A Muse Fic
By Robert Gutheim

“Hey Big P what is going on?” a Strange circuit board like being asked me while sitting quietly in my inner sanctum one day.

“Just trying to work on Plane Down the Final Adventure,” I said. “What are you supposed to be a Cable Modem like Kari uses to check her e-mail?”

“Very funny I happen to be the joystick card that was left in your first computer,” he said.

“Hey like it was my fault that you were abandoned with the computer after my sister’s monitor died,” I said.

“Hey it wasn’t our fault entirely. I’m your muse Epson.”

“Like my first computer or my first two printers?” I asked.

“You better believe it. Man you have a lot going on. Two books finished four in pieces and numerous fanfics. Is Plastica in your story you are working on now?” Epson asked.

“NO,” I said as I looked for the black plastic letter opener that was my insipiration for the Power Blade in my PRLG fanfics. A magnet would have been better but I’m not stupid enough to leave one of those too close to valuable equipment. “Plane down is one of my Books on the Wheelchair Warrior. Except for that one fanfic that was posted today to Jenga’s Library the stories about her are completely separate from my Ranger Fanfics.

“How come Crystal Journey isn’t posted that is a good one if you ask me?” Epson asked.

“Because Choices, Rita’s last Stand, Lord Zedd’s Revenge and that one will never see the light of day. Space Raven and Academia are also probably going to just collect dust. Besides it would take too long to convert them to Word from First Choice. If it wasn’t for the blue disk leaning by my ‘left hip’ which is currently turned off I would have a hard time reviewing all the old Plastica and Headset Adventures that Miss Hodel saw back in High School. Hopefully someday The Girl Who couldn’t Walk, Harvard Bound, Julie Fredericks MD, and Plane Down will get published,” I said.

“Just kill Julie off and be done with it,” Epson complained. ”Besides you haven’t even shown them to Joe in I don’t know how long.”

“Watch it Chips for Brains. I don’t even know where Joe is right now I assume Blue Point since his number in the city was disconnected. It is always great to hear from him. Heck even my six legged friend is hard to contact these days. I was lucky back in February to run into her at Le Moyne,” I said.

“Yeah almost literally you should get the brakes checked,” Epson said.

“For The Record you reject from a PC I was walking not going at Warp Factor Nine like I did through the back parking lot of Grewen that one time,” I said.

“Yeah with your Shoe Untied,” Epson said. “So how many times have you watched Countdown for Destruction Part Two?”

“Once this is only the third time they’ve shown it. I missed it the first time. This is my second viewing,” I said.

“How do you ever keep the plots for Harvard Bound, Julie Fredericks MD, and Plane Down separate in your pitiful mind?” Epson asked.

“It isn’t always easy. Why do you think I have the plot summaries,” I said.

“Yeah Harvard Bounds is not up to date and from what you told Professor O’Connor you haven’t even written the one for Julie Fredericks MD. Also you didn’t even mention Plane Down to him or to the Harrison Hall weather system.”

“I didn’t feel that they needed to know about that one. Eventually I will reveal what happens in it,” I said.

“Why were you too chicken to submit The Return of the Steel Brigade last night after you wrote it and did the two versions in txt and html?” Epson asked.

“I figured on waiting. Besides this way I could make Jeremy, Ellen, and Kari sweat a little wondering what is up. Who knows Kari might return the small pile of messages this way. Heck when I discovered that the update was done it was while I was reading the Amber Ranger Series. Heck as you know I figured the conclusion of Slumbering Ranger out before I even got that far into it,” I said.

“Too bad the peace wave didn’t take out Scorpius,” Epson said.

“Ah go pop a Microchip,” I fired back. “Zordon probably didn’t know Scorpius existed.”

“Your probably right besides if it did you wouldn’t been inspired to write the PRLG Fanfics. Who do you think Magna Defender is?”

“Hard to say. Epson, tell you what, if you’ll be quiet I want to write the scene at the Airbase between Amber and Desiree,” I said.

“OK,” Epson said before cloaking.