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Author's Notes: This is my twenty-third story in the Power Rangers Beyond series. It comes after "Vendetta." And now on with the story!

Power Rangers Beyond
Born To Be Psycho
by Marques Jeffries

In hidden base, located on the surface of a disolate planet, Dark Spectre, Princess Zara, Mason Hodges, and the Shadow Ranger had gathered to witness the beginning of what they hoped would finally spell the end of the Power Rangers.

Five of the captured former Rangers had been selected to have their martial arts skills implanted within the New UAE's latest warriors.

"You'll never get away with this, Dark Spectre," Tommy vowed, as two Quantrons strapped him into a chair.

Five helmet-like devices were then lowered onto the heads of the five helpless former Rangers.

"And you're sure this will work?" Hodges asked.

"Yes, the Energy Transferors will gather data from the former Rangers' minds and transfer the data into the minds of our five warriors," Finster explained. The little elf then pressed a button on a control console, and energy began to surge through the bodies of the five helpless prisoners.

Carlos' skills went into Psycho Gold's body, T.J's into Psycho Blue, Kimberly's into Psycho Yellow, Cassie's into Psycho Pink, and Tommy's into Psycho Red.

"Yes, now I will infuse them with evil energy, thereby giving them the need power to defeat the Power Rangers," Dark Spectre then sent five, fiery energy beams from his energy tube and into the bodies of the Psycho Rangers. "Arise, Psycho Rangers! Arise!"

The sheets that covered the bodies were thrown back, and the five evil Rangers sat up, and then rose from the tables.

They looked around at each other and then at Dark Spectre.

"Welcome back to the land of the living, Psycho Rangers. You have been brought back to life to destroy your mortal enemies the Power Rangers," explained the evil Monarch.

"Yes, it would be our pleasure to destroy the Power Rangers," replied Psycho Red with evil malice.

"I hate to interrupt, but there are six Power Rangers, and only five Psychos," Mason Hodges reminded.

"There was only enough power left on those datacards to create five Psycho Rangers," Finster explained. "Since he hates the White Ranger so much, I thinking that the Shadow Ranger might assist the Psychos in their mission."

"Him!" groaned Psycho Gold. "We don't need his help! We can beat all six of those Power Rangers, by ourselves."

"No!" stated Psycho Red. "We were over confident the last time, and it cost us dearly. This time things will be different. This time we will destroy the Power Rangers."

"Then the six of us will go to Earth and draw the Rangers out into the open," the Shadow Ranger suggested. All six of the evil Rangers exited the base in six different colored beams of light.

"Those Power Rangers won't know what hit them. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!" Dark Spectre laughed. Soon Zara, Hodges, and Finster joined in with the evil Monarch.


"How do we look?" Stephanie asked, as she and Michelle came out of a dressing room and modeled some dresses for the Ranger males.

"It looks good," Tim said, before yawning.

"Yeah, you should definitely buy it," Nick added.

"You don't like it, do you?" Michelle groaned, and then the two girls walked back into the dressing room.

It had been the same old story all morning. The girls would pick out outfits, try them on, and then model them for the boys. The boys would tell the girls that the outfits looked good, but the girls wouldn't believe them, and they'd just pick out something else.

At first, the Ranger males enjoyed watching the female teammates model the clothes, but after about an hour and a half, the boys were ready to leave.

"I knew we shouldn't have let the girls talk us into coming," Nick complained.

'Look on the bright side, Nick, we've got to be at the park in about a half hour, so they can't keep this up much longer," Chris optimistically.

The four males' attention was then caught by a nearby radio.

"Ladies and gentleman, we interrupt our Non-Stop Music Marathon to bring you the following news report," the radio announcer began. "As we speak, six warriors, who appear to be Power Rangers, are menacing happy beach goers."

"What?!" Nick exclaimed.

"What's wrong?" Stephanie asked, as she and Michelle came out of the dressing room.

"A group of Rangers are attacking the beach," Tim informed.

"C'mon, we'd better go find out who is impersonating us," Chris said.


