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Author's Notes: This is my seventh story in the Power Rangers Beyond series. It comes after "Broken Chains" I decided to place myself in this story. Read the Prelude, it provides a short profile on all of the main characters in this series. I got this idea from the Batman Beyond TV series. And now on with the story!

The Chameleon
by Marques Jeffries

In Andros and Ashley's basement, Billy had pulled up a program about the configuration of the new Megazord. The six Rangers looked on and listened as Billy explained how everything worked.

"Okay, if you guys are in battle and the creature that you're fighting is too powerful for you to use your individual Zords, just call for the Megazord to come, or if you're inside your Zords just press the Megazord Initialization Button on your Zord's control console," Billy explained.

Billy then brought up a screen with the six Zords standing side-by-side. As Billy begin to speak again the action on the screen demonstrated what he was saying.

"First of all, The Panther and Cheetah Zords will form the legs, and then the Lion Zord will form the torso and head. The Wildcat and Phoenix Zords will then form the arms. And here's the cool part. The Dragonzord will then reshape itself and form a shield around the torso of the Megazord, and provide the Megazord with wings for flight. You'll be able to use the Megazord on land, underwater, and even in outer space "

"That's totally awesome!" Joseph said, in amazement.

"So what about the weapons?" Nick asked.

"Okay from your cockpit inside the heart of the Megazord, you guys will have access to two missile launchers, embedded in the shoulder blades of the Zord." Billy stated.

"I'm assuming that we'll have some sort of Mega Sword or Sabre to finish off the monsters?" Chris asked.

"Actually, I think the Mega Missiles will finish off most monsters, but just in case it doesn't, I have constructed a flying disc called the Mega Chakram, which can be used in extreme circumstances," Billy replied.

"Aw, man!" Chris exclaimed as he looked down at his watch. "Nick and I are suppose to meet our cousin at the Surf Spot, in ten minutes."

"Go ahead, we're finished here anyway, and give my regards to Marques," Billy said.

"Okay we will, and we'll see you guys at school, tomorrow," Nick stated as he and his brother headed up the stairs.

Marques Jeffries was an African-American male, who was in his mid-thirties. Shortly after graduating from the University of North Carolina, with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, he had founded J-Tech. This company was had grown to become Ray-Tech's biggest rival in the sale of Defense Weapons, however, Jeffries was a striaight forward type of person, and had attained all of his success through years of hard work.

"What's up, cousins?" Marques Jeffries asked as his two cousins walked up to his table.

"We're sorry for being late, but we had something very important to take care of," Chris stated as the two brothers took a seat.

"So how is everyone in Greenville doing?" Nick asked.

"Everyone is doing fine. Mama and Daddy working as hard as ever, Tywanna is going to England, next week to speak at Oxford, and Grandma is still hanging in there," Marques replied.

"Is Uncle David still coming here next week?" Chris asked.

"He sure is, and Aunt Queenie and Micah are coming also," Jeffries replied.

"Yeah, everyone at church is really looking forward to Uncle David's Youth Crusade," Nick stated.

"So, Marques, what brings you to Angel Grove? I mean surely you're not just here to visit us," Nick stated.

"Well, I'm sure you guys know that my company, J-Tech, is a major competitor of Mason Hedges' company. Well recently, machines at several of my companies, throughout the country, have been malfunctioning or at least that's what appears to be happening," Jeffries explained.

"So you think someone is sabotaging your equipment, right?" Chris asked.

"I don't want to point fingers until I get the facts, but that is what it seems like to me," Marques Jeffries replied. "I've set up a meeting with Hodges tomorrow morning, so I'd better get back to the hotel. Tell your mom, I'll stop by the house and visit her before I return to Greenville." With that Jeffries rose from his seat and exited the restaurant.

"I'll bet Hodges does have something to do with J-Tech's equipment problems," Nick said.

"We could go over to Ray-Tech and investigate?" Chris said.

In a laboratory inside of Ray-Tech, Mason Hodges and Derek Simon met with a new associate.

"So, Chameleon, how did things go in Detroit?" Hodges asked, addressing a greeen lizard-like, humanoid, who was wearing a pair of torn blue jeans.

