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Author's Notes: This is my twenty-seventh story in the Power Rangers Beyond series. It comes after "Going The Distance." And now on with the story!

Power Rangers Beyond
Forever Knight
by Marques Jeffries

Outside of a nightclub in Portland, Oregon, a team of government agents were preparing to for a raid. The word on the street was that the nightclub was a front for an illegal gun trafficking operation.

"Okay, gentlemen, let's do this by the book," whispered Miles Jamison, the leader of this group of agents.

Cautiously, the agents headed around to the back of the club. If anything shady was going on, it would be happening in one of the backrooms. Besides, if a shootout ensued, the agents didn't want any innocent people to get caught in the crossfire.


In an office, at the back of the club, Mr. Guido, the club's owner, was meeting with two masked figures, dressed in black and gray military uniforms.

"Did you bring the merchandise?" asked a man with an Italian accent, who sat behind a desk with a large briefcase on it.

One of the masked men laid a large box on the desk, and opened it, revealing its contents to be small laser pistols. "Here they are just as the boss promised. The latest in military weaponry."

The Italian men pulled out one of the pistols and began to examine it. "These are a whole lot smaller than the guns your boss has sold to me, previously."

"Mr. Guido, these babies may be small in size, but they can burn through titanium and Pefrite," the other man said.

The masked men then opened the briefcase, and counted the money inside. "Well you didn't cheat us. Your a very smart man, Mr. Guido," said one of the masked men.

A wall-mounted television monitor then came on, displaying the government agents as they were about to enter the club.

"Looks like I'll get a chance to put these babies to the test. Gentlemen, would you like to help?" Guido whispered. The two mean nodded in agreement.

Moments later, the government agents burst through a backdoor, with their guns raised.

"Okay, men, let's move...," Jamison's statement was interrupted by gunfire from Guido and his two accomplices. The agents and the three villains exchanged fire, until one agent, who had entered the club, through the front door got the drop on the villains.

"Freeze fellas," ordered the agent as he held his gun on Guido. One of the masked men spun around and gunned down the agent.

"Barnes!" yelled Jamison in shock. The three villains attempted a getaway, but Guido was shot in the leg, causing him to fell to the ground.

Jamison and two agents rushed over to their fallen comrade, only to discover that he was dead.

"We're taking Guido to our agency across town for questioning, but his two pals got away," explained a young Asian agent as he walked up to Jamison.

"Barnes was going to take some time off to be with his wife and daughter after this case, now I'm going to have to tell them that he's.......he's......he's dead," Jamison said sadly.

"Sir, the press had arrived," informed a female agent.

"Let's get back to headquarters. I don't even want to get into answering their questions tonight," Jamison ordered.

Normally, Jamison would never show his emotions in front of his agents. Being as cold as ice was what gave Jamison his edge, and what made him such a great INTERPOL agent, but Allen Barnes had been like a son to Jamison, and the agent couldn't help but feel like he should have been the one lying dead on the floor.


Morning had come, Jamison wasn't feeling any better. He'd driven to the Barnes' home in suburban Portland, and Mrs. Barnes and her daughter were devastated at the heartbreaking news. Guido's interrogation hadn't gone the way Jamison had hoped, either. The sleazy club owner had refused to reveal who his two cohorts were, or where the pistols had come from.

"Miles," came a voice. Jamison looked up to see his old friend Russell Maddock standing in his office.

"Russ, what are you doing here?" Jamison asked.

"I heard about Allen on the radio. Miles, you should have called me, I could have helped you," Maddock said.

"Russ, close the door, there's something I have to tell you," Jamison said with a very serious tone. Maddock did as instructed, and then the Jamison began to speak again. "For the past three weeks raids just like the one, last night, have been going on all over the country. Every person we bust on this end, has refused to tell us where they got those pistols."

"What do you mean on this end?" Maddock asked.

"When a diagnostics probe was done of the pistols we seized from Guido's club, we found out that their design isn't of an earthly origin," Jamison answered.

