Disclaimer: Saban owns the concept but the rangers are mine. This one takes place in November of 2069. Where the file name is Demona# and you keep track of it I didnít goof and hit the one while trying to hit zero. (besides I hate Num Lock and I always turn it off so there is no way I could. Besides I had my computer doing some routine maintenance overnight so it wasnít even turned off). Demona30 is a.k.a. Mirinoi2. What this means of course is that Sue has left. Fans of her donít worry I didnít retire her the way I did Brianca and Megan. You just have to know when to find her..

To Save a Child
by Robert Gutheim

One day A few young girls are walking through Settlement 14 on a quiet weekend morning.

"Man itís been a lot quieter here since Mechinack returned. After all he varies his attacks just as much as he used to," A Tall Reddish Blond in purple said.

"Thank Allah for that," An African girl in pink said. "Anyone really miss Sue since she decided to stay with her grandfather on Mirinoi?"

"A little bit we served together a long time," the girl in purple said.

"Kenya, come here," A Brown haired girl wearing a very bright orange shirt said.

"Something up Fran?" Kenya asked as she walked over.

"Check this out," Fran said.

"Settlement 14 Flower, Garden, and Landscape Society is having a Garden Judging competition on November 8th starting at 0800. To enter your garden register at Hanifinís Greenhouse by November 5th," Kenya read off. "Thatís tomorrow. Oh man it took me a week simply to convince The powers that be to let me landscape around the building. No Chance of anything that they would let me enter this competition."

"You never know Kenya. All you have to do is catch Powermatic at a weak moment," Fran said as a strange odor came their way. "Oh man who let one."

"I recognize that malicious odor anywhere. Itís an interesting mix of Sweat, and Gearhead Lubricant ," Janet said.

"In that case what are we waiting for Letís call out the local welcoming committee," Kenya said.

"I agree 2nd Morph," Janet said.

The rangers then went into a quick kata.

"Ninja Ranger Power," they said.

Within seconds the three girls were replaced by the Purple, Pink, and Orange Ninja Rangers. Right after that the Gearheads attacked. Leading the platoon of Gearheads was a Tall Semian like in appearance Monster wearing Gold armor the source of the sweat component that Janet had noticed.

"So who wants to contact Teri?" Kenya asked.

"Did someone call my name?" a voice asked as a small Howitzer pulled up and a Blue Suited Ranger got out. "I was heading out on a Supply run when Stephanie signaled me that Goldar was nearby."

"Right here you Blue pest," Goldar said.

"I hope you are ready to tango you molting pile of fur," Teri said as she sent a quick roundhouse at Goldar. In fact Teri kept Goldar busy with a lot of kicks so many that Goldar had a hard time attacking her. Eventually Goldar decided that retreat was in order.

"That was close," Teri said.

"Not bad Teri and you were using first morph," Janet said.

"Nice thing about having a flexible spine you donít have to use 2nd morph very often," Teri said. "Anyone need anything while Iím out?"

"Iím fine. Kenya and I have something to discuss with Command as it is," Janet said.

Teri headed off toward the nearest store and the others got ready to return to base.

"The battle looked to have gone well," Powermatic a tall bald man said.

"Stephanieís dispatching Teri to help us out helped since she kept Goldar busy while the rest of us handled the Gearheads," Janet said.

"Kenya, when you get a chance I have a small errand for you to do at Hanifinís," Powermatic said. "FREDA was monitoring the local media and found out about a special competition and your errand is to sign up the Rangertech Building for the competition."

"Let me just grab a few things from my quarters first," Kenya said.

"Powermatic, there is one thing I noticed ever since I became a ranger. The only vehicles we have here really are our zords. Donít you think a few normal cars would be in order beyond the two or three that are parked here when ever Tyra, or I are here, Or for that matter when Teri borrows her motherís car?" Janet asked.

"Unfortunately Com. Cummings is very particular about what 56th Battalion can have issued to it. Stephanie and Kim both have almost literally butted heads with him over the issue of private automobiles for use by the 56th Battalion. WE are for now going to have to be very discrete about what conditions we use our zords under," Powermatic said.

"What if we went over Cummings head to the Colonial Governor. Surely he would understand especially since the Power Rangers are covered as 56th Battalion GSA purely for Administrative purposes such that we can get supplies from GSA Commissaries. Technically none of us not even Kim report to Commander Cummings. Itís like a unit being located at a fort but not under the fort," Janet said.

"Teri does report to Cummings as far as reserves go. Also Even I hate this but major expenditures like for the vehicles that you were just talking about have to be approved by Cummings," Powermatic said.

"The only time Teri has a car is when she borrows her momís car right," Janet said.

"Far as I know," Powermatic said.

"You think Teri could get Cummings to assign her a car so she can get between her house and the GSA training center where she is stationed for her reserves requirement?" Janet asked.

"I did try to get him to release one to her but he even refused that," Powermatic said.

"I have a small project nearing completion in the Garage only I need a couple components. Would the components require Cummings authorization?" Janet asked.

"Depends on the components," Powermatic said.

Janet called up a set of specs and showed them to the rangers mentor.

"I think I can quietly arrange to get the components without Cummings knowing about it," Powermatic said.

"Janet, you mind giving me a run into town so I can undergo that errand at the Greenhouse?" Kenya asked as she came in after changing out of her uniform into a pink colored Islamic robe complete with veil.

"Not a problem. Whoa I think this is the first time you dressed in that manor," Janet said.

"I chose to dress this way. Last time I dressed like this was before I left for the academy," Kenya said.

The two Eltare Alum then headed for the Settlement where they stopped by the Greenhouse first.

"Hi, who would I speak with about signing a garden up for the contest?" Kenya asked.

"I can take the info down," an employee said. "Where is the garden located."

"Itís some landscaping around the Rangertech Building," Kenya said.

"Thatís a commercial building isnít it?" the employee asked.

"Kind of the Main floor is commercial but the lower level is residential," Kenya said.

"Iíll at least make note of it but the competition might be open to residential gardens and landscaping only," the Greenhouse employee said.

"It probably is but if we are eligible then put our name down at least," Kenya said.

Meanwhile Hankoid was returning from a secret mission.

