Disclaimer: Concept is owned by Saban but the Characters are mine. This is a sequel to Power Rangers Demona in that it features a couple characters who were introduced toward the end of Demona’s run. This Series takes place starting in 2073 on the Planet Capsilon IX. AS with Demona eventually More Rangers will probably be introduced. This series is closer to Saban Standard since the Blue and Green Rangers are Male but the Red Ranger is Female as are the Pink and Yellow Rangers.

Zordonian Rangers
Call to Battle.
By Robert Gutheim and Unicron

In orbit of Capsilon IX A dark sleek warship appears. The rear has an oval shape dome. Four jet propulsion engines can be seen behind. Two mounted on the upper dome and two on the lower part. its wings form an x pattern, similar to Star Wars X-wing fighters. Only longer, by fifteen metres. Where the front cockpit was located is a circular observation deck. A opening above allowed fighter crafts to exit. The warship was

enormous compared to any Stardestroyer from what use to be the United Alliance of Evil. Six cannon blasters are on the upper level. Many missile banks were concealed throughout different areas. It's very hard to spot them, unless engaged in combat.

The upper section was painted red while the bottom half was brown. Its name was the Venom. It was one of the most heavily armed and armored spacefighter in the known universes. Even members within the Council of Galactic Darkness fear this vessel. It belonged to a dynasty called the Xeno Empire.

"Galactex what is our location?" A Tall imposing villain asked his navigator. A Tall Humanoidal warrior with bat like wings, intensive eyes, glowing blackish red. Webbed feet, instead of normal ones. Claws on his hands. Since he was semiaquatic he had ridges along his back. In his light metallic armor he looked like he could have been seated at the Round Table with King Arthur.

Meanwhile his boss was a 7 foot 5 inch extremely muscular Humanoid appearing Male with Whitish Gold hair . His armor had a dark Leather look to it. His eyes color would depend on his mood which right now was slightly annoyed at his henchman’s interruption. In fact the 16 inch wrist blades on his Red Romanesque looking gauntlets were extended. His black cape wavered slightly due to the fan going behind him. A helmet with the face and neck area removed in the front was sitting off to one side on a stand. HE was wearing Arthurian Combat boots.

"We are just entering the orbit of Capsilon IX. It has a Human Population of about 500 Million people. Should have plenty of Potential Slaves," he responded to his master's question. clad to deliver the good news.

"Splendid. Take a platoon of Xenonites and check it out," happiness in the villain’s voice.

"Yes My Lord," he quickly said.

Meanwhile at the Command Bunker the now silent and near empty base of the now Retired Demona Rangers Professor Pedro Damon was walking through when his Technical Manager I/Oca walked out of the War Room.

"Professor, There is Trouble," I/Oca informed him with a hint of alarm.

"What kind of Trouble?" the professor asked.

"A Ship just entered orbit and some troops were teleported into Settlement 6," I/Oca reported.

"Contact Amelia. I think it’s time she received a promotion," Professor Damon proudly answered.

While all this was going on at the Terra Venture Youth Center fifteen year old Amelia Cummings was watching as her best friend 17 year old Michelle Connorson attempted a somersault between two tables. Suddenly she felt a slight vibration on her left hip.

"Amelia, you have been activated," the message on a small portable scanner said.

"Crud, No time to locate Marsha, Ty, or Bobby. Better snag Michelle though."

"Michelle, trouble," Amelia told her friend.

"Was my somersault that bad?" Michelle queried with a slight note of worry in her question. She hoped not.

"Worse, Duty Calls," she replied.

"What Duty?" puzzled with the cryptic remark.

"I’ll explain in a couple minutes," she said as she placed one arm around her friend and tapped the teleport circuit on her pager. Behind the bar Kim Coltran the owner who was in Charge that day watched Amelia and Michelle teleport off.

"When did they reactivate the Rangers?" she asked remembering the old days when she wore white. She then took out her old Viscom and followed the two teens.

"Amelia, back three years ago you were made a Junior Ranger," Professor Damon said.

"I remember," she said "Then when I turned fifteen I became eligible for full membership only it was quiet."

"The situation is such that I have to activate you," Professor Damon underlined. "Who do you want on your team?"

"I have a team in mind. Due to my sudden activation time is probably of the Essence. Therefore I bet I don’t have time to summon three of the proposed team members. The last one I had in Mind is Michelle here," she remarked.

