Disclaimer: The basic concept is Haim Saban's. IF you are wondering where I got the idea for the Title It's because when this takes place which is thirty five to forty years after the stories in my other series a way was found to use Demona power technology to create Rangers. Demona power technology is what was used to enfuse Robert Gutheim his friend Jessica and eventually their daughter Stephanie with the powers if Plastica, Headset, and the Flitter respectively. For an idea of the concept behind Plastica and Headset the Fic Archive you are reading this at should have a background info option on the subpage. ALL CHARACTERS ARE mine except for any old rangers that might get mentioned at some point.

Power Rangers Demona
By Robert Gutheim

Brief Character List

Stephanie Collington: Born Stephanie Wong she was orphaned at age four prior to being adopted by Robert and Jessica. She eventually through stealth gained the powers of the Flitter. It was Stephanie's research that resulted in the Demona powers being used to create Rangers.

Wang Chung Collins: Born as Stephanie's twin sister she was put up for adoption. Eventually she was adopted by Stephanie's aunt a few years after their birth parents were killed. (It is for this reason that in some of my fics that take place on Terra Venture that Wang Chung was referred to as Stephanie's twin cousin).

Sasha Stanton (Pink Demona Ranger): Commander Stanton's granddaughter.

Sue Collington (Red Demona Ranger): Stephanie's only child. It was Stephanie's hope that Sue would take Stephanie's old powers of even powers that had originally been held by Stephanie's adopted parents. Leader of the Rangers.

Sean Crowning (Green Demona Ranger): The only male on the team he has interests outside of Ranger fighting for Sue. He can be counted on in a good fight though.

Tyra Johnson (Yellow Demona Ranger): The teams technical expert. Tyra created the Zords that they use.

Brianca Chang (Blue Demona Ranger): Step grandchild of the Famed Wheelchair Warrior Brianca joined the crew of Terra Venture while traveling aboard a Triforian Passenger Vessel.

Mechinack: The latest Villain to cause Trouble.

Gearheads: The latest form of idiotic foot soldiers. To quote on of Plastica's old jokes "SO this is what your well styled Putty is wearing this year."

Hankoid: Mechinack's equally idiotic General.

Powermatic: Yes the old mentor of Plastica, Headset and the Flitter is still around.

Setting The old Terra Venture Colony now in orbit around a new world.

One day Stephanie Collington was working in her lab over in the Research and Development area of Terra Venture. One the lab bench in front of her were five morphers with interesting powers. Unlike the old days when her father worked here prior to being named liaison for the Alpha One Defense Force, following the return of Commander Ned Stanton's deputy Mike Corbett, with the Colony's soldiers the R&D labs were open to the public. In a safe behind her were three powerbands designed by Kendrix Morgan and Damon Henderson back when she was a kid. Just as she was finishing her daughter and a couple other kids walked in.

“Sue, how did things go at school today?” Stephanie asked her daughter.

“Good mom. We learned about some of the rangers old exploits. What was it like being on a colony with Power Rangers? After all it's been many years since the Rangers were needed,

“I know Back when I was a kid I actually helped them out a few times. Sasha I recognize but who is your other friend?” Stephanie asked.

“I'm Brianca Chang, you might have heard of my step grandmother the Wheelchair Warrior.”

“I actually helped rescue Katie Chang one of her daughters. Which of her daughters was your mother?” Stephanie asked.

“I was born to her Step Daughter Robin. You probably didn't know Robin did you,” Brianca said.

“No I didn't. You'll have to tell me about her some time. You new to the colony?” Stephanie asked.

“Yes I am. I just transferred over from a Triforian Passenger Vessel. I was lucky to run into your daughter. She offered to give me a tour of the Colony starting here,” Brianca said. “So Sue what is the next stop on my tour?”

“Probably the Terra Venture Youth Center. Sasha and I have to meet a couple friends of mine there,” Sue said.

“Sue, at the first sign of the trouble if we should have anything I want you to bring your friends here,” Stephanie said.

“No problem mom,” Sue said as the three girls left.

Meanwhile in a desolant area of the Planet below The villainous Mechinack was scheming Away. Mechinack looked like something someone created when his blood alcohol level was way over legal limits.

“Hankoid, take a squad of Gearheads and start attacking the old Colony Base,” Mechinack ordered.

“Any particular spot,” Hankoid his idiotic General who at least looked Normal asked.

“Your discretion,” Mechinack said.

Hankoid appeared in the Youth Center a couple minutes after Sue, Sasha, and Brianca, met up with Tyra Johnson and Sean Crowning.

“What on Whatever are those things?” Brianca asked.

“Your guess is as good as mine,” Sean said as he attacked one of the Gearheads.

“Sue, you think this is what your mom meant by returning to the lab in case of trouble?” Sasha asked.

“Could be soon as we send these rejects from an erector set packing we'll do that,” Sue said by this time the only people around were the five teenagers. The fight proved exhausting but half an hour later Sue and her friends entered Stephanie's lab.

“What happened to you five?” Stephanie asked.

“Trouble at the Youth Center. Kind of like the Rangers of old had,” Sue said as she explained about the attack.

“NG to the max,” Stephanie said. “Sounds like something Powermatic, Fucilla, and I were concerned about.

Stephanie then went to the safe and grabbed the powerbands from it.

