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Author's Notes: This is my twelfth story in the Power Rangers Beyond series. It comes after "Wrath of the Flamablizer." And now on with the story!

Cameo and Corsiette
by Marques Jeffries

"I still don't understand why it is so important that we come along," groaned Nick. "Its Saturday and we really deserve some rest and relaxation."

"Nicolas, you should know by now that when you're a Power Ranger, there is rarely time for rest and relaxation," replied Andros.

The Astro Megaship was currently on its way to a planet in the Vika Galaxy called, Jensi. King Corsar, a long-time friend of both Andros and Zhane, had invited the former Rangers and their "rookies" to his planet.

"We are now entering the atmosphere of Jensi," DECA announced.

"I'm keying in the coordinates of where we're suppose to land," Zhane stated, as he and Karone stood at the control console.

"I hope King Corsar doesn't hold a grudge," Karone commented.

"Why do you say that?" Tim asked.

"Because the last time I visited this planet, was during the last war," Karone revealed.

"Not to worry, sis, King Corsar understands that what you did, you did under the influence of Dark Spectre's mind control gizmo," Andros replied.

"Wow! look at the size of that castle!" Michelle commented as an image of the Royal Family's castle appeared on the viewing screen.

"Let's see we're suppose to land on the west end of the castle," Zhane said as he pressed a few buttons.

The Astro Megaship descended from the sky and landed on a concrete surface, adjacent to the castle.

Andros, Ashley, Zhane, Karone, and the six Rangers exited the ship and were immediately greeted by a young man dressed in a red and white military-style uniform.

"Welcome, Power Rangers. My name is Haru, and I will take you to the throne room." the man stated. He then motioned for the group to follow him and they did so.

When the group arrived in the throne room, King Corsar and his wife, Queen Setti, were sitting on their thrones.

The couple had ruled Jensi for over thirty years. They had been very close friends of Zordon for even longer. The people of Jensi had learned a valuable lesson from the War. When the UAE attacked their galaxy, these inhabitants were totally defenseless, and were easily overtaken by Zedd and Rita's forces. Now with the constant threat of the Brood, the people of Jensi have put a Taskforce into place which serves as not only this planet's defense, but also as the defense for all of the other planets in the Vika Galaxy.

"Its good to see you both," Andros said as he and his friends bowed.

"There is no need to bow before us, Andros. You and your fellow Astro Rangers are the reason why Jensi is not in ruins right now, and we've heard great things about the deeds of this new team," King Corsar commented.

"So how may we help you?" Ashley asked sensing that something was wrong.

"Its our daughter, Corsiette. We are afraid that she has become involved with a young Brood member," Queen Setti stated.

"What do you mean by involved. Is she going to defect to the Brood or is she involved with a Brood member?" Zhane asked.

"We have every reason to believe that our daughter has been secretly meeting with a young Brood member named Cameo, for romantic rondevues. Several of our guards have spotted this young man leaving the castle grounds. They have tried to apprehend him, to avail," the King stated.

"Where is Corsiette now?" Stephanie asked. "I'm assuming that she's our age. Perhaps Michelle and I can talk to her about this."

"Yes, she is seventeen, in Earth years. She is currently in the garden, but this isn't the only reason why we sent for all of you," said the Queen.

"Really," Joseph said, raising an eyebrow.

"Someone has been trying to assassinate us. Daggers have been found driven through the pillows in our bedroom, we've been shot at as we have visited with our subjects, and this person or persons have even managed to poison our food," Setti stated. "We've lost three food testers in the past two weeks."

"Don't worry, we'll get to the bottom of this," Chris promised.

"Oh, where are our manners. I'm sure all of you are hungry, after your long journey through space. Haru will show you to the dining hall. Tell the cooks to fix whatever you like. They are very knowledgeable in the preparation of Earth foods," the King stated.

"Thank you," Andros stated. With that the group followed Haru out of the throne room.

In the castle's garden, a young girl with strawberry-blonde hair, wandered around, almost in a daze. Where could he be?

"Corsiette, over here," whispered a voice. The girl quickly snapped out of her trance and ran over to a bush. "Cameo?"

At the mention of his name, a young man, wearing the Brood customary, green sweatsuit and sporting a full head of red hair popped out from behind the bush. The two teenagers embraced and told each other how much they loved the other.

"Oh, Cameo, I'm so glad you're here. I've been thinking about you all day," Corsiette confessed, wiping a few tears from her eyes.

"C'mon, Corsiette, don't cry. I promise you that we'll find some way to stay together," Cameo vowed.

"But if Princess Zara finds out that you're here, and that you're dating me, she's sure to have you killed," the girl stated.

