Battle of the Brown Rangers
by Steve Folger

*between episodes Protect The Quasar Saber and Facing The Past*

After the Psycho Rangers and then Psycho Pink were destroyed, Deviot had a back up plan by bringing out in his hands the other two data cards that holds inside Psychos Brown and Purple. He explains to Trakeena and his evil cohorts of his plan to get rid of the Power Rangers.

Deviot: My queen. I have managed to bring up the master plan. I have these other two data cards that holds inside Psycho Brown and Psycho Purple. And I've also converted them to be much stronger then ever before. We'll show those Rangers and that washed up Astronema who they are messing with.

Trakeena: What's that? You hold back on me Deviot? Why didn't you do anything to stop them with Psycho Brown and Psycho Purple before? We could've of destroyed the Rangers days ago.

Deviot: That's why they are the back up plan to destroy those insipid Rangers. Psycho Brown and Purple are two of the most powerful psychos ever created. And now without further delay, I'll insert the cards in the digital re-animator and press go.

Deviot inserts the two data cards into the re-animator and the room flashes in lights of purple and brown and out comes Psycho Purple who is energized from the ceiling and is standing in between her and the others.

Trakeena: Its Psycho Purple. So where is Psycho Brown?

Deviot: What! Why hasn't he returned? There is something definitely wrong here.

The re-animator sparks and crackles and he shouts out again as he powers down the machine. Villamax comes up to him and asks him what happened.

Villamax: What happened?

Deviot takes out the data card that had held inside Psycho Brown and explains the problem.

Deviot: Thank goodness nothing happened to the data card containing Psycho Brown. It seems that the digital re-animator has overloaded and now only Psycho Purple is left to do the job in destroying the Rangers. But I need a power boost of incredible energy to fix the machine.

Psycho Purple: Then I'll destroy all of the Rangers by myself.

Trakeena: Don't get so cocky. We'll need Psycho Brown to destroy them besides you. You cannot go out alone or the Rangers will destroy you.

Psycho Purple: I can do this alone. I don't need that nimrod Psycho Brown to help me. And neither could the others. They couldn't take orders from no one and what makes you think I'll take orders from you.

Trakeena gives a stare to Deviot and he presses a button on his remote that gives a shock to Psycho Purple. She grabs her arm in pain as the high voltage seers through her body.

Psycho Purple: Ah! All right. I'll do what you say.

Deviot gets an idea after looking through the re-animator's generator and sees the power cell that is burnt out.

Deviot: That's it. I've found the problem. I have an idea to fix the re-animator.

Trakeena: What is it Deviot?

Deviot: I have an extra power cell to fix the re-animator, but in order to bring back Psycho Brown to full strength, we can steal the Brown Ranger's past power morphers to give the re-animator more power. It's a simple task. Psycho Purple, do you think you can handle it?

Psycho Purple: More then anything. I can do it.

Psycho Purple waves her hand across her body and transforms herself into a human woman. Kegler crosses his hands over his eyes and looks again to see her turn into a beautiful woman with jet -black hair, blue eyes and wearing a GSA uniform. She is a complete evil clone of Jessica the Purple Ranger.

Kegler: Oh my goodness! Very revealing. She looks very much like the Purple Ranger.

The evil woman clears her throat and tests her voice to hear herself sound like the Purple Ranger.

Psycho Purple: Testing. Much better. Eat your heart out Purple Ranger.

Trakeena: Now go to Terra Venture and get the Brown Ranger's morphers.

Psycho Purple: Right. I'm on my way.

She de-materializes into a purple ball of energy and heads for the large space colony Terra Venture.

Meanwhile as everybody is having dinner with Kai's specialty chicken dinner, they all talk with the newest member of their team Karone who took over for the supposedly deceased Kendrix as the new Pink Galaxy Ranger. Steve tells her they day when her brother Andros and the others had come to help them fight the Psycho Rangers.

Steve: You should have been there when Andros and the others came to help us. The Psycho Rangers returned and it took the 13 of us defeated them.

Karone: That's amazing. I wonder how the psychos came back? You've defeated them before.

Jessica: Yes we did. But the strange thing about it was that Psycho Brown and Purple weren't there in the battle. I wonder why?

