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New Recruit
By Robert Gutheim and Unicron

The quiet of a fall morning on Capsilon IX is lost, as a motorcycle is heard piercing the air near Settlement 14 High School. As the cycle pulls into the school Parking lot the Asian looking driver passes a Tall Fortyish man with Dark hair that had a slight grayish tint along the sideburns.

"Morning Mr. Kaplan," the driver called out over the roar of his cycle.

"What was that Bobby I couldnít hear you," the man said his voice drowned out by the engine on the cycle.

The cycleís driver then pulled into a parking space marked reserved for Bobby Zhang. He then started to walk towards his locker. As he was walking to his locker he knocked down a cat like girl in an orange jumpsuit who while she looked Japanese almost seemed to have a little Russian in her since she was in a hurry. Her textbooks ended up spilling to the ground.

"Here let me help you with those," he said picking up her schedule. This is unbelievable this girl is in everyone of my classes. "Are you new or something because I havenít seen you in class yet this year."

"I just recently moved here thatís why. Iím Mitsu Miyajima."

"Iím Bobby Zhang, listen Mitsu I couldnít help noticing the similarity in our schedules. Maybe I should walk you to class."

"Iíd love to be escorted to class by a soldier," Mitsu accepted his offer. "Are there many interesting guys like you in the 56th battalion." She purred having noticed the patch on his uniform jacket.

"Not really itís mostly women," he said.

Things were not in as good a shape aboard the Venom. Nightshade was excited because her zord the Deathzord had been located.

"This will be a piece of cake. Only one zord Cleopatra the Cargo Zord can defeat Myrra. Only thing is Cleopatra is unclaimed since it is set aside for the Orange Ranger. The Rangers are history. All I need is a monster and some of my Super Xenonites to keep those twerps occupied while I retrieve Myrra," she scowled. "Hum here is a good one Vampiress."

A few hours later in a different section of the colony namely Old Colony or more specifically the Terra Venture Youth Center two women Eighteen Year old Michelle Connorson and fifteen year old Roxanne Jackson were having lunch while discussing their interests.

"How is your teaching job going?" Michelle asked recalling yesterday was Roxanne's first day teaching.

"Couldnít be better. Best job Iíve ever had. Itís great being able to teach young kids self defense. Who knows one of my students might someday be a Power Ranger," she proudly exclaimed.

"I heard through my special grapevine that next week a fitness gym is opening up. Iím trying to figure out if I should try to get a position teaching gymnastics," she reported and revealing that she was undecided about applying for a job.

"Hey if I can handle School Rangering and teaching Martial Arts you fearless leader should try for the job. I thought it was your dream," encouraging Michelle.

"Iíll think about what you said," Michelle said as she picked up her hamburger as Roxanne tried to sneak one of Michelleís fries having already finished the slice of pizza she had ordered. Michelle threatened to stab her teammate with a fork. A short time later they were getting ready to head back to school when their communicators went off.

"Michelle here whatís up."

"Ai Yi Yi, a Monster along with over a platoon of Super Xenonites are attacking the Space Port in Old Colony," Alpha responded more frantic then usual.

"Weíll handle it but Alert Amelia and the others," Roxanne advised.

"Ranger Power Eclipsed," Michelle barked.

"Red Zordonian Power." Red armor adorned the leader of the Zordonian Rangers. Unlike the normal suits, this one had a more intimidating. It also gave the wearer more protection in combat. To distinguish the difference from 1st Morph, it was made to look cybernetic. Plus it was Shinier.

"White Zordonian Power." White armor slid on the red head's frame. Similar to what her leader now wore.

They then arrived on the battle scene. About the only area that wasnít completely trashed was the Administrative building where the Space Port offices were located along with an INS Processing station. Three shuttles one of which belonged to the Colony were also trashed. Of the others, one was a Triforian Passenger Vessel the Lord Trey and the other was a Diplomatic Shuttle from Brakenous IV since the Planetary Governor was on the Colony to meet with the Colonial Governor for Capsilon IX.

"Whoa this place looks like an army had just gone through. I donít believe any ships will be landing here any time soon."

