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Zordonian Rangers
Blast from Yellow's Past.
By Robert Gutheim and Unicron

One day a week after the team was formed Amelia Cummings and the teams chief mentor Professor Pedro Damon were watching the other Rangers in the Gymnasium. Bobby and Greg were doing some light sparring in one area while Michelle spent her time on tumbling in another area. Marsha was stretching in preparation for running a few laps around the perimeter. Amelia was wearing her swim suit since she was getting ready to do some swimming in the pool where I/Oca was preparing to watch her. Next thing Amelia knew a Tall Dark Haired man walked into the Gymnasium with a floater that had a pile of boxes on it.

"Morning Amelia, doing some working out I see," addressing his niece.

"Morning Uncle Frank. I wanted to check on things in here before I went swimming. We’ve been working on training so we will be ready when Lord Xenon attacks next," she explainned.

"After the aquatics practice last week I checked with I/Oca for everyone’s measurements since your battalion didn’t appear to have an S-4 Officer. Then after I got back to my office I checked with my S-4 and assembled a few things for you and your friends," Commander Frank Cummings gave her an explanation about the boxes.

"Ten-Hut," she shouted in a brisk commanding tone. The other rangers then stopped what they were doing and walked over to where Amelia was standing with her Uncle and Professor Damon.

"I have a few things for each of you. These boxes contain, Fatigues, PT Uniforms, and Dress Uniforms. They should fit nicely since I got your measurements from I/Oca," retelling the explanation he had just told his niece.

"Why so many different Uniforms?" Marsha questioned surprised by the number of boxes for each of them.

"For Different Purposes. The Fatigues are for wearing while in Battle but not morphed, the PT uniforms are for what you were doing, and the Dress Uniforms are for Formal Occasions. You would still wear Utilities for everyday purposes. Among your PT Uniforms are swim suits," he clarifying the purpose for many different outfits. "I figured on supplying your team with three each of fatigues and PT Uniforms and One Dress Uniform each of you has a stack of boxes, one of swimwear, three of Fatigues, three of PT, Uniforms, and your dress uniform is another three boxes. I figured underwear and socks weren’t needed for issue or footwear."

"Soon as you have been issued your uniforms take an hour to get your uniforms settled then report to the lounge in Utilities," Michelle addressed the others.

Commander Cummings then carefully handed each Ranger a pile of boxes.

"Where is our color on the Various Uniform?" Bobby interested on how to find their Ranger color on the clothing.

"For your PT suits your shirt is in your color. Your Fatigues the Collar, Pant Cuffs and Shirt Sleeve are in your color. Your Dress Uniform has a couple Trim areas where we put it. I/Oca briefed me how Rangers generally wear their color somewhere," Commander Cummings replied to Bobby's question. "Therefore I had it worked in.

The Rangers then headed off. Amelia headed right for her room and her Uncle Followed her.

"I think this is the first time I ever saw the inside of the living quarters," he voiced looking at her room and finding it spacious.

"They are rather nicely equipped if you ask me. I visited Fran one time in her dorm back while she was at school and You couldn’t even shower without going outside into the hall. Here I have a private shower. Also I don’t get stuck with a roommate. Not that I ever used my quarters much not even in the last week," she expanded on her uncle's comment as she unpacked her swimwear and placed it in a drawer. She took her time getting everything settled before going into her bathroom and changing into her Utilities.

"OK gang, Since we could get called into battle at any time The Professor felt it was time we went over a few things," Michelle informed them after everyone had Assembled in the Lounge and I/Oca connected FREDA into the cable TV system.