"Well how successful were you?" Mechinack asked.

"Iíd say quite successful. I doubt anyone will be looking for these three brats," Hankoid said as he shoved an eight year old Human female out of the ships hatch. Behind her screaming away was a smaller three year old female and in a small cage was a small infant. "I stole them from something called an orphanage in Angel Grove. Best part is the kidnapping canít be traced to us."

"You did well. Best part of that is Goldar kept the rangers busy," Mechinack said.

"Hey Ugly when are you going to let us go home?" the eight year old asked.

"Iím not," Mechinack said.

Fairly soon after that the two older kids were in a small cell.

"Trish, you think the Power Rangers will save us?" the three year old asked her sister.

"I doubt it. The Rangers are on Earth. Iím not even sure where we are. Becky, Iím sure we will survive somehow," Trish said.

Meanwhile Alpha VIII the Android Lab Assistant of Dr. Stephanie Collington the Lab director for the Power Rangers was working in the War Room when he noticed the bleep.

"Stephanie, a ship landed over in Mechinackís lair about ten minutes ago," Alpha said over a comscreen

"Anything particular about the ship?" Stephanie asked as she walked in a couple minutes later with Kim Coltran and Kelly Brennan behind her.

"I picked up four life readings. Only one was identifiable in our records. The one that was identifiable was Hankoidís. All I can say is the other three readings were human," Alpha said.

"That means we could have a hostage situation on our hands. Better recall all Active Demona Rangers," Kim said. "In the meantime keep an eye on communications and see if you can find a way to bounce a call through time to Sue."

Soon as the meeting opened up Andrew Hammond the black ranger and also a sworn Intergalactic Police Officer requested permission to speak.

"Two weeks ago on Earth soon after the situation we investigated at Renier University three kids mysteriously disappeared. NASADA control remembered seeing this ship in the general area," Andrew said as he put an image of a small ship on the screen.

"I think I know where the ship is," Kelly said. "I remembered seeing it not too long ago."

"The three missing kids are Patricia Collins age 8, Rebecca Collins age 3, and Cynthia Collins age 6 months," Andrew said.

"Andrew, where were they kidnapped from?" Kelly asked.

"Little Angelís Haven in Angel Grove California," Andrew said.

"I know the Collins Family. When I left for Triforia I told them I was going to attend a more diverse school but they didnít know I was going to a ranger academy and my parents promised not to let them know that that is what I was doing. Rebecca was only a baby when I saw her last," Kelly said. My mom did let me know that Mrs. Collins had given birth again also she informed me of the deaths of Mr. and Mrs. Collins.

Meanwhile Mechinack had teleported Rebecca and Cynthia into an abandoned house in Old Colony. Trish was still his prisoner.

The next Morning Kenya had accepted an invitation to worship with Tyra Johnson the Chief Lab Intern at the Bunker. On the way back to Tyraís apartment with Tyraís two children T.J. who was almost four and Aisha a young infant who was in true reality the niece of Candi Matthewson the Yellow Ranger, The group had to pass the abandoned house.

"Help," a small weary voice called out.

"Think we should look into it?" Kenya asked her right hand hovering over the Electromorpher on her left wrist.

"Might not hurt but we better be careful," Tyra said as She set Aisha down. A Passer bye offered to keep an eye on Aisha and T.J. while they investigated. Kenya quietly tapped E and Enter. Within seconds her Pink Lightly Armored Uniform was in place.

"Man I wish we had had armor like that when I was still on Active," Tyra said.

Kenya then slipped inside her blaster at ready.

"Tyra, you remember the meeting we had yesterday afternoon?" Kenya asked.

"I think so why?" Tyra asked.

"Better have Andrew and Kelly join us," Kenya said.

Tyra then got on her viscom.

"Alpha, this is Tyra, Have Andrew and Kelly join us at these Coordinates."

"On their way Tyra," Alpha said.

Andrew was just teleporting into the Bunker in his IGPF Uniform. A few seconds later Kelly walked into the War Room.

"You two are to teleport out immediately. Tyra and at least one other ranger require back-up. You two specifically were requested," Alpha said.

"Iíll investigate it immediately I spoke with the Chief today and he feels that we can convict Hankoid of kidnapping just based on the evidence in the sensor logs," Andrew said.

"You might want to Morph," Powermatic said as he entered.

"Sounds good Professor," Kelly said. "Demona Ranger Power."

The two rangers then arrived in the Abandoned house.

"The structure doesnít look safe," Kelly said.

"We best make it quick then," Andrew said as they came across their Pink suited colleague. By this time a Colonial Security Officer was on hand.

"I was in the area and a passerby flagged me down. Any idea who they may be?" the Officer asked.

"Itís my guess that the older child might be Rebecca Collins of Angel Grove on Earth," Kelly said.

The three year oldís face lit up when she heard her name called.

"Iíll take that as a positive ID," the officer said. "IF they are from Earth how did they get here?"

"It is my theory that Hankoid one of Mechinackís goons might have kidnapped these two girls and one other child," Andrew said.

"Whoa this sounds like IGPF jurisdiction. A little outside my league but if you want I can inform them of this," the officer said.

If it should become necessary in the course of business donít hesitate to reveal your identity a standing order from Powermatic said.

Andrew then removed his helmet.

"Officer Andrew Hammond Intergalactic Police Force also known as the Black Demona Ranger."

"Then I assume IGPF is aware of the problem," The officer said.

"I spoke to IGPF Chief Roxwood myself just today," Andrew said. "He thinks we can get a conviction."

"Andrew, requesting authorization to remove the kids to a safer area," Kelly said since being a Ďcrime sceneí Andrew was in charge.

"Take them to the Infirmary at Headquarters," Andrew said.

Kenya, took charge of the Baby while Kelly took one of Rebeccaís hands and they teleported to the Bunker. Tyra followed along after retrieving her kids. By the time she arrived Alpha along with FREDA were conducting a medical exam on the two rescued children. Dr. Collington was nearby.

"Looks like a good job was done rescuing two of the missing children. Soon as we can get Patricia back we can see about taking them back to Earth," Stephanie said. "It is my feeling and Powermatic agrees that they would be safer on Earth."

