Disclaimer: Pretty much everything belongs to me, The only things that don't belong to me are Matt the youth Center owner (I'll explain why in the fic but this is the same Matthew that was in the PRLG episode Homesick and any of the old rangers (be they Morphing, Zeo, Turbo, Lightstar, or Galaxy.

Brief History Lesson: For those of you tuning in Late the Villain is a Ugly guy named Mechinack and his General Hankoid. The Rangers in this time get their powers from the Planet Demona which is the same world that the Powers of Plastica, Headset, and The Flitter came from. The Zords are based on Military equipment from the late Twentieth Century. The fact that it is all American is simply because that is what the bulk of my knowledge is on.

Power Rangers Demona
Base Changes
By Robert Gutheim

One day Kim Coltran was working the bar at the Terra Venture Youth Center when her boss walked over.

“Kim, when was the last time you took any time off other then for school?” her boss asked.

“Not often really. Matt you need all the help you can get,” Kim said.

“I know but it can't be good for your studies,” Matt said.

“I do a lot of my work in studyhall and during lunch,” Kim said. “When I'm not called away by my night job that is.”

“What will you do if you fall behind?” Matt asked.

“Hey Tyra can always help me if that happens. I usually ask her for help as it is,” Kim said. “One of my courses is real tough and Tyra is a Real brain.”

“I know, If possible when it is quiet why don't you study a little bit,” Matt said.

“Why did you come to Terra Venture as it is?” Kim asked.

“Originally it was so I could see space. I boarded Terra Venture as a stowaway but Left and returned to Earth as a hero,” Matt said before telling Kim about the fight against Scorpius when he had Furio put the whole Colony to Sleep.

“Amazing, I wonder if those rangers are anything like the ones that are around today,” Kim Commented.

“After I grew up I applied for a job on a replenishment crew and was accepted. I arrived on a Shuttle about Three shuttles before your friend Brianca.

“She is a nice girl. I was a little jealous of her at first but I'd say we are good friends now,” Kim said.

“Why is that?” Matt asked.

“Oh because of the Rumors that she was a ranger,” Kim said.

“According to the computer she did attend an academy for that kind of thing but had to drop out early because of her posting to Terra Venture,” Matt said.

“She never mentioned that. I wonder if that is part of the reason for the rumor,” Kim said.

At that moment Kim's friends Sean Crowning and Sue Collington walked in.

“Hey guys,” Kim said.

“So what can I get you from the bar?” Sean asked his companion.

“Just a plate of nachos,” Sue said.

Sean then walked over to where Kim and Matt were.

“One huge platter of Nachos and two Cokes,” Sean said.

“It will be a few minutes on the nachos,” Kim said as she dispensed the sodas and rang up the food using a special discount key she had secretly programmed into the cash register. The only people who got that discount were herself, Sean, Sue, Tyra Johnson, Sasha Stanton, Brianca Chang and Dr. Stephanie Collington. The secret discount was known as the Ranger discount. Of course the button didn't say that instead it was disguised as a sales tax key which was an obsolete concept and didn't exist on Terra Venture.

“Kim, just so I know when do you use that button?” Matt asked having noticed her use the one button he didn't understand.

“Not very often. It depends on the customer,” Kim said.

“The reason I was wondering is Sasha Stanton was in here yesterday while you were in the rest room and she was upset that I hadn't charged her sales tax. I took the time to check the records from when the button was used and it only appeared in connection with certain account numbers. Also it was only used when you were at the register,” Matt said.

“Sorry Matt but I can't explain the reason. What I can try to do is try to get a list of who is eligible for it,” Kim said. “Oh wouldn't you know it I'm late for a dental appointment.”

Kim then slipped out and walked down to Research and Development where she soon arrived at the lab where Dr. Collington did her work. When she entered she saw her teammate was working on a special experiment but that the Doc wasn't in sight.

“Where is Dr. Collington we have a small problem,” Kim said.

“Why what's wrong?” Tyra asked.

“Matt asked me about the sales tax key on the register at the Youth Center,” Kim said.