"I'm not afraid of Zara or her generals. I'd take on the entire Brood army, if I had to. I just want you to know that I love you, and would never do anything to hurt you," the Brood teen promised.

"Let's not talk anymore of fighting. We are here together, so let's treasure the moment," Corsiette suggested laying her head on Cameo's shoulder.

Without uttering a word, Cameo gazed into Corsiette's blue eyes and then kissed her. The two lovestruck teenagers never noticed Blane, who was lurking behind a nearby tree.

So Cameo is in love with Princess Corsiette. Princess Zara will reward me well for this information. The villain then transformed into his rat form and scurried away.

Night had now fallen on Jensi, and the six Rangers were now in the dining room once more. Nick had a craving for some ice cream, and so his teammates decided that they'd join him for a snack, before turning in for the night.

"Nick, I can't believe you're going to eat all of that," Chris stated, noticing that a large bowl, full of chocolate ice cream, was sitting in front of his brother.

"These people are showing their hospitality to us, and I'm not going to turn it down," Nick replied.

"Haru!" Stephanie yelled, getting the attention of the man, who was currently fixing himself a sandwich.

"How may I help you, Miss Fairchild?" Haru walked over to where the Rangers were sitting.

"Michelle and I were wondering if Princess Corsiette had returned yet?" the Yellow Ranger inquired.

"Yes, I believe she has. After I finish my sandwich, I'll show the two of you to her room," the man offered.

"Thanks," replied Michelle. With that, Haru walked away.

"So who do you guys think would want to kill Corsar and Setti?" Joseph asked.

"A disgruntled servant, maybe," quipped Michelle.

"I'm thinking possibly a Brood warrior like that guy Cameo," suggested Tim.

"It makes sense. He wins the trust of the daughter, which allows him to gain access to the castle and kill the parents," Chris stated.

"Okay, you guys, let's not jump to conclusions," Stephanie warned. "I mean, we don't know anything about Cameo. He may not be a lowlife like the rest of the Brood."

"What is there to know. Cameo is a no-good Brood agent," stated Tim.

"All I'm saying is that, before we form a conclusion about someone, let's get all of the facts. We've never even met Cameo," the Yellow Ranger beat her hand on the table.

"Are the two of you ready to meet Princess Corsiette?" Haru asked as he walked up.

The two girls rose from their seats and followed Haru out of the room.

"So what do you guys wanna do, now?" Joseph asked.

"I don't know about you guys, but I'd like to have a look around the castle. Who knows, maybe we'll run into this assassin, and solve this mystery," Chris stated.

"Let's do it," Nick replied, before finishing off the last of his ice cream.

The four boys got up and exited the dining room.

Corsiette sat on her bed, gazing at a photo of her beloved Cameo. She began to reminisce about how the two of them had met, until a knock on her door brought her back to her senses.

"Who is it?"

"Princess Corsiette, I've brought two guests, who would like to speak with you," replied the voice of Haru.

Corsiette rushed over to the door, and opened it, allowing Stephanie and Michelle to enter.

"Let's see, two girls dressed in pink and yellow. Let me guess, the Pink and Yellow Rangers, Right?" the princess assumed.

"Right," replied Stephanie.

"Its getting late, and I have to make my patrol around the castle. I'll let you three young ladies talk in private," Haru said before leaving.

"Well have a seat and let's chat," Corsiette offered. Stephanie and Michelle sat in two chairs, which were beside the girl's bed.

"So who's this guy?" Michelle asked curiously, as she picked up the photo.

"His name is Cameo. He's the sweetest, kindest, most gentle guy in the whole universe," Corsiette replied, as she sat on her bed.

"Your parents are very concerned about you dating this guy," Michelle stated.

"So that's why you two are here. My parents want you to talk me out of dating Cameo, but nothing you can say will stop me from seeing him, so maybe the two of you should just leave now," the princess said blandly.

"No its not like that. Your parents are just concerned about your well-being. This whole assassin situation has got them a little jumpy. Michelle and I didn't come here to lecture you, we came here just to talk," Stephanie explained.

"Yeah, we wanna know how a Jensian princess and a Brood agent could fall in love," Michelle added.

"Okay here goes. It all started two months ago," Corsiette began.


Corsiette was walking through a forest, near the castle. This was one of the few times that her parents had allowed her to leave the castle without the accompaniment of a guard.

Corsiette carried with her, a sack of table scraps, and was feeding the small woodland animals that approached her. Unbeknownst to her, a giant cobra was currently hunting for his dinner, and he had the princess in his sights.

