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Okay, when I started writing this chapter, I wanted to tell both sides of the story, one from the captured rangers, and one from he non captured rangers, butI found it was getting too long, so I split them up.

Night Five: Part Two
by: Cricker

"How is she?" Tommy barely looked up as Kimberly took a seat next to him.

"Resting for now," she rubbed her hands together over the fire. "any sign of them?"

"None," Tommy watched as the sun finally fell over the horizon and darkness settled all around them. "I still can't believe he took off like that!"

"He was upset," Kimberly tried to reason, but she was just as mad at him as Tommy was. Moments after rushing to Aisha's side, Billy had taken off into the jungle, with the two remaining rangers unwilling to follow. Together they carried Aisha to the safety of her quarters, carefully cleaning the wounds on her arm. Then it was the waiting game. They were waiting for Billy to return and for Dulcea to show up, but the day had passed without incident.

"What if that creature gets Billy while he is out there?" Kimberly stared off into the vast jungle that surrounded their hideaway. "what do we do if he doesn't come back?"

"I don't know" Tommy answered after a moment of contemplation. He knew that what she wanted him to say was that everything was going to be all right, but he couldn't say it. He didn't know if anything would ever be the same, and lying to her right now would serve no purpose. She deserved to know that he was just as lost as she was, and didn't have all of the answers. Kimberly stood and left without a word, leaving Tommy to keep the vigil by himself.

Billy ran until his lungs burned, his entire body screaming at him to stop. He wasn't aware of his surroundings, his mind pushing harder and harder for him to continue. Finally, his legs gave out underneath him, and as he lay gasping on the cool earth his thoughts kept returning to the events of the past week. Had it really only been less than a week since the nightmare had started? To him, it seemed like he had been running from this almost all of his life. Everything spun around him, making him squeeze his eyes shut to block the nausea that washed over him.

It was quite late when Billy finally awoke, his body shutting down and making him get the rest he had desperately needed. Struggling into a sitting position, he estimated that he had probably five hours before the sun set, but he was in no hurry to turn back. He wanted the creature to capture him, wanted to be released from the torture of waiting. It was inevitable now that they were all doomed, and Billy didn't have the strength to continue fighting it.

Taking his first look around, Billy realized where he was. In front of him was the monolith, the open courtyard where they had all stood to receive their powers about twenty feet away. It couldn't have been coincidence, a blind run that brought him to a place of such importance. His heart pounded as he stepped into the open, subconsciously waiting for the stone creatures to again attack. He could replay the entire battle, doing so as he made his way to the massive structure. Standing exactly where he had when he received his powers, Billy closed his eyes and stretched out his hand. He could feel their energy, just as if the whole team was standing next to him. Adam, Rocky, Aisha, Kimberly, and Tommy, they were all there.

"They always will be," the voice came to him upon the wind, sending a chill up his spine. He knew the voice, not only from the previous evening, but from deeper in his existence. "as long as you remember the ones you lose, they will never be far away."

"Stop it!" he cried, his eyes flying open. The energy was still around him, swirling in different colors. "We can't fight this thing!"

The colors seemed to breathe, as if the were filled with a life of their own. Then they came together, and Billy almost fainted as he recognized the face of the women before him.

"Mom?" he took a few steps forward, not wanting to do anything that would make her disappear.

"Yes William," she smiled, and stretched out her arms. Billy saw that she looked solid, her flowing white gowns were covering a real body, not an illusion. Sensing his hesitation, she reached out and took his hand, and held it to her face. "don't be scared."

With that gesture, Billy collapsed into her arms, remembering fondly how much he used to be comforted by this. He had pushed the memories of his mother so far back, that even though he recognized the voice, he hadn't been able to place it.

"What do I do mother?" he asked without breaking the embrace.

"You must return to your friends, and join them in the fight,"

"But this evil is too powerful, what if we can't do it?"

"Have faith in yourself William, and in your friends." she took a few steps back, her hands still holding onto his.

"Don't go!" his voice quivered a little as he watched the color drain from her body, and then erupt into the swirls again.

"I cannot go with you, my son, you must do this on your own."

"Please!" he cried and fell to his knees, pounding the ground with his fists.

"I will be with you always if you keep my memory with you."

"I will, I promise!" the colors dissolved back into the air, leaving Billy alone. After a few minutes, he made up his mind to return to the others. Even if their chances were not great, they needed him, like he needed them, and he wasn't going to let them down. As he put his hand down to push himself to his feet, his hand fell upon a hard object. Brushing away the sand, he gently lifted a silver chain from which dangled a medallion. Shaped like a tear drop, a stone of brilliant azure was positioned perfectly in the middle.

"Tommy?" Kimberly returned to fire and reclaimed her seat. "I'm sorry..."

"No Kim," he smiled and took her hand. "It wasn't your fault. I should have been more supportive."

"It isn't your responsibility to know everything, and we should remember that." Kim leaned her head against his shoulder, and for the first time since that morning she felt safe.

"Tommy, Kimberly," they both bolted to their feet as Billy appeared.

"Billy!" Kimberly ran to him and threw her arms around his neck in a hug. Billy returned it gratefully, and then turned to Tommy. "I'm so glad you're okay."

"I shouldn't have run off, and I apologize, but it couldn't have worked out any better." he held up the medallion that he had placed around his neck. Tommy came forward to examine it, the stone turning a milky white as he ran his fingers over it.

"I don't understand?" Tommy looked into his friends face, and noticed the determination in his eyes.

"It's time to get our friends back," Dulcea appeared, staff in hand. Billy nodded his head in agreement, his hand closing over the medallion.

"It's now or never!"

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