"Now I know you're going to say no, but I'll going to suggest it anyway. Let the Knight Foundation and I investigate this matter."

"Fine, but I want the Power Rangers brought in also,' Jamison stated.

"The Power Rangers! You've got to be kidding! This is out of their jurisdiction," Maddock scoffed.

"They defeated the Chameleon, several months ago. Either you and your people work with the Rangers, or INTERPOL will handle this case alone," ordered Jamison.

"Oh....alright......I'll make the necessary calls," replied Maddock.


In Angel Grove, the Rangers were having a raid of their own. Barry Dayton had finally slipped up. Over the past few weeks the mysterious alien pistols had been turning up in the hands of Tenga Gang members, and after roughing up a few of them, the Rangers learned that Dayton had been selling the guns.

Now, the Rangers, along with the Angel Grove Special Crimes unit were now performing an early morning raid of one of Dayton's downtown warehouses.

"Hold it, right there, Dayton!" yelled an officer, as the police officers entered the warehouse.

A group of Dayton's men began to fire blasts from the pistols at the officers, while Dayton and Dirk jumped into a sportscars and drove out of the warehouse.

"Don't worry, we'll get them!" yelled the Red Ranger. "C'mon, Rangers, let's move." The six Rangers summoned their Star Racers and began to persue Dayton.

"There's nothing like an early morning chase through the city to get the blood pumping," quipped Michelle.

"You can say that again," stated Joseph.

"Drive faster, Dirk! The Power Rangers are gaining on us!" yelled Dayton.

The Rangers began to fire laser blasts from their bikes at the car, but Dirk managed to swerve each one.

The chase took the sportscar and Star Racer out of the city limits, and into the desert.

"Okay, Power Rangers, its time to show you what this car can do," Dayton hissed. "Dirk, give the Ranger the breeze."

"You've got it, boss." Dirk pushed a triangular button of the dashboard, causing the car to spew a thick, smoke screen out of its exhaust pipe.

"Whoa! I can't see a thing!" exclaimed Nick, as he struggled to control his Star Racer.

"Me neither!" exclaimed Stephanie.

"Everybody, hit your brakes!" yelled Tim.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! that'll teach those Power Rangers not to mess with us," Dayton gloated.

"Um, boss.....what's that?"

From out of the distance cruised a sleek, candy-apple red Pontiac Banshee sportscar.

"What in the world is that!" exclaimed Tim, as the Rangers noticed the car.

The car headed straight for Dayton's vehicle.

"Dirk, get us out of here," ordered Dayton.

"I'm trying boss, but something is slowing us down," Dirk whined.

"That car......its.....its sending some sort of jamming signal to Dayton's car," Joseph said.

"I hope that means that the driver is on our side," Stephanie said.

One Dayton's car had come to a complete stop, the Star Racer drove up, surrounding it.

Dayton and Dirk jumped out of the car, pistols raised and began to shoot.

Even with the armor suits, the blasts still managed to sting the Rangers. Fortunately the red car fired a stun ray from its hood, that knocked the two villains down.

The car came to a stop, and a young man, with shoulder length, brown hair, and sporting a white t-shirt, some blue jeans, and leather jacket, and a pair of Nike sneakers hopped out.

"Are you guys okay?" the guy asked.

"Um....yeah," Stephanie said , who was taken off guard by the guy's attractiveness.

"Nice car," Nick said.

"Yeah, but who are you?" Chris asked.

"My name is Eric Knight, and I work for the Knight Foundation. I was sent here to find the six of you, and enlist your help in investigating who is responsible for bringing these pistols to Earth," the guy said.

"Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Go back to the part about working for the Knight Foundation," Chris said. "Isn't that some sort of branch of the government?"

"Yes its.....," Eric began before being interrupted.

"Excuse me, Eric, but Mr. Maddock will be more than happy to explain everything to the Rangers, once we get to Seattle," explained the car.

