Disclaimer: Concept is Sabanís but we own the Characters. I got the idea for the opening while reviewing my copy of the Zordonian Rangers Matrix. Timing was just perfect based on my calculations.

Birthday Wishes.
By Robert Gutheim and Unicron

The Terra Venture Youth Center probably one of the best Teen Spots in Old Colony. Normally a very informal place without too much decorations. Today though a huge banner hung over the main Counter on the inside of the Youth Center. Also Balloons seemed to be Everywhere. What really amazed everyone was that Both Matt Connorson and Kim Coltran looked to be working that day when usually only one of the two owners was on hand. Working off to one side placing a few Streamers was I/Oca, Amelia, and Aphrealle.

"The Youth Center looks so nice. I want to thank you three for helping to decorate it for me," Matt appreciatively said, glad for the help. He thought without their help everything wouldn't be done in time.

"Hey come on a person only turns eighteen once and letís face it Michelle will love it," happily commented Amelia. "This will be her best Birthday ever."

"I hope so. When will the other rangers be arriving?" Kim asked.

"Marsha and Ty should be here anytime now, Vanessa and Roxanne are busy doing paperwork to get ready for working with Sensei Wilcox. Bobby and Greg were going to play chess by the pool. Prof. Damon is keeping her busy for now," explainned the blond, wearing a pink shirt.

Just as she finished her sentence Marsha walked in with her boyfriend.

"Whoa, this place is in good shape," Ty mentioned.

Meanwhile aboard the Venom Lord Xenon was looking over the scene.

"I should find a way to make this birthday one the Red Ranger wonít forget," He announced.

"Boss, shouldnít you be resting. Your not exactly at your best," Galactex concerned for his master's wellbeing.

TO see the rage in Lord Xenonís eyes would have you quaking in your boots.

"There will be time to rest when the Rangerís are Destroyed," he roared.

A short time later the other Rangers with the exception of Michelle were on hand as was Michelleís mother and Bobby was joking with Sara. Amelia then picked up her communicator.

"Michelle, we have trouble at the Youth Center, Your presence would be nice."

Michelle meanwhile was in the War Room of the Command Bunker with Professor Pedro Damon.

"You sure Amelia, the sensors donít show anything and usually the Alarms are blearing?" she asked puzzled at the discrepancy in her execís report.

"The sensors might be overdue for recalibration. Iíll have to have I/Oca help me when he gets back from his errands." the professor said to cover up since he knew what was going down.

"Iím on my way," she replied, getting ready to aid her teammates. "Showtime."

"Red Zordonian Power." A towering inferno covered Michelle. When the wall of flames cleared she was the Red Ranger.

Then teleported to the Youth Center. When she arrived the noise was amazing as everyone yelled


"This is so amazing, Somehow I should have expected it was a trick," Michelle said after taking her helmet off and stashing it in her subspace pocket.

A short time later as Aphrealle was passing, she noticed her daughter had a sad look on her face while standing in one of the corner walls.

"Something wrong sweetie?" she kindly questioned, wanting to cheer her up.

"A little bit. I was thinking back to all those birthdays I had that you werenít there for. Probably my favorite was my sixth birthday," Amelia responded, a downcast expression tinting her voice.

"What was special about that one?" uncomprehending the importance of the day.

"I left the hospital that day when I was hospitalized because of dad trying to kill me," Amelia clarified, indicating the import of the day which was the topic of their conversation.

"I see. That was the day you started your new life," she said thinking how someone else was looked at as Ameliaís mother at that point. "Look at it this way this fall when you have your sweet sixteen I will be there."

"It will seem strange that it would have been ten years since I started to have a stable life. Yet look at me know wondering who I am," Amelia commented on how her life had changed.

"Itís hard to say after all Your heritage is pretty mixed since your father was human yet my parents were from two different Planets. Your grandfather on my side was from Edenoi yet my mother was from Eltare. Your father though managed to kind of set your rate of growth. Thatís why you are almost sixteen. One thing you probably inherited from me is longevity and near perpetual youthfulness. What this means is once you reach your twenties you will continue to look that way for a long time."

