Impostra’s Revenge
by Steve Folger

*between episodes Red Romance and Chameliac Warrior*

The Scorpion Stinger floats in space as Trakeena talks with a monster that she hasn't seen in awhile since its last visit and got the general Treacheron in trouble. The monster, Impostra, since her last visit talks with Trakeena as she swears for vengeance on the one Ranger that destroyed her cousin, Body Switcher, years ago on the planet Earth.

Trakeena: So Impostra. What's brings you here since the last time we met?

Impostra: Revenge. I want revenge on a particular Power Ranger.

Trakeena: Let's get something straight here. I am the one who has revenge on the Rangers. They destroyed my father.

Impostra: I know Trakeena. But it's one particular Ranger that destroyed my cousin years ago on Earth.

Trakeena: Then do us both a favor. No matter who has revenge on which Ranger, I want them all destroyed.

Deviot: I do believe which Ranger what she is talking about Trakeena. The Brown Ranger isn't it?

Deviot taps in a historical document button and on the main view screen it shows the Brown Ranger and his past Ranger team the Space Rangers fighting Body Switcher and destroying him. Impostra starts to cry as she watches the battle that happened years ago on Earth and bringing flashbacks of her cousin's destruction. Kegler comes up to her to counsel her and hands her a napkin to clear her tears.

Kegler: Now, now. Don't worry Impostra. Here you go.

Impostra: Thank you.

Trakeena: This gives me an idea. Impostra, start with the Brown Ranger and then the other Rangers. I want them all destroyed.

Impostra: Yes. I just won't destroy him, but first I'm gonna have some fun with him if you know what I mean.

The impersonating monster snaps her fingers and she transforms herself into an evil version of Steve. Trakeena and the others look with amazement as they watch the evil Steve de-materialize and heads for Terra Venture.

In the mountain dome where the Corbet brothers Mike and Leo are jogging along, the impersonating Impostra looks on as they come up the dirt path.

Impostra: Ha ha ha! I'll give them a real run for their money.

She snaps her fingers again and the clothes turn into a brown tank top and sweat pants. He sees them come up and surprises Leo and Mike.

Steve: What took you guys so long?

Leo: Whoa! You scared us Steve. When did you get here?

Steve: Just thought that I join you both. Is that okay?

Mike: Sure. Come on.

Steve: Bet you both can't beat me in a race.

The impersonating Steve races off into the forest as Mike and Leo eats his dust and they begin to run after him.

Mike: Let's go after him.

Leo: He wants a race, let's give him one.

As the brothers run after him, without being seen by the two, he transforms back into Impostra and calls on the Stingwingers. The Corbet brothers stop in their tracks as they see the evil foot soldiers about to attack them.

Impostra: Stingwingers, attack!

Leo: Whoa!

The impersonating monster disappears as the army of Stingwingers engages their fight with Leo and Mike.

Leo: Go Galactic!

Mike: Magna power!

Leo morphs into the Red Ranger and Mike morphs into the Magna Defender. They bring out their sabers and fight the bug like creatures.

Leo: Quasar saber!

And without a sweat, they easily defeat their enemy which makes the Stingwingers retreat as they disappear and head back to the Scorpion Stinger.

Mike: Huh!

Leo: I wonder what that was all about.

Mike: Let's get going and find Steve. We had better give him a talk.

They reach Leo's and the guys living quarters where they see the room empty and no Steve is there. Maya and Kendrix exit their room and enter the guys' room where they meet Mike and Leo.

Mike: Hey Kendrix, Maya. Have you both seen Steve?

Kendrix: No we haven't. We haven't seen him since this morning. What's wrong?

Leo: Mike and I were jogging along and ran into Steve. Next thing we knew he ran off and then we had some company with a few Stingwingers.

Maya: What?

Leo: Well he did.

Kendrix: Wait a minute Leo. Steve would never do such a thing. It must be a trick of Trakeena's.

Mike: She's right. We shouldn't have thought that Steve meant to lead us into a trap.

Just getting off their work shifts, Damon and Kai walk in to see their friends talking about Steve.

Damon: Hey guys.

Kai: What's going on?

Leo: Have you guys seen Steve?

Damon: No. Not since this morning.

Leo: What about Jessica?

Kai: No. She's still on shift at command headquarters. I doubt if she has seen him.

Mike: He could be with his dad and his sister. We should check with them.