“So?” Tyra asked.

“That is the button I use for the ranger discount when ever Dr. Collington or one of the Rangers eats at the Youth Center. Matt wants to know who gets charged sales tax and I wanted to ask Dr. Collington if I should give him the list and how to explain why those people get charged sales tax,” Kim said.

“Sue's mom took the day off. I'm just drawing up plans for a small Command bunker separate of the Command Zord. My main concern and Powermatic agrees is that we might want to be more careful around the lab in case anyone should walk in during one of our meetings. What the Command bunker will do is allow us a lot more privacy when we have to meet,” Tyra said.

“I know here anyone can just walk in right in the middle of things. Where would we put it?” Kim asked thinking back to right before she became a ranger when she ran into the lab to tell Dr. Collington that Sue and Brianca had been kidnapped right after the other rangers had arrived.

“We have six possible locations within just the main dome for our new base. Those six locations are right next to the hiding place for one of our zords. I haven't looked into an actual location yet. It is Powermatic's opinion that we should use the room next to the one that the Command Zord is kept in,” Tyra said.

“Tell you what Why don't you call up the hiding places for each zord in turn and We can see which is best. I wonder if we should brief Sue in on this since she is our leader. Where is Alpha?” Kim asked.

“He is with Dr. Collington. Alpha is another reason why Powermatic and I feel that we need a more secure base,” Tyra said. “I think you have a point. I know there is good space near where the Airzord is kept but that is only one possibility. Bringing Sue in might be a good idea. I'll call her.”

Tyra then brought her left hand up to chest height and in toward her chest.

“Sue, come in it's Tyra.”

At the Youth Center Sean saw Sue's viscom blink and they headed for a corner that Kim had staked out.

“Sue here, what's up Tyra?”

“Could you swing by the lab for a quick consultation.”

“Yes should Sean come with me?” Sue asked.

“Might not be a bad idea. I'll contact Sasha and Brianca just in case,” Tyra said.

“What about Kim she is at a dental appointment?” Sue asked.

“What are you talking about she's here with me. In fact it was her idea to call you,” Tyra said.

“I'll tickle torture her when I get to the lab,” Sue said.

Five minutes later Sue and Sean arrived at the lab just as Sasha Stanton, Brianca Chang and Dr. Collington arrived. With Dr. Collington was the Bronze skinned Android Alpha 8. Tyra used a special sensor bed to project the plans for the Command Bunker on the Screen.

“Tyra you have something up your sleeve?” Sue asked.

“Powermatic and I are worried that the lab might not be a good place for our Headquarters. I designed a Command Bunker based on some old layouts I found of the Earth Rangers base of operations. What we need to figure out is where we should put the Bunker. Make note Alpha once we get all this figured out you will be stationed there so as not to cause problems with you coming and going from the lab,” Tyra said.

“Tyra, we have six Alpha Units alone on Terra Venture along with another Twenty of different types,” Alpha said in Defense.

“Still I'd feel better if you were stationed in the Command Bunker,” Tyra said.

While Tyra briefed the other Rangers in on the layout and they worked to figure out where they might be able to construct a suitable base of operations Kim briefed Dr. Collington in on the sales tax button.

“Dr. Collington, I'm picking up two fairly high concentrations on the surface of Capsilon IX,” Alpha said.

“This one I know from my visit there is Mechinack's lair. I'm not sure about this one though,” Kim said. “It could either be another lair or if we didn't want the Command Bunker to be in the old Colony we could maybe use this as the site of the Command Bunker.”

“I think that would be a good idea. One advantage is it's within teleport range of the Old Colony and it's in a isolated part of the planet so it's not likely it would be stumbled upon,” Stephanie said.

“I wonder if we should send a team down to investigate,” Powermatic said after making his own appearance.

“Good idea Powermatic,” Sue said.

“I volunteer,” Kim said. “It will be a beacon since I would be using the Strike Eagle Megazord in it's plane mode but I can get a good view.”

“I volunteer as well. I can provide her with some support using the Air Zord. Also if Mechinack does spot Kim's zord he would probably send Air Fighters so she would need assistance as it is,” Tyra said.

