Power Phase
by Steve Folger

----After Countdown To Destruction---

The Astro Megaship arrives at the Earth after the Rangers helped the Kerovans return to KO-35. All evil in the universe has been destroyed by the golden wave that came from Zordon's energy tube when Andros smashed it. Everything evil was turned to dust or reverted back to good form by the wave. Divatox was turned back to the good side and Rita and Lord Zedd were turned into humans on the Gold Ranger's home planet of Triforia.

Just as the Astro Megaship decelerates as it enters the Earth's atmosphere, it lands at Angel Grove Community Center where it will become a museum for people can see the history of the Rangers. Alpha and Deca are going to be the hosts for the museum. Just at the ship touches down inside the Community Center, Zhane picks a energy reading coming from the Dark Fortress where it will also be part of the exhibit with the museum.

ZHANE: Hey! Check this out everyone. There's some sort of energy reading over at the Dark Fortress.

ALPHA: Karone. Do you think there's something there at the Dark Fortress giving out that reading?

KARONE: I have no idea what could be causing it.

CARLOS: Hey wait a second. Wasn't Zordon's energy tube there Andros?

ANDROS: Yes it was. But I doubt that's where the energy reading is coming from. There shouldn't be any energy left in the tube now that Zordon is gone.

TJ: But it possibly could be Andros. There can be some residing energy from inside the tube.

ANDROS: Maybe. Who knows?

ASHLEY: Then one of us should go over there to see if that is the cause.

KARONE: I'll go over there. Anyone want to come along?

CASSIE: Sure. Me, Jessica and Steve will come with you.

JESSICA: Good idea Cassie.

ASHLEY: Be careful guys.

CASSIE: What can possibly happen? All evil in the universe is gone for good.

STEVE: Let's go.

But Cassie's words are not exactly as she wanted to be. Some of the evil in the universe was destroyed by the golden wave. But a ghostly figure inside the Dark Fortress is unseen to the naked eye of the team as they teleport inside the Dark Fortress. That ghostly figure is Psycho Brown who watches the Rangers and Karone, formerly Astronema, go aboard her once former headquarters.

PSYCHO BROWN: This is intolerable. I must find away to return to the other side and get my revenge on the Rangers. They think all in the universe is gone for good. Then they better think again. Because I'm coming back.

Cassie and Karone go around the corner of the main bridge and sees Zordon's shattered energy tube. A strangely dim light of gold illuminates the inside the tube where once inside was Zordon.

CASSIE: Hey guys! Take a look at this. Its Zordon's energy tube.

KARONE: This is strange. How can there be any energy left in it?

JESSICA: I don't know. We should take it over to the ship to find what is causing it to have this remaining energy left in it.

STEVE: Good idea. Andros, come in.

ANDROS: What you guys find?

CASSIE: Its Zordon's energy tube.

JESSICA: It does have remaining energy inside of it. You better teleport it over to the ship and check it out.

ANDROS: Okay. Stand by.

As the tube is teleported over to the ship, Steve feels a quite a bit dizzy and falls to his knees.

CASSIE: Steve. Are you okay?

JESSICA: You don't look so good.

STEVE: I'm just a little dizzy.

KARONE: You take him back to the ship Cassie. Me and Jessica will finish up here.

CASSIE: Okay. Let's go Steve.

Cassie and Steve return to the Astro Megaship as Jessica and Karone finish looking around the Dark Fortress.

Psycho Brown finds the Data Laser Machine on the Dark Fortress and remembers the time that Psycho Yellow lead him and the other Psychos through it to return back to normal.

PSYCHO BROWN: Yes. I've found the Data Machine. Now I can return and have my revenge and wreck havoc on the Rangers. And especially the Brown Power Ranger.

Back at the Astro Megaship, Cassie and Steve return and he is taken to the medeic bay by Alpha. Alpha asks him how he feels as he lays on the examination table.

ALPHA: How are you feeling Steve?

STEVE: I'm just a little dizzy Alpha.

Steve's body starts to emit a golden aura around him and nearly passes out as he lays on the examination table.

ALPHA: Aiyaiyai! What is happening to you?

Alpha witnesses the golden aura color around Steve and it causes him to transform into his former power of the Brown Turbo Ranger.

ALPHA: Rangers. Come quick! Something is happening to Steve.

Andros, Zhane, TJ, Carlos, Ashley and Cassie run into the medic bay to see a different looking Brown Ranger laying on the examination table.