"Hey! that car can talk!" exclaimed the Gold Ranger.

"Awesome!" the Pink Ranger added.

"His name is KITT. He's the car's onboard computer," Eric stated.

"Listen we'd be more than happy to visit your headquarters in Seattle, and assist you in investigating this gun trafficking, but we've got something to take care of first. We'll meet you at the Knight Foundation headquarters at four thirty," stated the Red Ranger.

"Okay," Eric replied. So Eric gave the Rangers the directions to the Knight Foundation headquarters.

Once Eric had hopped in, KITT sped off into the distance, the Rangers contacted the Special Crimes Unit and told where they could pick up Dayton and Dirk from.

"Hmm, I wonder what they had to do? They probably had some be time Brood villain to trash," Eric guessed.

"Actually, I think they have to go to school," KITT said sarcastically.

"Nah, they couldn't be teenagers," Eric mused.


The Astro Megaship descended from the sky, and then the Rangers teleported down to the lobby of the Knight Foundation Building.

"I'm Russell Maddock. Welcome to the Knight Foundation," greeted Maddock.

"Its nice to meet you, Mr. Maddock," replied the Red Ranger.

"Eric is waiting for us in the Meeting Room. Follow me."


The two masked men entered a room with a large assembly line set up.

"Where is Baron Drole?" one of the masked men addressed an pink skinned humanoid worker.

"He's in the Tower, speaking with the boss," the worker answered.

The masked men then exited the building and walked across a dusty trail to a lighthouse-like structure. One of the men placed his hand on an outside wall, and a secret doorway opened. Upon entering building, they began to climb a flight of stairs.

The two men entered a control room, just as an image was vanishing from the viewing screen.

"What did the two of you see?" barked a burly gremlin.

"We didn't see anything, Baron Drole," replied one of the masked men.

"Take those masks off. You guys don't have to wear those things around me."

The men looked at each other then removed their masks, revealing themselves to be two African Americans.

"Rajee and Omar Spance. Two of the finest gun runners in the universe," Drole stated.

"The deal with Guido was a bust. INTERPOL showed up and I ended up killing one their agents," stated Rajee, as he handed the briefcase of money to Drole.

"Well you got the money, so it wasn't a total bust," Drole said, slickly.

"There was another problem. As we were leaving from our rondevue with Barry Dayton, we spotted the Power Rangers and some Earth officers heading in that direction. We can only assume that Dayton was arrested," added Omar.

"No matter, I want you guys to head to KO-35, and deliver a shipment of X-90's to one of our contacts there," commanded Drole.

"We'll leave at once," replied Rajee.


"Allen Barnes, was a good man. I want those scumbags who killed him behind bars," Maddock said angrily.

"Mr. Maddock, we'll find out whose running this illegal arms operation, and that's a promise," the Blue Ranger replied.

Just then a viewing screen came on in the room, and an image of Jamison appeared.

"Greetings, Power Rangers and Mr. Knight. I'm glad Russ didn't waste anytime in assembling all of you. I'm Miles Jamison, Head Field Officer of INTERPOL. I just spoke with an informant from KO-35. The Special Crimes Unit there just raided the home of diplomat thought to have connections with RED BLOSSOM," Jamison stated.

"I'll bet the gun runners will head for KO-35 to meet with that diplomat," Eric stated. "Mr. Jamison, who else knows that the diplomat was arrested?"

"Only the Kerovan agents, myself, and all of you. What are you getting at Mr. Knight?"

"If there was some way that we could get to KO-35 quickly, we could set up a sting and apprehend those two creeps," Knight explained.

"We can take the Astro Megaship. Its hovering above this building," stated Chris.

"I'll go get KITT, and then you guys can beam us up," Eric stated.

"You mean teleport you up," Joseph corrected.


As the Megaship cruised through space, Eric, Tim, and Stephanie hung out in the hangar with KITT.

