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Power Rangers Beyond
Going The Distance
by Marques Jeffries

"Welcome, Princess Corsiette," greeted the Grand Monarch of Evil, as Psycho Red and Psycho Yellow held the princess firmly.

"Why have I been brought here, Dark Spectre?" Corsiette groaned.

"You are now a hostage of the United Alliance of Evil. As long as we have you, your people will do whatever we say. Now, Psychos, take to princess to the dungeon," the lava villain commanded. The two Psychos exited the throne room dragging the princess along.

"The Power Rangers and Cameo will attempt to rescue her as well as their other friends," Zara commented.

"Especially since they know where we are," Psycho Pink added.

"Then I will contact the Power Rangers and give them my demands," Dark Spectre growled.


The crew of the Megaship had all gathered on the ship's bridge to discuss their battle plan.

"I think we'd stand a better chance of infiltrating Dark Spectre's palace, if a small team was sent," commented Chris.

"I don't care who else comes, but I'm going to be on that rescue team," Cameo stated.

"An incoming message from Dark Spectre," DECA informed.

Everyone watched as an image of the UAE Monarch appeared on the viewing screen.

"Power Rangers, you have been a thorn in my side for too long. As you know I have your missing mentors and Princess Corsiette...," Dark Spectre began.

"Dark Spectre, if you've harmed Corsiette in any manner I'll......," Cameo threatened.

"You'll do nothing!" the villain retorted. "Your precious Corsiette is safe for now, but her well-being as well as the well-being of the mentors depends on your willingness to meet my demands."

"What do you want?!" Andros barked.

"For starters, I want those Liberty Orbs. All six of them."

"But you can't use them," Stephanie stated. "Lyberius told us that the Liberty Orbs can only be used for good deeds."

"No, you misunderstood his words. The Liberty Orbs can only be claimed by those with pure hearts, but once they are claimed they can be handed over to the forces of evil, which is what all of you will do," Dark Spectre corrected.

"And what else do you want!" Zhane yelled.

"I want your Megaship and your Power Morphers. That way you can never interfere in my evil plans again," Dark Spectre announced.

"Fine, let our friends go," Tim stated.

"Oh and there's one more thing I want," Dark Spectre as be began to laugh.

"What?!" Andros said angrily.

"I want Astronema back."

"Absolutely not!" Andros and Zhane said, in unison.

"Then your friends will die."

"Wait! Wait! I'll comeback to you, but please don't hurt Corsiette and our other friends," Karone said.

"Karone, no. You can't go back to him," Zhane said.

"There's no other way to save our friends," Karone replied sadly. "Dark Spectre, please allow the Power Rangers two hours to say good-bye to the people of Angel Grove."

"Very well. You have two hours, but don't try anything funny, or Corsiette and the mentors will be destroyed. I will be watching you. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!" With that the villain vanished from the viewing screen.

"Karone, please me you have an plan," Ashley said.

"I always have a plan," Karone replied. "Dark Spectre's vanity will be his undoing. Two hours should be all we need to rescue our friends. Here's what we're going to do."


"Dark Spectre, the Power Rangers have just teleported down to Angel Grove Park, and they're giving a farewell speech to the people of Angel Grove," Derek Simon said as his image appeared on a viewing screen in the throne room.

'Tell Blane to focus the Spectre-Cam on the Park. I want to hear the Rangers' speech," the Monarch commanded.

'People of Angel Grove, it is with a heavy heart that we come to you today. Because of circumstances beyond our control we must leave Earth, forever," the Red Ranger announced sadly.

"No! Who will protect us from the Psycho Rangers! Power Rangers, don't leave us!" were some of the pleas from the crowd.

"Cry all you want, humans. Your precious Power Rangers are finished," Dark Spectre said gleefully.

"We've finally won," Zara added.

"So when do we invade Earth?" the Flamablizer asked.

"Invade Earth?! We practically had Jensi in the palm of our hands when Dark Spectre called us off," Blitzkoff groaned. "Why did you call off that invasion anyway?"

"We can conquer Jensi anytime, but Earth is the planet that we will concentrate on. Zordon care so much about those humans, and the Power Rangers will be forced to watch as their homeworld is conquered, knowing that they can do nothing to prevent it from happening," explained Dark Spectre. "The Rangers will be here soon. Once we have the Liberty Orbs, Power Morphers, and Megaship we will begin the attack on Earth.


As two Quantrons patrolled the entrance of the palace, Tim, Nick, and Stephanie teleported.