"Stephanie, you mind if I call my mom and let her know that Rebecca and Cynthia are safe?" Kelly asked.

"Go right ahead," Stephanie said.

Kelly then took the stairs down to her quarters.

"FREDA, could you place an interplanetary phone call to Colleen Brennan in Angel Grove California, the number is Area Code 805 555-3628," Kelly asked.

After a slight pause Kelly could hear a ringing sound.

"Brennan Residence," a female voice said.

"Mom, guess who?" Kelly asked.

"Sounds like a someone wearing Red," Mrs. Brennan said. "Santa Claus."

"No," Kelly said.

"Brad maybe," Mrs. Brennan said.

"Why would he call?" Kelly asked. "Is he even a ranger?"

"I was just teasing you Kelly. I have some possibly disturbing news. It is rumored that the Collins kids might have been kidnapped by Aliens?" Mrs. Brennan said.

"Mom, I hate to say it but the rumor is true. Becky and Cynthia are upstairs in our base as we speak getting checked out. Patricia though is still a prisoner of Mechinack," Kelly said.

"Very interesting. Right before they were kidnapped your father and I were beginning to make arrangements to take the girls in," Mrs. Brennan said.

"Iím sure Kim and Andrew are working on a plan as we speak to get Patricia out of there. We will be bringing them back to Earth soon as she is free," Kelly said as she saw the internal com beep.

"Mom I have an internal call," Kelly said. "Iíll keep you updated."

"Sounds good and be careful," Mrs. Brennan said.

"Kelly here," she said.

"Kel, Itís Jim. How would you like to infiltrate Mechinackís lair?" the gray ranger asked.

"For what purpose?" Kelly asked.

"Rescuing your little friend," Jim said.

"How big a team will I be taking?" Kelly asked.

"It will be a solo mission," Jim said.

"I probably should us a morph that would allow me to have access to my Dolphin spirit animal," Kelly said as she walked up to the War Room where Jim was getting ready.

"Iíll set things up from the Gymnasium so you have space," Jim said.

"Sounds good," Kelly said.

Soon as they got down to the gymnasium Kelly went the 3rd morphing stance.

"Ranger Power Eclipsed," Kelly said. "Red Ranger Power."

She was in her slightly armored suit a short time later.

"Ring of Power, Open a portal to Mechinackís lair," Jim said.

The portal opened right after that and Kelly went through.

"Let go of me you monster," Kelly heard a slightly familiar voice scream as she grabbed her quasar Saber.

"I donít think so," a voice about as soothing as fingers on chalkboard said.

This is not good. I suppose I should be glad I morphed first.

Kelly then followed the screams to a room where she saw Goldar causing possible permanent harm to his prisoner. She then grabbed her Demona Blaster and Aimed a shot in Goldarís general direction but aiming to miss.

"How did you get in here?" Goldar asked.

"I used a side door," Kelly said as she walked in and took ahold of Patricia in her arms.

Whoa I should be glad that my powers include enhanced strength. She feels like she weighs a ton when in fact she probably only weighs maybe fifty lbs. or so.

Kelly then carried Patricia through the walls of the lair until she came to where the portal was and she leaped through it. OF course when she exited she was in the Med Chamber.

"Where am I?" Patricia asked.

"You are in the Command Bunker," Kelly said. "I just got back from rescuing you from your captures."

"Thanks. That guy wasnít very nice."

"Iím sure Iíve tangled with him before," Kelly said. "Before you know it you will be safely home."

"I donít have a home," Patricia said. "Not a real home anyway."

"By the time we get you back to Angel Grove Trish you will have a real home I promise you," Kelly said.

"How did you know Iím from Angel Grove?" Patricia asked.

"It was in the report from IGPF that we received," Kelly said.

"Kelly, I have the roster for the Trip to Earth," Andrew said as he walked in wearing his Flight suit that was almost regulation those days.

"So who is going this time?" Kelly asked.

"All the Rangers from Earth along with myself. Powermatic feels that a couple weeks of R&R are needed. IF necessary Tyra and Sean can always pinch hit," Andrew said. "Kelly you look completely silly in your uniform right now at least remove your helmet."

Kelly then carefully removed her helmet and set it aside. Patricia was surprised to see a familiar face.

"How did you end up here?" Patricia asked.

"When I left Angel Grove to attend a more diverse school I had transferred to a school known as the Triforian Academy for Rangering. After I graduated from there I was posted to the Triforian Diplomatic Ministry and Lord Trey had stationed me here on Capsilon and next thing I know I was stationed here after finally receiving powers," Kelly said. "Last time a team went to Earth I was stuck here and didnít get any R&R."

"Departure is schedule for Tomorrow morning," Andrew said.

"Great, this means I can take Patricia to the Youth Center," Kelly said.

"Steph will fix everything with Kaplan," Andrew said.

"Kelly, you busy this afternoon?" Teri asked as she walked into the Med Chamber wearing her gi.

"Whatís up looking for someone to spar with?" Kelly asked.

"Since someone didnít invite me to raid Mechinackís lair with them I couldnít do my sparing with Goldar," Teri said.

"You really have it in for Goldar donít you?" Kelly asked.

"Hey he makes a better Sparing partner then Hankoid," Teri said.

"My Chiropractor suggested I spar with less aggressive partners besides I figured on taking Patricia to the Youth Center," Kelly partly fibbed.

"Tell you what Iíll join you. Let me just change into my Uniform," Teri said referring to their flight suits.

A Short time later The three of them teleported into their special corner. They then walked up to the bar.

"Kelly, Teri, how is everything?" Matt asked since Kim was busy with customers.

"Good. Brought the daughter of some friends of my parents to visit this place," Kelly said.

"I take it your parents are in town," Matt said.

"I wish. She along with her two sisters were kidnapped and you have three guesses the first two of which donít count on just who was stupid enough to go it," Kelly said.

"Mechinack obviously," Matt said. "Will your friends kids be remaining here?"

"Actually Iíll be going to Earth with a bunch of other rangers to take Patricia and her sisters home. Also as Andrew put it it will give me a chance for some R&R," Kelly said.

