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Author's Notes: This is my eleventh story in the Power Rangers Beyond series. It comes after "Ramrod" Kari Jones makes a guest appearance in this story. And now on with the story!

Wrath of the Flamablizer
by Marques Jeffries

Andros' Kerovan History class looked on with amazement as their transport shuttle landed on a runway on the surface of KO-35.

Andros figured the best way for his students to learn about the cultures of his people, was for them to see how Kerovans lived, and so he had arranged this field trip.

"Wow! This looks almost like an Earth airport," stated Vinny as he and the other students exited the shuttle and looked at their surroundings.

"As we've talked about in class, Earth and KO-35 are very much alike, in landscape and in the appearance of their inhabitants," Andros explained.

"Greetings, and welcome to KO-35," a tall, slender female greeted. "My name is Kari, and I'll be your tour guide, today."

"Hello, Kari, my name is Andros. I believe you're the person I spoke with on the communication channel about this tour," the Kerovan man replied.

"Yes, that is correct. So where would all of you like to begin?" the woman asked.

"Well since we're right around the corner from the Kerova Museum, let's start there," Andros stated.

"An excellent choice. Follow me," With that the group began their journey.

"I hope we don't have to do too much walking today," grumbled Stephanie.


Aboard a Brood shuttle, Princess Zara was meeting with Blane and her latest monster, The Flamablizer.

The Flamablizer was a monster with a rock hard body, and the head of a dragon. His entire body was surrounded by a glowing aura of fire. He had served the Brood Royal Family for centuries, and had fought in many wars against the forces of good. He had been many places and seen many things. During the last great war between the Power Rangers and the United Alliance of Evil, The Flamablizer was the creature who had suggested that the Brood go into hiding, for fear of being destroyed. To show their gratitude, the Royal Family had given the evil creature the position of Head General of the Brood forces.

The Flamablizer had been waiting. Waiting for Zara to summon him. Waiting for his chance to help his princess conquer the universe and destroy the Power Rangers once and all.

"How may I serve you, Princess Zara?" the creature bowed.

"Flamablizer, I want you to go to KO-35, and steal a weapon called the Battlizer," the Brood princess commanded.

"The Battlizer? Yes, I remember it. It was a weapon used by the Red Astro Ranger. What use would you have for a Power Ranger weapon?" the monster snarled.

"The Battlizer had three settings. The first, could increase the Red Rangers' strength. The second, his strength and speed, but its the third setting that I'm most interested in. It could transform him into living weapon, with missiles and the ability to fly," Zara walked around, trying to do her best Astronema impersonation. "I have learned from my spies that the Battlizer is on display at a museum on KO-35. I want it."

"I will not fail you, your evilness," the Flamablizer lower his head.

"See that you don't, or I'll have you dropped into a tank of ice water," Zara threatened. The monster trembled for a moment, and then teleported away.


"And this is the Military portion of the museum," Kari explained, leading the group into a large room. The room was filled with all sorts of jets, tanks, and motorcycles, but it was one vehicle in particular which caught the attention of the students.

"Ah the Mega Winger," Kari said noticing the Silver Rangers' zord. "I just a small child, during the war, but I was told that the Silver Ranger donated this mighty zord to the museum, so that in the generations to come, people could know that the Power Ranger did everything in their power to safeguard to universe against evil."

"Zhane is definitely going to have to build us one of these things," Tim whispered to Stephanie.

The tour group continued their journey through the museum, they heard a crashing sound.

"It sounded like it came from the Artillery Room, " Kari said. What that she spoke into a walky-talky and informed the security officers that something was wrong.

As Andros tried to calm his students' nerves, he noticed Tim and Stephanie sneaking out of the room. Be careful.


In the Artillery Room, the Flamablizer was spewing fire from his mouth at the frightened security guards. "I'm taking the Battlizer, and you Kerovan cowards aren't going to top me, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!"

"Well whadaya say we give it try," the White Ranger stated as he and the Yellow Ranger arrived.

