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Author’s Notes: This is my fourth story in the Power Rangers Beyond series. It comes after "Duel In the Desert" Read the Prelude, it provides a short profile on all of the main characters in this series. I got this idea from the Batman Beyond TV series. This series will be set on the idea that the Rangers were already morphed when came to fight off Astronema’s forces in Countdown to Destruction, therefore, their true identities still remain a secret. And now on with the story!

A Night of Romance
by Marques Jeffries

Chris Medlin watched as Jasmine Bradley pulled a few books out of her locker. The African-American girl had been the object of Chris’ affections since he had first laid eyes on her in the ninth grade, however he had never been able to build up the courage to ask her out on a date.

*Well its now or never* he thought, as he took a deep breathe and walked over to Jasmine. "Hello, Jasmine."

"Hi, Chris, what’s up?" Jasmine replied with a friendly smile.

"I was just wondering if you’d like to go out on a date with me?" Chris asked, nervously.

"Sure, Chris, I’d love--," Jasmine replied before Marvin Jones, the school bully walked up.

"Hey, Jasmine, forget this wimp! I’ll show you a good time, baby," offered Jones, as he shoved Chris aside.

"I wouldn’t go out with you, Marvin Jones, if you were the last guy on Earth," scoffed Jasmine.

"Leave her alone, Marvin. Jasmine has already chosen me as her date," explained Chris. Marvin grabbed Chris by his shirt collar, and was just about to slam the Ranger leader against a nearby locker, when Andros walked up.

"Marvin, is there a problem?" asked Andros, sternly.

"No, sir, there’s no problem," Marvin replied, releasing his grip on Chris, and backing away.

"Mr. Jones," Andros said

"Yes, sir," replied Marvin.

"Make sure that a problem does not develop," the Kerovan warned. Marvin quickly headed down the hallway, not wanting to get in anymore trouble.

"Thanks, Andros," said Chris.

"This high school will continue to be a safe high school, as long as I’m around," replied Andros, before walking away.

"Marvin is a real jerk," groaned Jasmine.

"Yeah, but enough about him. So what time can I pick you up, on Friday night?" asked Chris.

"Seven-thirty would be great," replied the girl.

"Then seven-thirty it is," replied Chris. Chris walked Jasmine to her sixth period class, and headed to the gym for his P.E. class.

"I did it, Tim. I did it," stated Chris, as he talked with his best friend, in the boy’s locker room.

"Did what?" inquired Timothy.

"I finally got up the courage to ask Jasmine out on a date," Chris said, proudly.

"And judging from that smile on your face, she must’ve said "yes"," Tim assumed.

"Now all I’ve got to do is figure out where I’m going to take her," Chris stated.

"Well you’ve got three days to get everything together, so its too early to start getting bent out of shape," Tim suggested.

"Hey, Medlin," growled Marvin, as he entered the locker room, and walked up to Chris. "We didn’t get a chance to finish our talk."

"Look, man, I don’t want any trouble from you," stated Chris.

"Well you’re going to have a whole lot of trouble from me if you go out on that date with Jasmine," warned Marvin. "Jasmine’s going to be my girl."

"Well no girl is going to go out with you, if you keep copping that macho attitude," Tim stated.

"You stay out of this, Bennett!" Marvin snarled, as he shoved Tim to the ground. Tim’s first instinct was to grab his morpher, and morph, but then he remembered the three rules of being a Power Ranger.

Marvin then turned his aggressions to Chris. The bully grabbed Chris and attempted to slam the Ranger against a locker, but Chris sprayed deodorant under the bully’s nose, which caused Marvin to burst into a fit of sneezing.

"I’ll, achoo!, I’ll, achoo!, I’ll get, achoo!, I’ll get you for this, Medlin," stated Marvin, before running out of the locker room.

"Good thinking, Chris," said Tim, as he got to his feet.

"Thanks," replied Chris.

"You just don’t know how close I came to morphing and cleaning his clock," Tim stated.

"Yeah, but remember we can’t use our power for personal gain," stated Chris. "Besides the last thing we need is for Marvin Jones to find out that we’re Power Rangers."

Chris and Tim changed out of their P.E. outfits, and back into their regular school clothes, and then headed home for the day.