"Teri and I though wonít get R&R probably," Kim said. "I take it this is Patricia the oldest of the Collins sisters."

"Yes it is," Kelly said. "Patricia these are Kim Coltran who is my Commanding Officer and Matt Connorson the owner of the Youth Center and he is also Kimís boss here."

"Does your Commanding Officer have a assistant?" Patricia asked.

"Yeah me," Kelly said.

Kim then drew four Connorsonís Colas and set one by each customer. She then pulled a small seat free of the rear of the counter.

"Kelly did Andrew brief you in on the Earth team at all?" Kim asked.

"No he didnít but Weíll probably see them at some point," Kelly said.

"Most likely you will," Kim said.

Kelly and Teri ended up having dinner at the Youth Center before returning to The Bunker although in Teriís case it was return to her mothers house. Patricia slept on Kellyís couch where as Rebecca and Cynthia slept at Hammonds. The next Morning Kenya led the way from the Living Quarters to the Ship with Hammonds along with the last two kids Teleporting in Directly.

"Bunker Control, this the Galactic Explorer Requesting permission to Disembark," Janet requested from Communications.

"Galactic Explorer you are cleared for Take-off," I/Oca the IT head said.

"Kelly where is Kim?" Patricia asked as they sat in the rec. room a short time later.

"She isnít on this trip. Kim isnít native to Earth so she wasnít on the roster. Plus she got a chance to go last time and I didnít. Some Rangers didnít get a chance to go either trip," Kelly said. "Teri is a good example or Tyra the Lab Intern."

"Donít forget Alpha?" Janet said as she joined them. "You know if there are any noodles in the Kitchen. Andrew is looking to have a snack."

"Teri is still trying to figure Briancaís recipe out and Briancaís mom hasnít had time to make any," Kelly said. "I checked that yesterday from the Youth Center."

"Why isnít Brianca with us?" Patricia asked.

"Probably because Brianca left the team to move to Eltare to assume a position there," Janet said.

A week and a half later Kelly took Patriciaís hand with one arm and Rebeccaís hand in the other as she teleported down to Angel Grove. What she teleported into though wasnít what she thought she had teleported into.

"Intruders, Intruders," A Robot said.

"Calm down Gamma," A Voice said.

"Excuse me but where did I end up?" Kelly asked.

"You are in the Command Chamber. Base for the Power Rangers. You are?" Gamma asked.

"Kelly Brennan, Red Demona Ranger. On our planet we are allowed to inform others of our identities when conditions allow. I thought I was teleporting to Angel Grove."

"I will assist in getting you to your destination," Gamma said.

A few seconds later Kelly teleported into the subdivision where her parents lived. She then lead the way to her House.

"Kelly how is everything?" Mr. Brennan asked.

"Good. Andrew must have had Alpha soup up the engines because we made excellent time," Kelly said.

"We kind of hinted to Brad and Pilar that you were coming for a visit," Mrs. Brennan said. "Right after Kim called to tell us you were on your way we called the lady over at Little Angelís Haven and made the arrangements for foster care."

"So everything is all set," Kelly said as the doorbell rang. Outside was Brad Cox and Pilar Rojas.

"Brad, how is it you decided to stop by?" Kelly asked after slipping outside.

"Zolkar told us you had stopped by the Chamber," Pilar said.

"Zolkar," Kelly said. "I donít recall meeting a Zolkar."

"Heís kind of like Powermatic but from Edenoi," Brad said. "WE met some of your friends last time they were out our way."

"You mean you two are two of This planets rangers and this Zolkar is the guy who was with Gamma when I accidentally teleported into your base," Kelly said.

"Whoa you catch on fast," Pilar said. "The team and I are getting together at my house later you want to come along?"

"Iíll check with my friends if I can contact them they are pretty spread out and see what I can find out," Kelly said.

"How long will you be in town anyway?" Pilar asked.

"A couple weeks," Kelly said.

"Then why worry about your teammates. Besides let them come," Brad said. "The fun will be starting at 8pm."

Kelly had dinner with her parents about 630 and she then teleported up to the Ship where she saw that Kenya and Jake were in the lounge.

"Weíre getting ready to head off soon. We figured on teleporting in when we wouldnít be waking everyone. Although in my case being Early afternoon that wouldnít be a problem but Kenya wants to wait until 7am her time which would be 3 PM my time," Jake said.

"Then you two can join me at a friends house. I teleported up to change into Civilian Clothes from my Uniform," Kelly said.

"You going to see that Brad guy?" Kenya asked.

"As a matter of fact," Kelly said.

"HE knows youíre a ranger so why bother changing," Kenya said. "All I brought for clothes was Uniforms."

When Kelly teleported down Jake and Kenya were with her.

"Kelly I see you made it," Brad said.

"I brought two teammates since they were all I saw. This is Jake McCann from Australia and Kenya Lewis from Sudan," Kelly said.

"Kenya weíve met but not Jake," Heather Marconi the Earth teamís Italian born Pink Ranger said. "Iím Heather Marconi. I donít think weíve met."

"Kelly Brennan, I was on Capsilon last time my friends were out here."

"Oh so youíre the Executive Officer," a dark blond haired male in blue said. "Iím Billy Cranston the fifth. You know Janet Hammond?"

"Of course," Kelly said.

"She happens to be my cousin," Billy said.

"Unbelievable," Kelly said. "For the Record Janet is most likely in Central City IA right now with her parents and Andrew of course is with her."

"Kelly for the record Heather is our pink ranger and Billy is the blue ranger. Sven our Green Ranger hasnít arrived yet," Pilar said.

"So basically this room has 2 Red Rangers, 2 pink rangers, one Yellow, One Green, and one blue," Kelly said.

"Basically yes," Heather said. "How come you didnít come last time?"

"We chose the groups for the last trip by type of zord and they decided to give the Airedaleís R&R and Iím a ground pounder. This time though they chose all Earth born Rangers," Kelly said.

Sven arrived an hour later just as Kenya was Teleporting out to head for her parents home in Sudan.

"Did someone just teleport out?" Sven asked.

"Yeah Kenya the Pink Demona Ranger," Brad said.

"You mean they are in town?" Sven asked.