ZHANE: What's happened to him?

ANDROS: What's this other Brown Ranger costume he's wearing?

TJ: I don't believe it.

ASHLEY: Its his Brown Turbo Ranger costume.

CARLOS: But how?

CASSIE: I don't know.

ALPHA: I have found out what's causing it. Its a side effect from the energy wave from Zordon's energy tube.

ZHANE: How's that Alpha? That wave just destroyed all evil in the universe. Everything evil was turned to dust.

ANDROS: But remember the wave also demorphed all of us when everything evil was destroyed.

TJ: Does that mean the same thing is going to happen to us Alpha?

ALPHA: Unfortunately no. Steve has been a Ranger for a real long time. Longer then any of you have been.

ASHLEY: That's right. He's been a Power Ranger a long time now.

CASSIE: Is there anything we can do for him?

ALPHA: Just let him get his rest.

CARLOS: Hey! Look at him now.

As Steve wines in pain lying on the table, he transforms into another former Ranger power of his. This time as Zeo Ranger 7 - Brown.

TJ: What in the world!

ASHLEY: He's reverting back into his past Brown Ranger powers.

ZHANE: Look at him now.

Still growling and wining in pain, he transforms into his first Power Ranger costume but in the color of burgundy.


CARLOS: He was a Burgundy Ranger?

ASHLEY: Help him Alpha.

ALPHA: I can't. But it will soon pass and he'll be fine.

His first Ranger costume turns into brown and the transformation stops but his body still is surrounding by the golden aura. He takes a few deep breathes as the transformation stops. He lifts off his Ranger helmet as he sits up on the table.

CASSIE: Take it easy Steve.

ASHLEY: You better get some rest.

ALPHA: She's right. Lay back down.

ANDROS: We're gonna head back to bridge now. We'll see you in later.

STEVE: Okay guys.

Back at the Dark Fortress where Karone and Jessica are finishing looking around, Psycho Brown enters through the Data Machine and is shot into the room back into his stable self. Cassie and Karone look at the strange surging lights in the hallway as Psycho Brown re-emerges from the machine.

KARONE: What in the world!

JESSICA: What's going on?

KARONE: Its coming from that room over there. Come on!

To their shock, they see Psycho Brown standing there as they look into the room.

PSYCHO BROWN: Yes. I'm back again.

JESSICA: Psycho Brown. How could of he returned?

KARONE: I have no idea.

Jessica brings out her Astro Blaster and aims it Psycho Brown as she walks into the room.

JESSICA: Hold it right there Psycho Brown.

PSYCHO BROWN: Huh! The Purple Ranger and Astronema?

KARONE: I'm not Astronema anymore.

As he rushes out at the girls, Jessica misses the shot at him and hits the machine from where he came out of. The blast sparks the panel and the Data Laser on the ceiling fires down on at Karone and Jessica and they are gone and sent into the Data Machine.

PSYCHO BROWN: Ha ha ha ha! What a bad mistake they made. Now they are gone for good.

In the medic bay back at the Astro Megaship, Steve lays up on the table in a rush and gets a bad idea that something has happened.

STEVE: Something's wrong.

ALPHA: Steve. Where are you going?

Steve gets up and heads up to the bridge where the others wait for his recovery. Carlos sees him as he walks up to the rear control panel lays his old Ranger helmet down on the console.

CARLOS: Steve. What are doing up here? You need your rest.

STEVE: I feel fine now Carlos. I've had enough rest.

TJ: You sure you had enough rest?

STEVE: Yeah TJ. Is Karone and Jessica still on the Dark Fortress. I've got a bad feeling something is wrong.

ZHANE: What can possibly go wrong?


ASHLEY: Nothing can go wrong.

ANDROS: Karone knows her way around the fortress. Her and Jessica should be all right.

But the Rangers words are halted as the viewing screen comes on and they are shocked to see Psycho Brown there. Steve falls to this knees as he sees his evil nemesis on the screen. Alpha comes to his side and him and TJ helps him back up.

ALPHA: Steve. Are you okay?

STEVE: Yeah. I'm fine.

ASHLEY: Psycho Brown! He's back again.

CASSIE: But how?

PSYCHO BROWN: Were you expecting the boogie man, Rangers?

CARLOS: How'd you come back?

PSYCHO BROWN: How I came back is not important. But I've managed to take control of the Dark Fortress. I call the shots here now.