"I agree," Michelle said as She grabbed her sword and attacked the Xenonites. Roxanne meanwhile went after Vampiress which had a feminine look but the White pasty skin and Fangs of a Vampire. Vampiress shoves Roxanne against the left hand wall of a trashed hangar and then while the White Ranger was down tackled her. By this time at least eighteen of the Gold Suited Xenonites were down. The fight continued for a good Twenty minutes when Roxanne looked up at the Pink Rangerís Battle Chacron getting thrown at the monster. She looked up to see the other rangers including her sister the Purple Ranger arriving. In fact she noticed Amelia and Vanessa were backing her up while the others were helping Michelle with the Xenonites. Fifteen minutes later Michelleís group had sent the Xenonites packing and she along with Bobby, Greg, and Marsha help the others with Vampiress. Suddenly Roxanne started to glow, signaling an Overdrive. A strange leech like creature came from her forehead. The creature which was composed of Pure Energy struck into Vampiressís mind.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH," she screamed after the creature hit her head.

Next thing the Rangers saw was the Monster exploding.

"Unbelievable," Vanessa said. "These, overdrives are really something. Hope mine is that strong."

The other rangers agreed with Vanessa.

Nightshade was busy while the Rangerís were fighting Vampiress. She was approaching a range of Unexplored Mountains.

"Ah there is the cave where Myrra is," She said as she entered the cave to find a huge cavern. At the Far end was a Grayish colored Twin Tailed twin engined Aircraft.

"Myrra looks like just the thing to defeat the Rangerís while Lord Xenon is sick," she mused out loud as she climbed aboard and flew from the cavern towards the Rangerís location.

"We better be getting back to classes," Amelia replied for all of them, speaking through her helmet. She figured there's no reason to miss more school.

"I agree," Michelle approved as she prepared to demorph.

"Gang, Looks like trouble. I hear Jet engines and it doesnít sound like one of our zords," Vanessa called, Her headset picking up the sound, before the others noticed Myraa approaching.

"What the," Marsha quipped as the Deathzord opened fire on them. "I think our planned return to school will have to wait," she commented as she grabbed one of her boomerangs and tried to throw it at the zord.

Ten minutes later Nightshade converted Myrra to Warrior Mode. Myrra looked like a female ninja. She wasnít wearing a mask, a black martial arts bandana was around her forehead instead. Having long white hair like Nightshade.

"What I wouldnít give to have Athena with me about now," Amelia remarked while scowl formed on her forehead. "I think we should summon the Jetzords."

"Best Idea Iíve heard all day," Michelle was just about to suggest the same thing.

At the call the Jetzords took off from Airtron. Once they arrived the Rangerís immediately teleported into the Cockpits.

"Pink Ranger weapons ready," Athena called out, Her had the most Greek accented voice. This was to tell her mistress everything was set.

"Yellow Ready," Lylith announced to Marsha in the cockpit.

"Blue Taking Flight," Rayden sounded off, in a amused expression. His speech had a watery quality to it.

"Green ready to rock," Thor alerted, with a gravelly voice

"Roxanne ready for the Take down." Freedom actually sounded inpatient to confront the enemy Zord.

"Vanessa, online." Robin felt the same as her partner. only a bit more.

"Jetzords Maximize" roared Sir-Lance-A-Lot quickly as soon as Michelle had entered the cockpit.

"Sir-Lance-a-lot online." His British accent being heard as replied his status.

"Rayden online." his aqua voice sang out.

"Athena Online." her thick Greek accent stuck out, identifying nationality.

"Freedom online." what he sounded off everywhere, making hard to determine his location if it wasn't known.

"Lylith online." she stated, the feeling of ancientness voice distinguished her dialect was obvious.

"Robin Hood Online." A sense of honor in his speech.

"Thor Online." growled in some type of throllish accent.

Bobby and Thor were the First ready to attack Myrra. Only problem is they were quickly knocked over.

"Not good my friend," Bobby commented unhappily.

"I agree Bobby this zord is just too strong," Thor observed. "I donít think even my signature attack could take it down."

During this Freedom and Robin Hood with the Jackson twins Roxanne and Vanessa aboard tried to Double team her.

This isnít working Roxie.

I know Van. I hope this isnít the end of the Power Rangers. I donít think even Mind Scourge can take this thing out.

We need to try something.

The battle continued for a good hour.

"Man This zord is one tough cookie," Michelle sent over the communications.

"Would that be Peanut Butter or Chocolate Chip?" Greg asked a hint of humor in his voice.

"I was thinking Triple Chocolate Macadamia personally," Vanessa responding to the joke.

"Cut the Chatter troops," Michelle commanded.

Half an hour later Nightshade looks over the scene.

"Myrra, I think weíve convinced the Rangerís of your strength. Time to retreat. Return to jet mode," Nightshade ordered, impressed with her Zord.

"Agreed Nightshade," Myrra quickly responded to the command.

The Deathzord then returned to jet mode and flew away.