"A bunch of us are on Earth but not necessarily in Town. Letís see Sylvia is in Atlanta, Sam down in Diego, Kenya just left for Sudan, Janet, Fran, Andrew are in Central City and Jake and I are here but Jake will be teleporting out at some point for Australia," Kelly said.

An hour later about 10pm Pacific time Jake decided to Teleport to Australia.

"Kelly, care to join me?" He asked.

"Letís go," Kelly said as they teleported out.

They arrived before they knew it outside the McCann compound in Sydney Australia.

"Not bad itís Warm Iíd say," Kelly said.

"Well it is Spring down here Mate," Jake said.

"Which means it will be summer soon," Kelly said.

"Right about the time Your boyfriend is dreaming of White Christmas my family will be heading for the beach," Jake said.

"Jake, this is a Surprise," A Tall Blond haired woman said.

"Well Mum I happened to be in the neighborhood getting some R&R and I figured on swinging by," Jake said.

"Is this fine young woman your girlfriend?" Mrs. McCann asked.

"No Kelly is from Angel Grove plus she went to Triforia. Kenya is visiting her family in Sudan," Jake said. "Weíll on Earth for a fortnight."

"Maybe you should invite your friends by some day for tea," Mr. McCann said. "Jake I am so jolly glad to see you."

"Mr. McCann you have to remember our friends arenít in the same time zone. Right now we have six friends in the Pacific Time Zone. Three in Central, One in Eastern, and One in whatever fancy name they have for the time zone Mongolla Sudan is in," Kelly said lumping the Earth Rangers in with it.

"Please Kelly, Call me Mick," Mr. McCann said.

A Short time later when Kelly was alone with Jake she questioned him.

"Why did you dad ask me to call him Mick is it short for Michael or something?" Kelly asked.

"No his first name is Geoffrey. His Full name is Geoffrey Basil, "Mick" McCann," Jake said.

"Oh man and they think Americans are warped," Kelly said.

The next Morning in Central City.

"Fran, when might you be ready to leave for Edwards Air Force Base?" Colleen asked.

"You all go on ahead. Iíll Teleport in and probably end up beating you. I want to get some of my better dresses from the Ship," Fran said.

Colleen rolled her eyes at the thought of her daughter teleporting onto an Air Force Base. Soon as her mom was out of Earshot she called Kelly on her Communicator.

"Who is dumb enough to call this late at night," Kelly asked over the Communicator.

"Kelly itís maybe what 6AM in Angel Grove?" Fran asked.

"Probably except Iím at Jakeís parents place in Sydney right now. I wonít be back in Angel Grove until Day after tomorrow," Kelly said. "Itís 11PM here and Nice and Spring like."

"Well Iím Teleporting over to Edwardís Air Force Base in an hour for my Cousin Tiaís wedding. Oh man The Rehearsal is tonight and I donít even have a Halfway Decent Dress," Fran said.

"So go Morphed," Kelly said.

"Yeah right," Fran said. "I doubt Zendar would authorize us to Morph for normal Weddings."

"You never know," Kelly said.

Fran right after that Teleported up to the Galactic Explorer and Moved Most of her Dresses and two uniforms over to a couple Suitcases. She then Changed out of the Uniform she was wearing into Jeans and An Orange Shirt. After that it was a matter of Teleporting into the Female Bachelor Officers Quarters. Thankfully She knew the coordinates of her Cousin Tiaís.

"Fran, nice Entrance," Tia said as She exited in her Uniform.

"It was quicker. So what is the Wedding Party wearing?" Fran asked.

"Funny you should ask," Tia said. "How is the Planetary Exploration Thing going?"

"Good," Fran said.

"Getting back to the Wedding Party. Wayne and I decided to go the Simple route and All Air Force Personnel Male and Female will wear Dress Uniforms. When mom told me how you didnít make the Transport I got worried I would be Short a Bridesmaid."

"When was the Transport I was supposed to be on," Fran asked.

When Tia told her Fran kind of half laughed.

"You want to know why I wasnít aboard the Transport. Itís Easy Because when the transport was scheduled to leave I was a day out of Capsilon on my way here," Fran said.

"Iím sure we could find a Halfway Decent Formal Dress if we head out right now," Tia said. "Too bad you arenít Military."

"For the Record I happen to be a member of the 96th Company of the 56th Battalion a Class II activity of the GSA. My Friend Kelly would be the Equivalent of an O-4. Your what O-1?" Fran asked.

"For the Record I was promoted to 1st Lieutenant last month which is an O-2," Tia said.

"Tia, the main difference between you and me is Iíve actually been in battle against real enemies. Plus I bet my zord is cooler then whatever you fly," Fran said.

"Yeah but do you have anything close to a uniform?" Tia asked.

"Just This," Fran said removing a uniform from her Suitcases. "Itís actually a Flight Suit for when we are using our Ship but most of us wear them for Everyday. In fact my friend Kenya packed nothing but Uniforms."

"Not quite Formal Enough," Tia said.

"I didnít find out about your wedding until Yesterday when I arrived in Iowa," Fran said.

"Iím going to take a shower and then Weíll go Shopping in Lancaster," Tia said.

Soon as the Water started Fran called Andrew.

"Andrew, you awake?" Fran asked.

"Yes I am. Something up?"

"I need something Formal to wear to a Wedding Rehearsal tonight and the Actual Wedding Tomorrow. A Cousin of mine is in the Air Force and the Wedding Party is wearing Dress Uniforms," Fran said.

"Find a way to sneak off and meet me aboard the Explorer," Andrew said.

"Fran left a note that said.


I decided to see what I could find on my own. Iíll tell you at lunch if I need your advice after I scope out the market. Fran

Fran then teleported out in a Stream of Orange.

"Follow me," Andrew said as they headed toward the Uniform Storage Room. "I probably Should have distributed These before now. They would have been Useful at my wedding." He Then Opened up a Special Compartment. "Viola."

"Let me Guess 56th Battalion Dress Uniforms right under our noses," Fran said.

"AS good as anything that a bunch of Planetary Fly-boys could come up with. When I had them Designed since most of the Team is Human and basically American I modeled it on American Military Uniforms. For the Record I reserved a Rangers color for the vest and Trim," Andrew said as he Grabbed one off the rack.

