Disclaimers: Here is the second fic in my latest series. Things start to look bad for the newest team of superheroes. The plus side is at least Tyra with Dr. Collington's help has an idea of what the zords will look like which is good since IT looks like they will need them. Galaxy Rangers mentioned within this fic are the property of Haim Saban but the bulk of the characters are my property and require my permission before they are used.

Power Rangers Demona
Tanks, Planes, and Hummers
By Robert Gutheim

One day at the Terra Venture Youth Center Brianca Chang is sitting with her new friend Sasha Stanton.

“Man are things getting crazy. Mechinack just doesn't know when to quit,” Brianca said.

“Sounds like what my mom always talked about how things were when ever Scorpius attacked when she was little and the Colony was just starting out?” Sasha said.

“Was your mom a ranger?” Brianca asked.

“Oh no. Mom was too young. She was closer to Dr. Collington though. In fact she was one of the few people on Terra Venture outside of the Alpha One Defense Force and my grandfather who even knew that Dr. Collington was a warrior known as the Flitter,” Sasha said.

“Sasha, have you seen Sue at all?” Sean Crowning asked as he walked up to their table.

“I think she is at the library but I'm not sure All I know is that Tyra is over at R&D meeting with Dr. Collington,” Sasha said.

“Why is Tyra meeting with Dr. Collington?” Sean asked.

“She said it had something to do with Tomcats,” Sasha said.

“Why would she have to meet with Dr. Collington about a male cat?” Brianca asked.

“I don't know?” Sasha said.

At that moment Tyra was walking into the lab of the teams Human Mentor Dr. Stephanie Collington.

“Doc, how is everything?” Tyra asked.

“It's going good,” Stephanie said as she looked up from a screen she was looking at.

“I have a rough idea for our zords but I don't know if it is a feasible idea,” Tyra said.

“What do you have in mind?” Stephanie asked.

“Well I was thinking of using Twentieth Century Military equipment for our zords. I already chose an F-14 Tomcat for my zord, an M1A1 Abrams Tank for Sean's zord and a Hummer for Stephanie's zord. The way they would Form the Megazord is that Sean's would form the legs, Stephanie's the Chest and Mine would Form the Head and Back section. I'm having Trouble finding good hardware for Brianca and Sasha to use for the arms. I also having trouble figuring out how to modify them so they could form the Megazord,” Tyra said.

“Tyra, Let me rewind the scene I was watching a little it might help,” Stephanie said.

Outside the Rangers noticed the tale of the Scorpion Stinger raise up to take out the Demona Fighters.

“All Fighters regroup and suit up,” Robert ordered.

“I hear you Robert,” Leo said.

The fighters then headed for a point over the Colony.

“Go Galactic,” Five voices including the one in the co-pilot's seat of the now Tandem craft holding Robert and Maya. Shortly after that Five Rangers appeared.

Just as Maya finished morphing into the Yellow Ranger Robert hit the P button on his Powerband changing into Plastica.

“D.E.C.A., Alpha, send the Jet Jammers to us,” Leo called as the other four Rangers headed for the Tandem Fighter to form a larger fighter. I/Oca also followed suit but a blast from the Stinger took out Jessica's fighter just as she finished suiting up into Headset. The last thing Plastica saw was her craft exploding

“All Units Report in,” Plastica called out.

“Leo Here in one piece.”

“Kendrix, AOK.”

“Damon here that shot was a little too close to my tail.”

“Kai here WE better watch it.”

“I/Oca here, I think it was Headset's fighter that was destroyed.

“Alpha, you possibly didn't think to teleport Headset out of there before her ship exploded?” Plastica asked.

“No I didn't,” Alpha said.

“Blast Alpha, Why didn't you?” Plastica asked.

“Plastica, the shot was too quick there wasn't time,” D.E.C.A. said.

“All Fighters break off and return to Base,” Plastica ordered.

“Doc, what was this scene you showed me?”

“It's a replay of the Space Battle when my adopted mother lost her life. The small ships that My parents and their friends were using were something I/Oca designed and built. If I can figure out how he designed the system where they merged into larger fighters then We might be able to use it to form the zords,” Stephanie said.