"How long will I probably live?" Amelia asked kind of pleased she would have a long life.

"You could end up living for Centuries," she said not having a real idea because of Ameliaís human component.

"My slightly unique heritage will that cause me to do anything interesting during battles?" she asked most likely thinking of the overdrives.

"Some things about you will be hard to really tell because of fact that I canít fully predict what effect your human half will have," trying her best to answer her daughter's question.

"Iím sure something can be figured out," Amelia said. "Given time."

"Maybe we should take a walk outside," Aphrealle suggested.

"Sounds good," she agreed, sounding in a better mood.

"Galactex, Nightshade, Disguise yourselves as teenagers and capture the birthday girl. Take a few Black Xenonites. Oh and Nightshade send a suitable monster to keep the Pink Ranger and that blasted Guardian Angel occupied."

"Yes my lord," Galactex responded to Lord Xenon's orders.

When Galactex and Nightshade were Fully disguised Galactex looked like your stereotypical Tall Dark and Handsome with the Hair combed out of the way and a White shirt with a silk Tie and Navy pants and Sportcoat. Nightshade had your stereotypical dumb blond look. They then teleported down. The Xenonites were on hand as back-up.

"Hi, Iím donít think we met," Michelle greeted, as she attempted to throw a dart at a scoreboard.

"Iím Gallant this is Nina. We need to talk to you privately," tall dark and handsome said.

"Iím a little tied up right now," Michelle said. "Can it wait until later?"

"No It canít," Nina said as she took a red rag out of her pocket a sweet smell was emanating from the rag. She then placed the rag over Michelleís nose. She and Gallant then Teleported out with Michelle. Right then the Xenonites teleported in.

"Why am I not surprised," Bobby dryly retorted. "Letís get to work. Shadow Guardian Power. Blue." Bobby was Trying to keep his feet together as the Owl came barreling into him. The Blue Light flowing over him turning into his Ninja Suit.

"Green." Greg stood firm as a Hyena Entered his body. The Green Light Flowed over him solidifying without much hesitation into his Green ninja suit.

"Yellow." Marsha Spread Eagled in Front of the Rattlesnake which was entering her body as the Yellow Light Slithered over her. She was surprised when it solidified into her suit.

"White." Roxanne was ready as the Mink climbed aboard and the White Light went over her solidifying into her suit.

"Purple." Vanessa Quickly Jumped as the Horse Galloped in while the Purple Light caught her and quickly solidified into a purple Ninja Suit.

Amelia meanwhile was walking down a commercial street full of stores when some Gold Xenonites showed up. A Monster with Big Red Feathers and a Bad looking head appeared.

"Hello Pink Ranger, You look a little lonely without your ranger companions."

"Bite your tongue Birdbrain," snapped the Pink Ranger and decided that he need a lesson in manors as she went into a Morphing Stance. "Ranger Eclipsed. Pink Zordonian Power." Amelia was bathed in Pink light before it formed her cybernetically enhanced armor. Like Michelle her gloves and boots had stayed the same color as her basic morph. Her helmet though resembled a Jaguar.

Ameliaís Dress Uniform was immediately replaced by her third morphed Pink Armored Uniform. She immediately started to attack the Xenonites. The battle of course was not in her favor even with her chacron.

"Running into problems Pink Ranger?" Birdbrain sneered and cackled madly.

"You could say that," she replied, only Amelia had a dangerous smile under her helmet. Lets see how they like this she thought. "Jet Cycle Rev Up!"

Ameliaís Jet Cycle then landed next to her and She boarded and quickly hit the Jet Button. A Lightish Pink Armor appeared around it. She used the cycle to attempt at running over a few Xenonites. Her communicator went off right then.

"Amelia, we could use a little help. Michelle has been kidnapped. IGPF was notified and I think Lord Xenon was involved in the capture," Bobby called out, alerting her to the situation.

"Iím kind of busy right now but I think I can handle it," informing him of her status at the moment.

