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Author’s Notes: This is my fifth story in the Power Rangers Beyond series. It comes after "A Night of Romance" Read the Prelude, it provides a short profile on all of the main characters in this series. I got this idea from the Batman Beyond TV series. This series will be set on the idea that the Rangers were already morphed when came to fight off Astronema’s forces in Countdown to Destruction, therefore, their true identities still remain a secret. And now on with the story!

Prank Day
by Marques Jeffries

In his house, mobster Barry Dayton met with his good friend Dirk.

"Its been a long time, Barry. Why have you sent for me after all this time?’ asked Dirk, as he combed his spiked, blonde hair.

"I have a job for you," replied Dayton.

"A job? What type of job?" inquired Dirk.

"Listen very closely, because I’m only going to say this once. I want you to kidnap a girl for me," explained the mobster. "This a picture of her." The mobster then handed Dirk a picture of the girl.

"So why do you want me to nab her?" Dirk asked.

"Her father is on the Angel Grove City Council. He’s been pressuring his fellow council members to pass some laws, which will hurt my lottery operation in downtown Angel Grove. If I have his kid, he’ll do whatever I tell him to do," Barry Dayton explained.

"How much are you willing to pay me for this job?" asked Dirk.

"Three million. Now what do you say to that?" Dayton stated.

"I say, look out, Miss Stephanie Fairchild, the big, bad, kidnapper is coming to get you," laughed Dirk, as he looked at the picture of Stephanie.

It was now ten o’clock, and Stephanie had just finished her nightly snack, when her phone began to ring.

"Hello" she said.

"Hi, Steph," replied the voice of her boyfriend and fellow Ranger teammate, Tim Bennett.

"Tim, its a good thing you called me when you did, because I was just about to go to bed," Stephanie said.

"Yeah, well you’re going to need all of the energy that you can muster, because the others and I have got some wicked pranks to play on you, tomorrow," warned Tim.

"Please don’t remind me about Prank Day. I can’t believe I got picked to be the victim this year," groaned Stephanie.

"Now, Stephanie, when Nick and I were the victims, the last two years, you played the best pranks on us. Its only fair that you’d be the victim, this year, besides, the rest of the Ranger team will be the only ones playing pranks on you," Tim said.

‘That’s true, but I’m willing to bet that those Medlin brothers are planning out all of their tricks and gags, as we speak. Hey, Tim, could you please give me a little hint about some of your pranks?" asked Stephanie.

"No way, that would ruin all of the fun, tomorrow," replied Tim, as he began to laugh.

"Well then I’ll see you tomorrow," said Stephanie.

"Okay, and Steph, expect the unexpected, tomorrow," warned Tim, before hanging up.

"I’m in big trouble," grumbled Stephanie, as she hung up the phone.

Once again, Angel Grove High School’s Official Prank Day had arrived. Prank Day had originated during the original Power Rangers’ high school days. A group of students had gotten fed up with the antics of Bulk and Skull, and had decided to set aside a day where Bulk and Skull would be the victims of some of the pranks that they had played on others. Once Mr. Caplon and the school officials figured out what was going on, they decided to adopt this idea as an official school event.

Now every year, on the Friday prior to the week that Prank Day occurred on, one person from each group of friends would be selected to be the victim on Prank Day. The rules were simple, the victim’s friends could play any type of prank on their friend, as long as it didn’t endanger anyone’s life.

As Stephanie got out of her car, she saw Vinnie standing beside his car, and covered in chocolate syrup.

"Let me guess, Marvin played a prank on you. Right?" Stephanie asked.

"Yeah, I don’t know how he did it, but he rigged up some sort of gadget in the trunk of my car," Vinnie explained. "When I opened the trunk to get my bookbag out, this stuff gushed out all over my clothes."

Stephanie cautiously walked through the student parking lot, trying to keep a close eye out for any of her friends. "Well, I’m almost in the building. So far, so good."

Unknown to the Yellow Ranger, Dirk had assumed the identity of a janitor. He planned to nab the girl, the moment that she was alone.

Stephanie walked up to her locker, and slowly punched in the electronic combination to unlock it. She had already seen one student get covered in confetti, when they opened their locker, so Stephanie was very cautious in opening the locker. Once the door opened, she was pleasantly surprised that nothing happened. She took out two books, placed her lunch bag on the top shelf, closed the door, and then headed to her first period class.

Once the tardy bell had rung, Dirk walked up to Stephanie’s locker. He had watched her enter the combination, a few minutes ago, so it was fresh in his mind. "I didn’t have breakfast, this morning, so I think I’ll eat hers." the villain thought.

Dirk entered the combination, but this time when the door opened, a compartment in the back of the locker opened, and jello gushed out all over Dirk.

"Arrr, what in the world is going on?" Dirk thought, as he stood there dumbfounded, and covered in jello. The villain closed the locker and headed the restroom to change clothes.

In Chris and Tim’s Literature class, as the rest of the class watched a movie, the two Rangers talked about their pranks.

"So have you sprung one of your traps on Stephanie yet?" Chris whispered.

"Not yet, I figured out what her locker combination was on Friday, and so I got here early this morning, and rigged up a device which will spray her with jello," Tim explained.

