The Return of the Brown and Purple Ranger
by Steve Folger

---In between episodes Quasar Quest Part 2 and Race To The Rescue---

In the not too distant future......

In the docking bay of Terra Venture is the Astro Megaship as Alpha awaits for the Rangers to come see him. Just before they arrive, the Purple Space Ranger, Jessica Collins is all ready aboard the ship along with Alpha who had called her earlier as they wait for the their friend, Steve the Brown Ranger to wake up from his long cryogenic sleep in the healing chamber.

JESSICA: So Alpha. Did you lock away all of our morphers in the power vault?

ALPHA: Yes. I sure did. Along with yours and Steve's. Here they come now.

The door opens and the new Galaxy Rangers walk in and see a girl there with Alpha.

KAI: Alpha. You said it was urgent. What's going on?

MAYA: Who is she?

Maya looks at the girl there on the ship who is wearing a megaship flight suit with purple patches on it and purple clothing on underneath. Leo recognizes her.

LEO: Wait! I know who you are. You're Jessica the Purple Ranger. I was there when you and the Rangers saved the Earth.

KAI: She sure is the Purple Ranger. Nice to meet you.

DAMON: I remember her too.

ALPHA: Rangers. I would like to introduce to you Jessica. The Purple Space Ranger.

JESSICA: Hello everyone.

LEO: Nice to meet you. I'm Leo. This is the rest of the team. Kai, Damon, Kendrix and Maya.

Jessica puts her hand out to shake hands with Maya and she doesn't know the greeting that well.

KENDRIX: Its a greeting Maya. Its okay. I'm Kendrix.

Jessica shakes Kendrix's hand and then Maya watches the greeting and tries it with Jessica.

MAYA: Hi there. I'm Maya.

DAMON: So what's going on Alpha?

ALPHA: You'll see in a couple minutes.

Deca interrupts the conversation and announces the following to the team.

DECA: Healing chamber now finishing cryogenic sleep status.

KAI: Alpha. What's Deca talking about? A healing chamber.

DAMON: I never knew about any healing chamber. If I had seen it I would of known about it.

ALPHA: Follow me to the engine room everyone. Oh this is so exciting.

Alpha escorts Jessica with him as the others follow him and Jessica behind and into the engine room. Alpha heads into the far left corner of the room where he opens up a hidden panel in the wall where he types in a code where a door pops open. Damon looks with amazement as he never before has seen it.

DAMON: No wonder I never seen this before. It was hidden all this I time and I didn't even know it existed.

KAI: And you thought you knew the ship from top to bottom.

LEO: Come on guys. Let's go.

As Alpha and Jessica walk in, the others follow behind them into the room and sees a cryogenic tube there with an adjacent panel with the status on it. Jessica walks up to the tube where lies inside the Brown Ranger who is about to be awakened. The readings on the panel has the life readings at normal. The team looks inside the tube where they see a figure inside who wears a similar flight suit like Jessica but has brown patches on it. Jessica wipes water off the top wear she and the others can see his face. An 18 year old caucasion male with brown hair.

LEO: The Brown Ranger! He was in here all along?

JESSICA: Yes he was. For five years he's been in a long sleep in this cryo tube. And now its time for him to wake up.

As the others watch as the panel above the cryo tube has the read outs of the life form inside, the others stand back as the hatch jars open. Cold steam spews out from the inside and a hand slowly raises up and the figure still laying there calls out Alpha's name.

STEVE: Alpha. Where are you?

ALPHA: I'm here Steve. You've been in hypersleep for 5 years. How do you feel?

Steve raises up fast and gets a shock to find out he's been in sleep for 5 years.

STEVE: What? Five years! I thought I was suppose to be in here for 3 months.

ALPHA: Well Phantom Ranger made an error on how long it would take to heal you. He came back to the ship to fix the problem. All he had to do was make some adjustments to your sleeping process.

STEVE: Oh man! Five years. Zhane was in this thing for 2 years.

ALPHA: Don't worry Steve.

Steve looks behind Alpha and sees Jessica.

STEVE: Oh my goodness! Jessica! I've missed you so much.

Steve wraps his arms around her and gives her a big bear hug. She kisses him on his cheek and he stands up and he almost collapses to the floor where his legs give out on him from the 5 year sleep.

ALPHA: Careful Steve.

Leo comes up from behind and introduces himself to Steve.

LEO: Wow! The Brown Ranger. Its an honor to meet you. I'm Leo.

STEVE: Nice to meet you Leo.

Steve and Leo shakes hands as Steve sees Leo friends standing behind him.

JESSICA: Hey Steve! Your sister and your dad are here on Terra Venture. Just thought I'd tell you that now that you are awake.

STEVE: What?! I'm on Terra Venture? Where's the other Rangers?

