Disclaimer: The Demona Rangers their friends and Allies except for Matt are mine. Matt and any familiar characters from the show are the Property of Haim Saban. This fanfic will get slightly complicated due to a couple different plots. I know in my last fanfic I left out a good Monster Battle but hey Was one really needed I don't think so.

Power Rangers Demona
Ninja Spirit
By Robert Gutheim

One day at Mechinack's lair Hankoid was meeting with His Royal Ugliness.

“Mechinack, when are we going to attack next?” Hankoid asked.

“Soon Hankoid. What I can't figure out is why You allowed the Rangers to reach FREDA. Now they have a stronghold on the Planets surface,” Mechinack said.

“You know FREDA never opened the door to her home when I would try to visit and yet the minute the Red and Yellow Rangers got close enough she invited them right inside,” Hankoid said.

“I must have access to FREDA's technology. But now I have to defeat the Rangers to do it.

Meanwhile at the Command Bunker where the Rangers planetside base was Sue Collington was just Teleporting in from the Colony Base in orbit around the planet when she noticed her teammate Tyra Johnson working on something in the War Room.

“What are you working on?” Sue asked.

“Not much I'm just doing more research into the past Ranger Teams. There is a lot of information out there,” Tyra said.

“Any thing on Red Rangers and Romance?” Sue asked.

“A Little Bit. The First Earth Red Ranger was Jason Scott but he apparently didn't have a girl friend. His successor Rocky DeSantos was not a ladies man. The Red Zeo Ranger Tommy Oliver though had a couple girlfriends First Kimberly Heart which started back when he was the Green Morphing Ranger and later a the White Morphing Ranger/Ninja Ranger and later Katherine Hillard. Both Kimberly and Katherine were Pink Rangers. Kim Morphing and Ninja and Katherine was both of those since she took Kimberly's place plus Katherine was the Pink Zeo Ranger and the First Pink Turbo Ranger. Tommy was also the First Red Turbo Ranger. Tommy's successor as Red Turbo Ranger was a guy named T.J. only his last name wasn't on file. T.J. did not have a girlfriend. The Second Pink Turbo Ranger and later the Pink Lightstar Ranger Cassie Chan was in love with the Mysterious Phantom Ranger. No word on if she even got him. Andros the Red Lightstar Ranger was in love with the Yellow Lightstar Ranger Ashley Hammond who was also the second Yellow Turbo Ranger. Moving on to Terra Venture Leo Corbett the Red Galaxy Ranger was interested in the Pink Galaxy Ranger,” Tyra said.

“Interesting data. Of course it doesn't help me much,” Sue said.

“I know. Having Five women on a six ranger team does make it difficult,” Tyra said. “Of course I'n not sure I should tell you that Sean is interested in you.”

“What kind of information have you primarily come up with?” Sue asked.

“I was doing more research into the Ranger's powers primarily. For a Short time the Morphing Rangers had Ninja Powers. It also gave them two different modes. In Ninja mode they wore something similar to a Ninja's outfit but they also had a full Morphing Power. The Ninja Mode was dependent on Spirit Animals and that also determined the zord. Right now I'm concentrating the bulk of my efforts on learning more about Ninja Powers. Our Demona Powers aren't bad but in my opinion if we could get some kind of knowledge of our Spirit Animal it might make it easier to fight Mechinack. Back when I was living in Congo Republic before my family moved to Terra Venture I went through a ceremony in my Tribal Village that determines your spirit animal. The Morphing Rangers had to journey to Phaedos in order to learn their Spirit animals though,” Tyra said.

“What did you learn?” Sue asked. “Did you discover your spirit animal?”

“Yeah I did but I didn't like it. I ended up with an elephant for a spirit animal,” Tyra said.

“There is no way we have time to travel to Phaedos and now that we have a Foothold on Capsilon IX instead of restricting ourselves to the Old Colony Mechinack has more reason to come after us. Is there a way for you to undergo the ceremony here on Terra Venture?” Sue asked.

“I'm not sure. The ceremony I went through used special herbs. A special dust was used by the Master Warrior on Phaedos,” Tyra said. “For the ceremony I went through a High Priestess was needed unfortunately we don't have one.”

“Was a High Priestess actually needed?” Sue asked.

“To be really sure yes,” Tyra said. “I do have a record of the incantations and chants though both in an audio form and written out.”

“Tyra, send the info to the private chambers of the Various Demona Rangers I'm going to head to the Youth Center and Brief Kim and Sean. You meanwhile brief Bri and Sasha,” Sue said. “I'll try to brief my mom and Powermatic before I attempt the program.”

Soon as Sue reached the Youth Center Sean walked up to her.

“Sue. I was wondering if you were busy tonight,” Sean said.

