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Author’s Notes: This is my twenty-fourth story in the Power Rangers Beyond series. It comes after “Born To Be Psycho.” And now on with the story!

Power Rangers Beyond
Psycho Waves
by Marques Jeffries

“Everyone keep your eyes peeled,” Chris whispered, as the Rangers, minus Tim, made their way into an old abandoned theater. “The Psychos could be anywhere.”

DECA had detected the Psycho Rangers’ energy signature in the area, and though the Power Rangers didn’t know what the Psychos were about do, they wanted to be there when it happened.

As the Power Rangers walked up an aisle, a bombardment of blasts rained down up them.

“Its a trap!” exclaimed Joseph.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! The five of you walked into our trap like amateurs!” laughed Psycho Red.

“Well why don’t the five of you come down here, and we’ll settle this once and for all!” yelled the Gold Ranger.

The Psycho stopped their blasting, glanced at one another, and then jumped down to fight the Power Rangers.

The Red Ranger dove at Psycho Red, taking him to ground. Chris then began to pound on the head the evil Ranger. The female Psychos tossed the Pink and Yellow Rangers through the giant movie screen. Psycho Gold tossed a stream of fireballs at Nick, sending the Gold Ranger to the ground in pain. the evil Psycho then rushed to the aid of Psycho Red. Chris was send flying through the air, after being kicked in the side of the head by Psycho Gold. Psycho Blue and the Blue Ranger trades blows for several minutes before the other Psycho began to fire laser blasts at Joseph.

“We’ve got to help Joseph,” Stephanie wearily, as she and Michelle emerged from the hole in the movie screen.

By this time, the Red and Gold Rangers had risen to their feet. Together, the Red, Gold, Pink, and Yellow Rangers hit the Psychos with combined blasts from their Power Weapons.

The blasts sent the five Psychos to the ground. With their suits sparking and smoking the Psychos dissolved into five beams of light of flew away.

“That was a close one,” Joseph said, as he walked up to his friends.

“”We’d better get back to the ship, and see if there’s been any change in Tim’s condition,” Chris said. The five teens flew away in their normal beams of light.


The Psycho now paced back and forth on the bridge of the Shadowbringer, trying to come up with a way to enact their vengeance on not only the Power Rangers but the entire Earth.

“I can’t believe the Rangers slipped through our fingers again,” groaned Psycho Yellow, as she sat in a chair.

“Maybe we’re going at this all wrong,” Psycho Blue said.

“What do you mean?” inquired Psycho Pink.

“If only we could win the humans over to our side, then there would be no place for the Power Rangers to hide....,” Psycho Blue began.

“Then we could finally destroy those irritating goodie-goodies,” finished Psycho Red.

An unmorphed Derek Simon walked onto the bridge and began to speak, “But there’s just one problem the people of Earth love the Power Rangers, and would never turn on the Rangers.......at least not willingly.”

“Then we’ll just have to find a way make them join us......,” Psycho Red stated before being interrupted by the sound of music.

Psycho Yellow had used the ship’s computer to tap into a local radio station, and she was dancing all over the place.

“Psycho Yellow, what are you doing?! Your suppose to be helping us formulate a plan to destroy the Power Ranger and conquer Earth!” growled the Psycho Pink.

“But this Earth music really sounds cool,” the Yellow Psycho Ranger protested.

“”Wait a minute! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! That’s it! I know how we can get the humans on your side,” Psycho Red informed. “Psycho Blue, I want you to build a device which can mix a Psycho signal with all Angel Grove’s radio station transmissions.”

“That’s brilliant, Psycho Red. I’ll get to work on it immediately.” Psycho Blue replied.

“I’ll go get the materials you’ll need to build this device,” Derek Simon stated.

“It wouldn’t be long for we have an army of mindless slaves, and then the Power Rangers will finally be destroyed,” Psycho Red vowed.


Stephanie entered her bedroom, and immediately stretched on her bed. As she laid there, her mind began to wander to one thing or another. These last few weeks had been really tough. Dark Spectre still had some of the mentors in his clutches, the Liberty Megazord had been destroyed, the Psychos were on the loose, her boyfriend still hadn’t regained consciousness, and now to top all of that off, her parents had just told her that because of the crazy things going on in Angel Grove now, they wouldn’t allow her to leave the house without a bodyguard.

*If they only knew that she was fully capable of taking care of herself, that their precious, little daughter was the Yellow Ranger* she thought.

