Disclaimer: Saban owns the Concept but Unicron and I own the Characters. This is #5 in the Zordonian Rangers Series. This is also the first one to really be looked at as co-written since Unicron came up with some of the more critical stuff dealing with the Jackson twins. IF anyone wants to use one of our characters you need permission from one if not both of us.

Zordonian Rangers
Power of Seven
By Robert Gutheim and Unicron

A bright sunny Morning along Fuller Street in Colonial Heights. In one house Amelia Cummings was trying to figure out what to wear to school when her neighbor Michelle walked in.

"I donít think your robe will work for school," Michelle said.

"Iím trying to figure out whether to wear Utilities or civilian clothes. I did pack my PT Uniform for gym class. Thankfully I managed to talk my uncle into finding me a decent set of shorts for gym since I might not be able to wear my PT pants," Amelia said.

"Utilities. Iím authorizing them for school wear," Michelle said. "Hey itís not like our identities are secret. I called Greg and Marsha with that info. Too bad Bobby wonít be at our school anymore."

"I know," Amelia said. "Just think only a few more months before I get my license."

"What type of a car are you thinking of getting?" Michelle asked.

"I think I/Oca has something up his electronic sleeves," Amelia said as She put her uniform pants on along with the Pink Shirt she wore underneath. Finally she topped it off with her Uniform Jacket.

"Donít leave your jacket in your locker. I spoke with Principal Grey and informed him that Battalion Members were to wear their Utility Jackets at all time unless in Gym class. He was going to brief the Teachers in."

Amelia then grabbed her PT bag and a backpack with her supplies. When they got outside they tossed their bags into the back seat of Michelleís Candy Apple red sedan. Their next stop was Marshaís to pick her up. Marsha put her bag with the others and sat on the side next to the bags but behind Amelia. Since Greg was going to walk that day their next stop was the school. As they were walking in a Male voice belonging to a tall African American male called out "Marsha, wait up?"

"Ty, how is everything?" Marsha asked as her boyfriend Ty Coughlin caught up.

"Great, Havenít seen much of you since you joined the Rangers. Man Iím almost glad not to be one," he exclaimed.

"Hate to say it Ty but you were on my original list," Amelia said. "I ended up finding a different candidate though and never contacted you."

"Iím not sure whether to be pissed at you or not Amelia," Ty said as a couple girls walked by about six feet from them. One of them a girl with long Red Hair down about halfway to her elbows wearing a white Shirt over blue jeans said in an audible tone. "That one Brunette looked almost perfect."

"Roxanne, try not to let your sexuality get away from you here. I still think the real reason Mom and Dad moved here is because your sexuality was causing problems back in Winnipeg," her black haired sister who had a Purple blouse over a paisley skirt telepathically sent to her.

"Vanessa, you are no fun. So what if my preferences are a little outside the norm," Roxanne shot back.

"Let me just say this Iím glad we donít look alike," Vanessa sent back at her sister.

The three Rangers along with Ty walked in and Amelia visited her locker in order to drop off her PT bag since she didnít have gym until after lunch.

Letís see my first class is Galactic History with a Mrs. Hammond. I bet I know who this refers to.

Amelia then headed for the classroom. When she got inside she saw that Marsha had saved her a seat. She also noticed Greg walk in. What she was annoyed about was Vanessa and Roxanne had also walked in.

Ugh that one girl who had made that remark about Michelle is in this class.

"You donít really like my sister do you?" Vanessa popped sneaking up to talk to her.

"What makes you think that?" she remarking with neutral expression.

"I could tell by your thought just now. Roxanne and I are telepathic," Vanessa said. "Iím Vanessa Jackson. Roxanne is my fraternal twin sister."

"Iím Amelia Cummings. These two are Marsha White and Greg Simmons. Both of them are taken. Marsha dates the guy that was standing with my crowd when your sister made her remark about a friend of ours. Greg is my boyfriend."

"In fact Ty and I started Dating maybe a week after Amelia and Greg did," Marsha said.

"Are you three in the Military or something?" Roxanne inquired joining the conversation, as she tied her hair up.

"Kind of Sort of. Weíre with the 56th Ranger Battalion," she responded as Janet walked in.

"Ah I see the Rangers are here," Janet announced. "Where is Bobby?"

"His house is in Settlement 14 these days so he transferred to the High School there," Greg put in.

"OH," she now understanding the member of the group of friends.

