Author Note: Kimberly and Tommy have always been my favorite Power Rangers, and in my opinion, they were the most adorable couple on television! They were perfect for each other, and Power Ranger fans watched their relationship blossom from a mutual crush into true love. I personally held my breath at their first kiss on "The Green Candle", my favorite episode to this very day. Kim and Tommy matured over the years, and they matured together. Unfortunately, Saban decided to separate the two in "Its No Business Like Snow Business." I was so upset that I refused to watch the show again. Of course, I got over it, but I honestly think that they will always love each other. Their love was so pure and true that I cannot believe it would just fade so easily. So, in tribute to the only reason I ever started watching Power Rangers, I have written a little piece describing how I think Tommy reacted to the letter, when he was finally alone. It takes place immediately after "There's No Business Like Snow Business" part three. The lyrics are from the song "Against All Odds" by Genesis. I hope you like it!

Against All Odds
by Rachel D Dawson


Tommy walks into his bedroom, slamming and locking the door behind him. He just got back from a ski trip, and a nice dinner with Katherine Hillard. Even though he enjoyed himself, he still feels as if his entire world had come apart at the seams. In a way, it had...

How could I just let you walk away,
Just let you leave without a trace?
When I stand here taking every breath with you...
You're the only one who really knew me at all.

Tommy took off his suit jacket and lay on his bed, burying his face in his pillow. Deep down, he knew eventually things would end between them. After all, she did live in Florida, several thousand miles away from him. And after that, she'd probably move to France with her mother. Nothing lasts forever, but did it have to end like this? A cold, inhuman letter, with no real explanation? Did it have to hurt this much? How could she do this? He didn't know what hurt was, until a few days ago, when the woman he loves decided it was over between them...

How can you just walk away from me?
And all I could do was watch you leave,
'Cause we've shared the laughter and the pain
We've even shared the tears,
You're the only one who really knew me at all.

Hot tears ran down his slim cheeks again. The letter she sent to him was lying on the dresser, and he's read and re-read it a dozen times, as if by some miracle it would say something different. He had analyzed the letter, hoping he'd see that it wasn't written by her. Maybe Lord Zedd had sent it, as an attack against the leader of the Power Rangers. After all, Zedd knew that Tommy's greatest weakness, and greatest strength, was love. But each time he read it, he felt a searing pain. It was as if someone had torn out his heart and ran it through a blender. Nothing could possibly hurt worse than this. Will I ever get over her?

So take a look at me now,
There's just an empty space.
There's nothing left here to remind me
Just the memory of your face...

He spent the past few days in constant thought. At least, when he wasn't busy saving the world. Everywhere he looked, he saw something that reminded him of Kimberly. Photographs of the team, of the two of them together, stuffed animals she gave him--even his green and white plaid hooded shirt reminded him of Kim. After all, she always loved that shirt... He went on a skiing trip, hoping to find solace, but he ended up meeting a young woman named Heather, who also reminded him of Kimberly. She was always smiling, energetic, and pretty--she even had the same golden-brown hair. But she wasn't Kim, and Tommy realized that quickly. Boy was I STUPID to go out with her! What was I thinking? My whole life is in shambles, and it wouldn't be fair to Heather anyway. I'm still in love with Kimberly. What'll I do now?

Take a look at me now,
There's just an empty space.
You coming back to me is against the odds
And that's what I've gotta face...

Tommy sat up on his bed, wiping the tears off his face with a tissue. The letter was the greatest shock of his life. It was so hard for him to admit his anyone. He always held back, was always a loner. Then, he met Jason, Zack, Trini, Billy, and Kimberly. Jason was the brother he never had, always dependable. Zack was just so fun-loving that it was contagious--he ever made morbid Tommy smile. Trini was so kind and sensitive; she always knew exactly what to say. But, they left him to go to some Peace Conference, and suddenly Tommy was the leader of a whole new team of rangers. But, at least he had Billy to count on for advice, and Kimberly for love and support. Not that he had anything against Rocky, Adam, and Aisha. They became good friends, but its not the same. Then, Kimberly went to the Pan-Global gymnastics meet in Florida, bringing another unfamiliar face to the team--Kat. She was nice enough, but she didn't have Kim's spirit. She wasn't Kim, and Tommy had to keep that in mind every time the Pink Power Ranger leapt into battle. Tommy always knew he could count on Kim to be watching his back, ready with the mighty Power Bow in hand. But Kat didn't fight like Kim, not once did she even try to use the Power Bow. The came the Zeo Rangers, which further disrupted Tommy's world. Now even Aisha, Kim's best friend and practically her sister, was out of the picture. At least Aisha had Kim's energy and enthusiasm, even though she lacked Kim's compassion. Tanya was nothing like the other girls. There's nothing wrong with that--in fact, Tanya was a valuable addition to the team. But it was another change to get used to. Then, Billy gave up his opportunity to be a Zeo Ranger. Now, he was cooped up in the Power Chamber nearly twenty-four hours a day. He didn't hang out with the others anymore. And finally--the letter. That was the last straw. His life was completely different from now on. All of his ties to his early days as a Power Ranger were gone. Now, there wasn't a single member of the team he could turm to for emotional support. He never got to know Adam well enough--he's so quiet and shy. Rocky is just not serious enough, and he certainly can't open up to the girls. And Billy, now having graduated, is seldom seen. I'm all alone now. I just can't believe its over between us...

Wish I could just make you turn around
Turn around and see me cry.
There's so much I need to say to you, so many reasons why
You're the only one who really knew me at all.

Tommy reached over to his night table for the telephone. Maybe if I just talk to her...he reasoned as he began to press the familiar numbers. After all, even though Kim lived on the other side of the country, they managed to talk on the phone at least twice a week. That's another thing that was bothering Tommy. Why couldn't she just talk to me? We've always been so open with each other. Don't I deserve more than a "Dear John" letter?! We've got to work this out. I gotta talk to her, maybe its just a misunderstanding. I should call her. No, I can't call her. What would I say? "Hey, Kim, why did you dump me like last season's shoe styles?" I couldn't...

Take a look at me now,
There's just an empty space.
But to wait for you is all I can do
And that's what I've gotta face...

Maybe Kim was having a bad day or something. She's probably stressed about the competition. Or maybe she'll realize that she doesn't really love this "other guy," or SOMETHING! I know we can work this out. We've been through so much together! I don't know what to do--I still love her more than life itself. I can't even remember what it was like before we got together. It's as if my whole life started with that one sweet kiss by the lake, when I lost my Green Ranger powers for the first time. Her love brought me through the hardest time of my life. I don't even think I can go on without her. I have nothing now...

Take a look at me now,
'Cause I'll still be standing here.
You coming back to me is against all odds
Its a chance I've gotta take.
Take a look at me now,
Take a look at me now...