The conversation at the table goes silent as the team looks at each other as they notice that the two missing psychos were not in the battle with them days ago with the help of the Space Rangers. Mike gives a glare at his younger brother Leo and realizes it too.

Mike: Do you think?

Leo: Maybe. Steve, are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Steve: I know Leo. I've got a bad feeling that Trakeena could be up to something. And this time it could be more trouble then we can handle.

Karone: I know the feeling too Steve. It was years ago when I was Astronema when I sent the psychos to try to destroy you and the others back then. I know that Trakeena would try to do something and that she has some plan up her evil sleeves. So we better be on our best awareness and defenses if we are up against them again.

Damon: Oh man! I hope we don't go through that again. The Psycho Rangers were tough.

Kai: They sure were. But we still better be on a lookout.

Leo: That's right. We better look alive out there if we run into Psycho Brown and Purple.

As they finish having their welcoming feast for Karone, Psycho Purple arrives in the Main City dome and walks to a communication kiosk where she looks for the Astro Megaship's location and finds it.

Psycho Purple: I've found it. The Brown Ranger's power morphers should be inside of the megaship.

Docking bay 11.

She sends herself though the communication kiosk like Psycho Pink did before to get to Kendrix and she is sent to docking bay 11 where the Astro Megaship is kept.

Psycho Purple: And now I must get inside somehow and get that ridiculous Ranger's morphers. This gives me another idea.

She turns back herself into the Purple Ranger Jessica again and heads for the megalift doors where she enters and is greeted by Alpha.

Alpha 6: Hello Jessica. What brings you here?

Jessica: Hi Alpha. Steve sent me here to get his past morphers.

Alpha 6: Why did he send you? Why couldn't he come here and get them himself?

Jessica: Well he's on a shift with Damon helping him out. He just told me they need a power boost from his morphers to fix a problem.

Alpha 6: Okay. All of his morphers are inside the power vault.

Jessica: Thanks Alpha.

The evil clone of Jessica, Psycho Purple heads for the power vault and sees that large vault that contains inside the Brown Ranger's past power morphers. She sees the keypad next to the door and doesn't know the code to enter.

Psycho Purple: Drat! I don't know the code to enter. Oh well, I'll do it my way.

She put her fingers on the keypad and gives a jolt of energy into it and the large door jars open. Deca informs that the temperature has dropped inside and is safe to enter.

DECA: Temperature is dropping. It is safe to enter.

She opens the door and enters the room and looks to her left to see the four power morphers laying in a display adjacent to the table that held before the Astro morphers. The brown power coin that is in the original power morpher, the brown zeo morpher, a brown turbo morpher with key and the brown astro digimorpher all lay next to each other in order the way how Steve had obtained his powers. Psycho Purple walks up to the glass case and looks at it with an evil gleam in her eyes.

Psycho Purple: Finally the morphers shall be Deviot's and Psycho Brown shall be reborn once again.

The evil woman in purple transforms herself back into Psycho Purple and pulls up the glass casing and the alarm goes off that echoes through the whole ship.

Psycho Purple: What! I must hurry and get these back to Deviot. That little robot will be here any second.

Deca sends the message to Alpha that an intruder is in the power vault where the supposed Jessica is to get Steve's morphers.

DECA: Alert! Intruder in the power vault.

Alpha 6: That's impossible. Jessica is in there.

As Alpha scurries to the room to see the problem, Psycho Purple takes the four brown morphers and sees the little hyped up robot seeing her stealing Steve's morphers.

Psycho Purple: Huh!

Alpha 6: Oh my goodness! Ai yai yai! Its Psycho Purple.

Psycho Purple: You're about to say goodbye to your Brown Ranger friend forever.

She laughs as she de-materializes and heads back to the Scorpion Stinger with the four stolen Brown Ranger morphers.

Alpha 6: Oh no!

Back in the guys living quarters where everyone has just finished having dinner, Alpha contacts them and Leo receives the call on his own morpher.

Leo: Come in Alpha.

Alpha: Ai yai yai! There's trouble on the megaship. Psycho Purple has returned and has stolen Steve's power morphers.

Karone: Psycho Purple?

Steve overhears the robot talk of his past morphers stolen and responds on his morpher.

Steve: What! Alpha, what happened?

