Disclaimer: The moment you have been waiting for. The Wedding of The Purple and Black Demona Rangers. Also I took the liberty of including a small side plot involving Janetís best friend Brianca Chang the Blue Demona Ranger and the Orange Demona Ranger Fran Fitzgerald. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out just what a Power Ranger Wedding would look like. Hopefully this will prove to be a good Fanfic for the Record this takes place after Demona Rangers in the Lost Galaxy. The side plot involving the Blue and Orange Rangers will probably provide a lot of the conflict since I havenít decided what effect if anything Goldar will have on the story. The Concept and a few characters are Haim Sabanís (Iím not saying which characters though) The IGPF is owned by Ellen Brand and everything else is a product of my slightly warped imagination.

Power Rangers Demona
Ranger Wedding
by Robert Gutheim

A couple days before the Biggest Event Dr. Stephanie Collington was sitting in the Snack Bar of the Command Bunker going over a few things with Janet Cranston.

"OK the way things look right now your parents are slated to stay with Briancaís mom and the Delegation from the Kerova System at the Kerovian Embassy. King Trey, Grenadine, and the Phantom Ranger will be staying at the Triforian Embassy, We set aside hotel rooms for the delegations from Brakenous IV and Eltare since neither one has an embassy here," Stephanie said.

"Think your father might try to make an appearance?" Janet asked.

"Knowing him itís hard to say. Luckily Matt Connorson was willing to handle the catering for the reception. At the appropriate Discount of course," Stephanie said.

"It seems so strange that there will be a ton of Rangers at a simple wedding. There is no way on Earth or any other planet that Goldar would try an attack while all those Rangers are here," Janet said.

"Especially since Chief Roxwood and Captain Griff are leading a delegation from the IGPF. When we were at their base after Sylvia Vaporized Haradomous they insisted on bringing a delegation. Of course we are making them stay in the Gymnasium downstairs.

Meanwhile the Cranstons were just arriving at The Chang house in the Upper Colony.

"Todd, Mary, how was your trip?" Robin asked.

"It went well Robin. It is so strange that Janet is only days away from Marriage," Todd Cranston said. "David and Colleen Fitzgerald joined us on the shuttle over from Earth."

"Groan," Robin said.

"Whatís wrong with that?" Mary asked.

"Brianca doesnít know the truth about just who David is," Robin said.

"Robin, donít you think she deserves to know. Especially since Fran is here," Todd said.

"I donít know," Robin said as Brianca and Fran walked in.

"Afternoon Mr. Cranston, Mrs. Cranston. Enjoy your trip?" Fran asked.

"Yes we did Fran. Your parents came with us so they could see you," Mary said. "They elected to stay in a hotel but are going to swing by later. So just which room is yours?"

"Well, you see itís like," Fran was trying to cover up.

"Fran, they probably knew you were at the Academy and they knew I was going," Brianca said. "Plus Zendar did give us permission to inform our families."

"Inform us of what?" Mary asked.

"Fran and I are two of the Rangers for this planet. We are staying at our base," Brianca said. "Be warned there are a ton of Rangers coming to the wedding."

"With Janet here now I can see why," Todd said.

By the time Janet arrived a hour later Franís dad was also there.

"Brianca, you mind if I spoke with you for a few minutes. Your mom knows what we are going to discuss," David said.

"Sure, is privacy needed?" Brianca asked.

"Might be best to start out," David said.

"Then maybe we should go over to the base," Brianca said since they had informed him of Franís identity in the interim.

They then teleported into Briancaís room in the Living Quarters.

"Nice setup whatís with all the Blue?" David asked.

"Well Mr. Fitzgerald I am the Blue Ranger after all. Of course if you add a little of Sue Collington you get Fran the orange Ranger," Brianca joked.

"I take it that Sue is the Red Ranger," David said.

"Yes she is. Mr. Fitzgerald youíve known my mom for a long time havenít you?" Brianca asked.