All Corsiette heard was a hissing sound, and then she was pushed to the ground. Her only instinct was to roll. She ended up behind some bushes, and as she peered over them, she saw a young Brood warrior fighting the reptile.

The young man's movements were swift, and his attacks found their mark. Using his sword, the young man drove the cobra away. "He's gone. You can come out now."

Recognizing the young man's attire as being of Brood descent, Corsiette hesitantly stepped from behind the bush.

"Princess Corsiette, I presume," the young man bowed. "The stories of your beauty are indeed true."

"Flattery will get you no where. What are you doing on Jensi?" the princess questioned, sternly.

"I just saved your life for starters," the young man smiled. "My name is Cameo."

"Well, Cameo, thank you for saving me, but I think you should go before the Palace Guards come looking for me and find you here," Corsiette warned.

"I was sent here on a mission, and I'm not leaving until I complete it," Cameo replied.

As Corsiette gazed into Cameo's brown eyes, a sensation that she'd never experienced before ran through her body. Her parents had told her many stories about the horrible deeds of the Brood, but there was something in Cameo's eyes that told her that he was different. That he was not evil, and that she was safe with him.

"S-S-S-o why are what's your mission?" the princess stuttered.

Cameo began to chuckle at Corsiette's obvious attraction to him. "Well, I was sent here to kidnap you, but for some strange reason I can't do it."

"Do you like---strawberries?" Corsiette had gotten the question out, and now she felt silly.

"Actually, I've never had any before, but I've heard that they're quite good," the young man replied.

"Oh they're delicious. There's a strawberry patch a few miles from here. We could walk there together," Corsiette offered.

"Um, well---okay," Cameo replied with a smile.

And so that's what they did. They sat in the patch and talked about late into the night. Though they came from different backgrounds, the two teens discovered that they had a lot in common. Both loved music. they both loved to be outside, and finally, the both wanted peace throughout the universe. Another thing that intrigued Corsiette about her new friend, was that he had studied the teachings of the Morphin Masters of Eltar, and knew many things about the noble sage, Zordon.

As Cameo walked Corsiette back to the castle gate, they both realized that they had fallen in love, and that they were willing to face the persecution of their people.


"Now we meet at least twice a week," Corsiette stated.

"So how did Cameo explain why he didn't kidnap you to Zara?" Stephanie inquired.

"He told me that he told Zara that he was nearly captured by the Castle Guards, which is true. The guards spotted him when we arrived at the gates," the princess replied.

"Well thank you for explaining this to us. I think its really sweet that you and Cameo are in love," stated Michelle.

"So do I. Now all we have to do is convince your parents that Cameo is a good person," Stephanie added.

The two Rangers bidded Corsiette a good night, and then left the room.

Chris and Nick were now walking down a corridor which had walls lined with pictures of Corsar's ancestors.

"Man, this place is really creepy at night," commented Nick. Just then Chris' communicator began to beep.

"What's up?" the Ranger leader said.

"Chris, Nick, Joseph and I are in pursuit of someone. It looks like he's heading for the garden," stated the voice of Tim.

"We'll meet you guys there," Chris replied. "C'mon, little brother, let's move it."

In the garden, Tim and Joseph had tackled Cameo, and were now interrogating him.

"So you're Cameo, huh. Well we're not impressed," stated Tim.

"Why have you been trying to kill King Corsar and Queen Setti?" Joseph questioned, as he shook the Brood teenager.

"You've got the wrong guy, Ranger," said Cameo as he tried to catch his breath.

"Great job, guys. You've caught the assassin," stated Chris as he and Nick arrived.

"I'm not the assassin!" yelled Cameo.

"What is going on out here!" said King Corsar as he, Queen Setti, and about ten guards arrived. Seconds later, Michelle, Stephanie, and Corsiette arrived.

"Cameo, I knew it! I knew it was you!" the king said angrily. "Thank you, Rangers."

"For the last time, I am not an assassin!" Cameo yelled.

"Well I've found some evidence that proves otherwise," Haru stated as he arrived.

"Evidence? Where?" Queen Setti asked.

"I found his shuttle. All of you may come with me and see for yourself," Haru explained.

By this time, Andros, Ashley, Zhane, and Karone had shown up, and Michelle quickly filled them in on what was now happening. The whole group followed Haru out of the castle gates and into the forest.

The group finally arrived at Cameo's Brood shuttle, and entered it.

Inside they found daggers identical to the ones found the monarchs' bedroom, all kinds of poisons, and a crossbow.

"And so this proves beyond a shadow of doubt that Cameo is the assassin," proclaimed Haru.

"No, it can't be true!" exclaimed Corsiette as she ran out of the shuttle.