"Say goodnight, trashcans," Nick said as the three Rangers quickly disposed to the foot soldiers with a few punches and kicks.

Tim and Nick put on the Quantron armor over their normal clothes.

"We're about to enter the palace," Stephanie whispered into her communicator.

"We'll monitor your present location from up here," replied the voice of Chris.

"Stick to the plan, and be careful," added Karone.

"Don't worry, we will," Tim promised. The three Rangers then entered the palace.


Tim and Nick marched Stephanie around like she was a captured prisoners, until they spotted three Quantrons escorting Carlos down a corridor.

"Let's follow 'em," Nick said. The three Rangers followed the Quantrons down three flights of stairs to the dungeon.

"Good job you captured the Yellow Ranger," commented Psycho Red as he and Psycho Gold guarded the prisoners.

"Not quite, Psychos!" Stephanie said. All three Rangers whipped out their morphers and shouted "Let's Rocket!"

"Okay, Psychos, let's rumble!" the Gold Ranger said. Summoning his Dragontamer, Nick sent Psycho Gold crashing into a wall, with a blast of fire.

"Cool move, Nick. Now its my turn! White Liberty Orb Power-Up!" The White Ranger's right hand began to glow and he sent a bolt of lightning in Psycho Red's direction. The evil Ranger barely dodged the bolt and as he tried to summon his Psychonizer, the Yellow Ranger struck him in the shoulder with one of her Cosmic Arrows.

"Hey, guys, we could use some help down here," Tim said into his communicator.

Seconds later, the remaining three Rangers arrived morphed and ready for action.

"Michelle!" Cassie said, happily. The Pink Ranger used her Liberty Blaster to destroy the bars.

"Boy are we glad to see you guys," Tommy said.

"Well none of you are going anywhere," snarled Psycho Pink, as she, Psycho Blue, and Psycho Yellow came down the stairs.

"I don't know how you Rangers can be on Earth and here at the same time, but I do know that you won't be leaving," snarled Psycho Yellow.

'Its amazing what a few Robo Rangers can do," commented the Red Rangers.

"Alpha, teleport our friends out of here," the Pink Ranger spoke into the communicator. Tommy, Cassie, Corsiette, and the other prisoners vanished in beams of light.

"Okay, Psychos, its time for us to finish this once and for all," the Red Ranger stated.

"Yes, there can only be one group of Rangers in the universe, and that will be the Psycho Rangers," retorted Psycho Red.

Each Psycho and Power Ranger paired off with their corresponding color.

"Tim, carry out the rest of the plan," Chris ordered.

'Right," Tim said, as he headed up the stairs.

Again, the Psychos seemed to be too much for the Power Rangers to handle. The Power Rangers soon found themselves lying in a pile.

"Here we go again," grumbled the Pink Ranger.

"There has got to be a way to beat these guys," the Blue Ranger commented.

"We're unbeatable, Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!" taunted the Psychos, as they stood over their fallen foes.


Blitzkoff was in hangar fueling up the Velocifighters for the coming invasion.

"Hey, Blitzkoff!" yelled Cameo as he entered the room.

"Cameo, how did you get here?" Blitzkoff snarled.

"You're going to pay for all of the pain that you've put Corsiette and I through."

"After I destroy you, I'm going to go down to the dungeon and finish off Corsiette."

"She's far away from here, and safe from your clutches."

The two warriors began to clash swords, fiercely. though Blitzkoff had a strength advantage, Cameo fought like he'd been sword-fighting all of his life.

"I was once Princess Zara's finest swordsmen, or have you forgotten?" Cameo reminded as he struck Blitzkoff's shoulder.

"RRRRaaaaaa! I will tear you apart!" growled Blitzkoff.

"That's it, Cameo, keep him distracted while I write down these access codes," Tim said as he stood by a computer terminal.

"Hold it right there, White Ranger!" yelled Nightpaw as he entered the room.

Tim spun around and fired his Liberty Blaster, sending to villain to the ground.

In a blind rage, Blitzkoff charged at Cameo. Cameo braced himself and then leaped into the air, and struck the villain with a spinning missile kick.

"AAAAhhhh!" screamed Blitzkoff as he went flying backwards into the control panel.

"Self-Destruct Sequence Activated," announce a computerized voice.

"Grab Blitzkoff, and we'll get out of here!" Tim said. He glanced over and noticed that Nightpaw had already fled the room.

"It would serve him right if we left him here," Cameo replied.

"No, Cameo, we can't do that. We'll hand him over to the Senturions," the White Ranger said. Tim grabbed Blitzkoff, and then he and Cameo teleported away.

