Suicide Mission
by Steve Folger

*between episodes Raise The Titanisaur and Escape The Lost Galaxy*

On Captain Mutiny's planet, his main headman Barbarax rounds up the Swabbies as they get ready to head for Terra Venture to capture more slaves for his camp.

Mutiny: Arr! Barbarax. Get ready to get more slaves from Terra Venture. I want more to dig for my treasure.

Barbarax: Right Captain.

Barbarax and his army of Swabbies arrive in their boat and land on Terra Venture as they get ready to capture more people for the slave camp. The citizens try to run for cover but they are whisked away into the barrel that Barbarax opens up. The Power Rangers and Magna Defender arrive and take on the fight with the Swabbies.

Barbarax: Power Rangers? Swabbies, get them. They'll never stop me from taking more slaves.

Barbarax grabs a girl from the crowd that is the Brown Ranger's sister Kelly and she tells Barbarax to get his hands off of her.

Kelly: Let me go you fat head. My brother is the Brown Ranger.

Barbarax: What's that? Hey Brown Ranger!

Steve: Huh!

Barbarax: I've got something that belongs to you.

Barbarax brings across his axe in front of his sister as Steve runs out for her.

Steve: Barbarax, let her go!

Steve strikes down a couple Swabbies with his Quasar Saber and runs to stop Barbarax from taking his sister.

Barbarax: I don't think so. Ha ha!

Kelly: Steve, help!

Steve: Kelly!

Barbarax: Ha ha ha! This is more fun then capturing a barrel of monkeys.

Barbarax opens up his barrel again and it sucks up Steve's sister and more people into it. Leo and the others run up to Steve to see Barbarax about to leave in the boat.

Leo: Steve, what's wrong?

Steve: They got my sister.

Mike: Oh no!

Mike the Magna Defender consoles the Brown Ranger by putting his hand on Steve's shoulder as they all watch Barbarax and the Swabbies get back on their boat.

Barbarax: So long Rangers. We'll be back for more.

They all watch the boat leave and take off into space and heads for the planet where the slave camp is.

Steve: No. Kelly!

He shouts out his sister's name as he falls to his knees. The Purple and Pink Ranger comes up to him and holds him in comfort.

Karone: Don't worry Steve. We'll get your sister back somehow.

Jessica: Yeah. We'll figure something out.

As the slaves keep digging for Captain Mutiny's treasure, the arrival of the boat with Barbarax and the Swabbies land and Barbarax opens up his barrel full of slaves.

Captain Mutiny: Quite a catch there Barbarax. Good job. Get them to work immediately. I need that treasure.

Barbarax: You heard the Captain. Get to work.

The Swabbie shoves the people to get work and Kelly is given a bucket and a shovel as she is taken to a place to start digging.

Back on Terra Venture, all eight them and Steve's dad are together in Mike's quarters as they talk on how to get the people and Kelly back from the slave back.

Steve: I have to do something guys. That's my sister down there on that slave camp.

Leo: I know man. But we need to make a strategy.

Steve: I know.

Steve's Dad: It's not your fault son.

Steve: It is dad. I should have protected her and I failed.

Kai: We'll think of something. I know we'll find a way to save your sister and those other people.

Damon: Yeah.

Maya: What do you think we should do?

Steve: There is a way. I go in alone.

Leo: What?

Jessica: Steve that's suicide.

Damon: That's crazy.

Maya: Is he serious?

Karone: Yeah. We can't let go you on your own.

Steve: I have to guys. I've to get my sister back. But in the meantime, and if I do get in any trouble, I'll call you when I need you.

Leo: Okay. You just better be careful. We'll be there for you.

Leo and Steve slap their hands together as Steve gets ready to leave for the slave camp on Captain Mutiny's planet. Steve' dad and Jessica both hug him and wish him luck.

Steve's Dad: You better be careful son.

Jessica: Yeah. I don't want to lose you.

Steve: I know. Wish me luck guys.

The door slides open as Steve leaves the room and it shuts behind him as Mike says something.

Mike: I hope he knows what he's doing. I just hope he makes it out okay.

Karone: He has too. He's been a Power Ranger a long time. I know he'll be all right.