"So how did you get involved with the Knight Foundation?" Tim asked.

"The original Knight Rider, a guy named Michael Knight, found me wandering the streets of San Diego. I had lost all remembrance of my past. Anyway, Michael did some investigating and learned that my parents had been arrested during a drug raid. Apparently, the trauma of seeing my parents arresting had caused me to lost my memory. Michael took me under his wing and trained me to be an excellent agent, after Michael left the Knight Foundation, I came in as his replacement. I teamed with a former lady cop named Shawn McCormick, but after she retired I became the lone Knight Rider...," Eric stated.

"He hasn't stopped running his mouth since," interrupted KITT. The three humans began to laugh.

"It is good to have another intelligent computer around for a change," DECA said.

"Yes, DECA, some time when the universe doesn't need saving we will have to share stories about our many adventures," KITT replied.

"Why, KITT, are you asking me out on a date," DECA replied, coyly.

Again Eric, Tim, and Stephanie burst into laughter.


The Spance brothers arrived at the diplomat's house, unaware that the Rangers and KITT were scattered in various parts of the grounds.

Eric had disguised himself as the diplomat, while the Blue and Gold Rangers hid in the kitchen of house.

"Hey, guys, get ready. Those two masked have just gotten out of some sort of van, and they're heading towards the door," informed Chris over a communications system.

Eric took a deep breath and then said, "Okay, here goes." He walked up to the door and let the Spance brothers in.

"Reming, we were expecting your maid to answer the door," stated Omar, as he removed his mask, followed by his brother.

Eric immediately recognized the two villains from some pictures of wanted criminals that Maddock had shown him once. "Rajee, Omar, did you bring the X-90's?"

Rajee's opened a large box and showed its contents to Eric. "Did you have our money?"

"You bet, but I'd really like to know where these babies are being manufactured at?" Eric, trying to get answer out of the villains.

"Oh its a place the Senturions would never think of looking. Baron Drole is a brilliant ma...," babbled Omar, before being nudged by Rajee.

"Hey what's with these questions all of the sudden?" Rajee said, suspiciously.

"Cool it, bro, Reming ain't gonna say noting to the cops," Omar objected.

"I don't know. Something isn't quite right," Rajee worried. "Just give us our money and we'll be on our way."

"Freeze, Spances!" yelled the Gold Ranger, as he and Joseph came out of the kitchen, Liberty Blaster raised.

Eric managed to wrestle Omar to the ground, but Rajee dashed out of the front door.

"KITT, cut him off at the pass." Eric spoke into his wrist communicator.

As Rajee ran toward his van, KITT pulled out from behind a large statue, and blocked Rajee's path.

"Aw man, the Knight Four Thousand," groaned Rajee as he tried to stop, but ran into the car. KITT swung the passenger side door open, knocking the villain to the ground.

The Red, Pink, White, and Yellow Rangers then surrounded Rajee.

"Okay, Rajee, where is Drole's base at?!" Chris demanded.

"I'm not saying anything without a lawyer," Rajee snapped.

The Rangers, Eric, and KITT returned to the Megaship with the captured Spance brothers.


Jamison and several INTERPOL agents were stunned when the Astro Megaship hovered over their Portland headquarters, and the Rangers and Eric teleported down with the two villains.

"The Spance brothers," Jamison stated. "Good job, all of you."

"Its not over yet. We found out that Baron Drole is behind the manufacturing of the X-90s," the White Ranger said.

"Okay, listen up, you slimeballs. INTERPOL might be willing to cut a deal with you guys if you give us the location of Drole's base," Jamison stated.

"Forget, old man, I'm not talking," Rajee snapped.

"I'll talk! I'll talk!" cried Omar. "Drole's got a base in the Scalene Desert of Triforia!"

"Omar, you idiot!" growled Rajee.

"Take this two away. They'll be spending plenty of time behind bars," Jamison stated. Four agents escorted the Spance brothers inside of the headquarters.

