Disclaimer: Epson is my muse but I'm willing to be lenient so long as a copy is sent to me of his making GUEST APPEARANCES in other peoples Muse Fics. Any references to Power Rangers belong to Saban and I'm just a lowly author with hopes of making money somewhere in the Computer Field and Don't work for Saban or any other company that profits off them. Note the title is based on the Title of the classic Harper Lee Novel To Kill a Mockingbird.

To Kill a Muse
A Muse Fic
By Robert Gutheim

“Good Morning Vietnam,” My muse said one afternoon.

“Well, Well, Well I don't know how he got back inside but look what the cat dragged in,” I sarcastically said.

“Nice to see you as well,” Epson said. “Not.”

“What brings you by,” I asked.

“I have an idea for how you can A continue Plane down and B a possible new PRLG Fic,” He said.

“OK what were you thinking of?” I asked.

“How about if you have Stephanie go on a quest similar to that one part of Academia that you never finished?” he asked.

“It's possible. But right now your Plane Down idea would be helpful,” I said.

“How about if Katie proposes to the family that Amber's wedding takes place in a church and that the family be there,” Epson said.

“Actually Silicon Breath I was thinking of having Dot call Amber into work and have Katie reveal to the masses off the record about how the family was going to be in town for the wedding. In other words Katie will have a plan that Amber might not like. Trust me wherever the wedding takes place it won't be in a church,” I said. “That was basically decided when General Avery offered to preside over the wedding.”

Several Days later.

“Hey Big P. How come you are already hard at work it isn't even seven o'clock,” Epson said.

“For one thing The newspaper is as of right now 26 minutes late. Also I don't have much else planned today. Did you see how Kari made Professional Level at the Realm. The best part is only Kari and I looked to be even close to reaching that level. I even have two more fics on Standby for Submitting to the various Archives. Your main job is to come up with a couple ideas for Fanfics for Power Rangers Demona. I'm getting a little tired of writing four page fics. Especially when Terra Venture was a nice long fic.

“You could always use Courier New 12 That certainly makes them look longer,” Epson said.

“One problem. That trick is reserved for College Papers and Dolphin submissions neither of which I have to worry about at this point,” I said. “Times New Roman 10 is good enough for normal writing.”

Author's note that is what this story and my other fics are written in

“Could be but if you ask me the Demona Rangers need another male character. You have one male character in the whole Fic not counting Powermatic or the villains. Maybe have the Youth Center Owner who has not appeared yet in What Three FanFics,” Epson complained.

“That is a plan. It is your job to generate the Information about him so I can use it. We only have a few months to work on this before the next season of Lost Galaxy starts up,” I said.

“Small Question we know how Headset died and roughly why Stephanie retired from Flitting but why Did Plastica give up his powers. Also Brianca's mother spent time growing up in both Britain and the States but Where was Brianca born?” Epson asked as he grabbed my shirt.

“I'll answer those next fic If you will let my shirt go,” I said. “Man you are worse then a Sith Lord.”

“I consider my self fortunate to be added to such a rougish group as Anakin Skywalker, Darth Maul and Darth Sidious,” Epson said. “Not”

“Epson, I think I hear your motherboard calling,” I said trying to make a decent pun at 0642 in the morning.

He quickly stuck his tongue out and spat at my shorting out his central processor.