"In mind for what?" Michelle still puzzled about what was going on.

"Powermatic, You want me to recall the Demona Rangers?" Kim asked using the Professor’s real name.

"Not for this one Kim, you all earned your Retirements. I expect your team to remain in Retirement. It’s time for a New Team to take the field," Professor Damon pointed out. "Besides there definitely isn’t time to recall your team from all their locations throughout the Galaxy."

"If my dad ever found out he would probably flip but I’m in," Michelle pronounced with a joy in her voice.

"All we need now are the morphers," Amelia exclaimed. "I had figured on a team of 3 Females and 2 males. The Males being Blue and Green."

I/Oca then brought over the morphers which looked very similar to zeonizers. Amelia started to reach for the Red morpher halves but Michelle was too quick.

"Amelia, I know you feel like you should be in charge since you are the one choosing the team members but being the Older of the two of us I feel I should get privilege of Red," Michelle infadically stated. you could sense she was dead set on it.

"Not only did I choose the team but it was my idea to use Zordoniam Crystals to create our powers," Amelia retorted. "Therefore I should get first pick of colors."

"Tell you what you let me be Red and you can be 2nd in Command," Michelle tried to compromise with her friend.

"Make note you two your presence is needed in Settlement 6," Prof. Damon interrupted.

Amelia relented and picked up the Pink morphers. Michelle then picked up the red morphers.

"Show time," Amelia loudly shouted.

"Red Zordonian Power." A towering inferno surrounded Michelle The flames first touched her legs. Then traveled to her chest. Her arms followed next and ended with her face. The ring of flames slid apart and revealed Michelle in shining red armor. Gold gloves covered her hands. Boots similarly colored adorned her feet, reaching to the knees. The armor seemed like plastic, only the material was a metallic alloy of the most durable quality. In the center of the chest armor was a representation of the golden Power Coin. Inside shown the symbol for the element of fire. The look of Flames also appeared on her Helmet above the smoky brown Faceplate over the area where the face would be.

"Pink Zordonian Power." A thick pink cloud appeared above Amelia. Suddenly pink dust showered her. Amelia's hair and face were the first to be covered by the mist. Then it wrapped around her arms and upper torso. Soon as her legs and feet were hit she could no longer be seen. As the dust storm dissipated Amelia reappeared suited for battle She wore armor exactly similar to Michelle, only with two differences. Her armor was respectively pink. The coin on her chest held the elemental symbol for air and a look of clouds appeared on the top of her helmet.

They then teleported out.

"Amelia certainly surrendered quickly with the Chips down," I/Oca pointed out.

"I think she realized that it was one battle not worth fighting. Besides I agree Michelle should be the leader," Professor Damon commented with his critical eye.

On the Battlefield Galactex had the Black suited Xenonites attacking the Populace.

"Hey Starnose, how about leaving them alone and coming after us," Michelle said.

"The name is Galactex and it’s a name you will soon learn after I enslave you."

"Don’t bet on it," Michelle shot. "We are here to send you packing you fish faced creep."

"Two pipsqueaks like you are hardly a warm-up," he proclaimed, sure of himself.

"Michelle, call for your Sword," Amelia cried out as she reached into thin air and pulled out a Round disk that was open in the center and had a sharp edge. Michelle concentrated hard but eventually a Sword appeared. It had a fairly long narrow blade but there was a slight hint of Red along the Barber poled handle.

"We’ll work on weaponry later," Amelia said. Michelle meanwhile managed to cross swords with Galactex long enough for Lord Xenon to recall his Henchman.

"Well Back to base so we can alert the others," Amelia said.

"Who else did you figure on?" Michelle curiously wanted to know.

"You’ll see," mysteriously answered Amelia.

They then teleported back to the Command Bunker.

"Galactex is tough," Michelle reported winded from the encounter.

"He isn’t even the Big Cheese. The Big Cheese is named Lord Xenon. He is an Intergalactic Conqueror. His favorite trick is to enslave people on the planets he conquers. You and the others are going to have it tough especially since Virginal Females are his favorite target," Prof. Damon informed them of the situation.

"We better get to work then," Amelia energetically pronounced. "First I suppose I should change into something a little more appropriate since I still have my Junior Ranger Jacket on but I’m not exactly a Junior Ranger anymore."

"I placed appropriate attire in your quarters," put in I/Oca. trying to be helpful. "Michelle, a room has also been set aside for you."