Steve finally reaches the Astro Megaship where he is about to leave on his brown Jet Jammer and heads for Captain Mutiny's home planet where his sister is at the slave camp. Alpha runs in the Jet Jammer bay and walks up to the Brown Ranger's side before he flies off.

Alpha 6: Steve, you don't have to do this. You can't do this on your own. You'll need the others to help you so you can get your sister back.

Steve: I know Alpha. But this is what I most do. I have to go in alone and get her.

The brown Jet Jammer takes off from the bay as Alpha watches it flies off into space and heads for Captain Mutiny's planet. Steve scans for the slave camp on his Jammer and looks for a safe spot to land so no one can see him. He gets a reading that is just from the camp and enters the atmosphere of the planet.

At the slave camp, the sun starts to do down as Captain Mutiny and Barbarax gets the slaves to keep working as they dig for treasure.

Captain Mutiny: Dig you scurvy land lovers. I want that treasure before sundown.

Barbarbax: Yeah. And make it quick. Keep digging you fools. Or you don't get any water.

The Swabbies patrol around the camp as Deviot comes up to Captain Mutiny and sees that the Brown Ranger's sister is digging for treasure.

Deviot: I see you have someone of importance my captain. Isn't that girl the Brown Ranger's sister I see digging for your treasure?

Captain Mutiny: What! The Brown Ranger's sister?

Barbarbax: That's right. I got his attention and took his sister right from under his nose.

Captain Mutiny: Good work Barbarax. She'll be needed to dig for my treasure.

Deviot: I've got this sinister feeling that the Brown Ranger will be here to come and rescue her.

Captain Mutiny: Keep a lookout Deviot. I don't want that Brown Ranger here or he'll be joining the others to dig for my treasure. I'll also make him walk the plank.

Deviot: Right.

Barbarax: But Captain. We don't even know what the Brown Ranger looks like. He could even be here right now this minute and we don't even know it.

Captain Mutiny: Silence you barnacle brain. Deviot knows who the Brown Ranger is. Arr! The sun is starting to set. Get the slaves back to the caves.

Barbarax: Right. Swabbies, round up the slaves and take them to the caves.

As the Swabbies gather up the people and returns them to the cave where they are to be locked up, Steve looks around from a corner of a mountain and sees his sister being taken away. He keeps a safe distance from the camp so that none of the Swabbies can see him. But Deviot realizes that he could be here as he makes a lookout to see if he is.

Darkness has fallen as Deviot keeps searching around the surrounding area to find out if the Brown Ranger has arrived and tries to rescue his sister. The villain stares off into space and gazes at the stars.

Deviot: Ah, what a wonderful night. The moon is full and the stars are as bright as ever. Oh well, I better get back to work and find out if that Brown Ranger is here.

Looking through his night vision scanner in his helmet, Steve looks onto the slave camp as he sees the Swabbies have all fallen asleep. Barbarax snoozes up a storm near the entrance to the cul-de-sac where the slaves are kept in the caves. And Captain Mutiny is seen beside of his head henchman.

Steve looks around one last time from the behind, the sides and the front as he approaches carefully downhill the steep slope of the mountain. Without slipping and falling, he takes his time as he still looks out to see if any unsuspecting run-ins occur.

He de-morphs from his costume in a flash of brown as he reaches the dirt path that leads to the camp. He looks forward again as he sees the armada of captured ships as he enters the graveyard of scattered lost ships that had entered the lost galaxy. He creeps among past the ships as is he feels like someone is watching him. But he sees nobody as finally reaches the slave camp as he exits the shipyard.

Steve: Whew! I made it.

Back on Terra Venture, the guys wonder if Steve has been captured now that it's been almost an hour since he had left. His dad wonders if he is all right as he starts to get impatient. Mike sees the father of the Brown Ranger get up and pace the floor.

Steve's Dad: Where is he? He should have been back by now. He's been gone a long time.

Mike: Don't worry Mr. Hart. If he had ran into trouble, he would have contacted us by now.

Karone: Yeah. He promised he would.

Mr. Hart: I don't want to lose him too.

Leo: You won't sir. If its starts to get a little longer to wait, we'll go down there and get him. And Kelly too.

