Disclaimer: The Concept is Haim Sabanís and a few characters are his but the Vast Majority of the characters are mine. This Fanfic is slated to be my longest yet. IT will also take up the longest time period. By the time it ends the Demona Rangers, as you know them wonít be the same. In Timeline this takes place about three weeks after the Fanfic Ranger Wedding ended so Andrew and Janet are married at this point. For the Record where Mr. Kaplan is mentioned it is a descendant of the Original Mr. Kaplan from MMPR-PriS.

Power Rangers Demona
A Period for Change
by Robert Gutheim

One night a struggling sound was heard coming from a room on the lower level of the Building that housed the Power Rangers Demona base of Operations known as the Command Bunker. The next morning a Tall African American girl was seen running from the room. Soon as she left the bunker she hoped into a car and headed for the nearest settlement of the several that dotted the landscape of Capsilon IX. Eventually the girl came upon a Medical complex.

"May I help you?" A nurse asked as the girl walked in.

"Yes I was raped last night," The girl said.

"Your name?" the nurse asked.

"Christine Matthewson," the girl said.

"Christine, how old are you?" The nurse asked.

"16," Christine said.

The nurse left right after that. Half an hour later Andrew Hammond walked in.

"Christine, what exactly happened last night?" Andrew asked.

"I was studying with Grant Hooper in his quarters over at Rangertech. What Rangertech exactly does I have no idea all I saw really was a bunch of closed doors and the inside of his room," Christine said. "My intention was to head home after we got done studying for a test on Monday but just as I went to leave Grant pulled me on to his bead and got violent. Iím pretty sure he raped me."

"Christine, I will be forwarding a copy of your complaint off to both GSA Security and the IGPF. You sure you are willing to press charges?" Andrew asked.

"Yes I am. Grant is dangerous and must not be allowed to roam free," Christine said. "Why are you here exactly?"

"Iím here because the nurse called me in my apartment," Andrew said. "Iím an investigator with the Intergalactic Police Force."

"Do you have any kids?" Christine asked.

"Not yet my wife and I just returned from our honeymoon a week ago. Someday we hope to have kids," Andrew said.

When Andrew teleported into the War Room an hour later after doing a detailed analysis of the evidence and securing it at the local precinct Professor Damon was on Duty. Andrew then briefed the Rangersí mentor in on the situation involving Grant and Christine.

"This is not good. I hate to say it but under the circumstances I canít allow Grant to continue as a ranger," Professor Damon said.

"Alpha, could you have Grant come up here?" Andrew asked.

"Right Away Andrew," Alpha VIII said.

Grant walked in a few minutes later with his sister Sylvia in tow.

"Grant, what went on in your quarters last night?" Professor Damon asked.

"Not much my friend Christine and I studied until about one in the morning and then We went to bed," Grant said.

"According to what Christine told Andrew at a medical center you raped her," Professor Damon said.

"I wouldnít quite put it that way," Grant said.

"Grant, you might look at what you did as rape but on this planet the Age of Consent is 17 and Christine is only sixteen so no matter how you look at it, it was rape," Andrew said. "Grant at this time I have no choice but to place you under arrest."

"Grant, before you go hand me your 56th Battalion Card along with your communicator and morpher," Professor Damon asked.

"This is so unfair," Grant said.

"Grant, even as a ranger you still have to follow the law. If the council allowed one ranger to get away with something as serious as rape it could cause problems," Professor Damon said.

A few minutes after that Andrew teleported out with Grant handcuffed.

A few hours later Christine was sitting at the bar in the youth center when Tyra Johnson walked over.

"Oh hi Tyra. How is your daughter doing?" Christine asked.

"She is doing fine. Sheís at my momís house right now," Tyra said. "You feeling ok?"

"Iím waiting for a bunch of test results," Christine said.

"What kind of tests?" Tyra asked.

"Medical tests my boyfriend raped me last night," Christine said.

"Did you contact security or IGPF?" Tyra asked.

"The nurse at the Medical Center apparently called the IGPF because they sent a guy named Andrew Hammond over," Christine said. "I took the time to file an official complaint against my boyfriend. Heís probably in jail by now."

"Christine did Andrew or the nurse tell you about the burden of proof being on you in the case?" Tyra asked.

"Yes they did," Christine said. "How much trouble could my boyfriend get into because of it?"

"On Capsilon IX the mandatory sentence for rape when IGPF is involved is Life in Prison usually on Titus III," Tyra said. "If GSA Security had been called in then he would have done maybe forty years in a prison on this planet."

"I spent some time thinking about it after I spoke with Officer Hammond and I donít feel it was my fault," Christine said. "I did the best I could to stop him."

Tyraís communicator went off right then. She walked over to the special corner alone since Kim was off that day.

"Yeah Powermatic," Tyra said.

"Iím calling a meeting in the Snack Bar Report to Headquarters," Powermatic said.

"On my way," Tyra said as she teleported off in a flash of yellow. She took the time to teleport right to the snack bar on the ground level.

"Powermatic, will this take long? I was in the middle of a conversation with Christine Matthewson," Tyra said.

"It shouldnít. I mainly wanted to get everyoneís opinion on something," Powermatic said.

"Sylvia, where is your brother?" Fran Fitzgerald asked.

"Jail I assume. He was arrested for raping his girlfriend," Sylvia said. "In fact Powermatic kicked him off the team."

"Where was he when he was arrested?" Brianca Chang asked.

"Down the hall in the War Room," Janet Hammond said. "Andrew was the one who ended up arresting him."

"Ouch," Kim said.

"It wasnít easy for him to have a arrest a fellow team member," Janet said.

"OK background info aside who do you think we should give Grantís morpher to?" Powermatic asked.

"If It was up to me which it probably isnít I would give it to Sam Hayes," Fran said. "He is a ranger even if he isnít a power ranger."

"In other words Sam has the training and would have an easier time transitioning into the team," Sue Collington the leader said.

"When you sum it up yes," Fran said.

"I donít know. Sam was Grantís roommate according to Andrewís report. Would Sam enjoy taking a good friendís place on the team?" Dr. Stephanie Collington asked.

"We have lucked out so far that we havenít been attacked since Sylvia vaporized Haradomous," Sasha Stanton said.

"I doubt it will last. Fucilla has been monitoring a few things from her workshop on Demona Prime. My main concerns right now are not in any particular order replacing Grant, making sure Grant gets a first class defense, and making sure that the victim is in good shape," Powermatic said.

"I can probably handle keeping an eye on the victim by maybe involving her in things here in the Bunker," Tyra said.

"Iíll think about that possibility," Powermatic said. "Christine will need as much help as she might be willing to let us give her."

"Because of what happened to her she will probably trust Andrew but who knows about Sean, Barakus, or Jim at least at first," Dr. Collington said. "Professor, From what I know about Christine she is of above average intelligence and I could use an extra intern since Alpha is always working the night shift and has to recharge during the day."

A week later Janet happened to be sitting at the bar of the Youth Center talking to Matt Connorson the owner along with Kim who was stuck working that day when Christine walked in.

"Christine, how are you doing?" Janet asked.

"Iím doing good Mrs. Hammond. I received some of my test results. The result of one of the tests did not go over well with my dad," Christine said.

"Which one," Matt asked.

"Pregnancy, soon as he learned that I was pregnant he threw me out. Thank god I live down below on the Planet and that it is Climate controlled otherwise I could have ended up in a snowbank," Christine said.

"Christine, Rangertech is working at coming up with ways to help you," Kim said. "I doubt you will end up on your own."

"What exactly is Rangertech anyways?" Christine asked.

"We do a lot of scientific research. The head of the Laboratory is a former R&D Scientist over at GSA," Janet said.

Kim laughed at Janetís attempt at a cover-up for most of the employees of Rangertech were in fact the Power Rangers Demona. They had started out with Five rangers before reaching a high of thirteen prior to the week before when one of the rangers was accused of rape and was kicked off the team. Kim being the White Ranger and the newly married Janet the Purple Ranger. Their Mentor Powermatic was carried on the Phony Mission Statement as Professor Pedro Damon the CEO.

"What kind of Scientific Research do you do that would require having a dunce like Grant Hooper on staff?" Christine asked.

"Intelligence related research for one thing," Janet said to try to explain it away.

"Well I donít think having Grant on the payroll was an intelligent move," Christine said.

"It probably wasnít but I was part of the committee that hired him and we generally donít do Full Background checks so his sexual endeavors werenít revealed prior to his being hired," Janet said.

"Who else was on the committee?" Christine asked.

"My now Husband Andrew and my old friend Brianca Chang," Janet said.

"I should be going I have to see if I can find somewhere to live," Christine said.

"Christine, why donít you stop by my apartment tonight for dinner so you wonít starve," Janet said.

"Sounds good," Christine said.

Christine then headed out the door.

"Well you have until nightfall to come up with a more plausible Story," Matt said since he had known from before Janet first visited the colony the identity of the rangers.

"Powermatic was going to see about doing something to help Christine out. Before tonight Iím going to check with him and see if I should at least tell her the truth," Janet said.

Soon as Janet arrived in the Command Bunker she asked him.

"I have given the whole thing some thought and since to some extent Rangertech even if it is a cover is partially liable for her situation we need to do everything we can. IF by the time she has dinner with you and Andrew tonight she hasnít found an apartment Iím willing to give her access to one of the rooms in the living quarters. Iím also willing to let you clue her in on what really goes on here," Powermatic said.

That night when Christine knocked and Andrew said come in Christine walked into an apartment to find a small surprise.

"Whoa, the black ranger cooking at a stove," Christine said.

"While Iím finishing things up here my partner in the sitting room would like to talk to you," Andrew said while morphed.

Christine then went in search of the sitting room. When she walked in She saw Janet just removing her helmet.

"Mrs. Hammond, why are you dressed like the purple ranger?" Christine asked.

"Iíll give you a hint," Janet said. "Demorph."

Janetís purple uniform then faded away to reveal her clothes from earlier that day.

"You mean to tell me that you are the honest be god Purple Ranger," Christine said.

"You better believe it," Janet said.

"So what really goes on over at Rangertech?" Christine asked.

"Let me just say this your boyfriend used to be the brown ranger. Our mentor Powermatic though kicked him off the team," Janet said.

"I donít get it you trying to tell me that Rangertech is a front for the power rangers," Christine said.

"Yes it is. Powermatic is willing to provide you with lodging in one of the rooms of the living quarters in the Command Bunker," Janet said.

"Where is the Command Bunker?" Christine asked.

"Christine the Rangertech Building is the Command Bunker," Janet said.

"If the rangers live there why do you and your husband live here apart from the Bunker?" Christine asked.

"WE figured that we would be better off with a place of our own to go with our married life," Janet said. "How easy will it be for you to get your things out?"

"Iíll have Candi meet me somewhere with them," Christine said.

"Who is Candi?" Andrew asked as he walked in with his helmet in his hand before demorphing.

"My twin sister," Christine said.

Right after Christine called her sister using a separate line from the phone for their father they sat down to dinner. By the time they had finished dinner Candi had arrived.

"Chris, where are we taking our stuff?" Candi asked.

"I was going to take my stuff over to the Rangertech Building but Iím not sure about your stuff," Christine said.

"Come on sis, I figured we could room together somehow. Besides one advantage of my moving in with you is while we are eating like gourmets maybe dad will realize that he couldnít cook to save his life," Candi said.

Christine smuggled Candi into the Rangertech building for the night and let her sleep on the couch in her room. The next Morning the two girls headed for the Snack bar passing Brianca on the way upstairs.

"Morning Christine," Brianca said.

"Morning Brianca, did Janet tell you how Professor Damon is letting me live here?" Christine asked.

"Yes he did. For the record he probably knows your shadow is here. WE once tracked T.J. by counting life sign readings. When we showed two readings in this one spot but at the same time picked up a reading in another spot we knew where T.J. was hiding," Brianca said.

"Why did you use readings in two different spots?" Candi asked.

"Easy at first glance you would suspect that the second reading might have been one of the other rangers but the ranger in question was elsewhere in the building," Brianca said.

"Rangers," Candi said.

"We like to think of the people who live and work here as Rangers," Brianca said. "After all this is the Rangertech Building."

"Brianca, have you seen my work schedule at all?" Christine asked.

"All I know is you will be working in the lab but doing what or when I donít know," Brianca said. "Dr. Collington will probably know. She oversees that area."

Soon as they walked into the Snack Bar Candi started to hide when they saw that the others were in there.

"Candace, Itís all right. I was expecting you," Powermatic said.

"Iíve been at one big disadvantage ever since I got up this morning," Candi said. "One I have no idea what you all do although I know that two of you are in High School."

"Candace, the Rangertech Building is also known as the Command Bunker. It is the base for the power rangers," Sue said.

"Almost no one calls me Candace. I usually go by Candi with a I," Candi said. "Here Chris and I plan on applying to a few of the Academies yet I didnít think I would get a chance to be in on an actual team of rangers."

"When the time comes it will probably be only you applying to the Academies. Somehow I donít think motherhood and rangering mix too well," Christine said.

"I donít know about that," Tyra said. "Iíve managed for a couple years now to combine the two. The big question would be how your body would handle being infused with the powers if you should become a ranger before you gave birth."

"I donít think such a move would be appropriate," Christine said.

An hour later Christine was doing a few studies using the Brown Rangeís morpher to study just how the batch two powers were tuned such that the ability to be inherited was added.

"Christine Matthewson," Fucilla said when she appeared.

"Yes Iím Christine Matthewson."

"I am Fucilla. Iím a member of the Demona Race. Powermatic is one of my people."

"What exactly do you do?" Christine asked.

"I enfuse receptacles like the morpher in front of you with Demona Powers. Unfortunately Iím getting on in years and soon it will be necessary for me to step down from my role as a Demona Fuser. Before I can step down I need to choose an apprentice," Fucilla said.

"An apprentice," Christine said.

"Yes. Christine, no where in Demona Law does it say that the Fuser has to be of the Demona. While I have a staff they donít do the actual infusing because it requires special training. Christine, if a way could be found to protect your unborn children would you be willing to be my apprentice?" Fucilla asked.

"Yes I would but how did you even know I was pregnant and what do you mean my children?" Christine asked.

"You have a history of twins in your past and twins in your future," Fucilla said. "What are you working on?"

"Most of the rangers powers are noninheritable. The morpher Iím using for my study used to belong to my ex boyfriend but he left the team and hasnít been replaced yet. This one is inheritable. What Iím trying to figure out is what difference there is between the two types so I can see if I can make the bulk of the Rangers powers inheritable. Tyra Johnson the Chief Lab Intern gave me this assignment. She is going to retire from actual rangering in a couple months and she wants to be able to pass on her powers," Christine said.

"I should thank Tyra for that since it will give you a start in working with the powers," Fucilla said.

A short time later Tyra was in her quarters when Candi walked in.

"Oh Hi Candi is it?" Tyra asked.

"Yes. I have a question for you Tyra. Itís nothing essential but I decided to get my applications for the various academies ready and I was wondering if you would like to maybe write me a letter of reference," Tyra said.

What am I to do. The training would help her out but Iíve already decided, assuming Christine can modify my powers such so that I can pass them on, to give my powers to Candi when I retire from the battlefield and work full time on the technical side. Powermatic and Dr. Collington need more help then even Christine can provide here in the Bunker.

