Disclaimer and Author Notes. This Muse Fic is a companion to my fifth Power Rangers Demona fanfic Ninja Spirit. Mr. Wilton appeared in the Third Season Episode Wizard for a Day which Fox conveniently showed today and as a result is the property of Haim Saban. My area hasn't had a lot of rain lately so it's a little surprising that we did have rain this morning. This is rare for me when it comes to muse fics since I didn't once insult my muse. Mr. Weldert was my high school Chemistry teacher and Professor Masingale was my chemistry professor way back in my Chem Major days in college. FTR I graduated from college with a BS in Business.

Maybe A Muse Can Be Helpful
A Muse Fic
By Robert Gutheim

“Epson, Where are you when I need you?”

“Is this what I think it is. Are you actually asking me for help instead of throwing insults,” Epson said as he decloaked. The first thing I noticed was that he was wearing a rain coat.

“Epson, it hasn't rained since this morning. What is with the raincoat?”

“After I shorted out last time I figured I might want to get ready in case I need to use give you another raspberry,” Epson said.

“Listen I'm in a bit of a bind. Did you look at the text for Ninja Spirit?” I asked referring to the fifth Power Rangers Demona Fanfic.

“I would call it an interesting bit of writing?” Epson said. “So what is Brianca's spirit animal?”

“Actually I'm having trouble figuring it out which is why I called you. I have to run a quick situation check then I might prepare for battle in the meantime see what you can come up with. Use my copy of Brianca's Charbio if necessary,” I said referring to the matrix I created for submission to the storybook at the realm of storytellers.

Close to half an hour later.

“This is a toughy. How did you come across the others Spirit animals?” Epson asked.

“In Tyra's case I was trying to play on her Intelligence since in her Charbio I described her as being a female Billy Cranston. Sue's was kind of a play on the fact that Some writers feel that Red Rangers tend to be stubborn. Well can you think of anything more stubborn then a mule?” I asked.

“I liked Sasha's quest. What made you decide to have her trip?” Epson asked.

“If you looked at her CharBio you would see that Tripping over her hair when unmorphed was her weakness. AS for the spotted hyena being her spirit animal was based on the fact that she is a comedian,” I said.

“Was there symbolism in the lion's in Sean's Spirit Quest besides it being his spirit animal?” Epson asked.

“By the lion's were you referring to the fact that their were five lionesses and one Male lion,”

Epson nodded of course it looked more like a bow since Joystick interface cards don't exactly have necks.

“Actually yes the symbolism was a reference to the rangers since the male lion symbolized Sean and the lionesses symbolized the other rangers,” I said.

“What about Kim being a snake?” Epson asked.

“A good clue for that one is in the third fic Help From the White. But I'm going to have you figure it out for yourself. In the meantime let's see if we can figure Brianca's out,” I said.

“What was your opinion of today's Ranger Episode?” Epson asked.

“It was good. When that season was originally aired I missed that episode so it was nice to see. Mr. Wilton was nothing like Mr. Weldert I'd say he was more like Professor Masingale,” I said.

“If you ask me Mr. Wilton got a little too much into the act. Did you see how we was even wearing a red shirt like Rocky always did prior to Power Rangers Zeo?” Epson asked.

“Yes I did. That scene in the Command Center when Rocky and Alpha were trying to figure out how to restore the rangers was interesting since they didn't have a brain like Billy or Justin or even Tyra to depend on,” Robert said.

“They managed though,” Epson said. “Tell you what I'll work on the Brianca problem while you do a net check.”

“OK I'll look at the HTML version of Brianca's Charbio while I'm there,” I said.

After Net surfing

“Robert, you mentioned in Brianca's Charbio how she was quick to make friends right?” Epson asked.

“Yes I did. It's under Strengths which I don't think The Storybook's maintainer even realized was spelled wrong. Why do you have an idea finally?”

“Sure maybe have her spirit animal be something quick like a puma or a cheetah,” Epson said. “You used small bits of information from other bio's for the spirit animals of the other Rangers.”

“The cheetah is supposed to be part of my spirit zoo so maybe a puma,” I said.