Disclaimer: Concept is Haim Sabanís but the Characters are mine. This is #4 in the Zordonian Rangers series. This will also be the last one before the rangers head back to school. By the time this reaches you my Beta-Reader Unicron and I will probably have made some real good changes to the Fanfic. This one is another Character Development fic like the last two were. I know most people look at the letters T.J. as being maybe First and Middle Initials but Hey why couldnít T.J. have been his First and Last initials which is how Tim Jefferson worked into Alphaís discussion with Michelle

Red Insecurity
By Robert Gutheim and Unicron

"Greg, catch," Bobby yelled as he sent one of the Dark Red Xenonites at his green colored companion.

"You Rangers look like you are all washed up," the Monster of the Day sneered at them. The Monster looked like a Mad Scientist had taken Frankensteinís original head off and attached a Werewolfís head to it.

"You are like so clueless," Michelle snapped off as she grabbed her sword from itís scabbard in the pocket dimension where it was stored.

"I donít think so Ranger," it retorted at her remark.

Amelia managed to duck as two Xenonites tried to tag team her and send her battle Chacron at the Monster.

Either this monster is real strong or I need to sharpen the edge on my Chacron.

"Marsha, how are you doing?" Michelle called over to the last Ranger.

"These things are a piece of cake," Marsha commented indicating the downed Xenonites in her area. What she didnít realize was Galactex was sneaking up behind her.

"Marsha, Check Six," Greg called as he knocked a very persistent Xenonite out with his whip

Marsha quickly turned and sent a boomerang at Galactex only to get shoved aside.

"Out of my way ranger. I have something I need to do," Galactex said as he fired a needle at the Monster. Next thing they knew the Monster was huge.

"I wonder if this is the Institutional Size," Greg joked.

"Could be," Michelle agreed with Green Ranger. "Sir Lance-a-lot Maximum Burn."

"Athena, Maximum Burn."

"Thor, Maximum Burn."

"Rayden, Maximum Burn."

"Lylith Maximum Burn."

Michelleís call resulted in a remote signal being sent to a cold ship nearby as the Jetzords were quickly launched. Soon as the zords were overhead the Rangers teleported up to them.

"Afternoon Michelle," her zord greeted its mistress.

"Afternoon Sir-Lance-a-Lot," the Red Ranger rejoiced.

"You up to Flying or should I convert to Warrior Mode?" he wanted to know her preference. Getting ready for what she needed him to do.

"Weíll try flying first," she instructed him. "Rangerís Form up."

The Five zords then went into a Formation.

"OK on my mark Bobby, Marsha, break left. Amelia, Greg Break right. Iíll go down the middle," briskly commanding.

"Michelle, you sure you donít want me to go down the middle after all my weaponry is kind of crud since my zord is basically an Aerial Sensor Platform," Greg interrupted to suggest the idea.

"Yes Iím sure. You can clue Amelia in on the best attack plan for your area," she stated, not wanting to change tactics. "Now."

The Rangers split off and began firing away. The monster was too quick and had an easy time Firing his own Volleys at the Rangers in some cases using the Rangerís own projectiles.

"Michelle, might I recommend a slightly different strategy?" Sir Lance-A-Lot broke in, a while later.

"What you think Warrior Mode is our best strategy?" she questioned.

"No and Rayden agrees but our best bet is to go to Megazord mode," he gave her his recommendation.

"Send the uplink to Rayden, Athena, Thor, and Lylith," she commanded agreeing with to recommendation. "Rangerís, prepare for Megazord mode."

"Guys, get ready because the rangerís are going to try to use the Megazord on the monster," Sir-Lance-a-lot said over the zord infonet.

"Lylith, ready for some serious action."

"Athena Ready."

"Thor, ready to stomp."

"Rayden things are looking good Lance."

"Zordonian Megazord Prepare for Take-off," Michelle and Sir Lance-A-Lot both broadcasted Simultaneously.

With that Athena and Thor converted into the lower legs and Feet While Sir Lance-a-Lot Went to full Warrior Mode and Lylith and Rayden converted into the Arms. When it was all done a Medieval Style Helmet landed over Sir-Lance-a-lotís head.

"Greg, what weapons do we have?" she wanted a quick status report.

"Excalibur and the Lightning Hammer. The Lightning Hammer is Thorís contribution," he responded, checking his board.

"Personally I wouldnít mind trying out the Lightning Hammer. Any clue how we utilize it?" Marsha excitably cried.

"Well according to Norse Mythology Lightning was caused when ever Thor threw his hammer," Amelia contributed.

"Well letís see what happens," Michelle announced, interested in the ability of the weapon. "Lightning Hammer Strike."

With that the Lightning Hammer Appeared in the Left hand The Mighty Megazord then Threw it and it went right at the Monster and knocked it down with a Flash of light. Just like itís Mythical counterpart the Lightning Hammer came home after it was Thrown.

A short time later the Rangers appeared in the War Room.

"The battle looks to have been a good one," Prof. Damon proudly congratulating his pupils.

"I agree for your first real battle you did good," I/Oca giving his opinion of the subject.