"Corsiette! Corsiette! Come back!" yelled the queen.

"We'll go after her," whispered Stephanie as she and Michelle exited the shuttle.

"I don't know how this stuff got up here, but its not mine!" Cameo pleaded.

"Guards, seize Cameo, and escort him to the dungeon. Tomorrow the people of Jensi will witness their first execution in over fifty years, because at dawn this worthless Brood warrior will pay the ultimate price," King Corsar proclaimed.

The Kerovans, Ashley, and the Rangers watched as the guards marched Cameo away followed by The King, Queen, and Haru.

"I think King Corsar is being a little harsh. I mean does Cameo really have to die?" Chris asked.

"The consequences for crimes committed on this planet are very harsh, especially when these crimes are committed against the Royal Family," Andros explained.

"I don't know about this. Cameo really sounded like he was telling the truth," Joseph stated.

"I hope Corsiette is okay," Karone said.

Just then the communications system on the main control console of the shuttle came on, and the face of the Phantom Ranger appeared on the viewing screen.

"Cameo, Cameo, are you there?" the Phantom asked.

"Phantom Ranger its us," stated Zhane.

"Oh, hello, Andros, Ashley, Zhane, Karone, and Power Rangers. Its good to be speaking with all of you again, but where is Cameo?" the Phantom asked.

"He's been captured by the Jensian Royal Family, and charged with attempting to assassinate the King and Queen," explained Chris.

"This is not good," the Phantom replied, sadly.

"What's wrong, Phantom Ranger. Maybe we can help set things right," stated Tim.

"Cameo is an undercover agent for the Senturions. They had reason to believe that one of Zara's generals was trying to implement a coo to overthrow the Royal Family. I've been working with the Senturions on this case. Cameo and I have become good friends, and I'm sure he would never try to kill King Corsar and Queen Setti. I've suspected, for some time, that the Brood might have an agent inside the castle. Power Rangers, you can't allow Cameo to be executed. The last time we spoke, he told me that he had some information to give me, but that he had to do it in person," the mysterious Ranger explained.

"Hmmm, Haru found the this stuff here. Maybe he's got some hidden agenda," stated Chris.

"I'm on my way there," the Phantom said.

"We're sending you our exact coordinates," stated Zhane, as he pressed some button on the control console.

The Rangers closed the communications channel with the Phantom's ship, and then began to discuss their next course of action.

"We're not going to be able stop the execution unless we have some hard evidence that Cameo really isn't the assassin," Andros stated.

"If Haru is involved, I'm sure there will be some evidence in his room," stated Zhane.

"Nick and I will stay here in wait for the Phantom to arrive," stated Chris.

"The rest of us will return to the castle in fill Michelle and Stephanie in on what's happening?" stated Ashley.

So Andros, Ashley, Zhane, Karone, Tim, and Joseph headed back to the castle.

As Cameo hung, chained to wall, a tearful Corsiette entered the dungeon.

"Corsiette, you shouldn't have come here," Cameo said in a low voice.

"All I need to know is did you really try to kill my parents, and was romance just a charade?' Corsiette asked.

"I told you that I'd never do anything to hurt you, and I meant it. I'm not a killer. Whoever is trying to frame me, is doing a good job," Cameo began to cry.

"I know the Power Rangers were rough on you earlier, but they'll come around and find out who is behind this scheme," Corsiette encouraged.

"Yeah, but will they realize how wrong they were, before I'm executed?" Cameo retorted.

"Keep your head up, my love. Our love will see us through this," Corsiette gave Cameo a kiss on the lips, before rushing out of the dungeon.

Haru was currently in the throne room with the King and Queen, making preparations for the execution. Tim and Joseph decided to take advantage of this, and teleported into his room, and looked around.

"Nothing here," stated Tim, as he looked in a drawer.

"This guy has all sorts of weapons---including some daggers," Joseph said, putting two daggers out of a closet.

"And they even match the ones that the King and Queen found in their bedroom," added Tim. Tim found a safe, and picked the lock. "Ah, here we go. This is a contract signed by Haru and some guy named Blitzkoff," stated Tim.

"Too bad the king will never see that,' stated Haru as he entered the room. Before the two teens could react, Haru blasted them with laser, knocking them unconscious.

It was almost sunrise, and the guards were now leading Cameo to a large guillotine.

A crowd of people had gathered to watch to execution, and in the midst were Andros, Ashley, Zhane, and Karone.

"Where are Tim and Joseph? They were supposed to search Haru's room," stated Andros as he looked around.

"Don't worry, Stephanie and Michelle are looking for them, right now," replied Ashley.