The six Rangers landed on the beach, morphed and ready for anything that came their way, or so they thought.

"Whoa! it looks like a hurricane ran through here," Tim commented, as the Rangers looked at the items left by the tourists.

"Everyone keep your guard up," Chris warned. "Whoever did this is probably still nearby."

"Hey, Power Rangers!"

The Rangers looked in the direction of the voice, and saw the Shadow Ranger standing atop a giant rock formation.

"Simon, you're going to pay for chasing away all of the tourists and trashing the beach," the White Ranger vowed.

"Actually, I had a little help," the evil Ranger hissed. "Allow my friends to introduce themselves.

Five bolts lightning descended from the sky, striking the Power Rangers, and sending them tumbling to the ground.

The Rangers looked up to see the Psycho Rangers standing over them.

"Psycho Gold!"

"Psycho Blue!"

"Psycho Yellow!"

"Psycho Pink!"

"Psycho Red!"

"Psycho Rangers!" the five villains said in unison.

"It can't be!" Tim exclaimed.

'Believe it, Power Rangers. We're baaaaaaaack!" Psycho Blue laughed.

The Power Rangers quickly sprang to their feet, and got into their fight stances.

"Power Gold!"

"Power Blue!"

"Power White!"

"Power Yellow!"

"Power Pink!"

"Power Red!"

"Power Rangers!" they all shouted.

'Okay, Psycho Rangers, if its a fight you want its a fight you're going to get," Chris said.

"Don't sing it, bring it! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!" Psycho Red taunted.

"Don't start the fight, without me," snarled the Shadow Ranger, as he jumped down from the rocks and landed in front of the White Ranger.

The battle began, with each Power Ranger and Psycho Ranger going against their corresponding color, with the exception of the White and Shadow Rangers fighting one another.

Psycho Gold smacked the Gold Ranger in the chest, sending Nick flying into the ocean. Stephanie tried to stand her ground against Psycho Yellow, but the evil female Psycho battled back and dropped the Yellow Ranger with shots from the Psycho Bow. Michelle had summoned her Cosmic Taser and was getting the better of Psycho Pink, but her advantage vanished when Psycho Pink used her Psycho Taser to send both Michelle and Joseph into the ocean. Psycho Blue pressed the attack by leaping into the water and pounding on the Blue Ranger's head. Psycho Red fired energy blasts from his hands, knocking the Red Ranger to the ground. In the meantime, the Shadow Ranger was getting the better of the White Ranger.

'Give up, White Ranger, you know I'm too strong for you," the Shadow Ranger hissed.

"I'll never let you beat me," Tim vowed, as he swung his Liberty Sword at the evil Ranger.

The Psycho Rangers summoned their Psycho Cannon, and fired at Tim, sending the White Ranger to the ground.

Tim laid motionless on the sand, as the Shadow Ranger stood over him.

"Farewell, White Ranger. You were a mighty opponent, but now its time to meet your destiny," the Shadow Ranger was just about to drive his Shadow Blade through the White Ranger's heart, when the Fortress of Power rose from the water and began to fire on the Psychos and the Shadow Ranger.

"How dare they fire on us!" growled Psycho Gold.

"Let's get 'em!" Psycho Pink said.

"No, we'll let the Power Rangers sweat for now," ordered Psycho Red. "Shadow Ranger, do you know of a base where we can go?"

"Yes, I know just the place. Follow me," the evil Ranger replied. All six of the villains dissolved into beams of light and flew away.

Once the villains were gone, Ecliptor teleported down to the beach and began to help the Power Rangers get to their feet.

"Oh my god! Tim!" Stephanie screamed as she noticed the White Ranger still lying motionless on the sand.

The Red, Pink, Yellow, Blue and Gold Rangers rushed over to their fallen teammate.

"Tim......Tim........Tim, can you hear me?" Chris asked, as he knelt beside his best friend.

"We must get him to the Megaship," Ecliptor suggested. "Perhaps Alpha 6 will be able to help him." Ecliptor scooped up Tim in his arms and he and the other Rangers teleported up to the Fortress of Power.