Friday, had finally arrived and Chris had planned the most romantic evening, he could think of. T.J. had agreed to prepare a meal for Chris and Jasmine, and he was even closing the Surf Spot early, so that the couple would have the place all to themselves.

After getting dressed Chris was combing his hair. He wanted to look his best for this occasion. Then a knock came on the door.

"Who is it?" he asked.

"Its your mother. Can I come in?" answered a female voice.

"Yes, mam," Chris replied.

"My oldest son is going out on his first date," said Anita Medlin proudly, as she hugged her son. "So where are you taking Jasmine?"

"Well Mr. Howard is making dinner for us at the Surf Spot, later on, but first I think we’ll go see a movie." Chris explained.

"Do you need any money?" Anita asked.

"No, I’ve got enough for tonight," Chris replied. His mother was so kind and giving. She was always willing to help her sons out, whenever they needed her.

"Sounds like you’ve got everything together, but just to be on the safe side, here’s twenty dollars," stated the woman, as she handed her son four five dollar bills.

"Thanks, mom," Chris replied.

"I love you, son." Anita kissed her son on the forehead, and then left his room.

"I love you too, mom," Chris said. Just then his communicator began to beep. "I read you."

"Hey, Chris, this is Nick. I’m at Andros and Ashley’s house, helping Tim and Billy work on some new gadgets," explained the younger Medlin brother.

"Oh, I was wondering where you were at," replied Chris.

"Have fun, Chris, and don’t anything that I wouldn’t do. Oh, Zhane is here and he wants to talk to you for a second," Nick said.

"Hey, Chris. Tim told Karone and I about that Jones kid, and so the two of us decided to keep an eye on him for you," Zhane said.

"If its not any trouble," stated Chris.

"No, no, its no trouble at all. Its Carlos’ night to run things at the Silver Pulse, so Karone and I don’t have anything else to do," Zhane explained.

"Give me the phone, please. I want to say something to him," came a female voice.

"Karone, is that you?" asked Chris.

"Yes, I just wanted to remind you to be a gentlemen, tonight, and don’t worry, Marvin Jones won’t bother the two of you," assured Karone.

"Thank you," replied Chris.

Chris knocked on the front door of the Bradleys’ home, and within moments an older woman opened it.

"Good evening, mam," Chris said, politely.

"You must be Chris. I’m Jasmine’s mother, Delores. Come on in, you can wait for her in the den," invited the woman. Chris did as he was instructed and followed Mrs. Bradley into the den, where Mr. Bradley was sitting.

"James, this is Christopher Medlin," Mrs. Bradley said. "I’ll go tell Jasmine you’re here." The woman exited the den, and Chris could hear her going upstairs.

"So you’re the boy who’s got my daughter so excited, huh?" Jasmine’s father inquired.

"Yes, sir," Chris replied, nervously.

‘Have a seat and tell me a little bit about yourself," ordered James Bradley.

"Well I’m sixteen. I’m on the Honor Roll at school, and I hope to become a doctor, someday," Chris explained.

"Sounds like you’ve got some good aspirations set for yourself, but what I really wanna know is, where are you going to take my daughter, tonight?" asked the man, sternly.

"I was thinking that we’d go see a movie, and then get a bite to eat at the Surf Spot. I understand what you’re asking, and I assure you that I will be a perfect gentlemen," promised Chris.

‘That’s good to here," said James Bradley, as he breathed a sigh of relief. "She’s my only daughter, and there are a lot of jerk out there who would take advantage of her, if given the opportunity."

"Hi, Chris," said Jasmine, as she entered the room. Jasmine was wearing a white dress, and some red shoes.

"Are you ready?" Chris asked.

"Whenever you are," replied Jasmine. Mr. and Mrs. Bradley walked the couple to the door, and Mr. Bradley told Chris to have his daughter home by eleven o’clock.

In the car, the couple talked.

"I hope my father wasn’t too hard on you?" Jasmine stated.

"No, he just wanted to make sure that my intentions are pure, besides, he seems like he’s a pretty nice guy," replied Chris.

"So where are we going first?" Jasmine asked.

"I was thinking that we’d go see that new Eddie Jammin flick," stated Chris.

‘Aw man, I’ve been wanting to see that movie for weeks!" exclaimed Jasmine.

A few cars behind Chris’, Marvin Jones and his sidekick, Vinnie, were following the happy couple.

