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Author's Notes: This is my fourteenth story in the Power Rangers Beyond series. It comes after "Passing the Ruby." And now on with the story!

City of Fire
by Marques Jeffries

In the farthest reaches of the universe existed a being called Infernius. He has a humanoid form, and is the size of an average metropolitan city. Infernius is made of fire and brimstone, but with the face of an elderly, Grecian man. This god-like being journeys from galaxy to galaxy, descending down upon planets with life, and feeding on their energy.

Infernius is not evil, nor is he good, yet no matter how valiantly the planet's warriors would fight, they'd all bow to his will. Throughout the centuries, Infernius had left many worlds in ruin, as a result of his fiery presence, but now he'd grown bored of being able to easily defeat warriors. He now wanted some competition.

Infernius now gazed down at his latest handiwork. He chuckled to himself as he watched what had once been a beautiful green planet, burn.

The life energy from this planet was very nourishing, however it was too easy to swoop down and feed." And then Infernius remembered something. He had once encountered another being similar to himself. This creature's name was Dark Spectre. He and one of his servants had just kidnapped a young toddler from a planet in the Kerova Galaxy.

Dark Spectre had told Infernius of a group of warriors called Power Rangers. These Power Rangers protected the innocent, and served as protectors of the universe. The idea of doing battle with the Rangers, intrigued the demi-god. After considering it further, Infernius decided to seek out the Power Rangers and engage them in battle, and if there happened to be a planet with sufficient life energy, all the better.

The six teens were currently at the Surf Spot, snacking on some burgers and fries.

"So is everyone ready for the SAT, in a few weeks?' Joseph asked.

"I've been studying really hard, and my mom bought me a video which gives a few pointers on test taking strategy," Stephanie explained.

"I wouldn't mind looking at that tape," Tim said.

"Well you can come over Friday night. I'll pop some popcorn, and we'll watch it together," Stephanie suggested.

"Oh, a study date," Tim smirked. "I love study dates."

"Call it what you want, but no mushy stuff--," Stephanie replied. "At least not this time."

"Yeah, Steph is right. I think all of us had better take this seriously. Especially since this is the last chance we'll have to take it before applying to our desired colleges," Chris stated.

"Everyone, except for me," Nick smiled. "I'm a Junior, and this will be my first time taking it, and I still get two more chances in the Spring and next Fall."

"Well, Nick, you should still try to do your very best everytime you take it," Joseph warned. "It will take a lot of pressure off of you later, if you get a high score now."

"Ya know, guys, with all of the trouble I got into in Brooklyn, I actually scored an 1120 when I took it, last spring," said Michelle before sipping on her soda.

"Really?!" Stephanie said. "The rest of us scored in that same range also. I think I scored an 1150."

"Well I think we all should be getting home. There's homework to be done," advised Chris.

The teens rose from their seats, waved good-bye to T.J., and then headed to their cars.

On his search for the Rangers, Infernius had become hungry, and had managed to find a small planet, populated by vegetation, to feed upon. "This should tyed me over till I find the Rangers." he chuckled, before ascending into space again.

As the mass of fire and brimstone continued his journey he encountered a starship, which was vaguely familiar to him. Upon further investigation, Infernius discovered that this ship belonged to a monster named Finster.

Infernius had met Finster once before. The elf-like creature had sought sanctuary on a tiny planet, which had become one of Infernius' many snacks. The demi-god had spared Finster's life, because the little monster had given him information about new planets with life.

"Finster!" boomed the voice of Infernius. Instantly the ship stopped moving, and a holographic projection of the little monster appeared over the ship.

"Infernius, please, please don't hurt me!" begged the monster.

"I'm not going to harm you. I need information from you," the demi-god announced.


"Tell where I may find the beings known as the Power Rangers. I wish to test my powers against theirs." boomed the fire creature's voice.

"The Power Rangers? Infernius, you are truly a mighty being, but you'd only be asking for trouble if you tangled with the Rangers. I remember when I worked for Rita, I made all sorts of monsters. Big monsters, smart monsters.....," Finster began to ramble.

"Silence! Tell me where I may find the Rangers, or I'll devour you and your starship!'

"Okay! Okay! They live on a planet called Earth. Its in a galaxy called the Milky Way," Finster explained.

"Then this EARTH has life energy?" Infernius questioned.

"Yes, it has humans, and wildlife, oceans, all sorts of vegetation, and a giant yellow star that supplies it with light," Finster continued.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! It almost sounds too good to be true."