A couple minutes into a full analysis of the first use of the Demona Fighters (Author's note the scene in question is from my Fanfic Rest in Peace) the rest of the Rangers arrive.

“Come up with much yet?” Sue asked.

“Right now your mom and I are working on figuring out how we will program the zords to form the MegaZord. Also some of the zords will require major adjustments since they will have originally been designed for more then one person. Sean's zord for instance back in the time period I used for my inspiration had a crew of four people. I'll have to do major work to get it down to one person,” Tyra said.

“What about my zord?” Brianca asked.

“Can't say since I haven't figured your zord out yet. My inspiration is Late Twentieth Century Military Hardware. Sean's zord is based on a Tank, mine on an US Navy Fighter Jet and Sue's on a troop transport. Here is so far what the Demona Megazord Looks like. When we get the Megazord Fully Figured out then Sean's will form the Legs, Sue's the Chest although the Backside will be from My zord which forms the head. Brianca, you and Sasha will end up forming the Arms,” Tyra said.

“We need a little bit more of an Air Force. Maybe I could Fly an Apache Helicopter,” Sasha said. “Also it is just about the perfect shape for an Arm also it's from the Right Time Period.”

“Let me see how it looks,” Tyra said as she implemented the idea.

“Doesn't look bad to me. I could always team up with somebody. Do we really need five zords?” Brianca asked.

“Yes, standard Procedure calls for a separate Zord for each ranger. The only time that changed was back when Kim Hart was nearing the end of her reign as the Pink Ranger and Katherine Hillard was made the new Pink Ranger when they only had five Shogun Zords for six rangers. The Pink Ranger co-piloted the White Shogun Zord with the White Ranger Tommy Oliver,” Powermatic said. “If you can find the vehicles then I will enfuse them with Demona energy to give them the Ability to Form the MegaZord.

“First we need to get my Zord Figured out,” Brianca said.

“There isn't time though. I appeared because Mechinack has sent Hankoid and a platoon of Gearheads along with a Monster to the main City,” Powermatic said.

“Then What are we waiting for,” Sue said. “Demona Ranger Power.”

The Rangers then Teleported out appearing in the Main City.

“So the Rangers have decided to come out and play,” Hankoid said.

“Tell your slimy Misshapen boss that He is asking for trouble if he continues to mess with the Power Rangers,” Sue said as she pulled out her sword.

“Still think your sword will be enough against me,” Hankoid said as he grabbed his nun-chucks.

“I hope so,” Sue said. “Sword of Power Activate.” Author's note the Sword of Power is Stephanie's personal weapon not the one used during the 2nd season that required all the rangers to summon.

“Your puny Sword doesn't scare me,” Hankoid said. “Gearheads attack.”

“Sean, Brianca, see if you can strip the Gearheads. Sasha, Tyra, take on the Monster,” Sue called out.

“You got it Sue,” Brianca said.

“You two look like easy pickings,” the monster said as the Pink and Yellow Rangers attacked him.

“I'm not so sure about that,” Brianca said as she used some of her powers to create basketball sized spheres which she sent after the Gearheads. Author's Notes Sue, Sean, and Sasha have Physical weapons for their personal weapons. Brianca and Tyra have energy based weapons. Brianca's being based on her ancestry.

By the time Brianca sent the third energy sphere off all the Gearheads were either destroyed or escaped with Hankoid.

“Ranger's better swing by the Lab for a second,” Alpha 8 called over the communicators that were tied into to the morphers.

“I read you Alpha,” Sue said.

“What is Up Alpha,” Sue asked as the Rangers entered the lab and removed their helmets.

“We just about have the Zords ready. Brianca, you ended up with a zord based on a Self Propelled Howitzer. Luckily examples of all the hardware was in various museums on Terra Venture,” Alpha 8 said.

“How complex will the zords be to control?” Tyra asked since the zords were her project after all.

“They shouldn't be too hard. I used enfused them with Demona Power and I had Alpha rework the control panels. You all should be able to control them. I liked the idea Tyra had for having Air and Ground units since from what I learned about Mechinack he has been known to send out Air Fighters,” Powermatic said.