As his flag ship ascended into space, Dark Spectre watched, via the viewing screen, as his palace turned into a giant ball of fire. "The Power Rangers will pay! They will pay dearly!"

"The Psycho Rangers made it out. They're on their way back to Earth,' Zara informed.

'Contact Mason Hodges and tell him to unleash our secret weapon," growled Dark Spectre.

"As you with, Dark Spectre," Zara replied. "Those Power Rangers are in for the shock of their lives."


"That was way too close," Michelle said as all of the Rangers sat on the bridge.

'Yeah, I thought we were goners for sure," Joseph added.

Andros and Zhane walked onto the bridge, followed by their wives.

"Well, we safely transported Blitzkoff over to the Senturion's ship, so that's one Brood member that we won't have to worry about," Andros informed.

"Where are our mentors?" Nick asked.

'They're in the dining room. The UAE didn't feed them well, so they're starving literally," Ashley stated.

"And Cameo and Corsiette?" Stephanie asked.

"They're in the Rec Room. We thought they could use some time alone," Zhane said with a smirk on his face.

"We'll teleport Cameo and Corsiette over to the Fortress of Power, so that Ecliptor can take them home, once they're ready," Andros continued.

"There is a distress signal originating from Earth," DECA informed.

The four mentor exited the room, and the Rangers morphed to conceal their identities.

"Okay, DECA, bring it up on the viewing screen," the Red Ranger commanded.

"Power Rangers, you must help us, please!" began Commander Patton. "The Psycho Rangers have a Megazord of their own, and they're using it to destroy Angel Grove." The Rangers watched in horror as the image on the screen switched to that of a giant Megazord with the head of a bull, a torso composed of a silver armor, and with all sorts of missile launchers mounted on the robot's shoulder and on its forearms, stomping through the city destroying everything in sight.

"Tell the people of Angel Grove that help is on the way," the Red Ranger stated.

"Thank you, Rangers. Commander Patton out." The image on the viewing screen then faded to black.

The Rangers removed their helmets, and then began to formulate a plan.

"That Megazord looked very similar to our Liberty Megazord, don't you guys think?" Joseph said.

"I'll bet Mason Hodges had that Megazord built for the Psychos," Tim stated.

"As if those Psychos weren't bad enough, now they've got a Megazord to help them cause even more chaos," Michelle groaned.

"Um, guys, there's something that you need to know," Tommy said as he and Kimberly walked onto the bridge.

"Dark Spectre gave the Psycho Rangers our fighting skills," Kimberly said.

"No wonder they're so tough. They have the fighting skills of former Power Rangers," Nick said.

'Hmmm, that may not be a bad thing," Chris began. "If they have the fighting skills of the former Rangers, maybe just maybe they also have some of the honor that has been a characteristic of all of the Power Rangers throughout the years."

"I don't know, Chris, those Psychos have been relentless in their quest to destroy us," responded Stephanie.

"Well maybe we haven't been using to right approach with them," Chris said.

"Well we'd better get back to Angel Grove before there is nothing left of it," Nick said.

'Right! Set the thruster to maximum hyper-rush velocity," Chris commanded. The Astro Megaship began to speed up, and then rocketed through space, leaving a blue and white trail of lights behind it.


"Oh the Bank of California," snarled Psycho Gold, as the Psychos sat in the cockpit of the Psycho Megazord.

"Let's trash it!" exclaimed Psycho Pink.

On the streets below, crowds of people ran for their lives.

"We're doomed! Where are the Power Rangers?!"

The six Power Rangers teleported down to the junkyard. They had known for weeks that the remains of their Liberty Megazord had been brought, but because of the small pieces that the Megazord had been shattering into, they never thought to gather up the parts. Now Zordon's words of wisdom had brought the Rangers here in an attempt to try to resurrect their mighty zords.

"Well here we go," Chris stated.

The Rangers raised their Liberty Orbs in the air and shouted "Liberty Megazord Arise!"

The six Liberty Orbs began to glow, and then beams of golden light emitted from them. The beams after forming one giant ball of light, engulfed the pieces of the Liberty Megazord.

"Look something's happening!" exclaimed the White Ranger.

The pieces began to join together, reconstructing the six Liberty Zords.

"Welcome back, old friends," Chris said. Each Ranger leaped into the cockpit of their respective zord.

The six zords then headed for downtown Angel Grove.

"Hurry, Rangers, the Psychos are about to destroy the Bank of California," said Alpha over the communications system.