Alpha: Please come quick.

Steve: We're on our way.

Leo: Let's go guys.

The team of eight head to the megaship and sees the little robot scared and shaken and scurrying around the bridge waiting for them.

Steve: We're here Alpha.

Alpha 6: Rangers, you've made it.

Damon: What happened?

Alpha 6: Psycho Purple made herself look like Jessica and got onboard the megaship and stole Steve's morphers. Come quick.

Leo: The power vault. Come on.

They all head down the corridor that leads to the power vault and sees the shorted out keypad and sees the door that is still opened and they all walk inside. Steve runs to the left to see the display case where his past morphers were kept and sees that they are gone.

Steve: My morphers. They're all gone.

Leo: But why would Trakeena want with them? Aren't they useless now?

Steve: Yes they are. But I wish I knew what she wants with them.

Karone: I'd knew that Trakeena would be up to something.

Mike: Exactly. A possibility of giving the psychos more power with his morphers.

Kai: That could be it.

Maya: Oh no! Just what we need. Another Psycho Ranger to deal with.

Jessica: Don't forget that Psycho Brown could be on his way too. We'll have to deal with him too if he has returned.

Damon: Just great. Those guys were tough as ever. And now a Psycho Purple and Brown. Man, what could be next?

Damon looks at the burnt out keypad and begins to repair it as the others think what to do next when they run into Psycho Purple and Brown.

Meanwhile on the Scorpion Stinger, Deviot has pulled out the power sources from the Brown Ranger's morphers and has already installed a new power cell for the digital re-animator. One by one he slips the power coin, the Zeo crystal, the Turbo morpher and Astro digimorpher inside of the machine as he connects them to the power cell and closes up the hatch of the re-animator.

Deviot: And now for the final phase. Time to bring back Psycho Brown.

Trakeena: This had better work Deviot.

Deviot: But it will my queen. That Ranger's past morphers has residual power left in his Turbo morpher and power coin. The other power sources are fully intact such as his Astro morpher and the Zeo crystal. And now, its time for Psycho Brown to be reborn.

Deviot powers up the digital re-animator once again and inserts the data card in the machine and begins to press the button but Psycho Purple comes up and asks to do it.

Psycho Purple: Let me do this.

Deviot: As you wish Psycho Purple. Let the transition begin.

She pushes the button up to full power and the room shines in a light of brown as the ceiling emits out a stream of energy and is formed into Psycho Brown. He stands in the haze of smoke and it clears up as he makes his fighting stance known.

Psycho Purple: Welcome back Psycho Brown.

Psycho Brown: Psycho Purple? Where are we?

Psycho Purple: The Scorpion Stinger. We are needed once again to rid of the Rangers.

Trakeena: That's right. I am Trakeena. And I want you two to destroy the Rangers. It was years ago when that Brown Ranger destroyed you. And now we have brought you both back one last time to deal with them and their friends.

Psycho Brown: What's this? That Brown Ranger is still among us? I will destroy him and his pathetic friends once and for all.

Deviot: Yes he is. I've managed to give you the strength of his past morphers and now you can finally get rid of that Ranger from the face of the universe.

Psycho Brown: I won't just destroy him, I'll obliterate him and his friends from here to forever. Let's go Psycho Purple.

Psycho Purple: Right.

They both leave in two hazes of colored light as Trakeena gets ready for her right spot to rule the universe.

Trakeena: Finally, I will rule this universe and make Terra Venture bow on its knees after the Rangers are destroyed.

Back on the Astro Megaship, Steve gets a signal on the Terra Venture map on the screen and sees two signals heading for the Ocean Dome.

Kai: What's that coming?

Leo: That has to be Psycho Brown and Purple on the way.

Steve: The Ocean Dome. Let's go everyone.

They leave the ship and head for the Ocean Dome where the two Psycho Rangers wait for their arrival. The eight heroes morph into costume and ride to the dome on their Astro Cycles. The red, blue, green and brown Astro Cycles arrive at the beginning of the beach and the Rangers and Magna Defender look around to see where the two psychos are. Mike gets off from the back of his brother's red cycle as he sees nothing.

Mike: I don't see them anywhere guys. They're around here somewhere.

Damon: Come out and show yourselves!