"Well, well, two Power Rangers live and living color. I was hoping that I'd get a workout today," the creature growled. With that he summoned a few Brood soldiers.

"You go stop flame boy, I can handle these guys," Stephanie said.

The Pink Ranger met each attacker with swift punches and kicks, sending all of them to the ground. In the mean time, the White Ranger had summoned his Liberty Sword, and was now locked in battle with the Flamablizer.

As the monster spit fireballs at the Ranger, Tim would simply knock them right back at the monster with his Liberty Sword. Finally, Flamablizer gave up this form of attack and fired a massive fireball at the White Ranger. Knowing that there was no way he'd be able to this one away, Tim flipped to safety.

"I'll be back, Rangers, and next time the Battlizer will be mine!" Flamablizer then vanished into thin air.

"What a hot head," Stephanie commented.

"Yeah, but we'd better demorph, and rejoin the class," Tim stated.

"Right. We don't want to arose any suspicion."


"What happened?" Zara asked, cutting Flamablizer an angry glare.

"I didn't expect the Rangers to show up. I'll be ready for them next time," the creature replied.

"What makes you think I'll give another chance?" Zara asked coldly.

"My princess, I have a plan one that's sure to not only put the Battlizer in your possession, but rid us of the Rangers forever," the creature snarled.

"Okay I'll give you one last chance to retrieve the Battlizer, but be warned, If you fail me again you'll find yourself in cold water." warned the orange haired princess.


The tour group was now walking through the streets of KO-35's capital city of Regency. Kari was pointing out several notable buildings, such as the Community Center and the Commanders' Mansion, where great leader like Commander Kinwon had lived.

Stephanie now walked beside Andros, and was now briefing him on what had happened at the museum.

"He's sure to try again," Andros stated, and then looking at his watch he continued, "Its evening on Earth, so the other Rangers should be out of school by now. When we reach the park we'll give them a call."

"So, Kari, what kinds of things do Kerovan teenagers do for fun?" one girl asked.

"Oh, watch and learn," With that Kari focused her attention on a nearby bicycle, and the object lifted off the ground and began to float through the air. "Telekinesis."

"Is anybody else hungry besides me?" Vinny.

"There's a Deli a few blocks from here. We'll grab some food from there, and then head to the park," Andros stated.


In the park, the students sat at picnic tables and had lunch. Tim and Stephanie noticed that Andros was standing off to the side, and he seemed a little uneasy.

"What's wrong?" Tim asked, walking up to his mentor.

"This is where it happened at," Andros replied sadly.

"Where what hap---," Then it hit Tim that this was the place where Andros' sister, Karone had been taken from, so many years ago.

"Karone and I have been reunited, and everything has been great, but this place just brings back so many memories," Andros leaned against a tree trunk, and took a bite out of his sandwich.

Tim then looked around to make sure no one was watching him, and then pull out his communicator out. "Tim to Astro Megaship. Astro Megaship do you read me?"

Seconds later, Tim heard the chirping voice of Alpha 6. "We read you, Timothy. How may DECA and I assist you?"

"Alpha you've got to contact the other Rangers and bring them here. We're dealing with a fire monster," Tim stated.

"You've got it," Alpha replied. Tim was barely able to cover communicator with his jacket sleeve before Kari walked up.

"I just got a message from the Museum. That flame monster is at it again," Kari said. "The Military Taskforce has been called in, but they aren't faring well against him. The Security Team knew about your tour, and wanted me to let you know to keep the students here where its safe."

"Thanks for telling me," Andros replied. With that Kari walked away, and spoke into her walky-talky.

"I'll get Stephanie, and we'll go try to fight off the monster until the others get here," Tim said."


The Astro Megaship rocketed through space carrying the remaining four Rangers.

"DECA shift to hyper-rush speed," Chris commanded.

"I hope we're not too late to help the others," Nick commented.