"It was like taking candy from a baby. I simply disguised myself as a janitor and walked right pass the security guards. Once inside, I transformed myself into a mouse and entered one of the machines, and the rest is history," the Chameleon boasted.

"Excellent, work. You will be paid well for your services once you do one more job for me," Hodges promised.

"You want me to paid a visit to the company in San Diego, right?" the lizard man asked.

"Yes, once Jeffries' clients realize that he can't keep his equipment working, they will adopt Ray-Tech as their new supplier," Mason Hodges sneered.

"So, when do you want me to do the job?" the Chameleon questioned.

"Tomorrow night," Hodges replied. Unknown to the villains, a flying robotic bee had video taped their whole conversation, and was now heading to the roof of the building, where the Red and Gold Rangers were waiting.

"This is a nifty little gadget," the Gold Ranger commented as he held the robotic bee in his hand.

"Yeah, but the tape inside of it is made of a material which dissolves after an hour or so," stated Chris.

"Well in that case, let's get this thing back to the basement," Nick replied. The two Rangers disappeared in beams of red and gold light.

In the basement, Chris, Nick, Tim, and Billy had just finished viewing the tape.

"So, Billy, who do you think that Chameleon guy is?" Tim asked.

"I don't know---Hey wait a minute," Billy said, walking over to the computer. He keyed something in, and within moments a file, on the Chameleon, appeared on the screen. "Just as I thought. His real name is Sal. His father was a scientist who fell in love with an alien woman from a planet in the Maltorix Galaxy. INTERPOL has been looking for this guy for three years now," Billy revealed.

"On what charges?" Chris asked.

"Apparently, INTERPOL had reason to believe that he was a hired assassin for an upstart terrorist organization that planned on taking out the President, a few years ago," Billy stated as he read the computer screen.

"Ya know its a real shame that we can't take this tape to the police. Its just the evidence we need to put Hodges away," Tim stated.

"That's true, but tape is already starting to dissolve," Billy stated. "And besides the police would have too many questions about how we got this tape."

"Tim, I'm surprised you haven't acknowledged the third man on that tape," Nick said.

"Yeah I saw Derek Simon, but what can I do about him now," Tim replied.

"We'll head to San Diego tomorrow night and throw a monkeywrench into that lizard's plans," Chris said.

"Mr. Hodges, Marques Jeffries is here to see you," came the voice of Hodges' secretary over a speaker phone.

"Send him in," Hodges replied. Hodges rose to his feet and greeted his rival with a smile and a handshake as Jeffries entered the office. "Welcome to Ray-Tech, Marques. Its good to see you in good health."

"You too, Mason. Its been a long time since we last talked." Marques stated as he took a seat.

"Yes, too long, but that's how it is for businessmen like ourselves. We are always busy on one project or another," Hodges replied. "So how is your lovely wife doing?"

"She's been as busy as I have lately," Jeffries replied.

"Listen I've read all about all the problems you've been having with your machines," Hodges said, pretending to be concerned.

"Yes, that's why I came here. I wanted to--," Jeffries said, before Hodges held a hand up, in objection.

"Now, Marques, surely you don't think I'd stoop to sabotaging your equipment do you?"

"I don't know, Mason. Our two companies are the top companies when It comes to distributing defense systems. I'm sure that J-Tech's problems would mean more clients and a higher profit for you," Jeffries stated.

"Marques, let me assure you that I would never use such heinous tactics to steal clients from you," Hodges said.

"Well I hope that's true," Jeffries replied. "The universe is very big, and there's room for both of us to have profitable businesses, now if you'll excuse me, I have another appointment to keep," Jeffries said, rising to his feet and leaving.

"What a sap," thought Hodges as he watched Jeffries walk out the door.

In the laboratory, scientist, Greg Tuten worked on developing Ray-Tech's latest bio-chemical, when he sensed someone in the room with him. "W-W-Who's in here?" Tuten asked nervously. Before Tuten could turn around, he was seized from behind.

"Okay, Greg, someone has been sabotaging J-Tech's machines, and I've got a feeling that your boss has something to do with it Now start talking!" demanded the person behind Tuten.

"Okay! Okay! Mr. Hodges has hired some guy to sabotage Marques Jeffries' equipment," Tuten cried.

"When is the next sabotage going to take place?!" the voice demanded.