"Any idea how good the teacher is for this class?" Roxanne wondered out loud..

"Iíd like to think Iím an OK teacher. After all Iím still here," Janet replied surprising Roxanne.

"This is something else. She seemed to know who Amelia and her friends were," Roxanne hinted to Vanessa.

"Maybe she is a former ranger herself," Vanessa shot back.

"I take it you are new here," Janet surmised from not remembering to have seen them before today..

"Yes my twin sister and I moved here last week from Manitoba on Earth. Iím Vanessa Jackson and my sister is Roxanne Jackson."

A few other students walked in mostly males and Janet started class. Amelia, Marsha and Greg were seated near the door in case they had to move fast whereas the Jackson twins had placed themselves near the middle of the room. By the time everyone was sat down twenty of the thirty desks in the 125 square foot room were filled.

"Hello and Welcome to Galactic History. Iím Mrs. Hammond. Iím originally from Earth and those of you who know Eltarian better not try to swear in it in here because I attended a school on Eltare a few years back so Iím well fluent in it. After I left Eltare I came here to Capsilon IX. After arriving I hooked up with the Demona Rangers for a stretch that lasted until 2070. Now letís hear from you all starting with Amelia."

"Iím Amelia Cummings. Like our teacher Iím from Earth only I was born in Chicago. I almost died when I was six when my dad tried to kill me. Thankfully a nice doctor patched me up and gave me a home where I felt safe. My family moved here when I was twelve at which time the Demona Rangers made me a JR. Ranger since my cousin was a ranger with our teacher. Now though Iím a full Ranger."

A couple other students introduced themselves and then it was Roxanneís turn.

"Hi Iím Roxanne Jackson. I was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada on Earth where my family lived until we moved to Capsilon IX last week. I better warn you Iím a Red Belt in Karate. Also I'm a Champion in Weapons combat."

"I'm Vanessa Jackson. People I really like I let call me Van. Like Roxanne I'm a Red Belt in Karate. I'm more of a Single Combat Champion. Roxanne is my fraternal twin. Even if she is better at weapons we had both been trained in using the Katana. The two of us together can be lethal. In fact back in Winnipeg we won a trophy for Ninja Tag Team at a tournament."

I better signal Professor Damon. There is something interesting about those two.

Amelia while the next student introduced himself reached into her backpack and then entered a special pocket dimension and grabbed a smaller palm sized version of her RAT and sent an e-mail to Professor Damon.

"I'm Greg Simmons, I moved here back in July from Los Angeles on Earth. Within a couple weeks of moving here I was recruited by a very beautiful woman to join the 56th Ranger Battalion. I might add that that very beautiful woman is now my girlfriend. I better warn you a lot of people look at me as being part hyena."

"Yeah watch out for the Joy Buzzer of Death," Roxanne joked.

Marsha when it reached her turn briefed everyone in on what she had learned during her first visit to the Kent house in Settlement 4.

At Lunch Amelia and Marsha invited the Jackson twins to join them. Michelle walked over and sat down. Greg sat down shortly after that.

"Michelle, how was your morning?" Marsha questioned after she sat down.

"It wasn't that bad. What about with you?" she curiously. hoping they had a good first day back. l

"Well when we got to Galactic History we ran into the Jackson Twins Roxanne and Vanessa," Amelia said indicating their companions

"I hope my remark didn't offend you too badly when I passed you this morning," Roxanne apologetically asked.

"I figured you were referring to the way my uniform was since I take it pretty seriously," Michelle strongly said with pride.

"Well that too," Roxanne stated..

"After all it's not like you're homosexual or something," she responded.

Roxanne almost went ghost white at Michelle's comment.

"Are you with the same unit as Amelia, Marsha, and Greg?" Vanessa interjected the throwing of the focus on her sister.

"As a matter of fact I am. I'm the field commander for the Battalion. Did Amelia mention being my Executive Officer?" Michelle promptly answered. "Which of you is which."

"I'm Vanessa, and you can probably figure out that Roxanne is the other one. By the way be careful with your thoughts because Roxanne and I are telepathic."

"How ethical are you with your telepathy?" Marsha thoughtfully trying to judge how careful to be around them.

"We refrain from using it during test situations," Roxanne truthfully stated. Wanting reassure her new friends that don't have to be afraid of their talent.

"Even for communication between yourselves," Amelia quizzed wanting to know more "Did you pick up on one of my thoughts after Vanessa introduced herself in History today?"