"Since She and Monique were in Fifth Grade. Monique met your mom on the beach at Tieran Park. Your mom happened to be with a guy named Lon Kimberton. Eventually Lon and your mom had planned on getting married only he died a couple weeks before the wedding. Even the Queen of Britain was worried about her. At Katieís urging I walked up to her and helped her through the hard times. Well Robin and I considered getting Married in fact we had the date chosen and things all planned out and everything. In fact one significant event I thought would be the trigger that would ensure that the wedding would take place happened. Unfortunately between that event and when the wedding was to have taken place I met Colleen. I realized that the love I had for Colleen was genuine compared to the love I thought I had for your mother," David said.

"What was the event that you thought was the clincher?" Brianca asked.

"Your birth," David said.

Brianca went silent while she absorbed what David told her.

Ten minutes later Brianca was still silent when the chime on her door went off.

"Brianca, you still there itís Fran."

"Yes she is Fran," David said.

"You can enter if you want to Fran," Brianca said.

"I was wondering if you wanted to Spar downstairs before the IGPF people show up," Fran said.

"Not right now Fran. Besides I wouldnít want to cause too much damage to my little sister," Brianca said.

"Did I miss something?" Fran asked.

"I was planning on clueing you in after I got done talking to Brianca," David said.

"IS that why I always seemed to get birthday and Christmas presents from you even after I was first on Triforia and then here at the Colony?" Brianca asked.

"Thankfully shipping costs to GSA facilities are fairly inexpensive otherwise it would have cost a small fortune to send them," David said. "Which of you would like to give me a tour of this place."

"I think Iíll let Brianca do it since sheís spent more time here," Fran said.

"Right now we are in the Living Quarters There are about Twenty rooms here so each Ranger has their own room. A Lounge is part of this part of the lower level. The rest of this level is taken up by the Gymnasium along with a pool. I was upstairs but one day Janet and Andrew teleported about five feet over the pool and fell in. The only real witnesses were Tyra and T.J.," Brianca said.

"Are they Rangers?" David asked.

"Tyra is but T.J. isnít old enough yet," Brianca said.

"T.J. is Tyraís adopted daughter," Fran explained.

They then left the room and Walked through the Living Quarters with Fran showing off her room. After they looked over the lower level they headed upstairs.

" Whatís Up Alpha?" Fran asked as they came off the stairs while Alpha was going from the Research Lab to the Med Chamber.

"Not Much Fran. Dr. Collington wanted me to check some specimens for her. She was stuck having to go to a departmental meeting after she got done with Janet," Alpha said.

"Sueís mom spends a lot of time in the Research Lab and of course we have our own infirmary," Brianca said. "Right here is our Snack bar. At least once a week I use the kitchen in it to make a batch of Soy Noodles."

Their next stop was the War Room. Barakus was working in it with Jim and Grant.

"Brianca, who is the civilian?" Barakus asked.

"My father," Brianca said. "In actuality mine and Franís father."

"Iím Barakus of Triforia the Titanium Ranger, My two colleagueís over there are Jim Blackwell and Grant Hooper."

"Iím David Fitzgerald, Iím part of the delegation from Earth for the Cranston Hammond Wedding."

"Barakus, Where is the Professor hiding?" Fran asked.

"He had to meet with Zendar about something on Rangero," Barakus said.

Andrew meanwhile was as nervous as anything and Sean was trying to calm him down.

"Hey come on Bud Iíd think you would be excited. Itís not too often according to Tyraís research that two active rangers get married," Sean said.

"I know but Ever since the battle against Sharkface Iíve been wondering if Janet and I are doing the right thing," Andrew said.

"One thing is for sure we almost donít need all the Megazords just send Sylvia after the Monsters," Sean said.

"In time Iím sure Sylvia will do fine," Andrew said.

"She definitely should," Sean agreed.

That Evening Captain Griff hosted a Bachelor Party for Andrew at the GSA Officers Club since he was able to reserve it.