"We better check in with Prof. Damon," Michelle addressed the others. She hoped he would have an explanation about what just happened. they teleported out.

At the Bunker Professor Damon was looking over the Battle Sensors.

"Rangerís it looks like Nightshade found Myrra the Deathzord. Itís a very tough zord. While your zords are based on American Aircraft The Deathzord is based in a MiG-25 Foxbat which was fielded by what was once known for most of the Twentieth Century as the Soviet Union and by the nineties the Confederation of Independent States," Prof. Damon gave them the information he knew they would need.

"There is hope though," Aphrealle added to the briefing as she entered the door from the gymnasium. "All you need is help from the Orange Rangerís Jetzord."

"Mother, look around you we donít have an Orange Ranger," her daughter complained about the advise she gave.

"Not yet anyway," she corrected.

The next day right before lunch Bobby was leaving his prior class with Mitsu.

"How would you like to go to the Youth Center with me for lunch?" Bobby asked. Sarah happened to be nearby and had a mean look on her face.

"Bobby are you trying to ask me out or something?" she asked a little surprised at his invitation.

"No itís just we are allowed," he explainned why he was asking.

"Sounds good then," she replied. Before he had ask her to join him she only planned to hang around the school.

Bobby then lead the way to his motorcycle.

"Whoa reserved space and everything," she wasn't expecting this and her amazement showed in her comment By chance a second seat was on it. They boarded and Bobby headed for the transport station where it was beamed to the station near the Youth Center. When they arrived he saw the Red Warrior in a parking space.

Great Michelle is here.

HE directed Mitsu inside and noticed Michelle sitting with Roxanne. HE lead Mitsu that way while making a drinking gesture at Matt who was behind the bar.

"How is everything ladies," Bobby said. "This is Mitsu Miyajimama. Mitsu, this is Michelle Connorson and Roxanne Jackson," he introduced, indicating who was who.

"Bobby was joking a little bit. My last name is pronounced Miyajima. I assume you two are also 56th Battalion," Mitsu said having noticed how both Michelle and Roxanne were in uniform,

"Yes we are," Michelle said with a slight raised eyebrow at Bobby.

"She noticed the patch on my uniform yesterday," he explainned. "She is in my classes at school."

"How come I havenít seen you two around school?" Mitsu inquired, with a look of puzzlement.

"We attend Colonial Heights High School," Michelle answered as her dad set down a tray of sodas. "Mitsu, this is my dad Matt."

"Pleasure to meet you Mitsu," he said as she shook his stretched out hand.

"Iím sure it is Mr. Connorson," she said.

Before they knew it trouble with a Capital X arrived.

"Oh man looks like a couple Platoons at least," Roxanne said. "Why can I never have a quiet moment without those things showing up?"

"I have no idea," Michelle responded, even knowing it was a rhetorical question.

By this time Roxanne was attacking the first couple Xenonites. Bobby and Michelle backed her up. Mitsu though had a surprise up her sleeves literally as metal claws sprung from her wrists extending up to twelve inches long.

"Whoa your friend is pretty interesting," Michelle said as she bonked a couple Black Xenonites heads together.

With Mitsuís help they quickly defeat the Xenonites just leaving the Monster.

"I think to handle Eight arms there we need a little help," calls out Michelle. "Showtime. Red Zordonian Power." A towering inferno covered her, from head to toe. As the wall flames slid down the middle appeared the Red Ranger.

"Blue Zordonian Power." A whirlpool erupted from the ground and hid Bobby from view. After the water became air vapors he is the Blue Ranger.

"White Zordonian Power." Pure white light surrounded Roxanne It is so intense, that none could stare because it was too harsh on the eyes. When the light died down, she is the White Ranger.

"Whoa," Mitsu was surprised to learn who her new friends were.

The Rangers then Lashed out as one Force at the Monster. Unfortunately the Monster which looked like a Spider but with Humanoid features grabbed Roxanne and Bobby in his Arms. Mitsu had a mean look on her face as she hacked away at the Monster quickly Freeing the two rangers. A couple lashes with her blades after that and the Monster was history. The rangers then demorphed.

"You three are something else," was her only remark, not knowing what else to say.

"Hey come on Mitsu you werenít so bad yourself. Being able to attack the enemy without armor like we have. In fact I bet we could use someone like you," Roxanne encouraged, not wanting her new friend to be modest.

"Roxanne has a point. It isnít always easy taking on the bad guys," Bobby added his encouragement, on Mitsu's effort to help out.

"Letís face it we would be glad to have you aboard," Michelle adding her opinion of Mitsu's skills.