Damon shouts out to the Psycho Rangers who are in hiding and Maya slaps him in the back of his helmet as she and Damon are on his cycle.

Maya: Damon.

Jessica and Steve remain sitting on his brown Astro Cycle as Kai and Karone are next to them waiting on Kai's blue Astro Cycle.

Kai: Steve, do you see them?

Steve: No I don't.

Jessica: Neither do I. I don't see them around. They must be hiding.

Karone: I know they are around here somewhere. Let's go.

They get off the Astro Cycles as Deviot appears up on the rocks ahead and shouts down at the Rangers and Magna Defender.

Deviot: Oh Rangers! Are you looking for something?

Steve: Deviot! What you've done with my morphers?

Deviot: You'll find out soon enough Brown Ranger. You cannot handle what you are about to go up against. Stingwingers, attack!

Stingwingers appear on the beach and the Rangers take the fight with the bug foot soldiers.

Leo: Let's get them guys.

Mike: Right.

As Deviot watches the fight, Psycho Purple and Brown come up to him from behind and wait for his orders.

Psycho Brown: Is it time yet?

Deviot: Yes it is. Destroy them all.

The two psychos flip off the top of the rocks and land on the beach as they join in the battle and starts fighting the Rangers.

Psycho Brown: Hello Brown Ranger. I like your new Ranger threads. Did you miss me?

Steve: Psycho Brown? Is that you?

Psycho Brown: They one and only. Once I'm done with you and your friends, there won't be anything left of you but dust.

Jessica jumps in front of Steve in between of him and Psycho Brown after she fights off a Stingwinger.

Jessica: You're the one who is gonna be dust. Now get of here.

Psycho Purple intervenes the Purple Ranger's attack and fights her off as the two Brown Rangers who are about to fight each other.

Psycho Purple: You're the one who will take the fight with me. Let's rumble.

Steve: You both will be sorry that you returned when we get through with you.

Psycho Brown: Big words coming from a Ranger who is about to destroyed.

Leo: Guys, we better call on the Lights of Orion.

Steve: Right.

Rangers: Lights of Orion, activate!

The Rangers go in their power up stance and call on the Lights of Orion and the armor appears on their costumes. Psycho Brown and Purple witness the transformation from the lights.

Psycho Purple: What's this?

Psycho Brown: They're so pathetic. We'll crush them with one blow. The Lights of Orion won't help you Rangers.

Leo: We'll just see about that. Power up mode!

The seven Rangers charge at the two psychos and they turn into the large energy ball and they are deflected backwards from an energy blast from Psycho Brown who collected energy from his energy shield into his hand. He shoots again as they fall to the sandy beach and an explosion of fire sprays behind them causing the Rangers and Magna Defender to demorph.

Psycho Brown: Ha ha ha ha ha! I've done it. I've defeated the Rangers. The Rangers have fallen and they can't get up. Now, its time to finish them off once and for all.

Steve: No. We've got to stop them.

Jessica: Its up to us.

Jessica and Steve stand back up as their friends are still laying on the sand unmorphed and unconscious as they lay on the ground. Steve and Jessica look at their friends to see that they are okay.

Steve: Leo. Guys. Are you okay?

Jessica: Karone. Maya. Oh no!

The enraged Brown Ranger stands up and gives an evil eye at the two psychos that hurt his friends.

Steve: That does it. No one hurts my friends and gets away with it. You two are about to gone for good.

Jessica: That's right. You're about to be toast once and for all.

Steve: Let's do it.

Jessica comes to his side and joins with Steve as they get ready to morph again.

Steve/Jessica: Go Galactic!

The others awake and see Steve and Jessica morph again back into their Ranger selves and take the battle with Psycho Brown and Purple. Jessica pulls out her Quasar Saber and it energizes to full power as her saber charges up with purple energy.

Jessica: Say goodbye forever Psycho Purple.

She succeeds and strikes the purple psycho and she falls and explodes.

Steve: Now for you Psycho Brown. It's your turn.

Psycho Brown: Give it your best shot. Come and get me.

