Hart To Hart Reunion
by : Steve Folger

In his room on the Astro Megaship, Steve packs his things together for his new quarters with Leo, Kai and Damon as they welcome him to stay with them. Hearing from Jessica that his dad and his sister are on Terra Venture made him so excited as he searched for the rest of his stuff. Even when he was frozen in the cryo tube for 5 years, his room on the megaship wasn't touched when it was a museum back on earth. Alpha is on the bridge as he waits for Steve to finish packing. Putting his last three things in his bag, he sees his room one last as he gets ready to leave. Strolling his fingers against the megadeck walls as he heads for the bridge, Steve remembers of his days with his past Ranger friends who were on the ship with him when they were protecting the Earth from Astronema's evil forces. Now that the Earth is finally safe from all evil in the universe, Steve, Jessica and the other Galaxy Rangers are now up against Scorpius as they now must protect Terra Venture as they search for a new world to colonize.

ALPHA: Hey Steve. You don't have to leave the ship so you can live on Terra Venture.

STEVE: Thanks Alpha. But the guys all ready got the room set up for me to stay with them. But I am gonna miss my room here on the megaship.

The megalift door opens as Steve walks to it. He enters and says bye to Alpha and Deca.

STEVE: Well this is it. Bye Alpha and Deca. I'll see you both later.

ALPHA: So long Steve. We'll see you later.

While on the quarters he is gonna stay with Leo, Kai and Damon, his dad and sister Kelly have all ready arrived there and are waiting for him as they tell stories of Steve to his friends as Jessica gets ready in her quarters that she shares with Kendrix and Maya.

LEO: So Mr. Hart, you did know that Steve was a Ranger before, right?

MR. HART: Oh yes. When they showed up just in time before that Astronema showed up and was about to launch her final attack, they changed into the Rangers right before our eyes. We never knew what happened to his old friends before he came here on Terra Venture.

KENDRIX: I think that Jessica told us that they went to KO-35 were the Red and Silver Ranger came from.

KELLY: Oh yeah. That's right dad. But they came back to Earth when they helped the people of KO-35 back home when that energy wave destroyed all evil.

DAMON: And that was like 5 years ago when that happened, right?

KAI: It sure was. I was a kid when that happened back on Earth?

KELLY: Is my brother still a Power Ranger? We'll keep it a secret if he still is.

LEO: Yes he is. Him and Jessica are both Rangers again with new powers. Along with the five us of.

The door opens to the room where walks in Jessica and sees Steve's dad and sister there with the others.

JESSICA: Hi Mr. Hart. Kelly. How are you both doing?

MR. HART: We're both doing fine Jessica. Is Steve on his way here now?

DAMON: He should be on his way now. He was getting this stuff from the Astro Megaship.

KELLY: Huh! I thought it was a museum back on Earth.

KAI: Yeah it was. But I had to use it and met Damon and we both went to save the others on Maya's home planet.

MAYA: Yeah. But that's when we lost Leo's brother Mike there before my world was turned to stone.

KENDRIX: Well Steve should be on his way here soon.

While on another place on Terra Venture, Bulk and the Professor run into Steve as he is on his way to his new living quarters.

STEVE: Bulk!? Professor Phenonemous!? I didn't know the both of you were here on Terra Venture. Where's Skull at? Isn't he with you?

PROFESSOR: Skull didn't make it. He's still on Earth. We didn't know what happened to him.

STEVE: Oh man! That's terrible. What brings you both up here in the first place?

BULK: Well we are both in the science division now.

STEVE: That sounds great. Well I gotta go. I'll see you both later.

Meanwhile on the Scorpius Stinger, Furio introduces a new monster, Armadillus, to Scorpius and his daughter Trakeena. The large monster comes next to Furio as gets ready to plan an attack on Terra Venture.

FURIO: My master. I present to you, Armadillus.

SCORPIUS: Yes. Go Armadillus. Take some StingWingers with you and wrech havoc on Terra Venture. I want the Power Ranger out of the picture for good.

ARMADILLUS: As you command Scorpius.

Armadillus and the StingWingers arrive at Terra Venture and start attacking the city as Deca informs Alpha on the Astro Megaship.

DECA: A monster and StingWingers are attacking the city.

ALPHA: Oh no! I better contact the Rangers at once.

Alpha contacts them and the communicators in their morphers sound off in a warble as they still are talking with Steve's dad and sister. Leo answers the call as Kelly wonders what the bleep sound was.

LEO: I read you Alpha.