"Thanks my friend," Michelle gladly thank them.

"This way Michelle," directed Amelia. as she headed toward the door into the main base. The other two doors lead to stairways that went down into either the Pool or the Gymnasium so that they could move fast if needed.

A Short time later Amelia now wearing a pair of Forest Green Pants and a Forest Green Jacket with the necessary patches for 56th Battalion and GSA on the right side with a Pink Shirt underneath entered Michelle’s Quarters. All that Showed of Amelia’s shirt was the Collar and some of the Chest.

"Problem Michelle?" she wanted to know if everything was ok.

"I’m trying to figure this stupid Uniform out," she growled.

"Here let me help you," offered Amelia. as she Assisted her commanding officer into her jacket since Michelle had her Shirt and Pants on at that point.

"I envy the Green Ranger since he will look a little too green," she said after she was all suited up.

"His shirt is a lighter shade of green," answered Amelia.

"SO what is our first stop?" inquiring from her first officer.

"76 Falcon Crest Rd in Old Colony," she told her.

They soon arrived at their destination where a Tall African American Girl was just walking back to her house from what looked like the mail boxes.

"Marsha, how is everything?" Amelia greeted her.

"Amelia, you could try wearing something other then that stupid jacket of yours with the Jr. Ranger Patch on it," Marsha opened with. "Man ever since I’ve known you you’ve worn the same jacket." She then took a closer look. "What happened to the other patch?"

"I’m no longer a Junior Ranger. I got activated," she rebutted with a perkiness to her. "Listen, meet me at the Rangertech Building in an hour. I have a couple more stops to make. We will be meeting in the War Room."

"Whoa, Professor Damon never lets us in there," Marsha said recognizing the name since it is the other name for the Command Bunker.

"This time we will be in there," she answered.

"SO where to next?" Michelle wondered.

"Bobby Zhang’s. The Zhang’s recently moved to Settlement 14 from their old house in the Colonial Heights section of Old Colony," Amelia explained.

Soon they arrived in the settlement closest to the Bunker. A medium height Asian Woman answered their knock.

"Afternoon Miss Zhang, is Bobby around?" Amelia politely questioned. Expecting him to be home.

"He just left for the Youth Center with a new kid who lives a couple blocks from our old house," Mrs. Zhang said.

"Thanks for the info Miss Zhang we’ll look for him there," noting what Bobby's mother told her.

"Thank god my dad isn’t working today. I’d rather work him over slowly about my being a ranger if I’m even allowed to tell him," Michelle concern of her father's reaction could be heard in her voice.

They then headed back to the Youth Center. At a table apart from the other tables an Asian kid with hair down to his shoulder was playing chess with a Dark Haired Caucasian Male. Amelia slipped over and moved the Asian kid’s knight such that it took the other teen’s queen.

"Hey bud it was my turn last I knew," the Caucasian kid who had just lost his queen complained

"Well you took too long and forfeited your turn," Amelia fired back, smiling. "Bobby, can we talk for a second?"

"Sure, oh before you ladies think me rude. This is Greg Simmons he recently moved here from Earth. Greg, this buffoon is Amelia Cummings a Junior Ranger what ever that means and her Brunette sidekick is Michelle Connorson. Michelle’s dad originally started the Youth Center and now co-owns it with Kim over there behind the bar," he pointed out.

"Bobby, if you’ll meet me in the War Room at Rangertech in forty five minutes and bring Greg with you I’ll explain everything but The planet needs my help and yours," she dramatically stated.

At the appointed time Amelia walked into the War Room. By this time the others were there

"Amelia, I don’t have a lot of time so make it quick," Marsha testily hut.

"I’m sure most of you remember how a few years ago Capsilon IX was under almost constant attack by forces belonging to Either Mechinack, Haradomous, Dark Lord, or eventually Mechinack again after he escaped from Titus III and how the Demona Rangers had to fight hard. Well we are once again under attack only this time A new team will be hitting the Battlefield with new powers," Amelia giving an overview of the stat of emergency. "The fate of the entire planet could be at stake since Lord Xenon is looking to conquer the planet and enslave the citizens."

"I just moved here from Earth but I’m willing to help," Greg without a second hesitation jumped aboard. .

"Put her there," Bobby agreed.

"Let me get this straight Amelia. You want me to help you keep this Lord Xenon guy from enslaving us. I don’t think so. I’m out of here," Marsha snapped skeptically and started walking away.