"Each of you has a personal weapon that you can summon while morphed. Michelle as you know your Weapon is the Mercuric Sword in an emergency it can fire a stream of flames. Amelia, your weapon is the Battle Chacron it is capable of cutting through almost any material. Marsha you are the possessor of the Twin Triforian Boomerangs. Forged by an Ancient Triforian Weapons Designer. It is rumored that the same designer came up with the Golden Power Staff. Bobby, you have the Aquitian Trident. Greg, Shock Whip belongs to you," I/Oca gave a rundown as he began the briefing. As I/Oca was talking it showed pictures of each weapon The Mercuric Sword was a Long narrow blade but there was a slight hint of Red along the Barber poled handle. The Battle Chacron was a pink colored ring with a very sharp edge. The Twin Triforian Boomerangs were two slightly curved pieces of a yellowish metal possibly gold. Aquitian Trident a Long Forked Weapon with three 30cm prongs and a 152 cm handle or a bluish color. The Shock Whip had a short maybe 30cm handle and a lash that was almost 250cm in length the whole thing was a greenish color but the material wasn’t obvious. At the end of the lash was a ring of very lethal electrodes.

"I/Oca, previous teams had zords, what have you all Cooked up for that?" Bobby remarked.

"Here is the Computer Imaging of the zords you will eventually Command. Unfortunately they aren’t ready. Until that time we will use the old Battlezords. Michelle in that case you will drive the Commandzord, Bobby you have the Emplacer Zord. Amelia, the Rotorzord, Greg, the Mighty Tankzord, and Marsha the cunning and swift Airzord is yours. Together they Form the MegaBattleZord. There were a few other formations but they required Zords that aren’t active. Hopefully soon your new zords will be ready," I/Oca assigned.

"In other words we are using the Demona Ranger’s zords. Amelia, your cousin which zord was hers?" Greg asked for reference purposes.

"Fran was an Airedale. She had the Jetzord. It was similar to the Airzord but still had differences. For one thing different Planes were used as the inspiration for the Airzord, Strike Eagle Zord, Jetzord, and the Aerial half of the Duozord. The Airzord is a F-14 Tomcat, the Jetzord is a F-16 Falcon, and the Duozord had as it’s Aerial half an F-18 Hornet. After the team moved up to 13 members they had two different Megazord, the Ground Assault Megazord which was the Commandzord, the Tankzord, the Emplacerzord, postzord, and the Duozord, and the Air Attack Megazord which was the Strike Eagle Zord, the Jetzord, the Airzord, the Rotorzord, and the Chopzord. The other two zords were the Subzord and Airtron the Carrierzord. Airtron was so big that it required two rangers to control it," she gave them the facts about the Zords of the Demona Rangers.

"Too bad we each couldn’t design our own zord," Greg sadly noted.

"It wouldn’t work too well. The zords might be so different that we might not be able to integrate them into a Megazord," I/Oca pointed his suspicions were correct. "The zords would have to be similar enough. I admit the Turbo Rangers were able to Combine a couple Turbo Zords and three rescue zords. In this case the zords were similar enough to be able to do that."

"The Battlezords are not personal automobiles. In other words they are not to be used for trips to school and the mall for shopping. IF any of you feel you need a personal automobile then you will have to supply one yourself because you won’t get one from me," Commander Cummings instructed them.

"What use is it then being affiliated with you?" Marsha wondered aloud.

"Sometimes I wondered that myself," Commander Cummings said.

"Thankfully I have a car of my own," Michelle gladly remarked.

"Guys, go easy on my uncle. If you ask me we are lucky he is providing us with uniforms," Amelia reproached. "Besides Fran and her team were always at odds with him and didn’t always win."

"Thanks Amelia," he thanked his niece for the kind words.

"Alert Alert Alert," FREDA sounded.

"FREDA, what’s wrong?" Michelle then devoted her attention to the AI of the base and stood up straight.

"Xenonites spotted along Embassy Drive in Settlement9," FREDA reported distressed.

"I guess we should prepare for battle," she advised her friends. "Amelia, you want to lead us?"

"Show Time," she loudly cried out.

"Red Zordonian Power." A towering inferno surrounded Michelle, from head to toe. When the wall of flames slid apart it revealed the Red Ranger.

"Green Zordonian Power." Greg's whole body sparked with electricity, so much that he was lost to the eye. Jolts of electrical energy shot from his hands, travelling up to his shoulders. The crackling flares from his neck, down to his waist. The energy flare occurred in his legs and finally stopped when it hits his feet. When the energy dissipated he was in armor, like the one Michelle wore. Respectively green and the chest coin showed a thunderbolt. It symbolized the element of electricity. Greg's gloves and boots were silver. Two Thunderbolts went down either side of the Smoky Brown Faceplate and a few other ones went over the top of his helmet.