"Just something about demons maybe. It wasn't real clear," Vanessa tried answering to the best of ability. "WE can read the thoughts of anyone in the same room we are in so long as the room isnít real big. IF we are communicating with each other then the range is far greater. Roxanne and I tested it one day and we found that we had a range of about a hundred miles when we are communicating between ourselves.

Amelia heard a faint beep and reached back into her backpack to get her Palm RAT from her pocket dimension.

"Amelia, I'm looking into it. Meet me at the Youth Center after school and bring the Jackson Twins. Have the other Rangers return to Rangertech make up an excuse I/Oca," the small screen showed.

"Michelle, you, Marsha, and Greg have to meet back at the Battalion Office after school. In the meantime since I won't be needed Vanessa if you want I could show you two the Youth Center," she offered kindly. "Greg, signal Bobby that he has the same meeting you three do."

"Who is this Bobby guy?" Roxanne asked puzzled about the bringing up of new person's name. Especially one who noticed wasn't around.

"The same Bobby that Mrs. Hammond asked about in History," Amelia told her to straighten out the red heads confusion.

"OH," Roxanne remarked being reminded about the person in question. .

After Lunch Amelia grabbed went back to her locker and grabbed her PT bag leaving her backpack there since she didn't need it for her last couple classes but simply threw a couple books in her PT bag. She then proceeded to the Gym. She was glad to see Vanessa but mentally made note that Roxanne wasnít there.

"Roxanne had gym right before lunch," Vanessa said. "You actually expect to wear your uniform during Gym class."

"I brought a Physical Training Uniform," Amelia said. "I hope my teacher lets me snag a big locker because of my uniform."

"How special is your battalion. Can anyone join up?" the black haired girl interested in unit.

"It kind of is a special unit. In fact the GSA Commander doesn't even have any real control other then the purse strings. It's referred to as a Class 2 Activity," Amelia gave an explanation as the teacher walked in.

"OK Class simmer down. Today we will primarily be getting lockers squared away and also starting Physical Fitness tests. Which of you is Amelia Cummings?" the teacher called out. Establishing which of his student she was.

Amelia snapped off a quick Salute as a signal.

"I already have you set up with a locker. The Request came down from your uncle based on word from the Battalion Commander that you were authorized to wear your uniform during school hours," the teacher told her, knowing to be unusual.

"Thanks sir," she formally answered.. "Was it just me or the other Battalion members as well?"

"There was a list of four people including you for which we had to set aside lockers for," the teacher said. "Then about eleven o'clock this morning I received a call to hold off on assigning a locker to two girls named Jackson."

"Was one of them Vanessa Jackson?" Vanessa inquired revealing who she was to her instructor. a

"Yes it was. Any idea why?" the teacher asked unsure what to make of the incident. r

"No clue what so ever," replied Vanessa puzzlement written on her face. "What should I do with my things?"

"For now I'll let you store your stuff in my locker until we get things straightened out," Amelia said.

The teacher then handed Amelia a small old fashioned combination style padlock with the combination on a tag through the top part of the lock.

"Sir, if you don't mind I'll take Vanessa with me and go change into more appropriate clothes," Amelia announced her intentions about the matter.

"Sounds good," he agreed with Amelia's plan.

Vanessa followed Amelia into the locker room.

"Amelia, you know something you're not telling me don't you?" Vanessa questioned as Amelia started to change out of her utilities into her PT Uniform. Amelia very carefully hung up her Utilities on the hooks provided. She the put her PT uniform on.

"Man you just can't get away from pink can you?" Vanessa commented even though her gym shorts were purple like her blouse that she had on for normal use that day. Vanessa simply piled her clothes on the shelf in Amelia's locker.

Amelia found Vanessa to be a pretty fit individual during the Testing. She let Vanessa unlock the locker after class so they could change. Soon as School was over Amelia met the Jackson Twins outside of the High School near the main Entrance.

"So what is the Youth Center like?" Roxanne opened with, make sure she knew what to expect.

"It's not bad two real nice people Matt Connorson and Kim Coltran run it. Kim, was with the Battalion at the same time as Mrs. Hammond and my cousin and Matt is Michelle's dad. Connorson's live next door to me," Amelia giving the twins a rundown.

I/Oca was sitting at the bar talking to Matt when they entered. You could see the tables that littered it. A little bit of trash was on the floor near a few tables.