ANDROS: What did you do with my sister and Jessica?

PSYCHO BROWN: They've accidentally were sent into the Data Machine just as I came back. Your sister and the Purple Ranger are inside of the it.

STEVE: You've turned them into data cards didn't you?

PSYCHO BROWN: Ah! The Brown Ranger. I see that you are in your old Ranger tights.

ZHANE: Just answer Steve's question. Did you turn them into Data Cards?

PSYCHO BROWN: No I didn't. But if you do want to see the Purple Ranger and the Red Ranger's sister again, you will do as I say.

The screen turns off and the others are thinking just how they can get back Karone and Jessica without running into Psycho Brown's trap. Steve gets an idea himself and tells the others.

STEVE: I know what to do.

ZHANE: What is it?

STEVE: Where's Zordon's energy tube at?

ANDROS: Its in the work bay. What are you going to do?

Steve walks into the work bay and tells the others what he's about to do.

STEVE: Good! There's still some energy left inside of it.

TJ tries to stop him and gets in his way as he finds out what he's gonna do.

TJ: Steve don't! That's too dangerous. We don't know if that remaining energy is still intact.

ZHANE: Yeah. Who knows what that can do to you?

CARLOS: What were you going to do anyway?

STEVE: This past Ranger power won't work. But if I can get my present power back, I can stick my old Power Morpher inside the tube and retain it.

ANDROS: Are you sure that's gonna work?

STEVE: I've got to try guys. Its the only thing I can think of.

Steve walks to his quarters on the ship to get his old Power Morpher.

ASHLEY: But what's this got to do to save Jessica and Karone?

CASSIE: Don't you get it. Psycho Brown wants Steve. He can fight him as we can save Jessica and Karone.

ANDROS: Good tactic move Cassie. While Steve is fighting Psycho Brown, one of us can go inside the Dark Fortress and rescue them both.

TJ: Then one of us should be ready when Steve is taking him on.

CARLOS: Exactly.

ZHANE: I'll go guys. I'll go there and get them out.

ANDROS: Okay. Be careful.

Steve walks back to the work bay and has his old Power Morpher in hand. Carlos sees his old morpher that looks the same as he remembers the time that Adam morphed into his old Black Ranger power.

CARLOS: Cool! I guessed that you and Adam had the same look of power morphers back then.

TJ: Yeah. But that coin inside of it has a stegosaurus on it.

ASHLEY: So that was your very first zord, right Steve?

STEVE: Yeah. But I didn't join the team until the day after the others became Rangers.

CASSIE: Wasn't your cousin the original Pink Ranger?

STEVE: Yeah.

ANDROS: You better get going Steve. Psycho Brown won't be waiting much longer.

ZHANE: Just give me the cue to go in to save Karone and Jessica.

STEVE: I will Zhane. Wish me luck guys.

Steve sticks his morpher inside the tube and it absorbs the remaining energy. The work bay is illuminated from the glow inside the tube as Steve is transformed back to his Brown Lightstar Ranger self. The tube is empty of the energy and the others see Steve back in his present Ranger costume. The golden aura around him is gone.

STEVE: It worked. Oh yeah!

The others are ecstatic as they see him back to his old self and watches as he runs outside to fight Psycho Brown.

STEVE: All right Psycho Brown. I'm here. Come on out and fight me like a man.

Psycho Brown comes around from the corner of the building and sees him there waiting there for him.

PSYCHO BROWN: So! Its look like your back to your present Ranger power. I've been waiting a real long time for this. Brown Ranger, you are finally mine!

STEVE: Bring it on.

They both run at each other as the others back at the ship inside the watch on the screen. Zhane waits for his cue from Steve to go in the Dark Fortress to rescue Karone and Jessica.

ZHANE: Come on Steve. You can do it. You can do it.

Steve tries to leg sweep Psycho Brown but he jumps over his leg and tries to kick him in the back. Steve avoids the attack as he flips forward to the stairs of the community center. Psycho Brown runs back up to him in a hurry and Steve gives him a full fledged punch to his face and a kick to his chest knocking him down the stairs.

PSYCHO BROWN: That didn't hurt a bit. But this is will hurt you much worse.

Nails protrudes out of his finger tips and shoots them out at Steve and they hit him sending him hurling backward.

STEVE: Is that the best you can do to me? That didn't even make a mark. Not even a scratch.