Back on the Scorpion Stinger, Trakeena orders Impostra to steal the Galaxy book. And the only way to do that she has to turn back into Steve and get it before anyone knows it gone.

Trakeena: Impostra, go back to Terra Venture and steal the Galaxy book. And this time turn back into the Brown Ranger and steal it. And I don't want any mess-ups this time. Understand?

Impostra: Understood. I'm on my way.

Trakeena sits back down on her seat as Impostra disappears and heads back to Terra Venture as she goes to steal the Galaxy Book.

As the real Steve is on his way to see Jessica at command headquarters, Impostra arrives and turns herself back into Steve and heads to where the Galaxy book is kept. Steve recites a question over and over to himself as he is going to pop the question to Jessica to marry him.

Back to the guys who arrive at the door of Steve's dad and sister's place, Kai presses the doorbell and Steve's dad answers the door and invites them inside.

Mr. Hart: Hi everyone. Please, come on in.

Leo: Thanks.

Kelly: Hi guys.

Kendrix: Hi Kelly. Look we just came to here to ask if you both have seen Steve today?

Kelly: Yeah. You just missed him a couple minutes ago. He went to see Jessica at command headquarters.

Mr. Hart: Is there something wrong?

Damon: Not exactly. We just needed to know where he might be.

Mr. Hart: Well I suggest that you catch up with him. He's about to pop the question to Jessica.

Leo: Huh! You mean he's gonna to ask her to marry him?

Kelly: Yeah. He was just here and showed us the ring he's gonna show her.

Kai: Wow! That's cool. They were both meant for each other.

Mike: Of course. Hey, let's go guys. I got to report for duty back there anyway for a short shift. So long sir. Bye Kelly.

Mr. Hart: Okay. See you all later.

Kelly: Bye.

As they leave and head to command headquarters, the Impostra version of Steve heads to the Science Division and looks for the Galaxy book. The real Steve is walking along as Impostra looks at the sealed up book in a glass case and prepares to smash it and steal the book.

Crash! The two guards near by hear a loud grass breaking sound and they see someone in the room trying to steal the book. The one guard yells out at the intruder and the other runs at him but he is sent backwards to the floor by a blast by the intruders energy blast from his hand. They both see the face of Steve as he runs out the door without the book in hand. The real Steve is knocked down by the intruder which it turns itself into Impostra and disappears.

Steve: What in the world!

Guard #1: Stop!

Guard #2: Hold it right there!

He sees the two guards who grabs him and they take him to the brig where he will be held until Commander Stanton comes to see him.

Later on, Mike and the others arrive to see that Steve has been put in the brig and they see him being questioned by Commander Stanton and High Council Reiner and Brody.

Brody: Once again, why did you try to steal the book?

Steve: I keep telling you that was not me. It was a monster who impersonated to look like me. That's what it was. I was just gonna see Jessica. That's all.

Stanton: Yes. We've heard the same story before when that one monster tried to steal it before. We don't need you on any of our problems. Guard, put him back in the cell.

The guard puts Steve back in the cell as Mike and Kai are surprised to see their friend being put back in the holding cell.

Stanton: Until further notice, we'll just to wait and see if it's true about this thing that tried to steal the book.

Reiner: Commander put a high alert on security on the Galaxy book.

Stanton: Yes ma'am. Right away.

Mike and Kai walk to the brig to talk to Steve as the guards approach them.

Mike: I want to talk to him sir. He's a friend.

The commander tells the guard to let Mike and Kai to see Steve since they both know him.

Stanton: Let them in.

Guard: Yes sir.

Kai and Mike enter the brig as Steve sits on the cot.

Steve: Guys, you have to get me out of here. You know I didn't do it.

Mike: We know. We'll get you out of here somehow. An earlier incident this morning happened between that monster and me and Leo this morning. We thought it was you.

Steve: Then you know that I didn't try to steal the book.

Kai: This monster you said that impersonated you, can you describe it?

Steve: It all happened so fast. I could barely make out what it was. It just disappeared.

Kai: Just think on what it looked like.

Steve: Uh, I think it was a green creature. I think it was female with blue hair and one gold eyebrow on its head.

Mike: Hmm!

Kai: What is it Mike?

Mike: I think I remember seeing this particular monster sometime ago. I just can't remember who or what it was? But right now, I've got a shift. Kai, tell the guys to be on the lookout for this monster.

Kai: Right Mike.

As Mike leaves the cell, he walks to his friends and talks with them before he goes on his shift.

Leo: So Mike. What did Steve have to say?