“I agree Be careful and May the Power Protect you,” Powermatic said quoting his old friend Zordon the Earth Rangers original mentor.

“Demona Ranger Power,” Tyra and Kim said right before hitting the Plungers on their morphers becoming the Yellow and White Rangers respectively. They then teleported down to the surface where thanks to some creative work the Air Zord and Strike Eagle Megazord where waiting so they boarded them and took off. Soon they were over the area of the second energy concentration.

Twenty minutes into the Flyover Kim decided to break radio silence.

“So far no sign of Mechinack's goons,” Kim said.

“I agree. I'm picking up a building about a mile to the west of my position on the surface. It looks to be shielded from my scans I think a ground check will be necessary,” Tyra said.

“I'll Fly down and join you,” Kim said.

Shortly after the two rangers arrived they started to look over the building. Before they could get inside Gearheads arrived.

“I wondered when Mechinack would show his ugly face,” Tyra said.

“Funny how he attacked soon as we landed. Yet he would have had a better chance had be come after us from the Air,” Kim said.

“I know. WE look to be a little tied up right now,” Tyra said. “Guys, we need help.”

“I hear you, Tyra. Where about are you?” Sue asked.

“Right outside the building where we found that second energy concentration. So far it's only Gearheads but he might send out bigger fish at any time,” Tyra said.

“Should we bring the Zords?” Sue asked.

“Might not be a bad idea,” Tyra said.

“We'll see you in a couple Minutes,” Sue said. “Everyone ready.”

“You bet Chief,” Sean said.

“Then Let's go,” Sue said. “Demona Ranger Power.”

With that the Four Friends Morphed and Teleported away Soon as Sue came out of her teleport she was on the Planet surface at the control's of the Command Zord which was a Humvee. Looking around her she saw Brianca in the Emplacer Zord that was modeled after an self propelled howitzer. She knew somewhere around her was the Tankzord with Sean at the wheel. She knew Sasha was somewhere above them since her zord as yet unnamed was a Chopper much like the Strike Eagle Megazord in it's zord form and the Air Zord were planes.

Meanwhile Kim and Tyra were bogged down good about the time that Kim noticed a huge tank like vehicle roll up. She wasn't too worried since She recognized it as being Friendly about the time some laser blasts took out a few frisky Gearheads

“Tyra, keep taking the Gearheads out I'm going try to get back Airborne,” Kim said.

“Shouldn't take long now that the Cavalry has arrived,” Tyra said.

Shortly after that Sasha noticed a plane go screaming by as She took a few pot shots at the Gearheads. Seeing that Tyra was alone and more Gearheads were approaching She signaled the Command Zord.

“I hear you Sasha. You alone in the Air?” Sue asked.

“Negative, It looks like Kim is up here with me,” Sasha said.

“See if you can find out how the Gearheads are moving in with such numbers. Kim, see if you can provide Sasha with some assistance,” Sue said as Jet Fighters started to Show Up.

“Mechinack really has to work on his timing,” Sean said as he tried to raise his main gun up for a quick Shot.

“We better see what we can do. Tyra, try to get to your zord and provide the ground pounders with some air support,” Sue said.

“Sue, Tell you what, why don't I take Tyra with me and leave Sasha for you. The Tomcat is designed for use with other planes where as Choppers are slow compared to a good jet,” Kim said.

“You better hope I don't run into Targeting problems and take a shot at you by mistake,” Sasha said.

“You couldn't even hit me if you were sitting next to me on the ground,” Kim said,

“Enough you two,” Sue said.

Meanwhile in the lab Stephanie was working away when the receptionist buzzed her.

“Dr. Collington, Matt Connorson is here to see you,” the receptionist said.

“The guy who owns the Youth Center,” Stephanie said.

“Yes,” the receptionist said.

“Send him in,” Stephanie said. “Alpha hide.”

“OK Doc,” Alpha said heading for a closet and closing the door.

“Mr. Connorson, what brings you here?”