Aboard the Astro Megaship, the five Ranger waited outside of the infirmary for Alpha to come out and give his diagnosis of Tim's condition.

"I don't know what I'd do if I lost Tim," Stephanie said, as she began to cry. "I love him so much."

"Stephanie, Tim's a fighter. We've just got to believe that he'll put through," Chris said, trying to hold back some tears of his own.

Alpha then came out of the infirmary.

"Give it to us straight, Alpha. We can take it," Joseph said.

"Okay here goes," Alpha sighed and then began to speak once more. "Tim sustained some internal injuries. He has some broken ribs, and there was a lot of internal bleeding. That Psycho Cannon really did some serious damage to him."

"So will he put through?" Nick asked.

"Its hard to tell right now. I mean his rapid healing powers should eventually kick in and heal some of his injuries, but that's only an assumption. For now, Tim is resting peacefully," Alpha explained.

"We should call Andros and Ashley. Tim is like a son to them," said Michelle.

"DECA teleported them directly into the infirmary, and they've been in there helping me, well at least Andros has. Ashley is taking this pretty hard," Alpha said quietly.

"She's not the only one," Nick said motioning over to Stephanie, who had now turned her head to the wall, and was crying.

"Michelle, take Stephanie down to the kitchen, and get her something to eat," Chris said.

"No! I'm not hungry," Stephanie said, as she faced her friends. "I want to see him."

The Rangers all looked at Alpha.

"Well I guess its okay," the little robot replied. So the five Rangers followed Alpha inside the room.


Andros and Ashley were sitting beside Tim's bed, looking very worried.

When Ashley saw the Rangers enter the room, she immediately hugged Stephanie. Everyone gathered around the bed.

"Did you contact Zhane and Karone?" Chris asked.

"They went to KO-35 to get some medicine that I think might help speed up Tim's healing process," Alpha replied.

"I hope they get back soon," commented Michelle.

"Keep fighting, Tim," Chris whispered, as he looked down at his unconscious friend.


In Derek Simon's office, the Shadow Ranger and the five Psycho Rangers discussed their next move.

"One Power Ranger down, and five to go," the Shadow Ranger stated, as he stood in front of the Psychos.

"The other Rangers are probably distraught about what happened the White Ranger," Psycho Red guessed. "Now is the time to strike."

"Hey! Everyone, come take a look at this," Psycho Blue yelled, as he looked away from a radar.

"What is that gray dot on the radar?" inquired Psycho Yellow.

"Its the Silver Astro Ranger's Mega Winger, and it appears to be heading towards KO-35," explained Psycho Blue.

"Hmmm, why would the Mega Winger be heading to KO-35?" the Shadow Ranger questioned.

"Who cares why its going there, all that matters is that it won't make it there?" Psycho Red hissed. "We'll take one of Ray-Tech's shuttles and destroy the Mega Winger."

"There's a battle shuttle in the hanger. We'll take it, and blow the Mega Winger to smithereens," hissed the Shadow Ranger.

The Psychos followed the Shadow Ranger down into the building's basement. There the Shadow Ranger pressed a square on the wall, and a hidden corridor opened.

The villains walked across a metal bridge, which led them onboard a humongus silver and black starship.

The Shadow Rangers then led the Psychos to the ship's bridge, where they found several items, similar to those found on the Astro Megaship.

"What is this place?" inquired Psycho Gold, as he curiously looked around.

"This is the Shadowbringer. It will us into space," Simon replied, as he removed his helmet. He pressed a few buttons on the control console and the thrusters began to fire up, as the ship began to move.

The Shadowbringer traveled down a dark tunnel, and then emerged from the side of the Angel Grove Mountains.

"Look out, Power Rangers. Cause here comes the Psycho Rangers," psycho Red hissed, as the ship ascended into space.


Joseph and Nick were now on the bridge of the Megaship. DECA had informed the Rangers that Zhane and Karone were trying to contact them, so the Blue and Gold Rangers had gone to check it out.

