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A New Day
by: Cricker

Tommy sat up in bed, feeling the ground shaking beneath him. Then everything was calm, and he carefully looked around. He was back in his own bed, and everything was as it should be.

"Was it a dream?" he asked himself just as his communicator went off.

"Tommy, please teleport to the command center."

"Coming!" It would only usually take him a moment to get dressed, but as he peeled off his shirt, he noticed three scars on his chest. They were long like the ones on Kimberly's leg, but he didn't remember getting scratched. He threw on another shirt and teleported, the feeling that whatever happened hadn't been a dream. When he got there, Kimberly threw her arms around him, and he held her close.

"Rangers, I know that this had been a difficult time, but I had to know that you were all safe!"

"We are not all safe," Aisha held up Billy's coin, and it disappeared.

"You're right Aisha." Zordon stated. "I'm afraid that Billy is lost to us forever. He sacrificed himself so that you could all live. He assured that Kelic can never take over another body, and that makes him a hero."

"I don't care if he is a hero or not!" Aisha cried. "I want him here!" she teleported out, and Kimberly followed her.

"We had better get back to the hospital before the nurses find us missing," Adam smiled, and looked to his friend Rocky. Unlike the others, Rocky's scar was very visible, but none of them cared as long as he was all right. As soon as they were gone, Tommy turned to Zordon.

"Is something wrong Tommy?"

"I noticed this this morning," he lifted his shirt, and showed the scars.

"That scar looks different than the others."

"I hadn't noticed that before, but the weird thing is I didn't get hurt. He didn't touch me!"

Tommy looked down after he finished speaking, and saw that the scars were punched out a little more, as if someone had taken a pencil eraser and drew lines from his insides.

"I wouldn't worry about it Tommy." Zordon's voice made him bring his head back up, and he nodded. "I think you should go and rest."

"Bye Zordon!" Zordon watched as the last one went, and then he sighed.

"What's wrong Zordon?" Alpha asked.

"They have a lot of healing to do, and I don't mean just physically. Losing Billy is going to make them all different, and I have a feeling this is not quite over."

"What do you mean?" Alpha waited, but no answer came.

Tommy sat at one of the tables towards the side, stirring his drink, but not actually drinking it. So many things raced through his head, that he didn't hear the footsteps behind him.

"Excuse me. Can I sit here?"

"I'm not really in the mood for company right now." he didn't take his eyes from his straw, but he didn't have to. Within seconds, there was something swinging from a chain in front of his face. Bringing his hand up swiftly he grabbed it to keep it from moving as the stone turned a milky white. He turned slowly in his seat, and again looked her straight in the eyes.

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