"OK I/Oca what is going on," Amelia calmly wanted an explanation, as they walked up.

"I was asked to check Vanessa and Roxanne out. Battalion Business," he replied to calmly. "The big guy and I'm not talking about your uncle thinks that they might be the best candidates."

"You don't mean that they might be the best candidates for the other two crystals I found that day," excitably rapidly fired off Amelia.

"Actually I do," giving his opinion about the matter.

"What crystals?" Vanessa confusedly wanted to understand what the two were discussing. As some Black Suited Xenonites appeared from a portal in the ceiling. The Xenonites immediately pulled out wooden batons and started clubbing the other patrons.

"This is not good," the Pink Ranger angrily snapped. "Showtime, Pink Zordonian Power."

The minute Amelia was fully Morphed she went into action. She kicked around a few Xenonites wanting to save her chacron for a better battle. Luckily Vanessa and Roxanne decided to help her knock out the Xenonites. I/Oca holding a small hand held sensor sent a special feed to the War Room in the Command Bunker where the other rangers were monitoring the Battle.

"Professor, shouldnít we back them up?" Bobby deferring to his mentor.

"The other two are pretty good fighters especially together. You can see that the way they are working together. We could use a couple fighters like them," Marsh assessed the abilities of twins. a

"I agree, question is will they be interested in joining us," Professor Damon pondered.

"Still We might want to back them up," Michelle supplied

"Let them handle it Michelle," Professor Damon decided in order to judge the twin's fighting prowess.

Meanwhile back at the Youth Center the Combatants were pretty spread out with Amelia and I/Oca handling the Xenonites near by bar and Vanessa and Roxanne tackling the ones among the many tables that dotted the rooms. I/Oca being that he had forgotten his Phased Energy Rectifier was batting the Xenonites away with a bar stool.

"These things are something else," Roxanne merrily intoned. "I wouldn't mind doing this full time."

"Yeah but what are the chances that we'll be able to?" her sister pondered amazed in her twin's boldness.

"We might if some sort of Crystal allowed Amelia to do that?" Roxanne retorted as she sent a Xenonite packing back to Lord Xenon.

Finally after forty five minutes of fighting the last Xenonite fell victim to a Katana that Roxanne had pulled from her bag.

"Depending on how things go I might be able to help you find a better place to keep your sword," Amelia informed.

"How come the other Ranger's didn't come?" Vanessa unable to understand the reason only one Ranger was around.

"They were monitoring the fight. I admit Professor Damon and I didn't expect Lord Xenon to send some of his troops especially Black Suited Xenonites which are stronger and more powerful then the Red Suited Xenonites. AS you probably noticed they were dressed almost like Ninjas. The Professor and I are thinking of having you rangers discovering your Spirit Animals so you can augment your powers," I/Oca explained.

"I/Oca, if is there room for me I want to help," Vanessa impulsively cut in.

"Me too," Roxanne volunteering following her sister's example..

"Let's get them set up back at the Bunker," Amelia glad they would help. "Vanessa, Roxanne, grab your things."

Amelia helped Vanessa Teleport and Roxanne went with I/Oca.

"I see you brought your friends with you," Professor Damon replied, as soon as they arrived. "Thankfully I had their morphers ready."

"I agree," Amelia voiced. a

Professor Damon handed the White Morphers to Roxanne and the Purple Morphers to Vanessa.

"You two are lucky in that you already have your weapons having brought them with you," Professor Damon exclaimed. "I'll have Amelia show you how the pocket dimensions work so you can store them in there."

"What do we have for Zords?" Vanessa firmly asked and making clear she knew the perks of being a Ranger. "Or don't we get zords."

"You do. Roxanne, your zord Jetzord 6 has two modes. It's normal mode is Demona from when the White Demona Ranger flew it. That being the Strike Eagle Demona Battlezord. By calling upon AI power it morphs into Jetzord 7 name Freedom. AS Jetzord 6 Freedom has a Battle Warrior Mode with a much stronger version of your Katana," I/Oca said. "Vanessa, like most of the rangers you have separate Demona and Jet Zord. Your Demona zord is known as the Chopzord. Your Jetzord is Jetzord 7 name Robin Hood. It's based on an A-6 Intruder which once flew with the United States Navy. Like all the Jetzords your zord can change into Battle Warrior Mode and like Freedom Robin Hood has a much stronger version of your Katana. Rangers for the record each Zord when in Battle Warrior Mode has an altered version of your primary weapon and some like Thor have a special weapon and attack."