“I know about your secret life,” Matt said.

“How did you find out?” Stephanie asked.

“I'm not a genius like Tyra but I'm not a moron either. Since shortly after Mechinack started showing his ugly face around the Old Colony I noticed how Kim's wardrobe has been a little more monochromatic. Also her main group of friends tend toward the same habit. When I looked into the Sales tax bit I noticed how when ever supposedly sales tax was charged it would decrease the amount. I noticed how Kim would even discount your food. A little bit of time checking showed how almost every one of Brianca's transactions was discounted and your daughter and her other friends was showing discounts starting about the same time Kim went monochromatic,” Matt said.

“Still that isn't much evidence. OK so Kim did brief me on the sales tax button but it was a quick conversation,” Stephanie said.

“I checked the computer files on Power Rangers and the tendency to wear one color primarily is characteristic of past ranger teams. Since they tend to spend a lot of time here I figured that this is their base. I take it they are either off duty or on a mission,” Matt said.

“I'm not at liberty to tell you what Kim and the others are doing,” Stephanie said.

“Just so you know I deprogrammed the button,” Matt said.

“Probably a good idea,” Stephanie said.

“What I did instead was program the register to automatically give the discount just to the accounts used by you and the Rangers. This way it's a little more discreet,” Matt said. “Don't worry Dr. Collington I know how to keep a secret. I won't reveal the others identity.”

Right after Matt left Powermatic appeared.

“If you ask me that is probably just as well. Kim could have gotten in serious trouble doing what she did in the first place,” Powermatic said.

“When Kim briefed me she wanted my opinion on how to handle it but I didn't know what to do. It isn't something I wanted to deal with,” Stephanie said.

On the Planet surface the Rangers were just about finished mopping up Mechinacks forces. Soon as things quieted down Sue and Tyra made for the building. Soon as they approached the main door it opened automatically.

“Greetings Rangers,” a Voice said.

“Who are you?” Sue asked.

“I am known as F.R.E.D.A. It stands for Friendly Robotic Electro Data Analyzer. I reside within this building. For the last year Mechinack and Hankoid have been trying to gain access to my knowledge. Where is your base of Operations?”

“Right now we operate out of Dr. Stephanie Collington's lab on Terra Venture but we are looking into a new base of operations that is more secure.” Tyra said.

“What do you require for an effective base?” F.R.E.D.A. asked.

“I left the plans at the lab,” Tyra said.

“Are they on a computer?” F.R.E.D.A. asked.

“As a matter of fact they are. Why would you be able to access them?” Tyra asked.

“Yes all I need is the file name. Soon as I analyze your plans I can implement them within this building,” F.R.E.D.A. said.

Tyra then provided the filename. Ten minutes later the building was configured the way She has laid it out. In fact she noticed a couple areas she hadn't factored in. Just about that time the other rangers arrived inside.

“This is like so cool,” Sean said. “Sue, your mother has got to see this.”

“I agree. FREDA, could you open a channel to my mom's lab?” Sue asked.

“Channel Open,” FREDA said.

“Sue, where are you guys?” Stephanie asked.

“We are in the building on the Surface. If you can grab Alpha and Powermatic and join us down here,” Sue said.

“Can we Teleport in directly?” Stephanie asked.

“Yes Dr. Collington you will be able to teleport in directly,” FREDA said.

“I'll explain when you get down here,” Sue said.

A couple minutes later Stephanie and Alpha teleported in about the same time Powermatic appeared on his own.

“Greetings Dr. Collington, I'm FREDA the Computer in charge of the Command Bunker. I took the liberty of setting aside lab space for you convenience,” FREDA said.

“Thank you FREDA,” Stephanie said. “What capabilities does the Bunker have?”

“This main room is the War Room. Other rooms inside the bunker are a Med Chamber, a Snack Bar, and your lab. These are on the Upper Ground level. The lower Level contains a series of sleeping facilities along with a gym and Pool. Each sleeping facility contains private Lavatory and Shower Facilities. I also placed a garage and hangar for the zords in an extension of the lower level and your zords are currently in there. The War Room includes secure communications along with scanning and teleportation functions. Basically except for the Lab, Snack Bar, and the lower level it is as Tyra planned it out,” FREDA said.

