And you're going to Texas, eh bro?" asked Tommy.

"I... I'm not sure. I may go to Notre Dame instead-- they're trying to recruit me for football. Or I may attend a closer school..."

"Jase, don't let being a Power Ranger hold you back," said Tommy, clapping Jason on the back, "After all, sooner or later we all will have to give up the Power. We'll have too many responsibilities to continue being on call 24 hours a day."

The conversation was interrupted by a loud whistle coming from Billy's communicator.

"What's up, Billy?" asked Adam, looking at Billy's wrist.

"That's the remote CAC alarm. Lord Zedd and Rita must be up to something."

"Then you guys better get going," said Rocky quietly.

"Yeah," said Adam, nodding his head, "see ya."

Immediately, Tommy, Jason, Billy, Alexis, Zack, Katherine, Kimberly, and Aisha teleported in streaks of colored light to the CAC, where Billy ran to his personal computer system without delay. He began typing a few buttons, and an image appeared in the Viewing Globe of a red-skulled creature encased in a powerful yellow-gold exo-skeleton.

"What is that?" gasped Alexis, "It doesn't look like one of Zedd's usual monsters."

Alexis turned to Kimberly, who was staring wide-eyed at the globe. She noticed that Zack wore a similar facial expression.

"Kim? Zack? What's wrong?" she asked finally.

"Holocaust," whispered Kim incredulously, "He's here--in Angel Grove."

"Who's Holocaust?" asked Jason, scratching his head.

"Kim and I fought him in the Age of Apocalypse a couple months ago," said Zack solemnly, "Man, that guy's bad news! I thought he died in an explosion when we attacked Apocalypse's palace! How did he get here, and why?"

"I'll try to figure that out," said Billy, madly typing on his keyboard, "But in the meantime, he's attacking Angel Grove Plaza."

"He's attacking the mall?" asked Aisha in shock, "That's so sick!"

"It's also good strategy," said Tommy, "He's putting hundreds of innocent civilians in danger, and he's not giving them a chance to escape. He's trying to get us out there. So, let's go!" "Everyone, be extremely careful," said Zack seriously.

"Yeah," said Kim, "His arm cannon packs a punch, and he's super strong."

"Right," said Tommy, "Terran Rangers, its Morphin Time!"

The four Terran Power Rangers stood in a line, and in a fluid single motion, they held their fists out, rose them to the sky, and then swung their arms to their sides.

"TERRA FIRE POWER!" hollered Tommy.

"TERRA EARTH POWER!!" yelled Jason.

"TERRA WATER POWER!!" cried Katherine.

"TERRA WIND POWER!!" screamed Aisha.

Zack and Kimberly, the X-Rangers, prepared to morph by crossing their arms in front of their chests, causing their hands to glow in their respective colors.

"X-Ranger One!" yelled Zack, immediately being clothed in a shimmery silver uniform with a thick black streak down the middle. His arm bands, collar, belt, and shoulderpads were of a highly-reflectant black metal. His helmet was black and silver, and his boots, which reached his knees, were black with bands of silver.

"X-Ranger Two!" cried Kim, transforming into a gold version of Zack's costume.

Alexis, the only remaining Mighty Morphin Power Ranger, pulled out her morpher and held it out in front of her. "Purple Ranger Power!" she called. In a flash of purple light, she was wearing the form-fitting armor of the Purple Ranger, with a golden shield, white boots and elbow gloves, purple and white helmet, and golden wings attached to the ankles of her thigh-high boots. The seven Power Rangers teleported to the mall, where Holocaust was using his arm cannon to destroy the elevator cable, sending the elevator flying to the first floor, with passengers crying out in terror. Suddenly, the elevator slowed to a halt, and softly landed on the first floor. Holocaust immediately recognized the barely visible silvery energy that encased the elevator, and smiled. He wasn't at all surprised to see the two X-Rangers float gracefully to the ground.

"So, how do the two of you manage to stop me this time, without any X-Men to back you up?"

"They have us to back them up!" came a shout from the escalator. Holocaust spun around to see the Red, Black, Blue, Purple and Green Rangers descend to the ground floor, immediately falling into battle positions.

"So, you're the Zeo Rangers," said Holocaust, powering up his arm cannon discreetly, "I'm not impressed."

"We're the Terran Rangers, braniac!" yelled Aisha, silently summoning her Wind Shield, "You obviously don't know who you're dealing with!"