"So did the two of you find the medicine?" Nick asked, as an image of Zhane and Karone appeared on the viewing screen.

"Yes, and we're trying to get there as fast as we can," Zhane replied.

"Has there been any change with Tim?" asked Karone.

"No, but we hope that his healing powers kick in soon," Joseph answered.

"An unidentified ship is heading in the direction of the Mega Winger," DECA informed.

"DECA, bring it up on the other viewing screen," Nick commanded.

The two Rangers watched in puzzlement as an image of the Shadowbringer appeared.

"That looks like one of Hodges' toys," Joseph stated.

"Nick, go tell the others what is going on. I'm going to ready the lasers," Joseph said. "We may have to go into battle."

Over on the Shadowbringer, the Psycho Rangers were preparing to fire on the Megaship.

"Fire!" the Shadow Ranger yelled.

The Megaship began to shake and the onboard computers began to smoke and sizzle.

"DECA, bring up the shields," Joseph ordered.

"Everyone, take your battle stations," Andros stated as he and the remaining Rangers, minus Tim, stepped onto the bridge.

The Astro Megaship maneuvered through space dodging the blasts from the Shadowbringer.

"Okay let's give them a taste for their own medicine," Andros stated.

"Right!" replied the others. The Megaship then began to fire laser blasts at the Shadowbringer.

Meanwhile, the Mega Winger was approaching the battle scene.

"I'm going to land in the hanger and let you take the medicine to Alpha," Zhane said.

"And what are you going to do?" Karone asked.

"I'm going to help the others."

As Zhane tried to guide the Mega Winger towards the Megaship, the silver and white zord was struck by a blast from the Shadowbringer.

"Zhane, what are we going to do?!" exclaimed Karone, as the Mega Winger began to descend towards the surface of the moon.

"I'm going to try to make our landing as smooth as possible," Zhane replied.

"The Mega Winger is heading towards the moon," Psycho Pink informed, as she looked at the viewing screen.

"C'mon, let's go finish off its' passengers," Psycho Red ordered. The Shadowbringer then headed towards the moon.

"Oh no, they're going after Zhane and Karone," Michelle said as she looked at the Megaship's viewing screen.

"We've got to try to fend them off," Chris stated. Chris, Joseph, Michelle, and Nick made motions towards the exit of the bridge, but Stephanie was hesitant.

Joseph turned to his teammate and said, "Stephanie, I know you're worried about Tim. We all are....but right now Zhane and Karone need us."

"Okay......let's go," Stephanie said hesitantly. The five Rangers entered the jump tubes, and emerged from the Megaship, morphed and on their Galaxy Gliders.


Zhane and Karone had exited the Mega Winger and were desperately trying to fight off the Shadow Ranger and Psychos.

Psycho Pink and Yellow had ganged up on Karone, while Psycho Gold, Blue, and Red were blasting Zhane.

"You're not so tough without your battle armor and Wrath Staff," Psycho Yellow taunted she threw Karone to the ground.

Karone rolled out of the way, just in time to avoid being stung by Psycho Pink's Psycho Taser.

"Don't you Psychos know that its unfair for you to attack an unmorphed Ranger," Zhane pleaded.

"We never fight far," Psycho Red taunted.

"Hey, Psychos, we're ready for a rematch!" the Red Ranger yelled, as he and the other four Rangers arrived.

"Well the five of you are going to suffer the same fate as your friend, the White Ranger," Psycho Blue snarled. Both sets of Rangers then summoned their weapons and paired off to begin fighting.

Psycho Red and the Red Ranger leaped into the air, simultaneously, striking each other with their weapons. Both Rangers fell to the ground, with their suits sparking with excess energy, but it was Psycho Red who recovered first, and pressed on with the attack by kicking Chris in the ribs and sending him flying backwards into a crater.

The other Power Rangers fare no better. One-by-one, each of them were beaten to a pulp.

In the midst of the fighting, Alpha had teleported Zhane and Karone aboard the Megaship.