"Cool," Chris replied.

"But here’s the catch. The device has a counter mechanisms, so that she won’t be sprayed the first time she opens the locker, but on the second, look out Stephanie," Tim said, as he began to laugh.

"Well I’ve got something waiting for her during lunch," Chris revealed.

"I can’t believe Mrs. Vincent gave us that pop quiz. I felt my heart drop when she said "take out a pencil and a clean sheet of paper"," Stephanie complained, as she and Michelle walked down the crowded hallway.

"I hadn’t studied at all, so I can already tell you how I did on it," Michelle grumbled.

"Well we’ve still got one more test before the marking period ends, so hopefully we both can do better on that one," Stephanie commented.

"Yeah," Michelle sighed. "You didn’t forget about Swimming Practice, did you?"

"No, I’ll be there, that is, unless one of these pranks finish me off, first," the Yellow Ranger mused. Michelle merely replied by beginning to giggle.

The two girls then parted ways, and headed to their next classes.

Dirk, now dressed as a student, was hot on Stephanie’s trail, and he followed her all way to the Girls’ Locker Room. Dirk hesitated and then decided to go where no man had gone before. Just as he was about to open the locker room door, he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"And where do you think you’re going, young man?" asked Ms. Winston, the P.E. teacher.

"Oh, Um, well I thought this was the Boys’ locker room," Dirk replied, with a sheepish smile.

"Nice try, kid, but it clearly says Girls’ Locker Room," replied the P.E. teacher, as she pointed to the writing on the door. "Now get out of here, before I decide to spend you to the Principal’s Office."

As Dirk walked away, he bumped into Nick.

"Hey watch where you’re going!" groaned Dirk, before walking away.

"Sorry," Nick replied. Nick whispered something to one of Stephanie’s female classmates, and then the girl walked into the locker room.

"Stephanie, is just going to love my prank," laughed Nick, as he walked away.

Once all of the girls had left the locker room. Dirk walked in, with the intention of putting a tracking device in Stephanie’s bookbag. He figured that if he didn’t have Stephanie by the end of the day, he’d at least be able to know where she was at, at all times.

"Ah, here’s her bag," thought the villain. Dirk opened the bag, and stuck his hand into it, to plant the tracker, but he got the shock of his life when he pulled his hand out.

"Ahhhhhhhh!" screamed Dirk, as a bunch of fire ants stung his hand. "Oh, God! Ahhhhhh! It hurts, It hurts!" Dirk raced for the door, but tripped over a few bookbags on his way.

"Did you make the switch?" Chris whispered to Joseph, as the two boys sat at the lunch table.

"Yep, I sure did. Stephanie’s Ham&Cheese sandwich will be extra spicy," Joseph replied.

As Stephanie walked down the hallway she encountered Dirk.

"Going somewhere?" he said.

"Oh, hello," the Yellow Ranger greeted. "I was going to go to lunch, but I just found out that my sister is sick, and so I’ve got to go pick her up after I take my Pre-Calculus test."

"So you’re not going to eat your lunch?" Dirk asked.

"No. My teacher told me that I could take the test early, only if I did it during my lunch period. I usually don’t do this, but you seem like a nice person, so you can have my lunch," Stephanie offered.

"Gee, thanks," Dirk replied, as he took the bag from the girl.

"I’ll eat her lunch, and then I’ll be waiting for her when she arrives at her car. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!" thought Dirk, as he watched Stephanie walk away.

Dirk opened the bag and pulled out a Ham&Cheese sandwich.

"Ahhhh!" Dirk screamed, as he chewed the sandwich. It been been filled iwth some hot peppers. He quickly pulled out a thermos, hoping to stop the burning.

"Aw, gross, this stuff tastes like, well I can’t say what it tastes like, but I sure do know what it smells like," thought Dirk. "That girl has got one tough stomach."

"Have you nabbed the girl, yet?’ asked Barry Dayton, as Dirk talked to the mobster on his cellular phone.

"No, boss, but I’m standing at her car. She should be coming out any minute, and when she does, I’ll bring her right to you," replied Dirk.

Dirk decided to hide in the backseat of Stephanie’s car. He figured, he’d surprise her once she got in the car. Besides, if she screamed, no one would hear her. Taking a chance that the door was unlocked, Dirk grabbed the handle and pulled.

Unfortunately, the car adjacent to Stephanie’s, belonged to another student, who was a victim for the day. Dirk had gotten too close to this car, and had triggered an alarm which could only be heard by dogs, and there just so happened to be two big Pitbulls roaming through the parking lot at that time.

"Oh, no!" yelled Dirk, as he saw the dogs approaching him. "N-N-Nice doggies," Dirk said, as he began to back away slowly. The dogs growled angrily, causing Dirk to turn and run for his life. The dogs chased the villain across the parking lot, and Dirk’s only escape was to climb over a fence.

"Oh, no!" yelled Dirk, as his pants got hung on the fence. Dirk pulled and tugged, until his pants ripped, and he proceeded to climb over the fence, but as he reached the top of the fence, he lost his balance and fell on the other side of the fence.