"Each one is custom made for a particular Ranger."

Fran went over to her Shipboard Quarters and Tried it on.

"Looks good Fran," a Voice said. Fran looked into the Mirror to find her Cousin looking at her.

"How did you find your way up here?" Fran asked.

"Soon as I was in my everyday Service Blues I felt this grip and I ended up on your ship. Andrew showed me the way to your quarters. Nice cover by the way telling me you were going shopping on your own," Tia said.

"I wanted to conceal why I left. I couldnít very well write down that I had teleported up to my ship. Who knows who would have seen it," Fran said.

"You have a point. IS there some significance to the Orange in your uniform?" Tia asked.

"Yes there is," Fran said. "Itís my color. Each member of my unit wears a certain color in my case Orange."

"Too bad your color wasnít Blue," Tia said.

"The Blue Ranger isnít from Earth so she didnít even come," Fran said.

"Blue Ranger as in Power Ranger," Tia said.

"Yeah," Fran said. "I happen to be the Orange Ranger."

"I have to keep this under my hat donít I?" Tia asked.

"The people on Capsilon who really need to know do know who we are. Also my parents and your mom already know Iím a Ranger. Whether Gloria knows is another story," Fran said referring to Tiaís momís business partner the sister of the Groom.

"How would you two like to help me place Dress Uniforms in the Appropriate Quarters for the rangers who are on this Journey," Andrew said.

"I donít have a problem helping you," Fran said.

"I should get back though," Tia said.

Andrew then had the computer Teleport Tia back to the Air Force Base.

Fran stayed on the Ship until 3PM When she teleported back to Tiaís BOQ.

"You Fran Fitzgerald?" A Female Officer with Two Silver Bars on her Collar asked.

"Yes I am," Fran said.

"Iím Captain Billings Lt. Shedwichís Commanding Officer. She requests that you join her in the Officers Club where the rest of your family awaits. She said that your Service Grays would do for Tonight. Are you with the Military you look a little young for the Military?"

"Iím with the 96th Company of the 56th Battalion GSA Class II Activity," Fran said.

"In other words for Administrative purposes it is Affiliated with the GSA but doesnít take orders from the GSA," Captain Billings Said. "Tell you what Fran soon as you are in Uniform I will give you a ride over to the Officers Club.

Fran took a couple Minutes to change out of civilian clothes into Her everyday Uniform and then She Got together with Captain Billings and they headed over. Soon as they turned into the Parking lot of the Edwards Air Force Base Officers Club Franís communicator went off.

"This is Fran."

"Fran, This is Zolkar, I mentor the Geo Rangers here on Earth. They need Reinforcements."

"Send the Coordinates to my Communicator," Fran said. "Captain, if you can make my apologies to Lt. Shedwich but Duty Calls."

"You going to report for Duty in What almost looks like Utilities. Donít you need Fatigues?" Captain Billings asked. "Especially if you are going into Battle."

"It wonít take me long to change," Fran said. "Ranger Power Eclipsed. Orange Ranger Power."

Fran Teleported right from the Captains vehicle and over to the Battlefield. When she arrived she saw how Sam was also on hand.

"I think I was called since I was down in Diego but why wasnít Kelly called and you were?" Sam asked.

"Kelly is in Australia with Jake and I was at Edwards Air Force Base. The only person who saw me morph was my Cousin Tiaís commanding Officer," Fran said. "Bo Staff."

"How did you get free of your cousinís commanding officer?" Heather asked as she came over.

"Easy my cousin is in the Air Force so I said that Duty called. What I should have done was to see if they had an old F-16 I could Borrow," Fran said as she sent a couple foot soldiers packing with a few swings of her Staff. Sam meanwhile gave the monster a headache with his Trident. For the most part Fran, Heather, and Billy worked together and Sam worked with Brad, Pilar, and Sven. Soon as the Battle was over Sam teleported up to the Ship to change and Fran Teleported right to the Officers Club.

"Welcome Orange Ranger," An Air Force Major General said. "Iím General Halfback the Base Commander.

"Iím looking for Lt. Shedwichís party," Fran said.

"Iím on my way there myself," General Halfback said. "You know Lt. Shedwich by chance?"

"I knew her growing up," Fran said.

They soon walked into a big room the First Person to spot them was a Tall Blond Haired man who looked like a Baseball Player.

"General, how is it a Power Ranger is with you?" He asked.

"Uncle Brandon, Itís me." Fran said.

"OK now I understand," Brandon said.

By this time Fran had quietly demorphed.

"Letís face it Fran your battle suit is an even better choice then that uniform," Tia said as she walked up and noticing the General fired off a regulation salute.

"Fran, did the duty go well?" Brandon asked.

"Yes it did Uncle Brandon. I was called in to lend support. The Geo Rangers were in over their head a little and a couple of members of my team were nearby," Fran said. "To think I was supposed to be R&R."

"Why did your suit look like Armor?" Captain Billings asked as she approached.

"I used the 3rd Morph. You see my team has three different Morphs. First Morph is basic Demona like this," Fran said using the keypad on her morpher."2nd Morph like this." She then used a demorph button and hit the final combination. "When I use 3rd Morph I utilize all my powers."

Fran then noticed how a small device on her belt was buzzing. She took a look at it.

To Fran, Sam, Kelly, Jake, Janet, Andrew, Kenya,

From: Sylvia

Re: Thanksgiving

You all are hereby invited by the Hooper Family to spend Thanksgiving at our home in Atlanta Georgia. RSVP via Com signal. Each Ranger is authorized two guests."

Something important Ranger?" General Halfback asked.

"Just an e-mail from the Tan Ranger inviting those of us with the 96th Company to her house for Thanksgiving. Apparently we will be on our R&R during that time. I know who I want to bring unfortunately I want to bring three guests and Iím only authorized two," Fran said.

"Who would you bring?" Colleen asked. "Fran, you look nice in your uniform. Too bad it isnít Dressy enough for tomorrow."