"Hey, Alpha, didn't you say that Tim said we were dealing with a fire monster?" Joseph asked.


"Well then I think now would be a good time for us to swing by the Kerova Mountains and pick up a few ice cells for our Astro Blasters," the Hispanic teen explained.

"Tim's message sounded urgent, we'd better go help him and Stephanie first," Chris replied.

"But the ice cells might be our best bet to defeat him. You guys can teleport down and help Tim and Stephanie, while I go to the mountains and get the ice cells," Joseph stated.

"We are now orbiting KO-35," DECA announced.

"Nick, Michelle, let's move. Joseph join us when you can," Chris said. "Let's Rocket!"


At the Museum, the White and Yellow Rangers were taking quite a beating from Flamablizer.

"Give up, Rangers. The two of you are no match for me," the monster laughed, as he knocked the two Rangers around.

Red, Pink, and Gold Rangers arrived and immediately summoned their Power Weapons and began to fire at the fiery monster.

"The Rangers are distracted. Blane, go get the Battlizer," Zara commanded, as she watched the battle on a viewing screen.

Without uttering a word, Blane vanished from her presence.

"Lionizer Power Blast!" the Red Ranger summoned spiraling red wave from his weapon, and sent it crashing into Flamablizer. The monster fell to the ground, but quickly returned to his feet in time to fight off an attack by Michelle and her Cosmic Taser.

The Flamablizer tossed the Rangers into a pile and then turned his attention to the glass case that held the Battlizer. Blane appeared in front of the case, catching the fiery monster off guard. "Blane, what are you doing here? I've got everything under control."

"Princess Zara sent me to get the Battlizer," Blane explained.

"No! This is my assignment!" Flamablizer fired a fireball at Blane, knocking the shape shifter to the ground. Blane sprang to his feet and then tossed a dagger at Flamablizer.

"I guess there really isn't any honor among thieves," commented Michelle.


The Blue Ranger ventured into a cave embedded within the Kerova Mountains.

Man, this place is freezing. Joseph finally came to a section, where the walls were lined with ice cells. Ice cells were circular blocks of ice, with the ability to conduct electricity. This special ability made them an excellent choice to power the Freeze-ray function of the Astro Blaster. Joseph walked up to wall and was just about to pull a cell off when he heard a growling sound behind him. He spun around to see a giant Snow Cat advancing towards him.

"Whoa!" he yelled as he jumped out of the path of the feline. "Nice kitty. I don't want to hurt you. I just need a few of those ice cells."

The Snow Cat would hear none of the Blue Rangers' pleading, and continued to pursuit the Hispanic teenager. Joseph ducked and dodged the cat's charges, until finally he came up with an idea.

Joseph positioned himself in front of a wall, lined with ice cells, and waited for the Snow Cat to attack. The Snow Cat charged at the Blue Ranger, and then leaped into the air. At the last split second, Joseph ducked out of the way, causing the feline to crash into the wall. The cat fell to the ground, and with him came a pile of ice cells.

Joseph dug through the pile and released the feline. Finally realizing that the Ranger meant him no harm the Snow Cat nodded at Joseph and then sprinted away. Joseph gathered a handful of ice cells, and teleported away.


The other Rangers looked on as Flamablizer and Blane continued their battle.

Flamablizer grabbed Blane by the neck and hurled him against a wall.

"Looks like I got here just in time," Joseph whispered. He handed each of his teammates an ice cell. The Rangers opened up their Astro Blasters and inserted the ice cells.

"Blane, you were foolish to think that you could oppose me," snarled Flamablizer.

The monster picked Blane up off the ground and prepared to toss him through the glass case that held the Battlizer.

"Hey, hot-head, aren't you forgetting about something?!" asked the Pink Ranger.

"Yeah, us!" replied the other Rangers as all six of them fired freeze-rays at Flamablizer.

The monster dropped Blane, and began to shiver in pain. Blane scrambled to his feet and smashed the glass case open with a kick. "The Battlizer is mine!"