Her mind then drifted to Tim. She had fallen in love with Tim the first time she laid eyes on him. Tim was the first guy that had truly shown her kindness without expecting anything in return. When Tim lost his parents, it was Stephanie who had promised him that she’d always be there for him if he ever needed someone to talk to. Even though she couldn’t begin to understand what it was like to lose parents, she still wanted Tim to know that she loved him.

Stephanie shed a few tears as the image of the Psycho Rangers blasting Tim, ran through her mind. *The Psychos fight like clockwork, and they seem to anticipate every move that we make.* Stephanie sat up and then opened nearby drawer, and pulled out a picture of all six of the Rangers.

*Those Psychos are going to pay for what they did to Tim.* the girl thought, as she stared at the picture.


Two red and blue beams of light streaked across the sky and then Psycho Red and Blue materialized on the roof of the KOOL-102 building.

“Okay now all we have to do is attach this little black box to the transmission antenna, and our Psycho Waves will be implanted into the minds of the unsuspecting citizens of Angel Grove, as they listen to their music,” Psycho Blue explained.

Psycho Blue laid the box at the foot of the tall antenna, and then used heat gun to fuse the box to the antenna. He then plugged a microphone into the box. “Okay its ready. Now All you have to do is speak into the microphone. The humans will hear the music with their ears, but they’ll hear your message with their minds.”

Psycho Red took the mic and began to speak into it, “Citizens of Angel Grove, you will obey me. You will obey me. The Power Rangers are among you. Seek them out and destroy them, by any means necessary.”

“Now everyone who is listening to this radio station will obey your commands,” Psycho Blue gloated.

Psycho Red used his communicator to contact the Shadow Ranger and the other Psychos, who were at other radio stations attaching more Psycho Wave Transmitters.

“Excellent, now every radio station in town is broadcasting our Psycho Waves, and they don’t even know it. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!” the evil Psycho leader laughed.


“So, what made you decide to invite me out for a quick snack, today?” Jasmine asked, as she and Chris sat at a table, eating hamburgers and fries.

“Well the last time we went out, the crazy cyborg caused such an uproar that I winded up getting caught in a large crowd of people as they watched the Power Rangers battle that thing,” Chris answered.

As the couple ate, they glanced out of a window and saw a crowd of people with strange expressions on their faces, marching down the street.

“What’s wrong with them?” Jasmine inquired, with a worried expression on her face.

“I don’t know, but there’s only one way to find out,” Chris replied. The couple rose from their seats, and exited the fast food restaurant.

“Destroy the Power Rangers! Destroy the Power Rangers!” the crowd chanted over and over again.

“Jasmine, C’mon, we’ve got to get out of here,” Chris said, as he and his girlfriend headed to his van.


Joseph and Nick were in Angel Grove High School’s weight room. The two Ranger teens, along with some other guys, had decided to see who the strongest guy in school really was.

“Whadaya say we turn on some music to get all us siked up,” suggested one of the guys.

“Yeah!” the other boys replied.

As soon as the radio was turned on the Psycho Waves put all of the boys into a trance with the exception of Nick and Joseph.

“Destroy the Power Rangers! Destroy the Power Rangers!” the other boys chanted.

“Whoa! What’s wrong with them?” Nick said.

“I don’t know, but I think we’d better get out of here before they start wondering why we weren’t affected,” suggested Joseph. The two boys exited the room, and then teleported away.


When Joseph and Nick materialized in the Power Lair, Stephanie and Michelle were already there. Chris arrived shortly afterwards.

“Everyone in town is after us,” Stephanie said. “I went downstairs to have dinner with my parents, and when I entered the kitchen: my parents, the butler, and our cook, Miss Crenshaw were walking around chanting Destroy the Power Rangers! Destroy the Power Rangers!”

“I’ll bet the Psycho Rangers are responsible for this mess,” Nick stated.

“The question is how did they pull it off,” Chris said.

“Hmmmm, its possible that they could have created a device that can send hidden subliminal messages,” guessed Michelle.

Just then the basement door flew open, and Andros and Ashley walked down the stairs chanting “Destroy the Power Rangers! Destroy the Power Rangers!”

“Oh no! Andros and Ashley have fallen under the Psycho’s trance!” Stephanie exclaimed.

“Andros! Ashley! You’ve got to fight the Psycho’s mind control!” Michelle yelled.

“Yeah, we’re your friends!” Joseph pleaded.