"Letís face it when I first sent Andrew here back when the now Late Villain Haradomous was thinking of joining forces with Mechinack. I figured it would be a simple act of soon as the case was closed that Andrew would be back at Headquarters waiting for his next assignment. Unfortunately the next time I saw him was on Brakenous IV when he was conducting another arrest. The day he was able to finally put Scornia behind bars for good I figured it would be a matter of time before Haradomous himself was returned to Prison. Of course that was before Haradomous was vaporized," Captain Griff said.

A number of the guys hand stories to tell Especially Barakus and Sean.

The next day Brianca, Fran, and Sylvia slipped over to the Triforian Embassy not so much to see Trey and the Crown prince but to see the two junior members of His delegation Kelly Brennan and Samuel Hayes.

"So what have you all been up to since leaving Triforia?" Kelly asked.

"Vaporizing villains a little time traveling just your typical day around Rangertech," Sylvia said.

"Yeah right. That sounds like your idea of a typical day," Sam said.

"Most days are a lot quieter. The time traveling was in response to a distress call that Plastica sent during the time that Terra Venture was in the Lost Galaxy. We even took the zords with us," Brianca said. "What interesting powers will you be receiving?"

"We wonít. Itís not that we couldnít receive powers but Lord Trey decided not to empower us," Kelly said. "I figured on holding out for a while and then maybe applying for a transfer."

"Transfers can prove complicated. Janet was originally stationed on Eltare and decided to transfer here and we had to go before the Council to get her transferred. Where would you transfer?" Brianca asked.

"Iím thinking maybe Eltare, Mirinoi, possibly the Kerova System," Kelly said. "How is Janet doing?"

"She is as nervous as anything. You almost wouldnít affiliate her with the Owl that is her spirit animal," Fran said.

"Rumors are flowing in the diplomatic circle according to Grenadine that Brianca and Fran are half sisters is that accurate at all?" Kelly asked.

"Yes it is. Interesting thing is Brianca always liked to think of me as the little sister she didnít get a chance to have," Fran said.

"Interesting thing is you turned out to be her sister," Sam said.

"I know. From what dad told me Brianca had gone silent for a period of time after he told her about his past as it pertained to her mom," Fran said.

Janet walked in about then and sat down with them.

"Tomorrow couldnít come soon enough," Janet said.

"You think we will get attacked during the wedding tomorrow?" Kelly asked.

"I hope not. Sylvia, if we are I want you to Eclipse Immediately and use your mace," Janet said.

That Night was the Rehearsal. For the Purposes of the Rehearsal Kim, Sasha, Sue, Fran, and Sylvia were the Brides Maids and the Ushers were Jim, Barakus, Sean, Grant, and Sam. Brianca was the Maid of Honor and Captain Griff was selected as the Best man. The Wedding was being presided over by Zendar of Eltare and assisted by Rev Harvey White of St. Catherineís Episcopal Church and Kinwu a Kerovian Priest.

The Next Day the Ushers were ready at their Post in the Entrance to the Sanctuary of the Church that was being rented.

"Hi, Iím Gulermo Iím with the Triforian Delegation," A Mysterious man dressed in Black said.

"A yes you are on the Brides side. What Ranger team are you assigned to?" Grant asked.

"Iím the Phantom Ranger," Gulermo said.

The next group to come through was the Brakenien Delegation which was on the grooms side.

"Iím surprised Megan isnít leading the Delegation," Sean said.

"She didnít feel like coming?" A Wind Guardian Dressed in Blue said.

The next Delegation was from Edenoi. The Edenite Delegation was on the Grooms Side. Eventually the Eltarian Delegation Showed up and was shown to seats on the Brides side. The Last Delegations to show up were the Earth Delegation which was placed on the Brides side and the Kerovian Delegation which was naturally on the Grooms Side. The Capsilon Delegation was shown to seats on both sides.