"Think again," Joseph tossed his Cosmic Blade at the Brood warrior. Blane stumbled to the ground as he was able to grab the Battlizer. With a few flips the Yellow Ranger had secured the Battlizer.

"Give it to me!" demanded Flamablizer as he reached at the female.

"Take this!" Stephanie smacked the monster in the side of the head with her Astro Bow, and then raced back over to her friends.

"This is all your fault, Flamablizer, and now its your problem! I'm outta here," Blane snarled before teleporting away.

""Looks like you're all alone, Flamablizer," stated the Red Ranger.

"Let's take this outside," Flamablizer then vanished.

"C'mon let's go," stated Tim as the Ranger headed for the museum's exit.


"My princess, it was all Flamablizer's fault!" cried Blane as he bowed before Zara.

"Stop your wining and fire the Satellasers," Zara ordered.

On the streets below the Brood shuttle, Flamablizer hit his growth spurt.

"Now I'm gonna reduce this whole planet to cinders!" As the giant monster stomped and roared, Kerovan citizens ran for their lives.

"Um, so what do we do now? I mean we're too far away to call our zords," Michelle asked.

"Wait! I've got an idea. You guys distract him I'll be right back," stated Tim.

"He's heading towards the park!" Stephanie yelled.

"Then we'd better meet him there," Chris replied. The five Rangers dissolved into red, blue, pink, yellow, and gold streaks of light and soared away.


"Here's comes a monster!" yelled one kid, as he dropped his Frisbee.

"Everyone follow me! I'll get all of you to safety!" Andros yelled.

"Aw, come back humans. Don't run away from me. I'll make your deaths short and sweet, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!" laughed Flamablizer.

The Astro Megaship arrived firing blasts at the monster.

"Its the Power Rangers!" exclaimed Kari.

Aboard the Megaship, the five Rangers continued their assault on the fiery monster.

"Nick, have you inserted the ice cells into the Neural Phasers yet?" Chris asked.


"Then let's give this guy the big chill," the Ranger leader replied.

The Astro Megaship began to fire ice blasts at the Flamablizer, causing him to retreat.

Just then the Mega Winger arrived.

"Hey, guys, guess what I figured out how to pilot?" Tim said with pride.

"Zhane would be proud," stated Stephanie.

"Firing Missiles Now!" Tim pressed the missile launch button, and out flew two missiles that sent Flamablizer up is flames.

"You play with fire, you get burned," commented Michelle.

Great job, Rangers. Andros thought, as he, Kari, and the students watched the battle from behind some trees.

The two ships then headed into space.


"Once again, the Power Rangers have ruined my plans, but I won't lose my cool," Zara paced back and forth on the shuttle.

"Flamablizer is very similar to Darkonda. He also has nine lives. He wasn't too happy about you sending me to get the Battlizer," Blane warned.

"Flamablizer let his arrogance get the better of him. If we're going to defeat the Rangers we're going to have to do what they do, which is work as a team," Zara explained.

"Where to, my princess?" Blane asked.

"I think its time we got some answers. Set a course for the Cimerian Planet," Zara commanded as she took a seat.

"The old home base of the United Alliance of Evil, hmmmm," said Blane.


"I'm really sorry that the tour didn't go the way you had hoped," Kari stated.

"It's okay. I'm sure all of my students would agree that it was nice to get away from school for the day," Andros replied.

"Yeah, its not everyday that we get to visit another planet," commented Jasmine Bradley. "I can't wait to tell Chris about this when I get home."

If she only knew. Stephanie giggled as she, Andros, and the other students boarded transport shuttle.

"Man, being a Power ?Ranger must be tough," Vinny commented as the class rode the shuttle.

"Why do you say that, Vinny?" Tim inquired.

"Protecting Angel Grove and then having to come to KO-35 and fight the monsters. I'll bet they never have to worry about doing homework."

Tim and Stephanie just looked at each other, after Vinny's remark.

The End