"Here's the medicine," Karone said, handing a vial of blue liquid to Alpha.

"I hope it helps," Zhane added.

Meanwhile, the Power Rangers now lay in pile at the feet of the Psycho Rangers.

"Prepare to kiss your miserable lives good-bye, Power Rangers," Psycho Gold hissed, as the Psychos prepared to fire a blast from the Psycho Cannon.

"We've still got one last chance," Chris whispered. "The Liberty Orbs."

As the blast shot out of the Cannon, the five heroes held up their Liberty Orbs. The Orbs formed a force field around the Rangers, shielding them from the blasts.

"That was very resourceful, but that force field won't hold up much longer, and as soon as it goes down, the five of you will perish," vowed Psycho Red.

The Shadow Ranger had been watching the battle from the bridge of the Shadowbringer, and he was very pleased at the way things were turning out. His arch-enemy, the White Ranger appeared to be close to death, the Power Rangers were about to be finished off once and for all, and once that happened Dark Spectre would allow Mason Hodges and himself to rule Earth. Things were certainly looking up, or so the Shadow Ranger thought.

Sure enough, the force field dropped and the Power Rangers were left defenseless against a blast from the Psycho Cannon, but just as the Psychos were about to fire, a squadron of starfighters from Earth arrived.

The group of jets began to fire fiery laser beams at the evil Rangers, causing them to retreat back to the safety of the Shadowbringer.

"Shadow Ranger, get us airborne," commanded Psycho Red. "Those humans will pay for ruining our fun."

"They'll have to pay some other time. We sustained some damage during our battle with the Astro Megaship, and there's only enough power left to get us back to the hanger," the Shadow Ranger explained.

"Arrrrrrgh! The Power Rangers were within our grasp!" Psycho Red growled. "Simon, get us back to Earth, but those humans WILL pay for interfering in our battle with the Power Rangers. They WILL PAY!"

The Shadowbringer rose from the moon's surface and headed towards Earth.

"Commander Patton, the Psycho Rangers are getting away," informed one of the pilots. "Do you want us to pursue them?"

"No, we have to make sure that the Power Rangers are okay," replied man, who appeared to be in his late forties.

The Rangers waved to the starfighters, and then teleported back up to the Megaship.


"Thanks again for helping us out, Commander," the Red Ranger said, as the Commander appeared on the viewing screen.

"It was our pleasure to assist all of you," replied Commander Patton.

"Don't worry we're going to track down the Psycho Rangers and put an end to their mischief before things get too bad," the Gold Ranger vowed.

The communication channel was closed, and then the Rangers powered down.

"Those Psycho Rangers really kicked our butts, didn't they?" Nick said, sulkenly.

"Yeah, but this was just the first round. They were beaten before and they'll be beaten again, only this time we'll make sure they don't come back," Chris said.

Ashley and Andros then stepped onto the bridge, and by the looks on their faces the Rangers could tell that something was going on with Tim.

"Tell us, we can take it," Stephanie said, almost in tears.

"Alpha administered the medicine, and as best we can tell it appears to be helping," Andros.

"Tim still hasn't regained consciousness, but at least we know that the medicine is helping with the healing process," Ashley added.

"Tim has just got to pull through, because I don't know if we can beat the Psychos without him," Michelle said, shaking her head.


The five Psycho Rangers now stood on the roof on Ray-Tech, looking out over the city.

"We had the Power Rangers right where we wanted them, until those Earthling jets showed up," Psycho Red hissed. "Tomorrow we begin our conquest of Angel Grove."

"What about the Shadow Ranger? He may be evil, but something tells me he is loyal to Dark Spectre and that Hodges guy," stated Psycho Yellow.

"The last time we made the mistake of letting Astronema and Ecliptor use us to accomplish their own twisted means, but this time we will call the shots. If the Shadow Ranger is wise he'll pledge his allegiance to us, otherwise we'll crush him along with this pitiful planet, the New UAE, and the Power Rangers," Psycho Red snarled. Then the five Psycho Rangers began to laugh wickedly.

The End