“Actually I am. Where is Kim?” Sue asked.

“She said something about going over to the snack bar for a quick bite,” Sean said. “I found it strange though that she would do that instead of eating here.”

“Call her and have her join us back here,” Sue said.

A minute later Kim walked up with a strange creation in her hand.

“Something up?” Kim asked.

Sue then briefed them in on the Spirit Animal Rituals that Tyra had researched and the connection between the Phaedos ritual and ninja powers. She also explained how she was going to try to undergo the ritual Tyra was familiar with that night in the privacy of her room.

“Are your mom and the others aware of this yet?” Kim asked.

“Tyra is briefing Bri and Sasha. I'm going to swing by the Lab and brief Mom and Powermatic. I hope this works,” Sue said.

When Sue reached the Lab her mom was out but Powermatic was reviewing some information on the Computer screen.

“You find something interesting Powermatic?” Sue asked.

“Yes your mom sent this from her lab at the Bunker where she is now. It is an analysis of the chemical dust that Dulcea uses. I also have an analysis of the herbs that The high priest in Tyra's village for their ceremony. By chance The info was available. Have the rangers meet me at these coordinates at 2000 hours. I must go somewhere between now and then. It will be a challenge and a long journey,” Powermatic said.

“What time is it right now?” Sue asked.

“1600 Hours,” Powermatic said.

“You expect to get to your destination and back in four hours without a space ship,” Sue said.

“There are many things about Demona Watchers you couldn't even dream about,” Powermatic said as he disappeared. Sue then called her mom on the lab communications system.

“I remember the Phaedos ceremony Dad and I went to Phaedos just for kicks. Of course because of his powers it caused a small feedback loop so he has a spirit zoo. I ended up having a hummingbird for my spirit animal. Dulcea figured that since I didn't have or require a zord that my spirit animal came out when I used my powers. I was going to recommend that you and your friends do a spirit quest at some point,” Stephanie said.

“What about Grandma why didn't she go with you to Phaedos?” Sue asked.

“It wasn't just for kicks that we made the journey. Powermatic felt that it might help us get over her death in that Space Battle,” Stephanie said.

“Oh. Any clue as to where Powermatic is going before the ceremony?” Stephanie asked.

“None. Just so you know I'm usually not in my lab at the old colony. Since we got the Command Bunker I usually work out of here,” Stephanie said.

Right then a warning alert went off.

“Problem. Mechinack's Jet Fighters are heading for the Bunker. FREDA didn't place Weapons on the Bunker Itself,” Stephanie said.

“Should I signal the other Rangers?” Sue asked.

“I don't think we'll need Brianca, Sasha and Sean just yet but Definitely Tyra and Kim,” Stephanie said.

“I'll signal Sasha Anyway so she can provide cover for the Command Zord,” Sue said. “We'll meet up in the War Room.”

A Minute later The Four Rangers arrived teleported directly to the War Room.

“Doesn't look good. We will definitely need the Jets on this one,” Kim said. “Man I've gone to Megazord mode once since I joined up. Mechinack's going easy on us.”

“It won't last long,” Sue said. “Let's take them out.”

The Four Rangers then took their standard Morphing Stance.

“Demona Ranger Power.”

The Four Rangers then Short Range Teleported to their zords.

“Kim, Tyra, Jet Fighters at Twelve O'clock,” Sue called from her zord.

“I see them,” Tyra said as she started Firing. ”Kim, Wouldn't you say it's like shooting Gearheads in a barrel.”

“A little bit. More like taking out Velocifighters in one of the Old Simulations I use sometimes to practice,” Kim said.

The Battle went on for an good Two hours when the latest Monster made his appearance and quickly grew.

“Oh great,” Sue said. “Sean, Brianca, we need back-up.”

“What exactly is wrong?” Brianca asked. “I was in the middle of the ceremony.”

“I think Powermatic has a better one planned at 2000 hours. This is more important,” Sue said. “Soon as You Reach the surface Teleport directly to your zords and prepare for Megazord Sequence.”

While Sue was briefing Sean and Brianca Kim was Transferring her Zord to Megazord mode and began to take the monster on using the Eaglesaber. Just as she was taking her second swipe at the monster she could see on her Cockpit's Viewer that the Tankzord and Emplacer Zord was arriving in one piece. Right after arrival they formed the Megazord. The battle continued on. Half an hour into the battle a transmission came into the Megazord cockpit.

“Rangers, I need to borrow Tyra,” Powermatic said.

“Any particular reason?” Tyra asked.

“I need you to help me prepare for tonight's ceremony. You will need to use the more powerful teleporter in the bunker to reach my location,” Powermatic said.

