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Author's Notes: This is my sixth story in the Power Rangers Beyond series. It comes after "Prank Day" Read the Prelude, it provides a short profile on all of the main characters in this series. I got this idea from the Batman Beyond TV series. This series will be set on the idea that the Rangers were already morphed when came to fight off Astronema's forces in Countdown to Destruction, therefore, their true identities still remain a secret. And now on with the story!

Broken Chains
by Marques Jeffries

On a distant planet, called Isra, an army of Brood soldiers have enslaved the planet's inhabitants, and forced them to mine Pefrite, a rare mineral which can be used to make unbreakable metal weapons.

"C'mon, you worms! Put your backs into it!" yelled a jackal monster, as he cracked his whip.

The brown-kinned monster had a humanoid form, but with the appearance and features of a jackal. He was dressed in a metallic suit, which covered his torso and legs.

The people of Isra had the facial features of Asian people. They all wore gray shirts and pants, and wore yellow sandals on their feet.

"B-B-But, Howlin, we haven't eaten in three days," cried an old man.

Without hesitating, the jackal stung the old man with his whip. "Now does anyone else have any complaints." The slaves fearfully shook their heads in response. "Good, now pick up the pace! I want fifty barrels filled up by sunset!" With that the monster walked away, leaving a few Brood soldiers to supervise the slaves.

"Yuri, I'm going to try to make a break for it," whispered a young man.

"Tuff, do not be foolish. Howlin has already said that he would personally kill anyone who tries to escape," warned a young woman.

"I have to take that risk. I've got to find help," Tuff replied.

"How will you escape?" Yuri inquired.

"I'll take one of the shuttles, but I need a distraction," Tuff explained.

"I'll help you, buddy," interrupted Tuff's best friend, Renick.

"Okay let's do it," Tuff replied. Renick and Yuri then pretended to argue, which brought a group of soldiers over to where they were standing. Once the soldiers were close enough, Tuff and Renick attacked them. A few more of their friends joined in, and in the midst of the fighting, Tuff slipped away from the mining pits, and boarded a nearby Brood shuttle.

"Stop him! Stop him! He's getting away!" yelled Howlin, as he watched the ship take off.

"Yes, he got away," stated Renick, as two soldiers brought him to Howlin.

"So you're the one who helped him escape. Ten lashes from my whip will break your spirit," stated Howlin.

"Beat me all you want, but you will never break my spirit," vowed Renick.

"We'll see about that," replied the jackal monster. "Hold him down." Yuri and the other slaves watched in terror as Renick screamed and writhed in pain, iwth each lash from Howlin's whip.

Aboard the Megaship, the six Rangers had just finished their breakfast, and were now making their way back up to the bridge.

"I still can't believe Andros actually let us take this trip without any of the older Rangers," stated Stephanie.

"Well T.J. couldn't come because he's catering a wedding reception this weekend, Carlos is at his family reunion, Andros, Ashley, Zhane, Karone, and the Olivers are attending that fashion show in Paris. So if you think about it, there was no one left," explained Tim.

"Well I think we've more than proven that we can hold our own against the forces of evil," stated Chris, as the six Rangers walked onto the bridge.

"How was your breakfast, Rangers?" Alpha 6 asked.

"Well we're really not too crazy about the food from the Synthetron, but its better than no food at all," Nick stated.

"Rangers, I have detected three Brood shuttles in the area," DECA announced.

"DECA, can you bring the shuttles up on the viewing screen?" Chris asked.

"Affirmative," the computer replied. The Rangers watched as a scene of two Brood shuttles persuing Tuff, in another shuttle, appeared on the viewing screen.

"They're attacking that one shuttle," stated Michelle.

"I'm sure the Brood wouldn't attack one of their own teammates," Chris stated. "DECA, open a communications channel to the front shuttle." Within moments, Tuff's face appeared on the screen.

"Help me! please help me!" yelled Tuff, in sheer terror.

"Chris, what are we going to do? That guy isn't a Brood soldier," stated Stephanie.

"It could be a trick," warned Joseph. "Princess Zara would like nothing better than to destroy us."

"Its your call, Chris," Alpha stated.

"Open the hanger, and bring that shuttle in," Chris commanded.