"Ahhhhh!" screamed Dirk, as he landed in a rosebush full of thorns.

As Dirk rolled around in pain, he saw Stephanie’s car driving out of the parking lot.

Later that afternoon, Stephanie, Tim, Michelle, and Joseph met in the park to play a game of Frisbee.

"You mean none of our pranks got you?" Tim asked.

"Nope, not a one. I can’t believe you went threw the trouble of booby trapping my locker," Stephanie commented.

"Well apparently, I need to do a better job of setting up a trap, the next time," Tim replied.

"What about the sandwich and drink?" Joseph inquired.

"Oh, I gave it to a new kid. Poor guy, his first day at Angel Grove High School, and he gets a spicy sandwich and some urine to drink," Stephanie said. "Hey wait a minute! You and Chris didn’t really plan for me to drink that, did you?"

"Of course not. We knew once you smelled it, you’d realize what was going on," Joseph replied.

Just then Dirk ran up totting a gun.

"Hey, buddy, you’d better put that thing away before you hurt someone," Michelle warned.

"That’s exactly, what I want to do," groaned Dirk.

"Hey, you’re the guy that I gave my lunch to," Stephanie realized.

"Yes, I had one heck of a day. I’ve had jello gushed on me, been stung by fire ants, eaten a spicy sandwich, drunk something that smelt like urine, been chased by two ugly Pitbulls, and to top that off fallen into a rosebush. And for what, because my friend wants me to kidnap you!" screamed Dirk, as he aimed his gun at Stephanie.

"Now wait a minute, man, there’s no need to shoot anyone," Tim said, as he slowly approached the villain. Dirk shoved Tim aside and grabbed Stephanie.

"You’re coming with me, Ms Fairchild," Dirk stated. "And if anybody tries to follow us, she dies." Dirk pulled Stephanie across the grass, to his car. He then shoved her inside, and drove away.

"Why didn’t she fight back?" Michelle asked.

"That guy is obviously working for someone, and I guess Stephanie wanted to find out who," Joseph explained.

‘Well I think her fellow Rangers should get a move on, if they’re going to save her," Tim suggested.

"Right! Let’s Rocket!" Joseph said.

As Dirk drove his car through the streets of Angel Grove, he noticed three Star Racers following him.

"The Power Rangers? Where’d they come from?" Dirk said.

"Hang on, Steph, we’re coming," the White Ranger thought, as he, the Pink Ranger, and the Blue Ranger chased the car.

"He’s turning on to Wane Alley. That street doesn’t have a turn off, so we’ve got him cornered," yelled Joseph.

Sure enough, Dirk found himself cornered. The villain stopped the car, and jumped out, holding Stephanie by her neck.

"Let her go!" ordered the White Ranger.

"Okay, Rangers, here’s how its going to be. Toss your weapon over here right now, or I’ll snap Stephanie’s neck!" laughed Dirk. The Ranger quickly did as Dirk had requested, but Tim had a trick up his sleeve. Before tossing his Astro Blaster, he activated the auto-fire mechanism, and as the weapon flew through the air, it fired a blast. In fear, Dirk released his grip on Stephanie.

Before Dirk could gather his composure, Stephanie thrust kicked him in the chest, knocking the villain to the ground.

"Okay, pal, who are you working for?!" demanded the White Ranger, as he picked Dirk up by the collar of his shirt.

"You stupid Ranger. I’ll never rat on my boss," snapped Dirk.

"I hear police sirens in the distance," warned Michelle.

"Okay, pal, last chance. You can talk to us, or you can talk to the cops, but I guarantee you that whoever you’re working for, will try to kill you, if you choose the cops. We can protect you if you work with us," the Blue Ranger explained.

"Okay! Okay! Its Barry Dayton!" exclaimed Dirk. "Barry Dayton is the one who told me to nab the girl."

"That explains a lot," stated Stephanie. "My father is leading a campaign to have Dayton investigated for running an illegal gambling operation downtown."

"So what’s going to happen to me?" Dirk asked.

‘Go back to your boss, and tell him that if he ever messes with the Fairchild Family or any family in this town, then his life is going to become very, very, miserable, courtesy of the Power Rangers," stated the Blue Ranger.

"You got that?!" Tim asked, sternly.

"Yes, sir," Dirk replied.

"Good," replied the Blue and Pink Rangers, in unison.

"Now get out of here," stated Tim. Dirk ran off, not wanting to give the Rangers time to change their minds, and turn him over to the police.

"They said what!" yelled Barry Dayton, as he banged his hand on a table.

"They said that you’d better keep your hands clean, or they’ll be all over you," replied Dirk. "Barry, what are you going to do now?"

"No one tells Barry Dayton what to do. Not even the legendary Power Rangers. What I need is a guy who can beat the Rangers, and I know just the guy for the job," stated the mobster, as a sinister smile crept onto his face.

"Well I guess the bad guys are just coming out of the wood works, aren’t they? First, Hodges, then the Brood, and now Barry Dayton," Tim stated, as he sat on the couch, beside Andros.

"Well its a good thing the universe has the Power Rangers to protect it," reminded Andros.

The End