The two former Astro Rangers drew a pair of Astro Blasters, and began to fire laser beams at the Rangers.

“C’mon we’ve got to get out of here,” Chris ordered.

“But we can’t leave them like this!” Nick replied.

“If we stay here either they’ll hurt us or we’ll have to hurt them,” Chris answered. “We’ll go to the Megaship. Maybe Alpha and DECA can help us figure out what course of action to take.”

In the midst the laser blasting, the five Rangers dissolved into beams of light and flew away.


“DECA, begin scanning for the source of the Psycho Rangers’ signal,” Chris ordered as the five Rangers stepped onto the Megaship’s bridge.

“Beginning scan now,” replied the monotone voice of DECA.

“Um, guys, the ship’s sensors show that the Shadow Ranger’s ship is heading our way,” Joseph said as he looked at the computer screen.

“The source of the Psycho frequency has been detected,” DECA announced.

“Where is it?” Stephanie asked.

“There is a device at each Angel Grove radio station which is transmitting the Psycho Waves,” replied DECA.

“Joseph, you, Nick, and Stephanie will go take care of those Psycho Transmitters. Michelle and I will take on the Shadowbringer,” Chris stated.

The Ranger’s pulled out their morphers and shouted, “Let’s Rocket!’

‘Be careful, you guys. I’m sure the Psycho aren’t going to just let you trash their gizmos without putting up some sort of resistance,” the Pink Ranger warned.

“Don’t worry, we’ll keep our guard,” Stephanie assured. With that the Blue, Yellow, and Gold Rangers teleported down to Earth.

“I’ll take the Mega Winger and see if we can double team the Shadowbringer,” Michelle said.

“And excellent idea,” Chris said. “I’ve got a feeling we’ll need the extra firepower.”

So the Pink Ranger ran down to the hanger, and boarded the Mega Winger, and within moments the Zord was cruising through space.

Aboard the Shadowbringer, the Shadow Ranger, Psycho Pink, and Psycho Red were preparing to fire on the Mega Winger.

“The missiles are in position and are ready for firing,” Psycho Pink informed.

“Then by all means let’s trash that Zord. Fire!” commanded the Shadow Ranger.

“Whoa! That was close.” Michelle breathed a sigh of relief as she barely dodged two missiles. “Okay Psychos, if that’s how you want to play it, try this on for size.”

The Mega Winger swooped in from behind the Shadowbringer, and began to fire some missiles of its own.

‘Bring up the shields,” the Shadow Ranger growled.

“Its too late. Those missiles did some major damage to our power supply,” Psycho Pink answered.

‘I’ll take one of the Defender Zords out and trash the Pink Ranger,” Psycho Red said.

“Hey, Chris, I thought you were going to help me out?” Michelle said into the Mega Winger’s onboard communications system.

“I’ve just finished charging up the lasers and from the looks of it not a moment too soon. Here comes one of those Defender Zords,” the Red Ranger stated.

The Astro Megaship began to fire laser blasts at the Defender Zord, but the Shadowbringer cruised in to assist Psycho Red.

“Look out, Pink Ranger, I’m coming to get you. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!” taunted Psycho Red as the Defender Zord began to give chase to the Mega Winger.

“That’s it, Psycho Red, follow me,” Michelle whispered. “I just hope this works.”

The Mega Winger led the Defender Zord directly into the midst of a large asteroid field.

“Ahhhh, what’s wrong with this thing!” screamed Psycho Red as he struggled to get control of the Defender Zord. “The radiation from these asteroids must be interfering with the Defender Zord’s guidance system.” Psycho teleported out of the Defender Zord just before it crashed into a large asteroid and exploded.

“Some other time, Psycho Red,” Michelle said, as she watched a red beam of light fly towards the Shadowbringer. The Mega Winger then exited the asteroid field and headed back aboard the Megaship.

“What’s happening down there?” Psycho Pink asked, as an image of Psycho Blue and Psycho Gold appeared on the ship’s viewing screen.

“We’ve posted a group of civilians at each radio station to guard the Psycho Transmitters. The Power Rangers wouldn’t dare harm the people that they are swore to protect,” Psycho Gold stated.

“Excellent, we’re on our way back there to assist you,” said the Shadow Ranger.

Aboard the Astro Megaship, Chris and Michelle were in hot pursuit of the Shadowbringer.

“Looks like their heading back to Earth,” Chris assumed.

“We’d better get down there, and help the others,” Michelle added.