"We're on it, Alpha," Tim stated.


"I wish those Power Rangers were here so we could trash them along with the rest of their precious Angel Grove," snarled Psycho Red.

"Hey look, here come the White Phoenix Zord," stated Psycho Pink.

"Rockets Away!" Tim said as he fired a few missiles at the Psycho Megazord.

The missiles struck the Megazord and caused it to spark and sizzle.

"One of our main power units has been damaged," informed Psycho Yellow.

"Hey, Tim, I'm going to put that thing on ice," stated Joseph, arriving with his Panther Zord. The Panther Zord began fire freeze rays from out of its mouth.

"Okay enough is enough! Those Power Rangers are going get it now!" screamed Psycho Red. 'Get our reserve power online. We'll hit those zords with our Psychotic Sabre."

"Um, guys, looks like we made them mad," Stephanie said, as the Power Rangers watched the Psycho Megazord charge up a massive blood red sword.

"Okay guys let's form the Liberty Megazord before that Sabre gets fully charged," Chris stated.

The zords quickly merged to together to form the mighty Liberty Megazord, and the Rangers wasted no time in summoning their Mega Chakram.

As the Power Rangers were about to unleash the Chakram, the Psychos struck with their Psychotic Sabre. The Liberty Megazord was sent tumbling to through an old warehouse.

"That blast knocked out our Mobility System! We can't get up!" Joseph exclaimed.

"And here comes the Psychos!" exclaimed the Yellow Ranger.

"Aw the poor little Power Rangers have fallen and they can't get up," taunted Psycho Blue. The Psycho Megazord drew back the Psychotic Sabre, ready to deliver the final blow to the Liberty Megazord.

"We've got to teleport out of here while we still can!" exclaimed Michelle.

"No! Wait! I've got an idea!" Tim said. "We'll use our Liberty Orbs to create a shield."

As the Psychotic Sabre came down, it was brought to an abrupt halt by a glowing, white force field. The reflective force knocked the Psycho Megazord backwards.

"Whoa, that was way too close," Stephanie said.

"Hey, guys, I've got some great news. I was able to harness the excess energy from the force field, and use it to get our Mobility System operational again," Joseph explained.

"Great job, man," Chris commented. "Now let's get back on our feet and kick some psycho Ranger booty!"

"Now you're talk'in right," Nick said.

The Liberty Megazord slowly rose to its feet, and walked over to the Psycho Megazord.

"Listen up, Psychos, you either surrender or we'll be forced to destroy our Psycho Megazord," Chris warned.

"We'll never surrender to you wimps," growled Psycho Red. "Fire the missiles!"

The Liberty Megazord quickly delivered a series of jabs and uppercuts to the chest and head of the evil Megazord, but the psychos stood their ground and sent a few bolts of electricity from its bull horns.

"Aw man, those thing packs quite a wallop!" exclaimed Nick.

"Joe, how is our power supply looking?" Chris asked.

"That last blast knocked out the Mega Missiles Guidance System, but we can still hurl the Chakram," Joseph answered.

"I've got an idea, but its very risky," Chris stated.

"Its a risk we'll just have to take," Tim said.

"Right!" replied the other Rangers.

"Okay, then let's get airborne," Chris said. "We'll head for the middle of the Pacific Ocean."

"Those Power Rangers are running away!" exclaimed Psycho Gold.

"They're not getting away from us this time. Get this thing airborne. We're going after them," ordered Psycho Red.

So the Liberty Megazord cruised through sky with the Psycho Megazord in hot pursuit.

"That's it, Psychos, take the bait," Chris said.

Once the Liberty Megazord was over nothing but ocean, It headed underwater followed by the Psychos.

"You escape us, Rangers!" growled Psycho Red.

"Okay, Joseph, turn us around, and then, Michelle get the torpedoes ready for launch," Chris said.

"I believe this will be our first opportunity using the torpedoes," Michelle said.

"Its truly amazing how Liberty Orbs completely rebuilt this thing with all of its old features," Tim commented.

"Fire!" Chris commanded.

"Dodge it! Dodge it!" yelled Psycho Red.

"We can't! This Megazord has virtually not agility underwater!" screamed Psycho Blue.

The Power Rangers watched as the Psycho Megazord burst into flames upon impact.

"Yes, the Psycho Rangers were quite formidable, but in the end it was the incredible intellect of the Power Rangers that won the day," Michelle quipped.

"Don't write those Psychos off just yet. Look!" Nick directed the other Rangers' attention to five beams of light that headed for the surface of the ocean.