“These three bands contain special powers. Three of you will have to use them to protect the Colony from whoever started the attack,” Stephanie said.

“Mom, those bands haven't been used since at the latest when you became pregnant with me. How do you know they are even still energized. What about those devices on the workbench?” Sue asked.

“Sue, they haven't even been tested. I'm not sure they will even work. The old powerbands will be better,” Stephanie said.

“Dr. Collington, this might be a good chance to test your equipment. The one problem with the powerbands is that there are only three bands and five people. Two of us would end up without powers,” Tyra said.

“Tyra, the thing is the reason I hung up my band when I became pregnant with Sue is because it was my hope that next time the Demona Powers were needed she would take on one of the powers,” Stephanie said.

At that moment one of the other Researchers in the area where Stephanie's lab was stuck his head in.

“Doc, we've got trouble. Some strange guys with gears for heads just entered the reception area,” the researcher said.

“Not good. Better alert Security,” Stephanie said as she went to put the morphers back in the safe.

“Dr. Collington, how about if We test them for you,” Tyra said as she grabbed the morphers and passed them around.

“But but,” Stephanie said.

“Thanks mom,” Sue said. Just as the five teenagers placed the morphers on their wrists small projections popped from each morpher.

“Demona Ranger Power,” Sue said not knowing where the words came from as she hit the plunger on her morpher. Soon after that She was attired in a Red Suit with the Demona symbol of a Sword Behind a Heraldic shield on the right arm. White Trim separated off the various areas. When she looked over There were Four others in similar suits of Green, Blue, Pink, and Yellow. The Five Teenagers then headed toward Reception.

“Well, well, Looks like they called out the Twerp Patrol,” Hankoid said when he saw the Rangers. “Gearheads attack.”

Meanwhile in the Lab Stephanie was greeted by an old friend.

“I see The morphers have been activated,” Powermatic said.

“Powermatic, I only hope they know what they are doing,” Stephanie said. “I tried to talk Sue and her friends out of taking the morphers.”

“Steph, you might find it hard to believe but Your destiny was to flit. Sue's was to be a ranger. Not only Sue but her friends. Why do you think Brianca appeared when she did?” Powermatic asked.

“I don't know,” Stephanie said as she once again eyed with curiosity the powerband containing the powers of the Flitter sitting on a lab bench just like she did prior to her first using it as a child shortly before Dr. Julie Fredericks and her family visited back when Brianca's mom was a baby.

Meanwhile Sue and her friends were having a fun time taking the Gearheads out. Before the Gearheads were fully taken out though Sue decided to take a few swipes at Hankoid with her Sword. Hankoid while he didn't have a sword did parry Sue's attempts with a set of nun-chucks. After fifteen minutes of fighting the Gearheads were defeated and Hankoid made a split for it. Sue and the others returned to the lab right then.

“Everything under Control Sue,” Powermatic asked as the Rangers took their helmets off.

“So far so good. It looks like the morphers or whatever these are work,” Sue said.

“They are morphers. This is Powermatic, he is a watcher with the Demona. He is the one who originally empowered Plastica and Headset a long time ago. He along with one of his fellow Demona a woman named Fucilla helped me find a way to use Demona technology to create Ranger Abilities instead of Powereon Abilities. It was Fucilla who placed what became my powerband in the guardianship of my adopted mother back when the powerbands were redesigned. Prior to that Stupid sayings were needed to activate the powers. Since I never used an old style powerband I didn't have a stupid saying but I always went time to Flit when ever I changed into the Flitter,” Stephanie said.

“Tyra, you really screwed up. You have a cool color like Yellow and I the only male I might add got stuck with Green,” Sean said.

“Don't blame me Sean. It was probably luck but hey it fits since it sounds like you are green with envy,” Tyra joked.

“Hey I don't mind my color,” Sasha said. “It's so feminine after all.”

“Mine definitely isn't bad either,” Brianca said looking at her Blue Ranger uniform. “So what's next?”

“If you ask me we should probably demorph until the next battle,” Sue said.

At that the Rangers were back in their street clothes.

“What the?” Everyone asked.

“If anyone but Sue says demorph then they only demorph themselves but when Sue says it it demorphs everyone,” Powermatic said. “There are three rules you must follow in order to maintain the protection of the Power. Number 1 never escalate a battle unless the enemy strikes first. Number 2 never use your powers for personal gain. And the final rule never reveal your identity to a non ranger keep your identity secret at all times.”

“What do we do for Zords. After all other Ranger teams had zords?” Sasha asked.

“Hate to say it but I haven't had time to even design any Zords,” Stephanie said.

“I probably could come up with something,” Tyra said.

The next morning the Five teenagers met up outside of a school building. By this time Sue had Red on, Sasha pink, Tyra Yellow, Sean Green, and Brianca blue.

“Any ideas for our zords?” Sean whispered to Tyra.

“Not quite. I've been too busy studying the records on the used by the Morphing, Zeo, Turbo, Lightstar, and Galaxy Rangers. It isn't easy since the different types used different sources for their powers. Luckily I found a robot named Alpha 8 that is willing to help explain the differences,” Tyra said.

Closing Notes: This looks good. Feedback from fans will tell me if this becomes a new series of adventures to keep my imagination going until the 2nd season of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy premieres next fall when I'll be able to get back to some serious Fic writing.