‘Looks like they’re heading towards the movie theater," commented Marvin.

‘So how are we going to get Medlin, Marvin?" Vinnie inquired.

"Hmm, I’ll have some plan ready when the time comes," replied Marvin.

In the movie theater, Chris and Jasmine watched the movie, unaware that Marvin and Vinnie had entered the theater.

‘Out of my way old timers," Marvin whispered, as he and Vinnie, shoved an elderly couple aside, and took a seat.

"Young people are always in such a rush," grumbled the old man.

"So how are you enjoying the movie?" Chris asked.

"Its great, but I’d really like some popcorn," replied Jasmine.

"One box of popcorn coming up," stated Chris, as he rose from his seat and exited the room.

"Medlin, must be heading for the concessions stand," suggested Vinnie.

"Come on, let’s get him," stated Marvin.

"Those two young men appear to be leaving," commented the old woman, as the elderly couple watched the two bullies exit the room.

"Let’s get’em,’ replied the old man.

As Chris approached the concessions stand, he looked out the front window of the theater. The building across the street was on fire, and there were fire trucks everywhere.

"I’ve got to see if I can help put that fire out," Chris thought. The Ranger darted out of the theater and ran behind a nearby dumpster. Chris looked around to make sure no one was watching him, and then pulled out his morpher. "Let’s Rocket!"

Inside the theater, Marvin and Vinnie searched for Chris.

"Looking for someone?" asked the old man.

"Out of our way, old geezers," growled Vinnie.

"Sorry but we can’t do that," stated the old woman. "Its almost your bedtime." Before Marvin and Vinnie could react, the old woman tossed some powder in their faces. The two boys immediately slumped to the ground, in slumber. The elderly couple then removed their wigs, revealing themselves to be Zhane and Karone.

‘I knew that sleeping powder would come in handy someday," commented Karone.

"Ashley, we’ve got two bullies who need to be teleported home," stated Zhane, as he spoke into his communicator. The two Kerovans watched as Marvin and Vinnie disappeared in a ray of white light.

"Hey, you two, the Rangers are across the street trying to help get people out of a burning building," came the voice of Ashley, through the communicator.

In the burning building, the White, Pink, Yellow, and Gold Rangers were scooping up people and teleporting them to safety.

"Do you guys need a hand?" asked the Red Ranger.

"We sure do, but aren’t you supposed to be somewhere else?" asked Stephanie.

"I figured I’d swing by and give you guys some help," Chris stated. "So where is the Blue Ranger?"

"He’s outside. Billy rigged up some sort of hydro device, and integrated it with the Panther zord, so Joseph is out there trying to put this fire out," explained Nick.

After about ten minutes all of the civilians had been taken to safety, and the fire had been put out.

"Thank you, Power Rangers!" cheered a crowd of people, as they watched six beams of light streak across the sky.

"Where have you been?" inquired Jasmine, as Chris entered the lobby of the movie theater. "An usher came in the theater, and told us that the building across the street was on fire, and so I came out here to look for you."

"I came out here to get the popcorn, and then I was ushered out of the building. I tried to explain that my date was still inside, but the usher wouldn’t listen," explained Chris. "I’m sorry that I didn’t try to come back in and find you, but let’s ust go get something to eat."

"So what did you have in mind?" asked Jasmine.

"Oh, I’ve got a surprise for you," Chris stated, with a smile.

"Wow! Look at this place," commented Jasmine as she and Chris entered the Surf Spot. T.J. had redecorated the restaurant to fit the mood of this romantic occasion. The lights were turned off, and a table had been set up in the center of the room, with two lit candles.

"I love what you’ve done with the place, Mr. Howard," Jasmine commented, as T.J. walked up to the couple.

"Thank you, Jasmine. I’ll show the two of you to your table," replied T.J. T.J. led Chris and Jasmine to their table, which already had two glasses of sparkling water set at each place.

Once the couple was seated, T.J. told them that he had prepared a delicious steak dinner.

"I hope you don’t mind that I took the liberty of planning our meal," Chris stated.

"No, I don’t mind at all. Aside from pizza, steak is my favorite food," Jasmine replied. Jasmine then noticed that Chris was staring intensely at her. "Chris, what’s wrong? Did I put on too much makeup. Aw man, that’s it isn’t it?"