"How important is it that you have the letter of reference?" Tyra asked.

"Itís not essential. Eltare especially recommends it since they are fairly exclusive. I figured if I could get someone to write me a really good letter of recommendation that maybe Iíll get in there," Candi said.

"Candi, most of us didnít have any special training before we came here and of those that did Only Janet was trained on Eltare but then one of her ancestors was a ranger on earth," Tyra said.

"I see," Candi said. "Iím not that lucky to have a ranger in my family. But then how much of a difference could it make?"

"Candi, I donít see you attending Eltare," Tyra said. "Besides you might get lucky and become a ranger without attending an academy."

"I have a feeling that my chances would improve if I did. The next session on Triforia starts next month so I would have to hurry," Candi said.

Then a month later I would be pulling you out so you could take my place. Sue has Kelly in mind to replace her around the same time I retire but no one knows that not even Christine and Christine wonít find out until maybe a week before.

"Candi, Iíve got an idea. Why donít you take a few months to study how we operate and then maybe apply for the session after the one coming up," Tyra said.

"Iíll consider it but I really want to be a ranger not like Kelly Brennan is but more like you guys," Candi said.

"Is was the decision of Kellyís Rangering Mentor not to give her and her partner powers. The vast majority of rangers do have powers," Tyra said.

A few hours later Christine had a theory. By Chance Fucilla was still in the lab with her.

"Fucilla, this one frequency range right here is not in the readings I took of Tyraís morpher. On the other hand this frequency range is not in the Brown Ranger Morpher. Itís just a theory but Iím wondering if the two frequency ranges could be related," Christine said.

"Christine, I think you hit upon something. The Frequency range in question in each case effects whether the powers can be inherited," Fucilla said. "While I go back to my workshop to grab some morphers why donít you see if you can find a way to reset the Frequency Range on the older powers to the frequency range of the new powers."

"It will take time to do Fucilla. IT could take me a week to get just a prototype ready also to really do the work I would need the actual morpher not just the readings," Christine said.

"Good point my student," Fucilla said.

Right after Fucilla left Tyra walked in.

"Find anything yet?" Tyra asked.

"Yes this one Frequency Range here will have to be retuned to match this range. I think your powers will be ready when you do retire," Christine said.

"I just hope Fucilla doesnít get mad that I have someone messing with her powers," Tyra said.

"I doubt she would care," Christine said. "How much work did you do when they were being developed?"

"I wasnít involved in this project. Dr. Collington had me on other projects," Tyra said. "About the only involvement I had was I distributed them when the attacks started. Against Docís wishes of course."

"By the way Tyra Fucilla already knows that you gave me this assignment. She came her to see if I was interested in becoming her apprentice and I accepted," Christine said. "In fact she seemed to approve of my assignment. She went to get some morphers from her workshop. Why I donít know?"

"She might be planning on providing new morphers to some of the old rangers. As you can see the two styles of morphers have different actuators. In fact Jim was the first to use the new style morpher and he had absolutely no idea how to use it. When Powermatic provided the morphers to Fran, Sylvia, and Grant he provided instructions on how they are used," Tyra said as Christine coded in a couple formulae. She then ran a simulation.

"This will be a challenge, I do have a theory though. The Frequency range could be connected to the morpher. In other words the old style morpher might create this range and the new one the target range," Christine said.

"Well we should see in a few minutes," Fucilla said as she returned with nine small morphers.

Tyra then handed over her old morpher. Just as Fucilla started to transfer Tyraís powers to a new morpher the alarm went off. Christine and Fucilla followed Tyra to the War Room where the entire crew including Candi were watching a scene on FREDAís main viewer.

"This is The Dark Lord. He is the Supreme Monarch of Evil kind of like Dark Specter was at one time. His Ship was spotted enroute to Capsilon IX. By my estimates he should be arriving here within a week," Powermatic said.

"Powermatic, as they stand now the Rangers powers are inadequate to deal with someone of Dark Lordís powers. Even with Sylviaís special Mace Attack," Fucilla said. "A major retuning will be needed of at least the original nine powers. At this time I will be replacing all the Plunger morphers. IT will take Christine and I a while to get things ready."

"Sounds good Fucilla. BE careful," Powermatic said.

"I will," Fucilla said. "I will also make sure that Christine is."

Fucilla and Christine then returned to the lab and got to work. First thing they did was to transfer Tyraís powers so they could check the Frequency Range and they saw that it was a little off but decided to see if maybe the range is color dependent. They then placed a few enhancements into the rangers suits so that they could better stand up to The Supreme Monarch of Evil. Soon as everything was ready they started to do rework on the other morphers so that the rangers would be ready on time. Three days later Christine was asleep in her quarters when the alarm went off at 530 in the morning.

"Not a nice wake-up Call," Christine said. She could hear movement as the Rangers headed for the War Room. She managed to make her way up there.

"Rangers be ready at any time for Dark Lordís ship is currently in orbit of Capsilon IX. It is my assumption that Goldar will try to join up with Dark Lord since Goldar requires supervision. Fucilla how are you and Christine coming on getting the powers ready?"

"Except for field tests we are ready," Christine said. One of the screens then showed a Group of Lizard like Creatures heading toward one of the Settlements. "Looks like the field tests will be battlefield tests."

"I agree. We Better Morph," Sue said.

"I recommend Eclipsed. That way if Eclipsed doesnít work then we will know we are in trouble," Kim said.

"I agree," Sue said. "Ranger Power Eclipsed. Red Ranger Power."

"Pink Ranger Power."

"Yellow Ranger Power."

"Green Ranger Power."

"Blue Ranger Power."

"White Ranger Power."

"Purple Ranger Power."

"Titanium Ranger Power."

"Black Ranger Power."

"Gray Ranger Power.í

"Tan Ranger Power."

"Orange Ranger Power."

The Rangers then Teleported to the Settlement and Started to attack the Lizardtrons.

"Gearheads these are not," Sylvia said.

"I agree," Barakus said. "These things make Gearheads look like girl scouts."

"Oh man you will probably get it good when we get back to base," Andrew said.

"So what," Barakus said as he sent a few Lizardtrons packing.

"Most of the rangers are female," Andrew said.

"Could someone give me a hand over here?" Fran asked as she tried to knock a couple down with her Bo Staff but they were holding back.

"Time for a Burst of Titanium," Barakus said as he help his staff in the Air.

Fairly soon after that the Lizardtrons were defeated.

"Thanks for a minute there I thought I was going to need to use my mace," Sylvia said.

"I think we can do without vaporizing more villains," Jim said.

The Rangers then returned to base.

"Those Lizard creatures were tough," Fran said.

"How many did Sylvia get with her mace?" Dr. Collington asked.

"Barakus used his staff so I didnít get a chance to use my mace," Sylvia said. "What else does Dark Lord have up his sleeve?"

"Most of the info about him is loaded with legend so Itís hard to say. Andrew, I recommend having the IGPF base keep a file on him," Powermatic said.

"Not a bad idea," Andrew said. "Iíll get right on it."

"I better get to work going over the scans from the battle just in case the powers need any fine tuning," Christine said.

"Iíll assist you," Powermatic said as he went to follow her.

Kim meanwhile showered so she could head off to work and Brianca took the time to get breakfast started.

"Tyra, am I making the right decision by thinking of even becoming a ranger?" Candi asked as she followed Tyra to the Snack Bar.

"I think so. You have to consider the Colony depends on us. IF we hadnít been on the ball this morning that settlement would have been in rough shape," Tyra said.

"Tyra, the settlement that was attacked this morning was the one Chris and I lived in before we moved here," Candi said.

Right after Breakfast Candi stuck her head into the lab where Christine was working at a terminal.

"Chris, time to leave for School," Candi said.

"Groan," Christine said.

By luck the Matthewson Twins attended the same school as Fran and Silvia.

"Candi, you want to know the worst thing about school?" Christine asked as they were walking in the building.

"What?" Candi asked.

"It cuts into possibly valuable lab time back home," Christine said.

"Like come on Chris, how much more work is needed before the next battle?" Sylvia asked.

"Not too much but for all we know the next battle might be this afternoon," Chris said.

"Sue and the others would probably try to do what they could before Dr. Collington and the Professor would even think of calling us," Candi said.

"You never know," Fran said.

At lunch time Christine had to leave in order to go to a doctors appointment. Candi offered to drive her since it would give the two girls a chance to talk.

"So when are you leaving for the Academy?" Christine asked.

"Tyra suggested I wait until after this coming session to go. I hope by waiting it doesnít cause me to ruin my best chance at becoming a ranger," Candi said. "I almost wonder if there is a reason she made that recommendation?"

"Couldnít tell you. I know she is considering leaving active duty but that isnít for a couple months," Christine said.

"Yet Chris it is during the time that I would have been at the Academy. Tyra must have something up her sleeve," Candi said.

"Like what?" Christine asked.

"Maybe she is hoping Iíll take her place," Candi said.

"Yeah right That Kelly girl who works at the Triforian Embassy will probably get chosen. She is one halfway stuck up girl. Her and that Hayes Kid she works with," Christine said. "Remember when they were over for dinner last week. She actually tried to imply that she was better then us because of her training. For sure my chances of ever becoming a ranger are dead especially since Iím going to be working with Fucilla."

Just about this time they arrived at the doctorís office.

"Christine, what was your familyís reaction when you told them about your pregnancy?" The doctor asked.

"My dad threw me out. It was nightfall before I even found a place to live. My sister though was extremely supportive. You figure she grabbed her stuff at the same time she packed mine and moved in with me," Christine said.

"How has school been for you?" the doctor asked.

"Iíve continued to attend school," Christine said. "SO has my sister."

Christine continued to work hard. A week before Tyraís official retirement Chris was working in the lab after school on a xenobiology project when Sue walked in.

"Oh Hi Sue. What brings you by?" Christine asked.

"I wanted to clue you in that Next week when Tyra leaves the team I plan on leaving as well. I know itís kind of sudden but well I think itís time for some fresh blood in red. The others plan on sticking around. How did your doctorís appointment go today?" Sue asked.

"He took a preliminary sonogram and he found two fetuses inside. It was too early to detect gender," Christine said.

"That explains what Fucilla meant when she said how you had a history of twins in your past and twins in your future. The history of twins in your past could have been a reference to Not only the relationship between you and Candi but also the fact that Grant and Sylvia are twins," Sue said.

"When might we be officially replacing Grant as the Brown Ranger. The battles against Dark Lord are getting bad. Without the Post Zord we are stuck with just the Air Attack Megazord and in the last battle you all almost needed the Megamace," Christine said.

"We will probably announce who the new Brown Ranger is at the same time we reveal the new Red and Yellow Rangers," Sue said.

The next day at school Chris walked up to Kelly and Sam at lunch.

"Kelly, think you and Sam could be in the Gymnasium over at Rangertech Saturday at Four PM?" Christine asked.

"Not a problem," Kelly said. "Iím sure Lord Trey will give us the time off." Especially since we will have to be there anyway

Friday Afternoon Christine had Sylvia and Candi help her decorate the Gymnasium for a small surprise party that she was going to have for Sue and Tyra the next day.

"This will be great. How do you expect to keep the gym in this condition until Tomorrow Afternoon?" Sylvia asked.

"It will be a challenge thatís for sure," Christine said. "One thing is for sure, Iím not looking forward to school after I start to get fat."

"Iím sure you will manage," Candi said.

The next day Sue and Tyra were at the park with T.J. and Christine decided to join them. About 1230 just as they were laying out a picnic lunch a pack of Lizardtrons attacked.

"This is not good," Sue said.

"I agree. Well looks like we have only one option," Tyra said.

"Youíre right. Ninja Ranger Power."

The two former rangers having left their morphers in their bedrooms at Rangertech then used the only Morph they had available. It was a challenge especially since Christine was working from the Ground to try and trip the Lizardtrons since otherwise she would have had to really watch herself that she didnít cause serious harm to her unborn children. Eventually the other Rangers showed up Morphed Demona to provide some assistance. Christine at that point teleported back to the Bunker. Candi was in the lab when she arrived.

"How bad is it out there?" Candi asked.

"Sue and Tyra are stuck using their 2nd morph since they didnít have their morphers with them. Luckily the others showed up. One thing I noticed was that there wasnít a second red and Yellow Ranger," Christine said.

"Maybe they couldnít make it. You know half the time Kim is a little late while she looks for Matt when she has to leave work for a battle," Candi said. I wish I knew where Tyra has hidden her morpher so I could throw it on.

Soon as the battle was over Candi joined Christine as they rejoined the former rangers in the Park.

"I wonder if my kids will be anything like T.J. when they reach her age," Christine said.

"Hard to tell. Last time I was at my parents I looked at some of the pictures they had when I was her age and I definitely didnít look like her," Tyra said Which is true and to be expected since she is adopted

"Her kids will probably look something like her," Candi said.

"Of course that will mean that they would also look something like you," Christine said.

All four older girls had fun with T.J. that day to the point that it was Four Thirty before they knew it.

"Oh boy we better be getting back," Christine said. "Last one to the outside of the Gymnasium Door is a Lizardtron."

Sue managed to beat the Apprentice Fuser to the chosen rendezvous point. She took the time to wait for the others. Just as Candi and Christine teleported in a fraction of a second before Tyra arrived. Christine then opened the door.

"SURPRISE," Everyone yelled.

"What took you all so long?" Kelly asked.

"Sorry we lost track of time," Christine said.

A Shipís whistle was heard and a quick look told them that Alpha was trying to attempt it without lips.

"I have in this box here a little something for three individuals," Alpha said.

"Oh boy," Candi said.

"The First Lucky Individual is Kelly Brennan," Alpha said. Alpha then handed her a small box.

"Whoa, why is there a morpher in my box?" Kelly said.

"Easy Kelly because you were chosen by me to be the new Red Ranger," Sue said.

"Sue, tell me you are joking," Kelly said.

"I wish," Sue said. "But Iím serious."

"The next person is Samuel Hayes," Alpha said handing him a small box as well.

"I assume this was Grantís morpher," Sam said when he took it out of the box.

"Yes it was. WE took our time before choosing you to be his replacement," Janet said.

"That explains why the brown ranger hadnít been seen since he was arrested," Sam said.

"The final person is Candace Matthewson," Alpha said.

"Based on information that I knew the yellow morpher hasnít come up yet," Candi said. "IT must be in here."

"Now you know the real reason I suggested you hold off on applying to the various Academies," Tyra said.

"You mean you chose me two months ago," Candi said.

"That I did. If things had been different then who knows Christine might have a morpher today," Tyra said.

"Thatís assuming that Fucilla didnít still choose me to be her apprentice," Christine said.

"Hate to say it but Chris has a point," Candi said.

"Sue, would this mean that I would be promoted to the Leadership position or will Kelly be inheriting the Leadership position?" Kim asked.

"Technically you will be in charge now Kim but Kelly will be in control of the Command Zord," Sue said.

"Chris, the surprise party have anything to do with why you joined Sue, T.J., and I at the park today?" Tyra asked.

"Yes it did. Itís also why the gym was locked this morning. Candi, Sylvia and I decorated it yesterday," Christine said.