"Father, Mother, please stop this. I love him," cried Corsiette.

"Corsiette, the evidence against him is overwhelming," replied Queen Setti as she shook her head sadly. She truly hated that her daughter's first experience with love was about to have such a sad ending.

In Haru's room, the Pink and Yellow Rangers had found a secret passageway that lead into hidden dungeon, where they found the two missing Rangers, bounded and gagged.

"Aw, man, thank goodness, you two found us," stated Tim as he tried to catch his breath.

"Haru is working for a guy named Blitzkoff. We've got to stop the execution," stated Joseph.

"We'd better hurry," stated Michelle. "Let's Rocket!" The four teens were instantly transformed into the armor-wearing teenagers with attitudes.

""Cameo, let it be known that you have been charged and found guilty of attempting to assassinate the King and Queen of Jensi. You have also caused discord in the Royal Family by wooing Princess Corsiette and persuading her to disobey her parents. Now you will pay the ultimate price for your crimes. Do you have anything to say before you meet the guillotine?" stated Haru.

"I'd like to once again say that I didn't try to kill the King and Queen!" yelled Cameo.

"Farewell, knave," stated Haru before activating the guillotine. Just as Cameo's head was about to be sliced off, The Lionizer damaged the mechanism, and the Golden blur sped by and carried Cameo to safety.

"What is the meaning of this, Power Ranger?" said King Corsar angrily.

"You've got the wrong man," stated the Red Ranger.

"There's your assassin!" the White Ranger pointed an accusing finger at Haru.

"Lies! The Power Rangers are disgracing the memory of Zordon by conspiring with this Brood scumbag," Haru said.

""Well this contract says otherwise," the Blue Ranger said, holding up the sheet of paper.

Joseph handed the sheet to King Corsar, and after reading it the king said. "Guards, seized Haru."

"Not today," Haru said, as he leaped into the air and handed behind Corsiette. He then grabbed her, and in a flash of light the two of them were gone.

"Corsiette!" yelled Cameo.

"Haru doesn't have the ability to teleport off the planet, so he's probably got a ship nearby," stated Corsar.

"My shuttle!" exclaimed Cameo.

"C'mon," Chris said taking Cameo by the hand. Chris dissolved into red beam, while Cameo became a green one, and they headed in the direction of the shuttle. The Phantom and the other Rangers followed them.

"Why have you betrayed my parents, Haru?" Corsiette questioned, as the villain strapped her into a seat.

"For money and power, my dear. When the Brood conquers this planet, Blitzkoff has promised to put in a good word for me with Princess Zara. Your boyfriend was the perfect patsy for our scheme, but those meddling Power Rangers have ruined everything. No matter they won't bother as long as I have you," Haru sneered.

"Think again," stated the White Ranger. Cameo grabbed Haru and tossed him to the floor. As Haru got up, Cameo knocked him down again with a superkick directly in the villain's mouth. Cameo then rushed over and freed Corsiette.

"The Senturions are on their way," stated the Phantom Ranger.

"Oh, Cameo, I knew you'd save me," Corsiette smiled as she hugged Cameo.

"I'll never let you down, my love," replied Cameo.

Back at the castle, Cameo now stood before the King and Queen.

"Cameo, my wife and I owe a big apology. Please forgive us for putting you during all of this mess," Corsar said.

"Yes, you are welcome here as long as you like, and we would love to have you in our family, someday," Queen Setti added.

"Thank you, thank you both," Cameo replied as he placed his arm around Corsiette's neck.

"Thank you, Power Rangers. If it hadn't been for all of you, my beloved Cameo would be dead right now, and Haru would still be on the loose," Corsiette replied.

"What will happen to Haru?" asked King Corsar.

"He's going to be in prison for a very long time. I only wish we knew where Blitzkoff is," stated the Phantom Ranger.

"Well I think we should be getting to Earth now," stated Andros.

"Will you all be returning for our wedding?" Cameo asked.

"You can count on it," Stephanie said with a smile.

As they Ranger group walked back to the Astro Megaship, Andros and the Phantom Ranger talked.

"So what's next for you, Phantom Ranger?" the Kerovan man inquired.

"Actually, Andros. Seeing Cameo and Corsiette together has brought me to a decision," the Phantom replied.

"Really," Andros raised an eyebrow. "What decision is that?"

"I'm going to return to Earth with all of you. There's a woman named Cassie Chan there, and I think its time I told her who I really am and how I feel about her," the Phantom said.

Ashley, Zhane, Karone, and the Rangers all had shocked looks on their faces. Finally, the mystery of the Phantom Ranger was going to be solved.

The End