"Its is very true, but again I warn you, the Power Rangers are very clever and they won't just let you swoop down and suck Earth dry, without putting up a fight," Finster again warned.

"I'm counting on them protesting, but like all of the warriors before them, they too will bow before me, and surrender their world to me!" boomed Infernius before continuing his journey.

The sun shone brightly over Angel Grove, as Karone, Ashley, and Kimberly ate breakfast in Ashley's office.

"I was watching the news this morning, and guess what I saw," stated Kimberly.

"What?" Karone and Ashley asked, in unison.

"Well since Halloween is going to be coming up soon, a reporter was interviewing kids to find out what the hottest costumes will be, this year. Anyway, the kids all want Power Ranger costumes," stated Kimberly.

"Which incarnation of the Rangers do the kids want?" Ashley asked.

"Mighty Morphin, Zeo, Turbo, Space, I even heard that an Astronema costume is going to be available," Kimberly added glancing over at Karone.

"What?!" Karone said in shock. "Well what color hair will come with the costume."

"Its the cybernetic one, so the hair color will be red."

"Oh no!" Karone smacked herself on the forehead. "I can't even remember what I was like then. Well I guess its excusable, since that's how Astronema looked during the war."

"Its a real shame we can't make any of the costumes," Ashley said.

"Yep, we'd probably make them too real, and draw suspicion to ourselves," Kimberly glanced down at her old morpher.

Just then Karone began to feel dizzy, and closed her eyes to try to clear her mind.

"Are you okay?" Ashley placed a hand on Karone's shoulder.

"A being of great power is on its way here," the Kerovan woman revealed as she opened her eyes.

"Are you sure?" Kimberly asked.

"Yes, its a gift that Dark Spectre gave me when I became Astronema. I can sense when creatures of great magic are nearby," Karone replied.

"We should contact the Rangers---," Ashley was about to press the button on her communicator, when she remembered. "But they're at school now."

"I'll contact Alpha, and have him send a distress signal to KO-35 and Triforia," stated Karone as she pressed a button on her communicator. "Alpha, are you there?"

"Aye-yi-yi-yi-yi! Karone, am I glad to hear your voice. DECA has detected a monster, and its heading straight for Earth!" exclaimed the voice of Alpha 6.

"Listen, Alpha, here's what I want you do. Send messages to both KO-35 and Triforia. The Rangers are still in class, and even when they do get out, I've got a feeling they're going to need help," the Kerovan instructed.

Finally, Earth was in the sights of Infernius. Yes I can already smell the sweet scent of life energy pulsating from this planet.

Just as the massive creature was about to descend on Earth, he was struck by blasters. He turned around to see advancing starfighters. "Fools! you cannot stop me!"

In one motion, the demi-god fired large fireballs from his hands, destroying all of the starfighters on impact.

From its hiding place, behind the moon, the Megaship had video taped the scene and Alpha was now sending the video feed to the Rangers' main computer in Andros' basement.

"Now to feed on Earth, but where are the Power Rangers? Surely they know that I have arrived?" Infernius questioned.

In the meantime, Infernius' fiery presence had caused the temperature to rise to scorching degrees. Fires were now breaking out all over the planet. Angel Grove, like every other city, was quickly becoming a city of fire. The city officials had wasted no time in closing all major organizations until this threat passed.

In the basement, which the Rangers' now called the Power Lair, Andros, Karone, Billy, and the Rangers were frantically trying to figure out what to do next.

"Man, that guy just wasted those Kerovan and Triforian jets with one stroke of his hand," commented Joseph.

"And to top that off the whole planet is on fire," Stephanie added.

"I think I know who this creature is," Karone stated. "Ecliptor once told me about a creature, named Infernius. This Infernius possessed god-like abilities, however he was plagued by constant hunger, a hunger that could only be satisfied by devouring the life energy of planets."

"We should summon the Liberty Megazord and put his fire out," Nick suggested.

"It wouldn't do us any good. He would just destroy the Megazord like he did the starfighters," warned Andros. "Take the Megazord, and try to reason with him. If that doesn't work come back here, but don't, I repeat don't engage him in battle."

"Okay, then wish us luck," Chris said. The Rangers morphed, dissolved into beams of light, and then exited the basement.

On a rooftop, the Rangers summoned the Liberty Megazord.

"Let's go," commanded the Red Ranger, once the Megazord had arrived.

Infernius spotted the Megazord heading in his direction, and stopped in mid air. "The Power Rangers, I presume."

"That's right, Infernius, we've come to ask you to leave Earth, immediately," replied the Red Ranger, over the Megazord's speakers.