"Blue Zordonian Power." A whirlpool erupted from the ground Rising up to Bobby's head. Hiding him from view. Powerful water pressures pounded on his arms, from back to front. It then targeted his chest down to his waist. Finally his legs and feet were struck. When all of this ended the water became vapor. Once again he could be seen. Bobby was in the customary Ranger armor which was blue. Unlike Michelle or Amelia, his gloves and boots were silver. His chest coin sported a waterfall which symbolized the element of water. A slightly lighter blue wave was on the top of his helmet stopping just short of the top of the faceplate. Like with his suit the predominate color was Blue.

"Yellow Zordonian Power." Just then the area became pitch black. Seconds later a full moon lit the room. From all four directions the illuminated shadows gathered together and erected a dome of mist around Marsha. Inside mist trailed up her waist and stopped on reaching her neck.

Part of the inner walls of the dome slid over Marsha's arms. The shadows snaked down her legs to her feet. This all occurred in one minute. Soon as she was covered head to toe, everything returned to normal. The dome dropped away revealing a Yellow Ranger. Like the two males Marsha's gloves and boots were silver. Inside her chest coin was a crescent moon, symbolizing the element of Shadow. A Sideways Crescent almost like a smiling mouth formed the top above her faceplate on her otherwise Yellow Helmet.

"Pink Zordonian Power." A pink cloud was seen high above Amelia's head. It showered her with a pink dust storm. Soon as the storm cleared and she could be seen again, Amelia was then the Pink Ranger. Her gloves and boots matched Michelle's.

"May the Power protect them," Prof. Damon prayed as he glanced over at Alpha.

"I agree Professor."

The Rangers soon arrived near the Major Embassies that served Capsilon IX. The Xenonites were having a major time attacking the populous. Unfortunately since That Settlement was primarily Diplomatic They were of various Alien Races.

"Rangers, spread out and try to keep these things under control," Michelle barked out commands. as she summoned her sword.

"These things don’t ease up do they?" Marsha asked her frustration clearly being felt.

"Not that we know of," Amelia answered her yellow clad teammate.

Bobby meanwhile was using some advanced Martial Arts moves to keep his bunch under control. Greg had found a way to electrocute his bunch.

"Greg, how come your bunch are acting like they touched electricity?" Michelle seeing what happened. She couldn't figure out what he did.

"In a way they did," Greg revealed a joy buzzer and that provided her with an explanation. Michelle shook her head right before doing a flip in order to avoid a very persistent one who then fell victim to Greg’s unconventional combat.

"What is Greg doing?" Amelia did not comprehend what he was doing as she sent her chacron at one Xenonite.

"He’s shocking them with a joy buzzer," she responded not too sure herself.

It eventually reached the point where the remaining Xenonites retreated. The Rangers then returned to base.

"Rangers, come into the Snack Bar," Professor Damon ordered.

"Not bad for a first battle," Greg summed up.

"Greg, Your techniques though were a little too unconventional and I recommend you not use them in the future," Professor Damon advised as he sat down in his chair only to hear a very unpleasant sound. He stood up and removed a whoopee cushion from his seat. Greg had a slight smile on his face.

"Greg, do you think of yourself as a comedian or something because I don’t see anyone laughing," he asked not impressed with Greg's stunt.

"Sorry Professor," he summarily apologized.

"Your techniques all in all weren’t bad. Further training will make it easier," Prof. D told the Rangers. Knowing that everything would sort out itself. "You all have the next few hours off but be back at 1700 hours for Aquatics Practice then Dinner which will be here."

"OK Gang, meet up at my house in Half an hour. Bring a set of swimwear as we may slip next door," Michelle planned for the agenda.

"Where is your house exactly?" Greg inquired, since he'd never been there before.

"To the left of mine," Amelia said.

The Rangers soon met up in the living room of Michelle’s house.