"We better introduce her to the big guy," Roxanne pointed out.

"Iíll handle that," Bobby volunteered, so the other two Rangers didn't have to miss any classes.

They then split up with Michelle and Roxanne heading back to school Bobby and Mitsu climbed on his jet cycle and headed back to the surface. Their first stop was the teleport station so they could get to the surface. Once they reached the surface he headed for the Bunker.

"Where did you bring me?" she asked a little worried and tensed up.

"Our base of operations," he reassured that there was nothing to worry about.

"I see," she replied as she allow some her tenseness to drop.

Bobby then led her into the Bunker and down to the War Room. When he and Mitsu entered he saw how Professor Damon and Aphrealle were nodding their heads in agreement.

"Bobby, could you get something for me from the safe in the lab?" Prof. Damon requested of him.

"Sure," he answered. Bobby felt he knew what the task was going to be.

"Here is the combination," the professor said as he handed a piece of paper to the blue ranger.

While Bobby was gone the Professor briefed Mitsu in on what she was about to embark on. The minute Bobby returned the professor had him hand the small box to Mitsu.

"Professor, with your permission," he requested.

"Yes go. Iíll have I/Oca finished getting her processed."

The next thing Mitsu heard was the sound of a motorcycle heading away.

"OK first thing we will do is get you set up with some uniforms," I/Oca directed as he led Mitsu downstairs.

"Try not to make me angry," she suddenly warned.

"Iím not too worried about your claws. Each ranger has official quarters here and they use them occasionally if they stay overnight," he announced as they entered a unoccupied room.

"I may just stay here so I can protect my family," the silver haired girl told I/Oca.

"Might not be a bad idea," agreeing with her plans about her living arrangements. He then ran a scanner over her. It turned up that bones were incredibly enhanced. It registered that they were nearly indestructible. Within half an hour she had a full array of Uniforms.

"I may just slip back to school," Mitsu said as she fingered her communicator. When she exited the restroom she had teleported into Sarah took a look at her.

"Very interesting. When did the new girl join the battalion. She is obviously trouble," Sarah muttered under her breath.

Soon as school got out Bobby went to meet up with Mitsu. Just as he did though his communicator went off.

"Bobby, we could use some help," Amelia called out. "A Whole Battalion of Xenonites and our Spider Friend are back and web head is stronger then before."

"Iím on my way," he responded. "Ranger Eclipsed, Blue Zordonian Power." The shimmered into the Blue Ranger. His more powerful armor which looked cybernetic slid on him.

HE then hopped on his jet cycle and hit the Jet button.

He managed to mow over a good number of the Xenonites just arriving.

"Whoa looks like trouble," he observed as he headed on in. Soon as he arrived he basically drove around firing his cycles weapons on unsuspecting Xenonites. The Gold Xenonites were the hardest but luckily Roxanne and Vanessa helped keep them busy with their Katanas. After two hours of fighting the Xenonites were under control enough that a small group mainly Amelia, Greg, and Bobby had started to attack the Monster. Right then the Deathzord with Nightshade at the Controls showed up.

"Hello Nightshade, Thanks for making my day," a mysterious voice was heard over the Rangerís helmet communicators.

"Who was that?" Amelia asked as a Large Plane with four prop like Engines on its wings which were mounted to the Top of the Fuselage came Flying in.

"Myrra, Maximize," Nightshade quickly barked.

"Already working on it Nightshade," the Deathzordís AI said.

"Cleopatra, Maximize," the Orange Rangerís zord chimed, her voice had a slight Japanese accent.

The Ancient Egyptian Look of the Cargozord in Battle Warrior Mode astounded even the Rangers.

"This is Amelia Identify yourself."

"This is Mitsu. I guess we havenít met yet."

Cleopatra was able to keep Myrra busy during the ensuing hour that it took for the Monster to finally be defeated even if it did take using Both Megazords to do it.

"Myraa, retreat," Nightshade screamed.

"Sounds like a good idea Nightshade," she agreed with her mistress.

The Rangerís then returned to the base. There Mitsu took her helmet off.

"Have your battles always been that tough?" she inquired, not even seeming tired from the battle.

"Lately yes," Michelle responded, her exasperation lacing her voice. Their leader was truly excited compared to the Orange Ranger. "Ever since Nightshade found the Deathzord itís been real tough."

Bobby then made sure Mitsu knew who each ranger was.

Closing Notes. There are more Rangerís out there to be found. Who will be next and what does Sarah have against Mitsu stay tuned.