"I hunger, and must feed, or else perish," the fiery being explained.

"Well we can't allow you to feed on Earth, or any other planet with life," Stephanie stated.

"Then I must destroy you," Infernius began to shoot fireballs at the Megazord.

"Quick, everyone take evasive action!" yelled Chris.

"Man, we're dead if even one of those fireballs hits us," Tim commented.

"Do you guys think Artillatron's firepower would damage him?" Michelle asked.

"No, but I think there maybe a way to force him off of the planet for a while," the Blue Ranger explained.

"What did you have in mind?" the Red Ranger questioned.

"We'll use the new Mega Freeze Ray," Joseph revealed.

"An excellent idea!" the Gold Ranger exclaimed.

"Yeah, that ought to cool him off," the Pink Ranger quipped.

"Firing the freeze ray, NOW!" said the Blue Ranger as he pressed the appropriate buttons.

"What is this?!" exclaimed Infernius as he felt the ice strike him. "I must retreat, but I will not go far, Power Rangers. My hunger will be satisfied!"

The Rangers watched as the demi-god headed back up into space.

"We should go after him, and finish him off," suggested Nick.

"No, we have to figure out a way to satisfy his hunger, without letting him drain Earth," commented Chris.

The Rangers noticed that a large skyscraper, in downtown Angel Grove, was on fire, and people were trapped inside. The heroes used the Mega Freeze Ray to put out the fire.

"Thank you, Power Rangers!" yelled a crowd of people.

"I only wish we could put out all of the other fires that that monster has caused," Chris replied.

The Megazord landed in Angel Grove Park, and then the Rangers' received a message from Billy.

"I've got a device here that might be able to put out all of these fires," Billy explained.

"But what about Infernius?" the White Ranger inquired. "I mean the fires will just start back up when he returns."

"Rangers, DECA has located a planet in Sector 89 that replenishes itself. Infernius could feed on it every hour if he wished, and the best part about it is there is no human life on it. The planet is similar to the Sun," Alpha exclaimed through the Megaship's communications system.

"That's great, Alpha. We'll go pitch the idea to Infernius, right now," Chris replied.

Once more the Liberty Megazord soared into space.

Infernius had now fully recovered from the effects of the Mega Freeze Ray, and was now about to head back to Earth. Then the Megazord approached.

"Move aside or die, Power Rangers!" ordered the demi-god.

"Wait! We have an offer for you. One that we're sure will please you greatly," stated the White Ranger.

"An offer? Tell me! Tell me, NOW!"

"Our main computer has detected a planet in Sector 89, which replenishes itself. You would be able to feed upon it every hour," explained the Yellow Ranger.

"You are indeed resourceful beings, Rangers. You could have easily tried to battle me, and been destroyed, but you used your knowledge," explained the massive creature.

"So do you accept our offer?" inquired Nick.

"Yes! Yes, I accept."

"Then we will lead the way," stated Chris.

Infernius followed the Liberty Megazord through space, until they neared an extremely large ball of red light.

"Its all yours, big guy," stated Tim.

The teens watched as Infernius descended down on the planet and fed, and then he flew back into space.

"This will do nicely, Rangers. Never again will I menace any other planet. For the first time in my existence, I am truly happy," Infernius smiled for the first time ever.

"We're glad to here that, now we must return home," stated the Red Ranger.

"Farewell, Power Rangers. Farewell," smiled Infernius as he watched the Megazord fly away.

Upon their return, the Rangers were greeted by rain, nothing but rain. It was pouring down, all over the planet.

"Man, that Billy is a genius," commented Chris.

On the Cimerian Planet, Blane entered the room where Zara was sitting.

"What did you learn from that CD?" the princess asked.

"The CD contains the data needed to build an assimilator," Blane revealed.

"An assimilator. What would Dark Spectre need with an assimilator?" Zara questioned.

"He needed to give two UAE members attitude adjustments," Finster said as he entered the room.

"Ah, Finster, trusted servant of Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd," Zara noted.

"You mean former servant," the elf corrected.

"Tell me more about these two rogue UAE members," the princess ran her hand threw her orange hair.

"Astronema and Ecliptor were on the verge of defecting to the Astro Rangers' side, so Dark Spectre ordered a monster named Porto and myself to build an assimilator, and solve the problem," Finster explained.

"Tell me, Finster, Tell me if you can build another assimilator?" the princess asked.

"Yes, my dear, I can indeed build another one," Finster grinned.

"Then I want you to begin building a new assimilator, immediately," ordered the Brood princess with a wicked grin.

The End