"Dad is working today but Mom is around somewhere," she told the others.

"Michelle, I’m trying to remember how you and Amelia lucked out being neighbors," Bobby pondered, since none of the others lived in the neighborhood.

"It was luck mainly. Besides I didn’t know her before her family moved next door. Kelly Brennan and I were friends but I didn’t really know the other rangers except for Fran since she spent a lot of time at Amelia’s swimming. Kelly flowed through that water almost as if she was a part of it," she remised on the pass few years.

"Her Spirit animal was a Dolphin so that might explain why she moved so smoothly," Amelia giving an insight on Kelly's awesome talent.

"According to my research Spirit Animals are mainly characteristic of practitioners of the art of Ninjetti. I thought your Cousin’s team used Demona powers," Bobby puzzled about the oddity.

"They had two sets of powers Demona which were their primary powers then their secondary Ninja powers. Each power separately was one morph. First Morph was Demona, 2nd Ninja, 3rd Eclipsed where they combined their powers," she tried straightening out his confusion. "Therefore their Spirit Animal 2 thirds of the time was necessary."

"Amelia, what is Kelly up to these days?" Michelle jumped in, changing the subject.

"She is the Aquatics Instructor at the Triforian Academy and She is engaged to Brad Cox," she announced. "What we should do is someday for PT training get Fran to do a small clinic."

"I’ll discuss the idea with Professor Damon," she gave her opinion on the proposal.

"Oh Hi Kids," Mrs. Connorson said. "What brings you all here?"

"We had a few hours off after the After Action Review but we have to be back at the Bunker for Aquatics Practice at Five," indicated Michelle.

"About 445 We’ll slip next door to my house and do our Aquatics Practice there," Amelia said.
"What about Dinner? He figured on our eating there tonight," Marsha replied to the question.

"I’ll check into that one," Amelia decided

An hour later Amelia took a break from the movie Michelle had put in to contact Professor Damon.

"Professor, would it be a problem if we did the Aquatics practice in my pool?" she requested from their mentor.

"No it won’t. BE here at 1830 for a battalion dinner. We will be doing those once a week," he informed.

"I’ll pass the word along," she assured him.

At the chosen time the Rangers went next door and the Female Rangers changed into their swim suits in Amelia’s room while Bobby and Greg changed in a guest bathroom. The Rangers were half an hour into their aquatics practice when Marsha’s mom walked outside.

"Mom, something up?" Marsha asked as she climbed out of the pool.

"You received a letter today that I felt required an explanation," Ms. White gently responded not knowing how Marsha would take the news.

IT all started about fifteen years ago. Your father was still alive at that point. One day I needed a few things nothing perishable thankfully from the store so I ran down. I had my stuff all set and chose a checkout being run by a maybe sixteen year old black girl. She scanned my purchases just like normal but when she had them all done and went to give me the total she started to sound like she was in pain. I had taken a class in emergency medicine at the local university since I had considered joining a rescue squad. I knew it probably wasn’t good.

"No not now," she groaned.

"What not now?" I was concern for her welfare.

"Baby," she said. "I think I’m in labor."

The manager walked over and totaled me up and I paid quickly then I led the girl to my car.

"Is delivery imminent or do I have time to swing home and leave a note for my husband?" I asked.

"I don’t care I just want it over with. The baby’s father committed suicide so he isn’t around," she groaned in pain.

"Maybe I should stop by the house," I answered.

Just as I pulled into the driveway things got heavy. She was close I could tell.

"Maybe you should come inside with me," I suggested doing the best to insure she was okay.

I took her into what became your room and let her sit in a chair but she wasn’t comfortable. I had her move to the floor and prepared for action. Twenty minutes later I placed a perfectly adorable nine pound baby girl in her arms.

"So what does that have to do with the Letter?" she didn't understand the import of the tale.

Listen and you shall see.

"Do you have a cradle anywhere or a crib for that matter?" she desperately inquired.

"No we don’t," I said since your father and I had just started thinking about kids

I ended up finding a small packing box and we set the baby in it. I went out the next day and purchased a proper car seat. A few days later I drove her home. When we got to her house I handed the baby to her and she said a few words in some strange language and then handed the baby back to me with a small envelope.