Steve's Dad: Thank you everyone. Things haven't been the same since he lost both his mother and his brother years ago.

Back on Captain Mutiny's planet, Steve finally reaches the cave area where his sister is kept in. He paces carefully through the gravel on the ground so he doesn't wake up any of the Swabbies or Captain Mutiny and Barbarax. He sees the two separate cave cells at the end of the cul-de-sac where his sister is kept in one of them. Now all he has to do is somehow to get her out of there without waking up the whole place. He looks around the area and keeps close to the wall that leads right to the holding pen area.

He easily sneaks past the sleeping host of Swabbies and nears the large sleeping Barbarax. The spiked black monster groans in his sleep and emits out a loud belch. Most of had been something he ate when Steve smelled the stench of the belch by putting his hand over his nose as he creeps past him. Captain Mutiny also makes groans in his sleep as he tosses and turns. Steve then starts to try to tiptoe past the malevolent head honcho of the space pirates as he finally reaches the holding pen area and walks to the holding cells and begins to look inside. He sees the people who are also asleep as he looks inside the cell for Kelly. He tries to whisper out her name carefully into the cell without waking up the others and his enemies outside.

Steve: Kelly! Kelly, are you in here?

The young girl opens her eyes as she hears her name being called from outside. Without moving a muscle, she looks out to the door of the holding cell and sees her older brother Steve. Her mouth drops open as she surprisingly sees that he his here to rescue her. She carefully walks to the cell door without waking everyone and sticks her arms out the cell so she can hug Steve. She whispers to him after the two embrace each other.

Kelly: Steve, I'd knew you'd make it here. Where are the others?

Steve: I'm here alone. Where are the keys so I can get you out of here?

Kelly points at the spiked covered Barbarax who has the key and its wrapped around the large beast's belt that is strapped off of his waist. It lies on the ground next to him as he still sleeps. Steve carefully walks to the belt and takes off the key and returns to the cell and unlocks the door. Kelly pushes the door open and she is free.

Kelly: What about the other people? We have to get them out of here too.

Steve: I know. But I am here to get you out of here first. We'll find another way to free them sometime soon.

Kelly: But Steve.

As the siblings tend to argue, a watchful eye from one the sleeping people inside the cell wake up and watches on. The old man wakes up his granddaughter as he watches the brother and sister trying to leave without them. He shouts out the door and it echoes through the cave as Captain Mutiny and his men hear the old man's voice.

Old man: Please help us. Save us.

The Swabbies, Barbarbax and Captain Mutiny also awake and hear the cry for help. Barbarax sits up and sees two people that are trying to escape.

Barbarax: Huh! The slaves are trying to escape. Wake up you fools. Get them!

Captain Mutiny: What?

Swabbie: Arr!

Steve: Run!

Barbarax looks down to sees the keys missing as sees the two running off and runs into Deviot as he returns to the camp. Kelly runs smack down into him and they fall to the ground.

Deviot: Whoa!

Steve shouts to his sister and tells her to run for his Jet Jammer as he gets ready to fight some Swabbies.

Steve: Kelly quick. Get to my Jet Jammer and go. Just go.

Kelly: What about you?

Steve: Just keep going. I'll catch up with you.

Kelly runs off for Steve's Jet Jammer as he gets ready to fight the Swabbies. Captain Mutiny has no idea who the young human is as he watches him fight his Swabbies.

Captain Mutiny: Arr! What's going on here? That slave is fighting my Swabbies.

Deviot gets up and runs to Captain Mutiny's side as Barbarax does as he watches the human fight his patrol of Swabbies.

Deviot: That is no slave Captain. That's the Brown Ranger.

Steve keeps kicking off the Swabbies as he roundhouses each every one of them and morphs in the Brown Ranger as he picks up another Swabbie and tosses it back to its fellow Swabbies.

Swabbies: Arr!

Steve: I'll give you a letter R all right. Go galactic!

Captain Mutiny: So he has managed to save his sister aye. But he won't be able to save himself.