"Iím surprised you didnít use the Youth Center," Sue said.

"I tried but Matt wouldnít let me," Christine said.

"I probably could have talked him into it," Kim said.

Two days later at school Christine sat down at lunch with the rangers that attended the school.

"If Dark Lord ever attacks the school we should be in good shape," Kelly said.

"Good point because we would be on the scene," Candi said. "When Christine and I figured on going into rangering we figured that we would have to attend an academy in order to pull it off."

"Yet you lucked out and managed to become a ranger without going to the academy. At this point slightly less then half the rangers are academy graduates," Kelly said.

"I hope Dark Lord never thinks to attack the school," Fran said.

"Unfortunately you arenít going to get your wish," Dark Lord said. "Goldar, take some Lizardtrons and attack the school where the younger rangers are."

"Yes my master," Goldar said.

Goldar and the Lizardtrons showed up in the main office.

"Hello Humans," Goldar said.

"Attention students remain in your classrooms. If you are in the halls get to your destination immediately and stay there," The principal said.

"Give me that you pathetic human," Goldar said grabbing the PA system microphone "Power Rangers I know you are in there. Come out come out where ever you are."

"Oh great that sounded like Goldar," Sam said.

"I agree," Fran said. "Only trouble is we canít morph here and if we try to leave the cafeteria monitor will see us."

"What are we going to do then?" Candi asked.

"First things first, Call for back-up," Kelly said. "Professor, Goldar is in our school send back-up."

"Back-up unit is on itís way I just got done briefing the others. Can you morph?" Powermatic asked.

"Negative, we are in the cafeteria and we canít leave without someone seeing us," Kelly said.

"Weíll try to create a diversion so you all can slip out," Powermatic said before closing the transmission.

A couple minutes later the lights went out in the school.

"Looks like our best chance," Candi said.

"Agreed. Letís go," Kelly said. Soon they were in the hall.

"Demona Ranger Power," Kelly said.

Christine teleported out at that point. Right after they finished morphing the Lights came back on.

Shortly after Christine teleported in Alpha followed behind her.

"Security at your school is a joke I was able to teleport in and cut the power to the school without difficulty," Alpha said.

"I agree but not because you were able to fool around with the lights. If it was a little better you wouldnít have had to fool around with the lights.

"Good Point Chris," Alpha said.

"I know. I only hope the others manage itís Candiís first battle as a ranger," Christine said.

Candi meanwhile was just arriving in the main office with the other younger rangers.

"Turbo Blast fire," Candi said. Since she was not used to the recoil she ended up against the back wall.

"Candi, you all right?" Sam asked.

"Remind me to have my sister get me a better weapon," Candi said.

"The others are keeping Goldar busy," Sam said. "Maybe we can take out a few Lizardtrons."

"Sounds good," Candi said as they headed off on Patrol. Brianca and Janet joined them.

"After school weíll see how much damage we can do to the Gymnasium. Pure Energy weapons like you and I have can pack quite a wallop," Brianca said.

"I guess I wasnít expecting the recoil. How did Tyra ever manage?"

"I noticed how your legs were close together and you were on the front of your feet. Such a stance causes maximum recoil. One time using my Ball Blaster I ended up going back four miles during one recoil. The next time I used it I placed my left foot a ways back and I was able to counter the recoil," Brianca said.

"Iíll have to try that," Candi said.

At that moment a platoon of Lizardtrons appeared.

"Looks like youíll get your chance," Janet said as she pulled out her katanas.

"If Sylvia was here it would be a short battle," Candi said.

"Who knows she might have actually gotten Goldar by now," Sam said.

"Yeah right Goldar might be an idiot but he at least has something between his ears otherwise I doubt he would have survived her first attack," Janet said.

Candi took a stable stance and sent a Blast right at the center. As the Lizardtrons scattered Janet and Sam sent them further packing. Candi of course tried not to cause too much damage to the school. Eventually the last Lizardtron was sent packing and the Rangers teleported back to the Command Bunker.

"Whoa, did Goldar put up a fight. I couldnít even get to my mace," Sylvia said.

"You did you best though. Goldar is a tough cookie. HE lasted for a long time back when he was with Zedd and Rita," Powermatic said. "Even Plastica had to deal with him."

"Iím sure we will prevail," Kelly said. "Candi, did you manage to keep damage to a minimum?"

"I wasnít expecting a recoil. Brianca gave me a couple tips though," Candi said.

"One thing is for sure Iím going to have to work on my swordplay. At least I have a few teachers, Letís see Kim, Andrew, Janet. You only have one," Kelly said.

"Thatís true but the main lesson I needed was stance. I canít keep myself loose otherwise I end leaving a lasting impression on the wall," Candi said. "What caused the lights to go out?"

"I teleported in and cut the power," Alpha said. "I figured that in the darkness no one would see you slip out and morph."

"While you were fighting I hacked into the computer and made it look like I had another doctorís appointment and you were driving me to it and that Kelly and Sam had to leave on official business for Lord Trey. Unfortunately I couldnít think of a good alibi for Fran and Sylvia," Christine said.

"The alibis you did come up with would at least hold up since Kelly and Sam are still technically assigned to the Triforian Embassy and with your pregnancy requiring periodic appointments who would question it," Sasha asked.

"I agree," Dr. Collington said. "Powermatic, what is your opinion assuming the council will go for it of letting the Principal at the younger rangersí school know that a few of his students are rangers. Because of the situation that happened today where we had to use a diversion it might make it easier. Also if everytime there was an attack during school we had to use the same set of alibis it could get suspicious after a while."

Meanwhile Alpha was monitoring things in the War Room since the debriefing was in the snack bar when he encountered a call coming in from Rangero.

"Greetings Iím Alpha VIII," Alpha said.

"Alpha, this is Zendar of Eltare leader of the Ranger Council on Rangero. Is Powermatic around?"

"Oh yes I remember you. He is debriefing the rangers following a noontime attack on the High School in Settlement 14 by the Dark Lord," Alpha said.

"Alpha quietly patch me through," Zendar said.

Zendarís face soon appeared on a monitor in the Snack Bar. It was five minutes before she said anything while they debated informing the principal of the fact that there were Power Rangers attending his school and giving their identities.

"You arguments on both sides are good and I will consider both sides. With Rangers at the school how much of an effect did it have on response time by the rangers?" Zendar asked.

"Since the principal had asked students to remain where they were unless they were between destinations and we were at lunch it caused a delay until the others could be dispatched and Alpha could kill the Lights so we could sneak out and morph. In other words response time could have been a lot better. Luckily since Sam and I are still technically assigned to the Triforian Embassy here and Christineís medical situation requires regular ongoing medical care that her sister Candi usually goes to with her four of us were able to come up with Convincing alibis to explain our sudden disappearance. For an attack outside of school response time could be real bad. Especially since the other two of the more recent rangers who have slightly more seniority then Sam, Candi, and I donít have decent alibis that can be used," Kelly said. "Interesting thing is the two without Alibiís Sam and I knew each other back at the Triforian Academy."

"Makes sense. I know the other members of the council would probably vote against your proposal but because of circumstances Iím not going to convene the council. Instead Iím going to approve the Younger Rangers informing school officials of their unique positions. What type of condition does Christine have?" Zendar asked.

"Pregnant," Christine said. "Iím the official apprentice to Fucilla of Demona Prime though which happened after I learned of my pregnancy. Otherwise I might have been a ranger by this time myself."

"Interesting," Zendar said. "Kelly, I will inform Lord Trey that you and Sam are officially transferred to Capsilon IX by my authority."

Soon as the conference ended Kelly gathered her classmates together.

"Back to Action," Kelly said. The Five Rangers then teleported into the school and walked into the main office. The principal was just getting ready to leave for the day.

"Thanks for helping out earlier today. How did you and your friends even know to come?" HE asked.

"Our teammates picked it up on sensors over at our base. And were able to respond fairly quickly but we had a harder time getting in," Kelly said.

"Why is that?" The principal asked.

"We came here to show you why," Kelly said. "Ok gang letís carefully remove our helmets."

As he saw the Rangers helmets come off a look of shock came over his face.

"Except for Miss Matthewson none of you have really attended this school long and yet you all are Rangers," the principal said.

"Candi Matthewson and I along with Sam just became Rangers on Saturday so we havenít been rangers long. Sylvia and Fran joined up a few months ago. Sam replaced a ranger who was kicked off the team for raping a girl while off duty and Candi and I replaced rangers who had retired," Kelly said.

"This was my first real battle so I wasnít used to my weapon which is why I left that hole across the hall from the office," Candi said.

"Why are you informing me of your identities?" the principal asked.

"Easy part of the reason that my friends and I were slow responding was because of you ordering people to stay where they were meant that we couldnít let Mrs. Heldan see us leave the cafeteria where we were having lunch. Some creative work on Christineís part helped to cover up our sudden disappearance," Kelly said.

"I did notice that the lights went out at one point for almost two minutes," The principal said.

"A little maneuver on the part of an Alpha Unit so we could slip out unnoticed," Candi said.

"Candi, how often were your sisters doctorís appointments genuine?" The principal asked.

"Almost every single one but one that was slipped in today was. Christine used the fact that she has her regular appointments to disguise the reason for the two of us being missing after the battle," Candi said.

After the meeting ended the Matthewson sisters headed for the youth center to talk to Matt, when they arrived they saw Tyra and T.J. over on a few exercise mats. They walked over.

"How are you two doing?" Tyra asked.

"I had my first battle today," Candi said.

"I heard. Man battles like that can be tough. Itís interesting that Dark Lord doesnít use monsters much unlike most villains. I better warn you the Airzord can be a little bit of a challenge to fly," Tyra said.

"I used the weapon I inherited from you and the first time I used it I ended up punching a hole in the wall behind me when I ended up getting thrown back. Brianca told me how I have to keep my feet staggered front to back in order to stabilize my body and keep damage to a minimum," Candi said.

"Your powers must not have fully intertwined with your body yet. Eventually you will be fully in tune with the power," Tyra said.

"I hope so," Candi said. "Do you enjoy your new place at all?"

Tyra had moved out of the Bunker the week before she transferred the power to Candi.

"Child care is more of an issue then it was at the bunker but T.J. generally comes with me to the bunker as it is and Alpha or somebody will keep her entertained. Also it gives me time to look for intimate relationships with the other gender," Tyra said.

"If you ever need a baby sitter at night you know where to look," Candi said.

"Iíll keep that in mind," Tyra said.

The next day after school Candi went to visit her father.

"Who is it?" Mr. Matthewson asked.

"Dad, itís Candi."

Mr. Matthewson then opened the door.

"How is everything?" he asked.

"Itís doing good. Doing everything I can to keep up with school work and keep my grades up," Candi said.

"You still thinking of going to one of the ranger academies? After all Christine most likely wonít get a chance," Mr. Matthewson said.

"Not really. Iíve found a lot of good resources on previous teams and Iíll keep my eyes peeled. Occasionally you find positions being offered that donít require training," Candi said And sometimes an opportunity will fall onto your wrist.

"Your best bet though would be an academy," Mr. Matthewson said. "Didnít your friend Sylvia attend one?"

"Yes she did. Both Sylvia and her brother," Candi said. "So did that stuck up girl at the Triforian Embassy Kelly."

"Grant of course leaves something to be desired," Mr. Matthewson said.

At that moment a few screams could be heard coming from the neighbors. A quick glance showed Goldar, a monster, and a ton of Lizardtrons.

"Oh great," Candi said. She then brought her communicator to her ear. "Gang, this is Candi I need back-up. 300 block of Oakdale in Settlement 14."

"Back-up is enroute Candi," Dr. Collington said. "You clear to morph."

"Iím at my dadís right now," Candi said.

"Then you can safely morph," Dr. Collington said.

"IF you say so doc," Candi said.

"Who were you calling?" Mr. Matthewson asked.

"A few friends," Candi said as she underwent the primary morphing Kata. "Demona Ranger Power."

"What the?" Mr. Matthewson asked as Candi morphed into the Yellow Ranger. Candi then opened the door and positioned her feet for stability.

"Turbo Blast Fire," Candi said. The shot sent a few Lizardtrons scattering. Right after that Candi noticed a mace heading straight for the Monster who caught it and threw it back towards the tan ranger.

"This is clearly not good," Sylvia said as the other rangers congregated in weapons at ready. Kelly headed right towards Goldar her sword at ready.

"Well Well looks like we have a Red Ranger with a death wish," Goldar said as the other rangers were either attacking Lizardtrons or the Monster. Eventually Goldar left with what few Lizardtrons were still standing leaving the monster to a little thirteen on one. The Rangers used every trick they could think of but the Monster managed to Grow.

"WE need Battlezord Power Now," Kim called out.

On an ocean nearby Airtron started to Churn up with the Subzord next to it as they left their storage bay with the Air Attack Zords on the Flight Deck ready for action while the Ground Assault Zords deployed from their garage. Within minutes of arriving the Rangers were aboard. Sylvia wasted no time in splitting her zord.

"Sylvia, what on earth are you doing?" Kelly asked.

"My zord consists of two smaller zords When I have to take to the air I can separate the plane from the ground vehicle. In that instance I transfer command and control for the lower component to one of two places either the Post Zord or the Bunker. In this case I chose the bunker to make things easier for Sam," Sylvia said. "Before we form the Megazords Iíll reattach the two components."

The battle went on for Twenty minutes when the Air Attack MegaBattleZord using a Crossbow sent the monster packing. This was before the Ground Assault zords could switch to Megazord mode. After the battle Candi returned to her dadís with Kelly along.

"So how did the battle go?" Mr. Matthewson asked.

"It went well My Megazord ended up dealing the monster the fatal blow," Candi said after she took her helmet off. Kelly followed suit.

"Candi, your lucky you dad at least lives on the planet my parents are still in Angel Grove on Earth. They donít even know Iím a ranger," Kelly said.

"My dad didnít know until today. I wouldnít have even tried to morph if doc hadnít said I could," Candi said.

"Where is Christine living anyway?" Mr. Matthewson asked. "I hadnít seen either of the girls since Christine learned she was pregnant."

"She is living at the Bunker with the rest of us. In fact she smuggled me in the first night and I slept on her couch. The next day they gave me my own quarters. Iíve only actually been a ranger since late Saturday afternoon," Candi said.

"I graduated shortly before the wedding of Andrew Hammond and Janet Cranston who are the Black and Purple Rangers but I didnít receive any kind of powers until a few minutes before Candi received her morpher. Both of us replaced rangers who retired. In my case I replaced the leader but the leadership role went to the White Ranger. Oh well she chose me to be her 2nd in command just like my predecessor in red chose Kim to be her 2nd in command," Kelly said.

"How many other rangers do you think will step down?" Mr. Matthewson asked.

"Itís hard to say. At least a couple of them will probably stick around until the rest of us are used to things. It will probably depend on what Dark Lord tries," Candi said.

"Candi, if your sister is willing to see me think you could bring her with you next time?" Mr. Matthewson asked.

"I can try at least," Candi said. "According to Andrew Hammond Grantís trial starts next month. Itís hard to say how the rangers will handle things."

"They might not do anything?" Kelly said.

"Kelly, one thing Iíve learned is even doing nothing is doing something," Candi said.