“I can keep an eye peeled for those from my Chopper,” Sasha said.

“I'd probably have better luck from my plane,” Tyra said.

“Why worry about it,” Sue said.

“Oh boy Masterchef is back and he is hoping mad,” Alpha said as he checked a convenient monitor in the lab.

“We might want to take right to our zords,” Sue said.

“I agree,” Powermatic said.

“Back to Action,” Sue said as the Rangers put their helmets back on. The Rangers then teleported out to five separate spots in the main Dome of Terra Venture. Brianca's howitzerzord was in a garage near Terra Venture University. Sasha's chopper was in a concealed hangar at the Military base. While Tyra's Fighterplane was near the access tunnel to the weapons dome in an underground bunker. Sue's Hummer was in a secret room in the building under the Command Tower at the very center of the main dome. Finally Sean's tank was near the ocean dome. Within Minutes the rangers were arriving at the battlefield.

“So the Rangers think a few vehicles will scare me,” Masterchef said.

“Let's hope so,” Tyra joked as she locked a stun missile on the monster.

“Let me say this I don't scare easily,” Masterchef said as he caught an energy projectile from Sean's zord.

“This isn't working,” Sasha noted just as Masterchef grew. Sasha's reaction was not fit for civilized ears.

“I Hear you,” Sue said. “Let's Go Mega.”

At that Sean's Tank Zord Split and moved upright while Sue's hummer zord lifted off using a secret rocket engine and landed sideways on top of the two Tank halves. Sasha's Chopper zord then went almost vertical like Sasha was trying to crash and hooked on to the Hood which was on the Left and Her zord became the Left arm. Brianca's Howitzer Grew a hand from it's barrel and it became the right arm. Tyra then Spit her Zord at the Intersection of the Fuselage and the wing's and the Wing's and Engines went Downward to Reveal a head with the Top being the nose of the Tomcat. The Rangers met up in the MegaZord cockpit which was located in Sue's zord.

“This is going to be one short fight,” Sue predicted.

“I doubt that Ranger,” Masterchef said as He took a well aimed punch at the Megazord hitting the left leg.

“Hey man that was below the belt,” Sean said.

“Like I care Power Pip Squeaks,” Masterchef said.

“That does it. I may let you ding my zord but nobody calls me a pip squeak,” Sean said. “Sue I suggest we use the Megacannon.”

“Sounds good,” Sue said.

In unison the Rangers said “Megacannon fire.”

And as Porky Pig was found of saying `A blab a blab That's All Folks,' Author's notes I don't do real good impressions. I couldn't even do a convincing Slick Willy impression during a philosophy presentation on Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughter House Five. My other impressions weren't too bad though.

The Rangers then regrouped at the lab.

“Demorph,” Sue said which returned all five rangers to their street clothes.

“How did the Zords work out?” Stephanie asked.

“Great. Mechinack I doubt knew what hit him,” Sue said. “I think we need names for our zords like the Turbo rangers had.”

“The zords as a group are called the battlezords kind of like the old Red Battlezord that Tommy Oliver had back during the Zeo Ranger days,” Powermatic said. “Names for the Individual zords though are a good idea."

“How about if my zord is the Commandzord,” Sue said.

“Makes sense you are the Leader,” Sean said. “Mine is the Tankzord it is simple and too the point,”

“Make mine the Emplacerzord,” Brianca said.

“Mine the Airzord,” Tyra said.

“I'm going to have to think about this one but first I really need to get home and study for a Galactic History test tomorrow on the Battle for Destruction that was won by our side when Zordon of Eltare died,” Sasha said.

“Then I think you can safely go,” Stephanie said. “In fact maybe you all should head off and take a breather.”

After the Rangers left the lab.

“Powermatic, you don't even want to know how tempted I was to Flit out and help them,” Stephanie said.

“I think you did the right thing by not using your powers. Is the sixth morpher ready?” Powermatic asked.

“Yes It is. Now we just need a suitable person to use it an pilot the StrikeEagle Megazord,” Stephanie said.

To Be Continued.