“With the snack bar we won't have to always eat at the Youth Center so we won't have to worry about the Ranger discount,” Sue said.

“Oh f**k I have to figure out what to tell Matt,” Kim said.

“Your wardrobe habits gave you away and he figured out what was up. He deprogrammed the button but instead since it was only the seven of us who it was used on he programmed the computer to automatically give it to us,” Stephanie said.

“They certainly never covered this at the Triforian Academy,” Brianca said.

“When did you attend the Triforian Academy?” Tyra asked amazed.

“I had to drop out of the academy when I was posted here with the GSA. I had maybe two weeks left. My hope had been to attend the big one on Eltare but those Snobs said I didn't fit their standards. I'm just as good if not better then Janet Cranston and she got in to the one on Eltare. She was my best friend,” Brianca said.

“Is Janet Cranston a descendant of Billy Cranston?” Powermatic said.

“Yes she is so what does that have to do with it?” Brianca asked.

“Janet is descended from a power ranger which is a requirement for entry to the Ranger Academy on Eltare. If you applied now you might get in to an intermediate level class,” Powermatic said.

“Why would I have a better chance now of getting in. It's not like my family tree changed?” Brianca asked.

“The main requirement to attend the Academy on Eltare is for the basic level you have to have a ranger in your family history but if you are a ranger yourself you can get into the academy at a higher level of learning. One good example is the basic level is like an associates or bachelors degree at a normal school. The higher levels are live a masters or doctoral degree,” Powermatic said.

“Who knows I might have had a chance if I finished up on Triforia but as I said the GSA came calling. I was with the GSA when I originally applied but the head of the GSA said that they would wait until I completed my coursework at the academy before they sent me to a colony. Five and half months wasted,” Brianca said.

“Maybe if you talked to the headmaster of the Triforian Academy. I'll even let you do it in morphed mode,” Powermatic said. “It is a small loophole in that one rule.”

“I'll do that,” Brianca said. “Any reason I couldn't do it from my quarters downstairs?”

“Go Ahead Blue Ranger. I'll patch the call through,” FREDA said.

“Sounds good FREDA,” Brianca said.

A couple Minutes later Brianca was talking to Glendow of Triforia headmaster of the Triforian Academy.

“Brianca, I see you received your powers. I was concerned,” Glendow said.

“Yes I did after I arrived at my GSA duty station. You didn't sound surprised yet I thought I had resigned from the Academy when I had to leave early,” Brianca said.

“Brianca, shortly before you tried to resign Powermatic of Demona came to me and told me that a villain known as Mechinack was getting restless on Capsilon IX which was where Terra Venture was orbiting. He told me how he had four possible rangers but needed a fifth one. I knew that Terra Venture was under GSA control so I arranged for your transfer to Terra Venture early but I told the head of the GSA not to reveal that the transfer was arranged at my level. You were practically at the top of your class. If you hadn't been transferred to Terra Venture then when you left Triforia you would have gone to Eltare for Intermediate level training. I must go now May the Power Protect you,” Glendow said. “What you basically did was graduate two weeks early.”

Shortly after the screen went blank Brianca went back to the War Room.

“That was a load off. The headmaster knew I was to receive ranger powers after I arrived here. By accepting the transfer of course I missed out on attending the Ranger Academy on Eltare without knowing it,” Brianca said.

“Let's go to the Snack Bar and hold a belated Graduation party for Brianca,” Kim said.

The Rangers took the time to do that.

Closing notes. AH nice a Power Rangers Demona fanfic longer then four pages. In future fics in this Series whether I put FREDA or F.R.E.D.A. it will be the same thing kind of like D.E.C.A. or DECA. In either this series or my other series the New Adventures of Plastica and Headset or both I will try to write a Christmas Fic at some point but I don't know when. Who knows I might write a Series Bridging Fanfic with a Christmas theme. If I do that it won't be for a while.