The Captains turns his arm into a cannon and aims at the Brown Ranger and fires at him as he still fights the Swabbies. Steve sees the blast headed right for him and dodges as it hits the Captain's Swabbies and they all are all blasted into the night sky and tumble back to the ground.

Steve then pulls out his Quasar Saber and attacks the Captain as he jumps for the pirate.

Captain Mutiny: You think you can take me? I'll send you to the plank once I'm finished with you.

Steve: Sounds good, but you'll eat your words.

Captain Mutiny: I'll see about that.

Captain Mutiny turns arm back to the hook on his arm and tries to slash at the Brown Ranger but he misses and strikes the ground. Barbarax watches him fight the Brown Ranger as he asks his master to finish the job.

Barbarax: Captain, let me finish him off.

Captain Mutiny: Be my guest. Don't disappoint me Barbarax or I'll make you walk the plank.

Steve: Come and get me you barnacle brain.

Barbarax: Prepare to be destroyed.

He runs menacingly as he swings in axe in the air as Steve goes in his defensive stance as the monstrous Barbarax gets ready to fight him. He blocks the swinging of the axe and grabs Barbarax's arm and send powerful elbow punches to his right and punches him on his left side. Steve kicks him in the crouch area and grabs the axe and with all of his might and flips the large beast over his back. Barbarax drops his axe as Steve picks it up.

Steve: Fore!

Like a golfer, Steve gives Barbarax a final blow with his own axe and lands a powerful swing into his side and he is sent into the air and crashes into Captain Mutiny and Deviot.

Steve: All right! I win. A hole in one. Or should I say a hole in two.

Deviot: Get off me you fool.

Captain Mutiny: Get up before he escapes.

Steve: See you when I see you. Gotta go.

But Steve runs for it and catches up with his sister as she waits for him by his brown Jet Jammer. She sits on her brother's flying vehicle as he sees him running up for his vehicle as they get ready to escape. She hugs the Brown Ranger as he sits on his Jet Jammer and fires up the engines.

Kelly: Steve, you made it.

Steve: Let's get out of here before they come back.

Steve sets his controls for space travel for his sister as a force field encapsulates the Jet Jammer so she can survive. The Jammer flies off in a stream of brown light in the night sky as the Captain and his men watches the two escape from their planet and vows to keep taking more people from the space colony of Terra Venture. Captain Mutiny swears out loud at the brown stream of light that shoots out of the planet's atmosphere.

Captain Mutiny: You may have escaped Brown Ranger, but you'll never stop us from taking more people from Terra Venture. And you won't be able to free the slaves either.

Deviot: And next time him and the Rangers won't be so lucky.

The brown Jet Jammer returns to the Astro Megaship and docks with it in the Jet Jammer Bay. Steve dimorphs from costume as him and his sister Kelly have returned home and runs for his living quarters. He looks at the clock and it is 8:55 p.m. as him and Kelly run out of the ship and heads for the main city. Alpha watches the brother and sister run out the Jet Jammer Bay and out the mega lift door.

Back in his living quarters where his father and his friends wait for his return, the door slides open and Kelly runs in the room and hugs her father.

Kelly: Dad!

Kelly's/Steve's Dad: Kelly! Oh thank goodness you are back. Where's your brother?

Kelly: He's right behind me.

The door slides open again and in walks Steve as he hugs his dad and sister. The others are all relieved to see their friend Steve all right. Leo comes up to him and pats Steve on his back as he is glad to his good friend return in one piece.

Leo: Steve you made it.

Karone: Are you okay?

Steve: Yeah. I'm all right.

Jessica gets up from the chair and runs up to him and hugs Steve and his sister.

Jessica: Oh gosh! I thought I would never see you again.

Steve: I'm okay.

Mike: Its good to see you again Steve. We thought we had lost you down there for good.

Steve: Hey I couldn't have done it without my experience as a Ranger. And you all too. I would have called you guys to come and rescue the slaves. But I ran into trouble with Captain Mutiny after I saved Kelly.

Maya: That's okay. Don't worry. We'll save them someway somehow.

Kai: We have to save them. Even before we even get out this lost galaxy.

Damon: There has to be a way to get out here. Terra Venture is running on one engine left.

Leo: Yeah I know. Or we'll be stuck here forever.