"Marsha, the day you end up as Lord Xenon’s playmate don’t come crying to me because he did things to you," she frustratedly barked at Marsha.

"If he is cute I wouldn’t care what he did to me," she retorted. "Besides those Uniforms are so tacky."

"Come on Marsha, I saw you send Ty Coughlin flying into the Fountain in front of the Triforian Embassy. You’re a good fighter and we will need good fighters," she tried to convince her to reconsider.

"I don’t know. It just seems too risky. Besides I have a pedicure appointment in ten minutes," she was being difficult.

"Marsha, something tells that your feet won’t matter if Lord Xenon wins," added Greg.

"Amelia, how come Ty isn’t here?" Marsha asked.

"When Bobby Introduced me to Greg I took one look at him and decided that he would be a good member of the team," giving her explanation. "In other words I never got around to snagging Ty."

Marsha then went to leave through the door to the Pool.

"Marsha, for once instead of thinking of yourself like you always seem to think of other people and stop being such a party pooper," Bobby reproached. He knew Marsha would feel guilty for not helping. He also knew she wouldn't admit it to herself.

Marsha realizing what was below turned around.

"Does this mean your in?" Greg hoped she changed her mind.

"No I wanted the door that leads out of here," she corrected.

"It’s the door next to I/Oca’s desk," Amelia supplied.

"Like that helps me any," she sarcastically replied. "I hope I won’t get stuck wearing Pink. It’s so not my color. Now Yellow or a nice cream color that’s another story."

"You would be in yellow that’s not a problem. You kind of ended up with Yellow by Default," Amelia had crooked smile while informing her. "If you are interested of course."

"Oh what the heck," finally giving in. "So where do I sign up?"

"That’s the spirit Marsha, I knew somewhere under that stone heart of yours was some compassion," Bobby teased her.

"That and I also realized that I do tend to be a party pooper," Marsha volunteered.

"Let’s get to work," Professor Damon spoke up. "Allow me to Introduce myself. I’m Professor Pedro Damon your new Mentor. The powers you are about to receive are native to Capsilon IX in that they are made from Five of the purest Zordoniam Crystals we could find on this planet. Because of that Your Five will be known as the Zordonian Rangers. Your job is to prevent Lord Xenon and his henchman Galactex from conquering Capsilon IX. I’m not the only person you can lean on. Also within these walls are my two Assistants I/Oca who originally worked for Plastica and Headset back on Earth then he served with the Alpha One Defense Force on Terra Venture’s trip from Earth before Transferring here a few years ago. My other Assistant is Alpha-VIII he joined the crew here on Capsilon IX where he was the Lab assistant for Dr. Stephanie Collington who used to help me mentor your predecessors the Demona Rangers. When the Demona Rangers Disbanded she retired."

"These devices are your Zordonian Morphers. Each Morpher has two parts the part with the cylinder goes on your left wrist and the one with the hole goes on your right wrist. You Morph by crossing your arms like this and inserting the cylinder into the hole," Amelia interjected. She then demonstrated crossing her right arm over her left arm while her arms where in a x shape.

"Professor, how open can we be with our identities since after all we are being assigned uniforms?" Michelle ask concerned.

"Anticipating needing to use the morphers I checked with the Council and they agreed to allow free reign in when your morph. Because of the uniforms it will be difficult to keep your identities a secret so that’s the main reason why free reign is being given. Your families should know in case things get heavy and especially Michelle’s father and Amelia’s uncle Frank," Professor Damon answering her question

After the briefing was over Marsha picked up the Yellow morpher, Bobby the Blue Morpher, and Greg the Green Morpher.

"If the new rangers could come with me I’ll get you uniforms," I/Oca called out having walked in during the speech after Marsha relented.

"Amelia, what say we swing by our houses and brief our parents in," Michelle thoughtfully suggested

They teleported up to Old Colony which was in orbit around the Planet and went by Amelia’s house first.

"Amelia, from watching the news it looks like there is a new ranger team forming up. Maybe you should remind Professor Damon of your status since the team doesn’t look complete," Amelia’s father reminded her.

"Dad, I already spoke with Professor Damon in fact I just got back from meeting with him," Amelia pointedly responded.

"When did the meeting start?" he inquired surprised.

"Shortly after he called me on my pager and activated me. I was surprised to get activated but the situation required it. I was one of the two rangers in the first battle," Amelia explained the earlier events.