ALPHA: A monster and StingWingers are attacking the city. Come quick!

KAI: Steve isn't here yet.

JESSICA: You go guys. I'll go and find him.

Jessica heads out the door and goes to look for Steve as the others get ready to fight the army of StingWingers and the monster.

MR. HART: So it looks like the Rangers are being called right now. We'll stay here when you all get back.

KELLY: Yeah.

LEO: All right. Let's go everyone.

The all run out the door of the room and head down to the city and morph into the Galaxy Rangers.

RANGERS: Go Galactic! They take on the wingers and Armadillus as the monster turns itself into a large ball and knocks down the Rangers like ten pins.

KAI: Oh man! Bowled down like a 7-10 split.

LEO: Come on guys. Let's bring out the heavy artillery. Quasar Launchers!

The cannon like weapons appear into the hands of the Rangers and aim them at Armadillus and fire.

LEO: Fire!

ARMADILLUS: I have strong armor. Prepared to be shell shocked.

Armadillus turns around and the blasts from the Quasar Launchers hit him in the back and deflects them right back at the Rangers.

ARMADILLUS: Ha ha ha ha! How you like me now?

KAI: Oh man! We can't take anymore of this.

DAMON: Where's Jessica and Steve at? We need their help.

ARMADILLUS: Ha! They won't make it in time to help you all out.

Steve and Jessica arrive in time in their Ranger suits and sees the other Rangers on the ground and gets ready to attack Armadillus.

STEVE: That's what you think.

JESSICA: Its time for you to go down.

The Stingwingers come from their sides and Steve and Jessica fight them off with kicks and punches. Armadillus drinks the vile of growth potion and grows to enormous size.

KAI: Oh no! We've got a big problem.

ARMADILLUS: Make that a real big problem Rangers. You cannot stop me.

STEVE: We're gonna need the Galactabeasts.

LEO: Right. Galactabeasts, arise!

The seven Galactabeasts arrive all together side by side as Armadillus sees them and turns himself into a ball to protect himself from harm. Leo jumps on top of his lion Galactabeast and shoots out fire from his beast at the monster and it does no damage to him.

LEO: Oh man! He's got real tough armor. It won't penetrate him. Now what do we do?

STEVE: I got an idea Leo. Check this out.

Steve's Armadillo Galactabeast turns into itself into a large ball itself and gets ready to roll toward at Armadillus.

STEVE: Bad news Armadillus. Its time to show you what my Galactabeast can do. Armadillo Galactabeast, engage roll attack!

His beast spins around and around until it gets enough speed and rolls itself at Armadillus and strikes him down and Armadillus is destroyed.

LEO: All right. Great job Steve. That got him.

The Rangers stand on top of their beasts in triumph after their victory over another monster of Scorpius'.

Meanwhile back on the Scorpius Stinger, Trakeena tells to her father that Armadillus was destroyed.

TRAKEENA: Father. That monster of Furio's was useless. He was easily destroyed.

SCORPIUS: Furio! Get in here right now.

FURIO: Yes master.

SCORPIUS: You incompetent fool. That monster of yours didn't make a dent to the Rangers. I ought to send you to the farthest reaches of the universe for your failure.

FURIO: Forgive me master. I'll try again with a different monster next time.

SCORPIUS: You had better not fail me again Furio or else.

Back on Terra Venture where Jessica and Steve head to his new living quarters where his dad and sister await, to his surprise when he enters the room, he runs to them and gives them both hugs. His younger sister now 5 years older and his dad's looks hasn't changed.

STEVE: Dad. Kelly. You're both here. I missed you both so much.

STEVE'S DAD: I missed you too son. I love you so much.

KELLY: We heard you were here. So we came here to surprise you.

STEVE: This is a surprise. I love you both.

KELLY: I love you to big bro. I've missed you too.

STEVE: Big bro? Look at you. You've grown and turned out beautiful like mom.

KELLY: Yeah I know.

STEVE'S DAD: Thanks to your friends that we found you. We didn't know you were here on Terra Venture until Jessica had told us.

STEVE: Thanks Jessica. Thanks guys. All of you are real great friends.

KAI: Hey. No problem man.

LEO: Yeah. It was our pleasure.

As Jessica comes up to him, she gives Steve, his dad and his sister a hug as they get their lives back together on Terra Venture.

JESSICA: Now we are all back together and starting our new lives here. Even my family is here on Terra Venture too.

STEVE: That's good to hear Jessica.

The End