The Liberty Megazord headed up after the Psychos.

"They're heading for the beach," Stephanie announced.

"Looks like our battle with the Psychos is going to end where it began," Tim said.

The Ranger activated the Megazord's Auto Pilot, and sent it back to its resting place on the moon, while they teleported down to the beach to face off with the Psycho Rangers.

"Well, Power Rangers, it looks like we're about to go into sudden death overtime in our war," stated Psycho Red.

"All five of you were given the fighting skills of former Power Rangers. You should be using your powers to fight on the side of good," Tim stated.

"Save it, White Ranger. They may have the fighting skills of former Power Rangers, but they've been infused with the strength and evil of Dark Spectre himself," revealed the Shadow Ranger, upon arriving.

"That's right, and now we're going to use that strength to obliterate all six of you goodie-goods once and for all!" proclaimed Psycho Gold.

"Aw shut your hole, and fight!" the Gold Ranger yelled.

Each Psycho and Power Ranger paired off with their respective color, with the White Ranger taking on the Shadow Ranger.

The explosion had taken more out of the Psycho Ranger than they had thought. They were indeed stronger than the Power Rangers, but they could match the Power Rangers' heart.

One-by-one, each Psycho fell, starting with Psycho Blue. Joseph sent the Psycho flying into the side of a rock formation, after flyng spinwheet kick.

As Psycho Yellow and the Yellow Ranger wrestled on the hot sand, Stephanie used her Astro Bow to smash Psycho Yellow's visor. Stephanie rolled to safety in time to watch fire emitted from the evil Psycho's head, and she burst into flames. "Buenos diez, Psycho Yellow." Stephanie said.

Psycho Gold and the Gold Ranger had fought all the way up to a high peak. As the two Rangers struggled, Nick managed to knock the Psycho off.

"Give me your hand, and I'll pull you up!" Nick yelled as the villain hung on the edge of the ledge.

"I'd rather die than be saved by a Power Ranger," With that Psycho Gold let go, and fell to his doom on the rocks below.

Psycho Pink was faring no better. Michelle assumed that Psycho Pink possessed her aunt's fighting skills, and with this assumption she simply drew from her recollections of sparring with Cassie when she first moved to Angel Grove.

"Give it up, Psycho Pink, you've got my aunt's skills, and nobody knows Aunt Cassie better than me," Michelle stated.

"Well there's one thing your aunt would never do.....Fight dirty!" Psycho Pink kicked a gush of sand in the Pink Rangers' visor, and then charged at Michelle with her Psycho Taser extended. Thinking quickly, the Pink Ranger ducked out of the way.

"Batter up!" Michelle said, as she swung her Cosmic Taser and struck Psycho Pink directly in the visor. The Psycho fall to the ground, and gave one last cry of anguish before bursting into flames.

"Just me and you, Psycho Red," Chris stated.

"You won't find me so easy to defeat, Red Ranger."

The two Rangers traded blows with their Lionizer and Psychonizer, but it was the Red Ranger's quickness that gave him the advantage. As Psycho Red leaped into the air for a flying attack, Chris twirled his Lionizer around until it began to emit a red glow, he then hurled it at the flying Psycho leader, striking him in the chest and causing him to burst into flames.

In the meantime, the White Ranger had knocked the Shadow Ranger into the water.

"Okay, Simon, you're all by yourself so you might as well surrender," Tim warned.

"One day it will be just you and me, White Ranger, and then only one of us will survive." Having said that the Shadow Ranger teleported away.

"Are you okay, Tim?" Stephanie asked, as the other Rangers walked up.

"Yep," Tim replied with a smile.

"Well that's the end of the Psycho Rangers," Chris said shaking his head.

"I wish we could have won them over to our side. They would have made great allies," Michelle stated.

"They sure would, but Dark Spectre's magic is tough stuff. He'll have to deal with us face to face someday," Chris stated.

"And then him, Princess Zara, and Mason Hodges will pay for the evil that they've caused," Tim added.

"Well enough about the bad guys....We've got a wedding to attend," stated Nick.


"I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss your bride," stated the minister.

"I love you, Cameo," Corsiette said with tears streaming down her eyes.

"We'll never be apart again," Cameo vowed, before the couple kissed.

"I'm glad this there was a happy ending to all of this," Stephanie whispered.

"Me too, Steph, but the real happy ending well be when the universe is free from the menace of Dark Spectre, Mason Hodges, and the Brood," Tim stated.

"And we won't rest until that day comes," Chris vowed.

The End