"Tonight! The saboteur will pay a visit to J-Tech's San Diego company, tonight, but that's all I know," the scientist pleaded. Tuten was released, and his attacker was gone before he could turn around.

As the moon shone brightly over the city of San Diego, Ca., six streaks of light soared through the sky, and landed in the lobby of J-Tech's local office.

"I think we could use some light," Chris suggested.

"Power Beam On!" Michelle yelled. A mini flood light popped on from the top of the Pink Rangers' helmet.

"Okay so how do we find the Information Systems Department?" Nick asked.

"We'll use Billy's latest invention," Stephanie replied, as she showed the other Rangers a small hand held computer. "Its called the Astro Seeker. We simply key in what we wish to find and the Seeker will scan the area, and give us a reading of the closest thing." The Yellow Ranger then keyed in the word, "computer terminals".

The pair of blue lights swayed back and forward across the output screen on the Astro Seeker, and then the Seeker returned its findings. "The IS Department is on the fifth floor," Stephanie stated.

"Let's go," Tim said. The Rangers found an elevator, and boarded it.

"So what excuse did you guys give your folks for why you had to be out at this time of the night?" Tim asked, while they were all in the elevator.

"Nick and I are suppose to be at the Silver Pulse," Chris stated.

"I told my parents that I was going to the library," Stephanie revealed.

"Well I told Aunt Cassie the truth," Michelle said, beginning to giggle. "But that's just one of the advantages of your legal guardian being a former Ranger."

"I'm suppose to be at the Pulse, also," Joseph stated, as the elevator door opened.

"The signal is getting stronger, so this is definitely the area," the Yellow Ranger stated.

"You lead the way," Chris stated.

In a computer lab, a security guard took a seat at the company's server computer.

"With just a few keystrokes, every computer in this building will be rendered inoperable," laughed the security guard.

"So you're the Chameleon?" said a voice from behind the villain. The guard rose from his seat and turned around to see a man, dressed in a blue and gold windbreaker standing before him. Though the man wore a yellow cowl on his head, he appeared to be of African-American descent.

"You're a little early for Halloween, pal," the guard quipped.

"Step away from the terminal," the costumed man ordered.

The guard slowly began to step towards the masked man, and then instantly transformed himself into a green Hulk-like creature. "You picked a bad night to mess with me, hero!" the creature snarled.

"Take your best shot, big guy," the masked hero challenged.

The Hulk threw a punch at the man, which was ducked. The masked man drew a rope from within his suit, and lassoed the Hulk. "Let's see you break out of that!"

With his muscles bulging the creature snapped the ropes, and grabbed the man. "Let's see if you can fly," the villain stated, as he prepared to toss the man threw a nearby window.

"Put him down!" yelled the Blue Ranger, as he and the other Rangers entered the room.

"Boy the superheroes are just coming out of the wood works, tonight," mused the Hulk, as he dropped the masked man, and then seemingly disappeared.

"Where did he go?" Michelle asked.

"Remember he's a shape shifter, so I'm sure he's still here," the Red Ranger replied.

"There he is!" the masked man explained. "He's turned into a rat!" The man then began to chase after the small creature, as it scurried across the room.

The rat then transformed into a bird and burst through the window.

"No! He's getting away!" the man exclaimed.

"Hey aren't you the Dynamite Kid?" Chris asked.

"Yes. Mr. Jeffries enlisted my help when someone started sabotaging his equipment," the man explained.

"Well we know where the Chameleon is heading?" the White Ranger stated.

"So do I," the masked hero replied. "Listen, Rangers, I'm glad you guys showed up when you did, but the Chameleon is my problem not yours. I'll go after him by myself."

"The Chameleon is working for Mason Hodges. We've got experience dealing with him and his assistant Derek Simon," the Red Ranger explained.

"That may be true, but I'm fully capable of handling the lizard," Dynamite Kid replied.

"Oh yeah, you really handled him a few moments ago," Michelle sarcastically replied.

"Just stay out of my way, Rangers. I'm outta here," With that the masked hero exited the room.

"Who does he think he is," Joseph said angrily.

"He's the Dynamite Kid, the former leader of the Vikings," Nick stated.

"The Vikings?" Stephanie said, curiously.