"My Dress Uniform is on the ship. Tia left word that this Uniform was good enough for tonight. Most of the Rangers in my company donít even know we have Dress Uniforms. The only reason I know is Andrew Hammond told me after I called him since he handles uniform distribution in addition to security. Teri the greenest rookie handles cooking and Public Relations. The cooking she inherited from the previous ranger to wear her color and she was appointed Public Relations," Fran said.

"What you need is a few decorations ribbons on your uniform Captain Billings said.

"I have a couple medals that the team earned and I brought them along and Iíll probably pin them to my Dress Uniform," Fran said.

"How did you get medals?" Colleen asked.

"WE earned them as a unit after the Tan Ranger vaporized accidentally a villain we were fighting. I have a Distinguished Service Badge and an IGPF Legion of Merit. The IGPF is the Intergalactic Police Force the villain in question was an escaped convict. The Tan Ranger received both the Ranger Golden Morpher of Honor and the IGPF Medal of Honor," Fran said.

"Captain, maybe you should take Our Ranger Colleague down to the S-4 area and see if you can match up her decorations with appropriate ribbons," General Halfback said.

"Yes Sir General Halfback Sir," Captain Billings said.

"Let me just go get my medals," Fran said teleporting out and getting them teleporting into a bathroom when she returned.

"They look good. How many Rangers were there on the Mission?" Captain Billings asked.

"Twelve rangers received these two decorations but since then one Ranger died and four retired and one got court martialed. Which means six are still on Active duty," Fran said.

"How much family did the ranger that died have?" Captain Billings asked.

"Just her maternal grandfather near as we can tell," Fran said.

"Give me a Few minutes. Iím going to replicate the ribbons based on these patterns. Oh and if you can give this to the Grandfather of your dead colleague. Itís a Purple Heart Medal. To receive it you have to either die or received wounds in combat. How often do you all get wounded?" Captain Billings asked.

"Since I joined the team I think the only wound that required hospitalization at least was the replacement for our Blue Ranger after she hit her head during a battle in a hall. She was off duty for a week recovering," Fran said.

"Here is one for her as well," Captain Billings said.

Fran and the Captain kept talking away Turned out the Good Captain was to be Tiaís maid of honor. That night Captain Billings invited Fran to stay with her and Fran accepted. The next Morning Captain Billings teleported up to assist Fran in preparations since Fran had left her Dress Uniform on the Ship.

"I took the liberty of Pinning your Medals onto your Dress Uniform," Captain Billings said.

"Thanks Jess," Fran said.

Sylvia happened to be aboard at that moment getting some stuff from her quarters.

"Hi Iím Sylvia Hooper."

"Jess Billings Iím with the Air Force. Those Medals right there?"

"Yes they are this one is the IGPF Medal of Honor and this one is sort of the same thing," Sylvia said.

"Sylvia, you can trust her. I do as does my cousin. She is with the S-4 Office at the base where my cousin is stationed. She knows that your other Medal is known as the Golden Morpher of Honor," Fran said.

"Took a loose interpretation of Zendarís decision huh?" Sylvia asked. She then noticed Fran placing the Jacket on over the Orange Vest. "What on Earth are you wearing?"

"Battalion Dress Uniform. Andrew didnít think to distribute them until Yesterday. Oh could you do me a favor and keep an eye on the Sensors. Rendab attacked Yesterday and since the base where my cousin is stationed is near Angel Grove I was called into action only I canít get called away today because itís really important to my cousin that I be there. In fact if we hadnít had to come to Earth for that one mission I would have had to board a transport the next day to come here," Fran said.

"Tell you what let me find something appropriate and Iíll alert the others and we will station ourselves at your Cousins Base," Sylvia said.

"Andrew and I placed Dress Uniforms in everyoneís closets yesterday after he gave me mine," Fran said.

An few hours later The Base Chaplain got to the important part of the Ceremony Standing on Wayneís right next to the Best Man was a Nine Year old African American girl.

"Mr. Wayne Tims do you take this woman 1st Lieutenant Tia Shedwich to be your lawfully wedded wife to have and to hold in sickness and in health to love and honor as long as you both should live?" the Chaplain asked.

"I do,"

HE then repeated the question for Tia.

"Yes Sir I do Sir," Tia said.

Fran was almost wishing her communicator would go off right then. The young girl was also wanting to hide.

Soon as the Ceremony was almost Over Fran reached into a Strange Spot and Pulled out her Quasar Saber. Kenya, and Kelly also approached with Sabers, Janet even brought our one of her katanas. They then Raised them up into an Arch.

"I wasnít expecting this," Tia whispered to Wayne.

"I didnít either. I think Fran set it up," Wayne whispered back as they walked under the Saber Arch.

Everyone then headed for the Officers Club.

"If you ask me the Saber Arch was a nice Touch," Captain Billings said.

"We were short two Quasar Sabers but we managed all right," Kelly said. By this time the Rangers were demorphed.

Wayne meanwhile was mentioning something to Tia.

"Tia, this fine young girl is Rachel," Wayne said indicating the girl who had stood by them during the ceremony.

"She is certainly pretty. Is she one of your relatives?" Tia asked.

"One of our relatives actually. I had arranged to adopt Rachel and it was finalized yesterday," Wayne said.

"What a nice gesture. I hope you prepared her for the frequent moves that people in the Military make. Take Franís sister Brianca. She was stationed on Capsilon IX but is currently on Eltare," Tia said.

"Miss Brennan, Iím glad you and your Colleagues were available to assist at the Wedding," General Halfback said.

"ITís not a problem General. We were glad to be of service," Kelly said. "Pinning our medals to our Dress uniforms was a good move."

"Fran are you with the Air Force like my mom?" Rachel asked during the reception

" ĎFraid not Rachel, Iím with the Rangers only Iím not stationed on Earth," Fran said.

"Where are you stationed?"

"On a Planet known as Capsilon IX. Itís a colony world far from Earth. It took us a week and a half to get here," Fran said. "I was born on Earth though. I moved to Capsilon via Triforia?"

"Why Triforia and not Eltare?" Rachel asked.

"I figured I would have a better chance on Eltare," Fran said.

The other Rangers meanwhile slipped out and returned to their homes. Kelly even returned to Angel Grove.