"You know I didn’t even notice that you were wearing a different jacket," he just then noticed. "Your new jacket looks nice with the Ranger tab on it instead of your old one with the Jr. Ranger tab."

"Mr. Cummings I was her partner in the First battle," Michelle added.

"Somehow I figured that out since you were wearing a similar outfit. Your dad know yet Michelle?" He inquired. as Amelia’s eleven year old sister Patricia walked in.

"He is our next stop," she told Amelia's father.

They then headed next door where Michelle’s dad had his head in a small garden while planting a small shrub.

"Why do I have a feeling that I’m being greeted by the Rangers?" he stated more then a question as he looked up

"Maybe because you are dad," Michelle laughed while told him.

"When did all this transpire?" he wondered

"Today. I had no idea what to expect I was simply doing somersaults at the youth center when Amelia told me that duty called. I had no idea what she meant until we were in the War Room at the Rangertech Building," she told him about the shockingly eventful day.

"So which is which?" he wanted to know.

"Well Matt I’m the pink ranger and 2nd in command while your daughter here wears red and is our leader," Amelia promptly responded.

"IF you can get me a full roster I will reinstitute the Ranger discount at the Youth Center," he proposed to the girls.

"The others are Marsha White, Bobby Zhang, and Greg Simmons," Michelle promptly listed.

"Marsha and Bobby I know but not Greg," he scratched his memory to remember a Greg.

The next day Bobby and Greg were getting ready for a chess match at the Youth Center when they saw Matt who had the duty that day behind the bar talking to a Tall Caucasian Male in a Black Uniform with GSA markings. Greg slipped forward and listened to the conversation for a minute.

"Matt, a lot of teens come here don’t they?" the GSA officer asked.

"Yeah, that one table over there used to be used by the Demona Rangers," he pointed to a table in the corner.

"Any clues as to who the new rangers are?" the GSA officer quizzed him

"Not really just rumors," he tried being sure the officer didn't detect he knew something.

"Amelia this is Greg," he called into his communicator.

"Yeah Greg," she replied.

"Some officer from GSA is talking to a guy behind the bar and the officer from GSA was asking if the other guy knows anything about the new rangers," wanting orders on how to handle the situation.

"Let me dry off and get into uniform and I will be there," she relayed to him.

"Bobby and I will be playing chess in the meantime," he reported and signed off.

Amelia arrived there ten minutes later and headed for the Bar. She greeted them somewhat familiarly then spoke with one of them. Greg was contemplating a move when Amelia walked over with the GSA officer.

"Hi guys, this is my Uncle Frank Cummings the head of the GSA here on Capsilon IX. Uncle Frank these are two of my teammates Bobby Zhang and Greg Simmons," she introduced.

"Mr. Simmons I noticed you earlier listening in while I was talking with Matt Connorson. Any particular reason?"

"Not Really Sir. I didn’t expect to see anyone from GSA here and well I was a little concerned since our uniforms have the GSA insignia on them that You might scream about my impersonating a GSA officer," he answered formally.

"So long as that 56th Battalion patch is on your jacket I couldn’t touch you for impersonation since the 56th Battalion is an administrative activity of the Galactic Space Administration. GSA handles the finances for the Battalion but the battalion isn’t under my orders but under Professor Damon’s orders. Even though it’s a Class 2 Activity members of your Battalion are allowed to purchase items from GSA owned Commissaries and Exchanges. It goes back to the old days of the Alpha-1 Defense Force which was attached to GSA but not under Commander Stanton’s orders. In fact one time the Red Ranger back when she headed the Demona Rangers gave me orders not to touch a rogue ranger. Thankfully they managed to get things under control and I was able to stay out of it," Commander Cummings explained to alleviate his fears. "First though we need to get Battalion ID cards for your team."

"How difficult is that?" Greg asked.

"Not too difficult. I have one from when I was a Jr. Ranger. But now that I’m a full Ranger I probably should get a new one," she informed him. "Heck I probably should have had one since last November that showed me as being a ranger even if I was powerless."

At that moment Michelle walked over to her favorite spot and was just starting a somersault when Amelia noticed her.

"Michelle over here," she called out to get her attention. causing Michelle to lose focus.

"Something up Amelia," she asked as she grabbed her jacket.

"You remember my Uncle Frank don’t you?" she checked to make sure.

"Yes I do. Hello Commander Cummings. As you probably determined I’m one of the new Rangers," she mentioned before he got chance to inquire.