The Medlin brothers then explained how the Vikings were a team of teenage superheroes, who had defended Greenville, NC, several years ago. The team had finally disbanded after Zordon's golden wave washed all of the evil out of their arch-enemies.

"C'mon, Dynamite is quite resourceful, but he has no idea of what Hodges can do," Chris stated.

In the parking lot of Ray-Tech, Mason Hodges and Derek Simon met with the Chameleon.

"What happened in San Diego?" Simon asked.

"The Power Rangers and some guy in a blue and gold outfit showed up," the lizard replied.

"The Dynamite Kid!" Hodges guessed.

"You've got that right!" came the voice of the Dynamite Kid, as he arrived on a flying vehicle, similar to a Galaxy Glider. The man began to fire blasts from his laser pistol at the villains.

"Derek, show him who's boss," Hodges commanded.

"With pleasure," the villain replied. Simon pulled out his morpher and held it out in front of himself. "Shadow On!" In a flash of lightning, Derek Simon transformed into the villainous Shadow Ranger.

"Take your best shot, evil Ranger!" the Dynamite Kid stated, as he jumped to the ground and drew his sword.

"That sword won't do you any good against my blade," the evil Ranger hissed as his blades emerged from the fingertips of his gloves.

The Shadow Ranger savagely swung at the Dynamite Kid, causing the masked hero to rethink his attack. The Dynamite Kid finally was able to strike the Shadow Ranger on the shoulder with his sword, but the Ranger's armor shielded him from being injured. The evil Ranger then fired an energy blast from his hand, which knocked the Dynamite Kid to the ground.

The evil Ranger then clapped his hands together and a giant ball of fire emerged from them. "Shadow Blast!" Just as the fireball was about to strike the masked man, a blast from the Dragontamer knocked it away from him.

"You wanna rumble. You rumble with us!" yelled Chris.

"Power Rangers!" the Rangers yelled in unison, as they got into their fighting stances.

"So we meet again, Rangers. Well this time all six of you will feel my wrath," the Shadow Ranger snarled.

"Chameleon, go help Derek," ordered Hodges, as he and the lizard hide behind a limo.

The Chameleon then began to transform.

"Liberty Sword!" the White Ranger yelled, as his sword appeared in his hand.

"So you have a new toy. Well it won't help you against me," the Shadow Ranger roared, firing energy blasts from his hands.

Just then a Mighty Morphin Red Ranger appeared on the scene.

"Hey I'm the Red Ranger!" Chris exclaimed.

"Well you've be replaced," hissed the original Red Ranger, as he swung his Power Sword at Chris.

"A true Power Ranger would never attack another Ranger," the Yellow Ranger stated. She turned on the Astro Seeker and aimed it at the Ranger. "Just as I thought. He's the Chameleon!"

"Lionizer!" the real Red Ranger stated. Chris leaped into the air and knocked the villain to the ground with a flying Lionizer attack. The fake Ranger fell to the ground and returned to his true form.

"Give him a few punches for me," yelled the Dynamite Kid. He then noticed that Hodges was trying to get into his limo. "Hold it right there, Hodges!" The masked hero ran over and grabbed Hodges.

"Thank goodness you and the Power Rangers arrived. The Shadow Ranger and the Chameleon were about to kidnap me," Hodges stated.

"Save it, Hodges, I know that the Chameleon is working for you," Dynamite Kid stated. "And the two of you are going to share a ceil."

"You don't have any proof, so take your hands off of me before I file a suit against you for harassment," Hodges retorted. Slowly, the Dynamite Kid released his hold on Hodges and backed away. "That's it, hero, walk away."

"Your day of judgment well come someday," the Dynamite Kid warned, before watching Hodges get into the limo. "One day, Hodges." The man looked on in disgust as the limo sped away.

The Shadow and White Rangers were now fighting in hand-to-hand combat. The two Rangers exchanged punches and kicks for several minutes, until finally, Tim gained the advantage by catching the Shadow Ranger by surprise with a thrust kick to the chest. The White Rangers' momentum was short-lived, after he was struck directly in the visor. The visor fell from his helmet revealing part of his face.

"You are no match for the power of the Shadow Ranger!" growled the Ranger, as he smacked Tim in the stomach, sending the Power Ranger to the ground.