Soon in the Command Zord heading back to base.

"Candi, remember how I thought I was better then you since I had ranger training. That was stupid of me. If anything you are better since youíve managed to do well in two battles so far and you didnít have any kind of training. Makes me wonder why Sue chose me and not you to be the new red ranger," Kelly said.

"I think she chose you because Tyra had already chosen me to be the new yellow ranger," Candi said.

"You think," Kelly said.

"Kelly, you were on hand working powerless at an embassy but you were still technically a ranger. If Sue hadnít chosen you she would have had to either recruit someone from an Academy partway through the session, wait until an academy was close to graduation, or stay a ranger. She didnít tell Christine until a week before she retired. None of the rest of us except maybe Tyra knew she was even thinking of retirement," Candi said.

"I wonder if Kim and I should enter into negotiations to get a couple rangers from the next class just in case anyone else decides to retire," Kelly said.

"You would probably have to put an option on them meaning if we donít need them they can then be assigned elsewhere," Candi said.

The two soon arrived back at the Bunker for dinner which consisted of Steak, Salad, and an herb pasta but not the Soy noodles that the team ate by the pound. After dinner Candi went swimming for a little bit before taking a shower in her quarters prior to walking down the hall to the White Rangers quarters.

"Oh Hello Candi. What brings you by?" Kim asked.

"I was thinking that we might want to consider putting a couple ranger candidates on stand-by just in case anyone else retires," Candi said.

"A Class of Rangers will be graduating in June from the Eltare Academy. The Headmaster for the Academy promised to give us first refusal for the Top two candidates. I figured that it would be nice to have a couple more rangers trained on Eltare on the team which is why I sent the contract to Eltare and not Triforia. Whether weíll end up needing them I donít know," Kim said.

"You enjoying your position?" Candi asked.

"It will take time for me to get used to it. Thankfully I donít plan on retiring for a couple years. I wouldnít be surprised though if Sean, Sasha, or Brianca retire within the next year," Kim said.

"What do you think was Sueís motive in choosing you as her 2nd in command?" Candi asked.

"She didnít actually tell me. She just said she had placed me right next to her. As far as why I chose Kelly as my 2nd in command it was to establish a pattern. When I retire Kelly will take over and it is my hope that she will name the new white ranger as her 2nd in command," Kim said.

"You probably think my next question is a little personal but have you ever had a boyfriend?" Candi asked.

"My first true boyfriend was Jim. In fact weíve been known to get pretty intimate. In a safe manor of course," Kim said.

"Kim, if Chris hadnít ended up raped and pregnant you think Sue would have still chosen Kelly?"

"Itís hard to say. In my opinion Christine would definitely have made a good ranger. Iím sure she will do well working with the Demona," Kim said.

"On our way back from my dadís Kelly mentioned how she thought I was better then her even though I didnít have any training and I had managed to do well in battle," Candi said.

"That you have. How useful was Briancaís tip about pure energy weapons?" Kim asked.

"It was helpful. You have to consider I havenít left any more holes in the wall since that first one," Candi said.

The next day Candi and the other younger rangers made sure to show up for school a little early. Candi as she walked past the main office saw a small sign over her hole.

"Complements of the Yellow Ranger," the sign said. Candi noticed an Asian Girl standing nearby.

"Nga, do you know who posted that sign?" Candi asked.

"No I donít. Mr. Kaplan was not amused though. Why would someone blame a ranger for that sign even if it wasnít there before that black out on Monday?í Nga asked.

"I donít know. You think they will fix the hole ever?" Candi asked since she didnít really want a daily reminder of her inexperience in the first battle.

"Personally Iím hoping they will. My older sister graduated with Tyra from High School," Nga said.

How did Nga know that Tyra was originally the yellow ranger. The only rangers with siblings other then Barakus of course are Brianca, Fran, Sylvia, and myself. Unless Tyra was allowed to reveal her identity after she retired. Of course I would have known.

"How is Chris doing?" Nga asked.

"She is doing good. She decided to take it easy today. Mr. Kaplan told her to take a freebie when ever she desired. The whole ordeal has been hard for her," Candi said.

"I can imagine," Nga said. "Candi, just so you know my ancestor Trini was the original Yellow Ranger."

When Candi got to her locker she found a note in it.

"Candi, stop by my apartment after school. I think something might be up. I havenít told Professor Damon or Dr. Collington. T A J."

Candi looked the note over and realized that it must have been from Tyra.

At lunch she sat with Nga instead of her teammates. The two girls were silent as they ate.

"Candi, you want to go to the movies after school?" Nga asked.

"I donít think so. I have to meet with someone," Candi said.

Soon as school was over she teleported up to the Upper Colony and went by Tyraís apartment.

"Candi, glad you made it. How knowledgeable about hacking are you?" Tyra asked.

"Christine is better at that stuff. You have to remember she used hacking skills to conceal why the others and I left early. Why do you ask?" Candi asked.

"Itís quite simple. Someone hacked into FREDA," Tyra said.

"Any idea who or what info they saw?" Candi asked thinking about Nga.

"No suspects but they looked at the personnel files for Rangertech Employees," Tyra said.

"Tyra at school this morning Nga Kwan knew you were the Yellow Ranger. What exactly are in the Rangertech personnel files?" Candi asked.

"Our names, addresses, job titles, a few other vital stats like birthdays," Tyra said.

"Was there anything in them that could reveal that say You were the Original Yellow Ranger or that I replaced you?" Candi asked.

"The photographs are of the person with their helmet removed. Except for Christineís of course since she isnít a ranger," Tyra said.

"Tyra, I bet Nga might be our hacker. Iíll have to do a little snooping of course before I actually accuse her," Candi said.

"Letís pay her a visit," Tyra said.

The two then headed out after having a neighborís daughter come in to watch T.J. They soon arrived at the Kwan house.

"Hello Mrs. Kwan, is Nga around?" Tyra asked.

"She is on her computer. Iím worried about her Tyra. She has been trying to access the main computer at Rangertech in order to do some nasty things. I think she might be getting in over her head," Mrs. Kwan said.

"Iíll talk to her," Tyra said.

Tyra and Candi went into the room where Tyra always remembered Nga would lock herself in. When they looked in they saw that Candiís personnel file was on screen. Candi secretly unplugged the machine.

"Hey, what happened?" Nga asked.

"Busted," Tyra said. "Nga, why were you hacking into the computer at Rangertech?"

"I wanted to know what they did. No one seems to know. I figured if I could gain access to their system I could figure it out," Nga said.

"Unfortunately I discovered your little game. If you hadnít slipped up I might not have caught you this quickly but eventually I would have," Tyra said.

"How did you find out it was me?" Nga asked.

"At lunch when I told you I had to meet someone it was Tyra I had to meet. She wanted to see me because of your stunt," Candi said.

"Nga, just so you know Iím going to have to confiscate your computer," Tyra said. "If you promise not to do any more hacking I wonít turn you over to security or the Intergalactic Police Force."

"I promise," Nga said.

Soon as they were outside with the equipment they loaded it into Tyraís car and took it to a secluded area where they teleported everything to the bunker. Andrew was discussing something with Powermatic and Dr. Collington when they arrived.

"Tyra, I think we might have a hacker on the loose," Andrew said.

"I know. Iíve already tracked her down. Candi and I confiscated the perpetratorís computer. I made her promise not to do any more hacking in return for not turning her in," Tyra said.

"DO you have a name at least?" Dr. Collington asked.

"Her name is Nga Kwan. An ancestor of hers named Trini was the original Yellow Ranger," Candi said.

"Let me see about cleaning up any files she might have copied and Iím also going to have Janet put a few surprises in that just might prevent further hacking from your friend," Andrew said.

Meanwhile at the Ranger Academy on the Planet Eltare a young Sudanese girl who was on a special scholarship was looking at the Computer Bulletin Board showing the rankings of the various Cadets.

"Well it certainly appears that Iíve doing good," she said when she noticed that she was at that time in the #1 slot," she said. "Maybe I should check the contract listings so I can start assembling a team."

"Hum they are looking for two rangers for assignment to Capsilon IX. I think Iíll skip that one," she said. "Uh oh, they want the two best rangers. I hope Iíll be able to get out of it," she said.

At that moment an instructor walked over.

"Cadet Lewis," he said.

"Yes," She said as she turned around.

"The Headmaster would like to see you," the instructor said.

Cadet Lewis then headed for the Headmasterís office.

"Cadet Kenya Lewis reporting as ordered," She said.

"Cadet, I was wondering if you had checked the bulletin lately?" the headmaster asked.

"Yes Sir. To be honest Iím hoping someone else gets the two top slots. Iíd prefer not being assigned to a space colony," Kenya said.

"What is wrong with a Space Colony?" The Headmaster asked.

"I just donít like Space Colonies. They are small and usually a lot goes wrong," Kenya said, "Also two rangers isnít much of a force."

"Cadet, Capsilon IXís colony is pretty well established. You would be one of thirteen rangers. The two rangers that the contract calls for would be if they are even needed utilized as replacement Rangers. The last two contracts that Capsilon IX sent out went to the Triforian Academy. All we provided them was one of my best instructors and she recently got married to one of the other rangers on the team," The Headmaster said. "Cadet Lewis, The only way you or Cadet Cooke are going to get out of being sent to Capsilon IX short of suicide is if they only end up needing one or no rangers.

The next day Nga was waiting for Candi outside the latterís locker when she walked up.

"Candi, why did you even inform Tyra what I had said?" Nga asked.

"Nga, what you did was wrong. Hacking is illegal. Your lucky Tyra didnít turn you in," Candi said. "As it is when we arrived at Rangertech the head of security was talking to the lab director and the CEO about your hacking."

"Did you tell them it was me that did it?" Nga asked.

"Yes we did," Candi said without hesitation.

At lunchtime that day Candi slipped into the ladies room and Teleported over to the Youth Center. When she got there she headed for the bar where Kim was working.

"Shouldnít you be at school?" Kim asked.

"Itís lunchtime so I teleported up here from the ladies room," Candi said as a few more colored streams were seen over in the Rangers Corner. Shortly after that Kelly, Sam, Sylvia, Fran, and Christine waved her over to their table.

"You must have had the same idea I did," Candi said.

"You could have waited for us sis," Christine said.

"If I knew you had planned on coming here I would have," Candi said.

"I left a note in your locker for you to meet us behind the gym so we could teleport here," Christine said.

"That would explain why I didnít know because I didnít swing by my locker," Candi said. "I went right from Galactic History to the nearest ladies room and teleported."

"Which one did you use?" Kelly asked.

"The small one with only enough facilities for a single person. Thankfully I didnít lock the door," Candi said.

Kim brought over a tray of Sodas and Matt brought a tray containing a plate of Burgers and fries.

"These are some of the best burgers around certainly better then the schoolís," Fran said.

"I agree," Christine said. "How did things with Nga go today?"

"They could have gone better in fact the main reason I came here for lunch was to avoid her," Candi said.

"Itís amazing what some people would do to get information," Sam said.

"Briancaís step grandmother generally didnít have a problem getting information she simply had her computer locate it. In fact the computer was capable of doing everything but cooking dinner unless they were ordering Pizza in which case he would leave some stupid name," Fran said.

"Who told you this?" Kelly said.

"Miss Chang, she got it from Queen Katie the British Monarch," Fran said.

"How did Briancaís mom even know the British Monarch?" Sam asked.

"They share the same father. Katieís unofficial godfather was Prince Winthrop and when his Grandmother Adelaide was assassinated since he was unmarried and as such childless he named Katie as his eventual successor," Fran said.

"Brianca must have one interesting family tree," Christine said.

"She does," Kim said. "As it is Dr. Fredericks died when Miss Chang was a child. Kind of like Fran and Brianca shared a father but had different mothers Miss Chang shared a father with her siblings but had a different mother. Most of Briancaís family is still on earth."

Meanwhile Dark Lord was conducting another attack on Settlement 14. This time Goldar and the Lizardtrons were attacking an Industrial section. Kim was just getting ready to go off break when their Viscoms went off.

"Something up Professor?" Kim asked.

"Yes Settlement 14 is back under attack. You and the others better morph and head over there," Powermatic said.

"Kelly and her subteam are with me. You want me to send Christine back to the Bunker?" Kim asked.

"No have her teleport back to the school," Powermatic said.

"You got it," Kim said. "Christine, youíre to teleport back to school. The Rest of you Demona Ranger Power."

The six ranger teleported in just as Janet and Andrew showed up. A quick look told them that Sean was on his way.

"Kim, do you really think we need zords?" Kelly asked.

"Probably not but Iíll have Sean keep the Tankzord here," Kim said as the last of the team arrived. Sean took a few pot shots at the Lizardtrons from his zord while the rest of the rangers took on the remaining ones with hand to hand combat. Kim and Kelly though were tied up with Goldar. Before Goldar left he threw a small sphere down into the bay near the battle and a large Monster emerged. This one looked like a Whale and was really slippery. Even Sylviaís mace slid off him into the bay.

"Rats," Sylvia said.

"If this things grows we will probably need to jump right to the Ultrazord if not the SuperZord," Sasha said.

"I agree," Kim said.

"Oh course neither Ultrazord or the SuperZord includes any of the new zords," Janet said.

"Weíll work around it," Kim said.

"I hope so," Brianca said.

Eventually Powermatic called the troops back.

"Much as Iíd like to see the whole team work on this I think we better use a small team," Powermatic said.

"Who would we use? My mace just slides off him," Sylvia said.

"Probably Bladed weapons would be best," Kim said. "That would limit our attack to Me, Kelly, Janet, and Andrew."

"I might just try to see if my Bow can work after I enhance my powers a little," Sasha said.

"Not a bad idea in fact I think all the Rangers in the next battle better use enhanced powers," Kim said.

"I donít think Christine will want to come back here just to enhance our powers," Candi said.

"Not a problem weíll just use our third morph," Kim said.

At that moment the Wily Whale was spotted back on the Wharf in Settlement 14.

"Looks like itís show time," Kim said. "Ranger Power Eclipsed. White Ranger Power."

"Red Ranger Power."

"Purple Ranger Power."

"Black Ranger Power."

"Pink Ranger Power."

The smaller team then teleported into Battle.

"Decided on a Smaller attack Plan?" Wily Whale asked.

"We figured it would be easier based on our scans to use bladed weapons," Kim said.

Right about then Candi, Fran, Brianca, Sylvia, and Sam showed up with some long swords that had small symbols on them. The handles showed a zig zag pattern and a fancy tip was on the end of them.

"What brings you five here?" Kelly asked.

"WE managed to relocate the Mystical Quasar Sabers used by the Galaxy Rangers during Terra Ventures journey to Mirinoi," Brianca said. "We figured by using them it would give us a small advantage."

"Not a bad idea," Kim said.

By luck the Yellow and Blue Sabers glowed for their new wielders Kelly and Sasha put their weapons away and borrowed sabers from Fran and Sylvia who had chosen the Red and Pink sabers for themselves. Sam though kept the green saber in his hands.

"Well letís give it a Try," Kelly said. "Quasar Saber Power Up."