"This is something else. I'm assuming that our zords are not part of the Megazord," Vanessa correctly guessed.

"That is True," I/Oca confirmed her assumption. "Just so you two know I have a set of utilities and s PT Uniform ready for you. Your Dress Uniforms, Fatigue's and additional Utilities and PT Uniforms are on order from GSA."

"I guess we should check out our uniforms before the next battle," Vanessa suggested.

"Might not be a bad idea," I/Oca agreed with her plan. "Iíll also see about getting you two some personal quarters. I donít think we have any double rooms around so I hope you donít mind separate accommodations. Sometimes we have the Rangers stay over. For the most part you will be living at home though."

"Probably good that we arenít required to live here all the time. How free are we to morph?" Vanessa a making sure she properly understood the guidelines.

"Since uniforms are issued through GSA you can freely morph. Kind of like Amelia did today," I/Oca pointed out.

The next Day Amelia was just climbing into the shower when her communicator went off.

"Amelia here."

"Amelia, report to the War Room," Alpha commanded, sounding distressed.

"Let me just get into uniform first," Amelia said throwing her Hot Pink wrap abound robe back on. As she was heading to her room her Tall Reddish Blond haired mother came walking forward.

"Amelia, what will you be having for breakfast?" she inquired of her daughter.

"Sorry mom but Duty calls," Amelia said as she threw a set of fatigues on. She then teleported out and into the War Room.

"OK Rangers here is the situation. Highway 16 between Settlements 4 and 12 is under attack by Xenonites. To assist you Iíve built special Jet Cycles. Right now they donít look like much but all you have to do is hit the jet button and special armor appears," I/Oca appraised them of the situation. A Picture of the Sleek Cycles appeared on the Screen. They looked like your basic Harley except the handles were close in to the frame like on a normal bicycle. Hints of Color could be scene along the Frame and Handles. The Blue, Green, and White Cycles looked to have two seats back to back with backrests but the others only had the one seat and no backrest.

"We better get to work then," Michelle taking her cue from I/Oca. "Showtime."

"Red Zordonian Power." A towering inferno surrounded Michelle, from head to toe. When the wall of flames slid apart it revealed the Red Ranger.

"Green Zordonian Power." electrical energy flared throughout Greg's whole body. Soon as the energy dissipated he was the Green Ranger.

"Blue Zordonian Power." A whirlpool erupted from the ground and hid Bobby from view. As the water became vapor in the air, he was the Blue Ranger.

"Yellow Zordonian Power." just then the area became pitch black and a full moon lit the place. When the shadow dome burst open Marsha was the Yellow Ranger.

"Pink Zordonian Power." A pink cloud appeared high above her head. It showered Amelia with a dust storm. Soon as the storm cleared and she could be seen again she was the Pink Ranger.

"White Zordonian Power." White light shot from her stomach. It expanded to become a pyramid crystal incasing her body. None could see through because the light was an intense white color which was hard on the eyes. The light focussed on her neck which started glowing the same color and didn't stop until reaching her waist. Soon it finished there it shined white from her feet to her waist. Seconds later her hands sparkled white and faded when it came to her shoulders. On the outside world it looked like it was just beginning, when in reality it ended. Roxanne wore purple gloves and white boots. She wore a black V shaped breastplate. Purple arm guards were on Roxanne's upper arms. Purple shin guards protected her legs. The emblem within her coin was an eight pointed star which symbolized mastery of spirit. Her helmet had a ring of Smaller Stars in a Bluish Color so they would be visible over the White Helmet.

"Purple Zordonian Power." A purple bubble materialized and incased Vanessa. Purple liquid coded her shoulders, down to her hands. The next spot the soapy substance coded was waste and stopped at the neck. It then traveled from her legs down to Vanessa's feet. After being totally covered by the purple soapy liquid the bubble popped open. She was then the Purple Ranger. Like Roxanne a V-shaped breastplate protected her and the same color as her twin. Her gloves were white and the boots purple. Shin and arm guards were placed in proper areas which were white. The symbol within Vanessa's chest coin was an oval crystal, which symbolized mastery of the mind. The Oval also encircled the Top of her Helmet above the Smoky Brown Faceplate.