Kendrix: Yeah. You and Kai were in there for a long time.

Mike: He described it was a monster that took form of him and tried to steal the book. Its not him guys. I better get going.

Maya: Okay. See you later Mike.

Damon: Oh man! We just need to find this monster whatever it was that got Steve in trouble.

Kai walks up to them and tells them about the situation.

Kai: Hey, did Mike just tell you?

Kendrix: Yeah we know. What did Steve tell you?

Kai: There is this monster that is green and has blue hair and one gold eyebrow on its head. Mike said he vaguely remembers seeing this monster before.

Leo: I don't even remember seeing a monster like that at all. It must've been when Mike was inside Magna Defender. That's probably why he doesn't remember it that well.

Damon: Well whatever this monster that did this to Steve, we still gotta help him out. Or he'll be in that cell for a real long time.

Leo: But the one thing that gets to me is why this monster got Steve in trouble in the first place?

Kai: I wouldn't have a clue.

Jessica walks in the hallway as she walks up to her friends as she got the news from Mike after her shift was done.

Jessica: Guys, what's going on with Steve? Mike just told me what happened.

Maya: We have to talk.

But their conversation is cut short when their morphers make a warble sound as Alpha calls them to go into action. Leo answers the call.

Leo: What's up Alpha?

Alpha: Rangers, there's trouble in the city. A monster is attacking.

Leo: We're on our way.

The six of them morph into the Power Rangers and head to the city and they see the monster that Steve was talking about earlier.

Leo: Stop right there!

Impostra: Rangers!

Leo: So you are the one who got Steve in trouble. Now you are gonna get it.

Impostra: I don't think so. Stingwingers!

Stingwingers materialize in front of Impostra and fight the Rangers. But Leo manages to flip over the army and fights Impostra.

Leo: No body impersonates a friend of ours and gets away with it.

He pulls out his Quasar Saber from his belt and chops at Impostra. Nothing happens to her as she grabs Leo and tosses him into the other Rangers.

Kendrix: Leo, are you okay.

Leo: Yeah.

Jessica: I'll stop her.

Maya: Jessica don't.

Jessica runs into battle and she brings out her Quasar Saber and knocks a few Stingwingers out of her way as she takes the battle with Impostra.

Jessica: You got me mad for what you did him. Take this!

She sends a high kick to Impostra's face and she flies into a nearby tree and stands back up. She talks to the Purple Ranger.

Impostra: You are on my top list along with your Brown Ranger friend for destroying my cousin.

Jessica: Huh! What are you talking about? Who's your cousin?

Impostra: Don't you remember Body Switcher? Years ago you and your former Ranger team destroyed him. He was my cousin. Now I, Impostra, will destroy you and the Brown Ranger for his destruction. Along with your other Ranger friends.

Jessica: I do remember Body Switcher. Now prepare to join your cousin.

Kai: Wait a sec! I've got an idea. I'll be back guys. I've to free Steve from the jail cell.

Leo: Go Kai. We'll take care of Impostra.

Kai runs back to command headquarters and tells the guards to go ahead and free Steve. But as the Blue Ranger.

Blue Ranger: You have to free him. I have the proof that he didn't try to steal the book.

Guard: I just can't go ahead and set him free. You'll have to see the Commander first to get the orders.

Blue Ranger: Well fine.

Kai runs to see the Commander as he sees him and he is shocked to see the Blue Ranger in the bridge. Mike looks on as he sees Kai in his Blue Ranger attire.

Stanton: Blue Ranger. What brings you here?

Blue Ranger: Commander, you've got to free Steve. I have the proof that he didn't try to steal the book.

Stanton: Okay. But on one condition, I'll have to see it myself.

Blue Ranger: Yes sir.

They both go to the jail cell to let Steve go and he is thankful to be free. Steve acts like he doesn't know the Blue Ranger as Commander Stanton orders the guard to open to cell door.

Stanton: Guard, open the door.

The guard opens the door and Steve is released into the custody of the Blue Ranger as him and Commander Stanton escort him outside to see the Rangers fighting the monster that Steve had described before.

Blue Ranger: Does this prove it enough sir? I better get back and help them.

Kai runs back into action as he helps the Power Rangers to fight the Stingwingers and Impostra.

Stanton: What's going on out here? Is that the thing you were talking about Mr. Hart?

Steve: Yes sir. That's the monster that got me in trouble.

Stanton: Then you are free to go. I'll let the High Council know that it was not you.