Tim covered his face with his hands to conceal his identity from the advancing Shadow Ranger.

"I've thought about this every night since the shuttle explosion, and now vengeance will be mine," the Shadow Ranger hissed, as he snatched the Liberty Sword from Tim's hoister.

Noticing that their friend was vulnerable, the Pink, Yellow, Blue, and Gold Rangers fired blasts from their Astro Blasters at the Shadow Ranger, while the Red Ranger continued to battle the Chameleon.

"Leave him alone!" Stephanie yelled, as the four Rangers rushed over and began to battle the Shadow Ranger. During the fight, the evil Ranger dropped the Liberty Sword, allowing Tim to easily retrieve it.

"White Ranger, you'd better return here," advised the voice of Billy, from the built-in communications system inside of Tim's helmet.

"I'm on my way," Tim replied, as he rose to his feet.

The Shadow Ranger tossed the Pink, Yellow, Blue, and Gold Rangers into a pile, and then turned his attention back to the White Ranger. "Leaving so soon, White Ranger?"

Before Tim could teleport, the evil Ranger tackled him to the ground. In desperation, Tim continued to cover his face, but the Shadow Ranger was intent on finding out who he really was. The evil Ranger grabbed Tim's hands and tried to pull them away from his face.

Chris knocked the Chameleon to the ground with a stinging blow from his Lionizer, and then rushed over to help Tim. "You want a fight, Shadow Ranger! You take me on!"

The Shadow Ranger then rose to his feet, but before he could turn around the Dynamite Kid nailed him with a spinning jump kick. Now angered, the Ranger once again drew his hand-blade and swung at the blue and gold hero.

"Now's your chance to teleport away," suggested Stephanie, as she helped Tim to his feet.

"I'll see you at headquarters," Tim whispered.

"Yeah, now get out of here before Simon sees your face," the Yellow Ranger insisted. She walked as her boyfriend disappeared in a beam of white light.

The Dynamite Kid drew his laser pistol and began to fire blasts at the Shadow Ranger.

"You should know by now that my armor protects me from your blasts," the evil Ranger boasted, as the blasts bounced off of his armor.

"Well our Astro Blasters are a little stronger," stated Chris as he and the other four Rangers took aim at the villain. By this time the Chameleon was back on his feet and was now trying to make a getaway.

"You guys take care of this guy, I'll go after lizard boy," the masked man said before chasing after the Chameleon.

"I've learned a lot about all of you, tonight, Rangers," the Shadow Ranger revealed. "We'll meet again, and tell the White Ranger that I won't rest until his head is mounted on a wall in the den of my house." With that the Ranger teleported away.

"So are we going to go after him? I mean we know where Derek Simon lives," stated Joseph.

"No, we'd better go find the Dynamite Kid," Chris stated. "He may need our help."

"Hurry up, Billy," Tim pleaded as he paced back and forward in the basement of Andros and Ashley's home. Billy was currently fitting a new visor into the base of the White Ranger helmet.

"Okay, Tim, try it on now," Billy said, handing the helmet to Tim. Tim placed the helmet on and gave Billy his approval.

"Billy, have you finished repairing Tim's visor?" asked Chris' voice on the communications system.

"Yep, Tim's ready for action," Billy replied.

"Chris, where are you guys?" Tim inquired.

"We're in the parking lot of Angel Grove Mall. The Chameleon drank some sort of potion and now he's as big as a skyscraper," the Red Ranger replied.

"Looks like the Zords will get a workout tonight," Billy mused.

"I'm on my way," Tim said, as he teleported away.

"Whoa! how are we going to stop him now?!" the Dynamite Kid exclaimed.

"Aw, look at the iddy biddy Power Rangers, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!" laughed the super huge lizard. The five Rangers and their new ally scurried around the mall's parking lot, trying to avoid being stepped on by the monster.

"Okay, guys, I'm here, so let's show this guy some Zord Power," suggested the White Ranger.

"Right," Chris replied. "Lion Zord!"

"Dragonzord!" yelled Nick.

"Cheetah Zord!" yelled Stephanie.

"Wild Cat Zord!" yelled Michelle.

"Panther Zord!" yelled Joseph.