I put the baby back in the car seat and drove home where I looked at the note.

"Mrs. White

I want to thank you for helping me the last few days. I enclosed Marsha’s birth certificate so you could register it with the proper authorities. I hope you don’t mind but I listed you and Raphael as her parents.


I looked at your birth certificate and sure enough it said

Marsha Jasmine White

Parents Mr. Raphael and Mrs. Greta White.
"Mom, was I ever legally yours?" afraid her mother would say that she never did.

"Yes you were. When I registered your birth I had a copy of your real birth mother’s note added so they would know that we were listed as your parents at the wishes of your real birth mother. The registration clerk recommended we formalize things sooner rather then later so we took the time to adopt you the next day," Ms. White respectively informed Marsha to alleviate her fears.

"I still don’t get what the story of my birth has to do with the letter," she replied perturbed about the matter.

"Look at the return address," Ms. White instructed Marsha.

Marsha took a Careful look at the envelope


37 Oakdale Ave

S-4 Capsilon IX

Miss Maxine White

76 Falcon Crest Rd

Colonial Heights OC

Capsilon IX


"Mom, you think my birth mother sent this don’t you?" she stated.

"I wouldn’t be surprised," answering her daughter’s question.

Amelia since she did a lot of swimming had listened to the conversation but the others had kept practicing.

At the dinner that night Marsha was preoccupied.

"Something bugging you Marsha?" the Prof. inquired, noticing her preoccupation which was not normal for her.

"I found out during Aquatics Practice that I was adopted. The only reason my mom even told me was because someone with the same first name as my birth mother sent me a letter," telling him the cause of her spaced out look. "I haven’t read the letter yet but tomorrow I might try to visit this person. She apparently lives in Settlement 4."

"If you do go to visit her take another Ranger along in case Lord Xenon tries anything," he thoughtfully advised.

"Since I know the whole scoop I’ll accompany you. Maybe I can get Fran to join us," Amelia offered her friend.

"Thanks Amelia. Ever since that first day when you didn’t have shorts for gym class and I loaned you my spare pair at lunch. I looked at you as my best friend if not soul sister," she sincerely announced, with joy in her voice.

"What did you use for Gym class that day?" Greg popped in.

"A bathing suit. As it is we were doing Gymnastics so I was almost dressed perfectly since I prefer the one piece style," declared Amelia "I had gym before lunch."

The next day Marsha met Amelia in the lounge at the Bunker since she had slept at the Bunker that night as did Amelia since she had done some extra training to make up for the lost practice time. They teleported over to the Settlement and walked around eventually finding a Yellow nice looking Frame house with the proper address.

"Marsha, is that you?" A Woman in her real early thirties asked.

"Are you Dionne?" making certain she had the right person.

"Yes, I assume you received my letter," she assumed, since Marsha had come to visit.

"Yes I did and my mom told me about how my birth mother had left me with them when I was a few days old. How she said something in a strange language. I haven’t even opened the letter at all," answering truthfully.

"Marsha, I wrote the letter because I wanted to get together with you somewhere. I guess you felt without seeing the actual request to come and see me. Marsha, When I saw how adorable you were and how your dad looked at you that night I knew that you would be in good hands. So what have you been up to. I haven’t seen you in a long time," Dionne want to know.

"Well the Whites adopted me a couple days after you gave me up. My adopted father died when I was four and mom raised me alone. When I was eleven I made my best friend in the whole world. A White girl from Earth named Amelia Cummings. Then three years later she asked me to become a ranger," she replied joyfully.

"A Ranger," Dionne acknowledged with pride for Marsha.

"That was us yesterday fighting the Xenonites near the embassies. I’m the pink ranger and Marsha Yellow," Amelia added. "We are allowed to reveal our identity."

"Marsha, just that last bit of news makes me so proud of you. My parents when I walked in looking thinner wondered where you were and I told them how I had left you with the best parents in the entire universe," Dionne said.