"Oh, I know more about you than you may think," said Holocaust, firing a hot ray of plasma at the five heroes. Aisha blocked the brunt of the beam with her shield, but the sheer force of the hit knocked her into the fountain across the mall. Kim and Zack immediately leapt into action, tossing various objects at Holocaust with their powers while the other rangers recovered from the blast.

"Kat!" ordered Tommy, "check on Aisha! Lex, Jason, get ready to rock 'n roll."

"You got it, Bro!" said Jason, standing tall. Tommy beckoned to Kim and Zack, pointing upwards. They immediately caught on, and used their respective powers of telekinesis and magnetism to levitate off the ground. Jason, seeing his cue, pounded his fists to the ground, creating a devastating shock wave, directed at Holocaust. Holocaust was thrown off the ground and crashed into an electronics store.

"Oh boy," said Zack, "I feel sorry for the poor sucker who's gotta pick up that bill!"

"I've got him from here!" said Alexis, the golden wings on her boots flapping. She sailed through the air, her Laser Whip sparking with purple energy. She cracked the whip, wrapping it around Holocaust's waist. She then let the whip release its purple laser energy into his body.

"We have to get him outta the mall," called Kimberly, landing beside Tommy, "before he causes even more damage!"

Suddenly, Kimberly gasps and clutches the area of her chest above her heart. Tommy catches her before she collapses to the ground.

"Kim?!" he yelled, watching as she started to twitch violently, "She's having a seizure!"

"Get her to the CAC!" yelled Jason, mentally calling the Earth Sword, "We'll take care of Holocaust!"

The Red Ranger nods, gently lifting the unconscious Gold Ranger into his arms. They both leave in a streak of red and gold light.

* * *

In the CAC, Billy prepares the medical unit, where Rocky had healed from his injuries from the explosion of the original Command Center last year, and where Adam underwent extensive surgery not long after. Billy turns to see the Red and Gold Rangers materialize in the middle of the CAC.

"Bring her here," ordered Billy, beckoning Tommy. Tommy lays Kimberly gently on the cot and gently removes her helmet. Kimberly's face is contorted in pain.

"What's wrong with her?!" asked Tommy impatiently as Billy ran a scanner over her body, "She just had a seizure in the middle of the fight!"

Billy holds the scanner over Kimberly's heart. His eyes nearly bulge out of their sockets as that area of her costume begins glowing vibrant gold. Both Billy and Tommy watch in mute horror as the yellow Zeo crystal shard passed through Kimberly's body from her heart. It floated to the ground, and Kim's uniform immediately disappeared, leaving the still unconscious girl clad in her mid drift and shorts she was wearing earlier. The boys follow the shard with their eyes, and step back in shock when a beam of golden light shot from the crystal to the ceiling of the CAC, forming a portal. Two people, a woman in a yellow and silver uniform, and a young man in an identical blue and silver uniform, fell from the hole. The woman's hair and face were covered in a mask, with a visor covering her eyes. The young man's face and hair were both visible.

White hair?! thought Tommy, still in shock, What the heck just happened?!

The two visitors stood up and brushed off their spacesuit-type uniforms. The woman picked up the yellow Zeo shard and gazed at it with interest. The young man with the brown and white hair took the crystal from the woman and started to walk towards the medical unit. The Red Ranger stood menacingly in his path.

"Who are you, and what do you want?" he asked threateningly, folding his arms across his chest.

"Not again!" moaned the young man, rolling his eyes. The woman in yellow merely smiled. The Red Ranger didn't move from his position.

"Who are you, and what do you want here?" he repeated.

"Amazing," said the young man, "Not much as changed in twelve years! You are really protective of her, Tommy."

The Red Ranger removed his helmet, and stared at him in surprise. Meanwhile, Billy discreetly scanned the two strangers.

The man is a mutant, he thought, and the woman has... the yellow Zeo shard?! Is it possible...?

"I'm Nate Grey, the X-Man," said the young man politely, "and Kim is an old friend of mine. Now, if you'll let me, I'll restore her Zeo shard and wake her up."

Tommy slowly stepped aside, and watched as Nate stood at Kim's bedside. His eyes glowed with telekinetic energy, and the yellow shard floated above Kimberly. In a flash of yellow light, the Zeo shard vanished, and Kimberly's eyes fluttered open.

"Oooh," she moaned, her hand absently covering her heart, "what happened?"

Her eyes focused, and locked with the gaze of a familiar pair of crystal blue eyes. She bolted into a sitting position, her eyes wide with surprise and recognition.