"OK Gang, Letís get Ready," Sue said. "AS you know we decided to do this Morphed for those with actual powers. Kelly that leaves things kind of difficult for you and Sam but Iím sure you will manage."

"Then what are we waiting for?" Kim asked.

"Nothing," Sue said. "Demona Ranger Power."

Soon after that the Rangers were there and they took their helmets off. The same process was done by the Male Rangers. At that point they met up outside the Sanctuary as the music started to play. Both Sam and Kelly along with Captain Griff were wearing reproductions of Ranger Uniforms so they would blend in. Sam wore a uniform of the same color brown as Grantís and Kelly was wearing a slightly darker yellow but not to the point of being orange. Captain Griff was wearing a Darkish Gray uniform that was between Jimís and Andrews in color.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I am Zendar of Eltare. I am the chair of the Ranger Council. The council sits on the planet Rangero the home of the Legendary Morphing Grid which provided the source of energy for the Original Rangers over Ten Thousand Years ago. Marriage is an institution that should not be entered lightly. Different Cultures have different customs as far as Marriage goes but when two Rangers enter into Marriage the sanctity of Marriage requires Recognition by the Council. Generally a member of the Council is the presider. Because of religious matters in this case a priest chosen by each of the parties involved is assisting in the ceremony."

"WE ask now that you join us as we join this man and this woman in Holy Matrimony," Rev White said.

"Andrew Hammond of KO-35 descendant of Andros and Ashley Hammond two of the Astro Rangers do you take this woman Janet Cranston to be your Lawfully Wedded Wife to have and to hold for richer of for poorer in sickness and in health as long as you both shall live?" Zendar asked.

"I do," Andrew said.

"Janet Cranston of Earth descendant of Billy Cranston Blue Morphing and Ninja Ranger formerly the Purple Ninja Ranger of Eltare do you take this man Andrew Hammond to be your lawfully wedded husband to have and to hold for richer or for poorer in sickness and in health as long as you both shall live?" Zendar asked.

"I do," Janet said.

"Andrew and Janet do you promise to raise any children that you shall produce in the spirit of Rangerhood and that at such time as they are ready Train them in the art of Rangering?" Kinwu asked.

"Since Rangering is hereditary in the Kerova System it is our plan," Andrew said. "While we will honor the pact of hereditary among Kerovians we also plan on working some aspects of the episcopal religion into our future offspringís upbringing."

Soon After that The Ceremony ended. Since the ceremony was of a mixed type the Ceremonial Kiss was not part of the ceremony.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Now entering the Youth Center Mrs. and Mrs. Andrew Hammond," Matt said using a remote operated Microphone as the Black and Purple Rangers walked in.

"One advantage to using our uniforms is I didnít have to worry about a dress," Janet said.

"SO far Goldar hasnít tried anything," Sylvia said.

"Good," Sean said.

"Goldar is a formidable opponent. Even I have had to deal with him," Trey said.

"HE can be a challenge. Andrew since both you and Janet have Demona powers how come there wasnít a delegation from Demona Prime I would think that Fucilla would have been here," Gulermo said.

"They sent their regrets. AS it is Professor Damon had to leave for Demona Prime just as we were beginning the final preparations," Janet said.

"Kelly, I plan on stationing you and Sam here to act as my ambassadors to Rangertech," Lord Trey said.

"We accept our assignment. One advantage is that it will allow us to keep in touch with our friends on the Ranger Team," Kelly said.

"Kelly I understand that you and Sam are recent graduates of the Triforian Academy," Zendar said.

"Yes so we have been bestowed with the Title of Ranger but since we havenít been empowered I donít think we can be considered to be Power Rangers," Kelly said.

The next day Andrew and Janet took their ship when they left on their Honeymoon.

Closing Notes. Well one chapter has ended and another is about to start. I think itís time to write a Superfic. Thatís what I consider the real long fanfics to be One classic example IMO is Cheryl Robertís All I want for Christmas which Rivals the First of the Julie Fredericks Books for Length.

The End