Two young girls of around seven walked in right then. One of them with her long hair in a couple braids that were pinned up around her head jumped on Marsha.

"Hillary, get down," Dionne firmly told the young girl.

"It’s all right, she can stay up here," she reassured that it wasn't a bother. "By chance is she my sister?"

"Both of these girls are. When I was twenty-four I gave birth to twins. Hillary is sitting on your lap and Randila is standing next to me. She prefers to be called Randi though," Dionne gave her an explanation of who the young girls were. "Just so you two girls know Marsha here is your older sister. I gave birth to her when I was only sixteen. It was kind of last minute but unlike you two I didn’t keep her."

"What’s a Ranger?" Randi questioned the girl designated as her older sister.

"A Ranger is a type of a soldier. They generally receive special training for survival in different situations. There are even different types of rangers," Marsha defined for her sister.

"Yeah there are even power rangers," Hillary smartly remarked.

"I know. Some of my best friends are power rangers," she remarked. "In fact my best friend was a Jr. Ranger."

"What’s the difference between a regular ranger and a Jr. Ranger?" Hillary was confused with the concept.

"I’m wondering myself," Dionne added.

"In order to become a Power Ranger you have to be at least fifteen. I moved here when I was twelve. My Cousin Fran and her teammates gave me a jacket like they wore for Christmas which I might add was the day I found out we were moving into a House in Old Colony instead of returning to Earth. They had put a special tab over the Battalion Patch that said Jr. Ranger. You see my cousins Fran and Brianca were with the Demona Rangers back before they disbanded after Mechinack was destroyed in an explosion. Brianca had left the team by then in order to take a position on Eltare with the Academy there. Sometimes I don’t even think of Brianca as being my cousin because she didn’t grow up knowing most of the family as family," Amelia explainned, speaking up. "The jacket they gave me is very close to the ones Marsha and I wear today Only for this mission we decided to wear our Dress Uniforms."

"When ever I see a Military Uniform like this I always expect it to have medals or ribbons hanging off it," Dionne commented.

"Fran’s did have stuff hanging off it but our team is too new to have anything like that," she said.

Michelle meanwhile was sitting at the counter in the Youth Center.

"Surprised you aren’t in the Bunker," Kim remarked as she walked over.

"Day off unless Lord Xenon tries anything. Marsha and Amelia are on a special errand in Settlement 4. Professor Damon figured the rest of us should simply take the day off. We have a nice Mix, Me with my gymnastics abilities, Amelia with her swimming prowess, Marsha is real adept at Track and Field, Bobby is a first rate Martial Arts Practitioner, and Greg well he’s a bit of a clown. Yesterday he put a whoopee cushion on the Professor’s chair while we were getting ready for an After Action Review.

"Greg must be real interesting in battle. What does he do joy buzz the enemy?" sarcastically joked Kim.

"As a matter of fact I did get annoyed with him for doing just that instead of using his whip. Somehow I almost wonder if Professor Damon and I can really stop him from doing it," she told the former White Ranger and sounded frustrated.

"What do you mean?" Kim was not sure what she meant.

"It might be part of his powers," the current Ranger leader pondered the idea.

"The joy-buzzer maybe after all The Green Demona Rangers had a whip along with some stars," Kim said. "If Amelia used the Demona abilities as a template for your powers then it’s possible the joy buzzer could be part of Greg’s arsenal."

"I probably should check with Professor Damon on that," she remarked, putting aside the problem for the moment. "When I get done I might go swimming. When you get off duty maybe join me."

Michelle then headed for the Corner that Kim had pointed out the previous team had always used and teleported away.

"Something up Michelle?" Alpha queried as soon as she had teleported in.

"I was talking to Kim and we both think that the joy buzzer that Greg used on the Xenonites yesterday might be part of his powers," she reported her discussion with the former White Ranger.

"You could be right. Even if it wouldn’t explain the whoopee cushion he used during the debriefing," Prof. Damon said. "Amelia did most of work as far as determining how different personalities might utilize various powers differently."

"Were the Demona Powers used as a blueprint at all?" she asked, recalling Kim's hypothesis.