“I'm on it Powermatic,” Tyra said as she teleported out in a Yellow streak. Soon as she arrived in the War Room Alpha Teleported her to her final destination. When she came out of the Teleport she saw Powermatic along with another Person who wore green clothing.

“Greetings Yellow Ranger, I am Dulcea.”

“Where are we?” Tyra asked.

“We are on the planet Phaedos. I came here to ask for Dulcea's advice on how to undergo tonight's ceremony. When I mentioned how your people in Africa had a similar ceremony she requested your assistance,” Powermatic said.

“You see Yellow Ranger I can't leave the temple grounds were we are now. Yet according to Powermatic your friends planned on undergoing the quest where you are,” Dulcea said.

“I only know what Sue the Red Demona Ranger was thinking of, and the opinions of Brianca Chang the Blue Demona Ranger and Sasha Stanton the Pink Demona Ranger were thinking of. I think Sue originally planned on own time using incantations and chants found in the Command Bunker files,” Tyra said. “In fact Brianca when we had to go into battle was in the middle of the ceremony herself.”

“To really do it effectively you will need special supplies which I will provide. Where about on Earth are you from?” Dulcea asked.

“I was born on Terra Venture after it arrived at Capsilon IX. But when I was twelve my family went to their native village in Congo. At one time I think it was known as Zaire. There was a country known as Congo then but it is now known as the Congo republic. While there I went on a spirit quest and ended up with The Elephant as my spirit animal,” Tyra said.

“Tyra, I'm going to go through the Ceremony with you so as to awaken the elephant within you,” Dulcea said. “I will also give you the ability to assist your friends in their spirit quest. It will also activate your Ninjetti abilities,” Dulcea said.

“I read up on the Ninjetti powers. Will they cause any problems with our Demona Powers at all?” Tyra asked.

“I doubt it. Make note though that Sue's grandparents didn't fight alongside the Rangers during the Ninja time period so I don't know much about them,” Powermatic said. “What it would be like is when Sue's grandfather simultaneously held his Demona Powers and was also the Orange Ranger.”

An hour was spent getting Tyra ready for the ceremony. By the time it was done her Ninjetti abilities were unlocked and tied into her Demona powers allowing her to use them both in Ninjetti and Full Ranger mode.

She then Teleported with Powermatic back to the Command Bunker just as the Other Rangers were returning from the Battlefront.

“That was not a good battle,” Kim said.

“I agree. It's too bad he got away,” Brianca said. “Tyra, where did you have to `port off to?”

“Another Planet. Powermatic needed my help to prepare for a special ceremony. Everyone will meet here at 755 to teleport to where we will undergo the Ceremony. Powermatic gave sue the Coordinates,” Tyra said.

In the meantime they teleported up to the Old Colony.

“Sue, assuming Mechinack doesn't decide to start anything I was wondering if you are busy tomorrow night,” Sean said.

“I don't know yet. I might have to do some work in the bunker. Why did you want to know?”

“I was hoping you would go out with me,” Sean said.

“I'll have to think about this one,” Sue said.

At 8pm shard Tyra lit a small campfire and added special dusts and herbs to it.

“Legend has it that within each person is an animal spirit. Most people aren't in tune with their spirit so they don't know what it is. Those in tune with their spirit animal can draw upon it. Concentrate and you will be able to sense your animal,” Tyra said.

The other five rangers then went into a meditative trance.

Sue's Quest

Sue came upon a small farm community.

“This is weird. I wonder why I'm here. Man I hope Tyra isn't trying to teleport me to some strange planet,” Sue said.

“Sue, you will need to go deeper into your mind,” a voice said.

“I'd prefer to knock you out,” Sue said as a mule walked up to her.

“Hey Horse face why are you here?” Sue asked before she knew what was in front of her.

Kim's Quest

Kim found herself in a grassy plain. As she slipped around she kept an eye peeled for a clue. Before too long she cam across a snake. She didn't let it bother her too much since she had a snake as a pet when she was younger.

“That snake must be my spirit animal,” Kim said as she teleported out.

Sasha's Quest.

Sasha found herself deep in the Jungles of Africa. While she kept any eye peeled for something she decided to do a quick kata. While undergoing the first movement in the Kata She found that her long hair was a major liability as it caused her to trip and fall flat on her face. She heard what sounded like a human laugh and looked over as she saw a spotted hyena. She knew enough about hyenas to know that she was in trouble.

“Please don't eat me Mr. Hyena,” Sasha said. She was almost surprised that instead of trying to grab ahold of her with it's powerful teeth that if placed it's paws under her and then slid it's body up enough to lift her back on her feet. Right after that She teleported out.

Sean's Quest.