The Rangers then went to the Garage and hopped on their Jet Cycles. They then took them to warfare mode. Thanks to the jet abilities they arrived there fairly quickly. By the time they arrived a Monster had already arrived. HE Looked Human but had scales like a snake. HE had a fairly short sword in one hand.

"Greetings Rangers," the Monster gestured with his weapon how he actually felt about the team of warriors. "You can call me Rattler."

"Personally Iíd prefer to call you Shish Kabob," Roxanne quipped as she grabbed her Katana out of her pocket dimension. Vanessa was right beside her with an identical Katana. The only difference was the handle on Vanessaís was purple compared to the white on Roxanneís. The other Rangers meanwhile were going after the Xenonites which were a mix of both types Red and Black.

"I think a Little evening of the odds is in order," Rattler laughed "Rattler split attack."

Next to Rattler a couple copies appeared.

"Not good," Vanessa muttered not angrily about the trick it just did. "Greg, we could use some help."

"On my way ladies," Greg said as he came running with his whip. A quick check of his hands showed the joy buzzer was absent. Greg stood a fair distance from one of the copies and sent several electrical charges at him using his whip. After an hour of fighting Roxanne and Vanessa managed to send two copies of Rattler packing. Only problem is Galactex decided to have the other one grow.

"I think we better use the Zords at this point," Vanessa deciding on the best way to react.

"Sir-Lance-a-lot Maximum Burn."

"Athena, Maximum Burn."

"Thor, Maximum Burn."

"Rayden, Maximum Burn."

"Lylith, Maximum Burn."

"Freedom, Maximum Burn."

"Robin Hood Maximum Burn."

The Zords took off from the Carrier they were stored on and Headed for the battlefield. The Rangers immediately teleported up.

"I better have Freedom go to AI mode," Roxanne figured.

"Morning, Roxanne," Freedom greeted her new pilot, after the AI module was engaged.

"Morning Freedom," Roxanne replying to AI.

"Guys, I think we should try Battle Warrior Mode to start out," Sir-Lance-a-lot broadcasted to the Zords.

"Athena, Maximize."

"Thor Maximize."

"Rayden Maximize."

"Lylith, Maximize."

"Freedom, Maximize."

"Robin Hood, Maximize."

"Sir-Lance-a-lot Maximize."

"Athena online."

"Thor Online."

"Rayden Online."

"Lylith Online."

"Freedom Online."

"Robin Hood Online."

"Sir-Lance-a-lot online."

Freedom was somewhat Bird Like in the above the shoulders with a Whitish Colored Birds head. Her wings were retracted. Robin, Hood meanwhile Looked like a Medieval Archer but not with the Flair of Sir-Lance-a-lot. The Zords then began an all out battle. Eventually though Michelle knew that they were going to have to step it up.

"Sir-Lance-a-lot, think we should go to Megazord Mode," the Rangers leader open to her Zord's advice.

"I agree," Sir-Lance-a-lot in agreement with his pilot.

Sir-Lance-a-lot then signaled the other zords in the Megazord and they Linked up.

"Bobby, activate Excalibur," Michelle command tactical expert. e

"Freedom, I think we should keep Rattler Busy," Robin Hood noted to her partner.

"Way ahead of your Robin," Freedom declared, being quicker on the uptake.

The two Extra Zords took the time to Grab onto either side of Rattler So that he couldnít get away. When Excalibur appeared it had a Very Long Blade and an extremely ornate Hilt. The Blade glowed with Energy and As the Megazord started to send it down Robin Hood ducked down slightly so that The Megazord could cut through the Monster easily. In fact the Megazord had to stop before it sliced into Freedomís leg.

"OK Guys good work. Weíll head back to base while you all return to the Carrier," Michelle ordered the Zords.

The Rangers then hoped on the Jet Cycles and returned to base.

"That was good work with the Zords," Professor Damon gave his opinion, soon as they came into the Warroom.

"The Jet cycles were something else, too bad we couldnít use them for everyday," Vanessa downscastly retorted. "It would make it easy getting to school and so forth."

"You can use them for everyday. You just canít use warfare mode when unmorphed. I already have them all registered to Rangertech which is a cover for our activities. I/Oca managed to build them without having to really send a requisition through GSA," the Prof. said, lifting Vanessa's spirits. He was glad to be able to allow them an means of transportation.

"We better get to school, last one there is a Xenonite," Roxanne teased, as she ran for her and jumped onto her jetcycle.

Closing Notes. Well looks like the Rangers are ready for anything or are they. Stay tuned.