"Not really because at the time she figured the old team might need new powers to replace the ones they had. Only problem is There were thirteen Demona powers but we could only find seven crystals that were pure enough for the purpose of creating the Zordonian Powers. The other two crystals are on hold in case additional Rangers are needed and haven’t had their characteristics laid out yet," Professor Damon said.

"Alpha, contact Kim let her know I had to step out then transfer Amelia’s coordinates to my personal teleportation system," she commanded.

"Right away Michelle," Alpha said.
"Hold up I think I’ll drive up so prep a transport card for the vehicular transport system," suddenly reconsidering.

Amelia’s voice was then heard over the communications system.

"Alpha, I think I left my RAT in the War Room. IF someone could teleport it to me."

Michelle then hit the talk button on the panel.

"Amelia, if we can find it I’ll bring it with me," she quickly informed.

"Acknowledged Michelle," she responded to establishing that she had heard.

"Just so I know what was she talking about?" she looked clueless.

"Amelia has a special Remote Access Terminal that she uses sometimes to check and rework some of the stuff here at the bunker," I/Oca said. "I keep it in the cabinet over there."

Michelle walked over to the cabinet and opened it inside was a small laptop like device along with several other things including two crystals one glowing a faint white and the other one a pale purple. Michelle grabs the laptop along with what looks like a case and puts it in the case before Alpha walks over with a small card which Michelle grabs in her teeth since her hands are a little full with a couple of the other devices. Soon as her hands are free she teleports out arriving in the Youth Center Parking lot just as her dad is pulling in.

"Michelle, Greta White was wondering if you could check on Marsha. She doesn’t know of any way to contact her at Dionne’s."

"I want to talk to Kim for a couple minutes then I will go over there. I have to take some special terminal to Amelia anyway," she replied with.

"Your communicator will probably work just fine," Matt assured his daughter.

"True but I’m going there anyway so it can wait a couple minutes," Michelle said as Kim was walking out.

"I was just thinking of going over to the vehicular transport station and going down to see you," Kim announced surprised to find her there.

"I’m going out to Settlement 4 for something. if you want you can accompany me," she offered.

"I’ll pass," Kim said. "Call me on your vehicom when you leave Settlement four."

"I would if I knew what you were talking about," she confused about what Kim was referring to.

Kim walked over and peeked into the front of Michelle’s car.

"You obviously aren’t equipped so it wouldn’t matter," she answered.

Michelle pulled out soon after that. She then set her communicator on the dash board.

"I/Oca come in," she called.

"Something up Michelle?" I/Oca asked when he appeared on the miniature screen.

"You familiar with vehicoms at all?" she queried wanting to understand what Kim had referred to.

"Actually I meant to coordinate with you on that. Since you have a personal auto you are authorized a separate communicator in your vehicle. I remember installing one in Teri’s car right before Christmas a few years ago. Her mom had slipped word to me at one point that she was going to get the car for Teri for Christmas. Her car was the first one that a vehicom was installed in."

By this time Michelle was pulling up to a Vehicular teleportation station. She pulled into a booth and inserted the card with the coordinates of her destination. Her entire car was then teleported into a booth at a station in Settlement 4. Michelle drove around a little but couldn’t figure out where Oakdale was. She finally found a Tall African American man walking with a five year old child.

"Excuse me but can you help me find Oakdale Ave," she inquired flashing her Battalion card.

"Yes my daughter and I live on that road. If you want I can lead you there," The man offer to give her directions.

"That would be good. In fact since you are on foot you can point out which house is 37 Oakdale Ave," she informed him.

"That I could Ma’am if you would be so kind as to give my daughter and I a ride home," He said.

"Not a problem," she said, glad to help out.

A couple minutes later he indicated a driveway.

"That’s my house right there," he pointed forwards.

Michelle glanced at the House no. and almost fainted when she saw how he had just had her drop him off at her destination. Michelle grabbed the equipment from her Trunk before following him over to the door.

"Jamal, how did you end up getting a ride home?" Dionne asked the man who had directed Michelle to her destination.