Sean also found himself in Africa but he was in the Savannah. He went as deep as he could while he reflected on his position as the only male among five women on the Ranger team. Soon after that he saw a small pride of lions with five lioness and a male lion. Just as he went to continue on his quest one of the lionesses went to attack him just as she went to pounce on him the male lion knocked her out of the way and rubbed up against his side. Just as Sean figured out what was up he teleported out.

Brianca's Quest.

When Brianca arrived in her trance She wasn't sure where she was.

“Whoa, am I ever in a strange place. If only I had been able to bring the Emplacerzord with me,” Brianca said as she came out of her teleport only to hear a loud screeching sound.

“Oh boy I'm not sure I want to be where ever here is,” Brianca said. “Oh great my morpher isn't with me. Must be to master a spirit quest you can't use your powers so No Morphing.”

Brianca then noticed how there was a lot of rock nearby where she was

“I must be in the mountains. I hope that wasn't a mountain lion I heard,” Brianca said just as a puma came heading for her. Brianca took a quick defensive stand but the puma was in a playful mood.

“Hey little guy. Here let me pet you,” Brianca said just before teleporting out.

The Rangers then came out of their trances.

“What did you five find out?” Tyra asked.

“I got stuck with a mule,” Sue said.

“Well according to my grandfather Red Rangers were known to be stubborn,” Sasha said. “I of course ended up with a hyena.”

“Mine of course is a snake,” Kim said.

“Considering what you did that time shortly before you became a ranger it doesn't surprise me,” Tyra said. “What about you Sean?”

“A lion,” Sean said.

“Mine is a puma. At least that's what it told me during the few seconds we bonded before I woke up,” Brianca said.

“Rangers, you did good. I bring greetings from the Master Warrior of the Planet Phaedos. According to Dulcea who is the guardian of the Ninja Temple and who Helped Tyra prepare for tonights ceremony you now can call upon when needed the powers of Ninjetti. For now new zords aren't part of the equation,” Powermatic said.

The next day Kim, Sue, Sean, Brianca, and Sasha were at school while Tyra was working out in the gymnasium of the Command Bunker when Alpha and Powermatic who had the duty in the War Room that day noticed the alarms going off.

“Tyra, Hankoid and some gearheads are attacking in the Forest Dome of the Old Colony,” Powermatic said.

“What's your opinion Ninja or Demona?” Tyra asked.

“Give your secondary powers a try and if they don't work go for the main powers,” Powermatic said. “Ninja are your secondary powers.”

Tyra then underwent a hand kata that went back to the days of old.

“Ninja Ranger Power,” Tyra said before appearing in the Forest Dome as a Yellow suited Ninja. She used some fairly strong acted moves.

Powermatic meanwhile had Alpha contact the other Rangers.

“We hear you Powermatic,” Sue said after the other Rangers met up in a dark corner of the school that Kim had slithered out.

“Hankoid and some gearheads are attacking in the forest dome. I sent Tyra to begin the counter attack. Call Upon your secondary Ninja powers but remember that you can morph if necessary,” Powermatic said.

Five more renditions of the Kata took place.

“Ninja Ranger Power,” They said.

When they came out of the Teleport they started right out in the battle. Authors notes FTR their ninja color is the same as their primary ranger color.

“Hum, why were these warriors sent and not real rangers?” Hankoid wondered as he looked upon the battle. “Cornitron, I summon you.”

The monster from the day before then reappeared.

“Oh great. We are a little out gunned at this point,” Sue said. “Let's call upon our primary powers.”

“Sounds good,” Kim said. “Let's do it.”

“Demona Ranger Powers.”
The Rangers then went from Sheeted Ninja's to Armored Rangers.

“Sue, think it's time to call for our zords?” Kim asked.

“Not yet let's see what we can do without using them. Power Weapons,” Sue said. “Power Sword.”

“Power Stars, Power Whip,” Sean said.

“Power Crossbow,” Sasha said.

“Basket Attack,” Brianca said.

“Turbo Blast,” Tyra said.

“Eagle Talons,” Kim said.

The Rangers then underwent a heavy fight. In the end just as things got rough the monster blew up. They then returned to the Command Bunker.

“That battle was something else, I almost could feel my spirit animal even after we morphed using our Demona powers,” Kim said.

“You did good out there today,” Powermatic said. “I recommend you all get some rest.”

“I agree,” Sue said.

Right after the Rangers teleported back to the school Kim had a concern for Sue.

“Sue, I know I'm a little new at the Ranger thing but I'm not sure I fit in real well since I'm not sure of my place on the team,” Kim said.

“Kim, I know where I place you on the team,” Sue said.

“Where is that?” Kim asked.

“Right beside me. In my opinion you have what it takes to be a second in command,” Sue said. “Right after school I need to get ready for my date with Sean.”

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