A short time later Alpha was walking by the Snack Bar and he saw Michelle in there alone.

"Something bugging you?" he suspected something upsetting his young friend.

"Alpha, do you think Iím a good leader?" inquiring tensely. she wanted a objective opinion.

"Itís hard to say. For one thing youíve had what maybe four minor Xenonite problems and one major battle," he thoughtfully summed up. Hoping to cheer her up.

"I had to get tactical advice from the AI system in my zord. How many Ranger Leaders have had to do that?" she selfpityingly answered.

"I donít know. But itís good that you were willing to accept advice from Sir-Lance-a-lot. After all part of his job is to act as a funnel for advice from the others. The Sensor Dome on Jetzord 4 is utilized by all the zords. If necessary when you use the Commandzord you could tie the sensor system in there to Rayden," he advised.

"Itís not just that Alpha. I had to depend on Amelia to figure out how the Lightning Hammer worked," she added.

"Michelle, Both Jason Scott and Tommy Oliver depended on Billy Cranston, Tommy and Tim Jefferson had Justin Stewart to depend on. I donít know how often Leo Corbett looked to Kendrix Morgan for advice before her death," he tried using Ranger history to make her understand it was normal.

"Alpha those names mean nothing to me. Also what do these people have to do with my problem as it is."

"Jason, Tommy, and T.J. as he was known where Leaders like you and Amelia is sort of like Billy, Justin, and Kendrix in that she is the Brains of the operation. IF Amelia wasnít as Intelligent as she was do you think she could have developed the powers. She did most of the work with maybe a little bit of help from Tyra who was also the brains for her team," explaining the chain of command, within the Rangers.

"Yeah but where did Billy, Justin, and Kendrix fit into the chain?" she inquired the from the android.

"Generally not as high as Amelia is. But you have to consider you and Amelia are practically best friends," he reminded.

"Alpha, Amelia and I are best friends," she reacted to his comment. "Plus you have to include Marsha in there.í

"Michelle, maybe you should go home and rest," he suggested.

"I probably do need a rest but It might be better to rest here in case something should go wrong," she protested, feeling it was her responsibility to make sure nothing went wrong.

Professor Damon followed Michelle down to the living quarters.

"Professor, you scared me," startled not noticing he followed her down.

"You should have seen the look on Robertís face the first time I appeared to him almost eighty two years ago," he replied with a seem mysticism in his tone.

"What did you do to him?" she asked drawing him out of his revelry.

"Gave him the powers of Plastica," answering her question.

"This is unbelievable I actually looked up to him as an idea of how I wanted to do things if I ever had the opportunity," a note of amazement in her voice.

"Michelle, even Robert has had his problems. One time he almost permanently lost his powers," he pointed out.

"Whoa what happened?" wondering how it happened.

"His powerband took an acid bath. HE managed to rebuild it but eventually with the help of a Demona Fuser we were able to restore his powers into a new powerband. Then tragedy struck," recalling the incident.

"What happened?" she asked, wanting him to continue.

"His wife died in an explosion. They were testing some fighters when Scorpius decided to have a little fun and opened fire. Jessica was the only casualty. Both Robert and Stephanie took an overly brief hiatus. Of course during that hiatus they ran into a problem and were unable to power-up since I had taken their powerbands to my home planet for some tweaking of their powers. Thankfully he was able to use his ring to open a portal and Bring the Demona Rangers to his location though how he knew to do it I donít know," he told Michelle. Sadness could be sensed in his retelling of the tail.

"Are either of them still alive today?" curious about his previous pupils.

"Robert sadly isnít but Stephanie is. She retired a couple years ago," he informed her. "In fact right before retirement she was working here."

"Whoa. What does Plastica have to do with my problem?"

"Easy he was a leader with his share of problems. Yet he managed. Heck one time going between his home on Earth and Georgia he pulled a real good joke on some Army Signal Corps people at Fort Bragg," recalling the amusing stunt.

"What did he do?" her curiosity tweaked.

"He pretended to be the General who had commanded the US Military Central Command at the time of the War of Kuwaiti Liberation. Heck it worked," he admitted.

"Do you think it is good that Iím trying to emulate him?" wanting his approval of her.

"It takes time to be a real good leader. Soon you will probably be the best leader a Ranger team had ever had. All you need is confidence in yourself and your team. Once you have that you will be the best leader you can be. You want to know something Michelle?" giving his input.

"What Professor?" she asked, bidding him continue.

"After you and Amelia left for that first skirmish before Marsha, Bobby, and Greg joined up I had mentioned to I/Oca how I agreed that you should be the leader of the team. While Amelia had her list I had faith that she would choose the best people she could. In fact I had I/Oca one day check her RAT for some info when she was off on a mission and I saw how she had you, Marsha, Ty, and Bobby down as her chosen team. It didnít surprise me since your little group was real close. Thatís when I had chosen you as the teams leader. Sue did the best she could. In fact the Demona Rangerís grew during her reign into a pretty good fighting force. Then after she retired Kim led the team in her own style. When the Granddaughter of a former GSA head was killed in action during a battle she took the time to personally go to the girlís grandfather and inform him of his granddaughterís death. She knew that while it was a distasteful job it had to be done," he told Michelle.