"Baron Drole is one of the #1 on the Senturion's Most Wanted list for a long time," Chris said.

"Okay then let's go to Triforia," Jamison said.

"DECA, prepare to beam up eight," the Red Ranger spoke into his communicator.

Seconds later Jamison, the Rangers, and Eric were on the bridge of the Megaship.

"Where to, Rangers?" Alpha asked.

"Set a course for Triforia," Chris commanded.


As the baron walked across the path to the Manufacturing Building, the Megaship descended from the sky followed by one of the Senturions' starships. The Baron jumped into a nearby tank and began to fire at the two ships.

"KITT and I will go down and take care of the Baron. You guys take care of the workers in that building," Eric suggested.

Within moments, KITT was racing across the hot sand, dodging blasts from the tank, and firing lasers of his own.

"KITT, can do jam that thing?" Eric asked, as he sat in the driver's seat.

"No, I'm not familiar with that tank's technology, but I've detected a weak spot on it." the computer replied.


"Just below the main cannon."

"Okay let's go for it," Eric stated.

The Pontiac Banshee headed straight for the tank.

"What is that crazy car up to?" thought Drole.

Just as the car and tank were about to collide, a razor sharp blade extended from the front of the car, slicing into the tank. The tank burst into flames sending the Baron flying through the air.

Inside of the building, the Senturions and Rangers had rounded up the workers and were now confiscating the X-90s.

"We've got everything under control in here. You guys better go help the Knight Rider," stated one of the Blue Senturions.

"C'mon, Rangers, our job isn't done yet," stated Chris.

KITT was now approaching the Baron, who had rose to his feet, and was now drinking a green liquid.

"Eric, he's beginning to grow," KIIT stated.

"I hope the Rangers are their way," Eric replied.

As if on cue, the six Rangers teleported onto the scene.

"We need Liberty Megazord Power NOW!" they yelled in unison.

The mighty Liberty Megazord descended from space, and they Power teens took their positions in the cockpit.

"Blast you, Power Rangers!" growled the giant gremlin as he shook his hands in the air. "You and that Knight guy have ruined everything!"

The Baron grabbed the neck of the Megaship and attempted to choke the zord.

"This guy has got to be kidding!" exclaimed the Gold Ranger.

"Yeah, you can't choke out a Megazord," added the Pink Ranger.

A quick knee to the groin of Drole, got him to release his hold, and then it was Mega Chakram time. On impact, the baron shrank back to his normal size.

The Rangers leaped out of the Megazord and surrounded the Baron.

"Okay, baron, we know you didn't set up this operation by yourself. Who are you working with?" the White Ranger asked. "Dark Spectre? Princess Zara? or maybe Mason Hodges?"

"Lock me up if you must, but I'll never revealed who I was working for," snarled the gremlin.

Two Senturions walked up and placed Electro-handcuffs on the villain, and then marched him away.

"We searched the tower, but couldn't find any evidence of someone else's involvement," explained a Black Senturion, who had walked up.

"This doesn't seem like the type of thing that the New UAE would get involved with," Stephanie commented.

"I might be wrong, but I'm willing to bet that RED BLOSSOM is somehow connected to this," Joseph said.

"Well we'd better be getting home. Its almost bedtime, Earth time," Nick said.


"In Galactic News, a teamup between the Power Rangers and the mysterious Knight Rider has lead to not only the capture for the elusive Spance brothers, but also the apprehension of Baron Drole, an infamous space criminal. These arrests were made in connection with the recent rash of illegal pistols that had been turning up on the streets of Earth, KO-35, and Triforia. Thanks to the Rangers and the Knight Rider, people can sleep peacefully knowing that no more X-90s will be turning up on the streets. On behalf on CNN News, this is Lindsey Chavis saying, good night and God bless."

"KITT, I need a vacation," Eric stated, as the Pontiac Banshee cruised down a highway.

"I here Orlando is nice this time of year," KITT replied.

The End