At one of the radio stations, the Blue, Gold, and Yellow Rangers were being detained by a mob of citizens.

“Please stop! We don’t want to hurt you!” the Yellow Ranger pleaded as she and her two teammates tried to fend off the mob with the least amount of force that they could.

“That’s it! Hold those Rangers back!” laughed Psycho Blue.

The Psychos were so busy laughing at the misfortune of the three Rangers, that they didn’t notice the Red and Pink Rangers teleport down and destroy one of the Psycho Transmitters.

“Hey, Psychos, Its a real shame that you five of you have to depend on innocent people to do your dirty work!” yelled the Red Ranger.

“People of Angel Grove, prove your loyalty to us. Destroy the Power Rangers.....NOW!” commanded Psycho Red.

The crowed immediately began to beat on the Blue, Yellow, and Gold Rangers.

“Michelle, go take care of the other devices. I’ll help the other Rangers,” Chris stated.

“Be careful,” the Pink Ranger warned before teleporting away.

“I’ll get you, Pink Ranger,” snarled Psycho Pink, before teleporting also.

“Hang on, team, I’ll coming,” Chris said, before jumping down from the roof of the radio station.


“Just one more to go,” Michelle said, after blasting a Psycho Transmitter to smithereens. She then teleported to the last radio station, where Psycho Pink was waiting for her.

“So I finally caught up with you, Pinky,” the evil Psycho hissed.

“I’ve already destroyed the other transmitters, so you might as well step aside and let me destroy this one,” the Pink Ranger warned, before summoning her Cosmic Taser.

“The only thing that will be destroyed is you. Psycho Taser!”

The two Rangers exchanged attacks with their Power Weapons, each being stung severely, but Michelle would not give up. As Psycho Pink prepared to deliver a flying Taser strike, the Pink Ranger leaped into the air and struck the evil Psycho Ranger in the stomach with a stinging Taser strike.

“Ahhh!” screamed Psycho Pink as she sailed into the radio station’s antenna. Sparks and Flames emitting from the antenna, electrocuting the evil Psycho. Psycho Pink then fell to the ground, and landed on top of the last Psycho Transmitter, crushing it under her weight.

“Yeeeessss! I beat her!” Michelle exclaimed as she began to jump up and down with glee.

Psycho Pink struggled to her feet, wearily, and said, “You win this time, Pink Ranger, but the final victory will belong to the Psycho Rangers.” then the she teleported away.


“Alpha, transmit our frequency,” Chris stated, as he spoke into his communicator. The Megaship swooped down and hovered over the radio station, it then began pipe out a melodious song that sounded a lot like the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers theme song.

“What happened? Where are we?” were some of the questions asked by the citizens as they returned to normal.

“NNNooooo!” growled Psycho Red.

“Hey, Psychos, you should know by now that any trouble you stir up, we’re going to be around to set things right,” the Blue Ranger stated.

“Next time, Power Rangers. Next time,” vowed Psycho Red, before he and the other Psychos vanished.

“Thank you, Power Rangers!” cheered the crowd of people. The Rangers simply replied by nodding to the crowd, and then they teleported away.


“So the Psychos had actually used hidden subliminal messages to control the minds of everyone in Angel Grove?” Ashley asked.

“That about sums it up,” Nick replied.

“Its a good thing we weren’t affected. I wonder why the signal didn’t us when we were unmorphed?” Stephanie asked.

“Maybe it had something to do with our Liberty Orbs,” suggested Michelle.

“I hope Tim wakes up soon, because he’s missing all of the fun,” Nick stated.

“We all hope he wakes up soon also,” Chris stated.


Tim now found himself on a glowing, white road. He looked around at his surroundings, and was stunned to find that he was standing in the middle of outer space.

“What’s going on,” Tim said, nervously.

“Timothy, do not be afraid. You are about to embark on a journey. One that will prove to be very vital no only to the future of the Power Rangers, but to the entire universe,” said an booming voice.

That voice sounded so familiar, but Tim could quite figure out who it was. “Who are you?” he asked.

“A friend who wants to help you and your friends. Now, Timothy, you there is no time to lose. You must begin your journey now,” the voice urged.

In front of him all Tim could see was a long stretch of glowing, white road. He didn’t know where he was but he figured the only way he’d ever see his friends again, was to follow the instructions of the strange voice. So Tim slowly began to make his way up the glowing road, unsure of where he was heading.

The End