A familiar set of katas done by the five rangers brought enough power together to Fillet Wily Whale. When they were done small scabbards appeared on the belts of the five Demona Rangers. They then placed the sabers into the scabbards and locked them in place. By this time the symbols on the hilts had changed on Kellyís from a lion to a Dolphin, on Sashaís from a wildcat to a hyena, Briancaís went from gorilla to puma, Candiís from wolf to lemur, and Sam who had utilized the green saber it went from Condor to Hawk. The ten Rangers then returned to base.

"Powermatic, the Quasar Sabers would a good move. Just using them we filleted that monster," Kim said.

"In fact the sabers accepted their wielders so I think they should prove to be an interesting addition to our arsenal," Kelly said. "But will we lose our old weapons?"

"No you wonít the Sabers simply added themselves to your arsenal," A spirit said.

"Hello Kendrix," Dr. Collington said.

"Iím glad to see that the Quasar Sabers are back in battle. I had a Transdagger in addition to my Quasar Saber as did each of the Rangers. Those of you with the Sabers if you should run into a real mess even while Eclipsed call upon Orion," the ghost of Kendrix Morgan said.

After the ghost had left the Rangers wondered why calling upon The Hunter would help them. Sasha suddenly had an idea.

"I bet she was referring to the Lights of Orion. They are a very old powersource. Over Three thousand Years ago a Warrior on Mirinoi known as the Magna Defender had released the Lights shortly before he was imprisoned by a warrior for Scorpius known as Treacheron in a crevice. It is believed that around this time the mystical Quasar Sabers were placed in the stone on Mirinoi. About the time that Terra Venture was launched five explorers from Earth went through a portal to the Planet Mirinoi. There another of Scorpiusís generals a brute named Furio was trying to steal the Quasar Sabers. HE wasnít worthy but during the battle a Soldier named Mike Corbett without knowing the significance of the sabers or the legend behind them managed to pull the red saber out of the stone. Shortly after that Kai Chen, Kendrix Morgan, Damon Henderson, and a Mirinoi native named Maya pulled the other swords out of the stone. Right after that Furio in disgust decided to turn everything and everyone on Mirinoi to Stone. At one point another crevice opened up under Mike and Mike fell but he was able to grab ahold of the crevice wall holding on for dear life until he was able to hand the saber to his brother Leo the last man on the exploratory team. Leo and the others were able to become the Galaxy Rangers. Meanwhile inside the crevice the mythical Magna Defender was absorbing the spirit of Mike Corbett in order to heal his own Injuries. Magna Defender eventually made his way to Terra Venture where after several battles he informed the Rangers of what happened to Mike and asked the Red Ranger to destroy him. Leo refused and eventually Magna Defender Sacrificed himself to save the Colony. Magna Defender went to Terra Venture seeking the Lights and when they did appear they chose not him since he was seeking vengeance against Scorpius for murdering his only son Zika but the Rangers. Make note after Magna Defender died he passed his powers on to Mike who he had released prior to sacrificing himself. Just like Kendrix had passed her powers on to Karone," Sasha said.

"Kendrix thinks we might have access to the Lights simply because we are using the Sabers now?" Fran asked.

"Itís hard to tell. In order for the Galaxy Rangers to call upon them all five had to be together," Sasha said.

"Then would just the five of us be needed or all thirteen?" Brianca asked.

"I couldnít tell you," Sasha said.

"Gang, I just noticed something," Fran said.

"What Fran?" Brianca asked.

"Capsilon IX had how many settlements on it?" Fran asked.

"Fourteen plus the old Colony," Kim said.

"I checked and both Mechinack and Haradomous liked to vary their attack sites sometimes attacking the planet and sometimes the old Colony. Yet everyone of Dark Lordís attacks have been on Settlement 14. We better see if that settlement has anything the rest of the colony doesnít," Fran said.

"Letís see he attacked the Wharf, The High School, a residential neighborhood, and the Commercial district. Not much in common with those areas besides their being in the same settlement," Kim said. "Ok so Settlement 14 is the closest to the bunker but that shouldnít be a factor."

"The head geologist for the science team that explored the areas for the settlements was Brian Flint from the 25th Brigade Alpha-1 Defense Force. He did find that the area where Settlement 14 was set up had The highest concentration of a mineral known as Zordoniam of any spot in the Universe. This mineral is said to be extremely powerful. In the wrong hands it could be deadly," Powermatic said. "Make note the mineral was given that name by Sueís grandfather."

"How big a vein was it?" Jim asked.

"Itís said that the total supply of Zordoniam elsewhere in the universe would only account for less then one percent of the supply under and around settlement 14," Powermatic said.

"If Dark Lord could get rid of the population of Settlement 14 he could gain the Zordoniam for himself. We canít let that happen," Candi said.

"I agree," Dr. Collington said. "One thing we arenít sure about is if that is the reason he only attacks that Settlement."

"I guess the best we can do is wait for Goldar to lead another attack on the settlement and ask him," Kelly said.

Things were quiet for the next month with maybe minor skirmishes to deal with that maybe one or two rangers could handle.

"Even after a month since he started tracking him it is still the one settlement that he has attacked. The Mayor for that settlement is getting flustered and is asking that Rangertech do something," Powermatic said.

"What he doesnít know is that we have been trying," Kelly said.

"That we have," Powermatic said. "Who would like to go morphed to the Town hall for Settlement 14 and tell him A who you are and B that Rangertech is trying to keep the attacks under control?"

"Powermatic, would my birth mother go for this strategy?" Jim asked.

"She already cleared it Jim," Powermatic said.

"If you ask me Kim and Kelly should go along with maybe Sasha, Candi, and Christine," Janet said.

"Your idea sounds good but why have Christine on the team?" Powermatic asked.

"Probably to show that Rangertechís staff isnít just composed of rangers," Janet said. "The people in the Town Hall might not think much of Rangertech if all we sent was four power rangers."

The next Afternoon soon as School was out Kim and Sasha met the other girls outside of Mr. Kaplanís office.

"Just so you know Andrew is going to meet us there," Kim said.

"I suppose those of us who have to should change," Kelly said.

"Sounds good," Kim said.

"Follow me," Kelly said. Kelly then lead the way to a small closet which she unlocked.

"Mr. Kaplan gave me a key to it," Kelly said. "Itís secretly known as the Morphing room."

"In that case letís do it," Candi said.

"Demona Ranger Power," Kim said.

The Four Rangers then morphed.

"How did you pull this off," Kelly asked when she saw the Commandzord

"FREDA teleported it here," Kim said. They then drove to the Town Hall for Settlement 14. There the Town Board and the Mayor were in a conference room. Andrew arrived already morphed.

"Mr. Mayor, Town Board Members, Iím the White Ranger leader of the Power Rangers Demona but Iím also someone else," Kim said as the rangers took their helmets off. "Iím also Kimberly Coltran Director of Strategic Operations for Rangertech. With me is Red Ranger Kelly Brennan Assistant Director Strategic Operations, Yellow Ranger Candace Matthewson Recruiting Coordinator Triforian Academy, Pink Ranger Sasha Stanton Administrative Officer, Black Ranger Andrew Hammond Director of Security, and Christine Matthewson Laboratory Technician. Rangertech doesnít have a dedicated Public Relations Officer so Rangertech sent us to assure you that Rangertech is in fact doing everything it can to deal with the Attacks on your settlement by Dark Lord."

"This is really something. We ask one of the best companies to do something and they send one Slightly Overweight Lab Technician and a bunch of rangers," A Board member said.

"Watch it buddy," Christine said.

The mayor was forced to pound a small gavel that was in front of him.

"Mr. Wieskoph that will be enough. The fact that the Power Rangers are affiliated with Rangertech is reassuring to me. Christine, how come you arenít a ranger yourself?" the mayor asked.

"A couple reasons One Iím an apprentice Fuser outside of my job at Rangertech also I was raped a few months ago and ended up pregnant as a result. The rapist coped a last minute plea bargain with prosecutors as is already on his way to Titus III to serve out his sentence. Because of my pregnancy I couldnít very easily serve as a ranger so When I was hired by Rangertech they assigned me to the Laboratory. My duties at the lab work closely with what I do as an Apprentice Fuser. The Apprenticeship with Fucilla the current Fuser on Demona Prime came up shortly after that," Christine said.

"Miss Coltran, how long have you been serving in your present capacity?" Mr. Wieskoph asked.

"Iíve served as a leader for about a month but I was one of the Early members," Kim said.

"What about you Miss Brennan?" Mr. Wieskoph asked.

"Iíve only been an actual power ranger for a month but I was an embassy ranger for two and a half to three months before that with the Triforian Embassy," Kelly said.

"What about you Candace?" he asked.

"I joined up with Kelly. We were both replacement rangers for rangers who had retired," Candi said.

"Miss Stanton?" Mr. Wieskoph asked.

"I was one of the very first rangers to come into being the day of Mechinackís first attack on the colony," Sasha said.

"Mr. Hammond?" Mr. Wieskoph asked to finish off the team.

"I joined the team just as Mechinackís tyranny was ending in fact I was sent in to prevent Mechinack from joining forces with Haradomous by the Intergalactic Police Force. I simply stayed after I learned that I had been chosen to be a ranger," Andrew said.

"At least the team has a combination of youth and experience," the mayor said. "Knowing what Rangertech is providing for assistance means that in my opinion we can rest easy."

As the Rangers were leaving Kim brought up Mr. Wieskoph.

"When he was asking us when we became rangers I think he was hoping to show that we werenít experienced enough to protect the settlement," Kelly said.

"Some of us technically arenít. Itís probably a good thing we brought a selection of new and experienced rangers," Kim said. "I think itís obvious that the mayor is on our side."

"I hope so," Candi said. "Mr. Wieskoph though scares me."

"And well I should Yellow Ranger," Mr. Wieskoph said as he shed his human disguise to reveal a more sinister physique.

"I should have known," Kim said. "Back to Action."

"Powermatic, weíve got trouble send the others," Kelly called over her viscom.

"They are already on their way. WE managed to sense his true colors," Powermatic said.

Just about then the other rangers teleported in.

"One thing is for sure you are going down," Kim said.

"I donít think so," the monster said. "Lizardtrons attack."

At this two platoons of Lizardtrons headed for the Rangers. Kelly was so steamed she held her Sword of Power in one hand and her Quasar Saber in the other and was slightly taunting a few Lizardtrons into coming at her. Janet used a similar approach with her katanas. Within half an hour the Lizardtrons were defeated and Sylvia was getting her mace ready for action with one final flick of her wrist she sent it flying right into the bullseye sending him packing.

"All the Lizardtrons were was a minor annoyance," Sylvia said.

"If anything I needed the exercise," Jim said.

"Tell you what how about when we get back I give you a real good workout," Sam said.

"Sounds like a challenge," Jim said.

"We all should probably work out," Kim said.

"I thought we did just work out," Kelly said.

"We did just work out," Sam said. "The Lizardtrons always give us a workout. The Triforian Academy was a piece of cake compared to this."

"I agree," Brianca said.

AS the months went by they continued to wonder why only the one Settlement was being attacked. The attacks though got Fiercer and a lot more Dangerous. One day early in June Sasha and Kelly were out shopping for a present for the previous Red Ranger whoís birthday was coming up.

"I hope we can find a nice present for her Sasha. As it is you know her a lot better then I do," Kelly said. "All I know about her is how her powers were since except for the extra weapon they were her powers I received."

"She is interesting that is for sure. Me I plan on remaining a ranger as long as Professor Damon will let me," Sasha said.

At one point just as they were passing an elevator a few Lizardtrons appeared. There were too many shoppers around to allow even a Ninja morph so Sasha was forced to Fight without her powers such that her hair was being itís usual Liability. It was so bad that at one point when an elevator opened her hair flew back into the opening and then without warning the door closed trapping her hair. Kelly luckily saw it and knew that the risk was too much. She wasted no time hitting E and enter on her morpher. She then grabbed her Quasar Saber and Positioned herself over the bridge of hair that remained. Sasha tried to move and her hair came taut but Kelly was still looking for a good position when a snapping sound was heard and Sasha went limp Kelly used that moment to cut the trapped portion of hair away from her friend.

"FREDA, Emergency, Two to teleport directly to Medical," Kelly called.

"Kelly what happened?" Dr. Collington asked as she and Powermatic entered.

"We were shopping for a present for Sue and Dark Lord sent a few Lizardtrons. It was too crowded to Morph at first in fact After Sasha got her hair caught in the Elevator it was still risky to Morph but I took the chance so I could try to free her by cutting her hair. I was trying to choose a good spot before I actually cut it but she moved and something snapped. She went limp right after that," Kelly said.

"Thereís nothing we can do," Powermatic said as he pulled a sheet over Sashaís body. "When she moved suddenly it snapped her 2nd cervical vertebrae killing her instantly."

Kelly ran from the room and hid in her quarters with the magnetic lock activated. AN hour later the chime went off. She took the time to open it.

"Something up Doc. Did the Ranger council decide that I donít deserve to be a ranger?" Kelly asked.

"Nothing like that. Actually Zendar felt that you did the right thing when you Morphed in order to try to save Sasha even with civilians around. In fact you know what Zendar said?" Dr. Collington asked.

"No what did she say?" Kelly asked.

"She said how if she had been in your shoes she would have said _____ the rules and Morphed right when the Lizardtrons first showed up in the mall. I admit in that case Sasha would have still been alive. ITís not always easy knowing when to throw the book away and be impulsive. One time in Chicago on Earth when my adopted parents were in high school they actually Powered up and Changed into Plastica and Headset on a crowded street. Also soon after Sue and Brianca became rangers but right before Kim joined up they were on their way to spend the night at Kimís house when Mechinack sent some Gearheads at them. They could have and probably should have _____ the rules and simply morphed but they didnít. Another time when Janet was simply visiting She, Brianca, Sue, and Sasha were on their way to Briancaís when they were attacked. This was before everyone transferred full time operations to the Bunker. They were fighting along with Sasha tripping over her hair every time she moved too fast. In fact Powermatic and I had Tyra and Sean tell Sue, Brianca, and Sasha to Morph even though Janet was right there. We knew they would have little choice. AS it is Janet morphed right alongside them. Kim is on her way to break the news to Sashaís grandfather," Dr. Collington said.

"Doc, Iíd prefer to go myself," Kelly said.

"Tell you what Squirt you can accompany me," Kim said as she stepped into the room.

"Give me a minute to Change my pants. They kind of got ripped up in the fight," Kelly said.

"Just Morph," Kim said.

"I suppose I could," Kelly said. "Demona Ranger Power."

They then Teleported outside Commander Stantonís door. Kim gave it a light knock and the Former GSA head answered soon after that.

"Oh Hi Kim. Things going well at the bunker?" Com. Stanton asked.

"Thatís debatable. This is Kelly Brennan she took for over for Sue after Sue decided to retire," Kim said.

"I hope Sasha gives it a good long thought before she retires," Com. Stanton said. "The day she revealed herself to be the Pink Ranger I was so proud of her. If her mother was alive Iím sure Jodie would have been proud as well."

"Commander Stanton sir, Sasha is dead," Kelly said.

"How did it happen?" Com. Stanton asked.