"What are you going to do now Pink Ranger."

"Easy Birdbrain. Iím sure you won't like this, but it'll rattle your feathers!" She answered. "You Monsters will never learn to be careful, when dealing with Rangers."

Amelia then raised her arms straight into the air and her hands began to glow pink. Violent winds then suddenly blew out of nowhere. A huge Tornado appeared overhead without warning. Birdbrain was targeted by the force of nature. When it reached Birdbrain's head he was lifted five hundred feet in the air. Not even the scanners at the Bunker could register the speed of the tornado. He then dropped down weakened by Ameliaís attack. What Amelia and Aphrealle didnít realize though was that Galactex had given one of the Xenonites a growth needle and Birdbrain Grew.

"Athena, Maximum Burn," Amelia called.

Aboard the Carrier Athena took off and headed at highspeed for her mistress. When she arrived Amelia immediately headed for the cockpit.

"You look to have gotten yourself in over your head," Athena noted.

"Hey Donít blame me I practically had him defeated," she protested in mock anger.

"I wasnít but taking a squad of Super Xenonites and a monster on alone," Athena reassured, but annoyed at their odds. "Not the best Strategy."

"Well circumstances were such that I didnít have much choice," Amelia explainned as Thor and Rayden appeared.

"Need a Hand Amelia?" Greg offered from aboard Rayden like Athena he was a little concerned about his teammate.

"You Bet Greg. Bobby, Glad to see you as well?" Amelia stated. "Where are Marsha and the Twins?"

"Meeting with the Professor and Sergeant Hammond to figure out how we are going to free Michelle. We managed to determine that Galactex and Nightshade were behind it. They were disguised though," Bobby reported. "You want me to see if I can soak this creature?"

"Go Ahead then Iíll give him a spin dry," she agreed, thinking it was a sound plan..

Thor then raised his Trident and sent the Monstrous Wave at the Monster. Amelia Followed it up with another Twister Attack. Greg after it was all over used his Thunder Missiles to send Birdbrain back to the nest. The Three Rangers then met up on the Ground.

"Greg, want a lift?" she offered him after the Three Rangers and Ameliaís cycle were demorphed,

"No Iíd Rather race you," he excitedly shouted at his girlfriend. as he and Bobby called for their own bikes. They then headed off arriving fifteen minutes later at the Bunker. When they arrived the other rangers were just entering the Garage where the other four bikes happened to be parked since Michelle had her car and as such didnít use her bike much for everyday. A Tall Blond and Red Haired male was with them.

"Everything go all right?" he asked his Uniform identifying himself as being with the Intergalactic Police Force.

"We managed to letís see soak, blow dry, and fry the monster," Amelia jokingly replied. "Not bad for only having three Rangers. Having fun Andrew."

"I was until Professor Damon called me in," Andrew commented, in reference of Michelle's party.

"How is little Ashley doing?"

"Your typical toddler what can you expect," he proudly announced. "We have a line on Michelle. She is in a cave here on the planet Itís pretty remote and on an island so I was getting ready to head for Airtron with your teammates."

"Letís go then," Amelia ordered, continuing Andrew's previous activity to get ready to head out.

The Team then arrived on the Massive Carrierzord. Her flight deck looked a little tight with the Jetzords along with the Falconzord sitting on it. They were on the Bridge though. Andrewís first move was to restart Airtronís massive engines.

"Here our zords spend a ton of time here and yet this is the First time weíve really been here," Amelia remarked, noting they almost never came aboard in the past. "Andrew, when we arrive will we have Galactex and Nightshade to deal with?"

Bobby during all this was looking over the charts of the area around the island where the cave was. He did all sorts of calculations using a special Palm Pilot that he had in his subspace pocket. Shortly before the four hour journey to the Island ended he signaled the team around to the chart, Amelia and Andrew stood on either side of him while Marsha, Greg, and the twins gathered together in the other side.