PSYCHO BROWN: I'll give you a scratch.

More nails protrudes out of Psycho Brown's fingers of his right hand and this times he lashes them out at Steve. Four scratches go along his costume as Steve falls back down to the ground.

STEVE: Oh man! I can't take any more of this. Zhane. Its time. Go and get them out of there now.

Zhane hears his words and teleports over to the Dark Fortress. He finds the room where the Data Machine is and finds the controls where he can bring back Karone and Jessica.

ZHANE: All right. I found the controls. Now to bring them back.

Zhane pulls down the lever on the control panel and the Data Machine shoots out Karone and Jessica.

JESSICA: We're back. We're okay.

KARONE: Zhane. What happened? How'd you manage to save us?

ZHANE: No time to explain. Steve is fighting Psycho Brown outside the fortress.

JESSICA: What? We have to go out there and help him.

They all run down the Dark Fortress's ramp as the witness Steve and Psycho Brown fighting each other.


As Psycho Brown twists out of Steve's way, he rushes over to the girls and Zhane as they just walk off the ramp.

PSYCHO BROWN: Escape is impossible. You three are about to be history.

JESSICA: Let's Rocket!

Jessica tries to morph in the Purple Ranger but her morpher is swiped off of her arm by Psycho Brown and thrown into Zhane. They both land on their rear ends with a thud as they hit the ramp hard. Karone comes from behind and picks up Jessica's Astro Morpher.

KARONE: Hey Psycho Brown! Try and take me on if you can. Let's Rocket!

Karone puts on Jessica's morpher on her left wrist and enters the morphing code and transforms into the Purple Ranger. Steve looks with amazement as he sees Karone morph.

STEVE: Whoa! Karone?

Steve runs up to the ramp of the Dark Fortress Zhane and Jessica to see it they are all right.

STEVE: You guys okay?

ZHANE: We're fine. You better help out Karone.

JESSICA: She's morphed into my Ranger power. Go help her. We'll get back to the megaship.

STEVE: Okay. I'll see you guys later.

Zhane and Jessica head back to the ship as Steve helps out Karone in battle with Psycho Brown.

KARONE: Steve. I can use your help.

PSYCHO BROWN: Ha ha! He can't help you out.

STEVE: We'll just see about that. Ready Karone?

KARONE: Ready.

STEVE: Let's do it.

They bring out the Astro Blasters and fire at Psycho Brown's face. The blasts don't even make a dent to him and Steve gets an idea how to rid of him once and for all.

KARONE: Oh no! That didn't even do anything to him. It only made him mad.

STEVE: Wait! I know what to do to get rid of him once and for all. I can do this.

KARONE: What are you going to do?

STEVE: Just watch. I hope this works.

PSYCHO BROWN: What ever you plan you have to get rid of me, it will fail for sure.

STEVE: I'll just see about that.

Steve focuses on his Rangers powers from the golden energy and a golden energy wave emits out of him and it heads right at Psycho Brown.


Just like all evil in the universe was destroyed, Psycho Brown is turned into dust particles and he is gone for good. Steve has finally won the war over Psycho Brown.

KARONE: Incredible. You did it.

STEVE: That's the end Psycho Brown once and for all. Let's get back to the ship.

KARONE: Right.

As Steve and Karone arrive back at the Astro Megaship inside the community center, the team congratulates Steve for finally getting rid of Psycho Brown once and for all.

JESSICA: You did it. Great job Steve.

CARLOS: You the man.

STEVE: Thanks.

ANDROS: And Karone. That was amazing you became a Power Ranger.

KARONE: Well. It was something that I wanted to do and give Steve some help.

CASSIE: We're proud of you two.

ASHLEY: Yeah. You looked great in purple.

KARONE: Thank you.

JESSICA: But remember we made you and honorary Power Ranger. Now you are one.

KARONE: Thank you Ashley.

Cassie, Ashley and Jessica both hug Karone for helping out Steve.

TJ: Hey Steve. Guess what? We have old friends here to see you.

CARLOS: They just arrived. Here they come now.

STEVE: Who is it?

As the doors opens behind the bridge, Phantom Ranger and Blue Senturion enters and greets the Rangers and Steve.

BLUE SENTURION: Greetings my Ranger friends.

PHANTOM RANGER: Hello everyone!

STEVE: Blue Senturion! Long time no see!