Steve: Thank you sir.

As the Commander heads back into the building, Mike just passes the Commander as he finishes his real short shift and he walks up to Steve as they get ready to join the fight to help their friends.

Mike: Steve.

Steve: Mike. That's the monster that got me in trouble.

Mike: Then let's do it.

Steve: Go Galactic!

Mike: Magna power!

They bring out their morphers and Steve morphs into the Brown Ranger and Mike morphs into the Magna Defender. They both flip over the Stingwingers and land an uppercut on Impostra with their sabers in unison.

Impostra: Huh! Whoa!

Mike: Now I remember who this is. She's Impostra.

Steve: Whose tra?

Impostra: Argh! The reason why Brown Ranger is because its what you did to my cousin.

Mike: What's she talking about? Who is her cousin?

Jessica and the others run up to Steve and Mike after they fought off the Stingwingers as the army retreats again and return to the Scorpion Stinger.

Jessica: Steve. That's Impostra. Her cousin was Body Switcher.

Steve: Her cousin was Body Switcher? I do remember him. Then all of this was for her revenge. Now I have some revenge of my own. You're gonna get it good now Impostra. Quasar Launchers!

Steve commands on the Quasar Launchers and his and the other Rangers' Launchers appear in their hands and they prepare to fire at the Impostra.

Impostra: Ha! You just don't think you'll defeat me with those things.

Steve: We'll just find out. Quasar Launchers, fire!

The seven launchers fire out colorful blasts of energy and they strike down Impostra and she falls to the ground. The fire blows up behind her and she grows to large size. Steve calls on the Galactabeasts and Mike commands on Torozord.

Steve: Galactabeasts, arise!

Mike: Torozord, charge!

The seven Galactabeasts transform into the Galactazords and form the Galaxy Megazord. Torozord makes Magna Defender grow and he forms with his zord to form Defender Torozord. As they finish the transformation sequence, Impostra throws her explosive snake around the two zords and it explodes that causes the two zords to fall to the ground. She laughs and then she is knocked down to the ground by the other two zords, Centaurus and Stratoforce.

Leo: All right. Now we can finish her off once and for all.

Defender Torozord does the lighting spin attack on Impostra and Steve commands on the Galaxy Megazord saber.

Steve: Right. Her impersonating days is over. Galaxy Megazord saber, full power!

With four quick slashes of the megazord saber, Impostra falls to the ground and she blows up in a large ball of fire. The four zords stand together in triumphant as they again save the day.

Meanwhile back in the guys living quarters, along with Steve's dad and his sister, he brings out a box and places it in Jessica's hand.

Steve: I've got something for you Jessica.

Jessica: What's this?

Steve: Open it.

Their friends look on as Jessica opens the little box that reveals a ring that is a 24 karat diamond ring as Steve kneels down to her and asks her the question. Jessica's eyes widen up as she stares at the diamond ring.

Steve: Jessica Marie Collins, would you do the honor of being my wife? I love you very much.

Jessica: Oh my gosh! Yes, yes. Yes I do. I love you too Steve. I will marry you.

They both hug each other as everybody claps and cheer as they all see Steve and Jessica stand up to each other and kiss. Kendrix and Maya come up to Jessica and they congratulate her and give her and Steve a hug.

Kendrix: Congratulations you two.

Steve: Thanks guys. I just hope that all of you will be there to see it happen. Because you are all invited.

Leo: All right.

The Corbet brothers come up to Steve and pat him on his back as Damon and Kai congratulates Steve and Jessica. Damon slaps Steve a high five and asks him a question.

Damon: So Steve. You're gonna need a best man. Who is it?

Kai: It would have to be me of course.

Steve: Well. Its all four of you guys. All of you are my best men.

Mike: That's great.

Jessica: It looks like that you both will be my Maid of Honor.

Kendrix: I can't wait. I love weddings.

Maya: Yeah. Thank you Jessica. It'll be fun.

Steve: I just wish my mom and my brother could be here to see this. If they could just could see me know.

Steve's Dad: They'll be proud of you son. I know they would be. Congratulations.

Steve: Thanks dad.

Kelly: Way to go big bro. Congratulations.

Mike abruptly stops the conversation and makes a toast to Steve and Jessica.

Mike: I'd like to make a toast to Steve and Jessica. May their lives together last a long time in spirit and in harmony. Congratulations guys.

They all raise their glasses and give the toast for the upcoming newlyweds.