"Sasha and I were in the mall over in Settlement 14. Well we were attacked by Lizardtrons and Sasha during the battle got her hair caught in an elevator door. When she went to move it snapped her spine killing her. Just as this was happening I was getting ready to cut her free so she could fight. I just wasnít quick enough," Kelly said.

"After Jodie died and Sasha was placed in my custody I tried to get her to get a hair cut but she said she liked it long. After I learned about her social life I tried to again talk her into a hair cut but She once again said she liked it long. I told her that long in my opinion was everything from below the Shoulder on down," Com. Stanton said.

"Sean liked to pick on her about her hair," Kim said.

"Kim, do you mind handling the funeral arrangements?" Com. Stanton asked.

"No problem. There might be a special protocol for Ranger funerals," Kim said. "Iíll have Professor Damon look into it," Kim said,

Meanwhile at the Eltarian Academy Kenya was at lunch when a Junior level Administrator walked up to her table.

"Cadet Lewis, the Headmaster is hoping you will grace his office with your Lovely presence at your convenience," The Administrator said.

"Uh oh," Kenya said. "Why do I have a feeling that Iím about to walk into something I wonít like?"

"I donít know," Cadet Cooke said. "Where do you think youíll be posted?"

"With my luck Iíll get sent to Capsilon IX Iíd prefer to be anywhere but a Space Colony," Kenya said.

"What makes you think that?" Cadet McCann the 2nd ranked cadet asked.

"Maybe because Iím the Top Ranked Cadet," Kenya said. "Well I better get it over with."

She then headed for the Headmasters office.

"Cadet Kenya Lewis reporting as Ordered," she said as she stood before the Headmaster.

"Cadet, guess where you are headed?" The headmaster said.

"I hope somewhere other then a Space Colony on the Outskirts of the Sane World," Kenya said.

"In a way you are. You Cadet are headed for Capsilon IX," the headmaster said.

"Ugh," Kenya said. "Excuse me while I puke."

"Still not looking forward to the Assignment are you cadet?" the headmaster asked,

"Not really," Kenya said. "Who retired?"

"No one a ranger lost her life in a fight at a mall," the headmaster said.

"How could someone lose her life in a mall. They are the safest spot anywhere," Kenya said. "OF course that makes it worse since everyone will be comparing me to my predecessor."

"A delegation from Eltare will be going to Capsilon IX for the funeral even though the ranger that was lost wasnít one of our Alumni," The headmaster said. "They will be leaving in an hour. I reserved a place for you on the transport."

An hour later Kenya walked into the Hangar Bay.

"Can I help you Cadet," A security officer asked.

"Yes Iím looking for the transport to Capsilon IX. Iím kind of part of the Delegation for the Funeral there," Kenya said.

"Your name," the guard said.

"Cadet Kenya Lewis," Kenya said.

"Oh yes your name is on the list," the guard said.

A few days later the Transport arrived at the Old Colony Space Port.

"Welcome to Capsilon IX," a Reception Officer said.

"Thank You I am Zoltor from Eltare. Iím with the Eltarian Foreign Ministry."

"I am Lt. Com. Boxwell with the Galactic Space Administration Diplomatic Services Division," the Officer said. "We have hotel space set aside for your delegation."

"My Superior at the Foreign Ministry is wondering if we should look for space for an Embassy," the Eltarian Foreign Ministry Official said. "So who else is coming?"

"King Trey of Triforia, King Dexter of Edenoi, a few Wind Guardians but not their leader, other then that Iím not sure," the GSA DSD official said.

"Basically the same bunch that was here for the Cranston Hammond Wedding," Zoltor said.

"I think so. My dad served under Commander Ned Stanton the sole surviving relative of the deceased. I was sad myself to hear of his granddaughterís death."

At that moment a car pulled up and Kim appeared.

"Sorry Iím late but there was a Staff Meeting that ran late," Kim said. "Iím Kimberly Coltran the Director of Strategic Services at Rangertech. The Deceased was with my company."

"This fine young Delegate is Kenya Lewis a recent graduate of one of our schools. I believe she is your charge Miss Coltran," Zoltor said.

"Well I suppose I better be going to my post," Kenya said as she came forward. "Zoltor, Iíll probably see you at the service."

"I hope so Miss Lewis," Zoltor said.

"So Kenya, you looking forward to your being stationed here?" Kim asked as they headed for her car.

"Not really Iím not a big fan of Space Colonies. I was hoping for a good assignment but I wasnít quite lucky enough," Kenya said. "I was the #1 student though so I didnít have a lot of choice."

"Iím sure you will manage. Where are you from originally?" Kim asked.

"Sudan on Earth," Kenya said.

"Thatís in Africa if I remember correctly," Kim said.

"Yes it is East Africa in fact. Our northern border is with Egypt," Kenya said. "Any other people like me with the team?"

"No one else from Sudan but we do have a few African American people. Both Lab Interns are African American, plus two of the Rangers are African American. We had one other African American Ranger a male but he was booted after he raped a girl," Kim said. "Just so I know how much of a briefing did the Headmaster give you?"

"Not much of one," Kenya said. "All he said was you lost a ranger in an accident at a mall. I found it a little hard to believe."

"She wore her hair real long and it got caught in an elevator door. She was with another ranger and that one tried to cut her free but it was too late," Kim said.

"I see. Iíll probably get mine cut shorter. I donít really like it long as it is," Kenya said. "Who was with her?"

"Kelly Brennan my assistant," Kim said.

Kenya went silent about then and remained quiet until they arrived at the Rangertech Building.

"This is our stop," Kim said. "Iíll have either Sylvia, Tyra, Candi, or Christine give you a tour."

At that moment Tyra pulled up with T.J.

"Kim, how is everything?" Tyra asked.

"Good. Our new recruit arrived with the Eltarian Delegation," Kim said.

"Oh great were is she?" Tyra asked.

"Right here," Kenya said. "Iím Kenya Lewis. Eltarian Academy class of 2069 Earth Calendar, by the Eltarian Calendar more lie 10259."

"Man I wish Jim knew more about the Eltarian Calendar," Kim said.

"Itís very close to Earthís. A Eltarian day is maybe three to four hours longer and the year maybe two weeks longer. Where Earth and a result most of itís Colonies go from the Birth of Christ the Eltarians go by the Birth of the Legendary Sage Zordon," Kenya said. "In fact one of their months was recently renamed in honor of Zordon as Zordonic. Zordonic is roughly the equivalent of either July or August I never could keep it straight."

"So that is why my birthday is down as Zordonic, 23rd 10238," Jim said as he walked up to Kim.

"Tyra, think you could show Kenya around?" Kim asked.

"Sure, in fact thatís part of the reason I came in," Tyra said. "I also wanted to check on something in the lab."

"Are you a ranger yourself?" Kenya asked as they headed inside.

"Not anymore I used to be the Yellow Ranger but I stepped down and passed on my primary powers to Candi Matthewson a few months ago," Tyra said. "This is my daughter T.J. by the way?"

"So T.J. how old are you?" Kenya asked.

"Three," T.J. said.

"Which Ranger was the one who broke her neck?" Kenya asked.

"Sasha Stanton, she was the pink Ranger," Tyra said. "Sasha and I were two of the Original five rangers. Now the only ones still active are Brianca Chang and Sean Crowning. Sue Collington our original leader stepped down at the same time I did. Kelly Brennan took her spot."

"Tyra, I just hope I can measure up to Sasha," Kenya said.

"Trust me Kenya they wonít expect you too. Candi Matthewson required a small tip in using her weapon during her first battle," Tyra said.

"Why is that?" Kenya asked.

"The Yellow and Blue powers use pure energy weapons and Candi didnít brace herself adequately before she fired on the enemy the first time. When you show up at the High School over in Settlement 14 see if Candiís hole is still there," Tyra said.

By this time they had finished the main floor and were enroute to the lower floor by the stairs.

"Where will I be living?" Kenya asked.

"We are getting a room ready for you. Donít worry you wonít be inheriting Sashaís room just her powers," Tyra said.

"Who works in the Lab upstairs," Kenya asked.

"The Lab Director is Dr. Stephanie Collington. Sue our first leader is her daughter, Her laboratory assistant is Alpha VIII. Iím the senior of the two interns and the other one is Christine Matthewson the current Yellow Rangerís twin sister. Christine is due to give birth to twins in August we estimate. If it wasnít for that Christine might be a ranger right now as well," Tyra said as they stopped inside a room marked Lewis, Kenya.

"This looks to be your room. As you can see itís missing a few things. Your closet is right here and it looks like Andrew placed a couple Flight suits in your closet. Some of the rangers wear their flight suits almost exclusively. Andrew used to live here in the Command Bunker which is the actual name for the building. Rangertech is a cover name we came up with," Tyra said. "He got an apartment in Settlement 13 late last year after he and Janet the purple ranger got married.

"You mind if I try it them on?" Kenya asked as she set her bag down which had all of her worldly possessions in it.

"Go right ahead," Tyra said. "If you want T.J. and I can wait outside."

"You can stay. I doubt I would show something T.J. hasnít seen before," Kenya said as she took her Traveling Clothes off. She then took a Shirt from her closet and Put it on. She found that it was a little short. She then put her pants on and found that they also were a tad short. She didnít bother to put the jacket on.

"I think he miss estimated your measurements," Tyra said. "Let me take a few measurements."

Tyra then took a tape measure from her lab coat pocket and took several measurements of every section of Kenyaís body. She then took a data pad out and calculated proper clothing sizes. "Eltare must use a different size standard."

"It does," Kenya said.

"All this floor is besides the living quarters is a gymnasium and pool. IS there anything youíd like to see?" Tyra asked.

"Where do the Teens usually hang out that arenít attached to the rangers?"

"The youth Center in Old Colony," Tyra said. "What say we head there next."

"Let me put something appropriate on," Kenya said.

"Weíll stop by Hammonds on our way to Old Colony. Old Colony is the Original Colony in Orbit. You probably came in to the Space Port there."

A short time later Tyra pulled up to the Hammonds apartment building. They took a ride to the Fourth Floor. Tyra gave the door a good hard knock.

"Come in," Janet said. "Oh High Tyra, this must be the rookie."

"Yes I am. Iím Kenya Lewis. Iím originally from the Sudan."

"Iím from Central City Iowa myself. Iím Janet Hammond. Iím surprised you arenít in your flight suit."

"Andrew didnít get her size quite right," Tyra said. "I measured her up and calculated the proper sizes. She hasnít seen Powermatic for her morpher yet."

"Iíd help you out but I have no idea where he keeps spare flight suits. He will be home for dinner around 1830 and we will probably eat about 1900. Tell you what Kenya, plan on having dinner with Andrew and I tonight. I can guarantee you, you wonít get stuck in battle tonight," Janet said. "Dark Lord only attacks Settlement 14."

"Sounds good," Kenya said. "Tyra and I were going to check out the Youth Center."

They then headed for a teleporting station to go to Old Colony. Once there they walked down to the Youth Center.

"This is something else," Kenya said. "Looks like a girl could have fun here."

"The food is great," Tyra said. "In looking around she saw Fran, Brianca, Sylvia, Kelly, and Candi at a table and so she lead Kenya that way.

"Tyra, how is everything?" Candi asked.

"Itís doing good. Gang, this is Kenya Lewis a new ĎEmployeeí," Tyra said.

"Hi Kenya, Iím Brianca Chang."

"Iím Briancaís sister Fran. Well half sister technically."

"Iím Sylvia the tan ranger."

"Kelly Brennan, Iím the 2nd in command."

"Iím Candace Matthewson but almost everyone calls me Candi except for maybe Powermatic and Alpha."

"I noticed only one of you told me your color," Kenya said.

"Iím the blue Ranger, Fran is Orange, Sylvia as she told you is tan, Kelly wears red, and Candi wears yellow," Brianca said.

"How many of you are replacement ĎEmployeesí like me?" Kenya asked.

"Just Kelly and I are replacements. Fran and Sylvia are the first utilizers of their colors," Candi said.

"You all ready to order some food?" A voice asked right then.

"Kim, what brings you here?" Kenya asked when she recognized their server.

"Being Director of Strategic Operations for Rangertech has a nice sound but it doesnít pay the bills much. I first started working here in High School part time and then after I graduated Matt Connorson the owner hired me on full time Next year Iím planning on buying out part of the Youth Center and becoming a co-owner," Kim said. "Just so you know this table has four graduates of the Triforian Academy at it."

"Who didnít attend the Triforian Academy?" Kenya asked.

"Candi didnít. She was thinking of applying but I talked her into delaying her application," Tyra said. "Also Kim and I didnít attend an academy either."

"We managed even though we didnít," Kim said.

"The only reason you talked me into delaying my application is because you probably had already chosen me at that point to replace you," Candi said.

"Guilty as charged," Tyra said. "Just so you know Janet and Andrew are entertaining Kenya at their apartment tonight?"

"Kenya, how are you coming on moving in?" Kim asked.

"I donít have much stuff. The company supplied Flight Suits didnít fit real well so I have to trade them in for the proper size. Hopefully Andrew can find my proper size," Kenya said. "I probably should get some paperwork with the Authorities done so they will know I live here."

"I should have thought of that when we were at the Space Port except you came in on a Diplomatic shuttle and not a passenger vessel so you bypassed immigration," Kim said.

The gang took a couple minutes break to order their food with Kenya simply taking the time for a soda.

"We have Coke, Sprite, Diet, Root Beer, and outside of that line we have Connorson's," Kim said.

"What on earth is Connorson's?" Kenya asked.

"Itís a local brand of Soda. There are only two places to get it here or at the Bunker," Tyra said. "Matt Connorson the owner of the youth center makes it from a special recipe."

"Maybe Iíll give it a try and save my appetite for tonight," Kenya said.

"Why what is going on tonight?" Matt asked as he made his appearance with Kenyaís soda.

"Iím having dinner with Andrew and Janet Hammond," Kenya said.

"Ask Janet about the time she tried to get Brianca to panic when you go over there tonight," Matt said as he set Kenyaís soda in front of her.

"Why what did she do?" Kenya asked.

"She whispered Gearheads in my ear," Brianca said. "Gearheads were the shocktroops used by our previous enemies."

"The team was smaller then. As it is Jim wasnít even on the team then let along the younger rangers," Tyra said.

"It was a while before Jim joined up that Janet joined us," Brianca said. "The way Kim met you at the space port Wasnít the way Janet arrived. I never knew when she would show up."

"Yet everytime she showed up it seems she came right here to find you," Matt said.

"Kenya, just so you know this is Matt Connorson my boss," Kim said. "Kenya recently arrived here from off planet."

"Another graduate of Triforian Education?" Matt asked.

"Actually I did my schooling on Eltare," Kenya said. "Could someone loan me some money all I have is Eltarian currency."

"Kenya, the soda I put in front of you is my special recipe which is complementary. IF you could give me your account # I can set up a debit file in my computer so that your food would be automatically paid for at the appropriate discount," Matt said.

"Between now and when you have to be at Hammonds I will take you through processing at the Space Port," Tyra said.

Soon as things were done The group broke up and Tyra and Kenya headed back to the Space Port. Soon as they arrived they headed for immigration.

"Hi, I arrived from Eltare on a diplomatic shuttle this morning only Iím going to be living here," Kenya said.

"Your name and Iíll need two forms of ID one of which should be a Birth Certificate and also a photo ID card," the Immigration Officer said.