"OK here is my plan. We start with a Two Jet Strafing run single pass to lure any Xenonites out then Andrew, Greg, and Amelia will rush in while the rest of us battle any Xenonites that appear.

"Sounds good. Who will handle the Strafing run?" the Pink Ranger inquired to know everyone's task.

Vanessa and Roxanne raised their hands.

"Good thinking Freedom and Robin Hood donít get a chance to see much action. That means, Bobby and Marsha are will be in charge of attacking the Xenonites. "Bobby you think two Rangers for possibly as much as a platoon or bigger of Xenonites will be enough."

"I hope so," giving his assessment of the tactic.

"OK all personnel will proceed Morphed," she advised the group. "Those who can proceed morphed of course."

Andrew had a poker face on.

"I ah talked the good professor into letting me borrow this," he informed the team holding up a small box with a keypad on it and there was also a small wriststrap.

"One of the old Electromorphers. Somehow I should have known," she said, looking a little surprised.

By this time the Carrier was in position so they immediately Morphed.

"Showtime," Amelia barked.

"Green Zordonian Power." Electrical jolts sparked throughout his whole body. When flares dissipated Greg was the Green Ranger.

"Blue Zordonian Power." A whirlpool erupted form the ground, it hid him from view. When the water became air vapors Bobby was the Blue Ranger.

"Yellow Zordonian Power." Suddenly it became pitch black, the area was illuminated by a full moon. As the shadow dome burst open, Marsha was the Yellow Ranger.

"Pink Zordonian Power." Over head appeared a pink cloud. It showered Amelia in pink dust. When dust evaporated she could be seen again and was the Pink Ranger.

"White Zordonian Power." Pure white light too intense for the eyes blanketed her. After the light died down to tolerable level, the White Ranger was in Roxanne's place.

"Purple Zordonian Power." She incased in purple bubble. None could see inside because of purple color. Popping apart revealed the Purple Ranger.

"Demona Ranger Power," Andrew called out. A Black Aura came around him shortly before the black color of his shirt bled out over his body before forming his ranger uniform. The uniform consisted of a Black Suit with the Demona symbol of a Sword Behind a Heraldic shield on the right arm. White Trim separated off the various areas. His Helmet has extremely monochromatic since the Black Color of his helmet was close in color to the Black area where his eyes were. Thankfully a White Band went around it to give some semblance of color.

"Thatís one thing we need a black ranger," Bobby said.

"Unfortunately the crystals back in my locker are orange, mahogany, platinum, teal, and violet," Amelia informed her teammates.

Five minutes later Freedom and Robin Hood began their strafing run. About twenty Xenonites came running out as Amelia and her rescue Party came running in. Michelle was chained up using big linked chain to a rear wall of the Massive Cavern which went back a good Five hundred Feet and was maybe Thirty feet wide at the widest point. Amelia had her Chacron Ready.

"You better let me," Andrew said as he grabbed a small bladed weapon from his morpher. "Form Demona Sword."

During this last part the handle was in his right hand and the Blade passed through a Circle made from his left hand. Soon as it was extended he cut the chains holding the Red Ranger to the Wall.

"Whoa, am I glad to see friendly faces," Michelle said. "This uniform I donít immediately recognize."

"Itís an old Demona Uniform," Andrew said. "Come on the Carrierzord isnít all that far away."

Half an hour later the Party started back up with a couple IGPF Officers standing near the door in case Lord Xenon tried anything else. Michelleís presents were still sitting on the largest table. Aphrealle and Matt then carried a Huge Sheetcake out. The Center of the Cake had a representation of Michelleís Helmet when in First Morph and the background was white frosting although above the representation of her helmet was a crude red drawing of Jetzord One. On the Left hand side also in red it said. Happy Birthday to our favorite Red Ranger.

Closing Notes.

Well it may not look like it but this was an Amelia Fanfic. I found it interesting how it took three overdrives to destroy Birdbrain which was believe it or not the Monsterís actual name even if Amelia was trying to insult the Monster. You even managed to see Bobbyís strategic mind, in action as he planned the assault on the cave.