"Phoenix Zord!" yelled Tim. Six comets exited their resting places, within craters on the moon, and descended down to Earth, where they became the Zords.

The Rangers then boarded the cockpits of their individual Zords.

"Okay, Rangers, let's put'em together," stated Chris, as he pressed the Megazord Initialization Button. Just as Billy had explained earlier the Zords joined together to form the mighty Liberty Megazord.

"Wow! This thing is totally awesome!" exclaimed Michelle, as the Rangers piloted the Megazord from a cockpit, located in the heart of the robot.

"Whadaya say we make it Megazord against Megazord?!" stated the Chameleon.

"What's he talking about?" Tim asked.

"Look! He's transforming himself into the Mega Voyager!" stated Nick.

"This isn't good," Chris said, grimly. "If he can fire a Mega V3 Missile, we might not be able to beat him." Sure enough the villain charged up the Missile and prepared to fire. "We need the Mega Chakram, Now!" yelled the Red Ranger. The chakram appeared in the right hand of the Megazord, in a blaze of silver light.

"Joseph, can you toss it?" Nick asked.

"Hang on, I'm trying to figure out which button combination to press," Joseph replied.

"Try the one that says "Chakram Launcher"," Michelle stated, as she pointed to the button.

"Oh, I knew that," Joseph laughed, before pressing the button.

Just as the lizard fired the Mega V3 Missile, the Liberty Megazord tossed the Chakram. The two weapons collided, with the chakram proving to be stronger. It continued its journey, and when it found its target, the Chameleon burst into flames. The chakram then returned to the waiting hands of the Liberty Megazord.

"Anybody have a taste for lizard legs?" asked Joseph.

"That's gross," Stephanie replied, as she playfully smacked the Blue Ranger on his helmet.

The Rangers leaped out of the Megazord, and then Billy entered the command to send it back to the moon.

"Great job, you guys," the Dynamite Kid complimented.

"Thanks, but we're sorry that the Chameleon was destroyed," Chris stated. "I know you wanted to hand him over to INTERPOL."

"Its okay. I've got a new target now," the masked man stated.

"Who's that?" the Gold Ranger questioned.

"Mason Hodges. Now that I know that he's responsible for J-Tech's problems. I'm going to be keeping a very close eye on him," the Dynamite Kid explained.

"Well as you found out tonight. Hodges may be a normal human being, but he has a knack for recruiting some of the most vile creatures in the universe," stated Chris.

"Well I've got to go now, but perhaps our paths will cross again someday," stated the Dynamite Kid as he and the Red Ranger shook hands.

"You are a brave and noble warrior, Dynamite," stated the Red Ranger.

"As are all of you," the Viking leader replied. With that the man soared back into the sky on his glider-like vehicle.

"Those Rangers are really becoming a problem," stated Hodges, as he sat in the den of his home.

"They may have ruined your sabotaging plans, but I learned a few things about them, tonight," Derek Simon revealed, as he removed his Shadow Ranger helmet.

"Really?" Hodges grinned as he raised an eyebrow. "Tell me more."

"First of all, they're definitely teenagers. Next, they have some sort of communications system in their helmets, which allows them to talk to someone," Simon explained.

"So that's it. They have associates," Hodges sneered. "And I'm willing to bet these associates are former Rangers."

"What are you getting at, Mason?" Derek Simon inquired.

"If we can find out who some of the former Rangers are, that will bring us one step closer to destroying the Rangers once and for all," Hodges proclaimed.

"My sentiments exactly," stated Princess Zara, as she and a few Brood soldiers appeared in the room.

"Zara, what are you doing here?" Hodges asked, shocked that the princess would come to Earth.

"Those Rangers defeated one of my generals on Isra, and now I want revenge," Zara hissed.

"So, how are things in Paris?" Tim asked as he talked to Andros on the telephone.

"Things are fine. The fashion show was a big success, so what's been going on there?" the Kerovan asked.

"We've liberated a planet and got our first chance to use the Liberty Megazord," Tim stated.

"Wow! You can give Ashley and I all the details when we return tomorrow," Andros stated.

"Okay I'll see you then," said Tim, before hanging up the phone.

"I wonder if I should tell him that we took the Megaship into space without a former Ranger with us?----Naaaa," Tim thought, as he scretched out on the couch.

The End