BLUE SENTURION: The feelings mutual. How is everyone?

TJ: We're just doing fine Blue Senturion. Its good to see you again.

CARLOS: This is Andros, his sister Karone and his good friend and ours, Zhane.

BLUE SENTURION: Nice to meet you.

ANDROS: Welcome aboard.

CASSIE: Phantom. I've missed you.

PHANTOM RANGER: I've missed you too Cassie.

Phantom and Cassie hug as they have missed each other and the last time they've seen each other.

ANDROS: Well. I guess this is it.

ZHANE: What's that Andros?

ANDROS: Just like I said to Ashley before, my home is with you guys. Its time for us to go on with our lives now.

CARLOS: That's right. Now that our identities of being the Rangers are known to the world, now we have to go on.

TJ: I agree. It eventually had to be this way now that everything evil was destroyed.

STEVE: And we had to morph in public to save those people. What a ride it was of being a Power Ranger.

ASHLEY: It sure was.

ANDROS: Alpha and Deca. Now that you two are going to be hosts for the museum, all of us are going to miss you. The both of you were like a family to us.

ALPHA: I'm going to miss you too Rangers. Me and Deca will be fine.

Those were the last words that Alpha would say to his dear friends before they depart from the Astro Megaship as it becomes a museum. Just before everyone leaves and goes on with their lives, Steve gets another dizzy spell and hits the floor. Jessica and Carlos rushes over to him and helps him get up.

JESSICA: Oh no! Steve!

CARLOS: What's happened to him?

JESSICA: Are you okay?

STEVE: I don't know. All of sudden I felt dizzy again.

ANDROS: Get him back to the medic bay.

CASSIE: Phantom. Is there anything you can do to help him?

PHANTOM RANGER: Yes there is. I can use my power ruby to heal him of his dizzy spells.

Steve is brought into the medic bay and the Blue Senturion and Carlos lay him on the table.

BLUE SENTURION: Are you okay my friend?

STEVE: My head is spinning. I hope that what Phantom said that can help me with his power ruby.

JESSICA: Yeah. Can you help him with it Phantom?

PHANTOM RANGER: Yes I can. Here goes nothing.

Phantom pulls out his power ruby from his chest and scrolls it across Steve's face to heal him. Steve lays back up as Phantom finishes the healing process.

ZHANE: Well. How do you feel now Steve?

STEVE: I feel fine now. Did it work Phantom?

PHANTOM RANGER: Only time will tell. But I don't think it really did any help at all for you. It just healed his wounds from his battle with Psycho Brown.

TJ: Then what can we do?

PHANTOM RANGER: There is another way Rangers. You have to put him in Zhane's cryogenic tube. It will completely heal him through a period of time.

ZHANE: How long will he have to be in it? I was in it for two years.

PHANTOM RANGER: Unknown. But I do estimate for him to be in the cryogenic tube about three or four months for completion.

ASHLEY: All we can do is pray for him as we go on with our lives.

ALPHA: Don't worry everyone. I'll keep a look out for Steve and I'll keep the healing chamber locked away when the museum opens. Me and Deca will take good care of him.

JESSICA: But in three or for months I'll be on Terra Venture. Earth's space colony will be complete and I was selected to go there. Alpha, please inform me when he has awakened.

ALPHA: I will Jessica. I will.

STEVE: Well enough talk. Put me in the cryogenic tube.

ANDROS: I'll get it ready for you Steve.

STEVE: Thanks Andros. I'm going to miss you guys.

TJ: We're going to miss you too man. We'll see you in three or four months.

Steve says his final good-byes to Blue Senturion and Phantom Ranger as they ready to had back to Phantom's home planet. He hugs his friends goodbye and him and Andros go into the healing chamber where he will be. Jessica goes with them and helps Andros with Steve to out him under.

ANDROS: I'm gonna miss you Steve. But I will see you again my friend.

STEVE: I'll miss you too Andros. So long my friend.

JESSICA: I love you.

STEVE: I love you too Jessica.

Jessica kisses him on his forehead as Steve lays inside the tube and she shuts it. Andros taps some buttons by the console near the tube and Steve goes into his long sleep. Alpha walks in as Andros and Jessica leave the room. Jessica says something to him as she and Andros depart from the Astro Megaship.

JESSICA: Take good care of him Alpha. Goodbye.

ALPHA: Goodbye Rangers! And have a nice life my friends. I will miss you all.

The End