"The Astro Megaship," stated Tuff, as he saw the ship on the shuttle's monitor. "I'm saved." Tuff guided the shuttle into the Megaship's hanger. And then the hanger closed.

"Aye-yi-yi-yi-yi! We're under attack!" exclaimed Alpha, as the ship was rocked by blasts from the two Brood shuttles.

The Rangers took their battle stations, and fired back at the Brood shuttles. After a few exchanges of blasts, the Megaship destroyed both of the Brood shuttles.

"Great job, everyone. Now let's go see who our guest is," stated Chris.

Tuff cautiously exited the shuttle, and looked around at his surroundings.

"Are you okay?" Michelle asked, as the Rangers entered the hanger.

"Please tell me you guys are the Power Rangers," Tuff stated.

"We are, and you look like you could use our help," Chris stated.

"I am Tuff, and I come from a planet in the Porod Galaxy called Isra. Two weeks ago, Isra was attacked by the Brood, and my people were enslaved by a general named Howlin. Now my people have been forced to mine Pefrite, for the use of the Brood. Power Rangers, you must return to Isra with me and liberate my world," Tuff stated.

"Don't worry we will," stated Chris.

"Yeah, kicking Brood booty is one of our favorite hobbies," Nick added. The Rangers led Tuff back to the ship's bridge.

"This is a magnificent ship you have, Rangers," Tuff commented, as they walked through the corridors.

"Thank you, but the former Astro Rangers should get all of the credit for that," stated Joseph.

"DECA, set a course for the planet Isra," Chris commanded. The Megaship shifted to hyper-rush speed and zoomed through space.

"Has the escapee been found?" asked Princess Zara, as she spoke with Howlin via a monitor, in Howlin's ship.

"No, your majesty, but I've got my best soldiers on it. They'll bring that escapee back, whether he is dead or alive," assured Howlin.

"And the mining of the Pefrite? Have the slaves dug up enough of the precious mineral to be shipped here?" Zara asked.

"Not to worry, your majesty, I will send a shipment to you tomorrow," the jackal promised.

"Howlin, I gave you this assignment, because you are one of my best generals. Do not fail me, or else," warned the Brood princess, before closing the communications channel.

"She's beginning to get impatient," thought Howlin. "I'd better go out there and speed those slaves up."

"DECA, this is close enough," Chris stated.

"Chris, we're still several miles from the planet," complained Nick.

"The Brood probably have some sort of detection device. Howlin could harm Tuff's people, if he finds out that we're on the way," Chris explains.

"So how are we going to get down to the planet?" Tim asked.

"We'll take the Brood shuttle," Chris replied.

"That's not a bad idea. I think I even saw some Brood uniforms onboard," stated Tuff.

"Okay so here's the plan," Chris began.

"Listen up, you worms! Princess Zara wants a shipment of Pefrite by tomorrow, so you'd better speed up your digging, unless of course, you want to feel the sting of my whip," ordered Howlin, as he addressed the Isran slaves.

Just then the jackal noticed a Brood shuttle descending from the sky. "Ah, my soldiers have returned.

Howlin watched as four Brood soldiers emerged from the shuttle, dragging Tuff behind them.

"What happened to the second shuttle?" the jackal inquired.

"I managed to destroy it, and I would have gotten away if these four scumbags hadn't shot my shuttle down on Cauldron," snapped Tuff.

"Well done, soldiers. Now take Tuff over to rejoin the other slaves---After, I give him a few lashes for escaping," stated Howlin, as he grabbed Tuff, and shoved him to the ground. The jackal then gave the Isran boy twenty lashes.

"He's going to pay for that," thought Chris, from inside his Brood disguise. None the less, the four disguised Ranger marched Tuff over to the other slaves, and then took their posts, guarding the slaves.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, no one crosses the Brood!" laughed Howlin.

"Tuff, are you okay?" Renick asked, as he and his friend dug up Pefrite.

"Yeah, how about you. I caught a glimpse of Howlin whipping you, while I was leaving," Tuff explained.

"I'm fine, and like I told him, he may be able to bruise my body, but he'll never break my spirit," Renick replied.

"So what are we going to do now?" asked Yuri.

"I found us some help," Tuff replied.

"Before you were recaptured?" Yuri inquired.

"Sssshhhhh, I don't have time to explain everything right now, but just be ready to fight when the time comes," Tuff whispered.