"Nate!" she cried, hugging him tightly, "Oh my gosh, you're alive!! I thought you died in the Age of Apocalypse!! What's going on?" Nate's smile fell instantly.

"Kim, I have some pretty bad news," he started, "and its gonna take me forever to tell you the whole story--"

Instantly, five beams of colored light appeared in the center of the CAC. The arriving Rangers removed their helmets, not noticing that they had guests.

"Holocaust split!" said Zack angrily, "Just like that! I wonder what he's up to--"

Zack stopped in mid sentence as he saw a familiar man with white and brown hair.

"Nate!" he yelled, running up to him and shaking his hand vigorously, "I should have known you survived that explosion! What's up with Holocaust? And where've you been, anyway?"

Nate related the story about him, Solar, and Trevor Monroe. However, in order to preserve the future, he didn't mention that his travel companion was in fact Kimberly. He introduced Kim as "Annie", which is from Kim's middle name Anne. The elder Kim leaned silently against a consol, looking at the teenagers and smiling. She kept talking to a minimum, so the young rangers wouldn't recognize her voice. They're so young, she mused, so innocent. She noticed how closely her younger self stood to Tommy. I guess in this timestream, I didn't dump Tommy for Trevor. I wonder how things would have turned out if I didn't send Tommy that letter...

"Trevor Monroe?" said the young Kimberly with a gasp, "I know him! He works at the gym I trained at in Florida. He's a nice guy, definitely not capable of being Solar."

"Trevor isn't evil," said the elder Kim, jumping into the conversation, "The creature called Onslaught has taken over my husband's body! We have to find a way to destroy Onslaught while not harming Trevor. Once Onslaught is disembodied, we can find a way to destroy him!"

"One thing doesn't quite hold water," said Zack, "How are you able to time travel? When we met in the Age of Apocalypse, you didn't have any kind of Multiversal transit abilities, or you would've sent us home from the start."

"You're right. You see, the M'Kraan Crystal transported me away from my homeworld, and I ended up in Switzerland in this world. Just a few hours ago, Roma teleported me to Otherworld, and explained the situation. She basically asked me to make sure Solar is taken care of, so he can't destroy the Multiverse. She has given me the ability to travel through the Multiverse, guided by the yellow Zeo Crystal shard."

"Well, how are we supposed to separate Trevor from Onslaught?" asked Kat, "And how are we supposed to fight Solar? Any physical attack will only do damage to Trevor."

"I doubt you'll even manage to do much damage to Solar's body," said Nate, rubbing his chin, "When I battled Onslaught, the only thing that managed to destroy his physical form was the unadulterated wrath of the Hulk, the strongest creature on Earth!"

"Well, we took him down before," said Tommy.

"Not exactly," said Nate, "Roma told me about your first battle with Solar. Y'see, Sailor Mars' Fireball causes evil energy to lash back at itself. It created a vast amount of energy feedback, sorta like clogging a drain. And even that feedback didn't cause Trevor and Onslaught to separate. Besides, he's much stronger now. I doubt the Fireball would have a substantial effect this time."

"How do we find Solar anyway?" asked Alexis.

"I believe I already have," called Billy from his computer.

"What did you find out, Billy?" asked Annie, looking over his shoulder. Billy looked up at her curiously.

"Do I...know you somehow?" he whispered so only she could hear him.

"Impossible," said Annie hurriedly, "I'm not from this timeline."

"Perhaps not, but you know my name, you are obviously familiar with the CAC, you're wearing the yellow Zeo shard, and the computer has recognized your DNA matrix."

Annie stared silently at Billy. She then noticed the others approaching them.

"We'll talk about this later," she whispered, "Please don't tell anyone!"

"But, I can't keep something like this from them... Kimberly."

"Please, Billy, for the sake of the future! No one should know too much about the future. I'm sure a physicist like yourself can understand the repercussions!"

"What's going on, Billy?" asked Jason, standing behind Annie.

Annie stayed silent, and Billy returned his attention to his computer.

"Well, I traced Holocaust's teleport when he left the battle," said Billy, staring at the results. His jaw dropped.

"Well, don't keep us in suspense!" said Aisha impatiently.

"Holocaust teleported...to the Moon Palace!"

"As in Zedd's palace?!" asked Alexis disbelievingly.

"Solar probably took over Zedd's palace for a base of operations," said Jason, "He must be planning on staying here for a while."

"What do we do?" asked Kat, turning to Tommy. Tommy shrugged.

"We come up with a plan."