"Being that you are out of uniform I didn’t notice," Commander Cummings remarked with a slight chuckle.

"Probably because I didn’t want to dirty my uniform while doing somersaults," she filled in.

"Mats sometimes work better then the floor of the Youth Center," he told her.

"Well Professor Damon is being a little slow getting the Mats down at the Bunker," she retorted. It was a problem for her not having the mats set in the bunker. "Bobby, how did your parents take the news of you being a ranger?"

"I haven’t told them yet," Bobby said. "I figured they would be safer if they don’t know."

"My parents were surprised to say the least. In fact my mom asked where I was during the first battle," he told them.

"Marsha called me after she spoke with her mom and her mom was not impressed," Michelle volunteered to the conversation. "It could be part of the reason she was so reluctant to join in the first place."

"Yet Marsha was always impressed by Kenya, Candi, Sylvia, and Tyra how they were able to handle being a ranger. Especially Tyra since she had kids even though she retired before adopting Aisha," Amelia added.

"Miss Connorson, maybe we should visit your teammate," Commander Cummings announced. He wanted to check up on the girl.

"Her home is at 76 Falcon Crest Road up here in Old Colony," Amelia gave Marsha's address to her uncle.

"Amelia, I’m going to have you join us," her instructed her.

"No problem Uncle Frank, Bobby, Greg, let’s figure on meeting at my house this afternoon for aquatics practice," she said arranging there agenda for the afternoon.

"Aquatics practice," Commander Cummings said one eyebrow slightly raised.

"We want to be ready for anything," she supplied.

Fifteen minutes later the GSA staff car pulled into the White’s Driveway.

"Afternoon Ma’am," Commander Cummings politely greeted.

"Afternoon," Ms. White rejoiced. "I’m Greta White."

"Nice to make your acquaintance Mrs. White," Commander Cummings said. "I’m Commander Frank Cummings from the Galactic Space Administration."

"Then maybe you can explain how my daughter is a ranger and it’s Ms. White."

"Ranger personnel are assigned to 56th Battalion and the only control I have over the battalion is the purse strings. Professor Damon over at Rangertech has more influence then I do," Commander Cummings tried his best to explain.

"Still why is she a ranger?" Ms. White still needing an explanation.

"Marsha is a Ranger because she was chosen by the Battalion leadership for assignment to the Battalion when it was reformed yesterday with the sudden arrival of Lord Xenon and his troops " she said. "My uncle didn’t even know who was assigned to the battalion until a short while ago."

"Amelia, how do you know so much about the Battalion?" Ms. White puzzled how she had the knowledge about Rangers.

"When my family moved here a few years ago my cousin Fran and her friends gave me a jacket similar to the one I now wear that said Jr. Ranger. Yesterday before Marsha became a Ranger I retired the Jacket and put this one on that says Ranger. I was instrumental in developing the powers and I had down four people who I felt would be good team members. Michelle Connorson, Ty Coughlin, Bobby Zhang and Marsha. All but Ty are currently on the team including Marsha. I didn’t get a chance to recruit Ty since Bobby introduced me to a new kid Greg Simmons and I recruited him. If I didn’t think Marsha could handle it I wouldn’t have recruited her," she explain so she'd understand why her daughter was picked.

"Marsha can defend herself but she prefers not to fight. I’m surprised she was willing to become a ranger," Ms. White was amazed.

"It took some work. She tried to get out of it," Michelle took up the conversation. She knew the incident would be something she won't forget.

"I’m still not comfortable with her being a ranger but I won’t keep her from doing her job," Ms. White relented, not without misgivings.

That Afternoon Commander Cummings was waiting in his GSA issue Swim Trunks when the Rangers walked out in their swimming gear.

"I take it swim suits aren’t issued," he judged.

"No they aren’t Sir," Marsha replied, telling him he guessed correctly. "At least if they are I wasn’t issued one."

"All that is issued is your Utilities and Michelle, Professor Damon and I are considering Dress Uniforms," Amelia intoned.

"Dress Uniforms and Fatigues along with swim suits shouldn’t be a problem," he helpfully suggested. "In fact I’ll see about finding appropriate Fatigues."

"You are something else Commander," Michelle was grateful that they were being provided the necessary items. while attempting to go a cartwheel across the bottom of the pool.

Closing Notes: This felt like a good spot to end the opening fanfic in this series.