Night had fallen on Isra, and the slaves were now in there houses. Tuff, Renick, and Yuri sat in a small hut, eating some dinner.

"So what's this about you finding help?" Yuri asked.

"Well---," Tuff started before a knock came at the door. "This might them, now." Tuff opened the door to the hut letting four Brood soldiers inside.

"You convinced these four soldiers to help us?" Renick questioned.

"Not exactly," Tuff replied. With that the four soldiers removed their helmets, revealing themselves to be Chris, Stephanie, Nick, and Tim.

"You found some Earthlings," guessed Yuri.

"Now only are we Earthlings, but we're also Power Rangers," explained Tim.

"Wow! I had heard stories about the heroic deeds of the Power Rangers, but I never thought I'd get a chance to meet them," stated Yuri.

"Now that you guys are here, let's go kick some Brood tail," stated Renick, as he headed for the door.

"Hold it, pal, it would be foolish for us to take on the Brood during the night, especially since we're heavily outnumbered," Chris explained.

"So what ARE we going to do?" Renick asked.

"We're going to rally our people. Together we can overthrown Howlin and his soldiers, and drive them off our planet," answered Tuff.

"Well then we're going to need weapons, if we're going to take on the Brood," stated Yuri.

"What did you have in mind?" asked Stephanie.

"Shortly before the Brood invaded, my father finished constructing five weapons which were made from Pefrite. These weapons were infused with the cosmic power from a meteor that landed on this planet a few months ago. Because my people do not believe in using violence to solve problems, my father was scorned for making these weapons," Yuri explained.

"So what happened to your father and these weapons?" Nick inquired.

"My father was exiled to the other side of the planet. The elders had ordered the weapons destroyed, but they turned up missing shortly before my father's departure. I suspect that he took the weapons with him," Yuri stated.

"Wow! we sure could use those weapons," stated Tim.

"Then its settled, Renick, Yuri, and I will rally our people, while you guys go find Yuri's father," Tuff stated.

"Head east, Rangers. I believe my father headed into the mountains," explained Yuri.

"Thanks for the information," Chris said. "We try to return by dawn, but if we're not back---."

"We cannot wait," interrupted Tuff. "Tomorrow we break the chains of slavery, or die trying."

The three Israns watched as the four Rangers teleported away.

In Paris, France, the Ivory Creations Fashion Show was under way. Ashley was backstage making sure that the models knew when it was their turn to step onto the runway.

"I don't know about this," complained Zhane, as he adjusted his jacket. "I've never modeled before."

"C'mon, Zhane, like I said earlier, Kyle has a stomach virus, and your the only other person who can wear the clothes he was supposed to model," Ashley explained.

"Don't worry, honey, I'll be right beside you," assured Karone.

"Karone, Zhane, the two of you are on next," stated a girl.

Karone looked in a mirror, and made one final adjustment to her hair, before taking her position beside Zhane.

"Are you ready?" the Kerovan woman asked.

"Let's do it," Zhane replied.

Side by side, Zhane and Karone walked onto the runway and modeled Ashley and Kimberly's latest fashion line.

Take me there
I wanna go there
Take me there
Let's go there
Take me to that great place
With wonders and wishes
Take me there
I wanna go there
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Sittin' here thinking 'bout yesterday
About what we did and how we used to play
Just the thought of you bring a smile upon my face
That's how it makes me to see youe everyday

Where we go
Nobody knows
And what we do
Is between me and you

Come on and take my hand
To that special place
Where smiles come to life and dreams come true

Take me there
I wanna go there
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I wanna go there
Take me there
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Take me to that great place
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Just make a wish
Close your eyes and count to five
Cause you know that everything will be alright
I see the magic in your eyes
Strong enough, you know, to bring your dreams alive

Where we go
Nobody knows
And what we do
Is between me and you

Come on and take my hand
To that special place
Don't want this dream to ever go away

Take me there
I wanna go there
Take me there
Let's go there
Take me to that great place
With wonders and wishes
Take me there
I wanna go there
Take me there
You know where
Take me to that great place
With wonders and wishes

"So what do you think, Andros?" Tommy asked, as the two men sat in the audience.

"I think our wives are geniuses," replied Andros, as he clapped for his sister and best friend.