"It probably wasnít easy telling someone that a member of their family was dead. I donít know if I would have an easy time doing that," remarking on an unwanted task.

"That is one trait all leaders share. They donít enjoy having to pass on bad news to a soldiers family. Thankfully not too many rangers get killed in the line of duty," responding with something positive.

"I wonder if I we should add Leadership training to the Training Rotation. After all If Iím tied up somewhere Amelia, or one of the others might have to take command until I can arrive," pondering the notion.

"If we were going to be continuing the training then I would consider it but with School Starting next week and you five having had your first true battle Iím not sure any more mandatory training sessions are needed. All You all have to do is continue to work on your skills so you wonít get rusty," commenting on her proposal.

"Basically your advice is just concentrate on being a leader and not worry about how I lead That as I go along I will figure out what works and what doesnít," she stated.

"Thatís all anyone can do. You canít foresee every problem that comes up. For instance even though Sean Crowning picked on her about it and joked one day that she would probably end up breaking her neck I didnít force Sasha to cut her and yet it was her hair that resulted in her death. Now hair length is regulated. For the record everyoneís hair is within regulation length."

Meanwhile Lord Xenon was watching the conversation with sinister ideas.

"Galactex, Cause a few problems in Settlement 14 Take some Xenonites and Aquamac," Lord Xenon ordered.

"Right away Master."

Alpha noticed the Assault Force and signaled the Professor.

"Alpha, contact the others and alert the zords. Iím on it," Michelle promptly responding to the emergency. "Showtime Red Zordonian Power."

Michelle arrived at the scene her sword already in place.

"Greetings Red Ranger. Feeling like a Leader today?" Galactex mocking her.

"Up yours Galactex," angrily scoffing.

The others meanwhile were at the Youth Center.

"Amelia, Galactex, some Xenonites, and a Monster are in Settlement 14. Michelle just left to begin the defense."

"Weíre on our way," promptly responding to the summons. "Showtime."

"Green Zordonian Power."

"Blue Zordonian Power."

"Yellow Zordonian Power."

"Pink Zordonian Power."

They were on their way within seconds. Greg and Marsha handled the Xenonites. Marsha sent her boomerangs at the Xenonites while Greg attacked the distant ones with his Whip and Joy Buzzed any that got too close. Amelia and Bobby meanwhile started on Aquamac. Aquamac Had the look of a diver even though his body inside the Bell on his Head looked like someone had mated a Canis Familiaris and a Felis Domesticus The Monster sent a stream of water at them. Bobbyís trident though was able to keep the water at bay while Amelia sent her Chacron at the Monster to attempt at destroying his water shooter. Luckily she was successful.

"Ow that hurt," The monster cried with pain as he sent another volley their way.

"Amelia, look out," Michelle yelled. Luckily Amelia and Bobby both jumped clear. Galactex took advantage of Michelleís distraction to send a needle at Aquamac.

"We better call the Zords," she firmly asserted. "Sir-Lance-a-lot Maximum Burn."

"Athena, Maximum Burn."

"Thor, Maximum Burn."

"Rayden Maximum Burn."

"Lylith Maximum Burn."

Within seconds the zords were in place.

"Sir-Lance-a-lot initiate Warrior Mode," stating her order.

"Initiating Warrior Mode. Should I have the others also go to Warrior Mode?"

"Yes," thinking it was a good suggestion.

Sir-Lance-a-lot then Went into Warrior Mode looking like a Medieval night when he finished. Athena looked like a her Greek counterpart. Thor looked similar to his Norse Namesake, Rayden looked somewhat human but with a Fishlike head. Lylith has a fairly beautiful body that hard a Grecian look to it..

"Rayden, letís attempt a quick flyover," Green Ranger informed to his Zord.

"Such a tactic considering our opponent would be took risky," Rayden indicating his objections.

The Zords started to attack Aquamac. For the most part the Rangers were simply there for the Ride. Michelle had an idea.

"Sir-Lance-a-lot does Thor have access to the Lightning Hammer when the zords are separated?"

"Yes he does and it might just have enough power."

"Bobby, activate the Hammer," indicating her attack plan.

"You heard her Thor, letís send your weapon clear," he ordered.

The Weapon arrived safely and Thor got ready.

"Chariot I summon you," Thor called out. Soon after that a Chariot arrived and Thor boarded it.

"Whoa," Michelle reacted impressed.

"Awesome," was Bobby's only response.

"Hammer Lightning Attack," Thor roared, putting all his weight into the movement as he threw the hammer. As the weapon was in the Air Thor backed it up with some Thunder as his Chariot rode across the Sky. Aquamac was evaporated within seconds. Right after that the Hammer was back in his hands.

"That was good work Michelle, you called every mark perfectly," Amelia called congratulating her leader.

"Well you all helped," the Red Ranger appreciatively thanked. "I couldnít have done it without all of you at my side. Even you Sir-Lance-a-Lot.

If Sir Lance-a-lot had been capable of blushing he would have been right then.

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