Kenya handed over her birth Certificate and her Eltarian Academy Photo ID.

"Are you assigned to the 56th Battalion at all?" the officer asked.

"I donít know what that is. Iím working for Rangertech," Kenya said.

"Yes She is," Tyra said.

"What is your company level Unit #?" the officer asked.

"There really isnít one but our Unit was once referred to as the 96th Company of the 56th Battalion," Tyra said.

"I just need you to fill out these forms. Do you have any Foreign Currency on you in large quantities?" The officer asked.

"I have about 3000 Eltarian Credits on me. Where can I get them changed to local currency?" Kenya asked as she started to fill out forms.

"Let me check the exchange rate between our credits and their credits," The officer said as he opened his computer. "Whoa are you flush the current exchange rate is 3 TV Credits for every Eltarian Credit. You can take it to that booth over there soon as we finish up here and have them deposit it in an account under your name. One of those forms is to open an electronic transaction account. Where it says starting balance put 9000 credits."

Kenya spent an hour getting forms filled out and afterwards She got her account taken care of and Her ID cards all straightened out both her Colony ID and her GSA card so she could pick up stuff at the commissary. After that Tyra took her shopping for some extra clothes putting them on her own account. Kenya noticed how most of her new wardrobe had Pink Accents in it. Finally it was time for Kenya to show up at Hammonds.

"You must be Kenya, Iím Andrew."

"Yes I am. Did Janet tell you how the flight suits werenít quite the right size that you had put in my closet?" Kenya asked.

"Yes she did. Is there anything you normally donít eat?" Andrew asked.

"Anything with Pork since Iím Muslim being from Sudan originally?" Kenya said.

"What System is it in?" Andrew asked.

"Itís a country on the African Continent on Earth," Kenya said.

"Oh," Andrew said. "Did Kim get you all processed?"

"Actually Tyra handled it," Kenya said. "T.J. is one lucky kid isnít she?"

"That she is," Janet said. "Tyra is lucky to have a kid like T.J.?"

"Any idea what the Initials T.J. stand for?" Kenya asked.

"Tialla Janet. When Tyra first found her she didnít know T.J.ís name so she gave her that name," Janet said.

"Tyra first encountered T.J. when she was picking up supplies for the Bunker. She was on her way to the hanger were her zord was when she found T.J. abandoned in the bushes nearby. She took the time to take T.J. to the bunker with her. A couple weeks after that Sueís cousin Megan was injured and was hospitalized as a result. T.J.ís biological mother was also in the same hospital. Tyra seeked her out and asked her a few questions. She never learned T.J.ís real name but she was able to adopt T.J," Andrew said.

"Where are Sue and Megan these days?" Kenya asked.

"Sue is taking classes at Terra U which is in Settlement 3. WE donít see her much as a result. WE havenít seen Megan in a long time. In fact I didnít really get a chance to get to know her. She relocated to Brakenous IV. A Delegation from there is here for Sashaís funeral only Megan never attends diplomatic functions off planet. She didnít even come to the wedding," Janet said.

"What is she doing on Brakenous IV?" Kenya asked.

"She is leading the Brakenien Wind Guardians. Megan during the time she was here after I received my Primary Powers thought of me as her color sister," Janet said.

"Her Color sister," Kenya said.

"Megan is the Purple Wind Guardian where as Iím the Purple Ranger," Janet said. "Which Academy did you go to?"

"Eltare Academy Class of 2069," Kenya said.

"Eltare Class of 2066," Janet said.

"Whoa It didnít occur to me that there might be another Eltare Alum on the team," Kenya said.

"Probably because Brianca, Fran, Sylvia, Kelly, and Sam all went to Triforian Academy. Brianca would have done everything she could to join me on Eltare but she wasnít accepted," Janet said.

After a few hours Kenya got tired. Janet offered her the guest room of their apartment and she crashed there. The next Morning Andrew Teleported in with her and he went to the Bunkers Hangar Deck where his ship was stored.

"I usually keep the Flight Suits in here," Andrew said.

HE then searched through the racks for her sizes. Eventually She had Three Flight suits of the proper size.

"You attending Sashaís funeral?" Andrew asked.

"I probably should but Andrew you have to remember I just got here and hardly know any of the Rangers that will probably be there and I never knew Sasha. What Iíll probably do is see Powermatic for my Morpher and then hang out here somewhere," Kenya said.

She then headed for her room where she put two of her Flight Suits in her closet and then Showered and Changed into the other one. Her next stop was the Snack Bar where Christine was having Breakfast.

"Hi, Iím Christine, I work with Tyra in the lab."

"You must be Candiís sister. I met her at the Youth Center yesterday while Tyra was showing me around," Kenya said.

"Yes Iím her sister. What are on your plans today?" Christine asked.

"Hang out here probably. You have to consider I didnít know Sasha at all," Kenya said.

"What brings you here?" Christine asked.

"Much as Iíd rather not be here Iím Sashaís replacement," Kenya said.

After she finished Breakfast Kenya went down the hall to the War Room. Dr. Collington was working at a console.

"You must be Kenya, Iím Dr. Collington. I originally Developed the Powers along with Powermatic of Demona Prime and another Demona Scientist named Fucilla."

"Yep Iím the lucky recipient of a ghostís powers," Kenya said. "The latest in a long line of Pink Rangers."

"Your morpher is over here," Dr. Collington said as she grabbed the slightly Familiar Electromorpher. "Being From Eltare I assume you already have Ninja Powers."

"Yes I do. Eltare is unique in that after you finish the coursework you are given Ninjetti powers and go through Drills so you get used to them before you can actually graduate," Kenya said. "Doc, is there anywhere I can hang today? Being that Iím so new I wouldnít feel comfortable being with everyone at the funeral."

"Everyone here including Christine, Powermatic, Alpha, and I will be at the funeral. Iíd recommend the Youth Center except Matt was going to close it during the funeral," Dr. Collington said.

"Is there usually someone on hand in here?" Kenya asked.

"Usually Either Powermatic, Alpha, or I will handle things in here. Sometimes one of the Older Rangers who have experience will take a shift," Dr. Collington said.

"Doc, tell you what. Since Iím staying here anyway and everyone else will be gone how about if I set up shop in here and keep an eye on things," Kenya suggested.

"Ordinarily I donít have the younger rangers handle watch until they are used to things," Dr. Collington said.

"I can keep her company easily," FREDA said.

"Good point FREDA," Dr. Collington said.

An Hour later Kenya was sitting at a console monitoring the systems When Sue Teleported in from her home in Settlement 3 near the University.

"Hi, Iím Sue Collington, is my mom around at all?"

" íFraid not Sue. Everyone is at a funeral for one of their colleagues," Kenya said. "I volunteered to man the store."

"Have you had your first battle yet?" Sue asked.

"Not yet. Iím not exactly in a rush as it is," Kenya said.

"You must be Sashaís replacement," Sue said.

"Unfortunately, When the contract was submitted they requested that the top two Cadets be set aside in case they were needed. I was The Top Cadet. When you are not a fan of Space Colonies finding out that you are being sent to a space colony you sometimes get a little bitter," Kenya said.

"Did you know My Grandpa Gutheim was part of the Colony when it left Earth as was my Grandmother, her Aunt Alison, and my mom and her cousin?" Sue asked. "You mind if I join you I didnít feel like being with my former teammates."

"Sure, Itís a little dull here with just the Friendly Robotic Electro Data Analyzer. I take it you are a former ranger like Tyra," Kenya said.

"Yes I was the original Red Ranger and I was also the leader. It was interesting especially the way I was able to be in charge while the team grew and matured. Now itís time for the younger set to get used to things. Thatís probably why Kim chose Kelly Brennan to be the new 2nd in Command," Sue said.

"Sue, do you know if any of the settlements have a Mosque in them?" Kenya asked.

"I donít know why do you ask?" Sue asked.

"Iím of the Muslim Religion and we worship in Mosques. I admit I havenít really practiced it since I left for the Academy but if I can find a mosque somewhere on Capsilon IX It might make it easier for me to practice my religion," Kenya said.

"Iím not even sure who might have that information. My family isnít real religious," Sue said. "How important are things like prayer to your religion?"

"Extremely important. Thatís the hardest part of my religion for me to practice because it requires that you kneel facing the Holy City of Mecca in Saudi Arabia only when your on another planet itís hard to know where Mecca is," Kenya said. "Others parts deal with Diet and so forth and thatís the easiest part for me to still practice."

"How did you manage dinner last night?" Sue asked.

"I had dinner with Janet and Andrew so it wasnít a problem," Kenya said.

A few hours later when the other rangers returned Commander Ned Stanton (GSA Retired) was with them.

"Kenya, Sue, you two up to Volunteering for a small Mission with Commander Stanton and Andrew?" Powermatic asked.

"What does the Mission involve?" Kenya asked.

"It was my decision that even though Sasha was born here on Capsilon IX that her body be returned to Earth for burial in my familyís Cemetery. Because of Who she was I wanted to have an Escort of Rangers to accompany her body back. Candi, Tyra, Kim, Janet, Fran, Barakus, Andrew, and Jim have already volunteered. All The Rangers wanted to go but Professor Damon reminded them that some would have to stay here in case Dark Lord tried anything," Com. Stanton said.

"Count me on it," Kenya said.

"Me too," Sue said.

"Kelly, you will be in charge while we are gone," Kim said.

"Groan," Kelly said.

The Rangers then headed for the Hangar Bay for the Cruiser which was on the Lower Level. AS they passed a door off the West Wall of the Lounge Kenya noticed the words Islamic Mosque on the door. She made not of it. Soon she was aboard the Ranger Cruiser with the others.

"This is real neat. We will be visiting Earth for the First time in our lives," Candi said.

"News Flash, some of us are from Earth," Kenya said. "Namely based on my findings Janet, Fran, and I."

"Andrew, will Fran and I have time to visit our families in Iowa when we arrive?" Janet asked.

"I will set aside time for You Fran and Kenya to visit with family but not until after Sasha is properly buried. The trip will take a month one way. Figure a week on Earth for Visitation and another Month to return.

"What do you think our chances of making the trip without having to Morph for Battle are?" Sue asked.

"I have no idea," Andrew said. "AS it is if we have to Morph it will probably be a Normal morph so you and Tyra would be at a disadvantage."

"We still have our Ninja powers though so we could use them if necessary," Sue said.

"I just hope the first time I morph I donít get killed," Kenya said.

"I doubt you will. You know itís amazing. This is the Third time we have had to undergo a major deployment from Capsilon IX and yet Andros and Ashley used to do this all the time," Andrew said.

"Who are you talking about?" Kenya asked.

"My paternal grandparents they were Rangers back during the Battle for Destruction," Andrew said. "In fact Karone the 2nd of the Pink Galaxy Rangers was Androsís sister."

"Oh course Karone wasnít always on the side of the good," Fran said.

"That is true she wasnít. But even though she was once Evil she did exemplify herself during her time as a ranger,": Andrew said.

A Short time later Fran and Kenya were walking onto the Simudeck.

"So whatís on your game plan?" Kenya asked.

"A scenario involving some Lizardtrons and Goldar," Fran said. "When Sylvia, Grant, and I were tested that was the Scenario used except Gearheads were used instead of Lizardtrons since the enemy at that time was a sorceror named Haradomous. But then Sylvia accidentally Vaporized him while aiming for Goldar."

"Why wasnít Grant in the War Room before we left?"

"Probably because he is in jail on Titus III. He raped Candiís sister Christine and got her pregnant," Fran said. "Sam the current Brown Ranger was Grantís roommate at the Academy."

"Ouch. My roommate was nothing to write home about. Not that I ever did. My dad will be surprised when I stop by that is for sure," Kenya said.

"Just for kicks teleport in Morphed and then take your helmet off in front of him," Fran said.

Kenyaís mouth dropped about an inch when Fran said that.

"Regulations do allow us to reveal our identities to certain individuals. Our families are on the list. Matt is another trusted Individual," Fran said.

"How did Matt even find out who we are?" Kenya asked as the first Lizardtrons attacked. Kenya immediately hit the N button on her morpher followed by ¿ . Fran meanwhile Called upon Color and the Horse in her morph. Kenyaís Spirit Animal of the Rhinoceros was with her as she began to attack the Lizardtrons with gusto. Fran barely had a chance to get warmed up.

"HE knew who the rangers were before I joined up so I really donít know," Fran said.

"I kind of had something to do with it," Kim said as she walked in.
"How did it happen?" Kenya asked.

"After I became a ranger I felt that the rangers being teens should get discounted food at the Youth Center so I programmed in a button to give a discount on the bill being rung up. Well Matt found out about it and realized that the few teens that it was used with had to have been the rangers. HE deprogrammed the button but instead of giving me a hard time about it he automatically programmed the discount in for the accounts belonging to the Rangers. When he requested your account # it was so that he could add your account to the list of accounts eligible for the ranger discount," Kim said. "Was I lucky that the discount was limited to the rangers."

"Are any non rangers eligible for the discount?" Kenya asked.

"I know Dr. Collington and Christine get it because they work alongside the rangers and I think Tyra still is eligible but Iím not sure about Sue," Kim said.

"You probably should have checked with Matt before we left," Kenya said.

"The mission was laid on so suddenly that I didnít get a chance," Kim said.

The month long journey was quiet but when they got in range of Earth they could see trouble.

"This is not good," Andrew said. "Computer go to Condition Red."

"All decks Red Alert Hostile Forces in area," the computer said over all speakers Within minutes the entire Ships contingent was in place.

"What on Earth," Kenya said.

"Thatís what weíre trying to figure out now," Andrew said.

"It looks to be Forces affiliated with the Dark Lord," The Computer said.

"Not good Not good at all," Kenya said.

"I agree. Kenya, sound the Call," Kim said.

"Being that we are on Earth I think a call once used by those Rangers fits well," Kenya said. "ITís Morphing Time."

"Demona Ranger Power." The Rangers said as they then teleported out leaving Commander Stanton, Tyra, and Sue to man the Store.

"After all the Drilling we did while enroute this isnít very difficult," Kenya said as she Fired on several soldiers with her cross bow.

"You are probably used to your powers," Fran said. "Trust me the first time isnít always easy."

"You could fool me," Kenya said.

"Come on Rangers letís kick some evil behind," Barakus said as he brought his Staff up above the Battlefield. "Time for a Titanium Burst."

The battle soon ended and the Rangers returned to the ship.

"With a battle out of the way we should probably get to our original mission," Com. Stanton said.

"I agree Commander," Kim said.

The Rangers then teleported back to the Planet with Sashaís casket along. Soon they were in a small cemetery where numerous stones with the last name Stanton were located. A small unmarked hole had been dug by Candi using her weapon. The Rangers then unloaded the casket from the floater that they had used to bring the casket down.

"She should at least have a true heroes burial instead of an unmarked grave," Fran said.

"Maybe we can help," A Uniformed man said as he approached the group. "Commander Cummings contacted me to tell me that a team from the Rangers was enroute to Earth to bury one of their own. I figured I would find you here."

"Iím Commander Ned Stanton Iím the retired Garrison leader. Commander Cummings is the current leader. The person in question was my nineteen year old granddaughter Sasha."