"No, Jasmine, nothing’s wrong with your appearance. In fact, everything’s right with it," Chris replied with a smile. "I was just admiring your beauty."

"Oh, Chris, you’re so sweet, and you look very handsome, tonight, but then again, you always do," complimented Jasmine.

"I’m glad I asked you out, Jasmine. To tell you the truth, I’ve been interested in you since the ninth grade," Chris revealed.

"Really! Well I have a confession to make, also. I’ve had a crush on you since we first met at Angel Grove Middle School," Jasmine said. T.J. brought the food, and then headed back into the kitchen.

"So what are your hobbies?" Chris inquired, trying to come up with a good dinner conversation.

"I like to collect Barbie dolls, read novels, stuff like that, but my biggest hobby is keeping a scrapbook on the Power Rangers," Jasmine revealed.

"The Power Rangers?" Chris said, curiously.

"Yeah, my parents told me all about the classic battles between the Rangers and the United Alliance of Evil. When I was little, I wished that I could meet a Ranger someday. I mean, I was an infant when the Rangers defeated the UAE, and then Rangers mysteriously vanished after that. Until just recently, the closest I could ever get to the Rangers, was through Mr. Andros’ Kerovan History class. He knows so much about the Rangers. Its almost like he actually fought in the war," Jasmine commented.

"Um, well Mr. Andros once told me that a Power Ranger saved his life during the UAE’s invasion of Earth, fifteen years ago," Chris stated. He hoped that this explanation would destroy any suspicions Jasmine might have that Andros had once been a Ranger. "So who’s your favorite Ranger?"

"Definitely, the Red Ranger. Red is my favorite color," explained Jasmine. Chris fought with all his might to keep a smile from coming onto his face.

"Yeah, I think its great that the Rangers have returned to protect Angel Grove, once again. In fact, when we were leaving the theater I heard someone say that the Rangers had help put out that fire," Chris said.

"So what do you think brought the Rangers back after all these years?" inquired Jasmine.

"I have no idea, but there’s no telling what types of villains might be lurking around in space," Chris mused.

"As long as its not those Machine people or that Astronema lady. My parents told me about how Astronema threatened to destroy the whole planet if the Rangers didn’t surrender to her," stated Jasmine.

"Little does Jasmine know, Astronema is now one of the premier models on the planet, and one of my closest friends," Chris thought. Chris decided to tell some jokes to get away from the subject of the Rangers.

"Looks like they’re having a good time," commented Zhane, as he, Karone, and T.J. peeked out of the kitchen door.

"I think its time for a little music," whispered Karone.

"One romantic song coming up," replied T.J. The Surf Spot owner aimed a remote control at the CD player in the corner of the restaurant, and then pressed a button. Instantly, a very romantic song began to play.

"Jasmine, may I have this dance?" asked Chris, as he took Jasmine by the hand.

"I’d love to," replied Jasmine. The couple rose from their seats, and began to slow dance.

I will never find another lover sweeter than you, sweeter than you I will never find another lover more precious than you, more precious than you Girl You are Close to me you're like my mother, Close to me you're like my father, Close to me you're like my sister, Close to me you're like my brother You are the only one my everything and for you this song I sing

All my life I pray for someone like you I thank God that I, that I finally found you All my life I pray for someone like you I hope that you feel the same way too Yes, I pray that you do, love me too

Said I promised to never fall in love with a stranger, You're all I'm thinking of I praise the Lord above, For sending me your love, I cherish every hug, I REALLY LOVE YOU!!!

All my life, I pray for someone like you, I thank God that I, that I finally found you All my life I pray for someone like you I hope that you feel the same way too Yes, I pray that you do, love me

You're all that I've ever known, your smile on your face, all I see is a glow, You turned my life around, You picked me up when I was down, You're all that I've ever known, when you smile your face glows, You picked me up when I was down You're all that I've ever known, when you smile your face glows, You picked me up when I was down & I hope that you feel the same way too, Yes I pray that you do love me too

All my life, I pray for someone like you, I thank God that I, that I finally found you All my life I pray for someone like you I hope that you feel the same way too Yes, I pray that you do, love me too All my life I pray for someone like you

After the song had ended, Chris kissed Jasmine.

The End... for now

All My Life by KC & JoJo