"I have detected an energy source thirty miles east of our present location," informed DECA, as the Astro Megaship flew over the terrain of Isra.

"I'm surprised we haven't been detected by the Brood yet," commented Michelle.

"I guess Howlin is asleep," guessed Chris.

"Which is what we should be doing," added Joseph.

"Hey, you know a Ranger's job is never done," laughed Stephanie, as she pressed a few buttons on the control console.

"The energy source is within this cave," DECA informed the Rangers, as a picture of the cave appeared on the viewing screen.

"Do you think its Yuri's father?" Nick asked.

"There's only one way to find out," Chris said.

"Let's Rocket!" yelled the six Rangers, in unison.

"Be careful, Rangers," warned Alpha, before the Rangers teleported down to the cave.

Inside the cave, an elderly Isran male was eating nuts and berries.

"I wonder how my daughter, Yuri, is doing?' the man thought.

"I see a light up ahead," came a strange voice.

"Intruders," the man thought, as he grabbed a metal staff, and rose to his feet.

Within moments the man found himself face to face with the six Rangers.

"Power Rangers? Here on Isra?" the man said.

"Are you Yuri's father?" the Pink Ranger asked.

"Yes, yes, I am her father, Alton. What has happened to my daughter?" the man questioned.

"Yuri, along with the rest of your people, have been enslaved by a Brood general named Howlin," Chris explained.

"I was afraid this might happen. I tried to warn the elders that we should learn to defend ourselves against evil forces, especially, since our world is the only known planet where Pefrite can be found. However, they were too stubborn to listen, and now they're stubbornness has gotten them enslaved," stated Alton.

"Yuri, and her two friends, Tuff and Renick told us about your love for making weapons, and that you could supply us with them," explained the White Ranger.

"That is true, my friends. Step forward, and receive your Power Weapons," commanded the man.

Stephanie received the Astro Bow. Nick received a blowtorch, called the Dragontamer. Michelle received a shock stick, called the Cosmic Taser. Joseph received a disc-like weapon, called the Cosmic Blade. Finally, Tim received the Liberty Sword.

"These five weapons are truly mighty. They are made from Pefrite, which means they're also indestructible," explained Alton. "If necessary, these five weapons can be joined with the Red Ranger's Lionizer, to form a canon."

"You created my Lionizer, also?" Chris asked.

"Yes, the Lionizer was the first weapon I created. I gave it to the Phantom Ranger, when he came here seeking someone to help him repair some damage to his ship."

"Well we'd better get back to Tuff and the others. They're trying to convince the other Israns to rise up against Howlin," stated Chris.

"Alton, would you return with us. I'm sure Yuri would love to see you again," suggested Michelle.

"Yes, I believe I will return with you. Could you Rangers please help me gather together these blasters?" Alton said, as he scooped up a few guns. "My people will need them if they're going to fight the Brood."

"No! absolutely not!" exclaimed an elderly Isran man.

"We are no match for Howlin. He would kill all of us before we had a chance to defeat the first Brood soldier," added another.

"Listen, all of you! If you had taken heed to my father's warnings to begin with, the Brood would never have enslaved us," scorned Yuri.

"The Brood will surely use the Pefrite that we are mining, to build weapons of destruction. We would be saving millions of lives across the universe if we stood up to Howlin and his soldiers," explained Tuff.

"Our civilization has been a peaceful one for centuries. Once Howlin has all of the Pefrite he needs, he and the soldiers will leave, and we can go back to our normal lives." stated an Isran elder.

"Yes, so you see there is no need for us to resort to violence," added another.

"Fine!" Renick said, in anger. "We are going to make our stand, with or without your help." With that, Renick, Tuff, and Yuri left the elders' hut, to talk to more people. They just avoided being seen by five Brood soldiers, by ducking behind a large crate.

"That was close," said Yuri.

"Yeah, but we've still got a few more people to talk to," Tuff said. He then peeked over the crate to make sure that the soldiers were gone and then said, "C'mon let's go."

"I hope the Rangers return before our scheduled attack," Yuri said, as the Israns dug up more Pefrite.

"If they're not back, we'll just have to begin the attack without them," Tuff stated.

"I know, but I'd find a whole lot better knowing that they were here to back us up," Yuri replied.