MAYA: We're the Power Rangers now. I'm the Yellow Ranger.

STEVE: What? Does that mean you all got new powers and became new Rangers?

JESSICA: Except for me. I didn't get a new Ranger power. They're the new Power Rangers.

LEO: Yeah. I'm the Red Ranger. Kai is Blue and Damon over there is the Green Ranger.

KENDRIX: And I'm the Pink Ranger.

STEVE: Hi everyone. So you are the leader Leo?

LEO: Yeah. My brother Mike would've been the Red Ranger if he hadn't passed the saber to me. He's gone.

STEVE: What do you mean he's gone?

MAYA: It was on my home planet Mirinoi. He fell into a chasm before my world was turned into stone.

STEVE: Man that's terrible. But how'd you all get your powers?

KAI: We got these Quasar Sabers from there. It gave us the powers.

DAMON: Speaking of which. We sure can use two more Rangers on our team.

JESSICA: Well. With our present morphers locked away, I guess we can both join up with you guys.

LEO: Maya. Is it possible there can be other Quasar Sabers some where else?

MAYA: The only five sabers I knew of were on my home world. But Jera did say there was two other Quasar Sabers put somewhere else. I don't remember where he said they were hidden.

KAI: Then we got to find them if these other sabers are still around.

DAMON: But remember we can't go back to the same galaxy where we got the sabers from. That portal to Maya's planet was closed off.

KENDRIX: I know. There has to be another way to find these other sabers.

JESSICA: So these sabers of yours gave you these new powers. What do your morphers look like?

LEO: Here. Take a look at mine.

Jessica and Steve look at Leo's morpher as he shows it to them both.

STEVE: Wow! This is pretty cool.

JESSICA: This is amazing. Well if we find these other sabres, we can get these new powers too.

KAI: I'll do a check up on the planets ahead in this system. Those other sabers have to be around here somewhere.

As Kai scans throughout the sector of space, the Scorpius Stinger comes into space and Scorpius detects the other two remaining Quasar Sabres on the planet below them. He tells Furio of the matter.

SCORPIUS: Furio. I've felt the presence of the other two remaining Quasar Sabers. They are on the planet below us.

FURIO: Yes my master. I will get them for you mysef before the Power Rangers can get to them. And if they try to get them, I'll destroy them all by myself.

SCORPIUS: Yes go now. Take the Stingwingers with you just in case.

FURIO: I understand my master. I will not fail you.

SCORPIUS: See that you dont.

As Furio and the Stingwingers head down to the planet below, Kai finished scanning for the sabers in the system and has found them on the planet Kadix where Steve and Jessica have once been before.

KAI: I got it. I found them on the planet Kadix.

JESSICA: Did you say Kadix?

DAMON: You've been there before?

JESSICA: Yeah. Me, Steve and the other former Rangers were there once before.

STEVE: Hmm! I never thought that we had to go there again to retrieve the other sabers.

LEO: Then let's get a move on.

Leo tries to get a hold of the pilot control sticks but he is pushed to the side by Damon.

DAMON: Whoa! Let me get that. You need a pilot license to fly this baby.

STEVE: Easy does it guys. Let me and Jessica take care of this one.

DAMON: Then be our guest.

JESSICA: Open the bays doors Alpha.

ALPHA: Okay. Here we go.

The outer bay doors on Terra Venture open up as Jessica gets the controls and the Astro Megaship takes off and flies off into space. Steve is at the front control where he navigates and commands Deca to set the hyper accelerators to hyper rush 3 and set course to Kadix.

STEVE: Deca. Set a course to Kadix at hyper rush 3.

DECA: Course locked on at hyper rush 3.

JESSICA: Here we go guys.

The hyper accelerators turn on as the megaship goes into hyper rush as it flies off to Kadix.

On the planet's surface, Furio looks high and low for the Quasar Sabers until a Stingwinger taps him on the shoulder.

FURIO: What is it? Did you find them?

The Stingwingers leads Furio to a similar stone on Mirinoi where he sees the two Quasar Sabers sticking out on top of the stone. He walks over to the stone to take a good look at the two sabers.

FURIO: At last. The other two Quasar Sabers are here and are mine for the taking. Scorpius will be pleased.

As Furio gets closer to the rock to get the sabers, hooded creatures appear out of from the jungle and surround the stone with the two Quasar Sabers as Furio jolts back and calls on the Stingwingers.

FURIO: Stingwingers, attack them! No one will ever stop me from obtaining the ultimate power in the universe.

The Stingwingers engage the battle with the Kadix hooded creatures as Furio walks back to the stone to retrieve the sabers.

As the Astro Megaship lands safely on the sandy surface of Kadix, the Rangers, Steve and Jessica leave the ship under Alpha's care and they begin their search for the sabers. They hear a battle going on just as they walk into the forest section of the planet. Leo looks behind from a tree and sees Stingwingers fighting the hooded creatures.