His Quasar Saber charges up in his hand as it turns into a light of brown energy and he runs at the psycho and strikes him. The brown psycho falls but is not beaten after he is struck by the saber and then the powers from inside of him are splintered from him and turn into four personas of Steve's past Brown Ranger powers. The four brown auras fly around in the air and materialize into the brown Mighty Morphin Ranger, Zeo Ranger 7 - Brown, the Brown Turbo Ranger and the Brown Space Ranger. They stand next to each other as Psycho Brown sees the four Brown Rangers that just came out of him.

Psycho Brown: Huh! This can't be. I don't believe my eyes.

Steve and Jessica also look in shock as they see the four Brown Rangers who gang up around the evil Psycho Brown who sits up on his knees.

Steve: Whoa! I don't believe what I'm seeing.

Jessica: Neither can I. Incredible.

Steve: So that is what happened to my morphers. Deviot used them to give Psycho Brown more power.

Jessica: Yeah. That has to be it.

Psycho Brown: I.... I will destroy all of you. All of you will be destroyed by my hands.

Steve: That's what you think.

Steve runs up to join the four as a fifth Brown Ranger and gets ready to help them to fight off Psycho Brown. Jessica runs to her friends who are watching on as the battle is about to start between the browns.

Leo: What's going on?

Damon: Other Brown Rangers?

Jessica: That's right. Are you guys okay?

Mike: Yeah.

Karone: I don't believe it. Steve's past powers have to come to help him to stop Psycho Brown.

Maya: Amazing.

Kai: Incredible.

Psycho Brown stands fully erect to his feet as the five Brown Rangers stand side to side while Steve is in the middle of the five.

Psycho Brown: This cannot be. If there is to be one Brown Ranger in this universe, that shall be me.

Steve: I don't think so. Let's do it.

The five Brown Rangers each power up as they call on their power names as they go in their defensive stances.





Steve: Galaxy!

Brown Rangers!

A huge cloud of brown color explodes behind them as the evil Psycho Brown sprints at the five Brown Rangers.

Psycho Brown: I'll show you who is mighty and morphin.

Triangulating all of their fire power from the Brown Ranger weapons, the Blade Blaster, the Zeo pistol, the Auto Blaster, the Astro Blaster and Steve's Trans Blaster all shoot in unison and hit the incoming Psycho Brown. The five laser beams each strike a pinpoint of Psycho Brown and one of his armor shielding on his body falls off and disintegrates and then he falls to the sand and explodes. He shouts out screaming as he finally blows up into a ball of fire. The five Brown Rangers turn around as the explosion of fire and smoke rolls up into the sky of the Ocean Dome.

Steve: All right! We did it! Power down!

His friends look on as Steve powers down and the remaining Brown Rangers fade away into thin air. Steve looks to see them gone as his friends run up to him.

Steve: Huh! Where'd they go? They're gone.

Leo, Mike, Kai, Damon, Karone, Maya and Jessica congratulate Steve on a job well done as they each give him a high five. Jessica powers down and hugs her fiancé.

Jessica: Steve, you did it.

Mike: Great job Steve.

Leo: Yeah.

Damon: That was cool.

Steve: Thanks guys. I just wish I knew what happened to them. They just disappeared. But that's the last we'll ever see of Psycho Brown and Purple.

Maya: Hey look.

Kai: Up there.

The spirits of the past Brown Rangers are seen in the sky and turn themselves into orbs of brown light and goes into Steve's morpher as him and everyone else watch on as he gets a warm feeling from the four that absorb into this Transmorpher on his left wrist. The four past power sources give him the feeling that he will always be the one and only Brown Ranger from Earth. Just him and Stetos, the Brown Ranger of Aquitar, are the only Brown Rangers in the universe.

Steve: Come on. Let's go home.

The team of eight leaves as they head home back for the main city dome of Terra Venture. Deviot reappears and sees them leave as he swears to himself that he will have the Rangers defeated.

Deviot: The day will come come Rangers. When you will be defeated.

Deviot disappears again and returns to the Scorpion Stinger.

Trakeena and Villamax are with a monster that says he is capable of destroying the Rangers. The magnet looking monster is at the bottom of the hill as Trakeena talks with him.

Trakeena: So Magnetox. You think you can destroy the Rangers?

Villamax: Stingwingers, attack!

Villamax commands on Stingwingers to test the monster's strength and ability and he easily defeats the bug like foot soldiers by absorbing their energies and turning them into cockroaches.