"Stop your chatter! Princess Zara wants that shipment by sunset, which means I want to ship it within the next hour," stated Howlin. "So stop your talking, and dig faster!"

"We're tired of you bossing us around, Howlin, and we're not going to take it anymore!" yelled Renick.

"And what are you going to do about it!" laughed Howlin, as he pulled out his whip.

"I'm going to start by doing this!" yelled Renick, before hurling a piece of Pefrite at the jackal monster. Other Israns began to follow Renick's lead.

"Destroy them!" yelled Howlin. The Brood soldiers then began to fire blasts from their lasers at the Israns.

"Now look what you've done," grumbled an elder, addressing Renick.

Just then six streaks of light descended from the sky.

"Its the Rangers!" exclaimed Yuri, as she pointed to the streaks.

"Hello, Howlin, allow us to introduce ourselves," stated the Red Ranger.

"Power Red!"

"Power Pink!"

"Power Yellow!"

"Power Blue!"

"Power Gold!"

"Power White!'

"Power Rangers!" yelled the Rangers, in unison.

"Well, well, well, the Power Rangers. Princess Zara will be pleased when I tell her that not only will I deliver to her the Pefrite, but also the bodies of the Power Rangers," snarled Howlin.

"You won't be able to make good on either of those promises," stated the White Ranger. "Let's take these guys!" the Rangers then joined the Israns in the battle against the Brood.

Nick delivered some hard hitting punches and kicks to the soldiers. Michelle and Joseph worked together to double team the soldiers. Stephanie took to the air, with flying jump kicks and spinning heel kicks. Tim drew his Astro Blaster, and blow the soldiers to smithereens. Chris took on Howlin.

"Take these, my friends!" yelled Alton, as the Megaship swooped down, and he began to toss blasters to his people.

"Father!" yelled Yuri, with joy.

Howlin swung rights and lefts at the Red Ranger, but Chris ducked each punch, and then delivered a powerful uppercut to the jackal's head.

The other Rangers finished off their enemies and then joined Chris.

"Okay, Rangers, let's hit him with our Power Weapons," suggested the Red Ranger.

"Right!" replied the other Rangers.

"Cosmic Blade!" yelled Joseph.

"Astro Bow!" yelled Stephanie.

"Dragontamer!' yelled Nick.

"Cosmic Taser!" yelled Michelle.

"Liberty Sword!" yelled Tim.

"Lionizer!" yelled Chris.

"I think I'm in trouble!" exclaimed Howlin, as he struggled to his feet.

"You got that right, buddy," commented Michelle.

"Power Canon!" yelled the Rangers, as they hooked their weapons together.

A blast of white light fired from the Power Canon, and the evil jackal burst into flames upon being struck!"

"Hooray, for the Power Rangers!" cheered the Isran people.

"How can we ever thank you for saving us, Rangers," stated one of the elders.

"You can thank us by allowing Alton to return to your village, and by promising not to ever allow evil forces to bully you without at least trying to protect yourselves," stated Tim.

"I'm sure that every good being in the universe wishes that there was total harmony everywhere and that all disagreements could be solved in a peaceful manner, but as long as there are villains like the Brood in the universe, we all must do what is necessary to protect our ideals. And yes, sometimes this means fighting, as a last resort," explained Chris.

"Alton, your exile is over, and, Rangers, we will remember your wise words," stated an elder.

The Rangers then boarded the Megaship, and the hatch closed.

"Farewell, Power Rangers," Tuff said, as the Megaship ascended into space.

As Tim sat in the Megaships' dining room, Stephanie entered and took a seat beside him.

"Timothy, do you want to talk about it?" the girl asked, noticing that her friend appeared to be depressed.

"I was just thinking about my parents," Tim replied, in a low voice.

Placing her arm around Tim's shoulder, Stephanie replied, "Tim, I could never begin to understand how you feel, but one thing I do know is that your parents would be very proud of you. Tim, today you helped liberate an entire race of beings."

"I know, but I still feel like I should have been there when mom and dad needed me," Tim replied.

"Tim, you may not have been able to save your parents, but now as a Power Rangers, you can save millions of lives," Stephanie explained.

"I guess you're right," Tim said slowly.

"C'mon, Chris and the others are watching a movie in the next room. Let's go join them," the Yellow Ranger suggested. The couple rose to their feet and exited the room.

The End