"I gave your husband a ride home," she provided the answer. "I’m Michelle Connorson, I’m a friend of Marsha’s."

"You related at all to Matt Connorson?" Dionne asked.

"He happens to be my father." responding to her inquiry.

Marsha walked out right then.

"Hi, you must be Marsha, I’m Jamal Kent. I guess you could sort of say I’m your stepfather."

"In some strange sort of way I suppose you could," she agreed. "Michelle, did you manage to find that machine of Amelia’s?"

Michelle indicated the case hanging from her left shoulder.

"Michelle, this is my birthmother Dionne," she introduced.

"Glad to meet you ma’am," she kindly responded.

"Marsha, this is my daughter Jasmine," Jamal said indicating the five year old. "She was born to my first wife."

"What happened to your first wife?" Marsha concerned.

"She died giving birth to Jasmine. A couple months later I met Dionne. Even though she had the twins to deal with at the time she opened her heart up to Jasmine. I don’t think Jasmine would have done as well without Dionne’s presence," Jamal said.

"Jamal and I actually got married a few months ago," Dionne reported to Marsha.

Michelle meanwhile had delivered the equipment to Amelia.

"So Michelle, how close a friend are you with Marsha and Amelia?" Dionne asked, trying to get to know her daughter's friend.

"Not very close right now. Amelia is my neighbor and I know Marsha through Amelia but I had my own group of close friends. Most of them have moved on now though. Main reason I really spend time with them these days is because of the battalion," she told of relationship to the other two.

"So you are a ranger yourself," Dionne said.

"Yes I am," Michelle confirmed.

"Dionne, are the twins and Jasmine the only kids you really have these days?" Marsha continue the conversation.

"Yes but I hope you will continue to think of this house as an extra home. You and your friends are welcome to stay for dinner. In fact call your mom and invite her if you want," Dionne offered.

"I can go and pick her up if she needs a ride," Michelle supplied.

"I’ll give it a try if someone wants to call the guys," she suggested.

"The guys," Jamal said confused as Hillary and Randi walked out into the crowded front entry area.

"The rest of our team. Our team has three girls and two guys," she gave an explanation.

Marsha went into a small closet and had the bunker patch her through to her mom. Her mom was willing to come but Bobby and Greg had chickened out since they had planned on grabbing a pizza at the youth center then sparring at the bunker. Marsha and Michelle spent most of the day playing with Jasmine and the twins while Amelia hid herself behind her terminal. About 530 Ms. White arrived.

"Greta, it’s been a long time," Dionne greeted.

"That it has," Ms. White said. "I understand you have a couple kids of your own now."

"Two that are definitely mine and the third a lot of times feels like mine since I for the most part raised her," Dionne said.

"Why is that?" Ms. White asked curiously.

"Her mom died right after she was born. Technically she is my step daughter but it just doesn’t seem that way since I’ve been a part of her life since she was two months old," Dionne said.

"I can imagine," Ms. White said. "Dionne, if I hadn’t helped you that day what do you think would have happened to Marsha?"

"I don’t know," Dionne said. "I might have raised her myself or I might have still given her up."

"Marsha, I’d like to show you and your friends something," Jamal said as he walked out into the Entry where the Rangers were. They then followed him into a room decorated up in a Feminine style.

"She always kept a room for you that you are welcome to use any time you wish."

"Jamal, you can bet I will," she thanked. "After all I have family in this house. Man, I won’t where to sleep. I have my room at home, my room at the Bunker, and now a room here."

Dinner was served soon after that. Jasmine must have found something about Marsha’s mother she liked since she stuck close to Ms. White right up until her bedtime.

"Mom, Jamal said I could stay here whenever I wished. I may just stay here tonight. I only had today off so I have to go into the bunker tomorrow so work out," she informed her mother of her plans.

"Not a problem. I figured you would probably want to get to know your sisters now that you know they exist," Ms. White said, not really too surprised.

"Even if I can now acknowledge them as family I won’t leave you in a lurch," she assured.

Closing Notes. While this was supposed to deal with training It became more of a Marsha Fic. Oh well it allowed me to develop her character.