"Iím Vice Admiral Conway US NAVY. Commander, Iím here to offer your granddaughter a Marked grave in Arlington."

"Huddle," Sue said.

The rangers spoke for five minutes in their huddled state. When they got done They walked over and loaded the casket aboard the Floater.

"We decided to accept your offer. IT will slightly affect our schedule but not by much," Kim said.

"A Navy Shuttle is standing by at Angel Grove Airport to transport your party to the Cemetery in Arlington," Adm. Conway said.

"Black Ranger, go back to the Ship and arrange for the Ceremony to be monitored from Rangertech," Kim said.

"Right Away," Andrew said.

The rest of the Rangers then Followed the NAVY crew as they headed for the Airport for the Transport to the East Coast. A Couple Hours later They Reconvened in Arlington National Cemetery in a portion that had been opened up Fifteen Years before to house Special Veterans of the Battle against evil in the previous century. It even had a small Memorial to Kendrix Morgan 56th Battalion Terra Venture. Other names in the Cemetery included Kim Heart, Trini Kwan, Cassie Chan, and Tommy Oliver. One marker that Sue noted was marked with the Names Stephanie Gutheim, Amy Gutheim, Wang Chung Nabinger, Laurie Nabinger, Robert Gutheim, Jessica Gutheim. She went sad for a couple minutes. IT had a picture of a Raven on Top. A Sign was marked Space Raven Memorial.

"The dates on there are all wrong," Commander Stanton said.

"That Memorial was put up after the ship originally disappeared. I admit as we know the Crew eventually turned up but They refused to take the Memorial down. Iím working on a sign that would indicate the information about what really happened to the Crew of the Ship," Admiral Conway said as Andrew teleported back down.

"Communication with Rangertech is all Set up. Word from Zendar is that we should bury Sasha Morphed but with our Helmets off. She gave us the Option of going public with our identities," Andrew said.

"Letís do it then," Kim said as she loosened the latches on her helmet. She then removed her helmet and the Others followed suit.

"Is this Zendar your Leader or something?" Admiral Conway asked.

"Not really. Kim over there in White is our leader. Zendar heads up the Ranger Council which is the Governing Body that oversees the majority of Ranger Activity," Andrew said.

A Few Sailors meanwhile were draping a special flag over the casket for the Graveside Ceremony. Once the Casket was ready The Sailors carried it over onto a small Platform. Commander Stanton then gave a brief speech.

"While Death is inevitable You have to consider that anyone can be affected. The day that Evil first started to attack the Youth Center in Terra Venture I never thought that someone close to me would be one of those called forth to battle the forces of evil. Yet my granddaughter Sasha Jodieva Stanton was the recipient of the powers of the Pink Demona Ranger. It was a long time before I learned the truth. It was probably a little bit of luck that I did learn of my granddaughterís secret life. You see The villain attacking us was behind bars along with another villain. The other villain though has without our knowledge escaped. It was in preparation for the renewal of attacks that my Granddaughter revealed her identity to me. You see the rangers had decided to transfer all operations to their base and in order to be able to do it they felt that their families had the need to know just who they were. I feel that it is ironic that even though I knew of her identity others didnít and one day recently She and another ranger were attacked in an instance where they couldnít simply Morph and go into battle properly. This was a problem because Sasha ever since her mother died had started wearing her hair long. For Sasha long meant at least knee length. Unfortunately her long hair caused problems when she had to fight unmorphed. In that instance her hair ended up getting caught when an elevator closed itís doors on her and in trying to pull free she snapped her neck. This caused her death at a rather young age. In a way Iím glad that she has a chance to lie in memory with other rangers," Commander Stanton said.

"Honors Hut," Admiral Conway said.

The NAVY personnel then proceeded to fold the flag in the age old manner that was used for the Stars and Stripes. When they were done the Flag was handed to Commander Stanton. A special power shovel then proceeded once Sashaís casket was in place to fill in the latest Ranger grave. Meanwhile a couple Sailors nearby were Carving into a Big Stone the Following Words

Sasha J. Stanton


56th Ranger Battalion

Terra Venture

A Brave Fighter

But a Cowardly Girl

"May you Rest in Peace Sasha," Sue said.

A Short time later everyone gathered at the Cranston house in Central City Iowa.

"Janet, I see you brought a few friends," Mrs. Cranston said.

"Yes I did Mom. You most likely donít know Candi Matthewson, or Kenya Lewis. Candi took Tyraís place on the team and Kenya took Sashaís," Janet said.

"Where is Sasha?" Mr. Cranston asked.

"We just got done burying her in Arlington National Cemetery. We didnít even bring the Whole Team only those who donít have Ground zords since Powermatic wanted us to leave enough personnel for a Megazord so we left the Rangers who used the Ground Assault Zords and brought the Airedales," Janet said.

"We werenít even expecting you," Mrs. Cranston said. "I see Fran is with you. Where is your sister?"

"She had to stay behind since her zord was land based," Fran said. "We had set up Special Communications so that the Rangers who had stayed could see the burial ceremony. Think I could borrow your phone so I can let my parents know Iím in town?"

Ding Dong.

Mr. Cranston then went and opened the door escorting David and Colleen Fitzgerald in along with a Red Haired Woman in her Early Forties.

"Fran, this is a surprise," the Red Haired Woman said.

"Aunt Monique," Fran said. "I didnít expect you to be in town."

"Same here," Monique said. "Brandon and the others didnít join me. So how is everything on Terra Venture?"

"One of the rangers was killed in battle. We brought her body back here for burial. We just got done with that a short time ago," Fran said before introducing her friends.

"How long will you be in town?" Monique asked.

"Another six days or so," Fran said. "Kenya though is leaving for Sudan soon to visit her father."

"Does he live there or something?" Monique asked.

"Yes he does. Thatís where my family is from," Kenya said.

That night Kenya Teleported from Iowa to Sudan. It was early Morning So Kenya slid into Bed figuring on seeing her dad the next morning.

That Morning as Kenyaís Parents called her three little sisters to breakfast she carefully walked out into the Kitchen of the house.

"Kenya, this is a surprise," Mrs. Lewis said.

"It was four AM when I arrived so I figured on making my actual arrival known come morning," Kenya said as she sat down with her ranger outfit still on.

"Kenya, why are you wearing pink?" her twelve year old sister asked.

"I didnít bother to change before I slipped into bed Jeddah," Kenya said. "Demorph."

Her clothes then changed into her Flight suit.

"Where are you stationed?" her mother asked.

"On Capsilon IX which is a Space Colony of all places. If I can arrange a transfer Iíll be out of there before Kim Coltran can even find a replacement," Kenya said. "It just so happens that Iím the pink ranger."

"How long are you in town?" Mr. Lewis asked.

"Not too long father," Kenya said. "Only a week was set aside for the actual stop off on Earth. Itís a long trip between Capsilon IX and Earth. As it is I traveled to Capsilon IX from Eltare aboard a Diplomatic Shuttle. Kim met me at the Space Port when the Shuttle Arrived?"

"Why did you fly a diplomatic shuttle?" her eight year old sister Hala asked.

"Because a Delegation From Eltare was going to Capsilon IX for the funeral of my Predecessor in pink. As it is Eltare doesnít have an Embassy so they were stuck in a hotel. Of course they commented about how they would probably have to think about establishing an Embassy there. Delegations from Eltare twice in the last few months a Delegation has had to go to Capsilon IX from Eltare. The first time while I was at the academy was for the wedding of two of the Rangers and the other was for the funeral. After the Service on Capsilon a few of the Rangers myself included were chosen to escort my predecessors casket back here to Earth for the Actual Burial. We were going to bury her in her familyís cemetery but at the last minute she ended up getting buried in a military cemetery in Virginia. Most of the rangers that I accompanied are in Iowa where a couple of them are from only I figured on spending some time here," Kenya said.

"Not a bad idea. We didnít even figure you would be visiting ever. Not many villains attack Earth these days so we didnít figure you would be assigned here," Mr. Lewis said. "Being so new to Rangering you probably have no idea what they do for holidays."

"Most of them are of the various Christian denominations so they probably celebrate Christmas. Of Course I probably wonít celebrate with them so as not to offend Allah," Kenya said. "If he isnít offended enough the way I have a hard time fully worshiping him."

"Iím sure Allah understands. After all I doubt he or Mohammed took interplanetary travel into consideration in outlining the customs of the religion," Mr. Lewis said.

"Probably not but still Iíd prefer not to be labeled an infidel otherwise how would I be able to enter The Holy City of Mecca when I get around to making the sacred Pilgrimage during Ramadan."

"Kenya, Iím sure when you become an adult that Allah would understand if you were unable to make the Pilgrimage as the Koran commands since you live off planet, Also the Almsgiving would be a challenge so probably your best bet would be the fasting and the prayer," Mrs. Lewis said.

"Yeah, The computer system at the base I think took the time to provide me with a Mosque but I didnít notice it until we were leaving for Earth," Kenya said as an Alert occurred. "Oh great. I better contact the States. I only hope they arenít asleep."

She signaled the others who were ready for Action within minutes.

"Ranger Power Eclipsed," Kenya said. "Pink Ranger Power."

"Allah, may you consider us worthy of your protection," Mrs. Lewis said as Kenya teleported out. The other Rangers were soon on hand.

"I only hope we wonít require our zords," Fran said.

"We better think of something," Kim said.

Right then another Ranger Team showed up.

"Greetings Fellow Rangers," the other teams red ranger said.

"Have you been stationed here long?" Kim asked.

"We were forming up Yesterday when you were handling the battle. Where are you normally stationed?" the Red Ranger asked.

"Capsilon IX. The reason you donít see a red ranger like us is we left five of our rangers there since we are having problems from a villain right now. As it is our Pink Ranger is new having replaced a previous one that was killed during a battle. This is only her second battle," Kim said.

"What brought you to Earth?" the other teams Yellow Ranger asked.

"It was decided to bury our fallen comrade on Earth," Kim said.

After the Battle was over the other team joined the Demona Rangers on the Cruiser.

"Thanks for the Help," The other teams red Ranger said after removing his helmet to reveal a Blond haired male of around Seventeen.

"Iím Brad Cox," He said.

"Kim Coltran. You the leader of your team?"

"Yes I am," Brad said.

"Same here," Kim said. "Sue over there used to be our Red Ranger and when she retired she turned leadership over to me."

"Does your team have a Mentor?" Brad asked.

"Yes Powermatic of Demona Prime," Kim said.

"How did you end up with one of the Demona?" Brad asked.

"HE used to Mentor my grandparents," Sue said.

"Were your grandparents famous?" Brad asked.

"Plastica and Headset," Sue said.

"Unbelievable," A short red headed girl in pink said.

"I agree," The Yellow Ranger a Tall Hispanic woman said. "Did you end up inheriting any of their powers at all?"

"My mom was adopted," Sue said. "My mom also had powers that dealt with teleportation but I managed not to inherit them so I have an interesting time Teleporting. Luckily Tyra when she developed our communicators added teleportation capabilities."

"I knew that we would have to Teleport periodically even when we worked out of R&D," Tyra said.

Within a short time period the Demona Rangers and the Rangers from Earth were fully introduced. The Earth team was simply Red, Pink, Yellow, Blue, and Green with the Standard distribution of only Pink and Yellow being Female. The Earth Team was of course based in Angel Grove. In fact they were surprised to learn that Kelly was on their team since Brad and Pilar Rojas the Yellow Ranger had gone to school with Kelly before she left for Triforia. Heather Marconi was a recent transplant from Napoli and as such never knew Kelly. Sven Lucas (Green) and William Cranston V (Blue) had at least heard of her.

"Janet, how can you handle working with this Bunch. They donít even know that the best team has five maybe six members?" her cousin asked.

"One thing you didnít inherit was our ancestorís Brains just his name. Our enemies are so tough that we need all the people we can get," Janet said.

"Man Janet the Eltarians have made you brutal in more ways then one," Billy said.

"Care to spar cous?" Janet asked.

"No," Billy said.

"Whoa Janet, your cousin is one big chicken," Andrew said. "Wouldnít know that from the Wedding."

"Janet, you used to have better taste in boyfriends," Billy said.

Kenya sent the Blue Earth Ranger flat on his back for that one.

"Thanks Kenya," Janet said.

Billy ended up staying aboard the cruiser during the Demona Rangers trip to Earth while Fran stayed in Central City. Kenya of course spent that Friday at her parents Mosque in Sudan. Finally it was time to head off.

"Janet, too bad you couldnít stay longer," Billy said as he stood with her parents and Fitzgeralds.

"Kim wanted to keep the amount of time we were gone at a minimum," Janet said as she picked up the Huge load of noodles that Briancaís grandmother had sent in both fresh and dried form.

"Maybe some time we can Return the favor," Brad said.

"Itís a possibility," Kim said.

"Computer, Ahead Hyperrush Nine," Andrew said after everyone who was going ashore had gone ashore.

Three weeks later the Rangers arrived in Orbit.

"Looks like Dark Lord is having some fun," Kenya said from the sensors.

"Fran, Have the Cruiser head right for the Bunker on Autopilot and Signal FREDA of our Arrival," Andrew said.

"Already done. The minute Kenya said Dark Lord I did it," Fran said.

"Ranger Power Eclipsed," Kim said. "White Ranger Power."

"Pink Ranger Power."

"Black Ranger Power."

"Yellow Ranger Power."

"Purple Ranger Power."

"Titanium Ranger Power."

"Gray Ranger Power."

"Orange Ranger Power."

The Rangers then joined their teammates in Settlement 14 and quickly had the Lizardtrons defeated. Everyone then Teleported to the Command Bunker. The first thing Kenya noticed was the Flaming Red Haired Male in green.

"Jake, when did you become a Ranger?" she asked.

"Right after Sasha was buried. When you all called to send the signal Sean was transferring his powers to me," Jake said. "This is a great place to serve if you ask me Plenty of action."

"I wouldnít know my first time Morphing for battle was when we reached Earth," Kenya said. "I went right from Duty here in the War Room to the Mission to Earth."

Guys, you might want to come to the Med Chamber," Alpha said as he stuck his head into the War Room. "Kim, your team has arrived just in time."

"Alpha, is it what I have a feeling it is?" Candi asked.

"Yes it is," Alpha said.

A physician happened to be on hand. None of the rangers since they had the option of going public had their helmets on but they remained morphed. Mr. Matthewson and Fucilla were also on hand.

"Iím still not sure I like the idea," Mr. Matthewson.

"What the idea of my being a parent or my having to leave soon to move to Demona Prime?" Christine asked between contractions.

"Both actually," Mr. Matthewson said. "You all have a first rate base here. Dr. Collington, I want to thank you and Professor Damon for all that you have done for Christine after she was raped."

"It was the least we could do," Powermatic said.

A Short time later the two newest Matthewson kids entered the world. Eric Jamal Matthewson 6 lbs. even and Aisha Sashaca Matthewson. 6 lbs. 9 ounces.

Closing Notes. Well this was one lengthy project. It took a while to write but at least I got it in before January 1st 2000 since I learned last night that my Muse who was manufactured during the Late 80ís to early 90ís is not Y2K compliant. I will try in Future Fanfics to include both Old and New Rangers.s

The End