The next Morning Fran was still at Edwards Air Force Base when a Major Assault took place.

"Jess, by chance is there an old F-16 on hand anywhere?" Fran asked.

"I didnít know you could fly a fighter jet," Capt. Billings said.

"My zord closely resembles a Falcon," Fran said as her communicator went off. "Fran here."

"Fran report to the Command Chamber," Zolkar said. "Weíll teleport you."

She was in the Center right after that with the other rangers.

"Rangers, Rendab has started a major assault on Military installations near Angel Grove. I summoned all the Rangers here since I figured more assistance might be needed," Zolkar said.

"In that case Letís do it," Brad said. "Geo 5 Power Up.í

"Pink Geo Power."

"Yellow Geo Power."

"Blue Geo Power."

"Green Geo Power."

"Red Geo Power."

"Ranger Power Eclipsed," Kelly said. "Red Ranger Power."

"Tan Ranger Power."

"Orange Ranger Power."

"Pink Ranger Power."

"Green Ranger power."

"Brown Ranger Power."

"Purple Ranger power."

"Black Ranger Power."

"Man Gamma I hope there are enough Rangers for this battle," Zolkar said.

"SO do I," Gamma said in his Texas Accent.

The Situation was already deterioating rapidly when the Rangers Arrived.

"Geo Rangers we better call for our Zords," Brad said.

"We need Geo Zord Power now," the Geo Rangers called forth.

"I need Demona Zord Power Now," Fran called forth out of Force of Habit.

"Fran, weíre on Earth," Kelly started to say when a plane that closely resembled the Jetzord Appeared overhead and Fran Jumped up to it.

"Kelly, maybe you all should see what you could do," Andrew recommended.

"I agree," Kelly said. The other Rangers then gathered around. "We need Demona Battlezord Power now."

Many light years away The other Demona Zords that had been called for disappeared from their parking spots in either the garage or aboard Airtron and at Warp 9.999999999999999999 teleported to Earth were they appeared.

"Whoa somehow we managed to summon our actual zords," Jake said as he boarded the Tankzord.

I bet Airtron isnít here and in order to activate the Warrior modes for the various zords Iíll need access to either FREDA or Airtron. Janet had said as she fired a few shots at the Monster that had appeared.

After three hours of fighting Janet felt herself being teleported out. She reappeared in the Command Chamber.

"Janet, do your zords have any special Modes?" Zolkar asked.

"Yes they do only I need access to either the Carrier Zord or the computer at our base," Janet said.

"Janet, why not just use the computer aboard the Explorer. It interfaces directly with both FREDA and Airtron. How do you think we were able to summon the zords?" Andrew asked as he teleported in.

"Sorry Hun, didnít think of it," Janet said as she teleported out and removed a small disk from her Belt. She then inserted it into a small terminal off to one side. After a few minutes She teleported back into battle. The Battle was still going strong. By this time the Geo Megazord had been formed.

"Chopzord Warrior Mode," Janet said.

With a flash of light the Chopzord became a Warrior.

"Commandzord Warrior Mode," Kelly said.

Within Minutes the battlezords were in Warrior Mode.

"Oh Man this is one tough Cookie," Brad said.

"Demona Ultrazord Online," Janet said.

On that cue the Commandzord, Postzord, and Tankzord lined up and linked together The Jetzord, Rotorzord, and Chopzord flew in and landed in Key spots. The Duozord took the Lead latching on.

"Ultrazord, Flight Mode," Janet said.

The Ultrazord was soon Airborne.

"Sylvia, see if you target the Monster with all weapons," Kelly said from her command chair.

"All set. Ultramace is online," Sylvia said.

Three seconds later the monster is history.

"Sylvia, you really enjoy using maces donít you," Janet said.

"Where did all our new abilities suddenly come from?" Kelly asked after they regrouped in the Command Chamber.

"I had worked on them at home only they hadnít been installed in the zord control computer at the Bunker. I had to transmit them to FREDA from the Ship," Kelly said.

The Rangers left shortly afterward to finish their R&R. Thankfully their demonstration prevented further trouble. The only Ranger that didnít raid Atlanta for Thanksgiving was Kelly since she was spending it with her family and her boyfriend. Andrew really pushed it getting back in roughly a week but everyone Teleported in Safely.

"Kim I better Warn you things will be real busy at the end of the Month. WE took the liberty of inviting all our parents here to Capsilon for Christmas and Kelly included her boyfriend," Fran said.

"Sounds like a good move," Kim said. "We probably should start to Deck the Halls."

"Just so long as Sean doesnít sing this year," Tyra said. "He has no singing voice."

"Where is Teri?" Fran asked.

"Her house," Candi said.

Fran had an evil look in her eyes as she aimed the Teleport controls at Teri and activated them not realizing that Teri had been in the shower.

"OK who is the Wise guy," Teri said.

All Eyes were on the Orange Ranger.

"My cousin Tiaís commanding Officer on Earth sent this back for you," Fran said as she handed the purple heart medal to the naked blue ranger.

"You could have waited until I was dressed to do this you know," Teri said. "What did I do to deserve this anyway?"

"What the medal or my teleporting you from the shower?" Fran asked.

"The medal mainly," Teri said.

"Your attempt at battling the Gearheads that one day when you forgot to morph," Fran said. "On Earth the purple heart medal is given for wounds or lose of life in combat and you qualified."

Teri teleported out only to walk in a couple minutes later in one of the uniforms she kept at the bunker.

"Thankfully I have stuff to wear here at work," Teri said. "Where should I pin my medal?"

"Save the actual medal for your dress uniform and place this ribbon on your Uniform jacket," Andrew said as he took the ribbon from Franís hand and assisted the blue ranger in pinning it on. "For those of you who didnít travel to Earth I will get your dress uniforms to you shortly."

Closing Notes. I will reveal how the landscaping did next fanfic. I know I didnít go into heave details on the Geo powers but hey if someone wants to borrow those characters Iíll let them do the design work on thing like zords. According to my records 14 either present or former rangers have a boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse (in the case of Andrew and Janet.) Also Next Fanfic will be another Christmas Fanfic and whether it will be a crossover I donít know yet.