LEO: Its Furio and some Stingwingers. They're fighting some sort of creatures.

STEVE: Not these overgrown Jawas again.

KENDRIX: He's trying to get to the other Quasar Sabers. We have to stop him.

KAI: We better morph and fight them as Steve and Jessica get to the sabers.

DAMON: Good idea. But what about these things?

LEO: We'll take care of them too if they get in our way.

STEVE: Go guys. We'll get the sabers.

The Rangers lift their left arms inward position and presses the two buttons on their Transmorphers in unison.


Just finishing from the morph, they jump into the seen and interrupt the fight between the Stingwingers and the hooded creatures. The Rangers take over and fight off the Stingwingers. Enraged at the sight of the Rangers, Furio does not see Steve and Jessica any where as they sneek behind him and try to get the sabers.

FURIO: The Power Rangers! How'd they manage to get here?

LEO: You just have one problem Furio. Those other sabers belong to someone else.

FURIO: Yeah. And they certainly don't belong to you either . Finders keepers, losers weepers.

STEVE: You took the words right out of my mouth you blue butthead.

Furio turns around and sees Steve and Jessica come out from hiding as they approach the rock.

FURIO: What!

In unison, Steve and Jessica grab the handles of the sabers and successfully pull them out of the large rock. The blades of the sabers glow brown and purple as they hold them in their hands. They lift them high above their heads and they transform.

As Steve transforms, a forest background is seen behind him as he morphs into the Brown Galaxy Ranger. Jessica transforms as the sun is seen in the background as she morphs into the Purple Galaxy Ranger. After the transformation is done, Furio is enraged after he had witnessed them transform into the Brown and Purple Galaxy Ranger.

FURIO: I don't believe this. A Brown and Purple Power Ranger? More silly costumes won't help you against my power.

STEVE: We'll just see about that.

JESSICA: Because we're gonna make you eat your words.

FURIO: Give me those other sabers or I'll destroy you.

STEVE: I don't think so. Quasar Sabers, energize!

The sabers energize and Steve and Jessica rush out at Furio and strikes him down and he falls to the ground. The Stingwingers retreat from the battle with the hooded creatures and help up Furio. The hooded creatures retreat also and run back into the forest after their fight.

FURIO: Get off me you fools. You may have won this battle Rangers but next time you'll won't be so lucky. Stingwingers! Get back to the Scorpius Stinger.

JESSICA: We'll be ready and waiting.

The other Rangers run up to see Steve and Jessica in their new Ranger costumes.

KAI: Oh wow! You guys look awesome.

DAMON: Yeah. They're the bomb.

KENDRIX: Way to go Jessica.

Kendrix slaps Jessica a high five and the Rangers head back to the ship where Alpha is shocked to see the new Brown and Purple Galaxy Ranger as they come onto the bridge.

ALPHA: Steve?! Jessica?! Is that you? I don't believe it. The Brown and Purple Ranger are back. This is too good to be true.

STEVE: Its us Alpha. The Quasar Sabers gave us the new powers.

JESSICA: So what do you think Alpha? Pretty cool huh?

ALPHA: Amazing. I'm glad to see the both of you back in action as new Power Rangers.

STEVE: Thanks Alpha. Now let's get back home to Terra Venture.

As the Rangers head back to Terra Venture, back at the Scorpius Stinger, Scorpius grabs Furio with his tentacle and makes him kneel to the floor in pain for his inexcusable failure to get the sabers for him.

FURIO: Please master. I tried to retrieve for them for you but two new Rangers got them before I could.

SCORPIUS: No more excuses Furio. Don't ever fail me again. I want all of the Power Rangers' sabers. All seven of them. Understand?

FURIO: Yes my master. I understand. Ow!

SCORPIUS: Remember this. You fail me again and I won't be as forgiving next time.

Scorpius' daughter Trakeena looks on as Furio gets up and is released by her father's tentacles and he walks past her as nothing happened.

Back at Terra Venture where Leo and Maya are watering the garden, Maya can hear animals far away from Terra Venture on another planet where they are being halted away by Radster and Stingwingers. The seven Galactabeasts are being held in giant boxes. Maya puts her hand up next to her ear to hear the sounds that are coming from the planet where the Galactabeasts are.

LEO: Maya! Something wrong? Do you hear something?

MAYA: Someone's in trouble.

DISCLOSURE: In the episode Race To The Rescue, Steve and Jessica obtain their Galactabeasts as well as the others do on the planet where they freed them. Steve frees the Armadillo Galactabeast that is his and Jessica frees the Raven Galactabeast that is hers. Their weapons that form from the Transdaggers become the following: Steve - Omega Boomerang; Jessica - Aurura Sais.